Adam & Hannah 2

Chapter One

Hannah turned in circles in the bedroom, feeling more and more flustered as she looked around. She couldn’t find her purse. She had looked everywhere, the living room , the bathroom, even the computer room and she couldn’t find it. “Hannah, we need to get going if we’re going to make it to my brother’s by seven.” Adam said as he stepped into the room. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t find my purse, I’ve literally looked everywhere.” She dropped down on her hands and knees, looking under the bed and he grinned then gave a little chuckle. “What’s so funny?” She asked as she sat back on her knees.

He held out his hands and she took them, letting him pull her to her feet. “Angel, love, light of my life, it’s in the car.”

“What?” She looked confused then sighed. “That’s right, I put it in there so I wouldn’t forget it, the irony.”

He hugged her and kissed her forehead. “It’s okay, it’s just the pregnancy hormones.”

“I know, it just sucks.”

He smiled lovingly down at her and brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “It’s get better after the baby is born, just four more months.”

“I hope your family likes me, I mean other than your brother and sister, this’ll be my first reunion with them.”

He lifted her left hand and pressed a kiss to her ring finger. “You’re my beautiful, intelligent, pregnant wife so of course they’ll love you. Oh and speaking of pregnant, be prepared for all of the women in my family to be all over your baby belly.”

She giggled. “Just remember to tell them I have sworn you to secrecy about the gender, to me anyway. If you tell them so they can buy the appropriate gifts, make sure they don’t tell me.”

“I’ll tell everyone on the last day of our visit so they can’t spoil it for you.” He kissed her lips as he lifted her into his arms. “Lets get on the road my love.”

It still was incredibly sexy to Hannah he was able to lift her up with her pregnant belly. She felt like a whale, a happy whale, but a whale all the same.He set her tenderly in the car then kissed her cheek before buckling her up. She giggled and Adam said “I have to make sure you two stay safe” He shut her door then walked over to his side. As he started the car he said “Just because we’re on our way to see my family don’t feel asking me to stop is a hindrance. If you just want a drink or a break from the car because of motion sickness or anything tell me and we’ll stop.”

“I will” He smiled at her then pulled out of their driveway. Hannah messed with the radio until she found somthing she wanted to listen to then relaxed in the passenger seat as she gazed out the window. About thirty minuets down the road he stopped preemptively, under the guise they needed gas. Gas could fit in their car but they in no way needed to stop for some. “why don’t you pee and get yourself somthing. I want a Mt Dew”

“Adam, I really am fine.”

He kissed her cheek. “You should try and stretch your legs at least every hour or couple of hours and I know your bladder can’t be comfortable with the little one bouncing around on it.”

She smiled. “I love you, I’ll be right back then.”

He gave her a quick kiss and they both got out, him going inside to pay for gas and get them something to drink. He opted for water with her, more than willing to share his Mt. Dew if she wanted some soda. She came into the store just as he was paying for everything and he handed her her water as they walked out. She got in the car while he pumped the gas then they were on their way again. “So, what can I expect from your family?”

“Well they were all raised in the country, though some of them moved into the city. Just think my brother and I, but more people.”

“Then I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. I love you, so I know I’ll love them too.”

“You didn’t know me before.”

“And I don’t need too. You’re perfect the way you are.”

He smiled, it was still touching how easily she forgave his disgusting past. He was lucky he didn’t have a disease, lucky his family still spoke to him with some of the crap he pulled. Before his fathers death he was an absolute creep and somtimes it made him feel not good enough for his Hannah. Most the time he didn’t think about it but being around his family reminded him of all the wrong he had done. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Hannah rubbing her temples “you okay baby?”


“shit, I don’t have anything. We can stop somwhere”

“No, I’m excited to get there”

“It wont take long”

“Adam, I’ll be fine” he sighed “you sure?”

“yes, please, I want to get there”

He frowned and she took his hand, squeezing it reassuringly. He was constantly worried about her and their child and did as much for Hannah as he could. He knew he must be getting annoying, but he didn’t want her to strain herself. He took a deep breath, knowing his worries were unfounded and that he shouldn’t jump at every little thing. “Adam?”

“Yeah baby?”

“Would you sing to me and the baby?”

He smiled, knowing she was trying to take his mind off his worry. “Sure.” She rested her head on his shoulder and he started singing. She gave a happy sigh which made his heart do a little flip. It still amazed him that she could do that with one little sound. He sang until she fell asleep then kissed her head. He was excited about her meeting the rest of his family and wanted to get to his brother’s as quickly as possible before she was overwhelmed by all the women who would be happy to have another baby in the family.

Hannah slept for most of what remained of their journey which he was grateful for. He loved hearing her talk but she avoided getting motion sickness since she rested. Adam and Hannah were barely out of the car when Luke came running out with Eric and Ivy close behind “Adam! Hannah!” he said cheerfully. Everyone hugged Hannah first then went on to Adam “come in, tell us about the trip” Ivy said and Hannah happily followed. She could already tell she was going to like Luke and it was good to see Ivy and Eric again.

