Abigail JR & Christian

Chapter One

Snow blanketed the small town where Abigail lived. She decided to go on a walk to a nearby park and just enjoy how beautiful snow seemed to always make the world. While most people hated snow she was always praying for it. She never felt more at peace or thought the world was more gorgeous when it was covered in white. When she was properly dressed and covered she grabbed her piping hot thermos of coco and walked out into the night. This was somthing that drove her father Abel insane and he didn’t allow when she lived at home but now that she had her own apartment she could do as she pleased. Abigail did however spare her father the knowledge she did this so he wouldn’t die of worry.

As always when she arrived at the park it took her breath away. Christian laid in his bed watching Tv now that his mother was asleep. He was watching a show about a young man facing the trouble of parenthood. It was a comedy to most but depressing to him so he turned it off before he began wallowing. He never allowed himself to feel like a victim or like he was robbed of anything. Christian was born with¬†Cerebral palsy so was unable to walk. Thankfully it only effected his legs and everything else about him was normal. None the less being born that way had sentenced him to life in a wheelchair so he knew he probably would never have his own place, never be married. He didn’t pity himself but he didn’t feel any woman would choose him when their were so many guys with legs going about.

Christian had a job as an IT guy and made plenty of money doing it but he still didn’t leave his mothers home since she wanted him to stay anyway. He figured why leave her alone if he was never to be married anyway. It just wouldn’t make sense to make his mother feel lonely if he would just be lonely himself if he left. Some people may see these thoughts as wallowing but to Christian they were simple facts. Women only went out on dates to pity him or to mock him. He had been laughed at so many times that now he didn’t even attempt to flirt with girls. He didn’t want to be pitied and he didn’t want to be some joke to a woman either.

Christian decided to astral project as he did any night sadness threatened to take hold. It was another thing he was born with but didn’t discuss with anyone since they would probably think him crazy. He loved having that one blessing when he was sure most people with Cerebral Palsy weren’t this lucky to have a way to get around without a cumbersome wheelchair. When he was outside the house he marveled at the snow. Christian had just as deep a love for it as Abigail did. He too decided the park would be a nice place to go and set off for there. When he arrived he saw Abigail and froze right there in the sky. She was twirling and laughing, a beautiful display in his eyes. She was even more beautiful than the snow that was covering the earth which was a big compliment coming from him.¬†

Christian flew closer, wanting to twirl around with her and see why it was so much fun. Abigail eventually let herself fall back into the soft snow and she gasped. it surprised Christian because it looked as if she was looking at him when he knew that wasn’t posisble, nobody saw him when he was like this “hey how long have you been dead?” Abigail asked and he gave her an odd look. Abigail laughed “I can see the dead so i can see you. You’re a ghost aren’t you?’ Christian debated in his head how to answer. This beautiful black haired goddess was speaking to him without any signs of discomfort, trying to hold back laughter or mockery. She had no idea he couldn’t walk and in fact was not a dead person but a person out of body. He thought that maybe he could have a real friend, a relationship of some kind with a beautiful girl if she thought he was dead rather than a boy trapped in a chair.

“Yes, I am.” He lied and immediately hated himself.

“How did you die? If you don’t mind me asking that is. My mother always asks ghosts so she can help them move on.”

“I can’t remember.”

She frowned. “How sad, but maybe it’s for the best. I have a friend named Abigail, the one I was named after, she couldn’t remember how she died for a long time. Turns out it was pretty horrific, but she refused to move on because she loves us so much. Maybe you’ll meet her sometime.”

“So your name is Abigail?”

“Oh yes, sorry. Abigail Jr. or AJ if you like. What about you?”


She smiled warmly at the spirit. “It’s a shame you had to die so young, especially with all the creatures out there who could make you immortal. My mother and father have been talking about changing now that I’m out of the house. Someone as nice as you certainly deserved more.”

He didn’t for a moment think he was sweet, especially when he was playing on her trust and kindness. “It’s alright, no way to fix it now and besides I got to meet you so it’s not so bad.”

“Would you like to join me on my walk?”

“I’d love to.”

They began walking their way out of the park and on to the sidewalk. “It’s kind of a long route i take. There’s this neighborhood with the most gorgeous houses. I live in an apartment now but I’m saving what I can for one of those houses. I want to live in one of them so much. I’m sure you’ll find them gorgeous too” he smiled “I’ll happily go anywhere with you”

“do you remember if you’ve always lived here?”


‘Maybe you’ve been to this neighborhood then. We’ll see. That’s interesting you can remember living here. Abi didn’t remember a thing of her life before she died”

“Guess I’m lucky, my brain just blocked out how I died” Another stab of guilt dove into his chest and he wished he could take back lieing though he was enjoying being around a woman who saw nothing wrong with him. They walked along talking until they reached the street Abigail was walking to. “we’re here. Aren’t they nice” He looked at each house they passed, also admiring how they were built. “These are nice. I would love to live in one of these”

“When i finally get one you can. You can be my roomate” He smiled again, her words tugging at his heart “Thank you”

“What better company could I have? I really like you. Makes it even suckier you’ve past. Atleast we can be friends this way if you’re sticking around like my ghost friend Abi” She stopped in front of one and looked at it as if it were art “now this one, this is the one i want the most. I know by the time I save enough some other couple or person will have bought it but when i picture living here, this is the one I truly want to live in. It’s perfect”

He wanted to tell her she was perfect, but refrained. “Someday you’ll have it, I guarantee it.” He said instead and she smiled sweetly at him. Even in this form he could feel his heart slam against his chest.

