Aegaeon & Matalia

Chapter One

“Don’t you call me stubborn you idiot wolf, you’re the one with the brain of stone.” Matalia said angrily as she walked downstairs with her bag slung over her shoulder.

“I already told you I don’t want to travel, so why do you keep asking?”

“The last time I asked you was two months ago, two months is long enough for you to change your mind. Forget I asked.”

“So what, you’re just going to go without me?” She walked into the kitchen and grabbed some food, putting it in the bag with her clothes. “Answer me Matalia.”

She spun around. “Yes, I’m going on a trip without you. I don’t like staying cooped up, I like exploring and adventure so I’m going into the world of a family friend, Hern, for about a week. If you want to follow me later then ask my grandfather and he’ll tell you how.”

Aegaeon just stood there looking at her. He still felt uncomfortable going between worlds, especially when it was a new world that had traumatized him, but he couldn’t tell her that. He didn’t want to burden her with his fear so he kept it to himself and only talked to Cipher, Rika, or Reyna if he had too. “Fine, go then.” He finally said and she spun around, walking out of the kitchen. He was sure he saw a flash of hurt in her eyes and wished he could take it back. He wanted to go with her everywhere and he knew he had been temperamental and had started an argument that should have never been started.

Matalia went into the library where her mother and father were and told them she was heading out. “Aegaeon’s not going?” Lucy asked.

“No, he wants to stay home, but don’t worry I’ll be careful. Besides I had a message delivered to Sonata and Fallon so they know I’m coming. They’ll probably have one of the boys waiting at the portal for me.”

“Alright, we love you.” Zeus said with a warm smile.

“I love you too, I’ll be back in a week.”
“bye” Lucy and Zeus said in near unison and she walked out. Aegaeon went into his room and sat sadly, wishing he had the courage to go with Matalia. He had hurt her yet again and he hated himself. He loved her so much and he kept shoving her away. His temper was nearly as bad as it was when he first met Gloria due to all those years as a slave. It hadn’t made him sexist again but it did leave him with the rage issues he had dealt with in the past. He couldn’t imagine what Matalia would think of him if he admitted to being afraid to pass into a new world.

He sighed, feeling depressed. “I love you so much Matalia” he whispered to the air. Matalia was sad too as she walked along with her bag. She wanted her friends to meet Aegaeon and it hurt how unwilling he was to go anywhere with her. She knew he went all sorts of places with Gloria when they were together and he refused to go to even one with her. Glorias past with Aegaeon made her jealous beyond reason due to her feelings for him.

She wanted to be his world as Gloria had once been but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen. A few hours after Matalias departure Cipher came to Aegaeons door. “Hey Aegaeon, can we talk?”

“sure” Cipher walked in “I heard you and Matalia fighting, what’s going on?”

“She wanted me to go to Herns world with her and I couldn’t”

“Still afraid of going to new worlds?’


“Why don’t you just tell her that? Open up to her more, tell Matalia your fears and worries. You two wouldn’t fight nearly as much”

“It’s not that easy”

“I know it isn’t. I struggled to tell Fotia and it was the best decision I made. It felt wonderful to tell her and to have her comfort along with understanding. Let Matalia comfort you”
He ran his fingers through his hair. “I just can’t and what if she withdrew from me or thought me weak and disgusting. I still see the things I was made to do and the things done to me, they haunt me and that bitch’s voice.”

“Matalia is not like that and I thought the same thing of Fotia. I felt ashamed and dirty, like I could never get the feel and smell of Peony off my skin, but Fotia showed me I didn’t have to go through the pain alone. I’m better for it, I’m stronger and soon I’m going to be a father. Fotia was and still is a gift and if you open yourself up to Matalia she’ll be able to chase the darkness away.”

“Will it ever completely leave me?”

“No, there will be times when you’ll panic or you wake up covered in sweat and those are the times you need someone you can turn to, someone who will take all of you and accept it without judgement.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “I know you speak the truth, I just wish I wasn’t so angry all the time. I hurt her feelings and I hate myself for it.”

