Addie & Magnus 2

Chapter One

“Addie, what happened?” To Magnus it looked like he had been in a fight. His cheek was bruised, his jacket was ripped, and his wrists had marks on them. He was sitting on the porch, looking embarrassed and upset.


“Addie.” He held out his hand and was glad when he took it. He pulled Addie to his feet and tipped his head back to examine the mark on his cheek. “What happened?”

“I was attacked.”

Magnus felt anger quickly rise to the surface. “By who?”

“I’m fine, really, I got away.”

“And these?” He held up Addie’s arm so he could see the dark bruise circling his wrist.

“They pinned me down, I electrocuted them and they let go.” He sighed as he pulled away. “I’m fine, I just lost my key and couldn’t get in.”

Magnus sighed as he unlocked the door and gestured for Addie to go first. “You could have broken in.”

“You could install something that doesn’t require a key.”

Magnus arched an eyebrow and Addie looked away. “Any other day I would tease you for snapping at me.” He dropped his keys and went into the kitchen, found a dishcloth and put some ice in it. He handed it over to Addie who pressed it against his face. “Why did they attack you?”

“Because they recognized me.”

“Where did this happen?”

“Don’t, Magnus.”

“Don’t what?”

“Kill anyone.”

“I was thinking more beating them into the ground.”

Addie swallowed. “You don’t have to make such a big deal out of it, okay.”

“You are my guest, Addie, under my protection. No one should be laying a hand on you, not heroes, not other villains, and certainly not a group of idiotic humans who think they have the right to hurt you.” He sighed. “What do you want me to do then?”

“Let it go.” He swallowed. “I just won’t go out alone anymore.” He lowered the rag. “I should have known better, I just felt restless.”

“Restless?” He smiled. “How surprising?”

“I told you I’m going to try and be less broody. I wanted to go out.”

Magnus moved closer, chuckling when Addie’s heart skipped in his chest. He really wanted to kiss him and he really wanted to end those bastards who had touched him, instead he said, “How about we go out of town for a few days?”

Addie was relieved to hear Magnus suggest it. Partly because he felt Magnus was really just going to let this go and partly because he really was tired of being home all the time. “did you have anywhere in mind?”

“No but I’m sure Google can help us figure out something fun. In fact, why don’t you just sit down, hold that ice to your face and I’ll figure out something so it can be a surprise for you”

“Thank you Magnus”

“You deserve to be taken somewhere fun, you’ve been through so much and you definitely dont deserve what happened to you. It sickens me after all the good you’ve done an accident has made everyone hate you.”

“I’m not the first hero. They expect us to be perfect and up until I fell in their eyes I even thought it was just”

“Just relax okay?”


Addie relaxed on the couch, switching on the TV to help take his mind off what had happened. He was relieved the attack hadn’t been able to escalate beyond a simple beating and he was sure those men would be telling all of their friends it had been his fault. He sighed and told himself it didn’t matter, he had a place to stay and even had Magnus now. He just hated he had bruises. Magnus went through a list of vacation places he thought Addie would like and smiled when he came across Colmar, France. He went ahead and booked a flight to the closest city then looked at hotels in Colmar and got their rooms. Once he had everything ready, he went back to Addie.

“Where are we going?” Addie asked as Magnus dropped down on the couch next to him.

“I already said it’s a surprise, Addie.”

“I’m injured, Magnus, you should at least give me a hint.”

Magnus grinned. “A hero playing dirty, how surprising.”


He chuckled. “Just know there will be wine.”

Magnus hated he couldn’t get a flight sooner than he had. He was taking Addie somewhere incredibly romantic and honestly, he absolutely had to tell him how he felt. This trip could be the perfect way to do that but he planned on confessing his feelings during their last day there. He was fairly certain Addie shared his feelings but just incase, he didn’t want to mess up the trip. He could already imagine Addie drunk on wine, it would be incredibly adorable. He chuckled and Addie looked over at him confused “Oh, nothing” Addie decided not to press Magnus about why he chuckled.

Despite his poor attitude and them once being enemies not only had this demon opened his home to him but was now taking him on a trip. Addie wondered how much money Magnus had spent on him during his stay. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to pay him back completely once he was living his own life, if he ever could live his own life since he felt more hated than the villains at this point.

Magnus insisted on making dinner and when Addie tried to help, Magnus just shook his head and shooed him away. “You need to be relaxing.”

“I feel lazy Magnus, I should be helping out.”

Magnus chuckled. “You know I don’t mind, I enjoy taking care of you.”

Addie sighed. “I know, it’s just, I should be doing more.”