“You’re really the sweetest, come on lets go back to my apartment.” She sipped on her hot coco as they made their way slowly to her apartment. He followed her inside, feeling even worse seeing the inside of her home. It seemed warm and cozy and he wished he could really be here with her. “I know it’s not the most amazing place, but I enjoy it. Make yourself at home.”

“I really like it here, thank you for inviting me.”

He watched Abigail as she pulled her jacket and shoes off, wishing he could touch her. She smiled at the attention he was paying her and he looked away as she sat down on the couch. She patted the seat next to her and he took it. “Would you like to watch a movie with me?” She asked.


“Do you care what we watch?”

“No, anything is fine.” She switched on the TV and flipped through the channels until she came across The Prestige. It was one of her favorite movies. “So you like stuff about magic?” He asked halfway through the movie.

“Yeah, this and The Illusionist are two of my favorite movies. Do you remember any of your favorite things?”

“I never did much, I read a lot and smoked.”

She wrinkled up her nose. “I hate cigarettes, the smell is gross.”


She gave a small laugh “Don’t be sorry. A lot of people smoke. I just hate it personally”

“I would have never smoked around you then. In fact i would have quit for you.” She smiled again making his heart slam as it did before. “that would have been nice. I got my neighbir to quit smoking. She’s a sweet old woman. If she could see you I would introduce the two of you” Abigail got sleepy as the movie came to its end. She had to work in the morning anyway and had stayed up much too late with her want to hangout with her new ghostly friend. “I have to sleep. I have work in the morning but you can stay if you like.”

“Thank you, I might not be here when you wake though”

“alright, Abi has special places she likes to go too. I understand. Goodnight”


“Stay out here while I change” He smiled ‘i was planning to’

“Just thought I should say it incase” She walked into her bedroom then put her pajama shorts and top on. She walked out and then into her bathroom where she brushed her teeth then went back in her room to go to sleep. Christian stayed until she was resting. He gave her a kiss on the cheek he knew she couldn’t feel “I’m so happy I met you tonight” He said softly then left to go home. When his spirit bonded back with his body he got inot his chair and grabbed the carton of ciggarettes by his computer. He rolled himself into the kitchen and threw them away, planning to buy the patch tomorrow morning.

He didn’t want to do anything Abigail thought was gross. Even if she wasn’t aware he was doing it. He went back in his room and laid back down. He didn’t wake again until his mother brought him breakfast “morning honey”

“Morning mom. Want anything from the store?”

“I was actually thinking about making a trip myself. Just ride with me.”


“Why do you want to go to the store.”

“I decided to quit smoking. I need the patch”

“What made you come around? I’ve been trying to make you quit ever since you started”

“Someone special.” He answered and she frowned with worry. He knew what was going through her head, but he would never meet Abigail.

“Where did you meet this someone special?” Tricia asked as she followed him to her car.

“Online.” He lied as he pulled the passenger door open then locked the wheels on his chair before lifting himself out. His mother put his chair in the trunk while he buckled himself in and shut the door. She slid behind the wheel and started the car.

“Is she nice?”

“Yeah, she’s really sweet, an angel.” They said no more as she drove to the store. He decided to wait in the car and Tricia went in alone while he stared out over the parking lot.

Abigail pulled into the parking lot of the Macy’s five minutes early and decided to run across the street really quick and buy a soda. She got out and checked both ways before hurrying through the crosswalk. She apologized for almost bumping into someone as she went through the door and went to the back where the cold drinks were kept. Christian about had a heart attack when he saw Abigail run past his mother’s car and into the store. He swallowed nervously, hoping she would not spot him on the way out. His mother came out before she did and he breathed a little easier.

“You okay sweetie?” She asked.

“Yeah, can we just go home please?”

“of course. Already feeling bad from not having a smoke?”


“want to open your patches now?’

“No, I’ll put one on at home”

“ok honey” Tricia said as she started the car. Charistian thought of the house Abigail pointed out. She deserved that house and anything else she wanted. She had bene absolutely enchanting last night and he looked forward to many nights with her. Christian wanted badly to buy that house for Abigail, to make her face light up with delight over somthing he did for her. He had more than enough money to make a downpayment and even pay off a good chunk of it from the start. his mother paid for most things, he assumed for incentive to keep living with her so he had in a bank account most the money he had earned from starting work at seventeen. He only spent his own money when he purchased things online which was mostly just books and subscriptions to WOW and things of that nature.

Christain just didn’t know how to give Abi the house of her dreams without her knowing he was real, well alive anyway. Regardless he felt in a hurry to buy it so nobody could steal it from her. He knew better than to mention it to his mother. It would send her to bed quote on quote ill if she knew he wanted to buy a house even though he was buying it for someone else. She always faked illness when he upset her. He played along anyway. He felt bad for his mother though he knew as a grown woman she shouldn’t need her son for company so much.

Abigail smiled as she scanned a young woman’s purchases and put them in bags. The woman paid then took her things and left. Today it was kind of slow so Abigail pulled out her phone and asked her mom if she would have big Abi come and talk to her while she waited for moe customes. Her mom sent a message back telling her she would. It wasn’t long before Abigail showed up and sat cross legged on the counter. “Hey AJ, what’s up?”

“Nothing, just bored.” She said.

“How have you been?”

“Really good, I met another friendly spirit like you. He’s really cool.”

“He? Is he cute?”

“Very cute.” Abigail grinned and little Abi blushed. “I know it’s stupid, but it’s true. I wish he was still alive. We get along so well, it’s just not fair.”

“I’m sorry sweetie, life is cruel. So, do I get to meet this mystery man?”

“Of course. I’m hoping he comes back tonight. Why don’t you ride back home with me after work and we’ll see if he shows. Hopefully he hasn’t moved on without telling me.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t do that since you said you got along so well. Maybe he’ll attach himself to you the way I did to your family.”

