Ade & Pricilla

Chapter One

Ade watched Pricilla from across the room, his ears filling with her laughter. He watched as she talked to a group of men at her after party and felt instantly jealous. He had been coming to see her for a few months to practice his magic under the supervision of his father and Nyx and in that span of time he had started to desire more than just friendship. His heart danced whenever he saw her, he warmed at her smile and just the slightest touch of her hand. He sighed. He feared his feelings were more lust than love, after all his father was an incubus.

“Ade.” Her voice calling his name snapped him to attention and he heard her excuse herself as she crossed the room to him. “What are you doing over here by yourself?”

“I’m not a party person.”

She smiled. “Would you be for me?”


“I have a favor to ask.”

“Okay, is everything alright?”

She nodded. “Yes of course, but I’ve been asked to fly to France to perform over there, apparently someone thinks my acting is amazing and would like me to star in a play. I was wondering if you’d be my escort.”


“Of course, I have more fun with you than anyone and I know you’d never let anything happen to me. What do you say? I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable enough to go if you won’t come along.” He couldn’t help but smile. He hoped he wasn’t being vane but she must really want him to go with her for Pricilla to say she wouldn’t be comfortable enough to go without him. She was a strong woman who knew her beauty and knew how to be fierce when she needed to be. Blaise had countless stories of her sticking up for him no matter what the person picking at him looked like. Pricilla had fire and she most certainly didn’t need a man to make her feel comfortable traveling. He was pretty sure if some stranger messed with her he would regret the very moment he even thought of it.

“If it truly does mean that much to you I’d be happy to go. Will it be just us?”

“I’m pretty sure I only need one escort but I’m not saying you can’t bring anybody” She wondered if she was sounding stupid. She wanted to be alone with him, especially in a romantic place like France but she didn’t want to sound eager to be alone with him.”I was just clarifying” he said almost nervously. Alone with a goddess like Pricilla. He was questioning himself in so many ways but he wasn’t a coward, he wouldn’t hide from his care for her nor his elation she wanted him as an escort. He had concerns but he’d kill himself before he did anything to coerce or harm her.

“well we leave in two days then Ade” she hugged him as she so often did then walked away.

After the party, he saw her to her car and didn’t head to his until he was sure she was on the road. His father had insisted on getting him his own so he could travel freely. Learning to drive had been quite the experience, but he found it was more convenient than walking in this world. He went straight to his father’s home, wondering what he and Nyx would say about him traveling alone to another country with Pricilla. “Ade, you’re home.” Nyx said the moment he entered the living room.

“Oh, you’re still up. That’s good. Is dad around?”

“Did something happen?” She asked as she sat her sketchbook down.

“No, I just wanted to run something by you guys.”

Nyx called for Techne and he came running downstairs, looking ready to pounce. “Whoa, down boy, it’s just Ade.”

“Sorry.” He looked embarrassed as he crossed over to her and lifted her so he could set down. He re-positioned her on his lap, his hand instantly falling to her rounded belly. “What’s going on, is everything okay?”

“Yeah.” Ade undid his tie as he sat down. “Pricilla asked me to go to France with her as an escort. I wanted to know if you two thought it would be safe.”

“Ade, you’re an adult.” Nyx replied with a little laugh.

“And you’ve become very good at focusing your powers and learning to use them responsibly. It’s not like you’d use them on anyone unless you needed to or were asked.”

“Why would someone ask?”

Nyx giggled. “Sorry, curiosity.”

Ade looked between them. “Oh, I see.” He didn’t know why he was suddenly blushing. He cleared his throat. “So, it’s okay then?”

“Of course, go have fun in France.”

As Ade stood his father said “don’t look so nervous. Youre a good incubus. You can be trusted with Pricilla.” He still battled some self hatred for what he was though he was far more cofmortable with himself now. It was just hard when it came to her. Pricilla meant so much and he never wanted to do something that would make her hate him. He went to his room and packed a bag before texting Pricilla for more information about their trip. She called him seconds later “you know I prefer talking Ade”


“You sound nervous..do you not want to go?”

“I do, I really do, I’m fine. I’m just tired”

“Oh okay, it’ll be a lot of fun. I’m excited”

“I guess, I’ll see you in two days then.”

“Good night, Ade, sweet dreams.”