“So stubborn.” He turned and looked at Addie. “How about you start packing while I cook, kill two birds with one stone.”

“How long are we going to be gone?”

“How long do you want to be gone?”

“It depends on how long your evil empire can spare you.”

Magnus grinned. “Are you teasing me, Addie?”

Addie blushed. He was, he was actually teasing Magnus. “Maybe.”

“Alright, how about you pack for a week then we’ll see how it goes. Suitcases are in my closet.”

“Do you want me to pack for you too?”

“If you want to and then I want you to relax, no more arguing with me. If I have to, I will tie you up.”

He decided Magnus just might do it so he hurried to Magnus’s closet and grabbed the suitcases to pack for them. He did his own first, knowing it would be easier to pack for himself. He set his bag by the front door then went into Magnus’s room, opening his closet to decide on shirts. He decided just to go with his favorites. There were some he definitely looked better in than others. Was that just teasing himself, sure but it was an easy way to decide on clothes. He then packed him all the other essentials before taking the second bag to the front door.

Now that their stuff was packed he peeked back into the kitchen “I’m done”

“am I going to have to tie you up?”

“nn no, I’ll go back to watching tv”

Addie blushed all the way back to the couch, his heart beating a little too fast. He wondered if that was why Magnus was such a good villain. He was honest and charming and threatened you with a smile. He remembered how frustrating that had been when they used to fight, the way he always seemed so amused. Now, the more time he spent with him, the more endearing he became. Magnus called him when dinner was ready and they talked about their day, Addie doing his best to keep the conversation away from his attack. He could tell Magnus was still mad about it.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me where you were attacked?” Magnus asked as they cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.

“There’s no reason for you to get in a fight over me.” Addie answered as he wiped down the table. When he turned around, Magnus was standing right in front of him and he froze as he looked up into his eyes.

“There is every reason to get in a fight over you, Addie, especially when someone treats you bad.” He reached up and gently touched the bruise on Addie’s cheek. “You’re far too kind and forgiving.” He sighed. “I’ll stop asking, I just really want to hit the one who gave you this.”

“I know, but please let it go.”

“I’ll try, but next time I’m setting them on fire.”

Addie smiled, unable to help himself. “I understand, next time I might let you.”

Magnus stared into Addies eyes a few moments, admiring him while fighting off the intense urge to kiss him. The next day they were in Colmar, France and Addie could barely believe it, he hadn’t expected to be taken somewhere like this. They soon hailed one of the cabs already at the airport and were taken to their hotel, once they had checked in and were putting their bags down Magnus asked “do you like your surprise?”

“Yeah…thank you”

“This place seemed amazing and you’ve been through so much. I wanted this trip to be amazing, even if we have to deal with a pretty big time difference”

“Yeah, it definitely feels like 1 in the afternoon and not seven at night” Addies heart stuttered when Magnus was touching his cheek again. He had known the demon would care but it was bothering him much more than he expected.

“Does it still hurt?”

“No…no it’s fine.”

“Fine isn’t perfect, Addie, may I?”

“Um…sure.” He was a little started when Magnus rested his palm against his cheek and warmth started radiating from it. It helped the small ache that still remained there, but gave Addie goosebumps.


“Yeah, thank you.”

Magnus stroked his thumb over Addie’s cheek before dropping his hand and giving him a smile. “Now, would you like to check out the nightlife or are you too tired? You know I’ll do whatever you want.”

“We should go out, maybe get some food and I’m not really tired.”


They decided on a restaurant called La Table du Brocanteur. It didn’t even open until late so this was the perfect time to try it. Once they were seated they both noticed it had a homey feel. It was as if they had gone to someones house to eat with them. They even had menus for them in English so they wouldn’t struggle to figure out what they wanted. Overall eating there turned out to be an amazing experience, a perfect start to what Magnus hoped would be a perfect trip.

They mostly walked around that evening but once in the hotel Magnus began researching things to do with Addie, talking to him about a few. They agreed they’d start tomorrow with the Bartholdi Museum. They learned from a blog post Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was born in Colmar France. He was the man who made Americas Statue of Liberty and this museum held his other work. They both felt like they absolutely had to see it while they were here so at 10am, right when they opened they were standing in front of it, eager to explore.

Upon entering they wound up in a small courtyard with a beautiful statue of four women holding the world. A guide was with him and they pointed out the next set of door they’d walk through, explaining they have been declared a historic landmark unto themselves. Magnus adored the look on Addies face as he admired the original models for both the Statue of Liberty and the Lion of Belfort when they got to them. It was crazy to see such big things so small. They took their time walking around all three flours of this amazing tribute to an amazing artist.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Addie?” Magnus asked as they exited the museum and headed down the street.

