Abigail Jr & Christian 2

Chapter One

Christian woke to the smell of breakfast being cooked and smiled. This is how Abigail always started off their mornings, it had become her little ritual. He stretched and got out of bed, pulling on a pair of sweats and heading downstairs. Her back was turned to him as she cooked bacon and eggs and he moved silently across the floor, his arms going around her waist. “Good morning.” He said and pressed a kiss against her cheek.

“I was hoping to bring you breakfast in bed for your birthday.”

“My birthday’s the day after tomorrow.”

She smiled warmly. “I know, but I thought we could start celebrating today.”

He grabbed her chin and turned her head, his lips finding hers in a gentle kiss. He pulled back and smiled at the dreamy look in her eyes. “God I love you Abigail, more than anything.”

“And I love you my handsome wolf.” He started to respond when a knock sounded at the front door. He sighed and she giggled.

“I’ll be right back.” He walked out of the kitchen and to the front door, pulling it open and freezing in the doorway. “Dad?”

“Hey Chris, long time no see.”

Christian swallowed and resisted the urge to slam the door. “What are you doing here?”

“Your birthday is the day after tomorrow so I thought I’d come say happy birthday.”

“How did you get my address?”

“Your aunt told me, said you had a house warming party and all that.”

“You’ve never come to tell me happy birthday before so why are you here now?”

His dad got a confused look on his face. “What are you talking about? I called every year after I left, I wrote you letters. Your mother said you didn’t want to talk to me.”
Christian paused a few moments to process what his father jut said. He sighed “That does sound like my mother. She made me think you ditched me”

“I’m sorry, I’ve known her a long time and I should have thought somthing was up. I just..you were always so close to your mother i thought it could be true” Christian didn’t know what to say. After years of thinking one thing it was hard to jerk his mind around even though he was sure Lance was telling the truth. “may I come in. I’ve missed you so much. I had to come try and see you. Especially because you have a girlfriend and look at you, you’re standing.” He nodded “thanks to my girlfriend. She’s an amazingly sweet woman”

“I hear as much.”

“come in dad” Lance quickly stepped in. Christian guided his father into the kitchen “Abigail, this is my dad”

“I’d come shake your hand or somthing but I’d burn breakfast. Welcome”

‘Nice to meet you.”

“Do you want somthing to eat?”

“I couldn’t ask you to cook more”

“Nonsense,we have plenty so sit” he smiled and looked at his son. “Dad, you’re welcome. I know I don’t seem excited but when you’ve been told one thing for years and it turns out to be false it takes a while to wrap your head around”

“what’s going on?” Abigail asked as she started to serve plates. Christian explained as the three sat down. “wow” was all she could say. Christian nodded “I love her so much but somtimes I hate her at the same time. She was always so selfish” Abigail grabbed his hand “I’m sorry, I want to say I understand but i have no clue..” Christian brought Abigails hand to his lips and gave it a love filled kiss. Lance smiled “I’m glad you found sombody son.” he turned his attention to Abigail before continuing “so your father is a cop and your mother speaks to the dead. i hear you can see them too.”

“Yes, there are so many who died and cant leave this world. Mom and I help them along when we can. All save for Abigail. I’m named after my moms best friend who is a ghost”

“That’s amazing”
“So, are you staying anywhere?” Christian asked.

“Yeah, I got a room. I would ask to stay here, but you two are young and uh yeah.”

Christian blushed and Abigail giggled. “Thanks dad.”

“So what would you like to do for your birthday? I know it’s the day after tomorrow, but we could do something together right?”

“Uh sure, I guess.”

“Well we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Christian looked panicked for a moment and Abigail said, “Why don’t we go see a movie tonight, birthday boy’s choice.”

“Alright.” Christian was still wrestling with the idea of having a father who actually loved him and Abigail could see the uncertainty. She squeezed his hand and he gave her a warm smile. “Yeah, a movie, is that okay dad?”

“Of course, anything you want. So uh where will we be having the party?”

“Oh at my parents’ house, you’re invited of course. I’m sure my mom and dad would love to meet you, especially now that we know why you’ve been absent from Christian’s life.”

