Abigail & Christian 4

Chapter One

Abigail was watching the news while her youngest two children napped and her older two boys were still in school. Being a mother she couldn’t stand complete silence any more so she liked to eat in the living room with the television on when her family wasn’t filling the house with noise. Something caught her eye and she rewound the tv and paused. There was a woman sitting in the crime scene where they had found the body of a little girl that had been kidnapped about a month ago. This woman was obviously a ghost and her face screamed of her anguish. Abigail was going to help her but she would need to call her father. That was still an active crime scene so there was no way she would be able to go to the woman without a cop. It helped her feel a little less sad about the current news. She couldn’t help that little girl now but she could help this woman move on to the afterlife.

Abel answered just when she was thinking he wasn’t going to pick up “hey sweetie, what’s up?”

“I was watching the news and I saw a ghost at a crime scene. I want to go talk to her”

“You mean that little girl Haley’s crime scene?”


“Okay, your mom is still in class right now but when she gets home I’ll take you and we’ll leave your mom to watch the Abner and Rhoslyn. I need time to talk to a few cops anyway so we know what not to bother and in general not mess up the case for the lawyers when they find the bastard who did that to that little girl” Her father still got incredibly emotional when little kids ended up dead, especially kids as young as Haley. She had only been in second grade. If she had been in the same school district as her sons she could have been a classmate of Rories and her mind couldn’t linger on that for too long.

“thank you dad, take all the time you need, even if its tomorrow or something. I don’t want to do anything either that will mess with that case”

“You know it’s not a problem, everyone around here knows about yours and your mother’s gift so if there’s an unsolved murder or anyone way to close a current case, they’ll understand.”

“Love you dad.”

“Love you too, baby girl.”

They hung up and she let out a sad sigh as she looked at the woman. She could only imagine what she was going through. She wanted to call Christian, but he was at the library, helping them with their computers and she didn’t want to interrupt. She knew he would be home soon and then she could talk to him.

Abigail quickly finished her food, ending up grateful she did. She hadn’t even brought her dish’s all the way to the kitchen when she heard Rhoslyn fussing in her crib. She rarely cried, it was mostly grunts with littles whines here and there when she woke which was nice. Her boys had all been screamers when they woke up. She walked to her room and lifted Rhoslyn out of her crib “hello there beautiful, lets see how Abner is doing” She walked to her four year olds room, finding him still wrapped in his covers and fast asleep. She smiled, pulling the door quietly shut then taking Rhosyln outside to play so she wouldn’t wake her brother. She’d still be able to hear the phone if it rang.

Christian explained how everything he had installed worked to the librarians, making sure they knew where everything was and told them to contact him if they had any questions. His wolf whined, wanting him to go back to his mate. He knew never to ignore animal’s intuition and left, calling her as soon as he was outside. He stood next to his car and was relieved when she finally answered. “Abi? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I was just outside with Rhoslyn. Finished with work?”

“Heading home now, want me to pick something up?”

“I ate already, but maybe you could grab something for later.”

“Any preference?”

“No and could you maybe grab some of that apple cider mix?”

“Hey, are you okay? I mean really okay?” There was a hint of sadness in her voice.

She sighed. “Well I saw something on the news, a spirit hanging around one of my dad’s crime scenes. I don’t know if they’re connected or what, but she was so upset.”

“I’ll be home soon then, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Now that he had spoken to Abigail he slid the phone in his pocket and got into his car, starting it and driving to the store. He picked up the apple cider mix first then began deciding what they should eat later. He decided to pick up the ingredients for Carbonara and some snacks for the house before making his purchases and heading back to his car. Both kids were awake by the time he got there so he took the time to hug and greet them before giving his wife a long embrace “have you spoken to your father yet?”

“Yeah, we’re going to handle it once my mom is out of class for the day. She’s going to watch our kids so you can come with us”

“Good, thats the scene some crazed person left a poor little girl. If he comes back I know your father is capable but I’d worry not being there” She kissed him then began helping him put stuff away. “can you watch them while I make the cider?”

“Of course”

Abner hovered over his sister, making silly faces at her so she just stared at him, awed by her older brother. Abigail wondered if she knew how safe she was with three older brothers. “Did you get any clues from what might be troubling that ghost?” Christian asked as they sat on the couch.

“Not really, other than how upset she was. If she’s haunting that area maybe she was a victim or maybe she was drawn there. I know Abi used to tell me that some spirits are drawn to tragedy or pain, kind of like how she was pulled to Leo. It’s like a homing beacon.”