She giggled. “I kind of hope so.”

“Aw, finally AJ likes a guy after whats his face and he’s dead” AJ grimaced at the remembrance. He had grown to be such an ass. Their relationship didn’t end on good terms atall. “lets not talk about ass face”

“Abi, don’t curse at work”

“sorry” A shopper stared at AJ like she was crazy since she seemed to be talking to herself. AJ¬†paid no notice and even if she did she wouldn’t care. When the day was finally over Abigail and Aj went to Ajs car and drove back to her apartment. Aj looked aroudn hopefully for Christian but saw him nowhere “I’m sure he’s coming back” Abigail assured. “I really want him to”

“I can tell” They went in and Aj made herself a tuna sandwich. After dinner at Christians house he told his mother “Please don’t bother me this evening. My friends and I are going on a long grind athon and i need concentration”

“alright sweetheart. Have fun” Christian hurried to his room as fast as his wheels could carry him. He shut the door, beyond eager to see AJ again. He got into bed, nearly crashing to his floor he was trying to get in so fast. When his body was laying flat on the bed he projected out of his body and flew fast to see Abi once more. He went right through her front door, instantly captureing her attention. It made his heart warm and butterflies flutter in his stomach when she looked excited “you’re back! Mett Big Abi” Ghost Abigail hovered over to him “Nice to meet you Christian”

“Nice to meet you”

“How are you enjoying the after life?”

“Much more now that i’ve met Abi” Ghost Abigail smiled “you better not move on without telling her or I’ll hunt you down for making AJ sad”

“I wouldn’t even think of it”

“Abigail, don’t scare him away.” AJ said and spirits laughed.

“I promise not to leave you ever Abigail, we’ll always be together.” He assured and she blushed.

“How cute.” Abigail said, making little Abi’s face turn an even deeper shade of red.

“Stop it Abigail.”

“Alright, I’m sorry. It’s just so nice see you liking someone and you’re right he’s cute.”

Chapter Two

AJ couldn’t help but think how sad it was to have a crush on someone she could never touch or kiss. It hurt her heart a little to think about it. She took comfort in the fact that if she chose to linger after death, that they could be together then. “So uh what do you two feel like doing tonight?” She asked.

“We could play cards.” Abigail said.

“How?” Christian asked. “I thought we couldn’t effect the material world.”

Abigail arched an eyebrow, but let the strange comment go, thinking maybe he just hadn’t practiced gather energy to move things. “Abigail can move things when she focuses her energy on things. It took a lot of practice, but now she can harness enough energy to go full poltergeist if someone threatens her loved ones.”

“Oh.” Christian swallowed nervously, feeling he had made a mistake.

“How about we just watch a movie and you and Abigail can get to know each other.”

“sounds good. I’m happy to watch whatever you want again” This time AJ decided on Red Lights. Christina couldn’t help but smile, seeing her obvious love for magicians. As the movie progressed and Christian talked to them on and off Ghost Abi got more and more suspicious and felt somthing wrong. He was obviously a ghost but somthing didn’t sit right with her. She planned to follow him when he left tonight and see where he went. She had to get to the bottom of his oddness and what didn’t sit right in her stomach. Once again Christian stayed as late as he could with AJ. He felt tremendously sad when she had to go to bed for the night but left anyway.

As soon as he was out the door Ghost Abi said ‘i’ll go too then. Goodnight”

“Night Abi’ Abi followed Christian at a distance, not wanting him to figure out he was being tailed. Christian may have noticed if his mind wasn’t on everything about the black haired beauty he had spent another amazing evening with. He was so happy yet sad at the same time. The happy outweighed the good since Ghost Abi had told him Aj thought he was cute. It was an odd place to be when you were in love but had built a relationship based on lies. She would feel betrayed if he told her the truth. She didn’t seem the type to mock him but she did deserve more than a man tied to a chair.

When he arrived home he became one with his body and sat up in bed. He sighed, preferring to be with AJ but knowing he’d have to wait until evening once again. Ghost Abi was outraged and began yelling at him but he did not hear since he coudln’t see ghosts unless he was astral projecting. “You liar! How dare you! I’m telling little Abi!”

Abigail flew back to AJ’s place, hating that she would have to break her friends heart because some boy had lied to her. She floated through her ceiling and sighed when she saw she was sleeping, but knew she needed to tell her now or never. “AJ, wake up.” She said.

Abigail woke to the sound of her name being called. She opened her eyes and found herself staring up at big Abigail’s face. “I just got to sleep.”

“I’m sorry, but I have something important to tell you.”

She sat up. “What is is?”

Abigail sighed and sat down next to her. “It’s about that boy.”

“Did something happen? Did he move on?”

“No and he can’t move on because…because he’s not dead.”

She gave her ghostly companion a disbelieving look. “What do you mean he’s not dead? He said he died and couldn’t remember how.”

“He’s an astral projector, I saw him going back into his body. He lied to you. I’m so sorry.”

She didn’t know what to think, her heart was beating so fast and her breath was coming out at a rapid pace. She felt anger and sadness bubble to the surface and didn’t know whether she should cry or scream. “How could he? I trusted him. I actually…I.” She covered her face and started crying. Abigail patted her back even though she couldn’t feel the contact, hating she was so upset.

Abi looked at the time through her ever tear forming eyes. She knew it was much too late to go over right now and comfront him. She would wait until morning. “I’m such a fool” Aj said to ghost Abi. “No you aren’t. He seemed just as much a ghost as any”

“Not just that…” Ghost Abi frowned knowingly “I’m so sorry.” AJ paced all night while Ghost Abi stayed at her side trying to give what comfort she could. Time seemed to crawl as she waited for the sun to rise. Aj actually got sick to her stomach she was so upset and didn’t eat breakfast when the time came. She called into work and let them know she wouldn’t be coming in that day. They excused her and she hung up. “what am I even going to say to him Abi? I feel like an idiot. He played me so well and for what gain? Making a joke of me? What if he knew from the start I coudl see ghosts?” Ghost Abi didn’t know what to say.

