Aksel & Vashta

Chapter One

It’s now been a little over 2 months since Aksel and Vashta got engaged. They had set a date in October two years from now. Vashta had always wanted an October wedding but in her first marriage her husband had thought it was stupid to be so hooked up on a month and convinced her to have it another day where and when he wanted. When the location she wanted was completely booked in October she had been willing to forgo her want of an October wedding again but Aksel wouldn’t settle for that. He told her he wanted the wedding to be precisely what she wanted and he’d wait any amount of time that meant. He had her now and that was all that mattered to him.

Tonight was the night he was going to show her what he was and explain why he waited to tell her. Aksel was completely stressed out and nervous. He knew she loved him but he didn’t know how she was going to handle him being a fairy or the fact he waited two months after they got engaged to tell her. His family was dieing to meet her and refused to meet her pretending to be something they weren’t. They were fairies and demanded he tell her and bring her to their world to meet them and see where he grew up.Aksel knew Vashta would love his world, it was breathtaking, much prettier than the human world. He admired the humans doing everything for themselves but they werent kind to their planet. The fairies showed great respect and it showed in how stunning the world he was born into looked.

Faries took what they needed from their home, humans just seemed to devour as if nothing would ever run out. Aksel heard the door open, it was time and he still didn’t feel ready. He took a deep breath in then out before getting off the couch and going to her “hey handsome” she said with a smile and hugged him. “hey beautiful” Vashta pulled back “what’s wrong? You seem tense”

“I need to talk to you and I’m a little afraid of how you’ll react”

“what happened?”

“Nothing happened, just come into our living room so I can show you something”

“Um..okay” her heart rate picked up and she followed him nervously. Had she upset him? Was he getting cold feet so soon? Was someone suing his practice. All sorts of potential awfulness played through Vashtas head. Aksel pulled the white curtains shut then said “please sit down first”

“its that bad?”

“You might not be able to believe your eyes and if you pass out I want you to be sitting on the couch. Please stop looking so scared”

“well you’re acting really weird”

“I know, please just sit, for me” Vashta sat down and he stood in front of her. She couldn’t read his face and that made her more nervous. He was a very readable man normally. “I have never lied to you Vashta so please don’t doubt me for keeping a secret from you. I had many reasons and I’ll explain them all if you’ll let me…just…try not to be angry” he looked so worried, like he might break down if she reacted negatively. “I’ll try” he gave a forced smile “thats all I can ask..I know” Aksel let his deep blue wings show, he let her see him for what he was instead of hiding it like all fairies were easily able to do.

“wha…um” she stood and approached him. Her face showed deep confusion and to his relief she dind’t seem angry at all so far. She walked behind him and gasped “are these real qings Aksel…am I crazy?”

“Touch them” she did “they’re real aren’t they!?” He turned to look at her “they are, I’m a fairy Vashta”

“a fairy?”

“Yes and I didn’t tell you until now because at first we were just friends and I cant just go around telling people what I am. You aren’t just anybody but I didn’t see a reason to give you the burden of keeping it a secret. Then when I asked you to marry me I know I should have first told you what I was so you’d know who you were agreeing to marry but I promise this is the only thing you don’t know. I know you’ve been hurt countless time and I was afraid if I dropped too much on you in one evening you’d be overwhelmed and you’d shut me out again…If you shut me out I deserve it, I know….but I am telling you now and I had always planned to tell you before you actually married me. My family wants to meet you, I want to take you on a trip to my world and show you how amazing it is if you let me…if…if you still want to be with me and get married in two years”

“You’re a fairy.” He reached out, wrapping her in his arms and she rested her head on his chest. Their hearts seemed to be beating out the same panicked tune and he tightened his hold on her.

“I’m sorry, I know I should have told you.” He sounded so heart broken and she raised her head. His eyes were fearful and she reached up, taking his face in her hands.

“Oh Aksel, it’s okay.”

“It’s not, after what happened to you, I should have been more honest. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

“Are you mad?’

“No, my head’s just spinning a bit, like it’s still trying to catch up.”

“That’s understandble. Here magic and people like me are only imaginary. It’s why I was so sure I would have pushed you too far by adding I’m a fairy right after I convinced you to open your heart to me”

“I think I do need to sit down” Aksel walked with Vashta to the couch and sat at her side. After a few moments she said “don’t beat yourself up okay? You were probably right, I was so afraid after my ex husband to trust anybody you whipping out hey I’m a fairy might have scared me off”

“I’ll never keep anything from you again.”

