Afia & Jameson

Chapter One

The chill of the harsh winter outside the abandon theatre was making the inside unbearable. She had explored the small town and gathered blankets and jackets but no matter how she tried to bundle she still felt like she was going to freeze to death. She wondered if Hypothermia was how she was going to finally go. She had survived twenty five years in this wasteland. She was going to die because people were so heartless and hateful. It all started when America elected the worst president of their history. He was a racist horses ass who started deporting basically everyone who wasn’t white. Eventually his hatefulness caused friction between America and other countries and when America wouldn’t comply a war started. A few dick moves from multiple sides and it turned into a world war that soon truly involved the entire world population. Twenty years in of hate and it devolved into the breakdown of all civilization. When the whole of civilization broke down she was only two years old.

The first child of a couple who had only been young but full of love for her. She had been so little when they died but she remembered their love. They had always seen to her needs first, it was probably why they died. She didn’t fully understand what had happened to them when they died but as a grown woman she remembered seeing every bone in their bodies. They had obviously died of starvation. Her wonderful, courageous parents who survived the toxic bombs, crazed people, cannibals turned by the lack of food had lost their life to starvation while she had hardly been hungry.

She had stayed in that little house for weeks crying by their bodies. She half expected them to eventually get up again but eventually she realized she was now alone. She buried her parents near that little home and walked out of town. She couldn’t stay near where they had died and there wasn’t any food left anyway. So many times in her life she had come close to death but she had survived. This though, this was the worst snow storm she had ever experienced and she honestly wondered if it would be the end of her.

She heard the front door to the theatre open and she quickly flew out from under her stack of covers and jackets to grab her gun. She was glad she had taken the time to hunt down more ammo yesterday or she would have only had an empty gun to bluff with. She got it ready and pointed it at the door to the viewing room she was in. The door slowly opened. It was a man and he had his hands up “Hey, Afia right?”

“How…h how do you know mu myyy name” she was shivering and struggling to speak. “I know I’m going to sound like a pycho but you’re my soulmate. A woman named Humble and her mate Jase told me so. They said I had to come save you from hypothermia. I’m going to take you out of this world Afia if you’ll come with me. They are never wrong about anything” She sighed, her whole body shaking. She didn’t need to deal with another person who had lost their mind right now, it was far too damn cold.

“L…listen, just g…go. I don’t…don’t want any trouble.”

“I would never hurt you Afia, I only wish to…” the door to the theatre opened behind him and he turned, “help.” He sighed at the men. “Great.”

“Well shit, we thought you were alone girly.” The man in front said. “I guess we’ll just take care of him then.”

Jameson cocked his head to the side. “You should leave, she is already mine.”

The leader laughed. “You hear this boys, he thinks he’s going to stop us.” He pointed a gun at Jameson. “I don’t even see a weapon on you boy.”

Neither did Afia and she moved slowly forward, wanting to protect this strange man who seemed so out of place in this world. He chuckled, halting her in her tracks. She didn’t understand why he was laughing. These men were clearly in the mood for murder and rape and had been watching her. “You humans are pathetic, but I’m going to give you one last chance to walk away before I kill all of you. I don’t want to have to do that in front of my mate, but I refuse to let you take her.”

“You some kind of nut boy?”

“No, I’m not of this world and I’ve come for my mate. You will not touch her. Leave now or regret being so foolish. I can smell your disgusting lust for her. You’ve let the breakdown of your world make you wicked.” The man tried to shoot Jameson in the head but he dodged it with ease, shocking everyone in the room. Her eyes were locked on him and he wished his introduction to her wasn’t one of violence. He had wanted so badly to ease her into everything and now she’d have to see close up before they had talked for a whole five minutes how dangerous demons were. He killed them as cleanly as he could manage before turning his attention to Afia again. Her face just seemed surprised. He opened his senses to her, surprised himself when she didn’t seem terrified. “Afia, I’d never hurt you” he said and sh swallowed “th..thank you”

HIs head tilted again and he partially smiled “why aren’t you scared? You are human in an all human world?”