“What about her clothes?”

“Jeans and a sweater I think. Maybe she was out walking or something one night.” She rested her head against his shoulder. “I hope I can help her.”

“You will, I know you will. You have the same compassion and understanding as your mother.”

By the time Able arrived it was so near time for the older children to be home from school they waited to see them for a few moments, just in case what was going on with this ghost was about to send them on something that would keep them busy for awhile. “I wish your father had told me you were waiting on me to finish class. I of course stayed late today”

“It’s alright mom, my gut tells me she’ll still be there. How’s school going by the way?”

“still good, I’m so happy I decided to go to college”

“I’m happy for you”

“How’ve my little grandbabies been?”

“all good, Lewis and Rorie are doing amazing in school and Abner is so sweet with his little sister. She’s still a pretty easy baby, probably saving all the craziness for when she’s a teenager” Abigail teased. She glanced over at her husband and lightly giggled at his worried expression. When the older boys got home they visited with them a short while then Abel, Abigail and Christian set out for the crime scene. As they parked and began walking the weight of the terrible thing that occurred her settled in. A little girl was dead and she had died such a miserable way. She truly hoped that she could help this ghost and she hoped that maybe the ghost had information on the horrible person that was out there hurting children.

Abigail spotted her right where she was when she was on tv, sitting by where the girls body once was. The ghost looked at her, knowing right away Abigail could see her “why are you here?” She asked, her voice reflecting a tortured spirit “I was watching the news and saw you…I have the gift of seeing ghosts. I got it from my mother”

The ghost looked down at the earth, almost like she was still watching over the little girl “she was…she was a sweet child. I would have given anything to be able to save her but…theres little I can do that effects the living”

“were you already here when she died?”

“Yes, I have been here a long time, watching the children, wishing to save them”

“what do you mean?”

“If I show them to you, will you help the children?”

“Yes, we are the perfect people to help. My father is here” she could tell the spirit hadn’t noticed the men. She seemed so lost to sorrow, the pain of her existence clouding her ability to take everything in around her. “Oh, a cop”

“Yes, so show me the children and he can help, I can help by telling him what you have to say” She slowly got up, floating away without another word. Abigail followed, her father and husband keeping up. Suddenly she stopped and pointed at the ground, she her father mark the spot as she questioned “are they all buried?”

“Not in one spot, I have much to show you”

“why wasn’t she buried?”

“I sent a wild animal after him. He was too scared to stay”

“was it your intention for evidence to be left”

“I’ve wanted to cause something to make him make a mistake but I only just was finally able to”

“How did you know she was sweet?”

“she was one of the few who didn’t die until they were already here. Her last words, I hate him all the more for what she said. It’s probably why I was angry enough to do something”

“what did she say?”

“She said I’m sorry, she apologized to him, to that disgusting, horrible man. Her spirit was never angry, not for a second. She was simply sad”

“Does she remember what he looked like?” Abel asked as he pulled out his phone and clicked on the note icon.

“Short, maybe brown, it was dark so I’m not sure. I’m not sure about his eyes either, but he was a little darker than him,” she pointed at Abel, “maybe a tan or maybe mixed race, I’m not sure. He was also the same height as him, but thin.”

Abel wrote down every detail. He was the picture of calm, but inside he was enraged and saddened, wanting nothing more than to stop this man. He hadn’t even been able to track the man’s scent after all the traffic that had come through. After he had everything down he continued marking the graves, feeling even more sick that so many had been left here. “I’m going to call all this in and get this man’s face out there.” He said.

“I’ll continue talking to her back where we were so we’re not in the way.” Abigail said.

Chapter Two

“alright sweetheart, Christian, you should go with them.” Christian nodded and followed his wife, sitting when she sat with the spirit “thank you so much for your help. Have all the childrens spirits left. I haven’t sensed them”

“I’m sure all have left this world but one little girl. Her spirit stayed, I tried to comfort her to help her move on but she said she was supposed to go out with her dad. They were going to have a special day together and she never got to have that. I think she haunts her family, wanting that time she didn’t get to have”

“which grave was hers so I can figure out where the family is”

“The one near those orange flowers”

“Okay…I want to help you too”

“I dont think you can”

“why not? How did you die?”

“I don’t know”

“You know..the spirit my mother named me after didn’t know how she died an incredibly long time. When she did find out how it turned out it was just that traumatic. Maybe you could stick with me, like Abigail stuck with my mother and one day I can help you heal”

“so she’s moved on?”