“Yes, this place is amazing, thank you.”

“You never have to thank me, I’m happy to take you anywhere you want to go, do anything you want to do. All you have to do is ask.”

“You already do enough as it is.”

“You know I don’t mind.”

His smile had Addie blushing and his heart tripping over itself. “Uh…where to now?”

“Let’s walk around Old Town. All of the buildings are originals that have been restored and I think you’d like them.”

“That sounds amazing.”

“You’re so easy, Addie. I’m happy you agreed to come here with me.”

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, Magnus.”

Magnus smiled, his heart dancing. He decided to allow himself to take Addies hand, relief filling him when Addie seemed fine with it. He was a demon, but even with heightened senses it was terrifying to be so taken with someone. He could push too much and make Addie push away. Magnus wound up correct about Addie liking Old Town, who wouldn’t? It was beautiful. Addie almost wanted to walk the entire thing first but time management wise it made more sense to go ahead and go in where they wanted and Addie wanted to see as much of Colmar as he could.

The first place they ended up entering was the Unterlinden Museum. As with the last museum Addie wanted to know everything about it. He learned that this had once been an old convent, built to house a Dominican order in the 13th century. He couldn’t believe all the different types of art within. The museum displayed collections of popular and decorative art from Alsace and the Upper Rhine, dating from the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance, as well as collections of archaeology, sacred art and modern art.

It was a little startling to see the mummified head of Peter Von Hagenbach, even when he read the mans history. He had apparently been a violent, brutal and ruthless man. An incredibly interesting piece within the Unterlinden Museum was the Isenhiem Altarpiece. Neither Magnus nor Addie could believe the detail. An excited girl who looked to be about college age began rambling about it to them. She told them about the creator Matthias Grünewald and about the hope this piece of art held for people back when it was created. Many were suffering from gangrenous ergotism and they hoped this piece of art would bring some healing.

“Everything about this place is so amazing, Magnus.” Addie said once they were outside again. “I could spend all day just walking the streets.”

“But there’s so much more for us to see.” He took possession of Addie’s hand again. “Let’s check out some shops, you can buy whatever you like.”

“You don’t have to spend so much money on me, you’ve already paid for this trip and everything else.”

“Let me spoil you. You can pay me back by getting drunk with me during a wine walk.”

“I don’t know if that’d be such a good idea.”

“Why not? Afraid to let loose?”

“No, just…I don’t know.”

“Have you ever done anything that didn’t center around being a hero?”

“Not really, I mean other than living with my arch nemesis.”

“Then I insist that you throw caution to the wind at least once.”

Chapter Two

While Addie browsed shops Magnus was busy looking for a good wine walk to go on. He was surprised by how many there were, it made it hard to decide at first but then he reminded himself they were here an indefinite amount of time, at least until he could confess his feelings so there wasn’t too much pressure to pick the right one, they could always go on another, another day. He decided they could just continue exploring where they were today and tomorrow they would take the wine tour that would take eight hours. It would be the perfect way to spend their day tomorrow. “I bought us tickets to a wine walk tomorrow”

“when will it be?”

“we’ll just have time for breakfast before it starts”

“That’s early for alcohol.”

Magnus chuckled. “You’ll be safe with me, Addie and I’m sure we won’t be having that much. In fact my innocent little hero, we may even find something we like. Please?”

It took Addie a moment to realize that Magnus was giving him puppy dog eyes. He was so shocked it took him a moment to speak, “Okay, morning it is then.”

“Are you sure, I can cancel.”

“Don’t, I want to, really. I’m excited, nervous, but excited.”

“Good, come on, I want some pastries.”

Addie let Magnus guide him, unable to help but study the demon as they walked. It wasn’t fair how he always managed to get his way. Even when they had first started living together, he had always talked Addie into anything. Now that he thought about it, it was actually pretty endearing. Even with all of the villainy he had done, he’d come to find Magnus was actually a really amazing person.

They bought a couple different ones to enjoy together. They were all amazing but they both favored the Paris–Brest the best “wow” Addie couldn’t help but say out loud. Magnus chuckled “we’ll have to learn how to make it. Probably wont be this good at first but we’ll get the hang of it”

“yeah, It’s so good. I hadn’t tried any of these desserts before just now”

“Not even Macrons?”