Lance rubbed the back of his neck. “So, will your mother be there?”

Christian shrugged. “I left a message on her answering machine inviting her, but I don’t know if she’ll come and if she does she might cause trouble. I mean, I want her there, but I don’t at the same time.”
“she still trying to get you back home?”

“Knowing her she will. She only ever thinks of herself and her feelings”

“well, hopefully if she comes she wont cause a scene. If she starts somthing with me I’ll just leave. I want to be with you on your birthday but I dont want to ruin it”

“Dad, it would be her thats ruining it, not you. Don’t leave if she starts somthing with you” Lance smiled then took another bite of food. After breakfast they went into the living room to relax and talk. “this is a beautiful house.” lance said and Christian answered “it was Abigails dream house. She showed it to me when she thought I was a ghost and I bought it for her when she found out I was alive”

“why would you think that Abigail?’

“He can astral project himself. He met me while he was doing so and he told me he was dead”

“How’d you find out that wasn’t true?’

“Abigail Sr was suspicious and followed him home. She told me right away what she discovered then I went to confront him.”

“Why’d you lie son?’ Christian looked away “because i for once in my life wanted a relationship with a woman that wasn’t based on pity or because she was making a fool of me.”

“which is why i understood why he chose to lie” Abigail interjected. “I’m glad you forgave him. I adore this house. You have good tastes”

“what sort of job do you have?”

“IT stuff”

“same as your son then”

“really?” Lance asked in an excited tone. “yeah”

“did it urk your mother?”

“Yeah but with me it was because it gave me financial independence from her. She did her best to squash any independence I tried to scramble for.”

“I’m sorry”


“I should have fought for custody but I didn’t and it isn’t ok.”

“You did try to see me though”

“I could have tried harder”

“well, all that matters now is that you’re here” Abigail added, knowing if Christian wasn’t still coming to grasps with this he would have said so. He knew how impossible his mother was to deal with and couldn’t blame anybody for running as fast as they could.
“So, are you two planning on getting married and having babies?” Lance asked and Christian blushed again.

“Well, yeah at some point. When we’re both ready.”

Abigail gabbed his hand and smiled. “Sounds like someone’s ready to be a grandpa.” She said with laughter in her tone.

“Who wouldn’t want to have grandkids?”

They sat there and talked until lunch, Christian reconnecting with his father. It made Abigail happy to see him enjoying life so much. “Lets go out for lunch.” Abigail said.

“We should probably change into something diner appropriate.”

“I’m sorry you two, I kind of barged in before you got the chance to get ready for the day.”

“It’s okay dad, just give us a couple of minutes.” They headed upstairs, Abigail not missing the excitement in Christian’s eyes.

“You ‘re really happy to see him aren’t you?” She asked as she pulled her night clothes off and opened her drawers to find something to wear.

“Yeah, I guess I am. I never thought he cared or even wanted me. I feel so bad for hating him.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t hold it against you baby. Your mother said things she should have never said to a child out of selfishness. She needs help.” He pulled her into his arms, craving the skin on skin contact with her. Being close to her always calmed him and helped him think clearly.

“I want to keep him in our lives and my mom as well, but I’m afraid of what she’ll do once she finds out I know she lied and have decided to bond with my father.”

“Lets worry about that on your birthday. Right now, lets just spend time with your dad.”
Christian kissed his girlfriend then said “I love you so much. I was a little embarrassed before so i ddint sound too sure but I would like to marry you and have kids one day. I’ve always wanted a family of my own and I couldn’t imagine a better wife than you Abigail” Abi smiled, her heart fluttering she spoke “whenever you’re ready for all that I am. My parents would love grandkids too and I know I want a lot of children”

“How many is a lot?”

“eight” Christian chuckled “seriously?”

“Yeah, I decided a long time ago eight would be the perfect number” Christian excitedly kissed Abigail again “then we’ll have eight. We have eternity to have that many” They dressed then took Abigails car to Chipotles. Abigail told Lance of her want for eight kids which made him laugh the same way Christian did before. “you two have the same laugh” she pointed out. “maybe your kids will get it too. I’ve heard my laugh is charming” Lance said with a grin and Abigail nodded “yes, I love Christians laugh. I hope out children get it.”