“Well then apologize as best as you can, go after her even if it scares you. She needs to know you not traveling has nothing to do with her.” He saw Aegaeon’s face grow worried again. “Hern’s world is supposed to be one of the safest and his home relatively easy to find. Just speak to Chthon and he will direct you.” Aegaeon nodded and Cipher squeezed his shoulder before exiting his room and leaving him to think about their talk.’
Aegaon sat in his room awhile longer. He would have loved to just leave right away but he needed to gather the courage. He would have to go through a portal alone since he didn’t leave when Matalia did and that in itself was somthing he wasn’t looking forward to. In the end, it was probably better she didn’t watch his spill his stomach contents when he arrived in Herns world. He still hadn’t quite finished gathering his courage when he stood but he knew he needed to go after Matalia. He knew Cipher was right and she probably thought it was somthing to do with her that he wouldn’t go since he didn’t talk to her about his problems and fears.

He searched for Chthons scent and followed it into the ballroom where he was dancing with Ruth as he sang. “yes Aegaeon?” Chthon asked when Aegaeon just paused, not wanting to interrupt. “How do I get to Herns world? I let Matalia leave without me being foolish but I do want to go”

“Need me to write some down or can you remember?”

“I’ve got a sharp memory, just tell me” Chthon went over how to get there then Aegaeon set off, not even making a bag for himself. He just didn’t think of it with how stressed going to another world made him. He never wore shirts anyway so he’d just need to borrow pants when he got there.
Matalia was greeted by both Ryker and Nico when she came out on the other side of the portal. They jumped to their feet, hugging her tightly. “I didn’t think the King and prince would come and greet me themselves. I feel so special.” She said and Nico took her bag.

“We haven’t seen you in ages it seems. How old was she brother, when we last saw her?” Ryker asked.

“She was about this tall and kept yanking on everyone’s antlers so I’d say about three or four and a little spit fire. You were so adorable.” Nico answered.

“I’m still a little spit fire so you two better watch it.”

“So scary.” Nico tussled her hair and she shot him a look. “Got me shaking in my boots little one.”

“Everyone is excited to see you so be prepared to get mobbed the minute you walk through the door.” Ryker gave her a big smile.

“You know I don’t mind, I love all of you.”

“So where is that wolf you wrote about in your letter?”

She frowned. “He decided he didn’t want to come with me so I came alone. We got in a fight over it and it still stings. Makes me want to pour ice down his pants to cool him off. He’s got himself a temper, but I guess I’m not any better.”

“You’re just bossy and you scare all the boys your age or younger. Besides aren’t demons notorious for their tempers?” Nico said.

“Do you two have tempers?”

“Well yeah, but we didn’t start out demons. We were just your average every day Satyrs. We’re protective and somewhat possessive sometimes, but I don’t think we have really bad tempers. I think the tempers tend to run with dragons and demons.” Ryker added and draped an arm over her shoulder. “I’m sorry you fought with your friend little sister, just have fun and forget about it okay. I’m sure once you’ve both had time to cool off everything will be fine.”

“You’re probably right oh great and powerful King Ryker.”
Ryker laughed then let Matalia know “we told Nigel and Vina you were coming so they are waiting at the castle too”

“awesome, thanks for telling them. I just never know if they are home or not with how much they travel”

“yeah, I’m going to need you to give my son Gavril a whack in the head if you see him gawking at Vina. He’s got a huge rush on her. He wouldn’t cause trouble but I still try to keep him in a firm line about it”

“uh oh, how does Nigel feel about it?”

“He knows Gavril is innocent enough and he trusts his mate. I’m sure he also knows I’d kick my sons ass for messing with sombodies wife.” Matalia laughed “good, though I agree, Gavril is a good man and can handle liking someone he can’t have. Have you decided who will take the throne after you?”

“Anatoly wants the job, Gavril has other interests so the choice was easy’

“That’s good, those kind of decisions can be rough”

“Yeah, I’m lucky to have dodged that bullet”
“Don’t be a baby, Hern made the decision just fine or so I’ve heard.”

