Akmon & Eirene

Chapter One

Akmon stood there staring at the naked woman laying unconscious in the snow, surprised that she was even there. He inhaled, taking in her scent and finding rabbit. He shifted to his human form, white fur melting away as he reached out to roll her over. His eyes were immediately drawn to the wound at her shoulder. It looked like she had taken an arrow and in her escape it had dislodged itself. He sighed as he lifted her, holding her limp form close as he made his way back through the snow to his cave. She was ice cold and pale, her breathing barely there, but at least she was still alive. He put her down on his bed of furs and covered her then went to retrieve something to clean and bandage the wound with. Once finished that, he got a fire going, building it up so it would quickly warm the cave. She shivered, a small groan pushing past her lips then she fell silent again. He shift back to his wolf form and pushed beneath the blankets, curling up close to her. If he wanted her to survive long enough to give him answers then he was going to have to get her body temperature up.

Eirene’s body ached, her shoulder stung, and her fingers and toes tingled. She felt something fuzzy brush her nose and she slowly blinked her eyes open. Her face was buried in something white and warm and it took her a moment to realize it was fur. She pulled back, confused. The last thing she remembered was passing out in the snow after being shot by hunters. They had mistaken her for a regular bunny. She actually yelped when she saw the muzzled of a large wolf, the sound waking him. She tried getting away when he shifted and gently grabbed her.

“Let me go, I won’t let you eat me.”

“Easy little rabbit, easy, if I had wanted to eat you, I would have done so outside.” He pulled her back, covering her nude body back up. “You’re injured, just relax.”

She pushed herself back against the cave wall, clutching the fur to her chest. “Just leave me alone.”

You’re wounded and scared, I understand but I can’t in good conscious let you go out there and die. I will not eat you and I will not touch you inappropriately or anything else. I’m truly just trying to help you little rabbit. If you’d take a second just to think you’d realize if I was going to hurt you I would have when you were far more vulnerable” She still looked scared but he hoped she was at least considering what he said. She sighed, she really did still feel like hell and wasn’t sure she could make it home just yet “I guess you’re right…thank you for helping me…”

“Please rest a little more”

“why did you help me though, you’re a wolf and I’m a rabbit”

“because despite what I know rabbits think we’re not all monsters”

She let her eyes move over him and quickly averted her eyes and blushed when she realized he was naked. “Um…”

“Something wrong?”

“Could you maybe put something on?”

He chuckled. “I could go back to being all furry if you like.”

“That’s fine, we wouldn’t be able to talk if you did and you have those…those teeth.”

“I have teeth either way.” He went and grabbed a pair of pants and tugged them on. “There, better?”

“Yes, thank you.” She looked around. “You live out here alone?”

“You sure are a curious little rabbit.” He moved closer to her and she swallowed, her heart frantically beating in her chest. “Calm down, you’re safe here, but you need to be resting.”

“it’s hard to rest when I’m with a stranger”

“I could make you something soothing to drink. It will relax you, that’s all”

“Um” there was a long pause but she was thirsty anyway so she decided to accept his offer “Okay”

“You seem uncomfortable, I can drink some too to show you it’s nothing bad”

“no, it’s fine, I’m nervous but I’m going to just trust you…it wouldn’t make any sense for you to wait this long to hurt me” He gave her a kind smile then began making her drink, hoping it would get her to rest so she could finish healing. “I’m Eirene by the way”

“I’m Akmon”

Akmon was curious about what had happened to the little rabbit, but decided to leave any questions he had until she was better. He handed her the steaming cup of tea and studied her as she drank it. She truly was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. “This is pretty good for someone who lives in a cave.” She said and he smiled.

“Just because I’m a wolf and sleep outside, doesn’t mean I’m some uncivilized animal. I collect and store herbs during the warmer months. Really the only thing I ever have to go into town for are tea leaves. They don’t grow here.”

“You don’t like people?”

