Aimil & Hector


Aimil stood by the lake, a light breeze tugging her raven hair from it’s braid and making her dress billow about her. The lake was placid, as smooth as glass and reflected the beautiful moonlight that turned the world a silvery color. She felt an aching in her heart at having to leave this place behind. “Aimil?” She turned at the familiar male voice and smiled sadly as her blue eyes rested upon her love.

“Hector, I didn’t know if you would come.” He pulled her into his arms and gave her a soft kiss.

“Something is troubling you.”

“It’s time, they’re taking me away.”

Hector’s eyes filled with sorrow and he held her tighter. Demon though he was, having been taught from an early age that love was a weakness, his heart broke. “No, why now? You still have another year.”

“They want to start my priestess training early because I am of royal blood and have shown such promise. Since I am not yet an adult in their eyes I must go. I’m sorry my love.”

“But you’re sixteen, by demon standards you are already fit to marry.” He was looking for any reason for her to stay.

“Hector we knew this day was coming. I have to go.”

“For how long?”

“Until my twenty-first birthday then I’ll be back.” She could see the tears forming in his eyes and feel them in her own so she buried her face in his shirt. “Will you wait for me?” She knew it was a lot to ask, knew that her duties might keep her away longer, but she had to ask.

“Forever my love, no matter how long it takes, I will wait for you.”

Chapter One

Eight Years Later:

She sat on the back of her horse, bound for home. It had been eight years, three years longer than she had wished and she was finally going back. She stared straight ahead, keeping to herself as she thought of him, of his face and smile, of his patience and love. Hector, her Hector, she was finally going to see him again. She knew he had promised to wait, but in one letter from her mother she had read the lake had dried up a year after her departure. She knew Hector had been keeping the water flowing and must have left. Even if he was no longer there she would find him and see if he had kept his promise.
When her horse finally trotted into town she went to home first to greet her parents. They knew she was coming so were eagerly waiting. Aimils father barely let her get down off the horse before he hugged her “I’m so glad you’re home” he said happily then let Gia get a hug “we missed you so much. We’re extremely proud of you though. I brag about you all the time”

“You always have” Aimil said with a smile then asked “the lake still dried up?’

“Yeah, weird. Anyway, lets get you somthing nice to drink and food since you’ve been traveling” She followed them inside. Aimil wanted to find Hector but she had missed her parents and would spend atleast some time with them before rushing off to find him. There was also no way of knowing if she was rushing into heartbreak since there was a chance he didn’t wait.
“Hector, wake up.” He opened his eyes to the soft feminine voice, frowning at the young girl who was standing over him.

“Lynn, what is it?” He asked as he sat up and she backed up.

“You promised too take me out to gather berries today.” She said with a big smile.

He stretched. “What time is it?”

“Almost noon, come on you promised.”

“Alright and enough with the pouting, you’re eleven not five.” He got up and pulled a shirt on then his boots. He stretched again and an his fingers through his hair. “Lao, come on.” There was a dragging sound and the dragon came down from the rafters, its tongue flicking out. “Go get your basket Lynn.”

He followed the girl out of his room and then outside, telling her to stay in sight. She had been just a toddler when he had found her, three years old and all alone. He had wondered where her parents had gone, if they were dead or if they had abandoned her, but she said she couldn’t remember and he thought it best to leave it that way. Raising her on his own had been extremely complicated since he was a man, but she had managed to flourish anyway into a happy girl who loved baking the most. He sighed, wishing he had Aimil back. He knew if she had been around it would have been easier to care for a female child. He missed her more and more every day and the only thing keeping him from breaking down was little Lynn.

“So what kept you away the extra three years?” Coll asked as they ate the salad that had been prepared for them.

“Well after I had completed my training a huge drought moved through the land. I went from village to village calling the water from the ground and making the soil fertile so there would be plenty to eat. During the fall I kept people warm while wood was being chopped and helped move dirt from a landslide. I healed survivors and helped bury the dead. When winter came around a sickness moved through the land and even with my help it took forever to get rid of. Then is spring babies of every kind were being born and I stayed to help with that. I defended the people from demons, a dragon, and a horde of trolls. It went on and on, but I stayed for as long as I could. I finally had to say goodbye.”

“You’ve made quite a name for yourself, I’m surprised you didn’t come back married.” Gia said.

