Adali & Faigi

Chapter One

Othman kissed Adali slow, savoring her before he went to spend time with his parents. Adali had never liked his father so he didn’t make her spend time with them. He pulled back and pressed his forehead into hers, taking in Adalis scent one more time “I must go see them. Have fun today. If you want to be outside do not go past the cherry trees. If you meet anyone you are not to ask them for help or tell them anything negative about me in any form. Be honest when I ask you, are you still with me against your will?’

“Yes” he sighed. “I love you Adali. In time you’ll come to see me as a mate rather than a father. You grew up with me as your dad so I get it.” he stroked her cheek “You are so beautiful Adali. You’ve always been a radiant beam of sun. Smile” Her mouth formed a smile at his command as it had to. He had the ability to control anybody he wanted to with words and thats how he was forcing her to be with him. ‘othman, I’ve had to be with you over a year. I still”

“sh’ he interrupted and against her will her mouth closed. “In time my beautiful mate, in time. Kiss me as you did your girlfriend” Adali began to passionately kiss him. Inside she was screaming and trying desperately to stop but she was powerless against his words. She hated she ever had a girlfriend. If she hadn’t he wouldn’t have such a command to use. Even more so she hated that out of jealousy Othman had had her killed when she refused him. He thought she may still have feelings for the woman so he had some of his friends give her a violent death.

He almost whined when he pulled back “how I hate to go” he stood and looked at Adali “smile all day, do whatever makes my perfect mate happy as long as they dont break the rules I’ve already given you. I will see you tonight. If I dont return home tonight you must follow the same rules I gave you today tomorrow”


“say somthing sweet to me”

“Bye handsome” Othman walked out and Adali went to throw up as she always felt like doing. When her stomach was emptied she brushed her teeth then fully dressed before going to breakfast. They always made her favorites for breakfast but it mattered little when she was being forced to sleep with a man that was in her mind incest to be with this way. She ate and talked with the staff since most of them were her friends. They were forced to serve Othman because of his power and hated things for Adali. She hadn’t known he forced them to serve him before he started using his ability on her. He had claimed before to pay these people but that was one of many lies she had found out he was telling her after he confessed his love then didn’t take her no as an answer.

When Adali was full she left the table then went outside, needing some fresh air. The birds always sounded so sweet and though the cherry trees circling the castle were her prison they were still beautiful to look at. The grass was soft and filled with all her favorite flowers. She admired each one until she found the spot she wanted to lay in. She stayed even after it began to rain. Somtimes she liked to think of it as angels washing her of Othman and making her feel clean. It was one thing that comforted her through how gross it was for him to touch and kiss her like he did.

Most wouldn’t be able to sleep in the rain but since Adali imagined it how she did it soothed her into sleep after a long night of making love to Othman. He had barely given her any rest since he had to leave to see his parents. She didn’t know how long she had been out but she woke to being lifted. When her eyes opened it was Othman who had her in his arms and he looked upset. When he noticed her awake he said ‘you could get sick sleeping in the rain. I can’t believe nobody in this fucking castle thought to wake you. I tell them every time to take care of you. You are their number one priority always and here I find you catching a fucking cold.”

“I’m sor” she started but he interrupted ‘it isn’t your fault you fell asleep. You love outside and get comfortable out there. They should have been paying attention to you. Those ignorant, stupid servants. I’ve been gone merely hours and they’ve neglected you that much. Do not defend them anymore or say it’s your fault Adali” He took her to their room “get undressed my sweet” he commanded as he set her down. They stripped together then he guided Adali into the bathroom where he started a shower. “get in with me and just let me hold you for awhile. This should get you heated. I’ll deal with the staff when I know you’re warm”
“I’m fine, I like the rain.”

“Hush and get warm.”

Her mouth snapped shut and she felt her heart squeeze in pain. She hated this, hated others would be punished for what she had done and she could do nothing about it. When her skin was completely warm he lifted her out and stood her on her feet so he could dry her. She stood completely still, wishing he would do anything but touch her. She would even deal with being beaten as long as he never raped her again. He didn’t see it as such and it sickened her he was okay with forcing himself on her. “Go get in bed, I’ll be in shortly.” He commanded and she walked into his room and crawled into bed. Once he was gone she let herself cry until she was sleeping.

Faigi was exhausted. She had been out for days chasing a demon who had been accused of kidnapping the son of a baron. Only when she had finally caught up to them did she find out he had not been kidnapped, but had gone willingly. The only crime that had been committed was his father’s homophobia. She would go back and tell the baron the demon had killed his son and she had killed the demon. She had taken the man’s ring as proof and was on her way back now. Everyone deserved happiness and she wasn’t about to stop two lovers from having their happy ending. She yawned, but knew there was a castle around here that she may be able to stay in. She would even stay in the stables if that was what they wished. When the large stone building came into view she gave a sigh of relief and ran to the front door, banging on it.