“I have a pretty open mind and love to read. You could smell their lust? What are you?” It seemed to him that the display of his power had actually made her more willing to believe his story and listen without that gun pointed at him. “First can I take you out of here. You’re so blue. It’s scaring me”

“I’d really like that”

“I can approach you?” He checked and she nodded “but let me get my backpack. I think I left it in the bathroom. It has irreplaceable things in it” He walked up to Afia and lifted her into his arms “direct me my beautiful mate” She blushed, he smelled sweet, like flowers and it seemed the closer he was to her the more handsome he was. He had soft looking blonde hair and his eyes were unlike any she could remember seeing. Could people really have reddish yellow eyes like that? She then reminded herself, he wasn’t human and she still very much wanted to know what he was.

She guided him to the bathroom then he got ready to teleport them “if you get sick don’t be embarrassed, It happens” She held tighter to him and he resisted the urge to kiss the top of her head. She was being open minded about everything but he still wanted to take his time. This was his soulmate and he wouldn’t risk loseing her because he couldn’t take his time. He was just so excited to finally have one. He could never manage to really connect to any woman no matter how he tried and now blessed Humble and Jase had told him just where the woman for him was, all he had to do was save her from a freezing death.

In what felt like an instant she felt her body warming under the sun and she looked around. “welcome to my home sweet Afia. Now that I know you wont freeze I will answer your question. I’m a demon and I don’t know what you’ve read but we aren’t all bad. I am powerful but not evil. I’ve never hurt anybody who didn’t deserve it. I’d also would like to show you what I look like without magic to make me more human. I figure we may as well get that out of the way”

“Um, okay” he set her down and he revealed his ears and let his fangs show. She gasped but he could tell it was with wonder. That beautiful expression made his heart stutter. She was so beautiful and he loved that long red hair. He wanted to run his nose through it and take in her scent.

“You look much better.” He touched the back of his hand to her cheek. “Your color is back.”

“Thank you.”

He smiled gently. “You must be hungry, would you like something to eat?”

“Yes please and a bath if that’s okay.”

“You can have whatever you want. I want my mate to be happy.”

She blushed. “Mate? So like a couple?”

He risked it and stroke his fingers through her hair. “Something like that, but there’s no rush, we should get to know each other and you need rest. You can actually relax here without worrying about being attacked.”

She sighed with relief and hugged him “Thank you so much for bringing me here. I was so sure that snow storm was going to be what finally did me in” He held her happily in his arms “You don’t have to keep thanking me. All I want is for you to let me take care of you” They held eachother a brief time then he showed Afia to his home. She was looking all around as they walked and she realized why he smelled so sweet. There were flowers of all different colors and sizes everywhere she looked. Once inside he helped her get water going then stepped out, grabbing clothes and bringing them back to her “Humble gave me two outfits for you” He said with a smile before setting them on the sink “am I going to get to meet her?” Afia asked.

“She and Jase are already gone but if you’d like to meet her I will make sure you get to one day. She and her mate are always busy helping the worlds along so they don’t stay one place long” She willed her body not to blush at the word mate again or how warm his eyes were when they looked into hers. She had read so many books growing up and wished everytime to just jump inside one and escape the horrible world hers had become and now, it seemed like she had gotten her wish. Not only that but this handsome male demon seemed so enamored by her. A kind, handsome, fox man had whisked her away and she half expected to come back to reality and realize this was all just a dream or hallucination before death.

“Please call me if you need anything.”

She nodded and he left, going into the kitchen to make her something to eat and drink. He could tell by just hugging her that she had lost far too much weight. He was sure it was sheer willpower that was keeping her moving. He decided on soup, wanting her to have something filling. He decided to make sure everything was picked up while he waited and his eyes rested on the bag she had been carrying. It was a bit tattered in places, but seemed to be holding strong. He was curious of its contents, but he wouldn’t pry into her business without permission. He lifted the bag and took it into his room, leaving it at the foot of the bed.