“I told in my letters, none of them suited me.”
“well, with how amazing you are I guess you’ll still find someone. There were so many good men that proposed to you. It makes little sense but you know how i feel about it and I love you anyway”

“I know” Coll wished Aimil would just be honest with her mother and tell her about Hector. She was a grown woman now, there was nothing her mother could do and she would find out anyway if Hector kept his word and waited on her. After breakfast Aimil said “I’m going to explore and take in my old home. I’d like to go alone”

“Alright, we love you” Her father said then Aimil exited the house. She knew hoping to just stumble into Hector somwhere near the village was foolish but she would feel too bad telling her parents bye already to go hunting for her boyfriend. As she walked a few of her old friends stopped her to talk. Thankfully they had all written so she didn’t have to catch them up on everything.
“Can we go into town and buy some flour?” Lynn asked as she handed Hector the basket full of blackberries.

He scratched the back of his head. He didn’t like going into town where Aimil had lived. It had been eight years and would probably be longer. Going to the places that she had frequented brought back memories that he now found painful. Eight years and it would probably be longer. “How about we go tomorrow, we still have enough left for you to make a couple pies or batches of muffins.”

She pouted and he rolled his eyes. “Okay, fine. Promise me.”

“I promise, we’ll go tomorrow.”

They headed back to his home, Lynn looking sad the whole way. Lao flew around her trying to make her smile and when he finally succeeded he flew up into the sky. Aimil walked down the road, wanting too see the spot where their lake had once been. She felt a deep sadness move through her that Hector would move away and that it was her fault. She could have run away with him, especially after he told her she was old enough to be married by demon standards. Instead she had allowed herself to be whisked away, taken overseas to a temple to be trained as a priestess. A light wind tussled her hair as she stepped onto the path that led to the lake.

“How come you never want to go to town unless I beg you?” Lynn asked when they made it home.

“You know I don’t like talking about it.”

“Uncle Hector, I’ve been here for eight years and you still won’t tell me anything. It’s not fair. I hear people talking about how that lake dried up a year after you found me and your a water demon so it must have been your fault.”

He sighed. “Look, someone I loved left me alright. I didn’t want her too and she didn’t want too, but she did. She was supposed to be back five years after she left, but she never came back. It’s been eight years.”

Lynn looked at her feet. “Sorry, I didn’t mean too upset you.”

He hugged her. “You could never upset me Lynnie Lou, never in a million years. Why don’t you get to washing your berries and I’ll help you make a pie.”
“Ok, I love you”

“I love you too sweetheart”

“I hope the woman you want to be with comes back. I want to meet her”

“I hope so too. I’ll never stop waiting. I love and need her so much. She’s really fun and nice. You’ll like her”

“If you say she’s great then I know I will” Lynn began to rinse her berries. When they were ready to use Hector started helping her make a pie. It brought him a smile and tore him from his sad thoughts of Aimil. He would give anything in the world for her to come back. He needed his mate by his side and Lynn needed a female role model. He knew he was doing well with her but he felt a little girl needed a woman to look up to.

The pies they made were delicious as always. Especially since Hector had made his own special tea that complimented the pies perfectly. When they had their fill Lynn asked “can we play outside Uncle Hector?”

“Yes but you’ll have to come in early enough for a bath”

“Ok” Hector and Lao made Lynn giggle and smile as they played. near sunset he stopped and said “bath time. You can’t skip it again” Lynn ran inside and he followed to draw her a bath. Lao was tired from the day and decided to go lay down.

Chapter Two

“If you need anything just holler and make sure to open the window when you get out, last time the whole bathroom was steamed up and you know we don’t need mold.”

“Yes sir.” He left her alone and flopped down on the couch, not wanting to go into town tomorrow, but knowing he couldn’t break a promise too Lynn.

Aimil sat by the dried up patch where the lake used too be, her knees drawn up to her chest as she cried. Even the grass near the lake had shriveled up and the flowers that had grown in abundance were gone. This was all her fault, their place was dead because of her. She remembered all the nights she had sneaked out to see Hector, all the kisses and sweet words and how alive he had made her feel. She needed to find him, to apologize for leaving and for asking him to wait for her like the idiotic teenager she had been, but the only way she could do that was to ask her parents for help. Her father she knew she could count on, but her mother was another story. She wanted Aimil to marry some priest or sorcerer, someone of high birth like herself, someone of great power. She wiped her face, nervous about asking her parents for help. Her mother’s spirit magic could give her a direction and her father could track Hector once they had a general vicinity to search.

Hector hadn’t realized he dozed off until Lynn came out of the bathroom. He got up, going into the kitchen to start dinner. He decided on chicken meat pies and got started on cooking the meat. He glanced into the living room, seeing Lynn was reading and Lao was curled around the couch with his head resting in her lap. He made the dough for the crust and rolled it out then added chicken and vegetables before closing them and putting them in the oven. He turned the timer on then went into the living room. “I’m going to take a walk, I should be back before the timer goes off, but if I’m not take the meat pies out of the oven and don’t burn yourself.”

