Abella & Corus 3

Chapter One

They were finally making that trip to see Corus’s cousin Aurel. They had been talking about it for years but there had always seemed to be one thing or another preventing them. Corus hadn’t even asked ahead if they could come so he hoped his friend was even there but if he wasn’t he knew they were welcome to wait in his home so he could show Abella around until Aurel returned with his family from wherever they had gone. They were just though the portal when Corus had to question if they were even in the right place. Destruction laid everywhere and fires burned without any control, raging through trees. Dragons of massive proportions flew around along with other humongous creatures, some of which Corus couldn’t identify. What could have happened? What could have gone so wrong in a world with the great Demon Chthon, the rest of the Apontes and a demon like his cousin Aurel. He didn’t want to believe this was the place but he knew in his heart it was and he didn’t know what he should do. His mate was only newly a demon and he was terrified of something happening to her but at the same time he couldn’t just leave his cousins world like this or not check to see how Aurel was.

He lifted Abella and kept his eyes on the dragons. If any of them tried harming her, he would kill them in an instant. “What happened here?” She asked softly.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. It must be serious for creatures like that to have invaded like this.” He moved quickly, staying as low as he could with Abella in his arms. He didn’t stop until he came to his cousin’s home and only then did he lower Abella to her feet. He knocked on the door and when he got no response, he slowly pushed it open and stepped in. He didn’t even have time to react as the hand wrapped around his throat and slammed him against the entrance wall. Abella screamed and he himself froze at the sight of his cousin. “Aurel it’s me, Corus.” Amber eyes filled with recognition and he released Corus, straightening.

“My apologies. Come in and close the door.” Corus pulled Abella inside and shut the door behind them. “You’ve come at a very bad time.”

“What is going on out there?”

Aurel sighed. “We are not sure, Chthon and I have been trying to figure that out. You’re lucky it was me who caught you, the others may not have waited for an explanation.”

“Everyone’s visiting?”

“They came for a family vacation of sorts. They wanted to show the children the desert and then that chaos outside happened. We men have this place hidden by magic so the women and children are safe. Chthon went out with some of the others to search for any survivors. He insisted I stay.” He sounded slightly irritated at that.

“well it turned out really good you did. I’m not sure I’d be remembered by anybody but you” Aurel nodded, his voice coming out slightly less annoyed “true, I’m sorry for scaring your mate.” Aurel offered his hand “I am Aurel Davo, what is your name?”

“Abella, Abella Mairaed now.”

“well, we wont let anything happen to you here. Come now you two, I’ll get you situated with everyone else” Abella stayed close to Corus, still afraid even though she knew this was his family. When she saw everyone it was also a bit overwhelming to be meeting so many people at once, especially since she knew more would be coming back. Aurel handled introductions then asked “are you two hungry from your trip? We have plenty and have the man power to get more if we run out. We might not be able to do much for now but feeding our families is still something we can do well”

“Yes, thank you.” Corus said.

The man named Zeus stood and gestured to the seat he had been occupying. “Please sit.” He said to Abella.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I don’t mind standing.”

Abella dropped down next to his mate who she had been told was named Lucy. “Thank you.”

“We’re sorry you visited at a time like this.” Lucy said. “It’s really not always like this. Uncle Aurel keeps the desert pretty peaceful, this is a freak occurrence.”

“It’s alright, that means we can help.”

Corus placed his hands on her shoulders and gently rubbed them. He could sense how tense she was. “It’s going to be alright, I promise.”

“He’s right.” Aurel said as he came back with a couple of sandwiches, Diana following him with glasses of tea. “We will figure this out, especially Chthon and I, and we will put an end to whoever is responsible.”

“I’m sorry, i know you can tell I’m worried anyway…” Abella said, obviously embarrassed. “Fear is normal, especially in a new world but you’re surrounded by incredibyl strong beings who will do anything to protect you simply because your mates with my cousin. We look out for eachother in this family, I’m sure that’s why Corus even continued on here seeing this…thank you cousin”

“I’ll do whatever I can” Corus said, continuing to rub his mates tense muscles. “while we can’t do anything anyway I want to know more about you Abella. How did you and Corus meet” Lucy asked. “I…well…I was raped a long time ago and instead of reaching out to my family or friends to help me deal with it I just became destructive. I turned to drugs and altering my body…um…the shortest I can make the story is that my dad and Corus met and he asked Corus to help me…”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay…I mean…I’m glad I met Corus” Lucy felt bad, not intending her question to stir up unwelcome memories but Abella seemed okay. Abella was just glad it didn’t seem like his family was judging her about her brief drug use. She didn’t want to embarrass Corus and she wanted to have a good relationship with all of them.

