Alana & Nerissa

Chapter One

It had been a year since she had become old enough to help the rain dancer Alana. In their world the weather only changed if the elements dancers changed it. When the sun dancers brought out the sun there would only be sun until the snow, rain or another dancer did what they needed to. One could manage alone until the next one was born if one died but it never yielded a good result and somtimes they’d have to spend hours longer just to get the same result of two dancers. It was always the same, when one died the very next baby born into the world was the new dancer for that element. It always seemed hardest on their world when there wasn’t enough rain so the people had been eager for her birthday to come. The day came and the whole world celebrated her though Nerissa hadn’t been happy. She didn’t want to be a rain dancer but it was a job she couldn’t refuse, another wouldn’t be born until the day she died, the world needed her. This woman named Alana needed a dancing partner.

A year later and having this job wasn’t a chore anymore, she loved dancing with Alana. She was so beautiful, an absolute goddess. She was now embarrassed and wished she could go back and not be so whiny at first. Nerissa felt that she didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell with the woman she had fallen in love with since she had seen such a bratty side to her when they first met. Alana consumed Nerissa so much Nerissa wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to love another woman and she didn’t know what to do about her feelings, admit them and be rejected, making things awkward or enjoy their friendship, how easily they moved together, enjoy Alana holding her close at certain parts of the rain dance.

Alana could tell something was on Nerissas mind again as they swayed around, calling the rain. She wouldn’t pry though, she would wait for her to say somthing if she wanted to.

They felt the first sprinkling of water and they danced faster, Nerissa reveling the softness of Alana’s skin as she let her hands slide up her arms to her shoulders. Her heart beat excitedly like a drum, the beat primal as it reverberated through her being. The rain grew heavier, soaking their clothes and dampening their hair and their eyes fell closed. The ground beneath their feet began to soften and they hugged each other, kneeling in the mud. They were both breathing hard and they pulled back, smiling as they turned their faces toward the sky.

“Good job.” Alana said, the praise making Nerissa’s heart skip a beat.

“The crops should be happy.”

The two women just enjoyed the feel of the rain for a time before getting up and running to their home. The two had been living together the past seven months. The two and Melite, the daughter of Alana’s last rain dancing partner. Once Nerissa had gotten used to her job Alana had invited her to move in since most weather dancing teams lived together. Alana would have welcomed her right away but didn’t feel like she should since she could see how much Nerissa disliked her job. While she didn’t like it Alana just thought Nerissa probably needed her own space.

Soon after they walked in Melite yelled “I made hot chocolate! Hurry and change your clothes!” Alana and Nerissa ran to their separate room and got out of their wet clothes and into something comfortable. When they came out they saw Melite had also baked brownies “You are such a sweetheart Melite” Alana said as she sat on their couch. Melite smiled then turned her attention to Nerissa “Listen to that rain. You have gotten really good. It’s impressive improvement for her only doing this a year right Alana?”

“Yep, she’s an amazing dancer.” The compliment had Nerissa blushing again. She took a sip of her drink to have something to do with herself. They relaxed for awhile before Melite said “so, I wanted to talk to you Alana”

“About what?”

“Thank you so much for letting me continue to stay with you even after my mom died. It meant a lot to me and made me feel so loved. I don’t know how I would have healed from loseing her without you as my rock. You made me feel so safe and helped me remember how much my mom loved me and wanted my happiness. I can never thank you enough. You became a second mother to me and I’ve appreciated you continue letting me stay this long. I’ve found a house now that I really like and I think it’s time I stood on my own two feet. I’m going to miss living with you but I’ve been an adult for some time now and I think it’s time. I truly feel ready and I have you to thank for that Alana.”

Alanas face filled with emotion that looked happy yet a little sad “I’m going to miss you..watching you grow up like I have made me sort of think of you as my own. You’ve always been such an amazing woman. I’m proud and happy to hear you are ready to move into your own home but you’re always welcome here. Come visit us or move right back in anytime.” They hugged and Melite asked “did the sweets soften the blow?” Alana laughed “yeah, a little. You’re such a good baker. Your boyfriend is lucky. Speaking of which is he moving in too?” Alana asked as she pulled out of the hug. “No, I want to be my own woman for a bit before we do somthing like that. Who knows if he’s ready for that either anyway. I haven’t told him I’m getting my own place yet. I wanted to tell you first”

“I’m proud of you sweetie, really proud.” She patted Melite’s head and she smiled, still reminding her of the little girl she had raised.

“That means you and Nerissa will get the house to yourselves.”

Nerissa blushed and Alana let out a soft laugh. “It’s definitely going to be different for us here. We’ll have to start making our own cocoa.”