“Sweet dreams.” He couldn’t believe how nervous he was. His father seemed to ooze confidence, but here he was a complete and utter mess. He packed his bag then took it and sat it next to the front door. He knew he had two days, but he didn’t want to forget anything. His father and Nyx were on the couch watching a movie together and he paused for a brief moment, taking them in. He was so loving towards her and he wondered if he would have a chance to be that way with Pricilla. He headed back upstairs to his room and got in bed, falling asleep to thoughts of his pink haired goddess. Two days couldn’t pass fast enough and his both his father and Nyx saw him off, telling him again to relax and have fun and to tell Pricilla they said congratulations.

He met Pricilla at the gate they’d be departing from. He smiled as she once again greeted him with a hug. It wasn’t supposed to take much longer but their flight wound up getting delayed. It wasn’t so bad with Pricilla around though. They just talked until they could finally board and even after getting on she talked to him until she grew sleepy “could I lay my head on your shoulder for a bit?” She asked and he was glad she couldn’t hear his heart accelerate “sure” Pricilla cuddled up to him and slowly drifted to sleep. It meant a lot to Ade how much she trusted, how easily she’d get close. Ade closed his eyes and savored her contact.

Pricilla woke when the food and drink carts were making their rounds and checked her phone. “Wow I slept longer than I meant too.” She said as she stretched. “You haven’t been bored have you?”

“No, I dozed for a bit so no worries. How long until we land?”

“Three hours.”

“Want to watch a movie then?”

She smiled, looking all the more radiant. “I’d love to.”

They chose a movie and she rested her head back on his shoulder, her arms winding around his so she was as close as she could get. He wondered if she could hear his thundering heart or feel the heat of his blush. He had never been so captivated by another person in his life and it troubled him that he might mess up their relationship in some way. Now they were going to France, the most romantic country in the world from what he had heard. How could he not tell her?

She stayed close to him the remainder of the flight, loving having an excuse to be. When they got off Ade asked “so how are we getting to the hotel?”

“Look for a sign with my name on it. They said they sent a driver for me.” Ade helped her look and they soon found the right man. He took them to their hotel and gave Pricilla a card “I am yours for your entire stay weather it be for work or pleasure. I am in this hotel so when you call I’ll be here quickly”

“Thanks” He gave her a half bow and left them alone. “One room?” Ade asked and Pricilla giggled “I don’t bite, I swear” she gestured to the beds “there are two beds” he blushed “Okay”

“If you don’t like being in the room with me it’s okay, I’m sure they’ll give me a second room” she seemed a little hurt and it upset him “I didn’t mean it like that, I was just surprised”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s fine, I promise.” He sat his suitcase down next to the chest of drawers. When he turned around she was standing right there, her eyes peering deeply into his. “What?”

“You’re red are you embarrassed?”

“Well, a little. I mean the only women I’ve been alone with are my mother and Nyx so I guess I’m just not used to it.”

She smiled. “You would think after using your power on me so much you would be comfortable with me. I mean if that’s not bonding, I don’t know what is.”

“Sorry, I’m really happy to be here with you, I’ve never been to France.”

“Good, come on, I need to check in at the theater then we can explore a bit.”


Their driver took them to the theater where Ade watched her socialize with everyone there. He felt jealous again but didn’t say anything. He wasn’t even her boyfriend, he had no right. Even if they were together, he’d never allow himself to be a dick about her talking to people. She would always be in the spotlight and adored, it was her life and what she did made her happy, the socializing made her happy and he’d be the last to take away happiness from Pricilla. When they left she said “lets find food, I’m starving. That plane crap was gross”

“where would you like to go”

“Lets just walk, I’ll let the smells guide me”

“sounds good to me Pricilla” he spoke softer than he intended to and it caused him to blush again. He was just so happy now that he had her to himself. She noticed but let it go, deciding not to tease him too much this trip. About thirty minuets later Pricilla tugged him into a cute little restaurant and they looked over the menu, Pricilla helping him figure out what was on it. “I didn’t know you knew french” he said after she had given the waiter their order “It helps when trying to find jobs to know other languages. I use Roessta stone when I have time. I’m currently working on German in my spare time”

“why didn’t you mention it” she shrugged “I’m not very braggy, you know that”

“You’re amazing enough you don’t need to brag. How great you are just shines” he internally groaned “you didn’t just say that to her” Pricilla gave him such a genuine smile he felt less awkward for being such a flirt. He meant it but flirting was embarrassing for him. Their food took awhile but it was well worth the wait “see, I always trust my nose more than following reviews”

“yeah, I think I’ll let you pick for every meal”

“Good, you’re a smart man”

Chapter Two

They enjoyed their food, chatting happily about what they wanted to see while they were there. He didn’t really have a plan since he didn’t know anything about France, so he just went with what she wanted. He loved how excited she was and looked forward to exploring when she wasn’t readying for her play. “So what part are you playing exactly?”