After lunch they grabbed some icecream from a nearby parlor and sat down to enjoy it. As they licked their sweet tasting desserts all Christian could think about was marriage and children. He had wanted it before his father brought it up but now it was burning in him, so much so he spoke “Abi, when we’re done could dad and I drop you off at home while we go out alone for a little bit?”

“sure, you two need alone time. I’ll check out movies while you are gone and let you know what’s playing tonight”

“Ok” As they discussed Christian dropped Abigail off after icecream then said to his dad “You want to go ring shopping with me?” His dad wore a large smile “Would love to. She’s a sweet girl. You two look incredibly happy”

“I am, I’m lucky she still wanted to be with me once she found out the truth. She would have even loved me in that chair”
“So how did this whole walking thing come about?”

“Lycanthropy, she and I were turned into werewolves. It healed my legs. Now I can run, walk, climb, just about anything. It makes me feel normal.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being different. I mean Abigail talks to the dead and she seems happy. Never be ashamed of being different, it’s what makes you who you are.”

Christian smiled as they headed to the closest jewelry store. He knew it might take them visiting more than one place to find the perfect ring, but he also had a feeling his father wouldn’t care. Abigail sat cross legged on the couch, looking at the movies and their times on Christian’s lap top. She picked two, Oculus and Captain America, wanting to see which one they wanted to watch the most. Just as she closed the lap top, ghost Abi fell through the ceiling and onto the couch, startling her.

“It amazes me how someone who sees ghosts can be scared by the one she sees the most.” Abigail Sr. teased.

Abigail rolled her eyes. “So how have you been?”

“Can’t complain.”

“How’s Mickey?”

“Still a ghost, he refuses to leave, says we’re destined to be together.”

Abigail giggled. “Maybe he’s right and how are mom and dad?”

“Same as always, noisy.” Abigail laughed ad ghost Abi smiled. “I swear becoming a wolf has made your dad more…”

“Shush, I don’t need to know what they’re doing in their past time.”

Chapter Two

Ghost Abi laughed “where’s Christian?”

“He went out with his father. Apparently his dad didn’t abandon him. Tricia just wouldn’t let Lance see Christian.”

“Could she be any more selfish?”

‘No she couldn’t. It makes me angry how badly she ruined his childhood. its just not fair. I want to punch her somtimes”

‘I do too. Is sh coming to the birthday party?”

“Dont know, she didn’t answer Christians call. Shes still angry he bought me this house and we moved in together”

“I hope she doesnt come”

“well i hope she does. She’ll make Christian sad if she doesnt” When they hit the fourth jeweler shop Christian hoped he’d find somthing since they couldn’t be out too much longer. Finally to his relief a diamond caught his eye. “Let me see that one” he said to the jeweler. The man behind the counter took the ring out and handed it to Christian. Lance was taken back “woah son, thats some diamond. It’ll probably cost about as much as the house”

“Don’t exaggerate dad and in any case I have plenty of money from living with mom so long. I paid for almost nothing because she’d even buy me stuff i just wanted if she found out before i bought it.”

“what size is this ring?”

“a six sir”

‘perfect, her size. I want it”

“The display or do you want it ordered?”

“The display”

“wow, when are you planning to propose” Lance asked and Christian answered “when we’re home alone after my birthday. What better gift could i possibly get?”
“You’re going to make a good husband and a much better father than I.”

“I forgive you for leaving dad, I really do. I understand why you did and I’m not mad you left me. I’m just happy you’re here now and all I ask is that if mom shows up to my party that you don’t lose your cool. I’ll take care of her.”

“I promise, I’ll be as polite as possible.”

“Thanks dad.”

Once the jeweler had the ring put in a box and gift bag Christian paid for it and they left. Once they were outside he threw the gift bag away and stuck the little box in his pocket. He would have to keep Abigail from see it once they got home. When they pulled into the driveway, Christian turned to his father. “I need you to make sure she’s distracted so I can get the ring upstairs.”