“Dad was made for making tough choices. He does things like that without hesitation and besides he gave Nico his own clan to look after.” Ryker replied.

“Well, it won’t be mine for much longer. I’m stepping down as soon as you do.” Nico chimed in. “I want to move on to other things.”

“It’s sometimes creepy how you two think alike, like you can read each others minds.” Matalia said as she hooked her arms in each of theirs.

“They do say twins share a very close bond and have found that a lot of times twins that have been separated will make the same choices. Some times Fallon and Sonata do similar things even though they are two different people. I bet Pagos and Ilios as well as Konstantin and Mikhail do the same thing. Don’t you and your brothers share such a connection?” Ryker explained.

She shrugged. “Probably a subconscious one. We might just do things and not notice. It’s probably why they’re so annoying all the time and get all grumpy when I’m in a bad mood.”

“I can just see them pacing around right now, arms crossed, glaring menacingly at the open air.” Nico said, making her laugh at the image his words conjured in her head.

Aegaeon stood staring at the spot where he was supposed to open the portal, his heart squeezed by a feeling of trepidation. He swallowed, took a deep breath and called the portal, watching as it opened up before him. He wanted to be with Matalia, to apologize for his behavior and try his best to explain what he was going through. He closed his eyes, focusing on her beautiful face and the way her eyes burned with that stubborn flame that could both irritate him and stir him up at the same time. He stepped through, his body actually feeling as if it was in pain from passing through. He knew it was all psychological, but that didn’t stop every muscle in his body from clenching and his stomach from emptying itself as he fell to his knees. He spit and found a little pool of water to rinse his mouth with before heading in the direction Chthon had told him to.

Chapter two

At the castle Matalia was practically mobbed with hugs and excited chatter. They were disappointed Aegaeon didn’t come but they were all still excited to see her. “I wanted to feel wolf ears. Vinas bunny ears are so soft” Kaylessa said and Matalia answered ‘well, strange women touching him wont go over too well anyway. He’s been through some stuff that I dont want to share unless he says its ok so please, nobody touch his ears and don’t mob him with hugs as you do my family and I”

“I’m glad he didn’t come then so we wouldn’t upset him” Suri added. Matalia gave a sad smile, still feeling hurt he hadn’t come. She went to her normal room and set her bags down before joining Hern and his family again. When Aegaeon could see the castle his stomach dropped. Another castle stood before him, more rulers to face. It was terrifying though this castle looked much more friendly than Ufayes.
He walked at a quick pace, his eyes darting around, his ears hearing everything there was to hear. He didn’t want to be blindsided, to be taken again and used for a toy. When he made it to the front gate he was stopped by two men, both sporting large sets of antlers and spears. “Who are you?” The one on the right asked.

“I am Aegaeon, I am here to see Matalia.” He answered honestly though it irritated him to be stopped by these men.

“We heard her mention your name when she came back with the boys, head inside, but don’t cause any trouble.”

He would have growled at them, but he wanted to see Matalia as soon as possible and knew if he bared his teeth they might not let him in. Matalia was talking and laughing with the other women when Aegaeon wandered into the dining room, his eyes darting around in fear as if he would find some hidden danger. She was surprised to see him standing there and she came to her feet, making his eyes settle on her. “Excuse me.” She said and they all nodded. She hated how terrified he looked, but was truly happy to have him there with her. “Lets talk outside.” She said softly and took his hand, pulling him out into the courtyard.

“You don’t look happy, I thought you’d be happy.” He said once they were outside.

“I am happy, what made you follow me?”

He sat down on one of the benches and she dropped down next to him. “I had a talk with Cipher and he told me I should talk to you. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings and that I got mad at you, it was wrong of me and in all honesty I wasn’t even really mad at you.”

“Then why didn’t you want to come here with me?”