“Just let me know when you go out to dance and I’ll still make it for you.” Her bright smile made Nerissa’s heart stutter. “So when do you leave? I want us to be here to help you get packed and moved.”

“We can start packing after I’ve let my boyfriend know.”

“Alright sweetie, make sure to take something with a hood, you’ll get soaked otherwise.”

Melite finished cocoa with her adoptive mother and the new rain dancer then kissed Alana’s cheek before getting changed. Now that the woman who raised her knew she was ready for a place of her own she was excited to tell her boyfriend. She hoped if living with her came to mind he’d understand her wanting to start out on her own. She’d love for him to move in eventually but she just really wanted to experience being her own woman for awhile. They saw Melite off then Alana said “I’m going to take my shower now. When I’m done would you like to watch some TV with me in the living room?”


“Thank you, I just want my mind on something. I know she isn’t my daughter but its sad having my baby move out. Her mother and I already lived together when she got pregnant with Melite so I’ve essentially raised her since the day she was born. Her mother and I would take turns getting up and everything because even when her asshole father was around he wouldn’t help. I majorly disliked him”

“Oh, so he lived here too”

“It’s very common practice for dancers to remain in the same home even when they each get families. Thats why the homes gifted to us by the people are so large.”

“yeah, this place is pretty huge”

“and now you and I are going to have to get used to a lot more cleaning. Melite did so much around here”

“Yeah, I noticed. You raised her well Alana”

“I tried at least.”

Alana went into the bathroom, getting the water started and pulling off her clothes to step under it. The warmth of the water helped push out the remaining chill in her body. When she got out and was dried and dressed she went back out, smiling at Nerissa waiting with another cup of cocoa. “I thought you might want more. It’s still a little chilly.”

“Thank you so much. Would you grab a blanket?”

Nerissa did and then they sat down together, Alana close so they could share the blanket. “Want to watch anything in particular?”

“Anything is fine, I just feel like relaxing.”

“You okay?”

Alana smiled and gently stroked her head, making Nerissa blush. “I’m perfect, thank you.”

It was nice when they sat close like this. Nerissa really hoped this wasn’t all platonic to Alana, that maybe even a small part of her felt the same attraction. The two were on their second movie when their phone rang. Nerissa jumped up and went to answer. “Hey, just wanted to let you two know I’m not coming home tonight. My boyfriend his brother and I will come tomorrow to pack though”

“Was he fine with you wanting to live alone first?”

“Yep, he was amazing about it”

“Good” The two talked a little more about everything before Melite got off the phone to spend time with Garrot. “It went well with her boyfriend” Nerissa said loudly as she started walking back from the kitchen to the couch. Nerissa smiled when she saw Alana sleeping. Nerissa turned off the tv and tucked the blanket around Alana, giving her a light kiss on the head “goodnight” she whispered then went to her room.

When Nerissa woke the next morning, she could still hear the rain, but it wasn’t coming down as hard. The sound was actually quite comforting. She stretched and got up, letting out a yawn as she grabbed clean clothes and put them on. The smell of breakfast and coffee hit her nose as she stepped out of her room so she knew Alana was already up. “Good morning sleepy head.” Alana said as she glanced over her shoulder, giving Nerissa a warm smile.

“Good morning, how long have you been up? Do you need any help?”

“Halve me some strawberries?”


Nerissa was happy to work along side Alana and standing so close brought the smell of Alana’s perfume to her nose. It reminded her of the earth right after the rain. It was a clean, soothing smell. “Why didn’t you wake me last night?”

Nerissa blushed. “Well, you looked so peaceful and comfortable, I didn’t want to bother you. Did you sleep bad?”

“No, I guess I just like saying goodnight.”

Hearing that made Nerissas heart patter off beat. “I’ll make sure to wake you next time. I just know you still work harder than me when we make it rain because you have to make up for my inexperience.”

“You do better than you think Nerissa” They finished getting breakfast together as they talked. They were barely done eating when Melite returned with her boyfriend and a large stack of box’s wrapped in plastic so it didn’t get wet. Alana laughed “so eager”

“I’m just excited. I think I’m going to pack everything but the stuff I keep at my boyfriends then wait to take it all over when the rain stops. How long until the sun dancers change it?”

“The day after tomorrow. So you’re staying at your boyfriends until then?”


“Alright, we’ll help you pack after we clean up our kitchen mess”

“Thanks guys!” Melite said before walking to her room with her boyfriend

Chapter Two

The dishes were cleaned and put away quickly then they joined Me lite and Garrot who were chatting animatedly about her new home. He was asking if he could leave a few things at her place like she had his and she agreed, thinking it would be a good idea.