“So what are you guys having?” Ivy asked.

“I don’t know and I have sworn Adam to secrecy as far as telling me.” Hannah replied with a big smile.

Eric chuckled and gave her a knowing grin and a wink. “I already know.”

“It’s not fair you can read minds.” Luke chimed in then looked at Adam. “You can tell me later then right?”

Adam chuckled. “On the last day of our visit, I’m going to let everyone know away from Hannah so you can all buy the appropriate stuff if you’re inclined to do so.”

“Good thing my gift is gender neutral.” Luke added.

“What gift?” Hannah asked.

“Oh well, since I opened my big mouth, I’m making you a cradle. You can put it next to your bed and rock the baby to sleep.” He rubbed the back of his neck, looking shyly away and Hannah gave him a hug.

“Thank you.”

“Of course, it took me a couple of tries to get it right. When I get frustrated I set things on fire.”

“I’m sure it’ll be perfect.”

“I hope so. I wish I had a better handle on my fire wen my emotions get out of hand. It’s a work in progress”

“where’s Chris? I’ve been excited to see the little guy”

“Oh he’s napping, He threw a tantrum and his father put him to bed”

“sorry we missed his fifth birthday party”

“we understood and so did he. He adores the birthday present you guys mailed.”

“thank you for posting pictures on Facebook.” They went inside and happily talked amongst eachother until Chris walked sleepily into the room “Mom I’m thirsty”

“Look who’s here” he looked over and noticed Hannah and Adam, his face lighting up with recognition as he ran to hug them. “hey” Hannah laughed as she hugged the little boy. While they were greeting eachother Ivy went into the kitchen and made her son a drink then began cutting up an apple for an after nap snack. “Chris! Come sit down!” Ivy called when it was ready for him.

“Will you come sit with me Aunt Hannah, please?”

“Sure sweetie.” Adam stood and helped her to her feet, making her let out a giggle. He got an embarrassed look on his face and she kissed his cheek before letting Chris pull her into the dining room.

Adam sat down and both Luke and Eric grinned at him. “What?”

“It’s just cute watching how much you dote over her.” Luke answered and Adam hit him with a throw pillow.

“He’s worried too Luke.” Eric added. “You aren’t being annoying you know, wanting to protect her from every little thing is natural, but let me tell you that it would take quite a bit to hurt the baby with all that cushioning around it.”

“It’s not just the baby, I just want her to be happy. She went through so much horror, that I just want to spoil her. I keep thinking one of these days she’ll get annoyed.”

“She really won’t.”

“Did you read her mind?”

“No, I can see it in how happy she looks when you help her. She’s happy having you help her.”

Adam gave an uncertain smile, wishing Hannah was back at his side but was willing to give her some alone time with Chris. Ivy came in and took her place by Eric “we need to come stay a week or somthing soon. He loves you guys so much and is thrilled you two are having a kid”

“you’re welcome anytime. We’d like the company”

“we’ll see when we can get off work”

In the kitchen Christopher asked “does carrying the baby hurt?”

“Not really, Adam helps me stay as comfortable as possible”

“can I listen?”

“of course” he got up from his chair and pressed his ear against her stomach “sounds weird” he said in an almost giggle then got back into his chair to eat. “is it a boy or a girl?”

“I dont know. I want to be surprised”

“can I come when they are born?”

“If your parents can make it”

“I hope so. I really want to meet them. Do you think they’ll be blonde because you and Adam are blonde?”

“probably but theres always a chance they wont be. Luke isn’t blonde and he is Adams brother”

“Oh yeah” Hannahs smile was amused. Talking to Christopher increased her eagerness to have her baby in her arms.

“So,” Eric said, his voice low, “a little girl then.”

“Really?” Ivy said with a big smile.

“Shh, I don’t want her to hear you, but yes, a girl.”

“That’s amazing.” Luke added. “Have you guys picked out any names?”

“Yeah, we narrowed down a boy and girl name after the ultrasound.”

“What are you all whispering about?” Hannah asked as she stepped into the living room with Christopher at her side.

“Did you finish your snack?” Eric asked his son.

“Yes sir, I ate it all.”

“Good.” He lifted his son onto his lap.

“We were talking about babies of course.” Ivy answered Hannah as she sat down next to Adam.

Hannah laughed. “That seems to be all that’s talked about these days.” She rubbed her belly. “Not that I mind, I’m really excited and nervous. I can’t wait until he or she is born.”

“You’re going to make a great mom.” Adam said as he rested his hand on top of hers.

“And you’ll be an amazing father.” They smiled at each other the Adam hugged her. “So when does everyone else get here?”

“Inez gets in tonight, you know how our sister is though, it’ll probably be late since she’s coming straight from school. Then everyone else’ll be here in the morning, check into their hotels and the day after is the reunion.”