The sound of knocking echoed through the silence of the castle, waking Adali from her sleep. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She got up and pulled on a robe, tying it closed and heading downstairs. A maid was running to the door just as she stepped off the last step. “Adali, what are you doing up?” Othman asked, startling her.

“I heard knocking.”

“Who is it?” Othman yelled at the maid.

“A traveler sir, wanting a place to stay.”

“Tell them to go away.”

“Othman, it’s raining. Let them stay, please.” Adali said.
He sighed, not wanting a stranger in his home but not wanting to say no to Adali. “fine, let her in but make sure she knows not to disturb us and leave first thing in the morning! I will not deal with any more incompetence”

“Yes sir” the maid answered as if the fear of god had been put in her. Adali knew Othman had been hard on them and she hated it. He was cruel to everyone of them. If they did the slightest thing to make him unhappy, especially when it came to her they suffered unjustly for it. It killed her that she was somtimes the reason they werent allowed to eat or the reason he beat them. There were more ways than that they would be punished. The most cruel she thought was when he’d make them do things to themselves. When Adali first found out they were all forced here too she couldn’t wrap her mind around how the kind man she knew as father could be so cruel.

The maid had explained ‘you have to consider that ability has been running in his family since the start of his bloodline. He doesn’t think what he does is wrong because he was taught it wasn’t. If a person isnt strong enough to fight his power then he deserves to have control over them. I’ve been serving for five generations and thats what they teach. Its why he doesn’t feel like he’s truly raping you and feels your relationship is normal atall because not a shred of him thinks its wrong to take the woman he loves. I know it doesn’t seem like it and he’s sick but he loves you. He just has a really warped mind from a messed up childhood viewing incredibly messed up things. There isn’t much of an excuse because he has a brother who realized the whole family is nuts and its wrong to control people even though you can. Other races and even demons that have to listen cant help they dont possess the power to fight his strong gift. It takes a really powerful creature to not have to bend to his words”

“I just wish any of you could have warned me so I could have escaped”

“You know we couldn’t. Plus, with a power like his he would have sent things after you to return you to him”
Faigi was happy to be out of the rain and smiled at her hosts when she walked inside. “Thank you.” She said graciously even though she had heard the man of the houses outburst.

“Please make yourself at home.” Adali said, giving the stranger a genuinely warm smile.

“Thank you, my name is Faigi.”

“I’m Adali.” She held out her hand and Faigi took it gently, both of their hearts slammed against their chests and Adali felt something she hadn’t in a long time, a real connection to someone. She pulled her hand away, knowing getting close to anyone was dangerous. She would hate if anyone else suffered because of her. “Feel free to shower and get something to eat. If you need anything please ask anyone who works here.”

Othman lifted Adali into his arms. “Lets go to bed Adali.”

“Good night Faigi.” Adali said as she was taken away. Faigi could see the look of fear, disgust, and anger in Adali’s eyes. She could also clearly read Adali’s body language. She did not want to be touched by that man. The only time she had ever seen a woman act that way was in abusive situations. It didn’t set right in the pit of her stomach and she prayed the storm got worse and that Adali could convince her husband to allow her to stay.
Othman laid Adali down and kissed her cheek before going to his side of the bed. He then got on his side and pulled Adali against him so they could spoon. “You slept so long. I was worried about you. I came home early to see you and felt my heart sink when you were left out in the rain”

“I don’t think rain really makes people sick Othman”

“You know how I’ve always hated to take chances with you. You are everything to me. The staff has promised to tend to you better when I’m away. I wish you didn’t dislike my parents so I could take you with me”

“Thank you for not making me” he kissed her neck gently. Loud bursts of thunder made Adali jump. Othman chuckled “my sweet, I am here. Nothing can harm you”

“Please don’t make that woman leave until this is cleared.”

“I doubt she is as afraid of storms as you”

“still, for me? I know you dont like other people here but”

“I know, always concerned over others. As long as she doesnt anger me or do somthing to you she can stay”

“Thank you” he pulled her tighter against him then buried his face in her hair. He moaned in a happy way “tell me you love me”

“I love you”

“Is there anything you want?’

“Just her staying” he chuckled “No, in general that I could make happen for you”

“No, I’m fine”

“Tomorrow we are going to have a romantic date in here. I’ll get the servants to set up some candles and such. You’ll need it after such a stormy night” Adalis heart beat angrily. She wanted so badly to burst from his arms but even if she did he would only command her back. She hadn’t been broken but she had long since learned that resisting didn’t do anything for her. She was in no way powerful enough to fight him. She had even given herself nose and brain bleeds multiple times trying to refuse him, especially when he first started all this. All that she ever accomplished when trying to resist was attempted suicide. The last brain bleed the healers in the castle could barely stop so much damage had been done in her struggle.