He hooked his fingers together and pressed his hands against his forehead, his eyes closing and his head instantly filling with nightmarish images. She waited patiently, not making a single sound or move. He took a deep breath and when he looked up at her there was pain and shame in his eyes. “I’m terrified of traveling to new worlds. Ever since I was liberated from Ufaye it has been scary just thinking of stepping through another portal, plus every time I do it I throw up. I’m sorry I yelled at you instead of being honest. I just find it hard to say anything, it makes me feel weak. Can you please forgive me?” Matalia’s lip quivered and her eyes filled with tears. Aegaeon got a panicky look on his face and he framed her face with his hands. “Please don’t cry, I’m sorry.”

“I should be sorry, I thought you didn’t want to come with me because you still loved Gloria. I should have known it had something to do with what happened to you, but in my selfishness I didn’t even think about it. I’m so stupid.”

He pulled her into a hug. “A part of me will always love her Matalia, but I would never throw you away, never in a million years.” He wasn’t ready to tell her he loved her, that his heart ached for her so he hoped this was enough until he could find the right time. Right now he just wanted to show her how sorry he was and get to know her friends.
He held her until she pushed back from the hug “let me introduce you to everyone”

“I really am sorry I didn’t come right away”

“No, you shouldn’t be. You were enslaved for years Aegaeon. It’s understandable you’d be afraid. It’s somthing I should have connected. I was just too busy being jealous” Aegaeon kissed her cheek, causing her to smile at him. It was that that truly gave him the courage to meet another queen. They walked inside to find the family had already gathered, all eager to meet Aegaeon. “welcome” Suri started. Aegaeon smiled “thanks” They all slowly gave their welcomes, trying not to overwhelm him. Aegaeon was actually surprised when Dahlia seemed so nice. She could tell how nervous she made him but didn’t take it personally. Matalia had only just explained he had some trauma in his past so she knew better than to take it personally since he had no real reason to fear her.

Aegaeons heart may have burst with how fast it beat its fearsome beat if it werent for the fact it was late by the time he arrived so he could get a break by going to a room alone with Matalia. “does your chest hurt baby?” she asked when they were alone. He blushed “you were listening?”

“Yes, thats why i went to bed early with you. Hern, Suri, Sonata or Dahlia play the harp for everyone nightly so they are still up”

“we can return if you want”

“No, I’ve heard them countless times. You needed a break”

“I’m sorry”

“stop that and come lay with me. I’ll cuddle with you for comfort if you want”
“You don’t have to do that Matalia, talking to you before was enough.”

She rolled her eyes. “Liar.” She pulled him onto the bed, making his heart slam against his chest. “I’m not going to hurt you Aegaeon.” She ran her fingers through his hair. stroked his temple to try and ease some of the tension out of his body. He rested his head on her chest and held tightly to her.

“I know, I really do.” His voice sounded shaky and weak even to him. “I just…I can’t relax.”

“It’s okay, just breathe, you’re safe here with me in this castle. No one here will hurt you, I promise.” She could feel him shaking. “I promise I won’t do anything to you.”

“When did you become so sweet?” He teased, trying to find a distraction.

“You better just enjoy it while you can because I’m sure we’ll be butting heads again before you know it.” Her fingers continued to drift slowly over his temple and into his hair, so warm and gentle, soothing him. He felt his muscles uncoil and his grip loosen as he relaxed into her and the softness of the bed. “Better?” She asked.

“Yes, thank you. I’m sorry to be such a burden.”

“You are far from a burden, I’m happy to help you. I’ll stay right here all night so try and rest. There is so much to see in this world and I only have a week to show it all to you.”
“ok” His voice still portrayed how nervous he was but he still slowly faded into sleep. Matalia wasn’t very tired so was stuck awake for a little over two hours before she fell asleep aswell. In the morning Laysan knocked on their door when breakfast was ready so it wouldn’t get cold without them. The noise startled Aegaeon, causing him to leap across the room. Matalia sat up quickly “are you ok Aegaeon?’ he swallowed, blushing with his embarrassment. Laysan called in “I’m sorry guys. breakfast is ready.”

“It’s no problem. We’ll be down soon” Laysan walked away and Matalia got up “don’t be embarrassed. It was a great stride to be able to sleep with me.”

“did you like it even though I crushed you at first?”