“No, she’s actually human again”


A demon named Chthon and Death himself gave her her body and life back.”

“Wow, that’s crazy.” She wrapped her arms around her legs, looking even more upset. “Do you really think you can help me?”

“Of course, but it may take some time. If you’re willing to stick around for awhile, I promise I’ll find out what happened to you.”

“You can also count on me as well as Cora and Abel.” Christian said even though he couldn’t see her. “I’m sure Leo and Abigail will help you too.”

“Even though most of them can’t see me?” She asked.

“Of course.” Abigail answered. “Spirits are so common in our lives that we all try helping them. It’s just what we do. You’ll love it at our house, especially with the kids. You can be our eyes in the sky.”

“You have little ones?”

“Yeah, four, I’ve always wanted eight”

“That’s sweet, who is keeping them safe right now?”

“My mother”

“How old” it felt nice to be around such pleasant people, she wanted to keep talking, to feel semi normal “My oldest is ten, his name is Lewis. Rorie is seven and he adores stuffed animals. He has way too many but I find it so sweet I always hate to say no when he points out a new one. Then there’s Abner, he’s four, all my kids are good to my daughter, who is the youngest but he’s especially sweet with her, always wanting to help. I guess because he’s still home with me all day. The older ones have school and other things to think about. Then there’s the girl I mentioned, her name is Rhoslyn and she’s only one. So far she’s a sweet baby”

Cars soon came back to the scene, ready to document and dig up the graves. As Abigail stood she asked “so do you remember your name?”

“No but I suppose you have to call me something”

“Is there anything you’d like?” The spirit paused a long time before saying “Cerys feels good to me”

“Cerys it is then”

They all stood when Abel came over to them, shaking his head and looking ready to murder someone. Abigail could see how much finding these children like this killed him and she couldn’t help but give her dad a hug. “Well?” She asked.

“All of them, he killed all of them and…” He shook his head. “You three should go home, I’m going to get our killer’s description to Devin so he can make me a sketch and then I’m going to find this sick bastard.”

“I’ll have mom call you.” She said and he nodded. She knew it would help if he could talk to her.

“You all stay safe and give my grandbabies my love.”

“I will daddy, I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie.” He then hugged Christian and told Cerys thank you before letting them go.

When they arrived home Cerys caught everyone’s attention so Abigail gave her a proper introduction before telling her mother to call her father “It’s nice to meet you Cerys. I’ll just be a few moments” Cora said then walked outside to talk on the porch “I can’t believe they can all see me”

“It seems to run in the family”

“were you able to help my grandpa figure out what happened to that little girl?” Lewis asked and she answered “I did my best. I want more than anything for him to be caught”

“did he kill you?”

“I don’t know how I died.”

“she’s going to be living with us until one day we can help her like we helped Auntie Abigail” They had a million questions for Cerys until Cora walked back in “I think grandpa could use a pick me up when he finally gets back. Do you boys want to come to the store with me and help me figure out something nice to bake for him?”

“Is that okay mom?” Rorie asked and Abigail said “sure, go have fun with grandma”

“Rhoslyn’s sleeping honey, she ate and there’s leftovers in the fridge if you two are hungry.”

“Thanks mom, love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Should I go with them to watch over them?” Cerys asked once Cora and the children were gone. “Will they be okay?”

“We’re werewolves, my mom would tear someone to pieces if they tried anything. How about we give you a tour of the house.”


“Is she alright?” Christian asked.

“Worried about the kids.”

“You don’t have to worry, Cerys, they’re the safest people in this town.”

Cerys seemed comforted though the heavy burden of how she had spent her afterlife still showed prominently on her face. Abigail figured it would be quite awhile until she could actually look happy. Abigail gave their new ghost friend a tour of their home then went into the kitchen to heat up those leftovers her mother left “will I get to meet the Abigail you’re named after?”

“Oh of course”

“well, I’ll give you two time to yourselves. I want to go off to think”

“alright, may I ask what you are going to think about?”

“I want to try to remember more about the person who has been killing children. I also want to try to remember anything about my life when I wasn’t a ghost” Cerys flew off without another word or giving them the opportunity to say anything else. “is she alright?” Chrstian found himself asking again “Yeah, she just needs some time.”

“I can only imagine how hard that must be. To lose everything…I don’t know what I would do if I ever forgot you or the kids. I think it would be like a hole was opened up in my heart.”

Abigail kissed his cheek. “I love you, thanks for going out there with me.”