It was at that point the staff told her that she would die if she kept trying. They told her that if she couldn’t she couldn’t and many had killed themselves trying to use their will against the power. As miserable as she was suicide wasn’t the answer, it could never be. She didn’t know if she could manage to kill herself even if she could convince herself thats what needed to be done.

Chapter Two

Faigi felt better being clean and being in a bed. She didn’t mind sleeping outside, but nothing beat the comfort of a real bed. She fell asleep fairly quickly, but her worry over Adali followed her. The next morning Adali woke before Othman. She wished she could get up without his waking, but knew there was no way to slip out of his arms. “Othman, I need to use the bathroom.” She said and he jerked awake.

“What my love?”

“I need to use the bathroom.”

“Kiss me first.” She turned and pressed her lips into his and he tangled his fingers in her hair and got on top of her.

“Please, I really need to go.” He sighed and let her up and she hurried into the bathroom, quickly closing and locking the door. She relieved herself then went and brushed her teeth, wanting the taste of him out of her mouth. She forced herself not to throw up, taking deep breath after deep breath then leaving the bathroom before Othman came to check on her.

“We’re going to have breakfast in bed, come here.”

She crossed the room and climbed back in bed. “We have a guest in the house Othman, it’s rude to make her eat alone.”

“I told you I wanted us to have a romantic date. I want to start it with breakfast in bed.”

“Fine, whatever.” He frowned at the displeasure in her voice, but she didn’t care. She wouldn’t pretend to be happy.
Used to her protests he ignored it. He didn’t care how many years it took for her to love him in return he would wait and be patient. Their food soon came and Othman said ‘relax and dont wear that angry face. I only like seeing you happy.” her face and body did what they were told without her as she internally screamed in frustration. He smiled “Much better, now let me feed you. No fighting in any way” Faigi was guided to breakfast by a maid. When nobody else was there Faigi asked “where’s Adali?” the maids eyes grew wide “She is eating alone with her husband right now. Do not ever ask for just Adali, not if Othman could possibly be in earshot”

“why?’ The maid opened her mouth to answer but no words came. They were always under strict orders to never speak bad of Othman. If they werent going to say somthing nice they literally couldn’t say anything atall. “Miss?”

“She and her husband have an amazing relationship and they dont like when others get in the way. You’d be better off just accepting the hospitality and keeping your head down”

“But they aren’t happy, she isn’t anyway”

“Miss, please” Faigi could sense somthing wrong with this woman too. She concentrated on the maid “Everyone I’ve met here acts weird and I can see plainly Adali isn’t happy. What is wrong with this castle?”

“Nothing is wrong and Adali is incredibly happy” Her preprogrammed response came. “your eyes are telling me a different story”

“My eyes?”

“Your true emotions shine through them. You are lieing right now” The maid concentrated everything she wanted to say in her eyes, hoping this demon could see and maybe save Adali. They all went through their own hell but the whole staff felt the worse for her. Near daily she was raped and everyday she had to be by a mans side that repulsed her with his unwanted affection. They wanted her free and maybe this woman was her chance at freedom. the storm raged outside as Faigi stared deeply into the womans eyes. It sounded near bad enough that they could expect a hurricane to blow through at any moment.
“Can we go downstairs now and see how our guest is doing?”

“I want you to myself love.”

“Othman please, lets not be rude. I hate laying in bed all day.”

He sighed in frustration. “Why must you resist me, I love you Adali.”

“You already know the answer father.”

“Don’t call me that.” She swallowed down her anger. He brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “I’m sorry I snapped.” He kissed her cheek down to her neck and nibbled at her collar bone. “Let me have you then we’ll go downstairs.” She felt herself tear up and wished she could escape this. She wanted to go away, but he wouldn’t allow her to slip away into her own mind. Being with him was worse than death.

Faigi thanked the maid for breakfast then got up to walk around the castle. She was too worried to stay in one place so she paced the halls, glancing in the rooms. She wasn’t really interested in anything this place had to offer. As she was making her way back to the front of the castle Adali and Othman were coming downstairs. “Good morning.” She said.

“Good morning.” Adali replied. She looked so upset, her eyes filled with shame. “Was everything to your liking?”

“Yes, thank you for your hospitality.”

“Please stay with us until the storm blows through.”

“I will thank you. Would you mind giving me a tour, I mean I don’t know how long I’ll be here and I’d hate to get lost.”