A few new tears glistened on Ajs cheeks and she got dressed for the day. She didn’t even bother to brush her hair. She simply put it in a pony tail “please take me to his house”

“alright” Ghost Abi said sadly. They got in Ajs car and ghost Abi told her where to turn. When Aj arrived Tricia saw the car pull in. She was confused since they weren’t expecting anyone and it was so early. She got out of her car then walked determined to the door, feelingmore anger now than hurt. She pounded on the door and Tricia answered “yes?”

“Is Christian there?”

“Um, yeah. He’s eating breakfast” Tricia went back to his sons room “you have a visitor” he gave her a puzzled expression “who?”

“I’m not sure. Want help getting into your chair?”

“No, I got it” Tricia took his breakfast then returned to Abi “he’s coming. Just give him a second” Abi had to fight back more tears as she waited angrily to confront Christian about his lies. She wondered if she knew him atall, if anything he had said was true, if the man she had been growing to love was real atall. Christian rolled out of his room and his heart stopped when he saw Abi standing there, armscrossed and obviously angry.

He swallowed nervously, almost backing into his room and closing the door, but deciding he had no choice. He had lied to her and he had to face the music. He rolled to the front door and some of the anger slipped out of her eyes. “Abigail, would it be okay if we had this conversation in my room?”

“Sure.” He moved out of the way so she could come in then closed the door and took her to his room. She shut his door and he turned around to face her.

“How did you find me?”

“Abigail told me.”

“She followed me, I guess I really fucked myself when I didn’t know about ghosts being able to move things. I knew it couldn’t last.”

“Why did you lie to me?” She asked, her voice betraying her sadness.

“This is why. When I met you I didn’t think you could see me, but when you did and you wanted to be friends I thought maybe just for a little while I could have some normalcy in my life. I thought I could just be a ghost in your life and you would never have to pity me. So I lied and I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I hated lying to you more than anything, but being crippled has given me nothing but grief and all I wanted was for someone to treat me like a person. Instead I hurt you and I hate myself for it.”

Abigail couldn’t hold onto her anger any longer, not when he talked like he was in pain. She reached out and cupped his cheek, loving that she could feel him. “I am just as different as you are Christian and there is nothing wrong with that. People look at me like I’m crazy all the time. You should have told me everything instead of hiding from me. I am so happy to get to see you and touch you.” She brushed her thumb over his cheek and he placed his hand over hers.

“I hate that I am like this, I hate everything about my existence except for you. I want to be able to walk beside you to do the things I never got to do. I want to be able to make you happy.”

“You don’t have to walk to make me happy, but if it will make you happy why not talk to my parents.”


“I told you they wee considering immortality now that I’m out of the house, so why don’t you do the same. Vampirism and lycanthropy have been known to cure disease. Try it out and see what happens.”

“But what about you? I can’t live without you, I really can’t. You have come to mean so much to me.”

She smiled, her eyes ceasing to produce tears “I’ll change too” Christian knew it was forward but needed to embrace her. He pulled her down and into a hug. She hugged back instantly, releasing the flood gates that had been holding back his own tears. He jerked slightly and she tried to pull back but he didn’t let her, couldn’t let her. When he finally let Abigail go he apologized. “I’m sorry for that”

“I liked it Christian. Come with me to my car and we’ll go talk to my parents”

“alright, let me get in real clothes” Abi walked out of the room and down to the living room when Tricia sat watching television. Tricia looked at Abi “you’re his someone special aren’t you?’

“I think so” Tricia wanted to say somthing, do somthing to thwart things between them but couldn’t bring herself to. She had been selfish. She didn’t lie to herself about how selfish she had been with her son over the years but even she couldn’t stoop so low as to crush his chance at being with a woman. He had never been on more than a date or two so never really had love from sombody who wasn’t related to him. She wanted her son to stay with her but as a mother she had to let him fal in love with this girl.

Christian dressed himself excitedly. He sped out of his room to meet Abi. She gave him another smile and his heart melted. “bye mom” Christian said and she gave her own goodbye. Abi wanted to aks if he needed help getting into the car but feared insulting him so she just waited. He got in himself expertly which actually impressed her. She took his wheelchair and put it in the back of her car then got in herself.

Christian was nervous the whole drive, his heart threatening to beat out of his chest. He hoped her parents would like him, that they wouldn’t pity him or worse tell Abigail he wasn’t good enough. Abigail grabbed his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze as she turned onto her parent’s street. She pulled into their driveway and got out, getting his chair and unfolding it for him. “You okay?” She asked as they went up to the front porch.

“Yeah, just a little nervous.”

Cora had the door open before they could knock since ghost Abi had gone ahead to give them the heads up. She happily hugged her daughter and Abel was right behind her. “Mom, dad this is Christian.” She reached down and grabbed his hand, making him blush. “Christian these are my parents Cora and Abel.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” He said.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Abel replied, shaking hands with him.

“Well come in. Abel, help him up the step love.” Cora said with a warm smile.

“Yes ma’am.”

Once they were all inside and seated Cora asked if they were thirsty. They both said yes and she poured everyone a glass of tea then handed them out and took her seat next to Abel. “So Abigail says you two just started dating.” Cora said. “I’m glad our little angel found someone nice after uh what’s his name.”