“I know that, I promise I do” Aksel rubbed his thumb against her hand, feeling the stress slowly leave him. “Will our kids have wings too?” Vashta asked. “Yep, I’ll teach them everything they need to know. I want to stay in this world”

“are you saying there’s other worlds too?”

“Yes, I only have the skill to get back to my own though”

“wow” He pulled her against him “I’ll answer anything you ask baby but don’t give yourself too much to work with at once.”

“I’m okay, just wow” Aksel let his magic take away his wings again. “My family wants to meet you. They’ve been getting impatient with me. Do you think you could go home with me this weekend?”

“I have a 10am appointment Friday but we can leave after that. I’ll tell our receptionist not to give me any more appointments.”

“Thank you Vashta, for still trusting me and for agreeing to meet my mom so soon.”

“will she like me?”

“She already does, I’ve been talking to her about you since the day we met. It’s why she’s so eager now that we’re together.”

“But what if she doesn’t?” He chuckled “she will, my family is very relaxed. As long as we’re happy they are happy” Aksel kissed her head “Are you still okay? I need to ask you something if you feel you don’t need a moment”

“go ahead baby”

“Will you truly live forever with me? I don’t want to see you die…you mean so much to me. I can’t turn you into a fairy myself but I know someone who can if you’ll let them”

“wow, that can really be done?”

“yep, only be certain fairies but it can be done. I want to actually have forever with you. Think about it though, take your time. It can’t be taken back once it’s done.”

“Okay, I do still love you, really.”

“I love you too.” He stroked her cheek. “You look hungry, let me make you something.”

“I can help.”

“Just relax for me.”

“As long as you’re sure.”

He smiled. “I am.” He gave her a kiss then left her. Vashta switched on the TV, wanting the noise as she let her mind work. The idea of fairies being real was almost too overwhelming. Even though she had seen his wings and touched them, it was still crazy. She knew it couldn’t have been easy telling her, he had looked so scared at the thought of her leaving him. She took a deep breath, calming herself. She really did love him, absolutely adored him in every way and she did want to be with him always.

The next morning Vashta rushed to get ready and get to work before her receptionist could book more appointments for tomorrow. “morning Miss Tahbert” The receptionst said and Vashta answered “good morning Megan, I still only have a ten am tomorrow right?”

“Actually no, they canceled. They apparently are stuck in Virginia and wont be able to get here by tomorrow so you’re appointment free.”

“How’s his leg doing?”

“They are changing the bandages like you said and told me it was looking better. They said they’d book something with a pediatrician there if they got stuck too long”

“Good, They are good parents so I have no doubt they are taking proper care as I instructed. Anyway don’t book anything for me. My fiance wants me to meet his family this weekend. He’ll be excited to hear I don’t have to do an appointment first”

“Are you nervous?”

“More than I’ve ever been” Vashta honestly was more nervous than she had ever been. She was not only meeting future inlaws but she was going to another world and meeting fairies. There was no more time for talk or thinking about all that since she was booked solid with appointments today. At home Aksel got in contact with his mother “I told her what I am and we’re coming tomorrow after she finishes up with a child at ten am”

“see, she hasn’t left you”

“She’s had a lot of exs who lied to her and treated her badly.”

“You had good reasons to keep it from her son. Where you are we don’t exist”

“I know but still, she means so much to me mom”

“you better be staying all weekend” He chuckled “we are”

“good, you’ve kept her from us all this time and we’re due a long turn”

“Just go easy on her. She’s afraid you wont like her”

“why?” she asked as if that was outrageous. He chuckled again “Probably because she doesn’t see how amazing she is”

“well she makes you happy and from what you’ve told me she has a good heart. That’s all I need to like her. Well, that and grandbabies”

“we’ll work on that after we’re married mom”

“Then hurry and get married.”

“Mom.” He laughed.

“I know, I know I’m sorry, but you know how excited I am.”

“I’ll call you again before we leave tomorrow, I love you.”

“Love you too.” Aksel felt truly blessed to have such amazing parents and he knew Vashta was going to fit right in. He knew they had all kinds of questions and he would try his best to be a buffer so she wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

Vashtas Thursday flew by since she had back to back appointments. She had even accidentally forgotten to grab some lunch but that wasn’t uncommon for her when she had a full day. As she walked through the door she let Aksel know she now could leave even tonight if he wanted to. “You’d reall even go tonight?”