He didn’t want her alone with this woman, but he had business to attend to and he knew such things bored Adali. “Yes, give her a tour then come and see me at lunch.”
“Yes my love” she said with disgust she only wished her voice would actually form. He had already given her her rules for the day and one was to go back and forth between calling him Othman and my love. He kissed her hand then walked away. Faigi could see the pain behind the smile Adali gave her “follow me” Faigi listened as Adali told her about the different rooms and stories about the staff they’d see. In one room they came to they were actually alone so Faigi ventured to speak her mind “Adali, are you a prisoner here?’

“No, I” she didn’t want to lie, not again. She tried to fight it. Hoping since Othman wasn’t near she wouldnt hurt herself. Faigi could see the struggle ‘shh shh, I can see youre not. Dont strain. He’s cast a spell on you and the staff of sorts” she saw the struggle light up again “ok, calm down. I got the fact you’re trying to tell me so now I know for a fact my feeling was right”. Now listen, I can see how much pain you’re in and youre shame this morning. Knowing male demons I can guess he’s probably raping you. I mention this because I’m going to touch you to see if I can figure out how he is controlling you. Can I?” Adali nodded with tears in her eyes “ok, push me away if you need to. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to let anybody touch you”

Faigi slid her hands in Adalis hair and felt her tense “are you ok?” she asked “yes” Faigi closed her eyes but then a staff member spotted them “stop this at once! Why are you touching her!” Faigi and Adali jumped with fear. Of all the people it was Sanju that tattle tail and his name was enough to tell you why Adalis heart sank. “Sanju” she started to plead but he ran.
Faigi ran after him and he looked shocked when he saw her behind him. She threw up a wall in front of him and he bounced off and hit the floor hard. “Man do I hate men who don’t know when to mind their own business.”

“I’ll yell for Othman and he’ll kill you.”

“If you scream little demon, I will cut out your tongue and shove it somewhere very unpleasant. So are you under a spell too or are you just a piece of shit with no morals?” She reached down and lifted him by the front of his shirt. She trailed a finger across his cheek to his lips. “Don’t think I won’t cause you immeasurable amounts of pain if you open your mouth. You’ll be the first I come after and you will suffer.” She smiled and he actually swallowed in fear.

“You have until tonight demoness and then I’m telling.” She dropped him and he scrambled away, her wall gone. She went back to Adali who was sitting there looking upset.

“Hey, I’m okay.”

Her eyes jumped to Faigi. “You have to leave.”

“Not until I help you. That little bastard said I had until tonight to leave. Let me try and help you and if I have to leave I will be back Adali, I won’t let him keep you.”

“What if Sanju tells anyway?”

“He won’t, I think he knows I’m not joking when I said I would come for him.”
Her lip trembled “I dont want anybody else hurt”

“and i cant abide by him hurting you. I refuse to let him force you to be his mate and whatever else he may be doing to you. It ends with me I promise. Let me try again to see what hes doing” Adali nodded, keeping herself from tensing at Faigis touch. It didn’t take long to see all the bruising and small rips that were now scars on Adalis mind. It was then she knew she was dealing with a demon who controlled with words. It was obvious Adali fought him but even without her putting up a fight controlling people that way always left scars since they werent doing anything willingly.

“Thank the creators its somthing he cant use on me. He uses his words to control you and since you were once human there is no way you can stop him. You’d just kill yourself trying” Adalis eyes were wet again “it’s going to be ok. What are all your orders? This has been going on for years and i can see you are given orders every day so what are your morning orders?”

‘I cant pass the cherry trees. I need to call him my love or Othman and I cant speak Ill of him.”

“So thats why cherry trees circle this castle. I thought it was for decorations.”

“Most do” Faigi smiled “I’m glad he didn’t think of someone asking you that question” Adali nodded. “when I have you out of here I’m going to have to make some bitter drinks for you to heal the damage he’s done. he’s hurt your brain badly. It will taste horrible but you need it” Adali nodded.

Chapter three

“How are you going to get me out of here without passing the trees?”

“Just do as he says today and I promise to get you out of here tonight.”

“Okay.” Faigi pulled her into a gentle hug and Adali clung to her for awhile. The moment it was lunch time she let go. “I have to go see Othman now.”

“I know, it’s going to be okay.” Faigi watched as she walked out of the room, her heart breaking for Adali. She took a deep breath so her anger wouldn’t show when she went out. Her plan was to get rid of the cherry trees, to destroy every last one of them. Since the storm was still raging, she could use the lightening. She headed upstairs, going straight up to the tallest tower to get a better view of her surroundings. She would have to wait until night and use illusions to send Othman and his lackey on a wild goose chase. He was sure the vile demon would leave Adali in their room. She would grab Adali and use the lightening to destroy the trees.

“Did you have fun giving our guest a tour?” Othman asked when Adali walked into his study.