“Devin, Darren, something like that. He’s lucky my daughter asked me not to beat him to within an inch of his life.” Abel chimed in. “Anyway, I can tell this visit is about more than introducing your new boyfriend so come on, what’s on your mind sweet heart. Did something happen? Need help hiding a body because you know your old man knows all the best spots.”

Abigail laughed, making her parents smile. “Nothing like that daddy, I promise. We wanted to ask about becoming immortal with you and mom, not just to live forever. It’s mostly because Christian wants to walk.”

“we were actually going to call you when you got off work today about that. We’re meeting Kiure tomorrow to change into werewolves. He is actually excited we want to. He says we’ve come to be like family to him and told us to ask if that’s somthing you want too. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind also helping Christian.” Christian felt a rush of happiness and excitement. Abigail asked “so when do we meet him?”

“It’s not until tomorrow night because it has to be done under a full moon. He would do it tonight now that we’ve talked if he could. Sorry we didn’t tell you sooner. We were afraid you’d say no and we didn’t know if we could go through with being immortal if it meant watching our daughter die”

“It’s ok, I’m just so happy right now.”

“You two staying for lunch?” Cora asked and Abigail turned to Christian “want to stay for lunch?” ¬†In his head he said ‘I want to be anywhere you are” out loud he said “Yes” His eyes told her what he really said and it almost drew out a blush. “well I’ll call Kiure to confirm” Abel said getting up and leaving to grab his cellphone. Cora looked over at Christian “So Ghost Abigail told us everything. We like you a lot and you shouldn’t have been so ashamed about your condition” Nervously Christian answered “you’re daughter is honestly amazing mam. As perfect and more so than anybody could ever dream up. I can’t believe she actually wants me. I’m going to make her happy. I want her to always be happy” Cora smiled “You seem like a nice man yourself. You sell who you are too short. We’re glad our daughter is with someone so sweet now. Ghost Abigail is happy with the outcome too though she’s still holding a small grudge about you lieing.”

“Sorry Ghost Abigail”

“she says she’s forgiving you” Christian wanted Aigails hand but was embarrassed to take it with her mother looking at them. ¬†They talked the day away, Christian slowly getting less and less nervous as her parents spoke to him like he was any other man. Occasionally Cora would tell Christian somthing Ghost Abigail said and he would answer her. After dinner they left her parents house. Christian suddenly felt sad. He didn’t want to go to his home. He wanted more time with Abigail.

“What’s with that face?” Abigail asked.

“I don’t want to go home, I want to spend more time with you.”

“I don’t live on the ground floor, you know that.” He sighed and she pulled over. “Please don’t be sad.”

“I’m sorry, I know it’s stupid.”

She took his hand and he looked sadly at her. “It’s not stupid. Why don’t I go home with you. Your mom wouldn’t mind right?”

“I don’t want to make her sad. She’s only had me since dad left and I know it’s going to be hard for her to see me move out.”

Abigail thought about it for a moment. “Why don’t we get a hotel for the night?”

He laughed. “Then everyone will think we’re having pity sex.”

Chapter Three

She smiled. “So, let people think what they want. We’re both adults and honestly what I do with you is nobodies business. So let people think what they want. Being different is not a crime neither is being different and loving someone. I just need to get some clothes and then we can go.”

“You’re a really amazing person Abigail.”

“I know.” She winked and he smiled, feeling overjoyed he would get all night with her.

Abi stopped by her apartment and grabbed pajamas along with clothes for the next day. Christian didn’t want to go home atall and risk upsetting his mom so he would just rewear what he had on. When they pulled up to a nice hotel Christian said “Please let me pay”

“alright, to be honest with you I don’t make a killing over at¬†Macys¬†working a register” She said in a laughing voice. She went around back and grabbed his chair then met him at his side of the car. “what do you do for ¬†a living?”

“I’m an IT guy”

“cool” He smiled at her again. He looked as if he might explode from all the¬†happiness¬†inside of him. They went up to the counter and he gave them his card for a room. When they were given keys they walked over to the elevator and started going to their floor. Abigail grabbed his hand and stroked it with her thumb. She let go when the doors opened so he could work his chair and he felt sad again. He wanted to hurry and be changed so he could keep her hand and do all the things he wanted to do with her. Christian knew it was ridiculous to be so sad when he would be changed tomorrow night but a small part of him feared it wouldn’t work. Abigail opened their room door and they went in. She dropped her bag then pulled the pajamas out she planned on wearing. While she was in there Christian took his shirt off, planning to sleep in his jeans though they would be uncomfortable.

He didn’t want to push things by stripping down to his underwear. Abigail came out with a warm smile that brushed butterfly wings on his heart. “you sure you’ll be comfortable in jeans?” Abi asked and he blushed “yeah, men jeans are looser than girls”

“Ok, you ready for bed?” She asked a little nervous herself. He rolled over to the bed and pulled the covers back before pulling himself on the bed. He laid flat on his back then Abigail climbed in. Christians heart started beating faster and without any feedback from his brain he said “You are so damn beautiful Abi” There was somthing about his tone. It was honey soaked and about as sweet as anybodies voice coudl possibley be. It touched her deeply and she just looked at him. Not recognising the touched look on her face Christian thought saying that was bad “I’m sorry” he said and she kissed him.

His heart stuttered in his chest at the sudden contact of their lips. He tangled his fingers in her hair and deepened the kiss, moaning into her mouth. She tasted like heaven, her lips softer and sweeter than he could have imagined. She stirred him up, making him excited and needy. He slid one hand slowly up her shirt, allowed himself to get lost in the silky smoothness of her skin. He cupped her breast and she moaned, arching into him. “Do you have protection?” She asked and he swallowed nervously then shook his head. “Just wait a second.” She got up and went into the bathroom, grabbing one of the towels and tossing it next to him.