They continued chatting with everyone, Abella finding herself relaxing a bit as she answered and asked questions. Corus and a few of the men talked about possible plans of action and they only fell silent when Chthon came in carrying two small children, flanked by three other men, one who was nearly identical to him. Even being a new demon, she could feel the power radiating off of him. Ruth jumped up, along with the mates of the others, giving hugs and taking the children to have them looked at. “This is my oldest friend, and grandfather of my wife, Chthon.” Aurel said as Abella got to her feet.

“It’s very nice to meet you both.”

“Y…you too.” Abella replied.

“Don’t be afraid love, he is an honorable man. He would kill anyone who dared try touching you.”

Chthon smiled. “It’s true. I have a bit of a temper when it comes to my family.” His eyes settled on Corus. “You’re related to Aurel.”

“I am.”

“Another serious hermit.”

“I resent that.” Aurel said, crossing his arms.

Most everyone laughed, including Corus “I sort of was before Abella. Probably nowhere near like Aurel though”

“I’m glad to meet you, even at such a bad time. You and your mate weren’t hurt on the way here were you?”

“No, did you find out anything”

” there are Puca here, a large group. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it isn’t. We might should look into them more closely. These children however were higher priority and I figured Aurel might get worked up if I made him stay behind too much longer. I came to drop them off and bring out a different group”

“what’s a Puca?”” Abella heard someone asked, feeling grateful they did. She was curious too but had been too afraid because she still was getting used to everyone. “Not many would agree upon what they actually look like because they are shapeshifters but what is consistent is that they can either bring incredibly good fortune or the worst possibly luck imaginable depending on their mood and how good of a being that particular one is. Maybe something or someone here got on ones bad side or maybe it’s a group of particularly selfish, mean ones and of course maybe some being here is pure coincidence but I saw Pucas, it’s a good lead”

“First you should eat and drink something before you head back out.” Ruth said as she crossed through to the kitchen to grab some water and food for the children. “And no arguing.” She said as she paused in the living room.

“I promise I will.”

“Good, I love you.”

“I love you too, Ruth.” She went back to the children and Chthon turned to Corus. “Will you be joining Aurel and I or will your mate be uncomfortable without you?”

“That’s up to her.” Corus looked down at her. “Would you be alright with me accompanying them? I promise you will be safe here, nothing can get you through this family.”

“I’ll be okay, everyone seems nice” she tried to sound completely confident but she knew she was surrounded by people who could probably pick up her slight hesitation. Corus kissed her, happy she even had the confidence to agree to let him go. “Just try to relax okay, I know that sounds crazy but in this group nothing can hurt you” she nodded “Don’t get distracted worrying about me. I know I’ll be fine” Ruth soon returned with more sandwiches and a glass of water for each of them. She refilled a few as they ate, wanting to be absolutely sure they were as hydrated and full as possible since she knew that would be far from their minds when they went back out. Each one of these men adored the women and children here and she knew they’d push themselves as far as they could to keep them safe and return the world that should be full of fun and wonder back to it’s old state.

Chapter Two

Chthon decided that it would be himself, Corus, Aurel, and Zeus to go out this time and all four of them gave their mates hugs and kisses, promising to come back alive. Corus lingered a bit with Abella, making sure she was truly alright. “I am, you have to help them.” Abella said even though she was nervous.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Corus knew how strong she was and knew she would settle in. He had heard stories about a few of these women, especially Ruth and knew Abella would find staying with everyone easier than she thought. “She’s been hurt, hasn’t she?” Chthon asked once they were outside.

“Yes, she has.”

“You dealt with the man?”

“Yes I did.”