“Come sit on my lap and let me hold you.” She crossed the room and sat down. One arm circled her waist while he tangled his fingers in her hair with his other hand. “You’re so beautiful Adali, I wish you’d give in and love me so I wouldn’t have to do this.”

“No.” Was all she said and wished she could leave the room.

“Don’t you see how much I love you, how much I do for you?”

He sighed “Just be silent then. The staff will fetch us when our romantic meal is ready. Once again it is one of your favorites” He began kissing her, only pulling back to command “Kiss me back like you want this” he began again, continuing until a maid knocked on his office door. Adali felt relief knowing his tongue wouldn’t be sliding in her mouth, spreading his spit around any longer. He carried her to the room they had set up then placed Adali in her chair “Be pleasant and sweet during this meal.” he commanded then took his first bite ‘oh they did amazing. Try some” Adali cut up a piece of her meal and agreed “it’s perfect”

“Isn’t the room beautiful”

“yes” she answered with a smile she hadn’t formed herself. The be pleasant and sweet was working its magic on her. Adali just concentrated on tonight rather than hurt herself. She had gone through a year of this and the end was finally in sight. She could handle this stomach churning last day of her imprisonment.
She cleaned her plate and sat her utensils down. “That was delicious.” She said.

Othman reached across the table and grabbed her hand. “I love you.” He brought her fingers to his lips and pressed a kiss against them. “You’re so beautiful.”

She smiled and said. “Thank you.”

He stood and leaned across the table to kiss her. A knock sounded on the door and he pulled back. “What?” He said angrily and the door opened. It was Sanju. “What do you want?”

“I need to speak to you.” He had a sly grin on his face and Adali felt like crying.

“About what?”

“Earlier I saw the demon Faigi touching Adali.”

Othman’s eyes moved to her and she felt her heart leap in her chest. “Is this true, tell me now.”


“Sanju take Adali to our room and make sure the door is locked.”

“Yes sir.” Sanju pulled her up by her arm and forced her upstairs. “You would have thought you would have learned your lesson the first time.” He said as he pushed her into her room and used magic to lock it. Adali sat down on the bed, her heart wrenching painfully in her chest at the idea of Faigi getting hurt.

Faigi cast an illusion of herself and programmed it to lead Othman and Sanju around. She hid in her bedroom closet and waited patiently. Her bedroom door flew off its hinges and her illusion clone jumped of the bed. “No one touches Adali but me.” Othman snapped as he moved toward her illusion. It dodged around him and Sanju and out the door as planned. “Do not let her get away.” Othman ordered.
She guessed Othman could sense when she arrived that she couldn’t be controlled by his powers since he didn’t even attempt to command her to stop. If he was worth his salt atall that was the case. Her illusions were among the best though and a demon of his level and luxury couldn’t possibly tell what he was seeing wasn’t real. He had allowed his gifts to pamper him so even if he could at one point spot an illusion it definitely wasn’t now. She came form her hiding place and found a high point to stand out of to control the thunder and destroy the cherry trees that were binding Adali. They had to be disposed of if Faigi didn’t want to kill Adali by going past them.

His powers would force her back and her brain my get such a strong bleed she wouldn’t survive. Faigi wasn’t bound to let that happen. This woman deserved freedom and Faigi was going to make sure she got it. With how bad things were outside some of the trees were already down. She used more energy than she needed to rush things along to destroy the rest so they no longer could form a cage.

Now it was time to rush to Adali. She concentrated as she ran to keep her illusion strong and guide those horrible men away from Adalis doors. When Faigi reached the room she wasn’t surprised it had bene locked but that bastard Sanjus magic was not even near a match for her own. He was a demon so far down below her it was pathetic for him to even think his magic lock would keep her from Adali.

Adali yelped in fear until she realized it was Faigi. She got up and ran to her, not knowing why but needed her in her arms. Faigi lifted her “we must hurry. My illusion is using a lot of energy”

“Borrow mine, can you do that?’


“No, if you are a demon that can do that use my own demonic energy to help you. You’re doing this for me afterall”

“Ok but I wont exhaust you”

“Just hurry and get us out. He’ll kill you, he kills everyone who touches me”
Faigi could feel some of her energy coming back as she absorbed Adali’s. She dove through the bedroom window, not wanting to risk venturing back into the hall. She called on the wind to slow their fall and landed on her feet. “Cover your ears.” She yelled over the howling of the wind and Adali placed her hands over her ears and squeezed her eyes closed. She could feel the vibration of the thunder moving through her body and the rain soaked her clothes. Once Faigi was a certain distance her illusion started to fade, leaving Othman shocked. He realized he had been duped and raced back to his room. The bedroom window was broken, allowing wind and rain in.

