Adelyn & Enola

Chapter One

Adelyn raised her eyes from her book as the little bell on the door jingled. She became still as she walked by, the same girl as last week. Her name was Enola and she came in every week to buy books. Adelyn had seen her college I.D. and gathered from the material she bought that she was studying to become some sort of doctor. She had even taken to ordering an abundance of medical books for the store just to keep Enola coming in. Enola never said anything, but a polite thank you and often kept her eyes on her hands. No matter how hard Adelyn tried to make conversation, Enola would just blush and not look up. She thought it was absolutely adorable. Enola disappeared into an isle and Adelyn went reluctantly back to her book.

Enola looked through the new books that had just been put up. There had been more and more medical books lately and she wondered if there were others studying medicine as well. She looked the books over and found one on brain caner that seemed interesting. She reached up for it, but couldn’t quite get a hold of it. She sat her bag down and stood on tip toes, managing to get it and pull it. The books on either side came with it, falling off the shelf and hitting her on her head. She yelped and fell over, losing her glasses in the process.

Adelyn heard the comotion and put her book down, almost falling off of her chair, getting to Enola. She was setting on the floor, rubbing her head and looking around. “Are you okay?” Adelyn asked and helped her to her feet.

“Yes, sorry. I didn’t mean to knock the books down.” She replied softly, still looking around. Adelyn picked her glasses up and slipped them on her face for her. Enola blushed and Adelyn smiled.

“It’s okay, is your head alright?”

“Yeah, I think so. I should have asked for help. Sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. Why don’t you go set down in my chair and I’ll get you some ice and a coffee from the Starbucks next door.”

Enola blushed. “You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to, please go take a seat. I’ll be right back. What kind of coffee do you like?”

“Something warm with carmel in it please. It’s been cold out lately.”
Adelyn headed for the door and took a quick glance back at Enola and felt a blush creep up her cheeks as she turned her attention back to the door making sure not to bump into it. On the Short way to Starbucks she couldn’t help but think of how cute Enola was without her glasses.
She opened the door to Starbucks and the delicious smell of coffee filled her nostrils as she walked up to the counter. “How can I help you miss?” The lady behind the counter asked cheerfully. “One venti caramel macchiato and one grande white mocha please” she asked forgetting to ask for the ice for Enola’s head. She went around the counter to the other side and grabbed the drinks thanking the person who made them. “Oh could I also get cup of ice?” She asked and waited for the barista to get it for her.adelyn thanked her again and went back to shop where Enola was waiting and she felt herself begin to blush once again.

“Here.” She handed Enola the cup of coffee then grabbed one of the plastic bags out from under the counter and dumped the ice in it. She twisted the top and pressed it against Enola’s head. “Next time ask for help, I just set on my butt all day reading so don’t be afraid to come and get me.”

“Sorry, thank you for being so nice.”

“It’s hard not to be nice with someone as cute as you.” Enola blushed and Adelyn giggled. “Don’t be shy.”

“I’m really not that cute, but thank you.”

They sat there in awkward silence for a few minutes. “So, you’re a college student?”

“Yeah, I’m studying cancer biology.”

“That’s pretty specific.”

“Oh well, my mom had cancer and she died so I just wanted to keep others from experiencing that kind of loss. It was hard on everyone, especially my dad.”

Adelyn frowned. “I’m so sorry. I’m sure you will help a lot of people as long as you stop dropping books on your head.” That made Enola smile.

“I’ll do my best not to knock myself into a coma then.”

Adelyn giggled, showing her pearly white teeth. “you better not. I enjoy seeing you come in here.” Enolas heart beat increased as her eyes shifted downward again “why?”

“Because, I think you’re adorable. You should look me in the eyes more often. I love how dark your eyes eye”

“I would prefer it if my eyes were bright and blue like yours. They almost seem to sparkle when the sun hits you just right” Adelyn smiled “so you’ve been checking me out too then huh? I guess we better go on a date then. How about the movies? I’ve heard Frozen is a really good movie. It’s funny, sweet and will at some points bring you lose to tears.”

“What makes you think I like girls?”

“You wouldn’t notice somthing like how my eyes look in the sun if you didn’t find me attractive. You also wouldn’t blsuh so much.” Enola smiled “I do think you’re very beautiful..I would love to go to the movies with you.”