Chthon nodded. “Good. She’s in good company, some of the women in our family were also victims. Zeus’s mother for one. Everyone will make her feel at home, Ruth especially.” Both Zeus and Aurel agreed. They both respected and admired Ruth. Everyone knew that to be with a demon took a lot of strength and understanding and Ruth had it in spades.

When Ruth was sure the children the children her husband brought back were okay and getting along with the other kids their she went to Abella. “Hey, why don’t we play some sort of game. I mean there’s a lot of us but I’m sure we can think of something. This is a terrible time but I want you to feel comfortable and at least return home with some good memories.” Abella had been looking into Ruths eyes as she spoke. They were such a soft, warm brown. She could tell this was an incredibly kind person “okay, what sort of games do you know or have around here?”

“hm” she began to ponder and Lucy said “mom, we could form teams and play that blot game. It’s simple and a lot of fun, especially when you have this many people”

“blot game?” Abella asked and Ruth answered “Yeah, we’ll prepare an area and find paint or something, maybe drip some and smear a little then whatever group can see the most stuff in it wins. One person will of course be keeping score and being the sort of judge as to if it really looks like whatever they are pointing out as we call stuff out. Does that sound fun?”

“yeah…sure” Ruth took her hand “I call Abella for my team”

“I’ll be the judge first!” Amara volunteer’d , cheerful and hyper as ever even given the situation. The rest sorted into teams, also picking two others to sit out to make sure the children didn’t wander out or get in the liquid they used.

“They seem to be talking among themselves.” Corus said as he, Chthon, and Aurel watched the small group of Puca.

“Arguing is more like it.” Aurel replied. “You said there were more, Chthon?”

“Many more.”

“I am curious as to why these here have separated from the larger group.”

“As am I.”

Aurel nodded. “Shall we find out then?” He glanced at Corus. “How fast are you cousin?”

“Pretty fast.”

“Good. Snatch one up fast and no matter what it turns into, do not let it escape. I want answers. Chthon and I will grab one as well.”

Corus nodded and the three left Zeus behind and quickly each took a Puca. They all shifted into small creatures to try to get away but they couldn’t shift into something fast quickly enough to not be captured by the three demons. “clever but not good enough” Aurel said to the Puca who were back to what they had looked like before”why are you doing this!”

“I have more important questions. Why are you here and why did you three leave the group?”

“things are getting out of hand, thats why we separated. We were supposed to just mess with things a bit but then most of us started having a little too much fun”

“way to give away we’re involved jackass” one of the other Puca spat angrily. “what, I’m frustrated and I just want us all to leave”

“Why were you here in the first place and why would you cause this?”

“I think he’s shared enough information”

“you’re not going anywhere until we get some answers” Zeus said and the Puca laughed.

Zeus growled and reached over, grabbing the one Corus was holding by the throat. “The only thing keeping me from strangling the life from you is my mate, but keep hurting people, keep putting my family in trouble and not even my father in law will be able to protect you.”

“Easy, Zeus.” Chthon said as he laid his free hand on his shoulder. “You know that if they continue to hurt innocent people and put our family in danger, then I will eliminate all of them.” He looked into the eyes of the Puca. “Tell us why you are here, why you are doing this and we will let you go.”

“Our leader thought it would be fun, but it’s not anymore. I want to go home.”

“Why are you here instead of with your people?”

“We were deciding whether to get help so we can leave. It’s not just pranks anymore.”

“Thats right, it isn’t. Your misfortune is wrecking our world. Beings live here damn it, our families, our children. This needs to stop”

“we need help to stop the others but I’m not sure if you men are up to the task. We control a lot of things, to a degree we control probability which is partially why it seems we can create as much good or bad fortune as we want”

“we have the power to back you three up, we’re arguably the strongest creatures you’ll find in this world. just tell us what you need”

“we need the Aos Sí. Our leader has had some really bad run ins with them, especially their leader back in our original world. Help us get them, truly all we need to find is the one called Clover. She’ll scare him straight. It’s no trap” The more blabbery one said. “then we will find this woman named Clover. An Aos Sí is a sort of fairy like creature right?”


“you will have to tell us along the way about these bad run ins your leader has had with her”

“Okay, just please don’t kill us. We’ll do anything to get home, to stop this. We…we’re sorry.”