“I’m eleven, I’ll be fine.”

“And keep the door locked. I’m just going down into the valley.”

“Okay, stay safe.”
“I will” Hector said as he walked out. Lynn gave Laos head a stroke “do you think she’ll come back?” Lao nodded and she smiled before going back to reading. Hector walked slowly, just letting the fresh air refresh him. Night air always felt the best in his lungs. Somthing about the coolness of it felt amazing. He was grateful Lao was always more than willing to keep an eye on Lynn when he wanted to go on a walk of his own.

She was a good girl though so it wasn’t like that was hard to do. Hector laid in some grass when he made it to the valley. It instantly triggering memories of cuddling outside in the night with Aimil. He could almost hear her voice. Even after all this time he hadn’t forgotten atall what it sounded like. He especially could never forget her laugh or the way she kissed him.
Aimil made sure her face was completely dry before stepping inside. She knew her mother would be in the library and her father in the basement experimenting with concoctions. She decided to talk to him first since he was the more understanding of the two and had never told her what to do with her life. She went to her parent’s room and over to the far wall where their chest of drawers sat. She stood right in front of the wall then backed up two paces then three to the left. She tapped her foot on the floor twice and slab of the floor slid open in front of her. She stepped down into the darkness and held out her hand, making fire dance in her palm. The familiar smell of chemicals hit her nose, a smell she had loved in her childhood because it meant spending time with her father.

“Aimil, hand me the blue vial on the third shelf.” Coll said and she smiled, hurrying over and grabbing the vial he needed then handing it to him.

“How do you always know it’s me?” She asked.

“You still walk the same, almost scared, but curious all the same.” He poured some of the liquid from the blue vial in and the liquid in his beaker turned yellow.

“What are you making?”

“It’s an extra strong healing potion that can mend broken bone and stop internal bleeding instantly. So why have you come here sweetheart?”

She sighed. “I need to ask something of you.”

“Might it have something to do with your demon, Hector?” She swallowed nervously and he chuckled.

“How did…”

“I knew the day you found your way back home unscathed after being caught out in a flood. Someone helped you and a week later I noticed a man standing just outside the town. Then I noticed you sneaking out at night and followed you. Since he didn’t hurt you and seemed to genuinely love you I let things take their course. So tell me what you need me to do and I’ll do it as long as it makes you happy.”

“Well, I need you to help me convince mom too use her powers to give us a general area to search for him and then I need you to find him, track him, please.”
“Convincing your mother is going to be a hard sell but hey, I convinced her to marry me so I can convince her of anything.” Aimil hugged her father “thank you, should i be in the room or do you think I should be elsewhere?”

“In the room is good. You need to tell her yourself of Hector.”

“well lets go then. I really miss him and need to know if he really waited on me”

“Just let me finish what I’m doing” Coll finished then they went into the library. Gia looked up from her book and smiled at them “yes?” Aimil gave a nervous sigh. “Um, I have to talk to you about the man I love” Gia stood excitedly “really?! Who? What sorcerer?”

“He isn’t one”

“Then what is he then?”

“a demon..”

“a what? How did you meet a demon?”

“He saved me from the flood and then we got close. Before I left he promised he would wait on me. I need yours and dads help to find him. He left the lake so I dont know where he is”

“Why do you think he waited then? The lake dried only a year after you left. I’m assuming his leaving was the cause. You turned down all those potentially amazing husbands for some demon? Have you learned nothing of the cruelty of demons?” Her voice growing upset. “Hector is a wonderful man who loves me. Please mom. I wont be happy with anybody else but him”

Chapter Three

“This is insane, are you really on her side husband?”

“Of course I am, she loves him the way I love you even though you wouldn’t give me the time of day at first. Please dear, stop being so stubborn. Why should she marry some priest, some idiot who isn’t even on her level? Your constant need for social status is stupid my love.”

Gia crossed her arms. “Mom, please, I’ve never asked you for anything so please just do this one thing for me or I’ll go off into the forest and find him myself, I might even get lost.”

Gia sighed. “Fine, but if he breaks your heart don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She closed her eyes raised her hands. She called to the spirits of the ethereal plane, asked them for guidance. When she opened her eyes she said, “I saw berry bushes, a valley, and a young girl. I could smell the sweet scent of pie in the air. I could see them walking past the road that leads here, but going north.”

“Thank you mom.” Aimil hugged her and turned to her father. “When can we leave?”

“We’ll leave early in the morning so go get some rest.”

“Okay, thank you so much.” When she was gone Coll crossed to his wife and pulled her into his arms.

“Thank you for relenting just this once.”

“I can’t believe you call me stupid.”