“You know when we close. Why don’t you meet me back here at the end of the day? There’s a showing of Frozen about a halfhour after the bookstore closes”

“It’s a date then. I think I’m ok to go home. I do need to buy my book first though” Enola bought her book and left. Her face burning and heart thumping hard in her chest. She put her book in the passenger seat and set off for home. Adelyn picked up the books that had fallen around Enola then went back to reading. She was excited and could barely concentrate on her book but she read anyway. The time would go by far too slowly if she didn’t read. Adelyn found herself glancing at the clock after every four to five pages to check the time. Enola paced around her apartment. Nervous about tonight. Movie dates were easy and fairly stress free since you were just sitting beside eachother and watching somthing but Enola was still nervous. there would be a half hour until the movie started and she didn’t know what they woudl talk about.
Adelyn made her order form making sure to add more books about cancer to ther list. She felt a blush creep up as she started thinking of how cute Enola was after she bumped her head. She found herself a daydream thinking about how good Enola’s soft lips would feel against hers and her heart skipped a couple of beats. “Now it’s just a first date” she thought to herself as she swept up the bookstore when the bell rang.
“Welcome” she smiled warm and friendly to the person who just walk in. She was hoping it would be Enola or another one of her regulars but it was just a random passerby. He nodded politely and walk towards the fiction section of the store. Adelyn looked at the clock and started getting excited only half an hour left until closing time. She sat back down to her book and tried to read but she could only focus on what she hoped would be a good date with Enola.

Enola brushed her hair and teeth before spritzing just a little perfume on herself. She felt extremely nervous as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door to meet Adelyn. Enola left in plenty of time for traffic but ended up arriving early since she was lucky and caught every green light. She sat in her car a few moments to get her nerve up. Her extreme shyness kicking in. She took a few deep breaths and reminded herself this was only a movie date. She would only have to keep conversation going for about a half hour. When it was closer to closing time Enola got out and approached the store. She sat down on a bench infront of the bookshop to wait. Adelyn saw Enola and got excited. She checked the store and did everything she needed to do to close up.

Once she was clocked out and had locked up for the night Enola stood. Adelyn hugged her, which took Enola by surprise. As Adelyn pulled back from the hug she gave Enola a kiss on the cheek. “Th thank you” Enola stuttered out making Adelyn smile “don’t thank me. I’ve been dieing to kiss you.” Enola couldn’t look to Adeyln. Her eyes now concentrating on her feet. Adelyn grabbed her hand “lets walk over to the theater.”

“sounds good” Enola said still not looking at Adelyn.

Enola stared straight ahead, to nervous to look at Adelyn. She was just so gorgeous compared to herself. They walked in silence to the movie theater with Adelyn having a hard time keeping her eyes ahead. They made it to the theater and stood in line at the ticket counter.

“Adelyn?” A male voice said and she looked to her right. She smiled and Enola watched as she ran to the blonde haired young man who was holding hands with a bigger guy.

“Oh my God Ashton. What are you doing here?”

“James brought me to see Frozen.”

“That’s what we’re here for. Enola meet my friend Ashton. We went to high school together. The only gay kids in our class.”

“Nice to meet you.” She looked at her feet and both James and Ashton smiled.

“We should sit together.” Adelyn said.

“Is that okay with you James?” Ashton asked.

“Of course, the more the merrier.” James answered.

They all got their tickets and headed inside, deciding to sit in the very back. It was both Adelyn’s and Ashton’s favorite spot. “Do you want something to eat or drink?” Adelyn asked.

“A Pepsi if you don’t mind.”

“Ashton do you want something?” James asked.

“Dr. Pepper and some Reece’s bites please.” Both James and Adelyn left to get snacks and Enola sat there not sure what to say to Ashton.

“So are you Adelyn’s girlfriend?”

“I don’t know. She hasn’t asked and I’m to nervous.” She smiled nervously.

“You’re so adorable. I’m sure she’s just as nervous.”

“she doesn’t seem to be” Enola said as she looked at her feet. Ashton smiled “I’ll ask her for ya”

“dont do that”

“You wont know unless we ask. I want to know how serious she is about you” As they bought their consessions James nudged Adelyn “so who’s that?”

“This amazing girl I finally asked out. I’ve been luring her into my bookshop with medical books. She hurt herself and I got her coffee and put ice on her head. We got to talking and I finally asked her on the date I’ve asked her out on a million times in my head”

“I’m happy for you, so this is just a date?”

“sadly yeah but dates lead to relationships. She’s so sweet and cute”

“If tonight goes well ask her to be your girlfriend then. I didn’t waste time with Ashton and I’m glad I didn’t. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me”

“aw, lets hope she’ll be my girlfriend.” They walked back into the theater and sat down “so Adeyln, do you want Enolas to be your girlfriend.” Ashton asked and Enola wanted to hide. Adelyn smiled “I would love to be Enolas girlfriend. Why do you ask?”

“she wants to be yours” Enola covered her face with her hands. Adelyns heart skipped a beat and she took Enolas hands from her face “what did I tell you about being so shy?” Adelyn kissed Enolas cheek “I guess you’re my girlfriend then, do you want that?” Enola could only nod. James smiled happily and put his arm around Ashton to pull him closer. Adelyn grabbed Enolas warm hand, noticing she was in a full bodied blush. Adelyn giggled “calm down cutie” Enola was incredibly warm until the movie got going. Then she began laughing and enjoying the show. Adelyn found herself glancing over at Enola to admire her. James was doing just about as much movie watched as Adelyn was.