Both Aurel and Corus arched an eyebrow and despite the serious situation, both Zeus and Chthon chuckled. “You two really are related.” Chthon said as he lowered the Puca to his feet.

“It’s a bit terrifying.” Zeus added.

“Terrifying? There’s nothing terrifying about me or mine.”

Chthon huffed. “The God of the Sand and his twin, not scary at all.”

“Says the man who could easily destroy us both.” Aurel replied.

Chthon shrugged then turned back to the Puca. “Lead on and start talking.”

“Yes, of course.”

Abella was feeling much more at home with these people and found herself actually talking animatedly with them. Hearing the stories of their lives was fascinating and she couldn’t help but ask question after question. Worry crept in for Corus and Ruth helped calm her, reassuring her that Chthon, Aurel, and Zeus would let nothing happen to him and that if Corus was related to Aurel, then he would have no trouble dealing with anything that came his way.

“you should bring your brother and his husband to meet us! They sound awesome” Suka suggested, she was a beautiful demon with long white hair and pinkish purple eyes. She was apparently the daughter of Reyna and Neme. Suka had a twin but Shri was spending most of her time entertaining children so she hadn’t gotten to talk to her much. She had seen her though. Shri’s hair was just a little bit longer than her sister Sukas and it was blood red. They honestly didn’t look like eachother at all besides the fact they had a lot of their mother in their faces. “I’ll make sure to. Joss is hilarious and Arnault is incredibly kind.”

“do you have any other siblings?”

“Nope, just Joss”

“Most of our family multiplies like rabbits. I’m sure you’ve noticed a good portion of his family can be traced back to Ruth and Chthon. I’ve never met anybody with more kids and grandkids as them”

“How many total, kids I mean”

“eleven” Ruth said with a smile “Oh goodness, thats sweet though.”

“we have a huge castle so even now, with the grandkids included everyone can always fit in our home”

“Oh Ruth we should get Corus to bring her to your castle!” Suka said and Ruth agreed. “Okay, I’ll talk to Corus when he gets back” The four men hated how long they had been away from their loved ones but they finally made it to where these supposed Aos Si were “where are they? I swear I’ll drown at least one of you right here if you lied about their whereabouts” Chthon threatened. “we’re not lieing, please, just give me a second. If you’d just let me go for one moment”

“no funny business, Chthon can drown you without touching you. Just one snap of his fingers” Zeus let the one he had been handed to mind awhile go and followed the Puca closely as he walked over to a seemingly normal patch of flowers and mushrooms. The Puca began singing. It sounded horrible but they let it happen, assuming he needed to. The ground began to move so Zeus painfully grabbed on to the Puca, still not willing to trust them for even a second.

Soon a door sat before them and the creature said “we have to go in”

“the hell you’re going in” Clover said, coming through the door angrily. “Our leader isn’t here! We need your help” she sighed “you need my help?”

“yes, we need you to stop him again”

“what’s he doing now?”

Chapter Three

“Brought great misfortune to my homeland.” Aurel said. “The desert is my domain, under my protection, and they have brought monsters and dragons into it. We would like you to come back with us and force their leader to get rid of them.”

She crossed her arms. “How many times have I told that self centered prick to leave people alone. He gets his head so full of power that he thinks he can do what he wants.”

“We’re sorry. We…we’d help, but there’s no way we can turn the tide when he has everyone else.”

Clover sighed. “Move, I need to grab some things first.”

“Then you’re coming?” Chthon asked.

“I have no choice. Just give me a moment.”

“Very well.”

Clover stepped through the door, leaving them waiting there. “What kind of power does she have over your leader?” Zeus asked.

“She can nullify it and it doesn’t work on her.”

“And this scares him?” Corus asked.

“Wouldn’t it scare you if something were immune to you?”

“We all know there are beings our powers have no effect on. We simply find a way around it.” Chthon answered. “If magic doesn’t work, then fists will.”

“I guess our leader isn’t that confident without his abilities”

“it’s never a good idea to fully rely on abilities, not when so much can take it away or be immune” When Clover returned she said “lead the way” she sounded utterly annoyed but it seemed she had dealt with this man multiple times before. Chthon knew it really shouldn’t be her job to keep them in line so he planned on having a talk of his own with the Puca and their leader. As a leader herself there was probably many other things she should be dealing with. Curious Chthon asked “who takes care of things when you’re away?”