Faigi took them as far as she could, using the wind and rain to hide their trail. When she was to tired to run and couldn’t bring herself to take anymore of Adali’s energy she found a cave and ran inside. She sat Adali down and searched the cave for dry wood. She found some and piled it up, using some of the energy she had left to get a fire started. Adali sat there shivering, her arms wrapped tightly around herself and her teeth chattering. “Would it be okay if I held you?” She asked.

“Yes please.”

Faigi moved around the fire and wrapped Adali in her arms. “Sorry it’s so cold.”

“It’s okay.” Her lip quivered and before she knew it she was crying.

“Shh, it’s okay.”

“I know we’re not completely in the clear, but it just feels so good to be out of there. Where will we go?”

“Far away, to somewhere beautiful where you can recover in peace.”
“thank you so much. I owe you and I’ll think of somthing I can do”

“Friendship is all I’m asking you for” Othman didn’t care how cold the rain was. He had everyone in the castle searching for Adali. Othmans angry growls were barely heard over the noise of the storm but he kept growling as he desperately searched for her. He had forbidden his servants to rest until they found her. Once he found her nobody else was staying in their home no matter how much Adali wanted it. Faigi had hidden their path well so they woke the next morning alone. It was still storming but lightly. Faigi didn’t want Adali out in the rain but they were pressing their luck the longer they stayed in one place when they were still even this close to Othmans castle.

“You ready for me to run with you again?” Faigi asked gently to Adali “yes, I want to be further away. I dont care if it’s raining” They left the comfort of their cave and ran on. Adali hated that she wasnt wounded but Faigi still had to carry her. Being that Adali had been imprisoned in that castle for over a year Faigis speed was much faster than hers so they could put more distance between them and the castle if Faigi carried her.

They had been on the run for days when Faigi asked “have you ever traveled between worlds?’


“You ready to do just that?”

“if you’re coming with me” Faigi smiled “I’m not leaving your side until you ask me to. I’m going to be right here to help you get over what you’ve suffered”
“Thank you.” She replied softly.

Faigi gave her warm smile as she set her on her feet. She grabbed the pendant hanging around her neck and held it up, calling for the door to open. The pendant glowed and a portal opened before them. “Is it safe?”

“Very safe.”

She laced her fingers through Adali’s and pulled her through the portal. Adali nearly panicked when she felt a cold, squeezing sensation grip her and shut her eyes. When they made it through Faigi held her for a few minutes so she could get reoriented. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I got scared.”

“The more you travel between worlds the more accustomed you become to the strange sensations each portal gives you. Someday you won’t even notice.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“To my home, it’s protected by very powerful magic so only the most skilled can get in. After you’ve settled in I have some business I have to take care of.”


“Can you walk or do you want me to carry you?”

“I can walk now.”

Faigi smiled and gave her a squeeze before grabbing her hand and leading her through the woods. “Adali, may I ask you why that man had you?”

Adali frowned. “He raised me and then he betrayed my trust and broke my heart. I did love him once, but now all I hold for him is contempt and disgust.”

Chapter Four

“raised you? But you arent a born half demon”

“My parents died when I was ten. He found me shortly after and raised me…he was like a father to me…thats how I thought of him but a little over a year ago he.. he decided he wanted to be mates” Faigi could tell she was about to break down “it’s alright sweetheart. Lets talk about it after you’ve had some rest and time to recover. I’m so sorry” A few tears slid down Adalis cheeks, crushing Faigis heart. She loathed this man, didn’t want the bastard breathing air any longer for what he had done to Adali. When they made it to Faigis house they went straight in. “I’m going to give you my room. I’ll take the guest bedroom. The beds you had at Othmans house were very expensive. Even my comfortable bed will be a major downgrade and i want you to be comfortable.”

“We’ve been sleeping outside Faigi and…I..I don’t want to sleep alone. I’m scared to. Please, I wont cling to you like I have outside. I just really don’t want to sleep alone.”

“Ok, we’ll share my bed. I just didn’t want to assume even though we’ve been cuddling together outside. The last thing i want to do is upset you.” Adali hugged Faigi tightly. Faigi smiled and asked ‘you hungry?”


“want to cook with me or go lay down?”

“I’ll help, I love cooking” They made somthing small and ate together. Faigi hated how Adalis eyes were still darting around like that asshole would find her at any moment and have her under his power again. “I will never let him get you Adali. Please calm down. As I told you my home is very well protected. The power of his words will do him no good in penetrating my defenses”

‘Why cant i tell they are there?’

“I’ll help you train. You dont use any of your demonic power because he wouldnt let you. Honestly the biggest reason that probably is is because he used his own blood. Do you know what that means Adali?’