“I did, lets get dressed and head down”

“I didn’t bring another pair of pants”

“just wear those again today and I’m sure one of the men in this castle will give you some to change into”

“alright” Matalia grabbed her clothes then changed in the bathroom. “want to hold my hand as we walk down?” He took her hand wordlessly, still not ready to tell her how much he loved her and how much her doing this meant to him. At breakfast everyone was all smiles as they talked amongst eachother. Aegaeon noticed how nice Dahlia seemed but he still couldn’t help but be afraid of her.
“So Aegaeon, you’ve never been here before. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see?” Hern asked and Aegaeon looked at his plate.

“Matalia told me when she asked me here the first time, that Mt. Sarn was beautiful. She also said the hot springs were fun.” Matalia still held his hand and she gave it a reassuring squeeze. “She told me you had a lot of animals here I’ve never seen. Any of those things would be okay with me.”

“How about we go exploring first and then we can go to the hot springs afterwards to relax.” Dahlia suggested lightly, but he still flinched as if he were about to be struck.

“I think I need to go outside.” He got up before Matalia could say anything and hurried out of the dining room.

“I’ll go get him.” Matalia said as she stood. “It’s not really you Dahlia, he knows everyone here is kind, it’s just the memories. Someone very powerful hurt him, a queen, and it has left a lasting impression.” She walked out of the dining hall and out to the courtyard where she found him sitting, his face in his hands. She very gently slid her hands over his shoulders, feeling his tense under her touch, then hugged herself to him.

“I’m sorry, I’m ruining everything.” His voice cracked.

“Shh, no one’s upset, not even Dahlia. She understands.”

“Sometimes I wished she had killed me instead of leaving me to live with these memories. I should have made her do it. I should have struggled until she had no choice but to put me down.”

Matalia hugged him tighter. “Don’t you dare say such things.” He could hear the bite of anger in her voice mixed with a little hurt. He turned on the bench, his arms wrapping around her waist, his face pressed against her abdomen.

“I’m sorry, please don’t be upset. I’m just scared and I feel so sick. I would never leave you.”

“I just don’t like hearing you talk like that, like you think you’re not worth anything. I can’t lose you Aegaeon, not even for a second. My life would have a huge gaping hole in it if you left me, so please don’t talk about wanting to be dead. It breaks my heart.”

“I won’t ever say it again.”

“Don’t even think it, you’re worth more than you know.” She kissed the top of his head and he felt a lump forming in his throat, but he wouldn’t cry, not now when anyone could see him.

Chapter Three

She sat with him until he felt up to going back inside with the others. Aegaeon apologized to Dahlia who told him he had nothing to apologize for. They all got ready and set off to explore Rykers kingdom. Matalia kept Aegaeons hand for comfort while Dahlia just tried not to speak to him out of worry she would upset Matalias friend again. Aegaeon found himself amazed at the creatures here and how beautiful the land was. It was all so natural and alive. Their world didn’t dominate nature either but it still wasn’t as beautiful as Suri and Herns world.

“Hey Aegaeon” Adeleide said meekly, hoping not to scare him. “yes?”

“If you want to see these really beautiful black lions I can play a song that will make them visible”

“they’re near?’

“Yes but the hide”

“Play then. I really enjoy flute music. I used to listen to it all the time” Adeleide began to play. Nothing happened at first but once the song realyl got going the large lions showed themselves. Aegaeon was surprised. When she said large he had pictured somthing only a little bigger than the lions he was used to but these were huge. Their black mnaes and fur were nearly as beautiful as he thought Matalias hair was.
“These creatures are amazing.” He let go of Matalia’s hand and held his palm out to one of the lions. It pushed its head into his hand and he ran his fingers through its mane. “You wouldn’t think so, but I actually like cats.” He said to no one in particular. He gave the lion another pat then went back to Matalia, taking her hand and realizing he had not been completely relaxed until he had touched her. “Thank you Adeleide.”

“You’re welcome.”