“The lead of course.”

He smiled. “I don’t know why I even asked, you’re so amazing when you’re on the stage, of course you’d get the lead.” He internally rolled his eyes, thinking he sounded like an idiot.

“Only on stage?”

He blushed. “N…no of course not, always.”

“You can act so cute sometimes.”

“Well…I…so what kind of play is it?”

She giggled. “A romantic tragedy.”


“Lots of kissing and dying and crying, you know very Romeo and Juliet.”

Kissing, that word hit him like a brick wall. She knew actors and actress’s often had to kiss other actors and actress’s but he hadn’t been forced to watch her do it yet and he didn’t know if he could contain himself. However, he was determined to. Once again he reminded himself this was her dream, what made her happy. He was nothing more than a friend and had to be an adult about what her job would have her do. Maybe he would be lucky, maybe the tragedy would be whomever her lover would be dieing majorly early on in the play.

She started talking to Ade about the plot and he listened attentively. The story sounded gut wrenching and he had to admit he was a bit eager to see her play it out despite the fact she’d be kissing another man. They ordered dessert they had sat there talking so long. They both felt it was only right since they were taking up space in the establishment. It turned out just as amazing as the meal, if not more so.

Though she didn’t often read reviews first she made sure to leave one as they left their restaurant. They walked around awhile more then headed back to their room, both needing rest for the things tomorrow had in store for them. “I’m going to shower first if you don’t mind Ade”

“go ahead, I’ll do my stretches” nightly he would do a series of stretches before going to sleep. It was a ritual he had done most nights for many years now.

Pricilla couldn’t help but smile and shake her head. There was something about Ade, something sweet and genuine that she couldn’t help but fall in love with. She grabbed her nightgown and went into the bathroom, getting the water started and then stripping as it heated up. She stepped under the warm spray, humming as she washed her hair and body, her mind drifting to the incubus just on the other side of the bathroom door.

Ade flopped back onto the bedroom floor and stared up at the ceiling, his ears automatically tuning in to Pricilla. He could hear her humming, the tune light and upbeat. He closed his eyes, losing himself in all that was her, her heart beat, her voice, her scent which had already filled the hotel room. He wanted her, really wanted her and it made him nervous. His father and Nyx didn’t seem concerned with his power, they trusted and believed in him, but he couldn’t help but worry it might seep out and into his relationship with Pricilla. He wondered if using it so much on her for practice had hurt her in any way. He laid there thinking for so long he didn’t realize she was done showering until she opened the bathroom door and stepped out.

“Did you fall down?” She asked with an amused smile.

“No, I was just doing a full body stretch.” He said as he got up.

“Looked almost like sleeping.”

“Well looks can be deceiving.” He let his eyes move quickly over her. She looked cute in her pink nightgown with bunnies all over it.

“Shower’s free.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’ll be quick.” He walked into the bathroom then immediately came back out and pulled a pair of sweats out of his suitcase. “Now, I’ll be quick.”

She giggled at him thinking he was the most adorable demon she had ever known. He probably would win worlds sweetest Incubus hands down if there were such a competition. She settled into her bed, originally planning to wait on him and talk a little more but next thing she knew it was morning and her alarm was going off. Ade bolted upward “woah, calm down” she said in a sleepy tone “sorry” she rubbed her face as she said “it’s okay, can you order us some breakfast from room service while I get myself together for the day?”

“yeah, no problem. What do you want?”

“whatever you get is fine”

“You sure?”

“yeah, just order the same thing for the two of us.”

He started going over the menu and he remembered he had no idea what it said. He sighed, but he didn’t want to bother her when she was in the bathroom. “Damn it.” He mumbled under his breath as he picked up the phone and called room service. He was relieved when the guy who answered spoke English. He managed to order something without much trouble and thanked the guy for be so patient with him. He just laughed and said it wasn’t the first time he’d had to help a tourist. Ade breathed out a sigh of relief, but jumped when Pricilla opened the bathroom door. “Breakfast is on the way.”

“Awesome, I’m starving and I forgot my tights.” She walked over to her suitcase and he took her in while she wasn’t looking. He didn’t understand how she could always be so beautiful. When she turned back around he quickly looked away, blushing. “I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

“Okay, no rush.”