Alana was very happy for her and couldn’t wait for the day that she showed up saying they were engaged. Garrot was a good man and seemed very devoted to Melite, never complaining or arguing. He was very level headed and everything had wanted for Melite.

They packed on and off until the sun dancers brought back the sun. It wasn’t long after that, with the help of Melites friends that Alana and Nerissa lived alone.Nearly three and a half months later Nerissa felt like she was a bit ridiculous living with the woman she loved and not confessing her feelings. Now that it was just the two of them it was different somehow. She just felt like maybe she was lieing to Alana by not saying anything. One evening as they sat down for dinner Nerissa yelled “I want to go on a date with you!” She blushed intensely, unable to look at Alana at first. Had she really just yelled that? What was worse, had she really just yelled it as a statement, not even a question? It had just been so hard to ask and now that she looked into Alanas stunning gold eyes she looked truly surprised.

She softly laughed, the laugh getting a bit harder, embarrassing Nerissa further. Alana had to clear her throat to stop when she saw just how red Nerissa was “sorry, I’ve just never been asked out in quite that fashion” She cleared her throat again “What would you like to do on this date?” Nerissa was surprised “you’d really like to go on a date with me?”

“Of course, you’re beautiful, smart, fun, I already know I can live with you. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I was such a brat when we met”

“You were fine, I understood how you felt. I have always been so proud of what I was. I mean, we can do somthing for the world nobody else can. We’re needed for everyone to prosper but while I have felt that way I can see how someone else might not want that responsibility.”

Nerissa felt less anxious now and started thinking about things they could do together. She thought a picnic would be nice since the sun was back and she knew Alana liked being outside. “A picnic?”

“Sounds wonderful.”

Nerissa smiled. “I’ll plan it then.”

As they chatted, Nerissa thought of the perfect food and if being her flowers would be too corny. She wanted their first date to be perfect.

A few days later Nerissa had everything in order for her date with Alana. Alana didn’t know what they would be doing but she loved surprises so didn’t mind. Nerissa was nervous coming out of her room just before their date. She had bought a new outfit and hoped Alana thought it looked good on her. Alanas expression made Nerissa relax, knowing she liked it. “did you buy that just for our date? I don’t think I’ve seen it on you before?”


“It fits you so well, it’s like it was made for you”

“Yeah, it really does.”

“Are we ready then?”

“Yep” The two walked out and locked up their home.

Nerissa nervously lead Alana to the first place they had practiced dancing. Alana had been incredibly patient, not even losing her temper when Nerissa would mess up. It was always so quiet.

“I hope this is okay.”

“It’s perfect.”

Alana took the blanket from her and laid it out. They sat down together and Nerissa unpacked the food and drinks. “I don’t know if I’m as good at cooking as you or Melite, but I hope you like it.”

“You’re fine at it. Thank you so much. I like that you chose here too” she made a content noise then continued “where you and I began”

“You were so patient with me”

“My teacher was patient with me aswell. She told me to remember when I ended up having to teach someone else how hard it actually is to learn the proper dances. ”

“From all you tell me rain dancers seem to be a really good line of people”

“The ones I’ve known yeah.”

“Why are the snow dancers such assholes?” Alana laughed “I don’t know and I don’t know if its a common trait in snow dancers because those two have both been around quite some time. They were already old when my grandparents were young”

“Yeah, rain dancers seem to be a little unlucky.”

“That can’t be true because I found you. Being a rain dancer brought you to me” Alana said it so cheerfully and it added to how it made her heart run wild.

When they finished eating, Alana helped Nerissa pick up and they both laid back on the blanket and looked up at the passing clouds. The day was so nice, the sun warming and relaxing them. Alana let out a little sigh and Nerissa looked at her, blushing when she saw her staring back. “Wh…what?”

“You’re really cute, you know that?”


Alana turned on her side and reached out, brushing some hair off Nerissa’s forehead and making her blush. “Having you as a partner has made me very happy.”

“Me too, even if I was a bit of a brat.” She sat up, her face hot and heart beating overly fast. “I…I really love you Alana.”

Alana’s laugh embarrassed her and before she could ask her what was so funny, Alana pulled her back down and kissed her. She was so surprised she froze and when Alana pulled back she was smiling. “I love you too.”

“You do?”

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?”

Nerissa leaned down and kissed Alana again. She felt perfect bliss to be with her like this. They had their home to themselves and they were finally together. The rain dancers had been a particularly unlucky bunch but Nerissa just knew that that was different now when it came to them.

~ The End

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