They took him through the White Wood and Matalia loved how he marveled at the strange trees. He reached out and touched the bark in almost child like wonder. Everything they showed him made him yearn for a normal life and at times he found himself frowning knowing it would never come. Cipher said he would have his bad days and he had admitted to himself that without Matalia they would worse than bad, they would be terrifying. He didn’t want to fear sleep, he didn’t want to be alone. He wanted Matalia, all of her, but he was scared beyond reason. He feared panicking if she tried touching him in an intimate way, that she would grow tired of taking care of him.

“Aegaeon, you okay?” Matalia asked and he looked down at her. She was so beautiful, her eyes shimmering with concern and understanding.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m being rude.”

“Not at all, we understand well as far as we can. We can never truly understand what’s going on in your head.” Hern chimed in, his voice kind. “Perhaps we should head home. Matalia can take you to the hot springs.”

“I don’t have anything to swim in.”

“You can borrow some of my clothes.” Ryker said with a friendly smile.

“Okay, thank you.”
“Not problem. I didn’t see a bag with you when you came so feel free to borrow any clothing from me. I have plenty.” They returned to the castle where Aegaeon got a swimsuit from Ryker and a couple changes of clothes. Changed and borrowed clothes put away they walked off to the hot springs. “you know the way well enough for us not to get lost”

“yes, I’ve been coming to this world since before I could even walk. Hern and Chthon are very close”

‘they could have come. I feel like we’re going alone because of me”

“They’ve been hundreds of times. They’re just giving you some space. Is it so terrible to be alone with me?”

“You know it isn’t Matalia. Don’t we spend all our time together at home?”

“All our time fighting”

“Somtimes we get along and I’m sorry for causing a bunch of pointless fights. Don’t even say it isnt me because it is. I pick fights with you for no reason.”

“Hey, it’s fine. You’ll get better. It seems hopeless but you will” Aegaeon kissed Matalias hand “I’m really lucky you stay by my side”

“You can’t get me to go away is more like it” she said playfully. He smiled back then allowed them to walk the rest of the way in silence. They slid into the comforts of the water and sighed. Matalia made more of a moan which he found to be a surprisingly pleasant sound.
“So glad we came here.” She said with a pleasant smile on her face. “How about you?”

“Yeah, it feels nice.” He replied nervously and glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. She took a deep breath, the action causing her breasts to lift a little. His heart leaped in his chest and he looked away, finding himself shaking. He wanted her, he really wanted her.

“Hey, you okay?” She grabbed his chin and he jumped away from her. “Whoa, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” Her voice was soft, completely calm as she moved toward him. She reached out and took his hand, lacing her fingers through his. “What happened?”

He still couldn’t look at her, she was far to beautiful. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, revealing the line of her neck. Water ran down the valley between her breasts, enticing him. His need terrified him. “You’re beautiful and I…I need you, but I’m scared.”

“What are you scared of?”

He finally forced himself to look at her. “Being touched. Cipher told me once that he had the same problem, but I don’t understand it. I hate it, I hate being this out of control of my body. I want you, your touch and kisses, your body against mine, I want to lose myself in you completely and forget about everything.” He raked his fingers through his hair. “I feel inadequate, ashamed, cowardly. I feel like I’m not myself, like there is someone else living in my skin. I want to feel anything but sheer terror.”

“You should have said something.”

“I thought I could handle it and I didn’t want to burden you, but I’m trying to be honest with you and open myself up completely. I need help, I need you there to pull me back from the darkness.”

“Would you like to try touching me?”

He swallowed nervously. “What?”

“I wouldn’t touch you, it would be all you. I’ll keep my hands to myself. You need control and I’m willing to give it to you, I want to give it to you.”
Almost shakily he reached out and cupped her breasts in his hands. He gently squeezed them and squeezed them just a little harder the second time. Aegaeon moved a little closer then allowed his hands to travel her slender form. She felt so good, better than he thought she would. His hands found her bottom in another squeeze. he was beginning to excite Matalia but she kept herself from touching him. His hands slid up her front, neck then through her silky black hair.

“You are just so beautiful” he said as he looked into her golden eyes. Aegaeon kissed her, holding her face in his hand while she kept her hands at her side. When he pulled back his forehead remained against hers “your lips taste like that candy you are always eating”

“is that bad or good?”