“I’m never going to feel ready so since I don’t have work tomorrow we may aswell if you want to”

“don’t start on dinner, maybe we can have it with my parents”

“your world runs on the same time as ours?”

‘Yep” He kissed her cheek “come with me to talk to my mom”

“Oh I look terrible, no” He gave her an amused smile “You’re being incredible already so okay. I’ll only be a moment”

“I’ll get in the shower incase we’re going.”

“I’ll join you when I’m done then” he answered and they went their seperate ways. Vashta wondered how he spoke to his mother from here. It would definitly be something she’d ask when he got in the shower. He came in not long later. “she wants us to come have dinner. She says we can take our time getting ready”

“How do you talk to her?”

“It’ll be easier to show you sometime than explain. It involves my magic though”

“I can’t believe how nervous I am. Are there other mythical beings in your world?” He chuckled again “sorry, just you calling them myths.” He cleared his throat. Most of why he was laughing so much was simply because he was so happy right now. “Yes, I can’t wait to show you everthing. I’m glad we have an extra day”

“we can go whenever we want right?”

“anytime you wish it”

Chapter Two

“Sometimes I feel so spoiled.”

He wrapped his arms around her, smiling. “Good, you deserve it. You work so hard.”

“It’s not just me, you work too.” She suddenly smiled and the started laughing. Her hand came up and she covered her mouth and he gaver a curious look. “Sorry.” She said.

“For what? What were you thinking?”

“Tooth fairy.”

He rolled his eyes then gave a chuckle. “Oh no, not you too.”

“Aww, do you get teased?”

“Yes, all the time, but I guess if it’s coming from you it’s not that bad.” He kissed her then let her go so they could get clean. He was really excited to get going even though his mother had said not to rush. He never thought this day would come.

Once out and dry Vashta fussed with her appearance for awhile before finally deciding on what to wear. In the time it took her to pick what she was wearing there Aksel had packed both their bags. “I packed you clothes and you’ll look stunning in them so just trust me”

“Okay, I know I’m being a pain”

“It’s nice you care what my family thinks. Just know that honestly in the end it doesn’t matter. I’m happy and if they can’t be happy for me that’s their problem but I swear, my family will welcome you in with open arms” He took out a necklace from his pocket and put it around her neck then put one around his own “My mother sent me here with two of these if there was ever a woman I wanted her to meet” Vashta smiled and sat on the bed with him “so what now?”

“Put your hand on one of our bags” she did and he put his hand on the other “close your eyes Vashta and don’t open them until I say” He said so she’d stay calm. Moving to another world could be dangerous if somebody panicked so until she was more used to magic he thought she shouldn’t see what was going on. A tingling sensation went through her and suddenly she felt like she was sitting in grass. Just as her mind processed her not being on her bed he said in an eager voice “Open your eyes’

A loud gasp escaped her lips as she stared wide eyed at the world around her. Aksel helped her to her feet and she did a slow turn. Everything here was so colorful, so incredibly vibrant and alive. He pointed out across the field and she could see a beautiful house backed by trees sitting next to a river. Flowers seemed to be blooming everywhere in the soft grass. “It’s…beautiful.”

“This is where I grew up. I played in this field, I learned to fly and swim here.”

“Why would you ever want to leave?”

“I’m glad I left because now I have you.” She blushed and he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “You are far more beautiful than this world or any other, you’re my home Vashta.”

“Oh stop.”

“It’s true.” He pulled her toward the house and before they even got to the door it was pushed open and his mother ran to him, hugging him tightly. “I missed you too.”

Now the womans attention was on Vashta “and this is your fiance Vashta” Vashta nervously smiled “Hi” His mother smiled and hugged her tightly. “My name is Jade” Jade was a beautiful woman only just a little shorter than her son. She had kind, green eyes and long, gorgeous hair. It looked like she was probably where Aksel got his soft hair from. It always felt so good to run her hands through it. Vashta noticed a single white flower in his mothers hair. She guessed magic held it in because she didn’t know how else such soft hair could hold a flower that didn’t seem to be attached to anything. “You are gorgeous Vashta. Come on in, my husband wants to meet you. You’ll meet more family soon no doubt. I told them Aksel was finally bringing you”

The three went inside, Vashta nervous about doing something wrong despite her fiance’s comforts. Oceanus hugged his son “I’m going to start dragging you here if you don’t visit more now that she knows” Aksel chuckled and his mom said “we’re serious” Oceanus hugged Vashta too “Hi, I’m Oceanus. Sorry my sons an idiot” Vashta loosened a little, his dad had an extremely friendly aura about him. “He honestly had good reasons to wait and tell me. I was fragile emotionally when we first came together”

“well from what he says I’m glad he has such a good fiance. It’s nice to meet you. I hear you heal sick children”

“Yeah, I love kids”


“dad” Aksel said before his parents started talking to her about grandchildren.