Chapter Two

They continued to talk about everybody who would be coming until Christopher asked “dad, will you play with me outside?”

“of course, Uncle Luke and Adam, come join us” Adam kissed Hannahs cheek and walked out with his brother, Eric and Christopher. “Do you need anything Hannah” Ivy asked and she answered “No, I’m fine”

“want to play some cards then?”


“yep” Hannah and Ivy got out of their seats, Hannah going to the table while Ivy went to get Luke’s deck of cards. They quickly began enjoying themselves. When the men came back in Eric ran his son a bath then they all joined in the card game. A little later Christopher came down with sopping wet hair and Ivy stood ‘you need to dry your hair baby” she took him upstairs to towel dry it a bit so he wouldn’t be dripping everywhere.

“So what names did you two pick out?” Luke asked and Adam głared.

“For a boy, Harrison Fletcher and for a girl, Noel Rose.” Hannah answered with a warm smile.

“Both are very beautiful.”

“We worked hard coming up with them.”

Luke smiled then turned his attention to his still glaring brother. “So ugly you going to get up in the morning and help me with the horses?”

“Sure, letting an idiot like you work them alone would be irresponsible of me.”

Luke laughed. “Bright and early then, just don’t scare the animals with that hideous mug of yours.”

“You’re lucky we’re in the house or I’d have pinned down and begging for mercy.” They both laughed and Adam tossed another pillow at his brother as Ivy and Christopher were coming down.

“You’re not supposed to throw things in the house.” Christopher said and both Ivy and Eric had to stifle their laughter.

“I’m sorry buddy I won’t do it again.” Adam replied with a chuckle.

“You guys sure went from the kitchen to the living room fast”

“with him done we figured you guys were done. We want to play with him until bed time”

“you guys do that while my husband and I take care of dinner for everyone. Hopefully Inez will get here soon” It was around nine that Christopher began to get grumpy so they had to lay him down before Inez arrived but they promised he would get to see her bright and early in the morning so he agreed to be laid down. Only forty minuets later Inez’s car came down the driveway and Luke went out to help her with any bags she may have. Adam helped Hannah stand so she could hug Inez when she came through the door. Afterward he hoped to finally get her in bed for the evening.

“Aren’t you just the vision of beauty.” Inez said with a warm smile after hugging Hannah. “And look at this belly.”

Hannah gave a little laugh. “It’s really nice to see you. You must be tired.”

“It’s sweet you would be so concerned when you’re the one growing a baby. How in the world did my brother land someone so sweet?”

‘I hit her with my truck.’ Adam said in his head and Eric started laughing and waved at everyone when they looked at him. “I’m just lucky Ness, really, really lucky. She’s such a gift.”

“Awe and he’s turned into such a teddy bear.”

“I have not.”

“Don’t lie big brother, it’ll just get you in trouble.” He tussled her hair, messing it up and she shot him a dirty look.

“Serves you right for teasing me.” He lifted Hannah off her feet, making her blush. “I love you Ness and would love to spend all the time in the world catching up, but I need to get Hannah to bed. She and the baby need rest.”

Inez giggled. “Alright, love you, see you in the morning.”

“Love you, see you in the morning.”

Hannah smiled as he took her to their bedroom and laid her down. He quickly sat on the bed and placed her feet in his lap so he could rub them. “I was sitting down most the day”

“still, you deserve it”

“Your sister is beautiful” He very nearly said “hopefully our daughter doesnt inherit the rampant physical attractiveness in their family but caught himself just in time. One of Adams biggest fears was that karma was going to bring his daughter a man that was just like he used to be to get him back for his behavior. As horrible as it was if she wasn’t as gorgeous as he feared she’d be she’d have a much better chance at avoiding men like that. It would save his little girl from the heartache of men like he once was. After working her feet he slid under the covers with her and pulled Hannah close.

“wake me if you need anything baby”

‘alright” she answered and surrendered herself to sleep.

It wasn’t too long after that she woke with the need to pee, but couldn’t get away since Adam had a good hold on her. He had become so much more protective since finding out she was pregnant and she found it to be incredibly endearing. “Adam, sweetie?” He groaned and she kissed his lips. “Adam?”

His eyes snapped open and he looked at her with concern. “You okay?”

“Yes my love, I just need to pee.”

“Oh sorry.” He let her go then helped her stand before getting back under the covers to wait for her. She quickly went and relieved herself then came back and crawled in next to him. “Mmm, I love how warm you are now. Being pregnant has turned you in a heater.”

She giggled. “Are you cold?”

“No, I just love your heat.” She kissed him again, smiling at his half asleep rambling. She snuggled as close as her belly would allow and he buried his nose in her hair, inhaling deeply. “Your smell too, you always smell so amazing. Makes me want to eat you up.”

“I love you silly man.”

“Hmm, I love you too beautiful.” They both fell asleep, his arms going back around her and holding her tightly to him. The next morning Luke woke them up bright and early. Adam kissed her and told her to go back to sleep then got dressed to go help his brother with the animals. Hannah wanted to get up too, but decided for his peace of mind, she would rest a little longer.