Afia couldn’t believe how warm the water was and held her face up to it, doing her best not to cry. She wished her parents could be here to see all of this, to feel how warm and beautiful this place was compared to the disaster their home world had become. There was light tap on the door that made her jump and instantly cover herself even behind the curtain. “Yes?”

“Sorry, I wanted you to know I moved your bag. I didn’t peek so please don’t worry and dinner is almost ready.”

“Oh okay…um do you maybe have a razor I can use?”

He was silent for a minute. “Humble gave me some stuff, I just put it all in the cabinet.”

“I’ll look then, thanks.”

Chapter Two

He walked away and she got out of the shower to check the cabinet. “Thank goodness’ she said as she took down the razor. He didn’t know how well the women in this world groomed but she didn’t want to be hairy and gross around Jameson. Once she was free of hair, cleaned and dried she put on the deodorant she saw and pulled on her clothes before drying the floor of water. She didn’t see a laundry basket so she carried the towel out “Jameson, what do I do with this?” He took it gently from her “I’ll take care of that for you”

‘Show me please, If I’m going to be staying here I don’t want you having to do more than you need to” He stared at her a few moments then relented, showing her where she should put the dirty clothes. “Now come eat please. I really want to get you healthy.” He pulled out a chair at the table and she looked at him confused “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you were only two when your world fell apart. You probably never learned how a man should treat you. I was being a gentleman…you’re my mate and you deserve to be treated with respect” She blushed “so I’m supposed to sit now?” He smiled a bit sadly, wishing Humble had sent him for her whole family years before. He wouldn’t question her though. Humble and Jase did everything for a good reason. If they hadn’t sent him sooner it was because this was how it had to be. “Yes” he answered softly and she did.

“If I say or do something weird, I’m sorry.” She said once she was situated.

“Just be you Afia, that’s all I wish. If you need any guidance, I will happily give it, but don’t think you’ll offend me.”

“Alright.” His smile was so incredibly loving and she felt her heart skip a beat. “This smells amazing.” She turned his attention to the food.

“It’s made to fill you up. Eat as much as you want, you’ll never go hungry here.”

She picked up her spoon and dug in, moaning the moment the first bite touched her tongue. She had never tasted anything this amazing. Her parents had tried to make food taste as good as they could and she was always grateful, but this was so new to her. “Amazing.”

“I’m glad you like it. I’ll make anything you want, just ask.”

Afia wanted to know more about this man who had come for her. “so, do you have a lot of family? Are you close?”

“My family is huge and most of it is very close. I know you haven’t heard of him but I am a proud descendant of Ruth and Chthon Aponte. They are good, amazing people and most of their offspring lived noble lives. I’ve always tried to keep going what Chthon started, making the Aponte name not one people feared but sought out for protection and thought on with admiration. Before Chthon the Apontes were an evil bunch of demons.”

“They sound amazing”

“My parents and I are pretty close. They live about an hour from here. You just let me know when you want to meet them”

“Lets wait a few days at least…I don’t..well, I don’t want to look quite as sickly as I know I do”

“You look beautiful Afia, like bright spring flowers.”

Her cheeks warmed and she looked down at her bowl. “You don’t have to lie.”

He reached over and gently grabbed her chin, lifting her head. “I’d never lie to you. You’re gorgeous, really and truly gorgeous. You’re bright through and through, even in that dark, cold world.” He let his knuckles brush her cheek, lingering at the softness of her skin. “We’ll wait though if it’ll make you feel better, I won’t rush you.”

“Thank you.”

“Eat okay and then you can rest.”

She wanted to eat like a lady, or as best as she remembered how from her parents but it had been so long since she ate something that was actually good. She ate quickly, loving every bite. “You ready to lay down now beautiful?”

“Might be best, I know I should probably go easy on the food with how little I’ve eaten for so long” He showed her to his guest room. “This was my guest room but it’s now your room until you feel comfortable sleeping with me..You’re my mate. I can feel Humble and Jase weren’t mistaken atall. Its hard to explain but I feel it and I hope you will soon. Regardless please, I really want you to take your time with all this. I want you to be mine because you want to be and when you’re ready for it.” She hugged him again, it a pleasant surprise. “Thank you so much.”