When the movie was over James cleared his throat “why don’t you two come over to play some board games with us?”

“sounds fun, are you up for it Enola?” Adelyn asked “sure” Enola said, sounding a little less shy.

“Could you two take me to get my truck?” Adelyn asked.

“Sure.” They left the theater and got in James’s car. He drove them back to the book store where Adelyn and Enola got out and climbed into her truck. Enola stared nervously out the passenger side window as Adelyn followed James out of the parking lot. Adelyn reached over and laced her fingers through Enola’s making her blush again. They pulled in behind James and Ashton and followed them inside. James went to get their games while Ashton got drinks for everyone.

“Alcoholic or non alcoholic?” Ashton asked.

“Beer for me.” Adelyn answered.

“Just some water for me please.” Enola said.

“Not the alcohol type?”

“I like to stay focused.”

Adelyn smiled and kissed Enola on the cheek again. James came out with their board games and Enola picked Trivial Pursuit. Ashton handed them their drinks as James set the board up. Adelyn was amazed at Enola’s wealth of knowledge. She answered almost all of her questions and won the first and second round. She was a little embarrassed, but everyone assured her it was okay that they admired her intelligence. They switched to Risk which both James and Enola were amazing at.

The night zoomed by as they played game after game. Enola couldn’t remember the last time she had this much fun. She spent most of her time reading or studying. This was a very nice and welcome change of pace. “do you two want our guest bedroom?” James offered when he noticed it was midnight. Adelyn looked at Enola “would you be ok sleeping in a bed with me? We could leave our clothes on.” Enola was really tired and didn’t feel like riding back to the mall to get her car and then driving home so she just nodded. Adelyn smiled and grabbed her hand “I promise I’ll be good so please don’t be nervous” James and Ashton smiled at the couple again. They cleaned up Sorry then James lifted Ashton into his arms “goodnight girls, everything thats ours you are welcome to. Don’t be afraid to eat or drink whatever you want. Adelyn has been here before Enola so ask her if you need anything”

“Ok, thank you for the fun evening” Enola answered with a shy smile. “It was fun, you two should come over again. Goodnight, unless you girls want to see things that cant be unseen I’d knock before you came in our room if the urge strikes.” Ashton blushed making James and Adelyn laugh. James walked off and into their bedroom. Adelyn got off the floor then offered her hand to help Enola up. Enola put her hand in Adelyns then was swiftly pulled to her feet. Adelyn wanted a real kiss but Enola still seemed so nervous. Adelyn felt it best to wait until she was more comfortable.

Adelyn guided Enola to the guest bedroom where Enola took her glasses off and they crawled into bed. Adelyn wanted to sleep close but Enola left a lot of space between them. “goodnight beautiful, I’m really happy you want to be my girlfriend. I hope I can make you more at ease soon. You seem so frightened of me” Enola turned to face Adelyn “I’ve always been really shy…I’m sorry…does it upset you?”

“Not at all. I wish you would come closer so I could hold you but I understand if you want to keep this distance.” Enola looked away “We’ve only been on one date…..but…….I guess you could hold me” Adelyn smiled and moved closer. Enola met her the rest of the way and was soon held tightly in Adelyns arms. She kissed Enolas head “sweet dreams”

“You too”
Adelyn laid there awake holding Enola gently brushing her soft hair with her finger tips. She was happy she met James and Ashton at the movie because if it wasn’t for them she wouldn’t be holding Enola like this as she slept. She thought about what their next date should be, hoping that maybe they would get some time to talk and learn more about each other.

Chapter Two

Morning came and Enola woke first. Her heart instantly raced when she remembered Adelyn was holding her. Enola could smell Ashton and James were making breakfast so she decided to wake Adelyn. Her heart began to slam into her rib cage with nervousness, she wanted to kiss Adelyn awake. Enola put a hand on Adelyns cheek and slowly, shakily even moved in for a kiss. It was almost the second their lips met that Enola jumped back with red cheeks. Adelyn smiled, Enolas shakiness woke Adelyn up but she had laid still for the kiss. Adelyn sat up and brought Enolas lips to her. She couldn’t help but smile again at how much warmer Enola got. Adelyn pulled back before Enola blushed herself into a fever. “good morning to you too” Adelyn said softly “you were awake?” Enola asked in disblief. “Yes, but I could tell you were going to kiss me. You’re so shy I didn’t know if you could kiss me if you knew I was awake. Don’t be so afraid. Your lips are like cotton candy.”