“it’s incredible” she felt goosebumps cover her skin as he began to kiss her again, his tongue slipping into her mouth. She wanted to move hers in his but he hadn’t said she could so she concentrated on being good. It was taking more control than she thought but he needed this control.
His lips made a fiery trail down her neck to her shoulder where he gently bit her, making her let out a moan of pleasure. “Can I take your bikini off?” He asked nervously.

“Yes, anything you want.” He shakily untied her top and slipped her bikini bottom off, setting them on the edge of the hot spring. He cupped her left breast, lifting it to his mouth where he sucked and licked at her, making her gasp. He loved the sounds she made and the way her body responded so well to him. Her hands stayed at her side, clenched into fists as she resisted the urge to cling to him.

“You can touch me.” He whispered and swallowed down his fear.

“Are you sure?” He nodded. “Lets get out of the water, I don’t want you drowning yourself if you need to get away.” He lifted her out then pulled himself out after her. “Do you want to take off your shorts? I mean, it’s only fair if you get to see mine I get to see yours right?”

He smiled even though he was nervous and pulled his shorts off. “What now?”

“Sit down.” He dropped down on the ground and she climbed slowly onto his lap, straddling him so he could feel the heat between her legs pressed against his erection. His heart rate spiked and he started shaking. “It’s okay, trust me.” He let his hands rest on her hips and she slowly ran her fingers over his chest, making goosebumps rise on his skin. “Just let yourself feel.” She leaned forward, her lips brushing his shoulder.

Her fingers trailed down to his abdomen and he gripped her hips, his whole body becoming tense. “Stop.” It was out of his mouth before he could stop it and he felt tears of frustration burning in his eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay don’t be upset.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and tipped back, pulling him on top of her. “There, now you’re not trapped. You’re in control.”
“you’re incredibly wonderful. I didn’t want to say stop”

“but you needed to and I’m glad you did. Make love to me, dominate me. You have all the power baby and you’ll keep all the control as long as you need it” Aegaeon thrust into Matalia then met their lips. He wasn’t sure why he was crying but a few tears slipped out of his eyes as he made love to her. She moaned as her back arched. It arched multiple times as he seemed to have endless stamina for her. When he finished he broke their lip contact and whispered in Matalias ear “I love you”

He pulled her up and cradled her “really?”

“yes, I have for awhile and have been looking for the right time to say it. Making love seemed to be the perfect time”

“I love you too”

“You wont get tired of my fear?”

“No and I’ll always be by your side to comfort you. I’ll be there for every nightmare. I’ll be there for any reason you need me. You became this way to protect the one you loved. Now let me fix those wounds out of love” Aegaeon kissed her again. “never feel second to Gloria for now my love for her is second to you. Please tell me you know that” Now it was Matalia who teared up “yes, I know”

“would they mind if we stayed out here the rest of the day and spent the night?”

“we’re grown, they wont mind. They know I couldn’t get lost here”

They sat there together, him kissing and touching her while she sat in his lap just enjoying being with him. He only let her go when her stomach growled and she suggested they get something to eat. “There are some fruit trees near here.” She said as she got to her feet.

“We’re naked, shouldn’t we get dressed?”

She shrugged. “Our clothes are still damp and no one’s going to come here while we’re here. Hern wanted to give us some privacy and everyone will respect it.”

She held out her hand and he stood, lacing his fingers through hers. He felt a little lighter, his mind not so filled with his insecurities. Matalia was bringing him back into the light little by little and he savored the warmth. When they made it to the trees, Matalia let go of his hand and climbed up the branches, making his heart lurch in his chest. She was going up so fast he thought she might slip and fall. He stood there ready to catch her, but she easily made it to the top of the tree where she plucked some of the strange blue fruits and tossed them down. She came down just as fast as she went up and swung to the forest floor, smiling brightly at him.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack.” She could tell he was a little irritated in his worry and moved closer.

“You better watch out.”

“Why?” He asked warily.

