Adali & Faigi 3

Chapter One

Adali was trying to cook lunch for their son and his friend but Faigi was making it difficult with her kisses and caresses “Faigi, stop” Adali said as she laughed. “You are far too beautiful today Adali”

“You said that yesterday”

“Can I help my mate is stunning every day?” Faigis response had Adali laughing again “I don’t want to burn the childrens lunch”

“Fine my love” she kissed Adali one more time “How can I help” Valac chased Bryn happily as they played. They were best friends and played together nearly every day. Their parents had become friends when they were just toddlers and the two hit if off from the beginning. They both had other friends that would come hangout but it was still always with eachother. Bryn was six and a venemous snake demon. Her skin was a deep, dark blue and her eyes shone blood red. Her hair was also a deep blue and he loved the way it looked on her when she had it down like today. Valac was now seven and still learning to control his gift passed down from his father. He had asked his mothers about his dad a few years back when one of his friends fathers pointed out two women couldn’t make a baby.

Adali and Faigi knew knowing the truth of his father would be painful but they had never lied to him and wouldn’t start. They told him as gently as they could why he wasn;t in their life but it still had greatly upset him. They did their best to make sure he knew just because his father used his gift for evil didn’t make Valac’s ability bad and his mother even showed him that she could do it if she needed to. It was still hard for Valac. He had never thought of his ability as bad until he heard how horrible his father was. He wanted to hurry and get older and get better with it so he could never hurt anyone the way his mother had been hurt.

They soon began doing little flips and tricks and laughing at eachother as they enjoyed the day. Then Valac said “do the cartwheel thing again Bryn” he hadn’t meant to but his words forced her to do it and he instantly knew, she had looked so confused and even scared for the briefest of moments. “Oh no” he said with the most heartbreaking face “No no, it’s okay Valac. I know you didn’t mean to. I just didn’t know what was happening. It’s fine Valac” he was already crying :”it’s not, I’m so sorry Bryn” he started to leave and she ran to him, grabbing his arm “Valac, I’ve accidentally spat venom at you twice now. It’s okay. We’re both still learning and what about when I accidentally shocked you. I know you’d never force me to do something on purpose. I can’t imagine how hard it is to control an ability that happens when you talk”

She followed him home despite his protests and when they came through the door he just ran to his room and locked himself in. “what’s wrong?” Adali and Faigi were quick to come into the living room “He accidentally made me do somthing. It really was an accident and I told him it was okay but he wont believe me. I’m not mad or anything. I want him to come back out and play with me” Faigi said “go on and eat, we’ve just finished lunch for you two. We’ll talk to him Bryn. Thank you for understanding”

“Valacs my best friend. He’d never control me on purpose.” Faigi took Bryn to the table and Adali went on in “Valac, play with Bryn” he was bawling so she hugged him “it’s okay honey”

“It’s not, I could really hurt her”

“You’d never hurt Bryn. She knows that and we know that. You’re little kids, you both struggle to control your magic. You two have big gifts for such little people.”

“It’s not the same mom. My skin is resistant to everything. She spits her acid on me and it’s just a little uncomfortable. I was red maybe 5 minuets before my body healed itself but I can actually hurt her mom and it scares me. I…I didn’t mean to make her do that flip..we were” he was crying to much to be audible and Faigi came in, wrapping him in her arms from the other side. “shh now Valac.” Bryn just sat at the table, hoping he would come out to play with her again.

“Can I go see Valac?” Bryn asked.

“Sure honey, I bet he’d feel better if he could see you’re really okay.” Faigi walked with Bryn to Valac’s room and slowly opened the door. “Valac honey, Bryn wants to talk okay?” Valac just nodded, still looking heartbroken and ashamed. She let the little girl in then gently closed the door.

There was a knock on the front door and she decided to just let them talk while she saw who it was. The hand was around her throat the moment she opened the door and her eyes widened in shock when she saw Othman. His eyes danced with rage and triumph. “Where is Adali, bitch?” He lifted her off her feet, his hand squeezing her throat. “Where?”

Adali could feel him and everything in her froze, her heart slammed against her chest. He was here, he had found them. “Stay put.” She ordered the children as she rushed from the room. She was terrified, but Faigi was downstairs, she knew it and she knew what he would do with her. His eyes jumped to her the moment she came into view and he smiled.

“Adali, there you are, come here.” When she didn’t budge he ordered her again. He growled. “Either come here or I kill her.” Adali was shaking as she moved toward him, her stomach twisted when she thought of him touching her again. As she reached for him, the clawed hand of a dragon grabbed him from behind and yanked him off of Faigi who hit the ground gasping.