“Yours too, very sweet” Adelyns slid a hand into Enolas hair again, unable to resist another kiss. Their mouths took on gentle movements. Adelyn was getting excited so stopped “lets eat breakfast sweetheart.”

“Ok” They got up and fixed their hair. Enola slid her glasses on just before they walked out. “Morning!” Ashton and James said cheerfully. “Morning!” Adelyn said back just as excited about the day. Enolas good morning was mouseish and unbearably adorable for Adelyn. “sit down, we’re cooking for you two” Ashton said so Adelyn took Ebolas hand and guided her over to the table. They sat down, Adelyn kept her hand and stroked it with her thumb. James and Ashton set the table and served the food. It was the first time Enola had ever eaten mapple sausage and she couldn’t eat enough of it. She was going to look up the recipe and make it herself at home. The blueberry pancakes were especially good. “thank you so much for having me” Enola said in a happy, surprisingly not shy voice. Adelyn smiled, hoping that meant Enola was getting more comfortable.

Suddenly it hit Adelyn. She had to work again today. She really wanted more time with Enola. Adelyn spoke with sadness evident in her voice “we have to go. I work today”

“aw, that sucks” James said and Enola nodded then asked “when do you have a day off?”

“I’ll have tomorrow off”

“would you like another date tomorrow?”

“How about I give you my adress and we have a romantic dinner at my place tonight? Say around eight pm to give me plenty of time to cook?”

“Ok” Enola said, nervousness back in her voice. At her house they would be alone. The very thought made her blood race through her small body at uncomfortable speeds. “want help cleaning up?” Enola asked. ‘no thank you” Ashton responded. They got their shoes on then hugged James and Ashton before leaving. The two hopped in Adelyns trunk and drove to the bookstore where Enolas car also was. “I guess I’ll see you tonight then?”

“You need to follow me into the bookstore first so I can write down my address.” Enola pulled out her cell and unlocked it. She opened notes and handed Adelyn the phone “put it inhere. I wont lose my phone” Adelyn quickly put in her address then looked it over about ten times to make sure it was right. Adelyn then left notes and put her number in Enolas phone. “call me if you have any trouble and it would make my day better if you’d text me” Enola smiled shyly “I’d love to text you today. I have to study for a test we’ll be taking when school resumes in a few days but I’ll text you too.”

They got out and gave eachother a long, snug hug. As they pulled back Adelyn kissed Enola again. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around her as she took in just how good the kiss felt. When Adelyn could pull away even she was breathless. “I’ll see you tonight”

“see you tonight” Enola said in a weak voice.

Enola got quickly into her car and drove away. She had never felt so happy and so nervous in her life. Adelyn was incredibly sweet and very ooutgoing. Enola usually blocked people out, put blinders on to the world. She had focused on her studies, wanting to make a real difference. Adelyn was opening her eyes to a lot of things. She finally made it home and was greeted by the neighborhood stray, a beautiful black cat with bright blue eyes. She smiled and reached down to scratch the cat behind her ears.

“Want to come in kitty?” The can, which she had named Isis, meowed as she unlocked and opened her apartment door. She let the cat in forst then followed and shut and locked the door behind her. She opened her refrigerator and pulled out a couple of slices of turkey and put them in a tupperware container before setting it on the floor. Isis meowed again and started eating. Enola decided she would take a shower and then get to studying. She needed to make notes for exam. She headed into the bathroom and stripped down, setting her glasses on the counter and pulling her hair up. She switched on the water and stepped under the warm spray.

She got out and quickly dried and slipped her glasses on then went into her room and pulled on panties and one of her sweater dresses. She went into the computer room and turned on her laptop. Isis came and jumped into her lap, curled up into a ball and fell instantly asleep. She loved the sweet little kitty.

Adelyn read The Looking Glass Wars. It was a really good book and she couldn’t wait to get to the second book. She knew she might have to re-read somethings since thoughts of Enola were distracting her. Customers walked in and out, some buying books and some just staying to read. She sighed and stared up at the ceiling. “Everything okay Addie?” She looked at the man standing on the other side of the counter. He was a regular who often talked to her when she looked particularly bored.

“Relationship stuff. I just got a girlfriend and she’s super shy. I’m not sure how to act around her.”

“Just be you. You’re outgoing and adventurous, that’s who you are. She’s shy, but if anyone can break her out of her shell then you can. Don’t worry so much and just be you.”

She sighed. “I guess you’re right, thanks Jerry.” He handed her the book he had picked out and she scanned it, he paid and then left after she handed him his receipt.