About an hour later she was jerked awake by a light knocking on the door. “come in” she said sleepily and sat up “hey girl, I just wanted to see if you wanted breakfast? Ivy and I have already made your plate if you’re ready for it. If not we’ll wake you again on the last plate”

“Oh, I’ll come now. Thank you” Inez smiled “my brother said you liked scrambled with bacon bits”

“aw, should have told me right away it was seriously made just for me”

“didn’t want you to feel pressured to get up.” they walked down the stairs and Hannah sat at the table with Christopher who had the largest cow lick going on she had ever seen. “Morning buddy”

“Morning, I’m getting mom to put bacon bits in mine too”

“Oh Ivy, you should have fed him first”

“he’s fine, plus your plate let him know somthing he wants added to his own eggs.”

“Bacon bits and cheese will be so great” Chris said eagerly. Inez handed Hannah her food then went back to helping Ivy. “maybe I could help with lunch?” a dry laugh escaped Ivy “oh please, the men around her act like we’re cripples when pregnant. If they saw you making a sandwich they might panic. You just enjoy your food Hannah”

Adam fell easily back into the routine of taking care of the animals as he worked the younger horses with Luke and Eric. Afterwards they took out the trained horses and checked on the cattle. He enjoyed this kind of work and smiled and laughed as they rounded up the cows that had wandered too far from the herd. It wasn’t long before they turned their horses around and headed back towards the house, all of them happy to see that a couple of cars heading up the driveway. “Why don’t you go greet them Luke and I’ll help Eric with the horses.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, go on.”

They all dismounted at the stable and Luke handed his reigns over. Adam and Eric lead the horses inside then proceeded to unsaddle them and remove their bits. They rubbed them down, wiping away the sweat then let them loose to go get food and water. “You miss this life don’t you?” Eric said as they dusted themselves off and headed for the house.

“Yeah, I’m hoping to get a couple of horses before the baby is born so I can take Noel out when she’s able to hold her head up. Plus, I think Hannah would love some animals. We need a dog too and an old barn cat that only likes the baby.”

Eric chuckled and slapped his back. “You have to see if Luke will gift a couple of horses to you.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I’ll hate making them travel so far though”

“they’ll be okay as long as you’re careful. You stop a lot for Hannah anyway I’m sure”

“I try to”

“stubborn like Ivy?”

“well not THAT stubborn but she can be” Eric laughed “They don’t come very much more stubborn than her but it was that stubbornness that set us free. I remember that when she gets frustrating.”

“Ivy? Frustrating? No” Ivy hit him on the back “shut up” Adam laughed “Hey, you two have a great thing. Have you told your son about any of that yet?”

“No, we’re going to wait until he’s old enough to process what we’re telling him”

“I doubt there will be many other children who could say his mother escaped from mad scientists and didn’t just run while she could, she stayed and rescued their father so he could be free too despite the fact they had never spoken to eachother before”

“and I’ll be proud to tell him that story”

“You two going to have any more? Chris is going to have a large age gap”

“we dont use protection but we haven’t necessarily been trying. We might should though before he gets too much older”

“I’m sure getting old isn’t somthing you two worry about. I don’t know what those scientists did to you but you two haven’t aged a day since we met, seriously. It’s weird. Not a single age line or anything” Eric looked at him strange for a second and now had the urge to look in a mirror. He had never paid any mind to the fact they didn’t look any older with each passing year. He thought about it as he went into the house and into the bathroom to look in the mirror, had he aged at all since being a teenager?

It was strange, but Adam was right. He had an air of maturity about him, was more muscular from farm work, but other than that he still looked the same age as he had before. A terrible thought occurred to him as he stared at his reflection. If he and Ivy did not age then that meant there was a good chance that both Luke and Hannah did not as well and Adam would. His heart felt a stab of pain at the prospect of Hannah losing Adam and he wanted very much to remedy the situation.

Adam’s aunt, uncle, and three cousins chatted excitedly with him, Luke, Hannah, Ivy, and Inez. The women were all over Hannah’s belly, rubbing it and asking about names and the sex of the child. Adam explained that he would let everyone know on the last day and there was no point in trying to weasel it out of him. He heard Eric coming back down, a somber expression on his face. “You okay?” Adam asked.

“I need to talk to you later, once your relatives have left.”


He watched as Eric gently grabbed Ivy’s arm and pulled her away, feeling a little worried at Eric’s strange behavior. He turned back, grabbing Hannah and pulling her back against him as she talked to his family. He focused on her sweet voice and the fact she was getting along with everyone so well. After a few minutes he pressed a kiss to her cheek and whispered in her ear he was going to take a quick shower. She said she would be fine without him and to go ahead.