“Not really. I’m not saying they’re all bad, but there are many who would try killing me before I even got a word out. Drink all of that please.”

“You’re awful bossy.”

“You need rest.”

“And clothes.”

He looked out at the snow. “I can find your clothes for you if you want me to, but I don’t like the idea of leaving you here alone.”

Eirene thought about the hunters stumbling across this place and went pale. “N…no, don’t you have something I can borrow?”

He cocked his head to the side and she had to stop herself from grinning at how adorable that was. “As long as you don’t mind my scent on it.”

“I won’t, I’d just feel less exposed.”

He walked over to the drawers he kept his clothes in then pulled out a comfortable shirt and shorts that could get small enough for her. He handed them to her then turned away so she could uncover without being nervous. “thank you” Eirene said then pulled them on. “I’m dressed now” he turned back to face her “good, now please rest. Are you feeling the tea?”

“I think so”

“good, it shouldn’t be much. As I said, just enough so you’re able to relax” she settled back down and Akmon wasn’t completely sure what to do with himself. His wolf wanted to cuddle back up to her but he felt he probably should start thinking about food for them.

He didn’t have much in the way of vegetables, sure she would prefer that to meat. He didn’t spend a lot of time with rabbits other than consuming the regular ones as food. He knew he would have to make a trip into town since it was winter, but he would have to wait until Eirene woke. He pulled his pants off and shifted then flopped down between her and the entrance to the cave. He wouldn’t risk whoever had attacked her finding her. He stared off into the snow, watching as the wind swirled it around and listening to the sound of the rabbit breathing. He was relieved her injury had not proven fatal. He wondered about many things as he laid there, like if she had a family or a mate. He huffed at that. It wasn’t any of his business if she had one or not and he was surprised the thought had even crossed his mind. He began to doze off and soon he was sleeping soundly.

Eirene woke as the the sun was nearly all the way down and slowly sat up, blinking the drowsiness out of her eyes. She looked around and could see Akmon sleeping on the other side of the dimming fire. She got up and walked over to him, shivering a little at the cold air. “Hey, wolf.” She gently shook him. “Akmon.” His eyes snapped open and she reflexively jumped back. He stood and stretched then shook and looked at her questioningly. “Um…firewood?” He nudged at his pants with his nose and she blushed as she covered her eyes. She appreciated he was being so polite even though he had every right to be nude in his own home.

“You can look now.” He said and she dropped her hands. “Firewood’s over here.” He went and grabbed some and piled it onto the fire. “How are you feeling?”


“Let me see.” He yawned as he crossed back over to her.


“I need to make sure it’s doing alright, I would hate for you to get an infection or something.”


He pulled the shirt aside enough to see the wound. It would be easier just to take it off but he wanted her to be comfortable. “Hm, just to be sure would you mind me putting something in it? It wont hurt, it may be a bit uncomfortable though”

“If you think it needs it I trust you” It made his heart dance to hear her say that, it meant a lot. Especially when he considered all the horror stories she must have grown up hearing about his kind. He started rifling through a cabinet, pulling out a small container. He opened it up when he was close to her again and rubbed it into her wound. Just as he said it didn’t hurt, it just felt weird. “it numbs as well. Since you’re a curious bunny I thought you might be curious as to why this doesn’t hurt”

“Thank you.”

“Here, you take it. I can always make more.” She took the little container from his hand and held it to her chest and he smiled. “It’s good seeing you up.”

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“Laying naked and unconscious in the snow is completely normal.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know, I had to tease.” He went and grabbed a shirt and pulled it on then his boots. He wasn’t a fan of them, but they made him look normal. “I need to head into the village before all the stores close. I’m sure you’re getting hungry and I don’t think you’re a meat lover.”

“I don’t mind it. I like chicken and fish.”

“I’ll see about catching some fish on the way back then. Any vegetable preference?”

“Anything’s fine. You don’t have to trouble yourself though.”