“Alright, I’ll ask her about the movies so make it quick so she doesn’t catch on.”

“Yes sir.” Christian gave him a salute and they both laughed before getting out of the car.
Ghost Abigail was already gone when they walked in. “hey guys! I picked two movies we can see tonight”

“Great, tell me about them.” Christian ran upstairs quickly and came back down. She seemed more excited about Oculus so Christian picked that one. “great, that gives us plenty of time for dinner. What do you two want?”

“Lets go out again. I want to spend all our time talking”

“We could talk while I cook”

“I know but lets go out somwhere” Abigail smiled “ok” They decided on burger king since Abigail felt like one of their strawberry smoothies. She made each of them want one so they all got a milkshake instead of a soda with their burgers. When they were done they went straight to the theater for tickets and to sit down early so they could have their pick of anywhere. Christian wasn’t sure if he would be able to pay attention to the movie with how excited he was about proposing to Abigail.

He kept imaging the ring on her finger and the big smile on her face. He did however manage to force himself to pay attention. He didn’t want to have to explain why he was distracted so he needed to be able to talk to her about what they saw.
When the movie was over Abigail gripped tightly to Christian’s hand as they left the theater. “That movie was scary.” She said, making both Christian and Lance chuckle.

“Well why did you pick it then?” Christian asked. “Not that I’m complaining, I actually enjoy you clinging to me.”

She shot him a look and he just smiled lovingly back. “Well, I wanted to watch something different since your dad is here. I didn’t think it would be that bad. Now I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.”

“Sure you will, I guarantee it.”

A blush crawled up her neck and into her face as they made their way to their car and climbed inside. When they made it home Lance hugged them both and promised to be back tomorrow some time. Christian gave him his cell number so he could call ahead of time and they hugged one more time before Lance climbed in his car and left. “You two seem to be getting along very well.” Abigail said as he unlocked their front door.

“The more I spend time with him, the more I see myself. It’s strange to know that’s what I’ll be like when I’m older.”

“Well, just more handsome.”

“Are you saying you think my old man is handsome?”

She grabbed his shirt and pulled him into her. “He’s a good looking older man and you definitely got his looks so it was more a compliment to you than him. You are the sexiest man in the world.”

“Magazines would disagree.”

“We both know they’re a bunch of idiots.”
Christian smiled then began kissing Abigail as he backed Abi up into the couch and pushed her down. She giggled and soon gave pleased noises as his mouth and hands traveled her. They filled their living room with passion until they were both growing too weak to continue on. Christian and Abigail walked happily into their bedroom where they cuddled close for the night. Christian smiled at how fast Abigail fell asleep. He gave her a tender kiss on the head then said in an adoring tone “I told you you’d be able to sleep”

When Christian woke the next morning Abi was gone as always. He pulled on somthing comfortable then went down to her. “Morning beautiful” He said then kissed her on the cheek “morning birthday boy”

“It’s not until tomorrow”

“Oh, then i guess all that stuff I did to you last night was unwarranted” He blushed and she laughed “You are too handsome when you blush” Christian was a little disappointed when they finished breakfast without his dad showing up. Abigail already knowing him well said “he probably just decided to eat before coming today”

Chapter Three

“I hope so.”

Abigail grabbed his hands in hers. “He’s not going to abandon you again, I can tell. He really loves you so please don’t worry.”

“I’ll try not to.”

They washed dishes together then went upstairs and took a shower. Christian held her from behind, pressing soft kisses onto her neck and shoulders. He heard his phone ringing from their room and kissed her cheek before jumping out and drying. He practically ran to his phone and answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey Chris, sorry I didn’t come by for breakfast, but I’m heading over right now. I also had to pick up your present.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything dad.”

“Sure I did, anyway I’ll be over in ten minutes.”

“Alright see you then.” He hung up as Abigail was coming out of the bathroom. “He’ll be here in ten minutes.”