Chapter Three

He went upstairs hoping Ivy and Eric were still up there, relieved when they were. He quietly went into the room they were in and he said “You’re worrying me Eric. Can’t we talk now? I told Hannah I was taking a shower.” Eric frowned then said “come closer so i can whisper. I’ll speak and you answer in your mind” In Adams head Erics voice started sounding “You made me realize we really haven’t aged. I’m pretty sure we’re immortal due to those experiments. Ivy and I have been trying to figure out how that may have happened to see if we can make you that way because as it stands that means just us, Luke and Hannah and we don’t want Hannah to lose you”

Adams heart nearly came to a full hault for a second, Hannah hadn’t been aging either, nor Luke. He didn’t know how he didn’t realize it sooner. “How are we ever to know. We shut all those places down. Most are destroyed fully”

“there may be some paperwork somewhere. We’ll figure out a way. We wont stop until we do but we cant start until this family gathering is over”

Adam ran his fingers through his hair, his worry consuming him. He loved Hannah too much to leave her. Eric grabbed his shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “I should go shower, don’t say anything to Hannah, I’ll talk to her after the reunion.” He said aloud and they both nodded. He left them, going into his room and grabbing clean clothes. He pulled a towel out of the hall closet and went into the bathroom, his mind still racing as he switched on the water.

Hannah finally had to break away from Adam’s loved ones, becoming a little overwhelmed with the attention. She went upstairs, hearing the shower going and deciding to jump in with Adam. She quickly grabbed some clothes and tapped on the bathroom door as she pushed it open. He pulled the curtain back enough to see who it was and smiled lovingly at her. “Is it alright if I shower too?”

“Of course, you never have to ask.”

“I was getting a bit overwhelmed.” She replied as she pulled her clothes off and blushed when she saw him staring at her. He pulled the curtain back and she stepped in.

“Are you going to be okay tomorrow?” He asked softly as he pulled her against him and let his hands sweep over her.

“yeah, everyone is so nice”

“good, if you need a break at any point you just tell me and we’ll go on a walk or drive or somthing”

“Thanks, sorry”

“never say sorry to me Hannah” They took a slow shower, just enjoying the heat and eachother. Adam tenderly dried Hannah and helped her into her clothes. “I love you so much Adam” she said with a grin that held back laughter. “Love you too Hannah” he said with just a hint of worry. He knew Ivy and Eric would always be there for her but he wanted to be, needed to be. He couldn’t stand the thought of leaving his wife and daughter behind. “you want to nap or visit?”

“Hm..maybe a nap”

“OKay, I’ll lay with you until you’re asleep” They went into their room and relaxed in his bed. His mind stayed busy as he held her close. He wanted this reunion over with and quickly despite the fact he had been looking so forward to it until now. When she was out he gave her a couple small kisses then exited the room, carefully pulling the door shut so it wouldn’t make any noise. He was glad Luke had obviously made sure not to neglect the door hinges.

“You alright?” Luke asked when he came down to continue his visit.

“We’ll talk later, I don’t want to be rude to the others since they haven’t seen us in awhile.”


They sat down in the living room, enjoying their time with their family, catching up on life events and even talking about their father who they missed. The whole time, all Adam could think about was leaving Hannah behind. He knew he wold enjoy however many years they had together, but he also couldn’t bear making her sad. He knew he would have to be honest with her about their situation, had promised himself he would never lie to her. Hannah came down just as lunch time was swinging around, her hair adorably messy and he pulled her into his lap, needing her close.

“You guys staying for lunch?” Luke asked his aunt, uncle, and cousins.

“Of course, Inez and I can help Ivy.” His aunt Judith answered.

“I can help too.” Hannah added.

“I think it’s best if you stay right where you are, Adam looks like he’s a bit of a worrier.”

“So what, she deserves to relax, she’s growing a baby.” Adam replied. “And her and our child are more precious to me than anything.”

His words brought smiles to everyones face, the biggest one belonging to Hannah. The rest of the day was spent happily by all aside from Adam, Ivy and Eric who were worried about the future and how long they could keep Adam in it. It was all they could do to make sure nobody noticed they weren’t enjoying themselves. When the reunion concluded Adam askd “you tired Hannah?”

“No, why?’

“because, Ivy, Eric and I need to discuss somthing with you and Luke” Concern filled that beautiful porcelain face “about what”

“Just come sit in the living room so we can talk” Everybody sat and Adam looked at Eric to speak. Eric explained what they found out and possible plans on figuring out a way to make Adam immortal too. “well we have to. I’m sure some were actually arrested right? We could talk to them. I need Adam. I can’t live forever without him”

“We’ll find a way.” Adam tried reassuring her, but he himself wasn’t so sure.

“I can make them tell me everything and Eric can read their minds if they refuse to talk.”

Adam admired her determination and gave her a quick kiss. She was truly such a blessing and he wouldn’t give up on eternity with her. “After the reunion I will go and pick out the location of the scientists from the arresting officers. We’ll simply visit them under the pretense that we need closure.”

“If we can figure out what they did, it’s going to be painful for Adam.” Hannah added and Adam wrapped his arms around her.