“I didn’t call you stupid, I said your need for social status was stupid and it is. Let her love and marry who she wishes instead of trying so hard to control her. She’s an adult and she’s given up eight years with Hector to make you proud.”
“I guess, she is a woman to be proud of no matter who she marrys. I just wish it could atleast be a human”

“You can brag your daughter is able to tame a male demon. Isn’t that impressive?” Gia laughed “you’re placating me.” Coll lifted his wife “better start making love to you before i get myself in trouble”

“You’re already in trouble”

“As long as you punish me fine” Gia smiled despite her upsetness. His face was too adorable to stay mad at. Aimil fell asleep excited and woke the same way. She rushed down to the kitchen and began breakfast so they could all just eat and go. She was halfway done cooking when her parents came down “morning sweetheart” Gia said. Aimil shot back her beautiful smile that warmed both her parents hearts.

Gia still didn’t approve of this but was glad to have her daughter happy. They ate and then readied themselves for travel. Aimil fussed over herself more than she ever had since she would finally be seeing Hector again. She wondered about this little girl that was with him. He might have had a daughter with another woman. The thought made her sad but truly why should he have waited all these years.
“Hector, wake up.” He opened his eyes and sighed.

“Is there a reason you think it’s okay to hover over me like some sort of weirdo?”

“It’s the only way too get you up.”

He sat up and looked around. “What time is it?”


“Early, you never get up early.”

She shrugged. “I feel like we should get an early start. Come on, lets go.”

“Alright, alright let me get my boots on.” He got up, following her into the living room and grabbing his boots and tugging them on. He stretched then retrieved some money, enough to buy Lynn whatever she wanted. “Come on Lao.” The dragon came from the rafters and followed them out the door.

“Berry bushes.” Aimil said as they walked through the forest.

“Looks like a bunch have been harvested and there are prints in the dirt.” Coll replied. “Two pairs, a man and a child.”

“We’re getting closer.”

“It took us a little over an hour to get here, it may take longer to get to where he lives. Lets keep going north.”

Aimil was excited as they hurried on, wondering what she was going to say to Hector. She had missed him for so long, had wanted to talk to him every night she was away, but now as they drew closer she became nervous. She worried he didn’t love her anymore, especially after she had been gone longer than she said. Hector stared up at the sky as they walked through the woods, heading for the main road. He wondered how Aimil was doing, if she was happy and if she had perhaps found another. He frowned at the idea of her being with another man, but knew in his heart all he wanted for her was happiness.

“How long does it take to get to town again?” Lynn asked.

“Three hours. Two hours to the berries and an hour from there to town.” An hour an a half later his ears caught the sound of approaching footsteps and grabbed Lynn, jumping up into a tree. “Be quiet.”

“Okay.” She whispered back.
His eyes widened and his jaw slightly dropped in disbelief when he saw Aimil coming with parents. He dropped down with Lynn, set her on the ground then pulled Aimil into a hug. Gia had very nearly attacked Hector but Coll stopped her. “You came back” Hector said softly. He pulled back and kissed her. Hector had missed Aimil too long to care about her parents standing there. “you waited on me?” Aimil said against his lips as tears trailed her cheeks. Hector wiped them away “of course I did. You are my mate. My only love”

“who’s that little girl?”

“I found her all alone. She doesn’t know what happened to her parents so I’ve been taking care of her. Her name is Lynn.” Lynn waved with a smile. They both were crying tears of joy and relief when Gia cleared her throat. Hector didn’t let Aimil go but looked at her mother. “so you are Hector.”

“Yes, you are Gia?”

“she told you of me?”

“Yes, she’s talked about both of you”

“where were you and Lynn going?”

“Into town, I promised we’d go today”

“then lets walk back into town”
Aimil couldn’t believe she was really seeing him again, her Hector and he had not changed one bit. He held tightly too her hand as they moved through the woods, a smile on his face as he asked her about her training. He grew pale at the thought of her fighting demons, but felt a sense of pride at her mastery of her abilities. Lynn was a buzz with questions, asking about how hard becoming a priestess was and what kind of tests you had to go through. “Do you think I could train to become one?” Lynn asked with a big smile.

“I don’t know how I feel about you going that far away.” Hector interjected.

“I could always become her mentor.” Aimil replied and Lynn gave a squeal of delight.

“Then why did you have to go?”

“Because I wished for her to get the best training there was. My mentors still live at the temple and are well versed in all kinds of magic.” Gia said, her voice boastful. “I also wanted her to see more of the world.”

“You could have mentored her.”

Gia opened her mouth to speak, but Coll grabbed her hand. They had had the exact same argument the day after Aimil had left and he didn’t want to hear it again. “It’s okay Hector, all that matters is I’m back now.” Amil said trying to calm him down.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He brought her fingers to his lips and kissed them, making her blush.