“See, I told you.” They pulled on clean clothes and Christian lifted Abigail over his shoulder, making her laugh as he carried her downstairs. “You silly wolf, put me down.” He deposited her on the couch then leaned in and kissed her before taking a seat next to her.

“I love you Abigail.”

“I love you too.”
When Lance walked in they all hugged “where’s this present you said you were picking up?”

“In my hotel room. Your birthday isn’t until tomorrow” Christian smiled “I guess, what would you like to do today?”

“why dont you men go on a man date again. I’ll be fine here. I want you two to connect”

“we can do that with you tagging along Abi. I want to get to know you aswell.” Lance said then Christian chimed in “yeah baby”

“Why dont we head over to the mall. We can all go to Best Buy so you two can nerd out together” both men laughed and agreed. Abigail rode in the back while Christian and Lance were up front. They talked non stop on the way to the mall about different computer systems and their favorite sites. Abigail deeply hoped that Lance would come around often now that they had built a relationship.
At Best Buy Abigail enjoyed their chatter, smiling at how they debated about which computers were better. Christian held her hand, pulling her along and she gladly rode the waves of happiness coming off of him. “We’re being rude aren’t we Abigail?” Lance said as they walked through the store.

“No, not at all. I’m actually enjoying myself quite a bit. Christian’s happiness is my happiness.”

“You’re such a sweet young woman. It does my heart good to see my son this happy. I have to admit that I feared for the worst, wondering anyone would love him for himself or not. It was a worry that plagued me every day that I was away from him. I’m just glad I don’t have to worry anymore.”

“So, are you planning on visiting us more often?” She asked.

“Yes, most definitely. Especially since you two are planning on giving me so many grandchildren.”

Abigail laughed and hooked her arm through Lance’s. “Well good because if you disappear I may have to hunt you down and beat you up.”Lance chuckled “believe me, that wont be needed. I am so relieved Tricia didn’t turn him against me and that you two let me into your home”

“why don’t we grab some icecream from the parlor by the foodcourt? It’s amazing”

“yeah, I took Christians mother there on a date when we were young. We loved it”

“I have a question and feel free not to answer”

“what is it?”

“How did you not realize how she was before you married her?”

“Blinded by love is my guess. I still love her to be honest. I dont think you ever stop loving someone you once loved. I just couldn’t take being smothered. She wouldn’t let me do a thing on my own. Most days I couldnt even go piss by myself. I mean, I loved her and being around her but you have to let your significant other breath from time to time. She started to drown me and I had to get away”

“Just know I understand dad” Christian answered and Lance smiled “I know, I’m bursting with pride at how you turned out. You are quite the man now” Christian sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck “and you are far from the person I’ve thought you were dad. Lets go grab that icecream”
Once they all had their ice cream and had paid they continued to walk around the mall. Christian laced his fingers with hers, enjoying being with both Abigail and his father. He was in such a state of bliss that he ran right into a woman and her daughter, getting ice cream all over his shirt. “Crap, I’m sorry.” He said.

“No, it’s okay, we’re fine.” The woman looked up at him, both of their eyes widening.


“Christian, my goodness, how have you been?”

“Uh fine, happy. Sorry, this is Abigail my girlfriend and this is my dad Lance.” He said as he used his napkin to wipe the ice cream off of him. “Gale is one of mom’s friends. Is this little Molly?” He squatted down to look at the eight year old girl. “My goodness it is, you’ve grown.” She blushed and he smiled at her as he stood back up. “It’s so good to see you two.”

“You too sweetie. I went by your mother’s last week and she said you were gone. She didn’t look happy. What happened?”

“She tried to keep me from Abigail so I moved out. Look, I need to go home and change, why don’t you and Molly come to my birthday party tomorrow and we can catch up.”

“Sure, what’s the address?”

“It’s at my parents house. It’s 1120 Warrick Avenue, the party starts at three.” Abigail answered with a warm smile.

“Okay, we’ll be there. It was nice to meet you two.”

Chapter Four

“nice to meet you” Abi answered then the woman and her little girl walked away. “they seem nice” Abi said to Christian.