“I can’t let you go hungry. Just stay here. I have some books in the back somewhere if you want to read. Once you’re completely healed, I’ll take you home.”

“If you’re sure but truly, I’ll eat anything here” He stood up straight, smiling at her “I want to, this isn’t any trouble Eirene’ She blushed but couldn’t quite pin down why. Maybe it was illness or maybe it was because she was so attracted to him. Now that she was becoming comfortable she was starting to notice how handsome he was. When he left the cave she went to investigate these books that he said were there. It had been a bit since she sat down to read and she was curious as to what sort of books he liked. The first book she pulled out seemed to be interesting so she went ahead and sat down, not bothering to look for others to pick from.

For Akmon, the trek to the nearest village was quick. He knew every short cut and arrived under an hour. He could feel eyes pass over him, something he was used to when he visited this place. There was a shop that stayed open later than the others and he went straight there, giving the older man behind the counter a wave before buying what he thought he would need for Eirene. He grabbed fruit and vegetables, making sure he grabbed a few things so she would have variety, and some eggs. He didn’t see any chicken so he took what he had collected to the front.

“Surprised to see you here so soon?” The man behind the counter said.

“I have a guest, didn’t have enough food for two.”

“I see, a woman then?”

Akmon chuckled. “How perceptive, what made you think that?”

“The care you took in choosing the food. Generally you come in here and know exactly what you want, you grab it, put it on the counter and that’s it. This time you took your time.”

“I didn’t realize you were watching me so closely?”

“When you get to be my age, watching people is one of your hobbies. You start to see things you wouldn’t see when you’re young and running around.”

Akmon huffed. “Yes, it’s a woman. I want to keep her happy while she visits.”

Chapter Two

“Is she pretty?” he asked teasingly. Akmon decided just to answer honestly “very, she’s a breathtaking woman”

“well I hope the visit works out” they talked a little more until Akmon slid his things into his bag and began the walk home. He tried to make the trip as fast as possible again, smiling when he returned and saw how consumed she was by one of his books. He walked in quietly and straight to the kitchen. He found it adorable she was so invested in it she hadn’t noticed him enter. It was teh sounds of him starting to cook that pulled her out. She shut the book and went to him “how long have you been here?”

“Not long, I see you found a good one”

“I’ve never read anything like it. It’s amazing. Where did you get it?”

“It was a long time ago, I think I was seventeen at the time. There was this old bookstore in the village I was staying near at the time. The man who owned the place was kind and I think he knew what I was, though he never asked or told anyone. He gifted it to me, saying a young man needs to learn to use his imagination because it keeps him sharp.”

“How many times have you read it?”

“I’ve lost count, but I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen apart at this point. I’m glad you like it.” He smiled at her, causing butterflies to brush her insides.

“Um, would you like my help?”

“Please relax.”

“I’d like to do something.”

He chuckled. “Alright, read to me then.”

“From the beginning or where I am?”

“where you are would be wonderful. I know the story by heart” When she walked out of the kitchen to collect the book he couldn’t help but smile at how thoughtful she was. Eirene was a treasure to have around and he tried not to think about having to take her home eventually. When she came back Eirene sat at the table “are you ready for me to read?”

“mhm” she began, happy to be able to do something for him and also happy to get to see what happened next. She really wanted to finish this book, especially since he liked it so much as well. Once she was done it would give them something to discuss.

Akmon truly enjoyed the sound of her voice and hated asking her to stop so they could eat. He had never heard a sound as beautiful. “So? What do you think?” He asked.

“Who does he choose? He has one woman he’s been arranged to marry and one he’s fallen in love with. One means the betterment of his kingdom, yet the other is his soulmate. How can you make someone choose like that?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

“That’s unfair, I’m afraid to keep going, but I don’t want to put it down.”

“Who do you want him to choose?”

“It may sound selfish, but the woman he loves. Maybe the other woman will understand.”