“I don’t care how painful it is baby, I will go through anything to be with you and our child.” He stroked her cheek and kissed her forehead. “I love you so much Hannah.”

“Me too.”

“Hey brother, why don’t you take her out on one of the horses and clear your heads.” Luke suggested, not wanting either of them stressing, especially Hannah.

“She shouldn’t be bouncing on a horse while pregnant.”

“Well obviously you would go slow you idiot and she would be sitting in front of you so she’s safe. Take her out on Apollo.”

“Luke is right, it’ll be good for you both and we can get to work on the food for tomorrow.” Ivy added.

“alright” Adam and Hannah slipped their shoes on then walked out. He readied the horse then nervously helped his wife up. If she fell off what remained of his human life would probably leave his body. Adam grew a little more comfortable as the horse easily obeyed his commands. Luke was still obviously an amazing trainer. Adam knew if he had spent more time learning from their father instead of skirt chasing he might be as good as Luke when it came to tending a farm. Not that Adam was bad, Luke was just considerately better.

“can we do this again before we leave baby?” Hannah asked as she rested in his arms “anytime you want”

The rest of the family reunion was easier to enjoy now that they had a plan. They had real laughs, smiles and amazing times to look back on until they hosted one again. At the very end Hannah went outside while Adam told everyone that they were going to have a girl “Oh how can anybody live without knowing?” Inez said excitedly. Adam chuckled “I dont know but don’t tell her. She wants to be surprised” with promises nobody would tell everyone left, hugging Hannah happily before they got in their cars.

Despite the night being the perfect temperature Hannah rushed inside before her husband grew concerned about her well being out there.

“Should we go to the police station now?” She asked once she was in Adam’s arms.

“If you would like.” Eric replied.

“I would, I want to hurry and give Adam immortality.”

“Ivy, why don’t you and Christopher stay here with Luke. I would hate to put you in harm’s way if we find anyone in one of the remaining labs.”

“Are you sure?” Ivy asked.

“I am, please stay here where it’s safe.” He turned to Luke. “Watch over her and my boy.”

“I will, you guys be careful.”

The three of them loaded into Adam and Hannah’s truck, Hannah sitting between them in the front seat with her head on Adam’s shoulder. They drove in silence, Eric easily picking up on their worried thoughts. When they made it to the police station, they all unloaded and headed inside, asking to see the chief since they might not be given the location of the remaining scientists from anyone else. The chief greeted them, knowing who Adam was right away since his father had broken a horse or two for him. “What can I do for you three?”

“Do you remember the lab you had shut down a few years back, Eric here was a captive in one?”

“I do, has another one sprung up?”

“No sir, not that we know of. Actually, Hannah and Eric here just wanted a bit of closure. They wanted to see with their own eyes that the people who experimented on them were indeed still in prison. We were wondering if maybe you could give us the name of the prison you sent them too?”

The chief nodded. “It’s the one a few hours out of town, I’m sure if I put a call in the warden would let you in.”

“thank you”

“if you all want to go sit in those chairs over there I’ll see what I can do” They thanked him then walked over to chairs that reminded them of ones they’d sit in while waiting outside of the principles office if they still attended school. The station was calmer than most might imagine and they were glad for the lack of chaos. Eventually the officer came back and said “visiting hours have passed for today but they’re making an exception since this is such a sensitive matter. If you three are ready to go now a deputy can drive you out and bring you back. If you don’t want to ride with one you can take your own car and I’ll call back to let them know you”

“being my wife is pregnant I’d rather us drive ourelves so she feels free to tell me if she needs to stop. I know your officer would but I know she’d be more comfortable with me driving”

“alright, you can go on and I’ll make my call”

“Thank you so much”

“good luck, we all feel for what you guys went through”

Hannah felt a little nervous as they drew ever closer to the prison. She had not set her eyes on one of those scientists since the day she, Adam, and Eric destroyed the one she had escaped from. She had come a long way since then with Adam’s constant love and understanding. When they finally pulled into the parking lot, she found herself feeling a little intimidated by the prison. It looked so ominous at night, with only the outside lights on and a fence surrounded it topped with razor wire. A guard came to greet them as they approached the front gate and let them in. “You’ll have to leave anything that can be used as a weapon with me.” He said when they made it to the metal detector.

“Of course.” Adam said and he and Eric began emptying their pockets. Hannah wore a dress so had nothing on her, so she waited patiently for both men.

“Alright, follow me then. The warden had us wake one of the scientists and he’s waiting for you in the visitation area.”

“Thank you so much.” Hannah replied with a smile. The man sitting in the visitation area was lean of build with short brown hair and deep green eyes. He looked surprised when he saw Eric.

“Well, well, well long time no see.” He said as he adjusted his glasses. “What are you doing here and who are these people?”

“Their names are of no importance, all you need to know is that she was another one of your organizations victims and he is her husband. We simply came here to find out what you did to us.”