“I’m glad I could have some firsts with you Addie” There was something to his voice that had Addie blushing again. After a few moments of their eyes gazing into one anothers Magnus finally broke off and ordered more Paris–Brest “we have that mini fridge in our room so we may as well stow away more to enjoy. Maybe it could be a late night snack on nights we can’t sleep”

That night, Addie really couldn’t sleep, his mind too restless. He turned over, his eyes drawn to Magnus who was sleeping soundly in his own bed. He stirred a little and Addie froze, wondering if the demon had heard him, and was relieved when he settled back down. Adoring, gentle, and kind weren’t words Addie would have used to describe Magnus until living with him and they were even more true now. He let out a soft sigh. He needed to admit that he was actually starting to fall for the demon. Addie knew he needed to actually get some sleep or Magnus would reprimand him, so he closed his eyes and allowed himself to relax.

“Addie, it’s time to get up.” Magnus’s fingers swept over his forehead, pushing his hair back and Addie felt his face heat when he found himself looking up at him. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” He sat up and Magnus smiled at him. “What?”

“Just how adorable you look when you’re such a mess.”

“Oh shut up. I’m beginning to think you have some sort of power that helps you always look perfect.”

“It’s called getting up before you.”

“How long have you been up?”

“A couple of hours.”

“we aren’t going to be late are we?” Addie asked as he sat up. “No, I wanted you to get enough rest so I grabbed us some breakfast and brought it here. We have plenty of time to eat together and for you to get ready.” Addie started to get up to change but Magnus grabbed his hand “eat with me first. You look fine” Addie blushed, his heart skipping a beat as it so often did now. Magnus smiled, noticing how Addie was reacting to him. “You know, I find you most adorable in the mornings”

“You’re such a tease” Addie stated as he sat back down. “Maybe I am but have you ever considered that I might mean it with you?” Magnus had almost struggled to keep his voice smooth as he said those words. This was early, far too early in this trip to confess his feelings but the words were tumbling out of him. However, Addie avoided the looming conversation by just starting to eat instead of responding.

Addie’s heart was hammering loudly in his chest as he ate his breakfast then went and showered and dressed. He knew he should have said something to Magnus, but he had been so surprised that he had purposefully distracted himself. Magnus’s eyes moved looked him over when he came out and when Addie blushed, Magnus grinned. “Ready?”

“Yeah, um Magnus?”


Addie opened his mouth, but couldn’t say what he wanted to. Instead he said, “Just thank you again for bringing me here.”

“Of course, Addie, anything for you.” He reached out and took Addie’s hand. “Being here with you makes me incredibly happy, don’t forget that.”

Addie looked up at Magnus a few moments then nervously asked “we should go right?”

“yeah” When the tour began Addie couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was. He was only taken out of it at all by this whiney couple who had apparently missed on the website where it told them they’d need comfortable shoes. They were definitely going to have blisters after this but they would be their own fault. They seemed to annoy Magnus more than himself. After the first stop to taste wine the couple couldn’t even dampen how amazing this was.

Not only was the natural beauty amazing to them but they were also passing through quaint villages. The tour guide even had cute stories about each one. Over all it proved to be another absolutely amazing day. That evening when they returned to their room Addie asked Magnus “How am I supposed to pay you back for all this. I heard how much that was today from one of the other groups”

“Your company is all I need Addie. I’ll say that as many times as I need to”

“But how is that enough?” Magnus knew this was the perfect opening, he may not get another so screw it being too early, he was going to tell him how he felt.

“Isn’t it obvious Addie?” He took his hand, pulling him closer. “Don’t you know why I do so much for you?” He leaned down, hearing Addie’s heart stutter at how close he was. “I love you, Addie.”

“You do?” Addie asked softly.

“Oh yes, more than anything.” He let his hands come up to hold Addie’s face. “I want you and only you Addie.”

“Magnus I…”

Magnus kissed him, wanting at least that should Addie turn him down. A moan slipped past his lips and he made himself pull back before he went too far. They were both flushed and a little breathless and when Addie’s eyelids fluttered open, Magnus’s heart skipped in his chest. For the first time in his life he feared rejection. “I love you Addie.” He said again.

Addie was only silent as long as he was because his mind was a mess. Once he could pull himself together he said “I’ve been falling in love with you too Magnus…I…I would have never thought I could feel this way about you but…you’re nothing like I thought you were when I was a hero. You’re so sweet and I can’t believe I’m saying this but he way you tease me is kind of endearing. You’re…amazing and I can’t believe you have feelings for me too” Magnus began kissing him again, this one far more hungry but he still was careful. He didn’t want to mess this up.

They were breathless once more when Magnus stopped “I’ve wanted to do that so long”

“I…I can tell”

“Lets stay here and just get lost in one another awhile Addie. I want you all to myself” Addie was a deep red at this point and Magnus chuckled “I love you Addie” he said with a wide smile.

~ The End

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