“We’re trying to be patient son, but you were so cute and I want to see another you. We have pictures of him if you’d like to see.” Oceanus teased.

“You have cameras here?” Vashta asked.

“Not so much, but a bit of magic can do just about anything. I’ll show you later, he looks like he might kill me.”

Vashta looked at Aksel and smiled when she saw he was slightly blushing while glaring at his father. “You don’t want me to see?”

His eyes turned to her, warming instantly. “I didn’t say that.”

“But you looked it.” Oceanus said.

“She can see if she really wants too.”

“After dinner and we’ve had time to talk.” Jade interjected. “We want to know everything about you.”

It wasn’t long before they were sitting down to dinner together. They asked Vashta question after question, honestly wanting to know everything about her and about her life with their son. He called frequently but tales always had different things to them when another person told them. They even touched on the fact she was divorced and it seemed to be about as important to them as how many haircuts she had gotten in her lifetime. Vashta was just finishing a story about her last camping trip when there was a knock at the door. “who’s that?”

“I don’t know, I told everyone she was finally coming here. Poor thing is going to be flooded with fairies wanting to meet her because you made us all wait so dang long.” Vashta smiled at her fiance and he shook his head “sorry Vashta” Quill ran right in, pulling Vashta out of her chair into a hug and bouncing with her “Vashta! Vashta! Vashta!” Aksel quickly stood “Calm down Quill. Don’t scare her” Vashta giggled “No it’s fine. Hi, I guess you’re Quill then” She pulled back but still had her hands on Vashta “Yep, my twin brother is over there. His name is Orion.” He waved with a small smile and Vashta waved back. “They are my cousins” Aksel explained.

“It’s very, very nice to meet you both.”

“She’s so much prettier than you said. Don’t you think so Orion?”


“Well words would never do her justice.”

“We made plenty of food kids, so come and eat.” Jade said and Quill bounced happily to the table while her much shyer brother followed.

“You’ll have to forgive my sister, she has the energy of a bunny rabbit on too much sugar.” Orion said as he got a plate.

“It’s fine.”

“Oh hush Orion.” She playfully tugged her brother’s ear, getting a smile from him.

She talked to them until late in the night when Jade said “she looks like she may pass out if we keep her up much longer.”

“Yeah, she was completely booked at work today” Aksel added and his mother said “well take her to your room. I’m guessing everybody else will come tomorrow.” Quill chimmed in “yeah, they wanted to let you two have some time with her first but Orion and I were too impatient”

“Probably more like you were” Aksel said and Orion nodded. “hey, you did want to come” Quill said in an annoyed tone to her brother “well yeah but I would have come tomorrow” Quill stood and walked over to Vashta to hug her again “it really is nice to meet you. I hope you like it here”

“I do, I can’t believe I was so nervous to meet everyone. I feel so at ease talking to you all already”

“Glad to hear it” Oceanus answered then added “Now take her to bed son and we’ll see you two in the morning” Aksel showed Vashta to his room. Once they were in bed and able to just relax he said “see, they are really easy to get along with people.”

“Yeah, it must have been fun growing up with a cousin like Quill”

“She is definitly something else”

“Too excitable for you?”

“I don’t think she ever sleeps.” He said with a smile. “That’s just her though, it’s when she’s not bouncing around that you have to worry.”

“I’m really happy we came, it’s already been amazing. I really love them.”

Aksel gave her a kiss then pulled her tightly against him. He stroked her hair until she fell asleep then just laid there for awhile listening to her soft breathing. He hoped that she always knew how loved she was. When he couldn’t hold his eyes open any longer he buried his nose in her hair and followed her into sleep. Light knocking woke them the next day and Aksel got up, yawning as he answered the door.

“Your mother has breakfast ready if you’re hungry.” Oceanus said.