When she came out he took clothes in the bathroom to ready himself. He was just coming out when their food came and Pricilla practically ran to the door. She laughed at herself and the amused way Ade was looking at her as the waiter left, leaving them the cart. “I woke up starving, I’m sorry”

“No, it was cute” he said shyly which made her giggle again. They ate then headed over to the theatre for Pricilla’s first day getting ready for her role. They met her love interest right away and it made Ade’s heart twist in his chest a bit. Why did he have to be so handsome? Looking at this man it was like they had specifically went out and found the most attractive french man they could get and this, THIS was the man she’d be kissing and getting close to. Did he, a much less better looking man and Incubus on top of that have a chance a tall now.

“Nice to meet you Ade” the words brought him back and he shook the mans hand. “Nice to meet you too…”

“Ade, I just said his name was Absolon”

“sorry, you too Absolon”

“it’s okay, it is morning, we are all just waking up”

Ade sat in the front row as he watched Pricilla and the other actors practicing. She was beautiful, so perfect with her time, with the way she moved and pitched her voice. He could watch her do this all day. His eyes moved to the man playing her love interest and he felt the stirrings of jealousy. He sighed, wishing he was the only one who got to kiss Pricilla and immediately hating himself for being so childish. His eyes were back on her as she spoke and his heart fluttered in his chest when she glanced at him. He was so madly in love with her. The director called for a break and he stood, meeting Pricilla at the edge of the stage. She held out her arms and he helped her down, taking a moment to savor the closeness. He knew he wouldn’t be getting much of it, especially when her attention would be on preparing for her role.

“So, any good or did I totally suck?” She asked.

“You could never suck, you’re always perfect. You’re so beautiful and graceful when you’re up there, I almost miss the other actors.” Her cheeks reddened and he felt like he may have overstepped.

“Wow, thank you Ade, you’re so sweet, but Absolon is way better than me, I mean did you see how he hit his cues.”

“That’s bull.” She looked surprised at his raised voice and he resisted the urge to groan. “Sorry, it’s just you shouldn’t talk down about yourself, I’ve never seen someone as amazing as you on stage, you draw everyone’s eye to you without even trying. You captivate people, I’ve seen it.”

Pricilla hugged him and he heard her heart rate pick up. Now he wasn’t quite so embarrassed. They stayed a bit longer then left to grab a quick dinner “why are you in such a hurry Pricilla?”

“Well, if it was fine with you I wanted to go to Th Temple of Love. I’ve heard it’s gorgeous there at sunset. We have a few more hours, we can make it if we hurry. Do you want to go with me?” The name of the place made him nervous “I’d love to” he answered anyway. “Yay!” she sounded so happy, he was glad he agreed. He wondered if that might be a good place to confess his feelings. She told him everything she knew about where they were going right up until they made it. Sunset was now only a half hour away and it already was gorgeous there.

“Wow, look at this place, it’s so amazing.” He watched as Pricilla ran her hands over one of the pillars. “I never thought I’d be here and even better I’m here with you.” She smiled at him and his heart skipped a beat. “Thank you for coming with me, you didn’t have too, but you did and I’m so happy.”

“Me too.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

He moved to stand beside her and they both looked out, taking in the gorgeous view. It really was beautiful here and he was with the most amazing woman. He kept glancing at her, trying to gather the courage to tell her how he felt, but his cowardice stopped him. It was frustrating and he struggled with himself. He took a deep breath and turned to face her. If he didn’t say something now, he might never say it. “Pricilla?”

“Yeah?” She looked up at him and he found himself falling into those gorgeous violet orbs.


She tiptoed up and pressed a kiss to his lips, surprising him so he pulled back, his face hot and his heart hammering hard in his chest. She blushed, giggling and pressed her face into his shirt. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“N…no, don’t apologize, please don’t ever apologize.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile and you looked about read to explode.”

“You knew?”

She looked up at him. “I hoped.”

He was so relieved “could we kiss again?” she smiled and pressed their lips together once more. He held her this time, softly moving his lips against hers in utter bliss. They stayed there the rest of the evening and when they arrived back at their hotel Pricilla asked Ade “would you cuddle me tonight? I know I can trust you wont try anything”

“Thank you” she just smiled at him and they cuddled up to eachother in her bed once they were changed into their night garments. When her alarmed blared the next morning she snoozed it “hey”

“I’m not going anywhere” she said as she got a little closer. He smiled, he wanted to stay like this too but he knew she’d regret blowing off practice. “This is a big part, we can cuddle after” she groaned and he chuckled happily. “come now, go get ready and I’ll order us food again”

“You’ll make it up to me later then?”