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” He wrapped her in his arms. “How about we watch a movie while we eat.”

“Sounds good, I think I need to just unwind for a few minutes. I wasn’t expecting to find what we did.”

“I know baby, but it was amazing and you gave those families some closure.”

“All I could think about were our own little monsters.”

“Me too.”

As they settled down they both felt grateful Cora had taken the kids. They were always so happy with their grandparents and it was nice to have a moment alone to recover from how sad finding all those children had been. They didn’t envy the people who had to actually dig them up and ID them. They picked something upbeat and happy as they ate. It wasn’t until around the end of the movie that Cora returned with three incredibly happy boys “moma grandma bought us toys!” Their youngest exclaimed happily “well let me see” Abigail said as she paused their movie. Each boy excitedly showed her what they got then she hugged her mother “mom, that was sweet”

“I wanted all the men to be happy. Your mate got some time alone, your boys have toys and now I can bake something for your dad. I also want you to go sit back down and finish whatever you were watching”

“are you sure”

‘yep” She hugged her again then returned to the couch with her husband.

Abel arrived about an hour later looking exhausted, but he smiled as soon as his grandchildren greeted him. He hugged all of them and then Cora and Abigail. “How are you doing daddy?” Abigail asked.

“Not good, but we have his face out there now and my boss told me to leave, that they would handle talking to the families.” He sniffed the air. “What’s that smell?”

“I made you something.” Cora said.

“You didn’t have to do that baby.”

“Of course I did, why don’t you unwind and we can talk once the kids are asleep.”

“Sounds good.”

After they all enjoyed the dessert Cora made they played with the kids until their little ones were absolutely exhausted. Abigail asked her older boys to shower and had Christian read to their youngest son to help him fall asleep. He could never make it past two books so it was an easy way to get him down for the night. Since the older boys could manage getting to bed themselves after their showers they began talking down stairs. “some of those bodies…it was disgusting and what’s even more so is how long this has been going on. The autopsies aren’t done yet but they’ve been in the ground a very long time.”

“Thank goodness for Cerys then…she finally exposed him by scaring him off before he could bury that little girl” Able nodded “how is she?”

“oh she’s fine, she’s trying to think right now. Cerys wants to help more and she wants to remember what happened to her. I expect she’s going to be my companion a long time. I offered to let her live with me like Abigail lived with you and mom”

“well if she gives you any leads on herself let me know right away.”

“I will. Do you have any leads yet on the children’s killer?”

“Not yet, but we just got everything out there.” He sighed and Cora let her fingers run over his neck, trying to ease some of the tension out of him. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated by a case.”

“You’ll catch him, I know you will.” Cora said. “You’re too stubborn not too.”

“I know, thank you.” He hugged her and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “So, how are the kids doing in school?” He wanted to steer the conversation away from the case for a little bit.

Chapter Three

“Really well, They are never in any trouble and their report cards were all A’s and B’s. They seem to have a lot of friends too. I’m excited for little Abner to start next year. Hopefully he’ll have as smooth a time as his older brothers. I’m sure Rhoslyn will miss him though. He plays with her so much. At that point she will be two though so I was actually considering maybe starting her in swimming lessons and maybe joining a mommy and me yoga class since a few start as young as 2.”

“That sounds fun”

“Yeah, that of course hinges on if she doesn’t decide we need to go ahead and have another baby” Christian teased. Abigail smiled “I like the three year age gap we’ve managed with all of our kids. Even if we have another I’ll probably want to continue that” They talked about the kids until Cora and Able decided to go home for the night. Her father reminded her to lock the door which made Abigail laugh “I love you too dad” She locked it then went to her bedroom with Christian where he began stripping her, drawing another laugh out “after all that?”

“I want to make sure you fall asleep happy” he said with a mischievous grin.

Abigail’s loud cries were muffled by Christian’s lips, the position he held her in allowing him to press against one of her most sensitive spots. He let out a little growl as she quivered and pulsed around him, moving her onto her stomach and pushing into her a little harder, his teeth clamping down on her shoulder as he filled her. “Abigail.” He said her name softly as he kissed the mark on her shoulder. He turned her back over, his lips finding hers, his fingers running lovingly through her hair. “Good?”

“Yeah.” Her eyes were damp with tears and he kissed her again before settling under the covers. She snuggled into him and he continued running his fingers through her hair. “I’m surprised I’ve survived this long.” She teased, her voice sleepy, but her tone warm and happy.