“What an amazing poker face you have.”

He chuckled. “Perhaps you’ll stay until you finish it.” She blushed and looked away, making him feel like an idiot. “I mean, if you wish to. You can always borrow the book. I just enjoyed listening to you.”

‘Nu..no..I can stay until I finish it..there’s a lot left though, it’s a pretty big book”

“You are more than welcome Eirene…it’s nice having you here” She felt almost feverish as he served their food. His heart was going wild too after what he had said and hoping she’d enjoy his food. She took a bite, slowly chewing to really taste what he had made. He could tell she liked it and smiled, somthing that sent her heart stuttering again. They talked more about what had happened so far in the book as they finished their food then went right back to her reading it out loud to him when they were done.

“So little rabbit, I’m guessing you have family.” Akmon said once she stopped at the beginning of a new chapter.

“My father is the leader of our clan.”

“I’m surprised he hasn’t sent others to look for you.”

She shrugged. “I leave a lot, so he probably hasn’t started worrying yet.”

“Are you running from something?”

“Unwanted male attention. It’s because of who I am. They think if they marry me then they’ll be treated special and once my father passes leadership onto me, they’ll be able to rule our clan.”

“Would you like me to scare them for you? I could snap my teeth a bit, make a big show of aggression if you wish.”

She smiled. “As much as I would love to see that, it’s probably better that you don’t. I don’t want them thinking any less of the man who saved me.”

“I’m a wolf, they already think less of me. Even you were wary of me.”

“I know and I’m sorry I judged you.”

“We were strangers.”

“still, I’m embarrassed by my reaction to you. Thank you so much for helping me” he smiled gently as he asked “so, are you tired?”

“Not really”

“want to sit by the fire with me?”

“sure” he wanted to sit closer to her, this table was too much distance. They left the table and sat close to the fire and eachother “do you want to hear more of the book or more about my family?”

“you if that’s okay” He didn’t want her to read more, not yet when she had said she’d stay until she was done with it. “what else would you like to know”

“any siblings?”

“Nope, just me”


“My mother passed and my father has never healed.”

“I’m sorry”

“sadly it’s life”

“do you want him to move on?”

“If he were more miserable I would but his only pain is missing my mom. Aside from that he’s good, he still hangs out with his friends, he never stopped being a good father, he leads well, he’s just not ready to be with anybody else.”

He smiled. “You’re sweet. You let him find his own way. Grief isn’t easy.”

“So, what about you, any siblings or parents?”

“I might have siblings now, I wouldn’t know. I left my pack when I was fifteen.”

“You don’t get lonely?”

“I’ve always preferred the solitude. As far as my parents, I haven’t talked to them since leaving.” He could see she looked a little sad and moved closer to her, taking her hand gently in his. “Don’t make that face, I don’t regret moving away.”


“It’s alright, I understand. You’re used to having your father there all the time as well as all your friends, but wolves are a bit different. Some of us prefer being alone. I enjoyed all the traveling and if I hadn’t left home, I would have never met you.”

Her cheeks tinted again “Meeting me is that wonderful?”

‘yes, The more time I spend with you the more I’m drawn to you” She wondered how he was drawn to her, romantically or in a friendship sort of way? She realized she wanted it to be in a romantic way even though he was a wolf. Her father might have a heart attack if she brought him home but she knew her father well, she knew he’d worry but there was no way he’d reject Akmon being with her just because he was a wolf. “You’re thinking so intensely little rabbit” his voice was so endearing, she actually liked having the nickname.

“I’m uh…it’s just maybe I am a little tired.”

He gently patted her head. “You’re kind of cute.”

She blushed and he chuckled. “I really am tired.”

“Alright, but please tell me what you were really thinking when you’re ready.” She nodded and he lifted her off the floor and carried her to that bed of soft animal hides. “I’ll be up front.” He said as he covered her.