“I’ll spoil you to your hearts content.”

She smiled, giving him a quick kiss then jumping up and grabbing some clothes before disappearing into the bathroom. He just lay there looking up at the ceiling, his eyes closed as he soaked up this blissful moment. He was really with her, she was really his. He couldn’t believe it, it was almost like a dream. He smiled as he got up and grabbed the phone and menu, ordering them both a palmier and some coffee. He laid back down on the bed and was still laying there when room service showed up and he let them wheel the tray in. She came out of the bathroom not long after, smiling lovingly at him as she sat down to enjoy her meal with him.

“So far you’re two for two with picking out breakfast.”

“I can’t take all the credit, the people in the kitchen are incredibly helpful.”

“Still, you’ve picked good food.”

“well you need something good to start you off before rehearsal”

“I’m a lot less nervous today.”

“Good, you shouldn’t be nervous. You were born to act Pricilla”

“stop flirting”

“I mean it” she wore a huge grin as she ate. As they had done yesterday they had the driver take them to the theater where she rehearsed until they were let go for the day. Weeks past and it grew harder and harder to watch Absolon with his mate but he endured it, even more determined not to ruin how happy this all made her. It was the night before the first real performance that Pricilla took Ade aside “hey, I love you Ade”

“I love you too”

“Absolon doesn’t mean a thing to me. I know you try to hide it but I’ve still seen how jealous you are”

“I’m sorry”

“don’t be, you’ve been a gentleman about it. I just want to make sure you know it’s all for the play. I love you and only you” Ade gently caressed her cheek “I know, I hope tonight goes amazing and you get many more big jobs. I want you to be happy and I know what acting means to you” Pricilla appreciated his support more than she could express and with that taken care of she could have a clear head for tonight. She just couldn’t go up there thinking she was upsetting Ade.

Ade waited patiently as Pricilla got ready, checking his phone over and over because he didn’t want her to be late for her performance. She deserved a perfect night. When she stepped out of the bathroom, his jaw dropped. She was so gorgeous. “You’re going to catch flies.” She said as she moved closer.

“Sorry, it’s just wow.”


“Yeah, but you’re always beautiful.” He reached up, stroking her cheek. He loved the feel of her skin. “We should hurry.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” She gave him a kiss before lacing her fingers with his and leaving.

When they got to the theater, he gave her a quick kiss then went inside while she headed back stage. As usual she had a seat saved for him in the front row and he hurried to it, excited to see her on stage again. He could hear people talking about her, about the girl from America. Some were wondering who she was and if she was any good. He wanted to go and tell them how wonderful she was, but that would mean admitting he was eavesdropping.

Ade was completely captivated once again by Pricilla when the performance started. She was perfect, falling into her role with ease. When it was over he lead the standing ovation and he adored how happy his mate seemed. She did so well the same men who invited her to do this play asked her to return in a few months to start prepping for another “Any excuse to come back! You can count me in” she replied excitedly. In the hotel that night she confirmed with Ade that was okay “I can cancel if you mind”

“I’m happy for you, of course we’ll come back”

Pricilla’s arms wrapped around his neck and he couldn’t help but smile at her having to tip toe to kiss him. “Don’t laugh, it’s not my fault I’m so short.”

“You’re just so cute sometimes.”

“Only sometimes?”

Ade felt his cheeks warm. “I didn’t mean…of course you’re always cute, I just meant…”

Pricilla started laughing and gave him another kiss. “I’m kidding, I know what you meant. You don’t have to worry about offending me, I’m not just going to up and leave you. I love you, Ade.”

“I just worry, especially with me being what I am. I’m afraid of inadvertently hurting you, I mena it would kill me if I did.”

“Ade, I already know what you’re capable of and I’m not worried. You being an incubus, it’s just another part of you I love, that’s not going to change.”

He felt relieved but he didn’t know if the worry would ever leave him. She was so precious, so important to him and he would do his best to be the man she deserved despite what he was born as. They enjoyed the last few days of their trip then happily went home to tell Nyx and his father they were together now. They were both overjoyed and teased them about it taking a long time for the inevitable to happen. It felt amazing to be home and to be home as the proud boyfriend of Pricilla Owens. He knew she’d own his heart for all eternity and his life was about to get a lot better because of it.

~ The End

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