“So are you going to be staying for good then?” Lynn asked hopefully.

“Of course.”

“Good because Uncle Hector’s been pretty mopey these past eight years.”

Chapter Four

“I’m sorry” Aimil answered. “I’m only glad you’re home now” Hector said as he slightly tightened his grip on her hand. He hoped she was moving in with him. After all that time it would be too hard to let her go home. That wasn’t a worry for this moment though so he just enjoyed having her hand firmly in his. Lynn talked to Aimil about all the things she would learn as a priestess which made Lynn increasingly excited. “when can i start learning?”

“When you’re ready. We can do small lessons now and work our way up.”

“So cool, you’re as amazing as Hector said you were”

“I’m glad he found you. It’s a shame you don’t know what happened to your family” Lynn shrugged “maybe it’s good I dont remember. Who knows what happened and Hector is enough family for me. Now I have you too so it’s even better.” They made it to town and let Lynn take everything in while more people stopped Aimil to ask about her training. Everybody was curious and had missed her greatly.

She even got questions about Hector and she proudly told them he was her boyfriend. There was no need to keep it a secret any longer since her parents knew. Most thought nothing of it while some seemed uneasy about her dating a demon. Aimil didn’t care about whatever reaction they chose. They finally bought what Hector and Lynn needed then Gia asked “why don’t you two join us for dinner?”
“We’d love too.” Hector replied, seeing Gia’s disapproval of him. He didn’t blame her for her obvious dislike, many of his kind didn’t have a good reputation. They walked back to Gia and Coll’s house and Gia told them they could put their groceries in the kitchen. Lao stayed with Aimil and wrapped himself around her so it looked like she was wearing a scaly suit.

“Hello boy, I missed you too.” She rubbed his head and the dragon rubbed its face against hers.

“Lao, get down.” The dragon uncurled itself and settled in the living room.

“That’s quite a talent you have there for dragon taming.” Coll said with a smile.

“I didn’t tame him sir, he just started following me around one day when I was a kid. My grandmother told me he was good luck, if anything he’s lazy.” Coll laughed as they all sat down in the living room.

“It’s cool that you guys have a cook, I learned everything from a cookbook Hector got me.” Lynn said.

“You make some pretty delicious omelettes Lynn.” Hector replied, making her smile happily.

They talked too each other until the cook let them know dinner was ready then they moved to the dining room. “What are these?” Lynn asked.

“They’re called crawfish, you crack them open and you eat the meat. They’re like mini lobsters.” Aimil explained.

“They look weird and I’ve never had lobster.”

“When the fishermen bring their catches in for the market I’ll buy you some.” Hector said as he ate and tossed pieces to Lao.
Lynn smiled again. It was contagious and made Aimil along with her father smile with her. Gia was too upset by Hector to crack a smile atall. Hector didnt notice, he could barely keep himself from stareing at Aimil since it had been so long. She was even more beautiful than when she left, her voice just as soothing and sweet. If he woke up and this wasn’t real it would be soul crushing. By the end of their meal Lynn still was having trouble eating the crawfish but she did enjoy them.

“are you going home now?” Gia asked, not hiding well she wanted him to leave. “Are you coming home with me Aimil?” Aimil blushed and Gia crossed her arms as she tried not to speak. “Yes, I’ve missed you so much and would love to go to your home”

“Aimil” her mother said “what mom?” she answered. ‘Nothing, I love you, goodnight” Aimil frowned and wished this was easier for her mother but was also grateful she was trying. Aimil hugged her tightly “I love you so much mother. Hector is a wonderful guy. Just give him more of a chance”

“I am honey. I love you too. Please come back tomorrow”

“we will”
Gia just smiled and Aimil hugged her father. “Goodnight sweetheart, Hector nice too finally get to know you.”

“You too sir.”

Lynn told them bye and then she and Hector grabbed their groceries before starting home. Aimil’s face was red the whole time they were walking as she thought of sleeping next to Hector. She knew there was no other option, sleeping anywhere else would hurt his feelings. “It’s really beautiful tonight.” She said softly.

“Yes it is, it always makes me think of the nights you would come and see me at the lake.” He replied with a smile. “Those were my favorite nights.”

“Mine too, I missed them while I was away.”

They walked the rest of the way in silence and by the time they made it to Hector’s house Lynn was extremely exhausted. They put their groceries away then Hector sent her off to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. “So, do you want too sleep with me tonight or would you like me to take the couch?”

“Oh uh I guess I’ll sleep with you.” She answered as she propped her staff up against the wall.

“You don’t have too Aimil, it won’t hurt my feelings.” He brushed her hair away from her face.