“The kids, get the kids.” Faigi said as she stumbled up.

“But, Chua…”

“Just go, get them and run as far as you can.” Adali did as she was told and Faigi ran outside to help Chua. Othman was glaring at the dragon. “Chua, get away from him.” She yelled.

“Chua, is it?” Othman said. “Kill her Chua, I want her head.”

Chua’s mouth opened wide like it would if he was roaring but due to his inability to speak no sound came. He was fighting the urge to listen, Faigi could see it. “Chua! Kill this lesbian bitch now!” Othman commanded sternly, frustrated Chua wasn’t instantly listening. Adali had Valac and Bryn in her arms, running for Bryns parents home. It was the only place she could think to run because she wasn’t about to run off with their daughter with no explanation. She knew how terrifying that might be for her if one day Valac went to Bryns house and they all just vanished with no word on where they were taking her son.

“Chua! Just fly! Fly away Chua!” He was hurting himself as he struggled against Othman. Faigi punch othman in the balls then threw him into a line of trees. Chua started running at them but Faigi wasn’t scared, Chua had a strong will. He may be struggling but he wasn’t going to hurt her. He breathed fire towards Othman, running through it and catching the man in his jaws “Go Chua!” Faigi said in jubilance.

Adali arrived at Bryns parents home. She was out of breath but she was glad she got the kids there safely “what’s wrong?” The mother asked “Valac’s father, he’s found us” Valac’s eyes grew wide with fear. He had never wanted to meet this man upon hearing about him. He was here and that meant he could hurt his moms or even Bryn and her family.

Othman ordered Chua back to ground again and again until the dragon just couldn’t take the pressure on his brain anymore and came crashing down. He reluctantly let Othman go, shaking the whole time. Faigi could see how much agony their son’s godfather was in, she could see it in his eyes. Othman straightened himself, seeming not to pay any mind to the blood on his clothes. “You thought you could hide from me forever bitch, but you were wrong. No one can defy me, not you and not Adali.”

Faigi’s eyes spat fire. “You can’t have her, you’re nothing but a rapist. To think you once saw her as your child, you’re sick.”

“Chua, you will find Adali and you will bring her to me. If you fail, I want you to kill yourself.”

The dragon’s claws dug into the ground as if he could anchor himself there, but his brain forced his body to move and he was in the air, unable to heed Faigi’s screams for him to stop. Othman grinned at Faigi’s distress. “You son of a bitch.”

“It’s just us now little bitch and I’m going to enjoy our time together.”

Adali wished she knew what was happening with Faigi and Chua. She feared for their lives, knowing that Othman would show no mercy. Chua had known what kind of power Othman had, but to be subjected to it was far worse. It was the earth vibrating that let her know the dragon had come and hope dawned for just a moment as she ran from Bryn’s parents house as Chua was shifting shape. “Chua, is Faigi…” she froze, her heart suddenly in her throat when she saw the look on his face. There was shame and regret and he was shaking, his hands clenched at his sides. He was under compulsion. “Chua, no, please no.”

“Mom?” Valac’s voice said from behind her and she started to panic, forgetting her powers, only wanting her son safe. When she went to warn him, Chua made his move, his hand wrapping around her throat. “Mom!” Her son ran to protect her and Chua snatched him up by his shirt. “Let me go!” It was an order and Chua dropped him.

Chapter Two

Taking a few frightened breaths he quickly commanded “Stop hurting my mom! Whatever my dad told you to do don’t do it!” Chua dropped her and collapsed to his knees silently crying. Valac ran to hug his mom who was gasping from the dragons powerful grasp. “Mom” Valac sobbed. When she was calm she suprised Chua with a hug “It’s okay, don’t hate yourself. I know you tried hard to fight it. I could see the pain on your face as you came at me.”

“Mrs Solence?” Bryns small voice said, she was on her fathers hip. “what can we do?” her father asked. “stay as far away as possible. There aren’t many who can resist his commands.”

“We insist, how can we help?”

“I need you to take care of Chua and the kids.” Chua grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking his head so hard she was sure he must be further hurting himself. “Chua, you have to stay here, you’re not immune.” He made a motion with his hand like he was writing and Valac ran inside and grabbed a notebook and pen, handing them to him.

You don’t understand. He scribbled with a shaking hand. He was going to make me kill myself, he told me I had to if I failed. I have to help.

“You need rest Chua, his powers can kill you.”

I can’t stand back and watch. He then touched his throat then his hand went back to the paper. My mom didn’t so I won’t. You’re my family.