“We don’t have too do this.”

“Hush, I want to.” She pulled her clothes off and he blushed, his breath taken away by her beauty. She climbed on top of him, kissing his lips then moving lower across his chest to his abdomen. His breathing grew rapid when she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans then slipped her hand inside to pull him free. She licked her tongue over him, delighting in his moan of pleasure. She crawled up him, giving him a warm smile that sent his heart into overdrive. He gripped her hips and she lowered herself slowly onto him. He couldn’t believe this was happening with her right now. He felt tears in his eyes as she rode him, allowed his hands to drift over her as he let himself get completely lost in her.

She moaned loudly as she clenched and quivered around him. She leaned down and kissed him, bringing him closer and closer to the edge so he had to hurriedly lift her off of him and grab the towel. She kissed him again and he clung tightly to her, his tears spilling over. “I love you so much, so so much.”

“I love you too.” She kissed his cheek and wiped away his tears. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m just extremely happy.”

“I’m really happy too. You don’t have to change to walk for me.”

“I want to. Plus that means I can have you forever. We wont die of old age and I can truly be the luckiest man for eternity.”

“You are incredibly sweet. It’s why I had to kiss you. The way you said i was beautiful sounded like the most sincere thing that had ever passed someones lips” He shook his head lightly “No, the most sincere thing I’ve said to you is that I love you” She gave him another heart jolting kiss then laid her head on his chest. She pulled the covers up and he began running one hand over her hair and the other up and down her back. “I’m going to buy that house you want. It can be our house can’t it? Please let me live with you in a place I actually can”

Abigail lifted her head back up in disbelief. “are you serious?” She asked, honestly not sure if that was serious. “of course it is. Let me buy you your dream house and live with you in it. You deserve it and there’s nothing I want more than to be with you every day” Abigail shed a few tears of her own and he pulled her down to kiss him “You’ll let me then?” he whispered with his happy smile and his elated eyes. “Oh my gosh..thank you. I’d love to live with you in that house.” She laid down on Christians chest again. She held herself to him tightly, only releasing when she had drifted away.

Christian laid awake holdign Abigail, not wanting this night to end and needing to let his joy spill from his eyes a little more. He had love with an amazing woman. This was somthing he never allowed himself to think he would get but somhow he had gotten her to love him and want him even if he couldn’t walk.

The next morning they woke to the sound of her alarm. She crawled out of bed, grabbing her pants and pulling the phone out. “Sorry, but I have to get ready for work.”

“Do you have to go today?” He asked and she laughed then gave him a soft kiss.

“Yes, I’m sorry I really am. Would you like me to take you home?”

He sighed. “Yeah you probably should. I’m sue my mom is worried and I need to talk to her about moving out anyway.”

“Okay, just let me shower real quick.”

Abigail went into the bathroom and he got dressed then pulled himself into his chair. He waited patiently while she washed and rinsed then got out and dried. She wrapped the towel around her head then stepped out into the room, smiling at his sharp intake of breath. “I don’t think I’ll even get enough of looking at you.” He said as she pulled on her clothes, dropping the towel to the floor so she could pull her shirt on. She pulled on her heels then went back into the bathroom, quickly doing her hair and makeup.

“Alright, ready to go?” She asked.

“No, but I know I’ll see you tonight so I can deal with it.” She kissed him then pulled back and wiped her lip gloss off of his lips. “Mmm strawberry flavored.” He said and she laughed.

“Come on, lets get you home. I’m sure you want a shower and clean clothes.” He followed her out of the room and into the elevator, taking her hand in his and smiling uncontrollably. He let her go when the elevator stopped and they returned the room key then headed out to her car.

She parked in front of Christians house where they hugged for a long time before getting out of the car. She walked with him to his door then gave him a kiss “I love you. I can’t wait to see you after work. I’ll come right over and then we’ll go to my parents house”

‘i’ll be waiting and missing you even though that sounds cheesy as hell”

“i like cheesy. It’s adorable” Sh ewent to her car and then he went inside. His mother came out of the kitchen angry and looking as if she had cried. “where have you been!” she yelled in her demanding tone “i spent the night in a hotel with Abigail. I didn’t want to leave her and I didn’t want to upset you by bringing her here”

“why didn’t you call me?”

“I didn’t want you upset”

“You know i get upset anyway when I dont know where you are. I was alone all night”

“why didn’t you go out with friends mom, you have friends”

“Don’t be a smart ass”

“Mom, i wasn’t trying to be. I just don’t understand why you can’t hangout with your friends”

“and I don’t understand how you could spend the night in a hotel room with a woman you’ve just met! What kind of a whore did you meet online anyway! Taking a man to a hotel, did you pay her? Is she a fucking prostitute?” Spending a night alone had pushed his mother back into her ever selfish mindframe where she demanded her sons full attention and didn’t stop to care how her words and actions might affect him. Her mind didn’t even consider him not being happy living with her forever. Christian was actually shaking in his chair trying to control his anger. He knew she was acting like this because she had been alone for a night but he was tired of her tantrums and calling Abigail a prostitute and whore was so far past the line it wouldn’t even be visible any longer if ti were a tangible thing

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that. She is no prostitue and no I didn’t pay her to go with me. Do you really think that little of me you believe the only way a woman could love me is if I paid her?” Lost in her selfish, angry state she said “well no womans wanted you besides me for twenty five years and no woman could ever love you like I do. You are not going to a hotel with that woman again! I forbid it! You are staying here and only leaving if you have work to do!”