When Enola got thirsty she realized she hadn’t been texting Adelyn like she said she would. She grabbed her phone “Sorry I haven’t texted. Got lost in studying. How’s work?” Adelyns phone vibrated and she checked the message, instantly smiling. “It’s ok, it’s the average day here. I can’t wait for dinner tonight. I hope you’ll be staying all night so we can spend all day tomorrow together.” Enola checked her message the second she heard it. She paused for a moment thinking. She was attracted to Adelyn but sex made her more nervous than anything. They would be alone all night and Adelyn was so bold Enola felt the only way the night could lead to was sex. She didn’t know if she was ready for that so soon. Enola texted back “we’ll see how the night gos” She decided to see just how bold Adelyn was during dinner to see if it was safe to spend the night. Adelyn smiled and texted “anything specific you want for dinner?”

“Not that i can think of, whatever you will make is great”

“alright, I’m really excited Enola. You have been all I thought about today. I really loved holding you last night. I slept so soundly” Enola was reading somthing so it took her a little longer to respond to this one but when she did she said “I slept really well too” They didn’t say much the rest of the day because Enola had a lot of studying to take care of incase she spent the day tomorrow with Adelyn.

When Adelyns shift ended she excitedly left the bookstore and went to the store. She decided to buy all she needed for Teriyaki Salmon with Zucchini. She hoped Enola would love it. She was about to buy a white wine to drink with it when she remembered Enola didn’t like to drink. She decided on buying more soda for her house incase Enola didn’t want water tonight. Adelyn was absolutely electrified by her excitement over this evening. She felt a little nervous she may do somthing to upset Enola but she would just keep in mind to be careful.

Enola made sure her hair was brushed out then went ahead and grabbed a change of clothes in case she stayed. She could keep them in her car. She grabbed her laptop and a couple of her books then made sure to let Isis out before going down to her car. She put everything in the passenger seat then got behind the wheel and buckled up. She brought up Adelyn’s address. She started the car and pulled out of the driveway, waving at her neighbor who was out smoking. She grew more and more nervous the closer she got to Adelyn’s house and almost turned around and went home when she came to her street. She pulled into her driveway, parking behind her truck and getting out.

She took a deep breath and walked slowly up to the front door and knocked softly. When no one answered she knocked again, this time hearing footsteps. The front door opened and Adelyn smiled. “You knock so soft, I thought I was hearing things. Come in.” She stepped inside the warm house and was greeted by a very delicious smell. “May I kiss you?” Adelyn asked.

She had never been asked that before and nodded. Adelyn leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, making Enola feel warm and causing goosebumps to crawl over her skin. Adelyn suddenly pulled back, turned her head, and sneezed. “Are you alright?” Enola asked.

“Do you have a cat?”

“Uh well, kind of. She’s a stray. Oh no, are you allergic?”

“Yes, but don’t worry. I have some allergy medicine. Go ahead and make yourself at home and I’ll be right back.” Even though Enola had not known, she felt bad. She went out to her car and grabbed her change of clothes.

“Adelyn, where’s your bathroom?” She yelled.

“Down the hall, first door on the left.”

“Thank you!” She quickly went in and changed. She hoped that it would be better if she atleast wasn’t wearing clothes the cat actually touched. She washed her hands then exited the bathroom. Adelyn was waiting outside the door “you didn’t have to change. I’ll be ok”

“I’m just really sorry. I feel so bad.”Adelyn grabbed Enolas hand “don’t, my allergies aren’t that bad. They are very manageable when I take my medicine.” Enola slightly smiled and Adelyn smiled back “dinners on the table. You’ll just have to tell me what you want to drink.”

“what do you have?”

“Sweet tea, water, pepsi, and rootbeer.”

“Pepsi” They walked into the kitchen and Adelyn pulled out a chair for Enola to sit in. Enola blushed, nobody had ever been thoughtful enough to do that for her. She sat down as Adelyn pushed the chair in. Adelyn grabbed them each a can of soda then joined Enola at the table. Enola cut off a piece of fish the stabbed it with her fork before also stabbing a piece of zucchini. She slid them both off the fork with her teeth to try it. “mm, this is really good. I’m glad you invited me”

“I’m glad you like it. I was nervous, I haven’t cooked for anyone but myself in awhile”

“I’m sure you have dates all the time” Adelyns gaze turned even softer “No, ever since I first saw you come in the bookstore you’re all I’ve been able to think about. I haven’t wanted to date anyone else.” Enola was blushing again “really?” she said softly, averting her gaze down to the food on her plate. Adelyn worried that may have been a bit much to say but she had already said it. “really, you just seem so sweet and I can’t deny you’re beautiful”

“I’ve always thought you were pretty too” Enola said as she pushed around some of her vegetables.” Adelyn decided to change the subject so Enola could eat. “How’s studying?”

“Good, I think I’ll get an A”

“I knwo you will. You’re always reading so many books”

“I really want to save people from the experience of cancer. Nobody should have to deal with it or watch their loved ones deal with it”

“I bet you’re mom would be really proud of you” Adelyn said now regretting her second choice of topic. She was dive bombing this date. She already didn’t feel like Enola would stay the night with her. She just kept silently kicking herself in her head until Enola spoke. “what’re we going to do after dinner?”