“Because I’m about to kiss you.” He started to open his mouth when she pressed her lips into his, her arms going around his neck and his around her waist so they stood close.

“That’s incredibly unfair Matalia.” He said when she pulled back.

“I know, that’s why I did it. I climb all the time silly and I’m very good at it so try not to worry so much. Besides, I trust you to catch me if I should ever fall.”
“I was ready to” They walked back to the hot springs where Aegaeon pulled Matalia into his lap. She giggled then just ate the juicy fruit she had just plucked. “this is good” Aegaeon commented. “yeah, love the fruit here”

“I love everything here. you know, now that we’re together. I really like this world. It is so peaceful unlike the world we come from. Do you think you’d like to live here with me? I hear Vina and Nigel love it here despite there being almost no demons. The other races are friendly and don’t judge”

“How do you know that?”

“I looked into it the first time you asked me…I did want to go from the start. I was just so scared. Matalia kissed him “sure, Ryker and Dahlia can get us set up in a home somewhere here. You need a nice, peaceful place to heal”
He grabbed her chin, turning her head and finding her lips with his. His gentle kiss turned hungry and his hands became demanding. One cupped her breast, rolling and tugging her nipple between his deft fingers while the other pushed between her legs to rub at that small bud of pleasure. He slid his fingers past her folds and into her hot depths, growing excited at the warm liquid that rushed over his palm. She moaned into his mouth and his tongue swirled with hers, feasting on the sweetness of her mouth while he pushed her closer to the edge.

“I want you to touch me.” He whispered and turned her around, adoring the desire burning in her eyes. He became nervous, but grabbed her hand and pressed it against his chest. “Touch me.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her as she ran her hand across his chest and slowly down to his abdomen. Fear filled his head, sharp and ugly, but he forced it down so he could enjoy this time with Matalia. He grabbed her hand, guiding it down to wrap around his shaft so he moaned into her mouth. She pushed him gently down onto his back, making sure to go slow so he had time to protest. She kissed her way down his body as she stroked him, always giving him time to stop her. She paused when she got to his manhood, watching his face for any signs of discomfort. Her tongue darted out, swirling over his tip, making him cry out hoarsely. Her mouth enveloped him, causing his hips to give an involuntary jerk. “No more, please.”

He pulled her up and rolled her beneath him, thrusting into her, his hips taking on an almost violent tempo. “I love you.” She said between moans.

“I love you too, so much.” Tears of joy filled his eyes as they came together, their cries of ecstasy filling the air. He tipped back, holding her in his lap while he cried.

“Are you okay baby?”

“Yes, I just feel whole when I’m with you. Never leave me, I wouldn’t be able to live without you.”

“I promise to always be here.”
Aegaeon found himself unable to let go of Matalia for the remainder of the day. He needed her close and in his arms for comfort. The next day they went back to Rykers castle and told everybody they were mates now and asked if they’d look into a nice home here for them so Aegaeon could recover in a peaceful place. They were all excited to have more of their friends living in their world and Hern promised they’d have a home before the week was up. They finished their vacation then went home to tell everybody in Chthons castle they’d be moving out. All the needed was their things since at this point they had a house waiting on them.

Out of everybody Moses and Madhava had the hardest time with their sister living in another world. They wanted to follow so they could all stay together but decided to just let her alone with her mate first. They could follow later after Aegaeon and Matalia got to enjoy not living in a house with a majority of their family. Matalia and Aegaeon weren’t taking enough to merit anybody helping them move so the family just waved them off and promised to come visit in two weeks to see how they settled everything and for a nice visit.

Now that Matalia paid attention she could feel how sad her brothers were. It was mingling around with her own excitement and happiness. She would miss them too but in reality they wouldn’t be that far away and she was sure they knew they could visit any time they liked. Aegaeon walked nervously but enthusiastic at Matalias side. It made him nervous to have a relationship again but the excitedness far outweighed the fear. He could heal with Matalias help and have an amazing life with her. He wanted everything and to give her everything and thankfully he had to the end of the universe to show her how important she was to him.

~ The End ~

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