“Enough mom, I’m not doing this with you. I love you, but it’s enough. I’m not a child anymore.” He pushed himself away from her and into his room where he grabbed his backpack and started throwing clothes in it.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m leaving. I was hoping to have a civilized talk with you about me moving out, but obviously that isn’t going to happen so I’ll just say it like this, I’m leaving.”

“You can’t leave, you have to stay.” She yelled.

“No I don’t damn it. Stop trying to guilt me into staying with you. For fucks sake mother look at yourself. Did it ever occur to you to just say fuck you to dad and move the fuck on? He was a bastard and you were far to paranoid and clingy. You can’t trap people and expect them to want to stay with you.” The last thing he grabbed was his lap top and charger. “Get out of my way.”

“No, I refuse.” She walked out, slamming his door and holding it closed. He sighed and pulled on the door, but he didn’t have the leverage she did.

“Mom, let me out.” She didn’t say anything. “Damn it mom, stop this.”

Abigail hummed as she worked restocking clothes, making her coworkers wonder what she was so happy about. She had always seemed so bored with her work, but today she was walking on air, her smile never fading.She couldn’t wait to see Christian after work, to hopefully see his excited face as he was able to finally walk. Ghost Abigail showed up, giggling when she saw Abigail. “Well someone looks like they had a good night.”

Abigail blushed. “Maybe I did.”

“I knew it. Are you excited about tonight?”

“So excited, I can’t wait.”

“How excited is Christian?”

“Same, you know that house I’ve been dreaming of?”


‘He wnats to buy it for us to live in. He wants to live with me in my dream home”

“aw, that’s so sweet. He can afford that?”

“I guess, I’m not sure. I hope he can and isn’t over extending himself. I’ll talk to him about it and make sure he can honestly afford that”

“I’m sure he can if he offered it. I was just surprised”

“we had such an amazing night Abi”

“I can tell. you haven’t been this happy since you were a little girl” Christian was growing angrier by the second with his childish mother. She had made his room a prison yet again because she wasn’t getting her way. He knew this was illegal. She couldn’t force him to live there forever so he decided to get Coras help. He rolled over to his bed and pulled himself on. He knew he may fall out of his chair if he left his body while still in it. Since his mother had done this to him before he knew she wouldnt be moving until she was near wetting herself or too tired to stand.

He left his body then hurried to Cora and Abels house. He prayed they were home. To his relief he got there and they were watching Tv together. Cora saw him right away as he figured she would since AJ saw him like this “whats going on Christian?”

“Long story as short as possible I’m buying a home for your daughter and I to live in because I’m madly in love with her and want her to have her dream home. My mother hates being by herself and is trying to force me to stay home. She’s trapped me in my bedroom and I dont have the strength to fight her. She wont let me leave and that has to be illegal. Please get Abel to help me” Cora repeated all that Christian had said to Abel and his face contorted in anger. He got up “tell Cora your address” he did and she repeated it to Abel. He changed into his uniform then Cora followed him out the door.

He went back to his body and pulled himself back into his chair. He hated doing this to his mother, but he wasn’t going to play this game with her anymore. Cora texted Abigail that they were having to go get Christian from his house. Abigail looked at the message and became instantly worried. She called her mom, her heart in her throat the whole time. “What happened?” She asked when her mom answered.

“Christian’s mom has locked him in his room so he can’t leave. Your father and I are on our way to pick him up.”

“Should I come too?”

“Just finish work sweetie and he’ll be with us when your shift is over.”

“Okay, tell him I love him please.”

“I will baby.” She hung up, still extremely worried about Christian and hoped he was okay. When Cora and Abel arrived at Christian’s house they both got out, but Abel kept Cora behind him. He knocked on the door, getting no immediate answer. Christian felt a sense of relief at the sound of someone knocking on the door and wished he could jump for joy.

“Go answer the door mom, the car’s outside so whoever it is knows you’re home.” He said angrily.

“You stay in your room.”

“I will.” He lied. The minute she walked away he cracked the door open. She opened the front door and he could see Cora and Abel.

“Excuse me ma’am, but is Christian here?” Abel asked.

“No, why?”

“Don’t lie to me ma’am. Christian come on out and come with us.”

With his bag he rolled in quickly and his mother let out a¬†frustrated¬†inward yell “You will not leave! I forbid you!”

“Mom I’m 25 as you pointed out before! You can’t make me live here forever!” Just as a two year old might do she stomped to her bedroom since she¬†couldn’t¬†have her way. She couldn’t force him back in the room with a cop watching so he left with them. He felt guilty but he finally had love and he wouldn’t live with her forever. At somepoint¬†she had to learn how to live by herself. He wasn’t born just to be her company and never have a life of his own. He got into the back of Abels police car and Cora put his wheelchair in the trunk “sorry” Christian said as they drove off “don’t be sorry. What your mother was doing was crazy”

“Yeah, I still feel bad.”

“well don’t sweetheart” Cora said then they took him to their home. They asked about his mother hoping he’d answer their question and he did. They found their hearts going out to him for growing up how he did. It wasn’t as bad a situation as some but she had definitely made his childhood hard and put more pressure on him to make her happy than any child should have to endure. It’s no childs job to live their life for their parents. Kiure arrived about a half hour before Abigail got off work “hey, nice to meet you Christian” he said offering his hand. Christian shook it “Thank you for including me”

“You just be good to our Abigail”

“I plan to be” Abigail left work the second her replacement came in. She hurriedly drove home, nearly getting herself into an accident and being grateful she didn’t. Cora and Abel smiled when Christians entire demeanor lit up when he heard her car. He rolled to the door and they hugged when she came in. “Lets eat somthing easy and quick so we can get you four ready. It’s a long process”

Cora made them all sandwiches and they ate quickly as the sun began to fall. “I thought you said there would be more wolves.” Abel said as he finished his food.