“You just get some rest while I clean up lunch. If you wake and I’m not here don’t be afraid, I want to get a few things from town and some berries I want you to try out in the woods.”

“Okay, is it alright if I go outside?”

“Afia, you are a grown woman. You don’t have to ask me anything. I can sniff you out so I wont lose you if you want to really explore but for my nerves sake I’d rather you stay atleast near my home. There are a lot of things in my world that could easily hurt you. I’ll take you anywhere you want so please wait for me.”

“I asked because of that. You’ve made it clear I’m not being forced to stay in your home. I don’t know anything about this place. I’d rather you guide me”

“Okay, when I was coming to get you I was just so worried you’d feel like I was going to force this whole mate thing. Like I’m saving you so you owe me being my mate or somthing like that..”

“I can already tell you’re not that type of man at all.” He looked so relieved and it touched her.

He wanted to kiss her cheek, but he simply stroked his fingers through her hair, loving how soft it was. “Sweet dreams.”

“Thank you.”

He left her and Afia climbed into bed, sighing at how soft the mattress and blankets were. She was so warm she wanted to cry and she wound up burying her face in the quilt. She had never felt so wonderful. Her stomach was full, she was clean, and she wasn’t freezing to death. She relaxed completely, trusting that she was safe here, and allowed the warmth to lull her into a deep sleep. Jameson made sure his home was secure, even put spells of protection on the windows and door so no one could go in and out except for himself and Afia. He was already so protective over her. The moment he had locked eyes with her, he had felt a jolt run through him. Even if she never loved him the way he was already loving her, he just wanted her close, wanted to take care of her and shower her with affection.

Knowing nothing would get to her in his home he went to town. He bought more food for his home and a couple more pairs of clothes for Afia. Normally he would hunt all his own food but he had the money and hunting took so much time. Afia had just gotten here, he’d stay close for awhile before hunting for his own food again. When Jameson returned home he wasn’t surprised she was still sleeping. Living in a world like that and being merely human she probably hadn’t gotten more than a couple hours at a time here and there where she felt safe enough or comfortable enough to sleep. He hummed happily as he put everything away and decided to wash her clothes. He took the dirty ones and left again. There wasn’t much to them but they might mean something to her so he would wash them carefully then give them to her with the new clothes when she woke.

Afia was surprised how well rested she felt when she finally woke. Her heart gave a small leap in her chest as she oriented herself and looked around. She gave a sigh of relief when she saw she was still in Jameson’s house. It gave her peace of mind knowing she had not been dreaming. She stretched and got up, yawning as she left the room. Jameson was sitting on the couch, a book in his hands. He looked up when she entered the living room and smiled lovingly at her.

“You’re awake.” He said it with such happiness that it made butterflies tickle her insides.

“Yeah, I feel so much better.”

He put his book down. “Are you hungry or anything?”

“I’m a bit thirsty and if you don’t mind, could you maybe show me around. It’s probably a good idea that I learn about this place just in case.”

“Anything you want.”

He poured her a glass of water. When she was finished they both put on boots and walked out. “So Afia, I washed your clothes and bought you some new ones. I’ll show you when we get back home”

“Thank you so much. I’m not sure I have ever had more than two outfits. You’re really spoiling me Jameson” He took her hand “good, you deserve it. Is this okay?” She blushed “yeah” Jameson showed her town and where to buy anything she might need. He also talked about the people they passed so she’d have at least some knowledge about the people she’d encounter. He was giving her so much information it took a large portion of their day just to do town. Not to mention the fact any of his friends they encountered were interested in the woman Jameson was holding hands with.

“Sorry if that was a little much.” He said when they were finally able to get away.

“It’s fine, you have so many friends.”

He smiled. “They can be your friends too, they seemed to like you.”


He nodded. “Yeah, but what’s not to love about my beautiful mate.”