“I want too sleep with you. I’ve missed you so much so I want to be close to you.”

He smiled and picked her up and carried her to his room. Her cheeks flushed and he let out a little chuckle. “Don’t worry, I’ll be good I promise.”

“It’s okay, I’m just nervous because I’ve never slept with a man before.”

“Well that’s a relief.” He sat her on her feet and closed his door. “Would you like too borrow one of my shirts?”

“Yes please.” He grabbed her a shirt and handed it too her then turned his back. She swallowed nervously, but started stripping anyway.

“So tell me about that staff you carry around, it’s made of metal.”

“Oh I can infuse it with any element I wish and it’s an amazing lightening conductor. When I lived at the temple I would go out into the desert and make fulgurite. It makes beautiful art.”
“I’d like to see somtime”

“Then I’ll show you. I’ll show you and Lynn all my tricks. You can turn around now” Aimils steady words now nervous again. He turned around with a warm smile “it’s so good to have you back. I have to admit there were times I worried you may have found another.”

“You are the only man for me Hector” Hector closed the distance between them and hugged Aimil. “You are never leaving again right?”

“Never, not without you, Lynn and Lao” They intertwined in Hectors bed and hector chuckled again at Aimils heartbeat. “I told you I’d be good my love”

“I know, I can’t help but be nervous. You always give me butterflys”

“I hope that never stops but I also don’t want you having a heart attack on me beautiful” Aimil kissed Hector, pouring her love into him. Hector got goosebumps as he frequently did from even just a simple kiss. “I love you so much Aimil” Hector whispered “I love you too Hector. Incredibly so” Hector held Aimil snugly as they drifted to sleep. The next morning he gasped as he woke, afraid since he was waking up. The jerk woke Aimil “you ok Hector?”

“Yes, I just feared you returning might have been a hopful dream”

“I’m definitely here”
“Oh how I love you.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her, making her blush when he moaned. He pulled back and grinned at her. “I love the taste of your lips.”

She covered her face. “Stop.”

He chuckled and pulled her hands away. “But I love making you blush. Your red face looks so beautiful.”

“You’re so bad.”

“You haven’t seen me bad yet.” He teased then kissed her again. “Come on, I’ll make you some breakfast them you can show off your powers.”

She smiled and they got out of bed. He couldn’t help but stare as she bent over to pull her pants on. He quickly looked away when she straightened and looked at him with her big, innocent smile. “What?” She asked.

“Nothing.” He kept his back turned while she pulled her top back on and she covered her eyes while he dressed. “It’s safe.” He said and she uncovered her eyes. They went out into the living room where Lynn was reading with Lao draped partially across her lap.

“Good morning Uncle Hector and Aunt Aimil.”

“Good morning baby girl.”

“Good morning.”

Aimil followed Hector into the kitchen and sat on the counter, watching him make scrambled eggs with ham and toast. She thought he looked sexy standing there, a smile on his face as he cooked. “Like what you see?” He asked and she felt her face warm.

“Of course I do, I mean you’re you know.”

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me beautiful.”

Chapter Five

Aimil looked away with the blush deepening “Hector..you’re sexy” Aimil got off the counter to go sit with Lynn due to how embarrassed she was. hector stopped with the eggs “Aimil, I just wanted to hear it. It felt good to hear it. Stay before your distraction makes me burn our breakfast” Aimil smiled then returned to the counter. “I remember how shy you were about our first kiss. It’s as sweet now as it was then”

“all our kisses have been amazing” Hector gave a happy sigh and finished cooking. “Lynn, breakfast” he called as he served plates. She came in excitedly and sat down. Lynn giggled at how much Hector was staring at Aimil “she isn’t going anywhere Uncle Hector” Hector just smiled “but isn’t she the most beautiful sight you’ve seen” Aimil blushed again. “I’m sure she’s seen prettier sights”

“He has taken me to some gorgeous places but to him I doubt anything could be prettier than you. He missed you a lot.” When they were finished they headed back to Aimils village, Hector keeping Aimils hand the whole way.
“I wish you didn’t have too go back today.” Hector said when they drew closer to her parents’ home.

“I told my mom that I would come back, but I can always leave again. Lets just keep the peace between you and my mother for now.”

“I understand, I just want too keep you all to myself for awhile.” She blushed and he kissed her cheek. “We don’t have spend our time doing that, although I do love how it seems too be the only thing you’re shy about.”

“I’m sorry.” They stopped in front of her parents’ door and he tipped her head back and smiled lovingly at her.

“Never be sorry.” He kissed her lips then followed her inside with Lynn and Lao right behind them.

“Mom, dad I’m back.” Aimil yelled and her mom came out of the library.