“I was thinking we could play Star Fluxx”

“I’ve never heard of it”

“It’s a game Ashton and James introduced me to. It’s really great, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“It’s worth a try” Enola said with a smile that could out cute a baby. They finished up and took their plates to the sink “what was that so I can make it at home?”

“Nu uh, I’m going to use my cooking to lure you here. I dont want you making this stuff at home” Adelyn said with a smile and Enola smiled back “lets play then.”

“could I have another kiss first? I didn’t like stopping the last one to sneeze.”

“sure” Enolas voice was small again.

Adelyn brushed her fingers along Enola’s cheek before grabbing her face gently in her hands and giving her a soft kiss. She pulled back, leaving Enola starry eyed and flushed. She felt the way she looked. She didn’t want to push her luck so she went and got Star Fluxx while Enola waited patiently on the couch. She brought it out and set the deck on the table. She explained the rules to Enola and then they started playing. They played for awhile, Enola winning almost every match.

Chapter Three

“Holy crap, you’re really good at board games.” Adelyn said and Enola gave a small smile.

“I’m a fast learner. I kind of have to be for the job I want to do.”

“I like your fast brain, it’s cute.”

“Thank you, not many people like a smarty pants.”

“Well I do.” She reached out and tucked Enola’s hair behind her ear, giving a happy sigh and making her blush. “You really are adorable. I have to be honest with you because I believe in that sort of thing.”

“Honest about what?” Enola picked up her soda and sipped it.

“If you weren’t so shy I’d have already tried having sex with you.” Enola choked on her soda and started coughing. She pulled her glasses off and wiped her watering eyes. Adelyn patted and rubbed her back, feeling a little bad. “Sorry, to honest?”

Enola shook her head and took a deep breath then took another sip of pepsi to clear her throat. “I appreciate your honesty, you just caught me by surprise.” She slipped her glasses back on and looked at her hands.

“Does that mean you’ll be leaving tonight?”

“No, I want to stay I really do. I’m not an expert on relationships or anything so this is a bit overwhelming. It makes it even harder because you’re so beautiful and I’m so plain. I’m just the nerdy girl who likes strays.”

Adelyn grabbed her chin and turned her head so Enola was looking at her. “You are far from plain Enola, you’re absolutely gorgeous, highly intelligent, and very sweet. You’re amazing in every way.”

Enola¬†smiled “Thank you”¬†Adelyn¬†kissed her cheek “I’m glad you take compliments well. I want you to feel as amazing as you are¬†Enola. I’ll tell you as much as I have to until you believe it.”¬†Enola¬†was blushing again. Her face was so cute as her pale skin turned pink.¬†Adelyn¬†wanted her badly but felt it may be too much for her tonight. “why don’t we head up to bed. I’m not really very tired yet but I’ve been looking forward to holding you again”¬†Enola¬†drank a little more and realized she hadn’t¬†brough¬†pajamas. “do you have any pajamas I could borrow?”

“Of course, come on, I’ll let you pick what you want.” They went upstairs and into¬†Adelyns¬†room. She opened a drawer and pulled out two long pairs of pajama pants and one short “which would you like. I have tops to match them”

“The pink and purple ones.”¬†Adelyn¬†put the others away then opened another drawer. She handed¬†Enola¬†the clothes and pointed her to the bathroom in her room.¬†Enola¬†went in making¬†Adelyn¬†sigh. She wanted to seeEnola¬†naked but wanted her to be comfortable more.¬†Adelyn¬†grabbed the shorts and the top to match then changed in her closet. She wasn’t afraid of¬†Enola¬†seeing her body but she wasn’t sure if¬†Enola¬†wanted to yet.Enola¬†came out and¬†Adelyn¬†smiled happily “The shirt that was very tight on her was a little loose on¬†Enola.” They both got in bed and met at the center. They wrapped their arms around¬†eachother¬†and¬†Adelyn¬†kissed her head “I’m so happy you decided to stay. I was sure I was ruining this date over dinner. I couldn’t find the right thing to talk about.”

“Tonight was amazing, just as last night was. I’m glad those books fell on me so you would ask me out”¬†Adelynkissed¬†Enolas¬†head again. Her body craving more but she would just be grateful for what she already had. It was only the second date so¬†Adelyn¬†was trying to cool herself off. “do you want to kiss me again?”¬†Enola¬†said in such a soft tone it would¬†ahve¬†been hard to hear if they¬†werent¬†in a silent house. “I’d love that. Could we do it with tongue? I swear I’ll be good. If I get too excited I’ll stop”¬†Enola¬†was now even more nervous than when she asked the question. “Ye yes”¬†Adelyn¬†slowly moved in for the kiss. She wanted to be crazy but maintained slow, seductive movements with her tongue as it slid around¬†Enolas¬†mouth.¬†Enola¬†could barely kiss back due to how crazy¬†Adelyn¬†was driving her.