“You can stay.” Her heart stuttered when he looked back at her. “I mean you could curl up next to me instead of at the mouth of the cave. It’s cold up there.”

“I have thick fur.”

“Yeah, but it gets cold back here too, so stay.”

Chapter Three

He and his wolf wanted to be near her so much he didn’t need any more urging. He had just wanted to be sure she knew he was fine further out. “alright, if you’re sure” he walked over, trying not to seem too eager to lay with her, worrying that might make her change her mind. “should I lay here as a wolf or man?”

“how do you normally sleep?” he shrugged “I go to sleep in whatever form I happen to be in when I can lay in my bed”

“then just rest as you are” He crawled in bed with her, moving close. He had to stop himself from pulling her into his arms, it was much too soon for that so he wouldn’t even ask. He wasn’t tired in the slightest, especially not now. His wolf was excited, practicly dancing within him. He fully realized now that this beautiful rabbit shifter was his mate. Now he wanted her to stay even more. He had found his mate and for most wolves that only happened once.

He enjoyed being allowed this close and let her scent wash over him and the nervous beat of her heart fill his ears. He didn’t turn to watch her until she was asleep and he couldn’t help but lose himself in how beautiful she was. How could he tell her what she was to him without scaring her away? A couple of days later he took her out, wanting her to stretch her legs after spending so much time in side. He admitted he had fussed over her more than was appropriate, but he had wanted to be sure she was completely healed. He sat in the snow as she ran around, a smile on her gorgeous face. Everything about her was like music and poetry in motion. It was only the sight of a snowball flying at him that got him moving. He rolled away from it and to his feet, his eyes drawn to her. Hands covered her mouth, hiding a smile and her eyes twinkled with amusement. He took off after her and chuckled at her yelp of surprise when he quickly cleared the distance between them. She turned, running and his wolf yipped as he gave chase.

He used his predatory instincts to his advantage and pounced on her, bringing her down, but cushioning her fall so she wouldn’t get hurt. She laughed as she fought to catch her breath and he grinned down at her. “You’re…fast.” She said between breaths.

“I’m a wolf.”

“You were so distracted, I couldn’t help myself.”

He gently stroked her cheek and tucked some hair behind her ear, causing her cheeks to flush. “Catching me off guard like that little rabbit, that’s liable to get you in trouble. I might bite.”


He couldn’t stop himself from rubbing noses with her, surprised at himself. “Don’t worry, I was kidding.”

“Akmon..I…things had been adding up fast for her and him doing this now gave her the courage to ask “you..you’re attracted to me aren’t you?” He gave a little sigh, wishing he had time to think of an answer but he was sure with how smart she was silence would be an answer too “More than just attracted..”

“what do you mean?”

“I mean…you’re my mate. I don’t know if you are aware but we wolves know when we’ve met our mate. You’re mine, we were meant for one another but I don’t want that to scare you Eirene. Being friends is fine with me too. I’ll always want more but I’m not some wild animal who can’t control himself.” He had been so scared but what he saw on her face now looked a lot like happiness “wow” she said a bit nervously, seeming to heat more. Though he had only gotten a wow she didn’t seem upset or scared so he relaxed a bit. He would be sad if she didn’t want him but the only thing he had truly feared was scaring her away completely.

“we can take things slow if you’d give me a chance at all Eirene”

“well, it doesnt have to be necessarily slow…it’s just…you had me at a loss for words for a few seconds there. I’d love to be with you but just as my boyfriend. I know what being a mate means, I hope it’s okay if I want us to date a bit first before it becomes that serious”

“of course it is. Will you live with me though?

“Yes, I don’t think there’s a better way to get to know someone…I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings I don’t want to call you my mate just yet”

“Hurt my feelings? You want to be with me, I’m incredibly happy. What are titles anyway?”