“You might have the same power and if you can learn to use it he cant ever control you with his words again. You’ll become immune and since it runs so deep in his blood I’ll bet you anything he transferred that power to you in his blood. I bet he scolded you everytime you tried to do anything with your newfound power”

“Now that you mention it, yeah”

“When you’re comfortable I want to teach you how to tap into what he gave you when he turned you into a demon Adali. I don’t want you ever to fall victim to heartless, selfish, demons again. I wont stand for it. Not when I can teach you defenses”

“I dont want to use that kind of power though. i dont want to be like him”

“I can find someone willing to help you practice Adali. You wont be hurting anybody”

“But you said it leaves scars”

“scars i can heal”
“If you think it’ll be okay.”

“It will be I promise. I’d let you practice on me, but I’m immune.”

“I don’t think I could practice on you even if you weren’t, I wouldn’t feel comfortable.” She looked at her hands, feeling a little nervous.

Faigi placed her fingers under Adali’s chin and tipped her head back. “You never have to hide your face from me Adali, I want you too feel like you can look me in the eye.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Never apologize, I just want to see your beautiful face.”

“So, you said I had to drink something to heal my brain.”

Faigi smiled at her changing the subject. “I have to make it first so why don’t you just go and relax. You need rest anyway.”

Faigi guided Adali to her bedroom “Just come get me if you need me” Faigi said gently then walked into her kitchen. She was surprised the poor things had didn’t hurt after being controlled constantly for over a year. Though she may have been too depressed to notice. Faigi frowned thinking about it and pushed those thoughts away. All she wanted to think about was getting Adali better and happy. She wanted to see more genuine smiles like when they first met and the few she had managed to tug out on their travels. She wasn’t sure how much it would take to heal so much damage so she made much more than she could possibly need and would save the rest for when Adali practiced her powers.

When Faigi was done she checked on Adali and found her sleeping. It was breath taking how beautiful Adali was just laying there. It seemed in all moments she was mesmerizing. Faigi was tempted to kiss her on the cheek to wake her but that was far from what she should do right now. No doubt it would terrify her so Faigi just spoke Adalis name, afraid to even touch her. Adali stirred the second time she was called to “I made you somthing for your head. Once you’ve drank them I have things I need to do so you may aswell go to sleep. They’ll make you groggy anyway”

“Ok, thanks.”

“If you wake because you need to go to the restroom dont be afraid because you’ll feel weak. Just thought I should warn you”

“I trust you Faigi. You’ve been doing nothing but protecting me these past few days”

“I know you do, I only want to be sure you never have another reason to be afraid” Adali drank what she was given “that should be good. I know how bad it tastes so I’ll just check your mind when you wake and see if you need more or not. Sweet dreams and know that nothing can get you in my home.” Adali wanted to ask Faigi to hurry but that was hardly fair to ask of a woman who had saved her from captivity.
Faigi knew she looked horrible after spending so much time outside so she took a quick shower then pulled on clean clothes. She fished the the ring of the baron’s son out of the pocket of her dirty pants and slipped it onto her thumb before heading out. She wasn’t looking forward to talking to the baron, but she had to complete this job and make sure no one went looking for them. When she got to the baron’s home she knocked on the door and a maid answered. “I need to speak with Baron Hawkins.”

“Yes ma’am, please come in.” Faigi walked into the large house and the maid directed her to wait in the entrance way while she announced her arrival. “You may go into his study ma’am.”

“Thank you.” She walked to the back of the house and pushed the study door open.

“What have you got for me?” She pulled the ring off her thumb and tossed it on his desk.

“The demon killed your boy, said if he couldn’t have him then no one could. I killed the demon, decapitated and burned his body.”

Baron Hawkins picked up the ring, looked at it, then slipped it onto his right hand. “Serves him right for betraying me. My only son and that monster.” His obvious disgust pissed her off, but she held her tongue. He opened one of his drawers and pulled out a small sack.

“Keep your money, I don’t need it.”

He shrugged. “Very well, you can go then.”
Faigi left before she had any cross words for the man. She also knew Adali felt more secure with her around so didn’t want her to be in the house alone. The medicine would have her knocked out cold but Faigi still wanted to be there. Faigi took off her shoes then took to dusting her home. She had been gone awhile so dust had collected on many areas. She might aswell go ahead and tend to these things anyway. With that done she checked her potions cabinet to see if she was well stocked. Faigi did this frequently so it rarely wasn’t well stocked with things she liked to have handy.

With nothing more to do in the line of taking care of her home Faigi silently went into her bedroom to lay with Adali. Faigi pulled Adali into her arms so they were facing eachother then let herself rest. Adali woke near dinner. She felt limp and her head could barely make out a thought. “Fai” she started and Faigis eyes snapped open. She had kept herself alert for Adali. “yeah”

“I feel”

“I know, I told you. It always does that. its doing a lot of work in you”

“I dont like it”

“I’m sorry, want some coffee to try and get you going?”