He smirked. “And why would that be important?”

“Because it seems to have given us immortality and we would like to do the same for him.”

The man chuckled. “Like I’d tell you psychic. I know that if I keep the information from rising to the surface, it will be harder for you to find.”

Hannah gave an irritated sigh which drew the man’s attention. “You may be able to make it harder for him to find, but I can make it easy.” She stared into his eyes. “You will tell us what we want to know, every detail.”

Final Chapter

His mouth started instantly giving information and he had no control to stop it no matter how tried not to. Hannah enjoyed this just for the reason of giving payback. This was small but he was experiencing a small portion of having your power taken away like he and the people he had worked with had done to so many. Eric and Adam smiled triumphantly when they had gathered all information they needed “I hope you’re sombodies bitch in jail” Adam seethed. Being in the room with this man brought right to the surface all Hannah had endured. All the rape, all the beatings, everything.

Adam wrapped his arm around Hannahs waist as they walked out and the scientist was taken away. Eric, Hannah and Adam couldn’t get back to the car fast enough. “you okay honey?” Adam asked as Hannah buckled her seatbelt. “yeah, I’m just glad he was involved enough to ive us that much”

“Oh he was fucking involved plenty” Eric said with wrath bubbling under the surface. He had seen that man among the ones dragging Ivy every time she had to suffer through a test.

“So, to his lab then?” Adam suggested and Eric nodded.

“It’s under his old house so it should be easy enough to get into.”

“What are we going to put in Adam?” Hannah asked, sounding concerned.

“Well, I think it would be safest to just give him what they gave me, I mean as long as you don’t mind having a psychic for a husband who can heat up his body.”

“That’s fine, I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

“So I’d be able to read Hannah’s mind?” Adam asked as he drove.

“Yeah, at first it’ll be overwhelming, you’ll be able to hear people’s random thoughts as they’re projected. I’ll teach you how to control it though, it’s not that hard. You just have to learn to tune stuff out. I only read Ivy’s mind if she says it’s okay or I’m really, really worried about her. You’ll also learn to throw up psychic bubbles and barriers and the heating thing comes in handy quite often.”

With it being so late Hannah fell asleep in the car and was still sleeping when Adam pulled up to the scientists home. “we should let her rest through this Adam” Eric suggested. Adam stared at his wife a few moments “she might wander out in the dark if she wakes up alone”

“Hannah isn’t an idiot. She’ll come right in or stay in the car. She is carrying your daughter, she doesn’t need the stress of what I’m about to do to you”

“alright” Adam said in a semi defeated tone. They got out and closed their doors as quietly as possible. They paused a few moments to make sure she didn’t wake then Adam locked the car. “I’ll keep my thoughts open for her okay, I’ll knwo right away if she wakes up”

“thanks man” They walked around back and found a door that with their combined efforts broke down. They walked in hoping all the supplies were here but feeling if they were this was ridiculously negligent of the police force. How many others could have broken in here this easily and used what was so carelessly left.

They were both angry when they found that the room was completely cleared out, that there was only dust left. “What in the hell?”

“Hannah’s power has never failed before, this can’t be right.” They walked around the room and when Adam got to the back wall, the floor beneath his boots sounded different. “Hey there’s something here.” Eric walked over and they began to exam the wall and floor. They found, after a few minutes of inspection, that there was a thin seam along part of the floor and that the trim came loose to reveal a button. Adam pushed it and they moved back a step as part of the floor dropped down then slid back to reveal darkness.

“Asshole, when he said under his house, he meant under under. He found a way around Hannah’s and my power.” Eric probed the darkness with his telepathy and when he detected no living threat he went down first. The minute he touched the floor, lights switched on and Adam hopped down after him.

“Holy shit.” Adam said as he turned this way and that. “He has a whole lab down here.”

“He was probably experimenting on the side to see what chemicals did what.” Eric said angrily then let out a long sigh. “Lets get you hooked up to an IV then and get this over with.”

Adam took a seat in the metallic chair, feeling uncomfortable at the leather straps brushing against his wrists. He didn’t even want to think of the person or people who had been restrained and forced to participate in these experiments. Eric searched through everything, finding a bag of saline and a drawer with needles. He brought it over, hanging the bag the turning to Adam and grabbing his arm. He slipped the needle into the vein at the bend of his elbow then hooked up the bag of saline. He then strapped the restraints around his wrists. “That bad huh?”

“You don’t want to pull the needle out, trust me. I’d just have to find another vein and the stuff I’m going to put in you feels like fire is being injected into you.” Eric turned away and went through all the different chemicals, finding the ones he needed and grabbing a syringe. He went back over to Adam again, opened the syringe and stabbed it into the first bottle. He injected it into the saline, then did the same with the other bottles until the saline was a strange shade of green. “Ready?” He asked.

“Yes, just do it.” Eric opened up the IV and they both watched as the green solution pushed its way through the tube toward Adam’s arm.