“Yeah, she’s one of the few women my moms friends with that I like” They walked out of the mall and went home so Christian could wash and change. Originally he just wanted to change but his chest was a little sticky from the icecream. Once he was changed they just spent the rest of the evening at home. Christian, Abigail and Lance had so much to talk about and catch up on they could have spent weeks or even months just talking.

Tonight they actually let Abigail cook which lance ended up glad for “Nice, pretty and a good cook.” Christian smiled proudly “yep, I’m a very lucky man” Lance gave a knowing smile then finished his meal. They exchanged hugs as always ‘see you at my party dad”

“see you” When the door was closed Abigail said ‘I need a shower now. I’ll meet you in bed” Christian kissed her ‘Ok” They went up to their room where Abigail stepped into the bathroom. Christian waited until he could hear the shower running to pull out the ring and admire it. He was tempted just to ask now so tomorrow he could proudly tell all his family and friends he was getting the privilege to marry Abi.
He was so engrossed in thought that he didn’t hear the shower shut off and when the door opened he frantically shoved the ring back in the little box and crossed his arms. She froze in the doorway. “Why do you look like you just got caught doing something bad?”

“What, I wasn’t.”

“I didn’t say you were, I asked why you look like that’s what happened?” She crossed over to the bed, wrapped only in a towel, and flopped down next to him. “Well, what’s wrong?”

“I’m too nervous now, lets wait until tomorrow. It’s nothing bad, I promise.”

“Alright, tomorrow then.” She stood up and pulled her towel off, his breath rushing out of his lungs at the sight of her standing there naked. She tossed it in the hamper then climbed under the covers, a smile on her face.

“That’s not even close to fair Abigail.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Just…close your eyes real quick.” Abigail closed her eyes and put the ring back where he had hidden it. He got back in bed kissed her, his fingers tangling in her hair to keep her as he moved to lay between her legs. It wasn’t long before he had her moaning and writhing beneath him, her loud cries touching that animalistic part of him, the wolf urging him to dominate his mate. His teeth clamped down on her shoulder as he slid in and out of her hot depths. He moaned as she quivered around him and he spilled himself into her depths. He pressed his forehead against hers and kissed her nose. “I love you Abigail.”

“I know baby, I love you too.” He moved to lay next to her and she rested her head on his chest. “You know you can tell me anything right?”

“I promise to talk to you about it tomorrow so please don’t worry and just trust me.”

“I always trust you.” He turned onto his side so he was facing her, her head resting on his arm.

“Good night love.”

“Good night birthday boy.”
Christian gave her another soft kiss before they both fell asleep. The next day they went to Cora and Abels house early. Christian tried to help set up for the party but was forced onto the couch. Abel came to sit down with him to make sure the birthday boy was just relaxing for his birthday. Christian took the opportunity to talk to Abel about his dad. After he finished he leaned over and whispered “I’ve got somthing to show you but Abi can’t see”

“girls, the birthday boy wants some beer. We’ll be right back” Abel called into the kitchen. They walked out and got into Abels police car. They drove to the nearby Piggly Wiggly where Christian showed Abel the ring “I’m going to propose to her tonight. Do you think she’ll like it?”

‘are you kidding? This is stunning. Cora and I were just talking about grandkids last week” Christian blushed making Abel chuckle “well I’m sure you and my daughter do…things. Not that I’d like to talk about that part but I’m glad you’re going to ask her. You’re a good man and have made her very happy. You’re all a dad could hope for for his daughter”

‘I wanted to talk to you about somthing else too”

“what is it?”

“Do you think it will insult Abi if I ask her to quit working?”

“why would she care about quitting Macys? Why do you want her to quit?”