“I told them to come in and wait out back.”

“So there’s a pack of werewolves our backyard?” Cora asked and Kiure nodded, making them laugh. “You should have said so, the poor dears must be thirsty.”

“They know to eat and drink before one of these things.” They all finished eating and Kiure stood before them. “So you are all going to have to be naked. I have to paint the blood of an elder on you, that elder being me.” He pushed open the back door and yelled for a couple of wolves. Two males who looked about Abel’s age came running inside. “These two will help me and don’t worry there is nothing sexual about nudity between pack members unless one is looking for a mate, but it is mostly ignored.”

Both Abigail and Christian blushed, but they knew they had to do this if they wanted to be together forever and to give Christian a chance at walking. They nodded and were taken to Abigail’s old room where they pulled their clothes off. The two males helped Christian out of his then Kiure came in with a bowl and knife. He cut his wrist, letting a good amount run out before allowing his fellow wolf to bandage his arm. He gave the bowl to one of the males and they painted symbols onto Christian’s and Abigail’s skin. They then went to Cora and Abel and did the saem.

“You’re not going to be able to have your chair out there so please allow one of my pack members to carry you out.” Kiure said as he got back to his feet, swaying a little from blood loss.

“Okay.” Christian said, hating he had to be helped, but not minding if it meant being with Abigail.

Christian was set down beside Abigail so they could hold hands during the ceremony. All the wolves then gathered around Cora, Abel, Christian and AJ while Ghost Abigail hovered and watched.¬†The other wolves joined hands and let out a long howl to the moon. Cora and Abel knew they were asking for spirits to come since Kiure went into great detail about everything so that they’d understand and wouldn’t be afraid.¬†They let out another howl then turned their eyes to the center. The entire circle started chanting and the symbols covering their bodies grew warm. The circle suddenly fell silent and loud howls filled the night. Four spirit wolves walked into the circle and approached them. One with near blonde fur approached AJ while gray wolves approached Cora and Abel. Christian was a dusty black wolf with intense yellow eyes.

They got close, touching noses with those they woudl soon inhabit. They all gently stroekd their wolf. The wolves then touched their wet noses to their forheads making all four of them close their eyes naturally.Intense heat moved through both their bodies. It became hard to breath but they all powered through the pain and shortness of breath.¬†When they could breath again they opened their eyes and their wolves were gone. They could only see the pack smiling at their new members. They began to howl and yip excitedly. AJ, Cora, Abel and Christian all smiled happily. Kiure walked over to Christian “stand, your legs should have already been mended. If you’re wobbley it’s because you’ve never used your legs before and must, in a way be as a new human is and learn your balance.”

Kiure offered his hands and Christian took them. He almost didn’t believe this was real when his legs responded and he was standing with the aid of Kiure. Christina choked up and began to shed slow tears. “I’m going to let go” Kiure said then released his hands. He wobbled only slightly but quickly found his balance and hugged AJ. He wasn’t even thinking about being naked and in front of her parents because he was so thrilled to have legs.

“Please tell me this is real.” He whispered.

“It is baby, I promise.” Abigail replied and leaned back to brush the tears off of his cheeks. He kissed her, making everyone smile.

“Are you two going to stay here or go home tonight?” Cora asked.

“I think we’ll shower then go home if that’s okay.”

“You’re grown honey, you don’t have ask our permission.”

Abigail smiled then helped Christian into the house. His legs felt like jelly, but he was so excited he welcomed the feeling with open arms. She left him in the bathroom and retrieved their clothes, smiling when she saw him flexing his feet and wiggling his toes. He grinned up at her like a little boy who had just learned a new trick. She switched on the water and tested it before turning on the shower. She stepped in and held out her hands. He stood and took them, allowing her to help him into the tub. “You’re tall.” She said as she washed him, making him laugh.

“I guess I forgot.” When she was done washing him he took his turn with her, making sure every drop of blood was washed from her skin. They rinsed and then just held each other. Christian was looking forward to doing more things with her and almost didn’t want to leave the shower.

“Come on we have to get out and go home.”


She helped him out then they dried before getting dressed. he kept her hand both for the support and to feel her skin on his. They hugged her parents and Christian thanked them repeatedly. They went out to Abigails car, leaving his wheelchair behind. Abel put an arm around Cora “I think she found the one in him. I hope so anyway. He’s actually a good man”

“Yeah” Christian was all smiles on the way to Abigails apartment as he bounced his legs and moved them. “you’ll wear those thigns out easy, be careful”

“sorry baby, can we go on daily walks for as long as I can take until I get my stamina uo. I want to go hiking when I’m good at going awhile”

“Of course baby. Every day after work and after lunch on my days off.” he leaned over and kissed her cheek. She loved how happy he was and hoped his euphoria would last. When they arrived at Abigails she convinced Christian to take the stairs slowly with her since he was also carrying his bag. She had tried to take it but he had been stubborn in refuseing her. He loved being in her apartment as a material man. She walked him over to the couch so they could sit down. “want to watch a movie before bed? I’m off work for the next three days.”

“as long as I can hold you”

“I guess that’s a deal” he lifted her into his lap and held her tight. Abigail grabed the remote and flipped through the channels until she found Frozen. They watched that then started another movie. Abigail was asleep in his arms twenty minuets in. He smiled and kissed her head “I love you so much Abigail. I’m going to make you so happy, just you wait. I’m going to buy that house with you tomorrow and then we’ll get movers to put our stuff in it. I have so much planned for us. I will never stop trying to make you never regret chooseing me and for healing my legs.” Tears started streaming and he gave her an even longer forehead kiss “thank you for making all my dreams come true. I can walk and will have the family I’ve wished I could have”

~ The End ~

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