“Oh good, you’re safe and untouched it seems.”


“What, doesn’t he know you’re still a virgin?”

“Of course I do and it’s not an issue ma’am. Her first time is very important and when she is ready, I will be too.”

Lynn’s cheeks reddened at such talk. “Um may I go read in the library?” She asked and Hector told her it was okay.

Aimil sighed. “Please be nice mom, you’re not going to shock him or scare him away, I mean for one he’s a demon and two they tend not to be very modest. I came back like you asked for your peace of mind, but I’m going to take Hector and Lynn out too show them my powers.”

“Would you mind if your father and I joined you?”

“I think that would be great.” Hector replied.

“Then will you go and get him from his lab Aimil?”

“Would you like too see daddy’s lab Hector?”

Hector smiled. “I’d love too.”
Hector walked with Aimil to where her father worked. Coll turned around happily “so glad you’re back.”

“I’m going to show off all I learned. Want to see?”

“I’d love to” Coll finished up what he was doing then followed his daughter and Hector outside. Gia watched his prideful eyes as Aimil showed off her skills. Coll and Hector were just smiling at how much fun Aimil was having while Lynn was awestruck. Aimil showed them everything she was capable of that was safe to show near a village. When she was done Gia ran to Aimil “Oh I’m so proud.”

“Thanks mom”They spent the day together and Gia still seemed a little tense around Hector. Aimil knew it would probably take a long time for her mother to truly approve but Aimil was glad she was even making an attempt. It was often Gia went willingly on a way that wasn’t her own. That night Gia said “goodnight Hector” as if to dismiss him so Aimil spoke up “Mom, I’m going with Hector again” Gia crossed her arms “You just went over there”

“I’m an adult. I can be there as much as i wish”

“Are you shaking up?” Gia said in a mortified tone. Hector then spoke “I’ll marry her any day if thats what she wants. Want to marry me Aimil?” Aimil blushed as a shocked look covered her face “are you serious Hector”

“Yes, you are my mate. I want to marry you” Aimil smiled “I’d love to marry you” Coll took Gias hand to help her not freak out. It worked much to his and Aimils relief. “alright…when would you like the wedding?” Gia forced out. “I guess Hector and I will talk about it” Aimil hugged her mother then thanked her. Without explaining the thank you Gia knew it was Aimil thanking her for not exploding.
Aimil packed a bag of clothes this time and Hector took it from her, insisting on carrying it. She hugged her parents before leaving and promised too stay safe. She held her staff in one hand and took Hector’s free hand with her other. It felt amazing going home with Hector, but she was a little upset at her mother’s words. If she moved in with Hector it was their business, not her mother’s. She sighed and Hector squeezed her hand. “Are you alright?”

“Lets talk about it after Lynn is in bed.” She whispered and he nodded. When they made it home Lynn decided too take a shower while Hector and Aimil went to his room.

“So, what’s bothering you?”

“Just my mother’s attitude. I love her, but I hate that she thinks I should be with someone of a higher social standing. She held her tongue because she loves me, but she doesn’t want me too marry you.”

He smiled and tipped her head back. “It’ll be okay my love, she’ll come around and your father won’t let her freak out at our wedding.”

“You’re so patient and understanding.”

“That’s because I love you.” He kissed her, holding her close too him.

“Shouldn’t we be discussing our wedding?” She asked against his lips.

“I’m more interested in kissing you.”

She blushed and he smiled. “You’ve been gone for eight years, let me enjoy you.”

“Enjoy me?”

“Kissing you is enough.” He lifted her then laid her on the bed, getting over her on hands and knees. He smiled at her nervousness and brushed his knuckles across her cheek. “I’ll be as good as you want me too, I promise so don’t worry.”

“I trust you completely.”
Hector smiled again before continuing to kiss her. His kisses became hungrier and hungrier until they started trailing down Aimils neck. Aimil let out a small moan which made him want her more. “Hector” she said when his kisses trail to her shoulder. “yes baby” He answered huskily. “it’s just..I dont want to go all the way. My moms really trying”

“shh, I wont sweetheart. Can’t I just kiss you?”


“I wont go past your waist. Is that alright?”

“Yeah” Hector rained loving kisses over Aimil which moved and warmed her heart. When he stopped kissing her Hector pull Aimil into his arms “I’m ready to talk about our wedding beautiful”

“What color dress do you want me in?”

“Black and red would be stunning.”

“Then black and red it shall be. You’ll look so handsome in a tux”

“and you’ll be the most stunning rose among the women” Aimil smiled “I still cant believe you waited on me”

“You are my other half Aimil. I could have nobody else”

“Thank you. You make me so happy”

“I can tell by how your body reacts to mine” Aimil blushed and Hector smiled “anything else to talk about?”