Adali turned to Bryn’s father. “You have bows right?”


“I need you to get it and load up on arrows, you can fight from a distance. Also get something to plug your ears so you can’t hear his commands. If you stay out of sight, you can help. Chua, you have to take me back.”

“No mom.” Valac said.

“I have to honey, mommy is in trouble and we have to save her.” Valac wanted to argue that he should go too. He knew he was just a child, but he wanted to help his moms. “You have to stay here with Bryn and her mommy, okay?”


“We’ll be back, I promise.”

Bryn’s father put her down and Valac took her hand, feeling her shaking. “Are you going too?” Bryn whispered.

“I need to.” He knew his moms and Chua would be upset, but he didn’t want them to die.

“don’t die Valac..you’re my best friend” she whimpered as tears streamed down her face. He hugged her, hating to see her cry. When his mother, her father and Chua was gone Bryn wiped her face “My mom won’t let you run after them. What should I do to distract her for you?”

“Go inside and tell her you need her to read your favorite book to you so you can calm down. She won’t be able to find the book because it’s at my house. Keep her looking for it as long as you can.”


“Thank you Bryn, I really need to do this”

“I know, but please Valac. No matter what you see your dad do with the power you have remember you are good. You’ll do good with that amazing gift. I hate you think it’s bad when almost anything can be used for bad. You can’t dislike your ability due to how someone else uses it. If you used that logic you’d have to hate my power too. A lot of bad demons are like me”

“Thank you, Bryn.” He sat on the front porch, listening intently to what was going on inside. He heard Bryn ask her mother about the book and he waited another moment before slipping away. He silently thanked Bryn again as he ran home. His mom’s scent was still in the forest as well as Chua’s and Bryn’s. He had been taught how to use his nose and he let it lead him. He knew he was young, but he was smart for his age, even his parents had said so, even Chua thought so and his godfather would never lie.

Faigi was growing exhausted, blood dripped off her fingers from the wound in her shoulder. Cuts covered her face and arms and her shirt was partially shredded. She had not expected Othman to be such a strong fighter, believing he had only ever relied on his mental gift. “You look exhausted.” He taunted.

“Not really, I could do this for days.” She wasn’t afraid of him, he couldn’t force her to do anything and that’s why he attracted so aggressively.

“I don’t have days, I want…” Chua’s arrival with Adali interrupted them and Othman grinned devilishly as she was sat on her feet by the dragon. “There you are my pet, finally decided to join us?”

Adali looked at Faigi and felt a knot forming in her throat. “I just came to protect Faigi.”

Othman’s nose wrinkled in disgust. “You will be coming home with me, Adali, or I will kill her like the other one. Do you understand?”


“Good girl.” He looked at the dragon. He reached for her and an arrow sailed between them, making him step back. Chua bared his teeth and snapped at Othman. “So you all wish to play then? Fine, I’ll kill everyone in my way, starting with the dragon.” Chua snapped at him again, giving Adali a moment to run to Faigi and Othman back pedaled, picking up the arrow. “Shift back and stab yourself in the heart.” Chua struggled not to listen, but his body contorted anyway and he reached for the arrow, taking it.

“Chua, don’t.” Faigi called out.

“Chua stop.” Adali tried, but Othman’s compulsion was much stronger. Othman turned to them as Chua raised the arrow, his face distressed, his eyes filling with tears.

“Uncle Chua, drop the arrow.” The voice startled them all and Chua immediately did as he was told, his hands shaking.

Othmans face changed to one of confusion as his head turned to see the boy. Instantly he knew “I have a son” it was a question as anger rose in his voice again “You kept a son from me!” Othman screamed in outrage “Valac, baby, why did you come here! Run away while you can!” Adali called “No mom, I won’t let him hurt you. I can stop him. Didn’t you see?” Othman tried to command his son “come to me now” Valac just glared at his father “You can’t make me dad..You won’t hurt me and you won’t hurt my mom ever again!” Pride seemed to rise in Othmans face “wow, you barely had to fight that. So skilled at what” he paused to think “you’re seven right boy? You have so much potential. I still had to listen to my father at your age. Typically parents can still command their children for a short time. I can’t believe your mother has hidden you from me. Come now, let me teach you how your power is meant to be used”

“Chua, anything my dad tells you to do don’t listen. Your will is yours” Valac commanded so his father couldn’t use his God Father anymore. “Valac” Othman growled. Adali was like a deer in the headlights as she stared at hersons determined, angry face. She had wanted so badly to protect him from this, to keep his father from ever finding them. He was so young and she was scared Othman would take him from her.