She blushed. “I…thank you.”

He scooped her up into his arms and her heart stuttered. It was a wonderful sound and he spun in a circle, loving how excitedly it beat. “Come on, I want to take you to one more place before we go home. Tomorrow we’ll see more, I promise.”


She looked up at his face, loving how happy he looked. Happiness wasn’t an emotion she had seen on others much since her parents passed and even some of those memories could be hard to recall since they died when she was ten. Once again it was hard to believe they had really been gone seventeen years. She stopped thinking about them before she grew sad. She was with Jameson and she wanted to let go of the sadness she had been walking around with all these years. Jameson took her a little ways into the forest, sitting her down in a particularly beautiful area “This is one of my favorite places. The only real thing special about it is this is where I was born. I’m not sure that has anything to do with why I like it so much in this spot but it’s just a place I feel at peace”

“It’s really beautiful.”

“Just wait until the sun goes down. There are so many fireflies it looks like the stars came down to dance.”

“We can really stay until then?”

He smiled. “Nothing can touch you with me here.”

She let out a happy sigh and scooted closer so she could rest her head on his shoulder. His heart did a little flip and he took the chance to wrap his arm around her waist. “It’s nice not having to fear the night. It was always so cold when the sun fell and then sometimes I had to sneak around bandits. You learned really quick to stay off the roads.”

“You’ll never have to worry about that here, I’ll kill anyone who dares lay a finger on you without your permission.”

She let out a little laugh and it was music to his ears. “You’re so ferocious.”

“I really love you Afia, even if you don’t believe me and even if you don’t love me back. I want to protect you and spoil you. You’re such a dream come true, something I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have. I will cherish you forever.”

Chapter Three

“You’re a dream come true too Jameson, truly you are. I may still be working everything out but I do know I don’t want to go anywhere without you”

“I’m just glad you read a lot so believing me wasn’t hard to do. Jase said you wouldn’t be hard to convince but when you pointed your gun at me I wondered if maybe they had that detail wrong”

“sorry, a lot of people went mad living like that”

“I can imagine.”

“Can you tell me stories about why you’re so proud to be descended from Chthon and..um”

“Ruth, and I’d be happy to’ She just wanted to hear him talk mostly but it was interesting to hear him ramble on about them.He was admiring the world around them as he spoke to Afia but his sensitive animal ears heard teh second she fell asleep. He smiled happily and kissed her head, he’d wait a few moments and carry her home. The next day Afia gasped, finding herself back in Jamesons guest room. She changed clothes then walked out of her room “Jameson?” He didn’t answer so she checked his room. He was sleeping.

She crossed over to him on silent feet and felt herself smile at how adorable he looked. His ears twitched a little and she had to cover her mouth to keep from giggling. She felt bad for falling asleep on him, especially when he had been so generous, but her body was still so tired. She left his room, deciding maybe she could make him something to eat. She wasn’t really that good at it and searched his kitchen for a cookbook of any kind. Instead she found a small wooden box full of hand written recipes. She wondered where he had learned all of this, if he had been taught or if he had taught himself. She found one titled muffins with a little star in the corner and she wondered if this was one of his favorites. She decided to give them a try and hoped they came out at least mostly edible.

Jameson woke to the sound of something being dropped and shot up in bed, his head cocked to the side as he listened. He heard the sound of Afia cursing and quickly got up, worried she might have hurt herself. The sight he saw when he came out almost had him laughing. She was on her hands and knees trying to clean up a bowl of flour she had dropped. She looked up at him, her face embarrassed and a little upset. “Afia honey, what are you doing?”

“I…I was trying make you muffins, but…” she frowned, “I slipped.”

“It’s alright, don’t be mad, let me help.” He went and got his broom and dust pan and she stood, the bowl in her hands, flour covering her shirt, sweats, and even her nose. He quickly swept up the mess and dumped it. “You should have woke me.”

“You’ve done so much, I just wanted to do something nice.” She worried her lower lip with her teeth.