“will you come meet my father and the rest of the clan then? I know by now he must be starting to worry”

“of course, lets go beautiful”

Eirene was a little nervous as she directed him to her village. She knew the other rabbits, like herself, might judge him immediately upon seeing him, but she told herself that no matter what she would stand by his side and did her best to calm herself as he carried her over the snow. The eyes of every person standing outside were on them the minute the set foot in the village. He lowered her to her feet, but kept her hand, ignoring the women who pulled their children back. “Sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s to be expected.” He said softly back, giving her a warm, reassuring smile.

They were met half way by three men, the two in front taller and more muscular than the the one trailing them. They eyed him suspiciously and he gave them a friendly smile. “Eirene, you’re safe.” The third man stepped past the other two and Eirene embraced him.

“Sorry if I worried you daddy.”

“Only just.” He pulled back to look at her. “What happened? These are not your clothes.”

“I was shot.”

“Eirene, are you alright? Who did this?”

“Daddy, please calm down. It was my own fault and Akmon saved my life.” She pulled away from him and took Akmon’s hand.

“A wolf? Eirene.”

“Please trust me, he’s not a danger to any of us and…”

“I’m her mate, sir.” Akmon said.


“Yes, but for now we’re simply dating.”

“A wolf, that’s…unexpected.” Her father looked conflicted, but was keeping himself from saying anything that might hurt her feelings. She could see how worried he already was. There was a wolf in their village and he wasn’t eating anyone, but he might.

“Daddy, would you at least invite him in a talk to him. He’s very sweet.”

“alright then, come in Akmon” They went to her fathers home then sat down inside. Her father seemed to make a real effort to get to know him and slowly seemed to relax in Akmons presence. She felt so thankful it was going this way, that her father was trying to accept her with a wolf instead of instantly rejecting the idea. She had been sure he would but people had a way of surprising you, especially when they are responsible for leading a village of rabbits. “so Eirene, I still need to guide you into leading this clan. You’re intelligent and if I passed tomorrow I’d have no worries about you leading but there is still much I want to teach you before I pass the reigns. You do still plan to be here don’t you?”

“well, I told Akmon I’d live with him but there’s no reason he can’t bring me home frequently. I know it’s a big responsibility, I’ll come back as much as you need me to”

“what about when you lead? You need to live here then”

“well maybe we can slowly get everyone to accept him and then we’ll actually move here. I don’t want to live here until they wont act like they have today. Everyone was so scared to see him” she looked over at Akmon “you’d come here eventually if everyone was okay with you right?”

“I’d follow you anywhere Eirene” she blushed again and her father said “alright, I’ll work on softening everyones hearts to him but he does need to be here a bit to show them he is no threat so I suggest half the week at home with him and half the week here”

“Thank you dad”

“I just want you to be happy, I love no one more than I do you Eirene” she heard the unspoken words of “you’re all I have left of your mother”

“Perhaps we should stay for a couple of days, you can spend some time with your father and I can tour the village.”

“Not alone, someone might do something.”

“Something tells me they’re too scared to try anything. I’ll take one of your father’s bodyguards. They’re hares right?”

“Yes they are.” Her father replied.

“A lot more wily than your regular rabbit.”

“Are you sure?” Eirene asked.

“Absolutely, I think people would feel more secure if they saw me with one of their strongest. They’re probably thinking some pretty terrible things right now, like I might have eaten you two already. We’ll give them a couple of days to start questioning things and then we’ll move you out.”

“I guess you’re right. I want them to accept you when it’s my turn to lead” Akmon had never been very social but this was for his mate. He also knew it wouldn’t matter as much once everyone was okay with him leading at her side so he would just keep reminding himself having to socialize a lot was only temporary and he could get through anything for Eirene. Akmon left with one of her fathers guards. When he was out of ear shot Aakil said ‘I’m beginning to like him already Eirene”

“I’m just relieved you aren’t mad or disappointed”

“You aren’t stupid, you never have been. I trust your judgement. Myself and our clan just need some time to open ourselves fully”

“How’ve things been in the days I was gone?”