“She doesn’t make enough money there for it to be worth the time. Minimum wage sucks and I can take care of us with what I make. Plus, we want kids and they’d probably enjoy their mother at home. I mean, lots of moms work and raise happy children but to me Macys isn’t worth it and I’m worried it’ll be offensive for me to say so. I also hope I dont offend you in saying so”

“I understand, I don’t think you’ll offend her. She doesn’t really enjoy her job anyway, you know that”

“I just dont know. I mean, she’s talked about college before and I dont want to talk to her about Macys and then have her feel I dont want her to work atall. I’d prefer her home but if she wanted to go to college for somthing I’d be happy for her. It’s just the fact at her current job she makes minimum wage and eight dollars an hour isn’t worth her hour”

“well then just say that plainly when you talk to her about Macys”

“I just want her to be happy”

“and thats what will make you a good husband. For now, just enjoy your birthday, propose, be happy when she says yes and then talk about Macys when it feels right. I guarantee you she wont be offended. She knows she makes lousy money. She struggled in that apartment, especially because she was trying to save what she could to buy that house you bought her. Cora and I had to help Abi on many occasions.”
“I wish I had known her sooner, I would have given her every last penny.”

Abel patted his back. “It does my heart good to know I won’t have to worry about my little girl.” Abel grabbed a case of beer then they checked out and started back.

“You okay sweetie?” Cora asked as she pulled Christian’s cake out of the refrigerator. Abigail grabbed the icing and a rubber spatula.

“Yeah you’ve seemed kind of deep in thought.” Ghost Abi added.

“Well last night Christian was hiding something from me and I’m trying to figure out what it is. I’m not upset, just curious. He said it’s not bad so I’ve just been thinking about it.” Abigail replied as she smoothed icing over the cake.

“Do you want me to find out?” Her spectral friend asked.

“No, he promised he’d tell me today so I can wait. I know he would never lie to me.”

“I think I may have an idea of what it could be.” Cora said with a smile.

“What?” Her smile widened and she shook her head. “Come on mom, tell me.”

“Finish with the cake sweetie and put it back in the fridge.”
“fine, I guess I need to practice patience anyway for when I’m a mother”

“don’t I know it” Cora answered and both girls laughed. When the men came back they each got a hug before Abel put the beer in the fridge and took two out, one for him and one for Christian. People slowly started arriving, Christians dad among the first. he happily got to know Abigails parents until Tricia arrived. She paused when she saw Lance, looking angry already even though not a word had been exchanged. She went straight for her son “you invited that man?”

“He’s my dad mom, please, just try and get along”

“fine” she said in a huff then went to set his present down with the others. Christian sighed. His mother had barely gotten through the door and was making his party tense. Abigail quit talking to one of their friends and went over to him, taking his hand for support. Christian gave his love a kiss on the cheek, a silent thank you she understood.
Abel made hot dogs and hamburgers while Lance stood next to him and chatted. Cora tried to engage Tricia in conversation, but she wouldn’t talk back and sat on the back deck glaring at both Lance and Christian who was playing with Molly and the other younger kids in the yard. Abigail sat smiling at Christian, loving how sweet and gentle he was with the children. Cora gave up trying to talk to Tricia and went to sit next to her daughter. “He certainly seems to be happy.”

“He is, especially after getting his legs back. He runs almost every day and loves being able to climb. He doesn’t feel helpless anymore.”

“Not that you would have loved him any less.”

Abigail’s smile widened. “That’s what I told him. It never mattered if he could walk or not, but I’m glad he’s so happy.”

“Alright everyone come make your plate.” Abel called as he set the burgers and hot dogs on the table. Everyone got up and started making their plates and Christian thought this would be a good time to ask her while everyone was there.

“Uh everyone, there’s something I need to do before we start eating.” He was nervous, but he grabbed Abigail’s hands and pulled her into the yard. “Abigail, I’m absolutely crazy about you. I love you more than anything and I feel honored to have you in my life. You loved me even when I couldn’t love myself. Everything about you is just so damn perfect.” Abigail smiled up at him and he reached into his pocket, pulling out the little box and dropping down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes, absolutely yes.” She said, feeling teary eyed.
Christians eyes were damp aswell when he slid the ring on her finger then lifted Abi into a hug . Everyone clapped aside from Tricia who still hated Abigail for taking her son away. She wanted to leave the party since they had even gone as far as to invite Lance. It was almost a betrayal to her that Gale clapped for Christian and Abigail when she knew that bitch had stolen her son. Cora was outraged by Tricias scowling and would have gone over to try and slap some sense into the woman if it wouldn’t risk ruining Christians birthday.