“Thanks dad, we’ll be down in a second. Is anyone down there waiting to mob us?”

“Not yet, they’re probably waiting for you to finish breakfast before they come over. It was Vashta’s first night here.”

“Okay good, we wont be long’ Aksel shut the door and woke Vashta for breakfast. Once downstairs they took their seats and continued talking as if someone had just paused last night and hit resume now. Vashta was amazed again how little effort seemed to go into things in this world. Clearing the table after a meal was basically a wave of a hand. The whole house was perfect and she guessed all chores were that easy to a fairy. “I want to show Vashta around. If more family comes later just have them find us.”

“Just leave your necklaces on” His mother said. “she can find us with these?” Vashta asked and Aksel answered “Yep, had me keep one on as a child so that I could have fun but she would always know where I was”

“That’s cool” His mother smiled “You’re going to love it here. You already look so impressed by simple things we’re used to and there are still things here that wow me”

“It’s just the morning before yesterday I thought magic and fairies were just made up stories, fantasies for escaping reality. To see you do everything with seemingly just a thought or moving is astounding. Takes me forever to clean my home”

Chapter Three

“I wish you could have seen the place when Aksel was a toddler. It was like a hurrican of paint and flour hit the house.” Jade said and Aksel blushed.

“Come on mom.”

“I came inside one day after stepping out in the garden for a moment and the house was various shades of blue and green and it looked like a snowman had sneezed in the kitchen. I’m guessing he was trying to make colorful cookies or something.”

Vashta laughed and they headed out. “This is already amazing” she said, hugging his arm. “I knew you’d be happy here if you could accept me and forgive me for not telling you”

“Why would you leave a world like this?”

“I admire how the humans do everything for themselves. I feel lazy using magic all the time. Crazy things happen all the time in a world like this too. What if somebody enacts a curse that takes away all our magic? I’m not sure many fairies would know how to do things for themselves because everybody uses their magic all the time”


“My parents understand that though and do more for themselves than most”

“Do they like me?”

“A lot, I mean it”


“Are you still thinking about changing for me baby?”

“a little more time?”

“all the time you need to think on it”

“Are there pegasus here?” She asked and he smiled at her “I had a feeling you’d ask me that” he lifted her into his arms and began to fly. She clung to him tightly making him laugh again. He spoke in a loving way “you know I’d never drop you”

“I still can’t believe you can fly” She then lifted her head from where she was pressing it into his shoulder “Oh my gosh thats how you can jump so freaking high. You havent been jumping”

“And you’ve officially caught me”

“ass” He chuckled happily “sorry sweetie”

When he finally brought them down, he lowered her to her feet and covered her eyes. He let out a sharp, long whistle and she stood as still as possible, listening. She could hear their wings and then their hooves as they came down, her heart racing with excitement. “Just follow my lead.” He whispered in her ear then dropped his hands. She gasped when she saw them and did her best not to run toward them. Aksel took her hand and lead her over, his voice soft as he talked to the large winged creatures. They seemed familiar with him and offered no resistance when he stroked their noses. He took her straight to the biggest of the heard, a male with rainbow wings. “This is Prism.”

“He’s beautiful.”

He pressed her hand onto the forehead of the large Pegasus and the horse’s eyes closed for a moment before it stepped closer and pressed its head into her chest. “He likes you.”

“this is so amazing”

“Maybe our honeymoon could be here instead of what we talked about before”

“Of course, being here is a million times better.” They spent a few hours with the herd then he took her on to one of his friends houses. Elvy’s house was gorgeous. It was wood intertwined with flowers seeming to spring through the wood. Butterlfies rested all over it, giving it such a beautiful look “How does she get the butterflies to rest on her home?”

“Butterflies have always wanted to be near her. When she goes anywhere the area is covered in them. Come on, she’s a good friend of mine and I really want to introduce you” They walked up to the door and Aksel knocked. Elvy answered quickly, lighting up when she saw Vashta “your fiance!”

“yep, Vashta in the flesh.” He smiled at her then said “and Vashta this is Elvy Sanche”

“Nice to meet you”

“Incredible to meet you” Butterflies started landing on all three of them and Elvy rubbed the back of her neck “sorry, I hope they don’t bother you”

“No, I love it”

“I came to introduce you two and see if you wanted to join me in showing her around” Aksel said then Elvy answered. “Yeah! I wasn’t doing anything anyway” She shut her door “where are we going? What have you shown her?”