“Like my mom says when someone makes her mad, you can go straight to hell.” If they had been anywhere else in the world, Faigi might have laughed, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene unfolding before her. Othman gritted his teeth and went for the boy. Chua tried to intervene, but was knocked to the side and sent sliding across the ground. Othman’s powers had weakened him. “You stop right there.” Valac ordered and both Faigi and Adali were surprised to see Othman falter as they ran to pull Chua out of the way.

“You little brat.” Othman forced himself forward, grabbing for his son who jumped back. Pride in this child was overwhelmed by an uncontrollable rage. He was fast enough that the swing he took at his son clipped him in the chin so Valac stumbled and had to scramble to keep himself up. “I’ll break you.”

He took another swing at his son and Valac yelled, “Stop!” His voice was loud and full of power. Othman’s fist froze an inch from his nose and he was shaking as he fought the compulsion. He didn’t understand this power coming from this child. He could feel the pressure in his head and he jerked back, breathing hard.

Final Chapter

“How does it feel you jerk.” Valac said angrily to his father. Faigi took the opportunity to try and attack Othman. She punched his head from behind with all the strength she had, cracking his skull and causing him to cry out in agony. “don’t move Othman!” Bryns father came down from hiding to fight, trusting the boy could help him stay on the right side and not heed Othmans commands if he became able to give any. He cut himself with an arrow tip and his blood poured out into an incredible blood blade.

He stabbed Othman through his heart. That move only worked for him once but the attack was one of his most powerful. It’s a move he hoped his daughter had inherited. As long as she was alive she’d have a sword on hand she didn’t have to carry. Valac helped the two kill his father, bringing Othmans wicked life to an end.

When it was all over Valac sobbed and Faigi lifted him into her arms “you were so brave son. I’m so sorry this happened.” Adali ran to her son in tears and Faigi let her take him “Oh Valac” They clung to eachother and Bryns dad disposed of the body. That wasn’t somthing they needed to handle. Faigi on the other hand took Chua into the house to tend to him.

“I’m okay mom.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” She touched the bruise on his chin. “Does it hurt?”

He shook his head. “I’m alright.” She hugged him tighter and he rested his head on her shoulder. She carried him inside, wanting to check on Faigi and Chua. Her mate was giving Chua medicine for his head and checking him for other injuries even though she herself had sustained far worse.

“You can rest here Chua, that stuff is going to knock you out so you won’t be flying.”

Chua nodded as he got to his feet and hugged her then turned and hugged both Adali and Valac. “Thank you Chua.” Valac said and the dragon tussled his hair then tapped the boys lips and wagged his finger back and forth. “Sorry, he just made me so mad.” Chua smiled then left them to get some rest.

“Is he going to be alright?” Adali asked.

“Yeah, he’s tough. He fought really hard against Othman, I’m surprised he didn’t do more damage to himself.”

“lets worry about you now Faigi…you are more wounded than I think you realize”

“Thank you baby, I just wanted to tend to Chua first. I have a very powerful family line. I was more worried about him” Adali put Valac down and Bryns dad said “I’m sure my wife and daughter are worried sick. Want to help me comfort them Valac?”

“Yes please, is it okay moms?”

“It’s fine honey” Adali answered and Brysn father left with him. “I can’t believe he came” Faigi said as Adali looked her over “My heart stopped, I swear it did when I saw him”

“He’s such a good hearted boy”

“He is..I hate he had to meet his father. Especially at such a young age”

“yeah but at least he’s gone for good now. Nobody else is going to suffer and we’ll continue to raise Valac to be a good man. He’s going to be the one to change Othmans line”

“I didn’t realize just how powerful he really was. He’s only seven and he so easily stopped Othman, like he was nothing.”

“That’s because he was nothing and Valac let him know it.” She lifted Adali into her arms and headed to their room, exhausted, but happy they were all alive. Things could have gone far worse. She might have been forced to kill Chua if it wasn’t for his willingness to fight and Valac’s strength. She climbed into bed with Adali, snuggled close and kissed her.

“I was really scared today, Faigi.”

“I know baby, I was too.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, so much.”

It was only a few weeks later that everyone was back to normal. Bryn and Valac played just as they always had. They hungout with Bryns parents happily, Chua would come and go in high spirits every time. Othman had tried to break apart their happiness but had only made their little family stronger. Adali also felt that Othman, though not his intention had actually made Valac more comfortable in himself. He could use his power to help and protect adn Valac had gotten to see that first hand.

He’d use his fathers history to never cause harm with his gift and he’d use the confirmation now to possibly protect many lives in the future.

~ The End

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