“Nothing exciting, same old same old. I was just about to leave to hunt for you when you arrived so I’m glad we didn’t miss eachother”

“Yeah, that;s why I came back. I knew I had stayed out too long but in my defense I was wounded and needed time to heal at his place”

“That in itself earns him a chance here. He didn’t take advantage of you while you were weak, if he was some mindless predator he would have”

“He’s more kind than you know. I’ve never met a more sweet and sincere man.”

Akmon stayed at the hare’s side, walking at a leisurely pace around the village, smiling at the fearful inhabitants as he stopped at stalls and stores. The children seemed the most interested in him, knowing no fear at such a young age. When one broke away from his mother, he saw everyone brace themselves, but the child merely stopped in front of him and Akmon met his gaze. The child ran away, ducking behind his mother and peeking out. Akmon chuckled. It was a game to see how close you could get to the wolf. “Do you think it would scare them if I shifted?” He asked the bodyguard.

“Most likely.”

“What’s your name anyway?”


“It’s nice to meet you then, Lysandre. Would you mind telling me about the village? Any history? Good ways to build trust between myself and your people?”

“If Eirene trusts you then others will too. Her father worries, but she’s always been her own woman, she’s stubborn. There may be trouble with some of the men. There were those vying for her attention. The fact that a wolf has so easily earned it may not go over well.”

“Hot headed youths?”


“I suspect fighting them won’t earn me any points then if they should find the courage to attack me?”

“As long as you don’t use your teeth, I’m sure it will be fine.”

“what should I know about the village?”

“Nothing vital I suppose. I mean, men and women are seen as equal. We live in relative harmony but we fear wolves because one does come mess with us from time to time. It’s not often and we normally get them away before anything too major happens. I guess that’s one thing you can bring to this village that will help everyone like your presence. I doubt any wolves will bother us if we have one ourselves”

“I will take care of it. I’m sorry you all are ever bullied”

“Oh Eirene’s father would never allow us to be bullied. You’ll become impressed with him yourself once you’re here long enough. She comes from a good family of strong, determined people who wont let anybody push them around”

The next couple of days were spent with Eirene taking lessons from her father and Akmon going out and mingling with the people. As expected the children warmed up to him first and he even went out on the second day in his wolf form which seemed to delight them. The youngest of them loved his tail and he often kept it just out of reach, causing them to laugh. There were a couple of men who tried challenging him and he found ignoring them seemed to fluster them and they didn’t try to further force the altercation. He could tell they had been counting on his supposed aggression. It was on the second day, when Akmon, Aakil, and a couple of Eirene’s friends were helping her pack, a young rabbit ran in to alert them to the fact that a wolf had been spotted. Aakil stopped what he was doing and headed out and Akmon apologized to Eirene’s friends as he tugged his clothes off and shifted. He and Aakil came out together as the wolf slunk its way through the village, scaring everyone inside.

“I thought I told you to leave.” Aakil said, glaring at the wolf. It bared its teeth at him and Akmon stepped between them, a growl rumbling in his chest and out past his canines. He stared the strange wolf in the eyes, telling him that this was his village and he would kill to protect it.

The wolf bothering them turned out to be a coward, only messing with them because it viewed them as weaker so it ran off to look for another group of rabbits or other weaker prey. The rabbits all rejoiced and thanked Akmon, all completely swayed his presence here was a good thing. Akmon let the wolf go this time and hoped he truly wasn’t coming back. If there was a next time it wasn’t getting away without him teaching it a lesson. Right now he just wanted to protect them with as little violence as possible. Things were good there on out. The wolf never came back while he and Eirene enjoyed their lives going between being in her village and secluded up in his home where he was more comfortable. Akmon couldn’t believe he finally found his mate and he thought of every day like it was the greatest gift he could ever receive.

~ The End

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