“Just some Pegasus”

“I can’t believe he says that like it’s nothing” Vashta added and Elvy smiled “Lets show her our favorite place to hangout when we were kids. We should bring Vishtie too”


When they got to Vishtie’s house and knocked, he didn’t answer and Elvy peered through the window. As she pulled back Vishtie appeared behind and Aksel and jumped on his back. “Got you.” He said as he and Aksel fell to the ground.

“It’s nice to see you too, now off, you’re crushing my lungs.” Aksel said with a cough.

Vishtie stood and helped Aksel up. “You’d think you’d learn.”

“It’s been awhile and that chameleon power of yours is kind of unfair.” Aksel dusted himself off and Vishtie turned his attention Vashta.

“Now let me guess, this is the beautiful woman you told us about.”

Aksel smiled. “Vashta meet Vishtie, another good friend. Vishtie this is the absolute love of my life, Vashta.”

He offered his hand and she shook it. “Glad you’re here. Maybe now you can get him to come back more”

“You don;t have to worry about that” Vishtie chuckled “so what’re we doing with her today?” It was Elvy who answered “we’re taking her to our favorite spot as kids”

“well come on then” Aksel pulled her into him again and they took off. Aksels friends were on the ground long before they were and Vishtie teased him “aw, having trouble coming down from lack of practice?”

“You know thats not why I’m slow. She isn’t used to flying, taking off and landing. I don’t want to make her feel sick or scare her” Vashta kissed his cheek “You are too sweet. I’ll be fine though”

“yeah, don’t baby her Aksel” His friend Elvy said then walked closer to Vashta “come on, I want to show you around and explain a few things to you. I don’t want us getting distracted and you getting yourself into something you shouldn’t because you don’t know this world” Vashta listened intently as Elvy showed her plants best left alone and talked to her about creatures that lived around here. Most creatures in this world were friendly but there was still things she felt Vashta should know. “I know thats a lot of information. Ask us anything, I don’t mind repeating”

“thank you”

“Now for the fun” Elvy said cheerfully and they all began playing around with eachother and showing off their gorgeous world to Vashta. They were running and soon came upon a vast purple sea :Oh wow” Vashta said and ran into it. Aksel laughed and followed, all four of them not minding having their clothes soaked. Vashta went under the water, keeping her eyes open to see all the creatures living in it.

Little fish darted around, their scales shimmering rainbow colors when the light hit them. She felt arms around her waist and smiled when Aksel’s face came into view. He pulled her deeper into the water where there was a coral bed and pointed at the dark blue seahorses that swam around it. The animals seemed to be attracted to Aksel and swam closer, letting Vashta reach out and gently stroke them. He took her up for air then they dove down again, this time getting closer to the reef. He reached out and ran his hand through what looked like kelp and it suddenly moved. Her eyes widened when the sea dragon uncurled himself from around the reef. Its scales were the same color as the water which had made it hard to see and she found herself grabbing onto Aksel when it turned its large head toward them, yellow eyes blinking.

Aksel grinned at her nervousness as he reached out and placed a hand on the dragon’s nose. Though they were huge, they were generally peaceful. The only attack he had ever heard of was done in self defense. They were the largest thing in the sea and could be found sleeping more than anything. He took Vashta’s hand and rested it against the warm scales, showing her it was alright.

When he took her up again she said “That was amazing!”

“Almost every creature you’ll see here is peaceful unless provoked. Fairy kind and animals live in harmony. They know they don’t have to worry about us”

“I love this place Aksel, are their more dragons?”

“yes and I’d love to take you to see some but it’s mating season”

“Oh, okay”

“When it’s over I’ll make sure you see more. The other ones just like to be left alone right now” Vashta surprised him with a kiss “I really lucked out with you in so many ways” He smiled and flew them out of the water and onto land. They didn’t get much longer to themselves before random family members began to pop up wanting to meet her. Vashta enjoyed the company of each and every one of them. She was glad his family was so kind and seemed to be happy she was going to be a part of it.

That night Vashta went over wedding plans with her soon to be mother in law. “It sounds so beautiful”

“You think so?”

“Of course, I understand why such a long engagement now” Aksel then chimed in “Hey, I explained to you why she wanted that particular venue”

“Yeah but you didn’t explain it like Vashta” she waved him off then looked at her daughter in law “He can’t help it though, he’s just a man”

“Like we aren’t even in the room huh son?” His father Oceanus said and Vashta giggled. Jade spoke again “want to see where my husband and I got married?”