“sweet or black coffee?”

“sweet” Faigi got up and made them both coffee. She took the cups into the bedroom and sat them down so she could help Adali sit up. After handing Adali her coffee cup Faigi sat down next to her on the bed. “I’ll check you to make sure you dont need more when you feel like it”

“after coffee”

“You sure?”

“I just want to be done with it”

“Ok, hopefully you are already done with it. if not I’ll stay in here and hold you”

“I love how you hold me. I feel so safe. I feel so incredibly close to you faigi. Since the moment our hands touched. Its like our souls know eachother.” Faigi blushed at this. Another side effect of taking what she had given Adali was lowered inhibitions which lead to more honesty than most normally had. You were very likely to admit things you would be hesitant to admit in another situation. She wondered if Adali, in her tired state, would remember saying that to her.
“Drink your coffee.” She said softly.

Adali took a sip and then said. “You’re so beautiful Faigi and I’m tainted. I’ll never be clean again.”

“Don’t say that.” She sat her cup down and gently tucked Adali’s hair behind her ears.

“It’s true, he dirtied me. I want to be clean, I really do.”

She took Adali’s cup away from her and sat it next to her own. She pulled Adali into her arms and stroked her hair. “I promise you’re not dirty, you’re as beautiful as ever.” Adali tilted her head up and kissed Faigi. “Easy, slow down, you’re not thinking straight.”


“We’ll talk about it later okay, you obviously need more rest.”

“Okay, I understand, just don’t leave me.”

“I won’t. Do you want more coffee?”

“Maybe a little.” She handed Adali her cup and picked up her own. Adali drank half of hers and was still drowsy so she just sat the cup down. “I’m so exhausted and I feel so foggy.”

“Let me check your head then you can go back to sleep.”

Faigi slid her hands in Adalis hair and closed her eyes. Faigi was relieved to find she wouldn’t have to put Adali through drinking any more of that horrid stuff. “You can just sleep the medicine off. The damage is gone”

“Thank you”

“Thank me by sleeping this off.”

“You’ll hold me again?”

“Of course”

“I’m sorry I kissed you”

“Oh no, please don’t be sorry. I just dont want you kissing me until your head is clear. You are an amazing woman Adali and I’d love to kiss you if you want to when you’re thinking properly”

“Ok, I’m glad” Adali didn’t wake again until lunch the next day.This time her head was clearbut her face became hot with an intense blush. The heat woke Faigi “whats wrong?” Adali covered her face and Faigi smiled “you remember what you said and did?”


“why are you embarrassed? I told you I’d love to kiss you if you wanted it when you could think”

“I dont know”

“Come on, let me see your beautiful face” Adali didn’t move her hands, causing Faigis smile to widen. Her thought was to move her hands but if Adali was choosing to hide her face she wouldn’t make her stop. She had been commanded to do enough already. It took awhile but Adali moved her hands by herself “You’re just so beautiful Faigi and amazing”

“the same could be said for you”

“How can you allow me to kiss you when he’s touched me”

“Because he didn’t taint you.” Faigi place her hand on Adalis hot cheek and stroked it with her thumb. “please dont’ feel dirty. You are far from it” Faigi moved in for another kiss.
Adali held still, her heart skipping a beat when Faigi’s lips touched hers. She was nervous and excited, her breathing quickening when Faigi’s tongue moved past her lips to trace the inside of her mouth. She slipped her fingers in Adali’s hair, making sure to move slowly so as not to scare her. “You have the sweetest lips.” Faigi said when she was finally able to make herself pull back.

A dark red blush crept up her neck and into her face, making her skin hot. “You’re a very good kisser.” She replied shakily. “I’m a little scared.”

“Would you like me to stop?”

“No, please don’t.” She replied louder than she meant too. “I…I just don’t know what to do. You make me feel happy and safe, but at the same time I’m terrified. I hate it.” She covered her face, feeling like crying. “He really screwed me up.”

“It’s okay, we’ll work through everything together. You’ll never have to submit to another person’s will again, I promise. You get to have all the control in this relationship.”
“Please hold me” Adali whimpered. Faigi moved closer and wrapped Adali in her arms. “I swear I wont let anybody hurt you again Adali’ When Adalis complaining stomach could no longer be ignored they got up and made somthing to eat. Faigi let Adali choose everything and direct their cooking so she could feel her newfound freedom. Adali seemed to be nervous about it but extremely happy at the same time. Faigi spent everyday taking what affection Adali initiated and was comfortable with. She also made sure Adali got to make every decision she possibly could. All Faigi wanted was Adali to be happy and remain with her. Adali didn’t see it yet since her soul had been so broken but to Faigi, Adali was the most amazing woman she had ever met and she fully intended to make Adali see that.

~ The End ~

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