“It wouldn’t be that bad of a way to go.”

She gave a soft laugh. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sleep baby, I’ll get up if Rhos needs us.”

She happily accepted his offer to simply let herself fade. It was a few days later but the man responsible was identified though had long since run, possibly as soon as he saw his sketch on the news. His house lay empty,his room looking like he had hastily packed before darting. Abel memorized the scent of this place, familiarizing himself just in case he had somehow gotten a new identity to run with. Abel called son in law “What’s up?” Christian said and Abel requested he come over and find everything he could out of the mans computer. “I’ll be right there” Christian hungup, explaining where he was going to Abigail before rushing out of their home.

Cerys spoke “So they really found him”

“His home at least, sadly that doesnt mean we have him just yet”


“theres a lot people can do to evade being brought to justice”

“I could always look for him. I mean, I can go anywhere. I…I feel like he’s my responsibility.”

“Cerys, it’s not your fault he did what he did. You set things in motion for him to be captured and my dad won’t stop until he’s captured.”

“I just don’t want him to hurt anyone else and if I can find him and then let your dad know where he is, he won’t.”

“You’re such an amazing person Cerys and I’m sure my dad would appreciate your help. If you want, I can ask some of the other spirits to help you.”

“Do you think they would?”

“Of course and I’m sure after his face and identity have been plastered all over the news, they’ll know what he looks like. Just let me message Christian so they know we’re at the cemetery then we’ll go.”

Abigail quickly wrote a text message to her husband then went to find Rhoslyns and Abners shoes. Abners were right where they should be but Rhoslyns was a bit more of a struggle. They were discovered under the couch, probably a result of all the playing and family over yesterday. They soon had both the kids ready and strapped into their carseats Cerys sat in the back “you can sit up here” Abigail encouraged but she said “I know, thank you, I would just like to sit with them” Cery’s felt protective of them. She wasn’t sure if she could handle ever seeing a child die again. She was a ghost, there wasn’t much she could do but she found comfort sitting between the two children, especially when Rhoslyn began trying to grab her.

Abigail was relieved when they arrived at the cemetery and there were no funerals going on. She always felt like she was being rude talking to the dead when there were mourners nearby. There were, however, a few spirits lingering around, some talking to each other, one sitting on his headstone and staring off, and even a couple just walking around, seemingly enjoying the day. Abigail had met many spirits, some happy, some depressed, some who had gone full poltergeist. It was amazing how different each of them were, how many of them retained their personalities even after death. She pulled to a stop, switched off the car then got exited the care and got Rhoslyn out while Abner unbuckled himself.

“Take my hand, Abner.” She said as she lifted Rhoslyn onto her hip. Her son did as he was told and they made their way toward a small group of spirits that had congregated near one of the trees.

“Hello, Abi.” One of the spirits said, a smile brightening his face. His name was David and he had died in a car accident. He lingered because he wanted too and often talked to the more depressed spirits, doing his best to cheer them up.

“Hey, I came to ask for help.”

“Anything, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard about all those dead children and the man responsible. My friend Cerys here wants to hunt him down. We were hoping the spirits in the area could help and maybe recruit any other spirits they encounter. They can tell Cerys or myself when they find him and I can tell my dad”

“Of course Abigail. Even if the others wont help you can count on me…that kind of thing…there truly isn’t anything lower than harming an innocent child”

“Thank you so much” She introduced the two spirits then stayed long enough to hear the conversation with all the other spirits in the graveyard, wanting to know just how many were going to help. It moved her deeply that only the angry spirits refused, the ones too lost in their own rage to comprehend others problems. They dispersed and Abigail took her little ones home, rushing now that she realized how close it was to her older boys getting home. They had a key for emergencies but she still wasn’t comfortable with them being alone long since her oldest was only ten. They were responsible boys but still, a ten year old really shouldn’t have to watch a seven year old in her opinion. To Abigails relief she just barely beat the bus home. Her boys ran off excitedly, each eager to tell her about their day.

Chapter Four

Christian was sickened by the things he found and almost walked out, wanting very badly to take a hot shower, but he couldn’t leave, not until he found everything. He searched every single file, looking for any information that could lead Abel and the other police to their killer. “You need a break?” Abel asked.

“Yeah, but I want to just get it all done in one go. Do you know the kind of people he’s been in contact with? Christ, he’s sick.”

“The chief’s going to contact the FBI and give them all the information we have so those other bastards can be caught and put away.”