“I’d adore that”

“Good, we’ll go in the morning. I wont tell you about where it was, I want you surprised” Once they were finally alone in Aksels childhood room he asked her “so where are you on being a fairy like me?”

“You sure you want me to be?”

“why wouldn’t I be sure?”

“I don’t know, you’d really have to be with me forever”

“Its what I want more than anything Vashta”

“then…I will” She saw his face fill with excitement, those brown eyes warm with delight. “I’ll talk to my friend tomorrow then!” he kissed her “Thank you Vashta”

“I really love you, more than anything and I’ll try not to be so worried anymore.”

Aksel gave her a gentle kiss then hugged her tightly to him. “It doesn’t matter how scared you get or even if you have doubts because I’ll never leave you, I’ll just spend every moment showing you how wonderful and beautiful you are until you believe me.”

Vashta felt herself tear up and the pressed her forehead into his chest, not wanting him to see her cry. She was lulled to sleep by his sweet words and his fingers running slowly through her hair. The next morning she woke first and just laid there, far too content to move. Aksel mumbled something to himself and held her a little tighter, making her smile.

It wasn’t long before Jade woke. Vashta tried to get out of bed without waking Aksel but he woke anyway “sorry, I was going to go hangout with your mom” He smiled sleepily “I’ll meet you in there in a little bit” he said then closed his eyes again. Vashta changed clothes then brushed out her hair before leaving Aksels room. “Morning Vashta” his mother said warmly “Morning, can I do anything?”

“Oh no, I’m fine” Vashta talked to Jade while she got breakfast ready. When it was all on the table they all sat down and were soon off for the day. Just like the previous day this one went much too fast for Vashta. This world was gorgeous beyond words and she was glad she’d one day get to bring her children here. That evening Vashta and Aksel left Aksel’s parents home to ask his friend Cavan to change her. When he arrived at Cavans home Maggie answered the door “Oh hey Aksel”


“Who’s this?”

“My fiance”

“Vashta right?”

“Yep” he said with a proud smile. Maggie offered her hand “nice to meet you. You know my mother was human before she married my dad”

“where is your dad?”

“Inside, you going to ask him to change her?”


“Good, come on in” Aksel was surprised to see all of their children were there “did I interrupt some gathering?” Aksel asked and Cavan answered “Not atall” as he hugged him. “Our kids are here a lot”

“He wants you to change Vashta dad” Maggie said and Vashta blushed at the suddenness. “I was waiting on that. As long as she’s ready I’ll do. You can never change your mind Vashta. It’s a permanent change”

“I’m sure, I want to be with him forever” Cavan nodded “Just so you know Aksel it will be harder for Vashta than it was for my Nina. She already had fairy in her. I can do it I just wanted you to know it wont be as simple as Nina” Aksel looked at Vashta and she spoke again “I dont mind whatever it means. I just want to be with Aksel forever. I only have the rest of today and tomorrow here. Is that enough time?”

“It might be, you are a doctor where you are from right? Is that why the rush?”


“anything dire back at home you need to tend to? It might take longer which is why I’m asking”

“No, If Aksel could take me back in the morning I can call all the patients I’m supposed to see Monday”

“Most of the time I need will be to prepare so go tomorrow and return when you can” Days later when everything was ready Vashta went through with becoming a fairy. Aksel thanked his friend as he hugged Vashta “I’m glad to see you happy Aksel”

“You, Nina and your children need to come to the wedding”

“Of course, we wouldn’t miss it” Vashta hugged Cavan when Aksel let her go and he chuckled “He might be too excited to warn you but don’t try to fly without him until you’re used to it. You might hurt yourself”


“You two going home now?” Cavan asked and Vashta said “I really need to return. I rescheduled a lot of patients”

“Come back soon.”

“Oh we will” Vashta said, lighting everyones faces with a humerous smile. They had dinner with Nina and Cavan’s family then Aksel took Vashta home. He explained to her how to make her wings vanish and with a couple of tries she had it. “what if they come back out?”

“They wont, don’t worry”

“You’re really amazing Aksel”

“well lets take our amazing selves to bed so you’re rested for tomorrow” Vashta smiled and let him tug her along to bed. A peaceful end to the most exciting weekend of her life.

~ The End

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