It was Adams screaming that woke Hannah. Her heart went into overdrive as she noticed she was alone in the car. She quickly unlocked the door and ran out the car “Adam!” As she came to the door Eric met her “he’s changing. He’ll be okay. I know you remember how much these injections hurt” Eric hugged her “it’ll be okay” she pushed out of his arms and grabbed Adams hand “I’m sorry baby” she sobbed. They weren’t sure if he stopped screaming because he passed out or if he stopped screaming and then passed out but Adam was down for the count “is he okay?”

“yeah, now he’s like us.”

“he’s going to be like you?”


“we should get him in the car and take him home”

“I got him” Eric said as he lifted Adam up. He laid him down in the car then fished the keys out of his pocket. Hannah let her husbands head rest in her lap. She knew he was fine but she was wide awake and worried about him now. He was still unconscious when they arrived back at Lukes home so Eric carried him inside. It was now about three am but Luke and Ivy had waited up “is he okay” Luke whispered “yeah, he should be fine and just like me when he wakes up?”

“Just like you?”

“He’ll have my abilities”

“woah, need help getting him to the bed?”

“No but thanks”

Hannah’s heart was beating fearfully in her chest as she waited for Eric to lay Adam down. The minute he was in bed, she pulled his boots off and crawled in next to him. His body was burning up and she called Eric back just as he started downstairs. “What’s wrong?”

“He has a fever.” She said worriedly and Eric crossed the room to feel Adam’s forehead.

“He’ll be fine, the same thing happened to me when my body was preparing itself for me to raise my own temperature at will.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’ll go away, just give it time.”

“Okay.” He left them alone and she decided to get Adam undressed so he wouldn’t have to sleep in his clothes. She knew he would worry if he found out she had lifted him up to get his shirt off, but she wanted him comfortable. Once she had everything off, she pulled the covers over him and snuggled close, her head resting on his chest. She worried herself into sleep and clung tightly to him, praying he would be okay. When she woke the next morning, she was happy to find his fever had broke and his muscles were no longer tense. She kissed his chest and he groaned, his eyes slowly drifting open. “Adam?”

“Don’t worry so much, I’m fine.” He said and tried to set up, but she pushed him gently back down. He groaned and brought a shaking hand up to rub at his temple. “I can hear too much, you’re so worried.”

“I’m sorry baby, let me get Eric and he can help you turn it down.”

“Don’t leave.” She smiled lovingly down at him and pressed a kiss to his forehead. Right now he was so defenseless, his body exhausted, and his voice sounding sleepy. She couldn’t help but think that her big, tough rancher was incredibly cute in that moment.

“I won’t be long, I promise.”


She was glad to see Eric awake and in the living room “Adams up and he needs you to help with the voices” Eric patted his sons head “I’ll be right back buddy” Eric quickly walked past Hannah and up the stairs. When Hannah came in Eric was already talking to Adam, trying to talk him through blocking out the noise “it helps at first if you just concentrate on one persons thoughts. Do you mind if he uses you Hannah?”

“of course not, concentrate on me until you have good control”

“yeah Adam, try to block out everyones thoughts except your wifes. Once you’re good at that practice blocking it all out so her head can still be hers” Eric stayed up there awhile coaching Adam until he could quiet things down enough to get more rest. “call me if he wants me Hannah” Eric said before exiting the room. Hannah crawled back in bed and cuddled up to Adam “I’ll try to keep my mind as calm as possible for you”

“I’ve got such a headache and no it isn’t your fault. I love you and I need you not to stress or feel bad about things you cant help”

“I just hate you were hurt.”

“I’m fine, I’ll be up and running around before you know it.”

She kissed his chest, trying her best not to worry. “I guess I get to take care of you now.”

“No way, I’ll get up now if you keep talking like that.” He started pushing himself up, absolutely serious.

“Baby, don’t, you need rest.”

“Then no more talk of taking care of me, if I have to rest then you need to keep taking it easy.”

“Adam, I won’t break.” She said with a little laugh.

“Ever since you became mine, all I’ve wanted to do is spoil you and keep you safe. You went through so much pain and agony that I want to fill your life with good memories. So just let me okay.”


“And no more lifting me, I don’t mind sleeping in my clothes.”

Her heart flipped. “I just wanted you comfortable.”

“I know, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They stayed at Luke’s another day, only getting ready to leave when Adam insisted he was fine. They thanked Eric for taking them to change Adam, hugged them all and promised to visit again soon. “Are you happy?” Adam asked as he laced his fingers through hers.

“How could I not be, you’ve been so sweet and gentle and then you go and put yourself through all that pain for me, of course I’m happy.”

He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Me too baby, I’m the happiest man in the world. You’re my angel, my blessing and I couldn’t live without you. Now that I have forever, it’s going to be the most wonderful and beautiful forever.”

“Oh Adam, thank you for saving me.”

“Thank you for loving me.” They rode the rest of the way in happy silence, looking forward to their future as a family.


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