“My brother in law, much to my sisters dismay. She feels I should put her in charge but as much as I love her there’s a reason leader was passed on to me and not her. She lets emotions rule her too much. This situation is a good example. I’m frustrated and tired of cleaning up Puca messes but I’m doing it because it needs to be done. If I were my sister I’d wash my hands of it because I’m so tired of dealing with it. To be leader means that you can’t just decide you don’t want something to be your problem then ignore it. The man she chose to be with has a good head on his shoulders and keeps a clear head. I’ve never even seen the man lose his temper or get the slightest bit frustrated so I trust him to manage things when I have to leave”

“I’ll try to make sure they stop this after you nullify their powers”

“Thank you, I’ve tried but I also can’t babysit them twenty four seven when I have my own people to take care of”

“I understand.”

“I know you do, everyone has heard of you as well as Aurel, god of the sands. It’s all the more surprising that the Puca would even think of attacking either of your homes.”

“Some people never learn.”

“Perhaps having all of you with me will show their leader that this is not a game, that you can’t just meddle with people’s lives and expect to get away with it. They have so much power they could be using for good, yet he lets his people loose and things like this happen.” She glared at the Puca walking with them. They looked at their feet, looking ashamed. “You could all take a lesson from Chthon and his family. Powerful beings who use their power to protect others.”

“Yes ma’am.” The Puca said in unison.

When they arrived back in Aurels world they quickly found the group of Puca and Clover let the leader have it. It was wild to him how beings that had caused so much destruction were suddenly frozen in fear by one irate woman who obviously really was at the end of her rope with them. When Clover stopped Chthon and Aurel spoke, each standing at either side of Clover. “this world belongs to us. Aurel is known as a god around here and if you stayed long enough you’d know of the rest of us Aponte’s. You stirred up enough shit you have our full attention. You all are going to stop doing this, anywhere. If you leave here and we find out you’ve started this up elsewhere we’ll eliminate you all.” Chthon started then Aurel went on

“You should be using your powers for good anyway. Does it make you feel big to mess up peoples lives? I mean seriously, why be so heartless? Why cause young children to have to cower in fears in their home because their world isn’t safe?” Most of the group of Puca looked embarrassed so they hoped their words had sunk in. “I will help them wipe you out. I’ll come so you can’t do anything about it” Clover added.

The Puca agreed to leave and said they would stop doing things like this after they helped reverse what was going on here. Clover even stayed, ready to block their abilities again at a moments notice. She didn’t go home until every last thing was rectified in their world. When it finally was she bid them farewell and told them to come get her again if the Puca needed to be handled. “our families are eternally grateful to you Clover”

“I’m just glad everything’s fixed and your family can live in peace like you all deserve. You’ve been a savior to so many beings”

“are you sure you don’t want to stay for dinner?” Zeus asked and she shook her head “It’s okay but thank you very much for the offer.”

They bid her farewell then headed back to Aurel’s home. Corus could hear Abella laughing as they approached and it had him smiling. “I knew she would fit in.” Chthon said. “Ruth does that to people, makes them feel like they belong.”

“I’ll have to thank everyone.”

“There’s no need. We are your family, it’s our job.”

Abella looked up when the door opened and they all stepped in. She was off the couch and in Corus’s arms in an instant and he hugged her tightly to him. “You’re safe.” She said.

“Did you doubt me?”

“No, I know how strong you are, but I still worried.” She pulled back to look at him. “Not even a scratch on you.”

He pressed a kiss to her lips. “Not that I would have told you.”


He chuckled as he lifted her and sat down with her on his lap. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah, everyone here is really great.”

I’m happy you can just enjoy things now. Leave it to Chthon to be able to identify a problem and know just about every species”

“the man loves to read” Ruth said with a smile. They continued laughing and talking, just enjoying eachothers company now that they finally could without worry. They would still need to figure out what they were doing with the children Chthon and the others had found but they weren’t stressed. They’d find their families and even if they couldn’t they’d just welcome them into their own family. The Aponte always had open hearts and they still had an endless amount of love to share with these new children if they needed a family.

~ The End

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