It was ridiculous how childish and selfish Tricia was being. Abel took his wifes hand, also having difficulty with Tricias poor attitude. Everyone talked excitedly about weddings and children until Tricia couldn’t bare it any longer. She walked up to Christian and said coldly “I’m leaving. I’ve had as much of this as I can take”
“Why can’t you just be happy for me, are you that desperate for attention?” Tricia started to slap him and Lance grabbed her wrist.

“That’s enough Tricia, it’s not right what you’re doing and you know it. He is our son and we’re supposed to share in his joy. Stop trying to guilt him into staying with you because you can’t be alone even for a second.”

“What do you know?” She jerked her arm away. “You left me and him so don’t act like you’re the world’s greatest dad.”

“I know I’m not and you aren’t the world’s greatest mom, not even by a long shot, but Christian still loves you. You have to stop bullying him, you have to stop being so controlling and you have to stop blaming others for your depression. You need help Tricia, real help. Whatever is wrong with you has been out of hand for years.”

“You and Christian have both betrayed me. I hate you both.”

“Mom stop. Isn’t it I who should hate you. You lied to me about dad, you let me think he didn’t want anything to do with me, I should be angry, I should want you out of my life, but you’re my mom and I love you very much. I just won’t do this anymore. I’m not coming home, I’m not leaving Abigail, and I’m not getting rid of dad. I want you in my life, but you need help. I’m not going to let you come to my wedding or hold your grandchildren until you get help and that’s final. So hate me if you want.”

Tears of anger filled Tricia’s eyes and she turned and walked away. Christian felt a sadness creep into his heart and Abigail squeezed his hand while Lance placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Just give her some time son and hopefully she’ll come around ad be happy, it’s your birthday and you just got engaged so smile or I’ll put you in a headlock.”
“please baby” Abigail added. Christian gave the best smile he could manage at that moment but soon he was smiling easily as the mood of the party brightened. She would get help or she wouldn’t and he wasn’t going to worry over it any longer. This was his day in every way and it was his mothers own fault if she wanted to throw a tantrum. Christian and Abigail stayed to help her parents clean up after the party despite their protests.

As the last piece of trash hit the can they went to the couch to sit and talk a little longer before Abigail and Christian called it a night. How tired Abigail and Christian were soon vanished upon entering their home. The excitment of being engaged overflowed in them so they had to pour it out in the form of passion with eachother. The last place they made love was the kitchen counter. Christian could have gone for more but Abigail was becoming far too weak. He lifted her and carried her to their bedroom “I will be so sore tomorrow”

“good because you shouldn’t go into work”


“Can you call out so we can have a talk? I think I’ve worn you down too much now to talk”

“it’s your birthday. I can stay awake long enough to talk to you”

“Just let me hold you for tonight and we’ll talk in the morning beautiful” They laid in bed and relaxed into eachother for the night. The next morning Abigail called Macys and requested to stay out today. They had plenty of people without her so they let her stay home. Christian woke as she told her boss bye “I’m off, what do we need to talk about handsome?”

He explained to her the same way he explained it to her father and hoped she wouldn’t take it in any bad way she could possibly take his request. “you sure?” she asked when he was done “yeah, I’d rather always have you here. Eight dollars an hour isn’t worth you being gone.” Abigail smiled and gave him a long kiss “Ok, I want to go to college for somthing though. I still havent figured out what but I want to be somthing.”

“Then the second you figure it out I want you to go for it”

“I love you so much Christian”

“I love you too, always and forever” They laid back down and cuddled the day away since they had said their goodbyes to Lance at the party. He left promising to visit frequently and requesting they come to where he lived somtime. Christian was excited about it and they made plans that very same day for a trip to his fathers house. Nothing could break their happiness, not even the way his mother felt about all this. He was happy and his mother would be disappointed if she ever made him truly choose between her and Abigail.

~ The End ~

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