“Good.” He swallowed. “If anyone ever even thought about hurting the kids, I’d…I’d kill them.”

“Me too.” He placed a hand on Christian’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “As soon as you’re finished you can go on home. I’m sorry I had to call you in to help us. I didn’t want any of you to see this stuff, but I trust you the most.”

Christian felt on the verge of vomiting once he could finally get in his car. He couldn’t wait to get home. When he arrived Abigail was helping Lewis with a school project. “Hey dad! Can you help me now while mom cooks?”

“The boys are apparently dyeing for some good tacos after the horrible ones they had at school today” Christian smiled, happier than ever to help his son with a project. All those children, many of them could have been his own kids, he was grateful to have them here, safe and alive. Abigail could tell Christian was shaken up but she wasn’t going to ask him to talk about it in front of their children. She just set about getting tacos ready, trying to keep the mood as light as possible for their kids.

Another few weeks passed before Cerys returned “did you find him?” she shook her head “so many are helping. This seems impossible”

“I’ve come to find nothing is impossible…damn it” she cursed, not at Cerys but at the situation. “I’m sorry, maybe there’s something about him I’m not remembering. I don’t know if I died due to some blow on the head but it’s always hard for me to concentrate and I tend to forget things”

“It’s okay Cerys”

“It’s not, I…I wish I knew what to do”

“Maybe he isn’t human”

“Could your fathers nose have really missed that?”

“There are all kinds of creatures. Some dont even smell like their own kind”

“That seems so unfair.”

“I know, but trust my dad and all of the other spirits. His face is out there so he won’t be able to hide for long. He’ll be on edge, he’ll make mistakes, someone will spot him. I know it’s stressful, but my dad will bring him to justice.”

“I know, I just wish it was now instead of later. What if he hurts someone else?”

“People are going to be more watchful of their little ones now, so if he does try, it’ll probably end badly.”

“I hope so, I just want everyone safe.” She rubbed her temples. “I wish I could push past this fog, I wish I could remember more.”

“Just keep thinking, but don’t strain yourself. I know sometimes when I think about things too hard, I lose focus. Maybe just take a moment to breathe and then start over.”

Later that evening Abigail was taking out the trash when someone tackled her, instantly gripping her neck so she couldn’t scream. She shifted, angry and the furthest thing from scared. Someone violent was near her home, near her babies and she wouldn’t allow him to knock her out and rush inside. Her shift caught the nose of Christian who had been surfing Imgur he shifted as he ran out, pouncing on the man as well and that was when she found enough calm to realize this was the man they had been looking for. They shifted back, he was too wounded to be going anywhere. He seemed pissed off but smart enough not to try anything else “How dare you come here’ Christian seethed then attempted to speak to Abigail softly “go inside with the kids and call your dad.”

She did and Christian lifted the man by his collar “what’re you doing here you piece of shit” He wouldn’t answer then but later Able got him to admit he went there because he was angry at the women who identified him. He wanted to kill her and then put her children through the same thing he had put the others through. His need to punish her had been their lucky break. Not only could they arrest him but they were able to shut down a mans business who was selling things to help criminals get away with what they had done.

The product this man had been using was a liquid he drank to make himself invisible so he could snatch children and run without being seen. The man had squealed on quite a few people they didn’t even know about by the time it was all over, trying to get less time for what he had done. It may have helped him but he hadn’t been smart enough to wait to be offered a deal or ask for one until after he had spilled his guts

“I can’t believe we actually stopped him.” Cerys said, sounding relieved. “It almost seems impossible.”

“He was idiotic enough to come back for us.” Abigail said.

“He didn’t hurt you did he?” Christian asked.

“No, I’m fine, really.”

“I hate that he even touched you.” Seeing him on top of her trying to kill her had scared the hell out of him. “He shouldn’t have been able to slip past me like that.”

“It’s not your fault and he’s probably going away for the rest of his life and even if he did try to get out, you know my dad won’t let him.”

“I know.”

“Now those families have closure and he won’t be able to hurt anymore children.”

Things were calm again but peace didn’t fill their hearts until he was finally sitting in a cell. Abigail still felt for the families, there was no getting back to normal but she would do her best not to dwell on them. She wouldn’t be able to keep helping spirits that came her way if she let herself get stuck on past cases. She would just enjoy her wonderful husband and four amazing children. She also very much looked forward to getting to know this new spirit. Cerys deserved to move on and Abigail hoped, along the way they would build the sort of friendship her mother had with her ghost companion.

~ The End

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