Enola¬†moaned making¬†Adelyn¬†grow wetter she pulled back, breathing heavy “ok, we have to stop.”¬†Enolawanted¬†Adelyn¬†too and brought their lips together again. Her tongue now being a bit more daring in¬†Adelynsmouth. Soon¬†Enola¬†had¬†Adelyn¬†moaning.¬†Adelyn¬†broke their lips again “Oh¬†Enola..you’ve got to stop. I want you so bad.”

“then have me..I want to..I dont want to be so nervous” They began to undress eachother. Adelyn desperate to get the clothes off of Enola that she had taken off countless times in teh bookstore. When Enola was actually naked she clammed up and felt like covering herself. Adelyn noticed and frowned “It’s ok Enola, we don’t have to”

“I just…I almost have no boobs and I’m not curvy like you…” Adelyn gently grabbed her face again “you are gorgeous Enola. I love how you look. I’ll show you if you’ll let me. Only let me though if it wont upset you”

“you truly think I’m gorgeous?”

“Of course I do, the prettiest girl I’ve seen.” Enola was having a hard time beliving Adelyn quit covering her chest. Adelyn pulled Enola close and kissed inbetween her breasts “I’ll show you how much I like them” she whispered as her tongue started to travel around. She then began teasing each of her nipples and gently biting at them. Adelyn pushed Enola slowly down then began to kiss her again. Adelyn grabbed Enolas hands one at a time and put them on her breasts. Enola coudln’t believe how soft they were. She squeezed and felt them, loving how they mushed in her hands.

“Can we do a 69 and eat eachother?” Enola had never done that before and blushed more than she ever had in her life “I’ve…ive never done that”

“It will be amazing. You can be on top so if you want it to stop you can easily stop it.”

“what if I dissapoint you.” Adelyn let out a breath of laughter and kissed Enola again “that isn’t possible”

“Ok then” Enola said with very little conviction. Enola moved and Adelyn laid down. Enola, very unsure of herself got into position over Adelyn who immidietly and very hungrily began to slide her tongue into Enola. Enola let out a deep and surprised moan then began to do the same for Adelyn. Once again Enola was having trouble making herself do anything with how good Adelyn made her feel. Adelyn only seemed to be getting hungrier for Enola as she got closer to orgasm.

Their mingled cries of ecstasy filled the room as they orgasmed together. Enola felt weak and rolled off of Adelyn, panting and quivering. Adelyn kissed and nibbled her way up Enola, making her moan. She pushed her legs open, wanting more of her. She pushed her fingers inside Enola as she licked and sucked on her. Enola’s back arched off the bed and she was nearly screaming her pleasure. She felt tears in her eyes as she went completely limp.

“Good?” Adelyn asked as she lay down next her.

“Uh huh.” Was all Enola could say. Adelyn smiled and kissed her cheek.

“You want to shower?”


Adelyn gave a soft laugh and kissed her again before getting up. Enola got unsteadily to her feet, blushing at her shaking legs. “Careful.” Adelyn grabbed her hands and Enola looked away. “Come on now, there’s no reason to be shy.”

“Sorry, just habit I guess.”

They went into the bathroom and Adelyn started the shower. They stepped in and took turns washing each other. Enola loved touching Adelyn and the more she did it, the less nervous she was. They rinsed and got out and dried, not bothering with clothes before going and crawling into bed. Enola snuggled in close and rested her head on Adelyn’s chest.

“Goodnight Enola.”

“Goodnight Adelyn.”

Enola shifted and held tighter to Adelyn around seven am, waking Adelyn from her rest. Adelyn smiled down at Enola, knowing she was still asleep. She gently ran her hand over Enolas hair. Thinking happily about last night. She had not expected for Enola to actually make love to her. It was amazing, better than she had expected. The shower they took together was very sweet aswell. Towords the end Enola didn’t seem nervous with her atall. Adelyn looked forward to the day where Enola woulnd’t be nervous any longer. She wanted to make Enola happy and to build her confidence so she would know she had nothing to be shy about. A girl this smart, sweet and talented had no reason to be shy. Adelyn actually liked Enolas small chest. It was cute like the rest of her.