He reached out, grabbing her chin and tilting her head up. He gently brushed the flour off her nose then leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to the tip of it. Her cheeks turned red and he chuckled at how cute she looked. “We’ll cook together.”

“Just guide me please. I want to get good at this so I can do somthing for you too”

“Okay, as long as we’re spending time together I’m happy” He talked her through what to do and when it was in the oven she asked. “so the recipes are hand written, did you make them up?”

“Some, these have been passed down but I’ve added some of my own. Each generation adds atleast one for the next. It’s something my great great great grandma started. It’s passed down to whoever is the first to be born inept at cooking” Afia laughed “but you’re so good”

“It took practice and that box helped”

“How long did it take you to get good?”

“About fifty years”

She smiled. “Wow, then I guess I don’t feel so bad.”

“I’ll teach you how to cook everything in this box and then maybe someday, if you want to, we can pass it down to one of our children. That is, if you stick with me.”

She blushed and looked at her feet. “I never thought of children.”

He tipped her head back. “It would have been cruel to bring one into your world and you were far too focused on surviving, but maybe here you’d think about it. Even if it’s not with me, I think you’d be a wonderful mother.”

She could see in his eyes how much he wanted it to be him and only him, but he wasn’t telling her with words that it had to be. “Maybe when I’ve had more time.”

“Of course, you can have anything you want here.”

The spent most of the day baking different things and enjoying what came of their attempts. It was fun and even though she had a lot to learn she really enjoyed cooking with him. She had a feeling anything she did with Jameson was going to be amazing. It was four days into her being in his world that she said “do you still want me to meet your parents?”

“You want to go? Truly?”

“Yeah, I’m nervous but I’m ready” He tucked some hair behind Afia’s ear “Afia, they’ll like you because you make me happy. Don’t worry” The expression on her face was so filled with unspoken words he had to ask “Afia? What do you want to say. There’s somthing more on your mind” She blushed and looked away “I…I just..I want them to like me because I like you so much..I think I’d really enjoy being your mate” Next thing she knew he had pulled her into a hug. He felt so relieved, so happy. He didn’t want to make her stay by his side but every time he thought of her with another it would shatter his heart. He finally felt connected to a woman and he didn’t want to lose that, not ever. “I do, I um…I still don’t think I’m ready to share a bed but I have decided I definitly want you” He chuckled happily “us sharing a bed hardly matters. All that I care about is you staying by my side my beautiful mate. Come on! I’m so glad I can truly introduce you as mine”

He swept her off her feet and gleefully took off to his parents house. When they got there he knocked rapidly. Afia hoped it wouldn’t startle his parents. It was his mother who answered the door, her alarmed face soon turned warm “Who is this Jameson?”

“My mate, I’ll tell you about everything once I show her off to dad” She moved out of the way and he came inside. His father stood. he was surprisingly tall. “so your mate huh?”

“Yep” he set her down and hi father pulled her into a hug “we hug in this family. I hope that’s okay”

“Ye yeah”

“You don’t smell of this world young one” She looked at Jameson, wanting him to explain everything. He told them all about Humble coming to see them, going to her world and tracking her there. When she heard all the trouble he went through to get to her she felt bad but it also made her feel really special. Even before he saw her for the first time he was willing to push on through a blizzard to get to her.

“How terrible, I’m happy my son found you. I hope you’re enjoying being here.”

“Jameson has made the transition easy and fun. He’s been really sweet and patient.”

His mother smiled. “I’m sure he’s explained demons to you?”

“Mom, come on.” Jameson’s cheek flushed and his mother laughed, only getting worse when Afia gave him a confused look.

“I was only teasing dear, I’ll leave everything up to you. Timing is everything after all.”

“He just told me that you weren’t all bad and you live forever.” Afia jumped in. “I haven’t asked about much else.”

“It’s a bit personal dear and more about male demons that females.”

“Oh stop embarrassing the boy, he’s liable to die of it with her here.” His father said as he placed his hands gently on his wife’s shoulders.

“Fine, fine, how about some tea and cookies, you look hungry Afia.”