“Hm, do we need them?”

“No, I’ll just have Lynn be my maid of honor”

“That will be cute”

“I know, shes an adorable girl”

“Lao can be my best man” Hector saying that made Aimil giggle “yes he can”
He laughed and kissed her. “I can’t wait until you’re my wife even though by demon law you already are.”

“Well we’ll be married in two worlds then.”

He kissed her softly. “I need too take a shower, want too join me.” He was only teasing, but she immediately covered her face and frowned. “Hey, I’m kidding. Don’t be upset.”

“I’m sorry, I know it’s stupid.”

“No it’s not baby, never say that. I told you, I can wait. I was just teasing you.” He pulled her hands away and kissed her softly. “I love you so much, never forget that. I’ll go shower and then you can shower and we’ll go to sleep.”

“Okay, I love you too.”

He got up and grabbed a pair of night pants before disappearing into the bathroom. Aimil laid there staring up at the ceiling, worrying about her inexperience. She had never asked him, but she was sure Hector had had lovers before they met. It wasn’t that big a deal, but the idea of her knowing only what others told her made her nervous. She flushed at the thought of him making love to her and couldn’t stop the images that filled her head. When he came out of the bathroom she quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom, her eyes looking down at her feet. She pulled her clothes off and switched on the water then stepped into the tub. There was a tapping on the door and she jumped.

“Aimil, are you okay?” Hector asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just give me a few minutes and I’ll be out.”

“Okay, yell if you need me.”

“I will, thank you.”
Hector walked back over to the bed and sat down. He feared she was upset over his joke with how she rushed into the bathroom without even looking at him. When she came out she noticed how woebegone Hector looked and hugged him “what’s wrong?”

“You’re upset. You rushed into the bathroom looking at your feet”

“I’m not upset. Just shy and nervous about the first time we make love.”

“I don’t understand that. It’ll be amazing”

“How do you know. Have you been with a virgin before?”

“It will be amazing because it will be us making love. Everything with you is amazing, even the smallest things. How could making love be any different?” Aimil smiled and kissed him “you are well over three hundred years old Hector. You’ve been with a lot of women I’m sure”

‘Not as many as you’re thinking. You are my first mate anyway so what I had with fuck buddies will be nothing.”

“You’ve never had a mate before?” Hector shook his head gently “Never wanted one before you” Aimil kissed him again “I love you”

“I love you too” They settled into bed and rested. They went to Aimils village frequently to see her parents and friends while they made wedding plans. Aimil didn’t know if it was hopefulness but her mom seemed to be ever slightly liking Hector more as time passed. When it came to their wedding day everything was just as Aimil imagined it. It was funny to Aimil that the villagers seemed more afraid of Lao than they were of Hector. Coll walked his daughter down the aisle and gave her away. A tear slid down Hector cheek making Aimil smile and start to cry herself.

They stared lovingly at eachother until the ceremony was complete and they could kiss. Gia smiled, though still not approving. She had been truly trying but it was going to take more time for her to be happy about Aimil marrying a demon. That was if she could ever make herself happy about it. That night Hector carried Aimil over the threshold of his house and back into his room. Lynn went straight to her room, exhausted from all the dancing. Aimil was bright red as Hector sat her lovingly on the bed. “we still don’t have to” he said through his smile. “No, I want to tonight”


“Honestly” Hector stood Aimil up and turned her around to unzip the dress. As he pushed it down he felt her skin. It made the lust he had been holding back already boil in his eyes. When the dress was down he took her bra and panty set off then just admired her. Aimil became near feverishly hot when she saw his eyes. Hector stripped so quickly he nearly ripped his clothing off. He pushed Aimil down on his bed and rained kisses as he did frequently. The kisses slowly morphed into bites, bites into licks until he was between her legs. Aimil moaned deeply with a shut mouth. She didn’t want Lynn to hear them. Hector began to moan aswell from her taste. His tongue became wild as it thrashed against her.

Aimil was nearly limp by the time he got over her. Hector bit down on Aimils shoulder as he thrust himself in. Aimil clung to him, fresh tears sliding down her cheeks. Hector had so much lust held back all this time he hadn’t noticed the tears until he stopped “Aimil, did I hurt you?” He asked in a near panicked tone “No baby, it was amazing. I missed you so much” Hector lifted her into a cradling position then leaned against the headboard.”Just never leave again, not for that long”

“Never” Hector leaned down to kiss Aimil “I’m holding you to that gorgeous” Hector let Aimil fall asleep before laying her under the covers then surrounding her with his own body. Hector gave her one last kiss before falling into a blissful rest with the most amazing woman he had ever known.

~ The End ~

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