Adelyn expected today to be the best day off she ever had. It was already nice just relaxing while Enola continued to sleep. Adelyn closed her eyes to just enjoy the closeness. It was about a half hour later when Enola woke “morning beautiful”

“Morning Adelyn” They kissed then Enola sat up. Adelyn stayed laying down and looked up at Enola like she was a godess “you are so stunning”

“Not right now, I bet my hairs a mess”

“especially now. I like your messed up hair since I caused it” Enola had a feint blush but it wasn’t bad “I’ll make us omlettes if you ahve the stuff” Enola offered “lets get dressed then. You can borrow some of my clothes. Pick anything you want” Enola looked through Adelyns stuff until she found somthing to wear. Adelyn got dressed once Enola started to. They then went downstairs, Adelyn taking a place on the counter as Enola cooked. “I ahve to admit I’m not very good at breakfast food. I’m glad you are Enola”

“You can make dinner and I can make breakfast” Enola said with a smile. Adelyn smiled bck “you seem so much more comfortable with me”

“I am, how late do you want me to stay today?”

“as late as you want. Your welcome to spend the night again.”

“all my books are at home and the day after tomorrow is my test.”

“we can go pick up your books” Adelyn said in almost a pleading voice. Enola smiled “I’ll come back Adelyn”

Adelyn leaned in and kissed Enola on the cheek, making her smile. She had these adorable dimples that just made her melt. “You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. Thank you for coming into the bookstore all the time. I guess that’s my fault though. I ordered all those books to get you to come back.”

Enola actually laughed, the sound light and musical. “That’s funny because I came in every day because you work there.” Adelyn hopped down and wrapped her arms around Enola’s waist.

“I guess I didn’t have to try so hard then.”

“Nope.” Enola put food on plates and Adelyn poured them some milk. They sat down and ate happily. Adelyn fed Enola, making her blush and smile. When they were finished they washed dishes, flicking water at each other and laughing. “Well if I’m going to stay again I need to go home and get a few things.”

“Enola, I…” Adelyn paused and just stared into Enola’s eyes.

“What is it?”

“I want you here for more than two nights. I want you to stay longer.”

“How much longer?”

“Forever.” Enola’s heart skipped a beat and she gasped. She felt nervous and looked away from Adelyn. “I’m sorry, to soon right? Please forget what I said okay. Go get your things, I’ll be here when you get back.”

Enola just nodded and pulled on her shoes and grabbed her keys. She hurried out to her car and got in, starting the ignition and driving away. Her heart was beating so fast. She took a few deep breaths, calming herself. Could she move in so suddenly? She thought to herself. She and Adelyn had both been dancing around their feelings for each other and obviously both of them wanted a committed relationship. She made it to her apartment and was greeted by Isis. She unlocked and opened her door, letting the cat in. She smiled at the night they had spent together, it had been amazing. Her heart did a little flip and then thundered loudly. She really loved Adelyn and that both scared and excited her. She grabbed her suitcase and filled it then stuffed all her books in her backpack. Isis meowed and Enola looked down at her. She took her bags down to the car then ran back up and grabbed Isis. She would move in with Adelyn on one condition, that they kept Isis. She had been feeding the cat since she was a kitten and couldn’t leave her.

She drove back to Adelyns. Adelyn must have been waiting by the door because she answered almost the instant Enola knocked. Enola had the cat in her arms and Adelyn looked confused “I…I want to move in with you but I can’t leave Isis behind…we come together” Adelyn smiled excitedly and wrapped the both of them in a hug. “Of course! I told you my allergies are manageable as long as I take the medicine. I’d let you keep fifty cats if it would mean you living here with me” Enola felt relieved and realized she had been tense and nervous about Adelyns response. They kissed and Enola let the cat run into the house while her and Adelyn went to get the rest of Enolas stuff from the car. Enola put the litter box in the downstairs bathroom while Adelyn took the suitcase up to her room.

Enola was coming up the stairs just as adelyn got to the top of them from putting Enolas clothes and books away. Adelyn smiled, a smile that said how happy she was. They met eachother in the middle and started to hug again. It was a slightly awkward hug on the stairs but the two of them didn’t care. “when can we get the rest of your stuff?” Adelyn asked softly makeing Enola laugh again. Adelyn held her tighter as Enola said “soon, I have all I need for now. I need to save a little to pay the fine for breaking my lease.”

“ok, I’m sorry if I’m being a little weird now. I’m just so happy and excited I’m not sure what to do with myself”

“I would say lets watch a movie but I seriously need to study. It’s important to me.”

“Can you study on the couch? I want to leabe against the arm rest and ahve you sit between my legs so I can hold you while you study.”

“That sounds really nice” Enola said with a smile of her own. Enola grabbed two of her books then followed Adelyn over to the couch. Everything was silent as Enola read the chapters she needed to go over again to make sure she was ready. Adelyn found this to be the best silence of her life. She normally hated when there wasn’t noise and frequently turned on the TV if nothing was going on but this silence, this silence was welcome anytime. She just got lost in holding Enola, the sliding of the pages and the sweet smell of her hair. This was a silence she hoped to experience a lot and for the rest of her life.

~ The End ~

Note: Stacy Meyer contributed to this story

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