“That sounds really nice” She sat with his parents and grew to like them quickly. They were such nice, welcoming people. His father was hilarious and his mother seemed extremely intelligent. “You should let your siblings meet her Jameson” HIs mother suggested and he said “well I’d like to but they haven’t been around for awhile”

“I can lead you to your sister since I know about where she is but your brothers will end up around eventually”

“I want to get Afia a little healthier before I take her on any trips.”

“Probably a good idea, so Afia. I hope me asking doesn’t hurt your feelings but do you know how to read and write and all that? I can’t imagine you had much schooling”

“Yeah, my parents taught me as much as possible. Though, if you’re offering to teach me new things that’s something I’d like very much. You’re so smart, even just hanging out with you today I can see that”

“well before this lug head all I did was learn as much as possible. I read, went to anybody willing to teach me something new. If you wanted to come over every now and then and let me teach you I’d be more than happy” Jamesons dad laughed at his mate calling him a lughead. “Thank you” Afia answered. Jameson now spoke “Yeah, mom taught me all I’d sit down for but I was more interested in being outside and exploring with my dad”

“well your parents sound wonderful Afia. They may have only had eight years with you but they seemed to pack all they could into preparing you for the world.”

“Yeah, it passed time too. We had to hide a lot because everyone sort of went crazy and became violent. If we needed anything one would always stay hidden with me while the other went out. They wouldn’t leave me alone and they weren’t willing to take me out into the open. It was sort of mind blowing when I finally left the last place we were hiding. I had been out so little until then but they explained to me what they went out for and why and what kept the best and all that while also preparing me for things to get normal again. Everytime I’d master something they’d start teaching me somthing new”

“I’m sorry you had to lose them.”

Afia gave a small smile. “I miss them every day, but now with Jameson here, it doesn’t hurt so bad. Everything that happened to me has pushed me to this moment. Maybe I never would have met your son.”

Jameson laced his fingers through hers and smiled when he heard her heart give an excited beat. “You’re my mate Afia, that means whether in this life or the next I would have found you. I wouldn’t have stopped looking.”

His words so easily melted her and she blushed when she saw his parents staring at them. She covered her face and both of his parents laughed. “And we’re the embarrassing ones. Look at what you did Jameson.” His mother said.

He hugged Afia and she pushed her face into his shirt. “It’s okay my love, you’re just my everything.”

“I know, it’s just…well I’ve never been in a relationship and it’s a bit overwhelming.”

He kissed her head “I understand” he looked at his parents “I want to take her home for now.”

“we’ll find your sister and bring her here. Maybe then we can all have dinner”

“Do you want that Afia?” he asked and she said “I’d love to meet her”

“then just let us know when she’s home” he said then got up. They all exchanged hugs and Jameson carried Afia home. When they got there he asked “now that you’re my mate can I kiss you?” She was blood red again “I..um…I’ve never been kissed before either..I’m a virgin”

“I’ll only kiss you. We’ll hold off sex until you’re at least comfortable enough to share a bed with me. I don’t mind waiting”

“I’m scared I’ll be terrible at kissing”

“Afia, there’s no way I’m not going to enjoy kissing you” His words were so warm and his eyes were sincere. “O..okay” she said and he gently lifted her a little more and pressed their lips together. It was a short kiss because he didn’t want to overwhelm her. “did you like that Afia?” he asked and she said “you could kiss me again..so I can tell you for certain” he smiled happily and kissed her a little longer this time.”That feels so amazing Jameson” she said softly and he sat on the couch with her “You’re welcome to all the kisses you want.”

“Thank you Jameson, for saving me, for being so kind, for everything”

“This wouldn’t be possible if you hadn;t been willing to trust me. You are everything to me and I will owe Humble forever for telling me where you were” They cuddled there blissfully. Afia couldn’t remember ever feeling so safe or so happy. She couldn’t wait to meet his siblings and to learn about this place from his mother. She had so much in life to look forward to and she guessed she also had Humble and Jase to thank.

~ The End

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