Albano & Beatrice 2

Chapter One

“Is this okay?” Biagio asked as he posed for Beatirce.

“Perfect, you look so charming.”

“As usual.”

She had him standing with his hands in his pant pockets, pretending like he was casually looking over the city. “You know, a lot of my female and even some of my male readers think you’re hot in that bad boy sort of way.”

“Really? Wow, I’m flattered. If only they knew the truth.”

She burst out laughing, shaking her head as she drew. “He looks more like a miscreant.” Albano said from over her shoulder. Her laughter had drawn him up to her studio.

“You’re just jealous brother, I’m the sweet one.” Albano snorted. “What do they say about Dracula over here?” Biagio asked, receiving a glare from his brother.

“They like how sexy and mysterious he is. They all just fall in love with his beautiful, brooding face. My dark knight.”

Albano leaned down and gently grabbed her chin and turned her face up to him so he could kiss her. He gave a satisfied smile when her face grew hot and she nearly dropped her pencil. “Seems you are the most susceptible to my charms, my love.”

“Mmhmm.” Was all she could manage then she cleared her throat. “Let me finish drawing him then I’ll do you.” Albano arched an eyebrow and Biagio burst out laughing. “Draw…draw you.”

“Wow, if you two need some alone time, I still have the newest issue of your graphic novel to finish.”

“No, it’s fine, please let me finish. I need it for the new cover.”

“Yes ma’am, always a pleasure to assist my favorite author and stop being so jealous brother, you were busy and you know I love her like a sister.”

Albano sighed. “I apologize, we’ve both just been so busy, it won’t happen again.”

“Well, maybe once I have all my drawings in, we can all go somewhere. Maybe Biagio will fall in love and you and I can just relax and forget about work.” Beatrice said as she continued sketching Biagio.

“That sounds perfect, I was going to suggest the same thing. We may have forever, but I do not wish to spend long amounts of time too busy for one another.”

“Aww.” Biagio said teasingly to his brother who groaned at him, causing Beatrice to nearly laugh. Beatrice finished her sketch then asked Albano to pose for her. He followed her direction, enjoying once again having a reason to simply stare at her. She was so incredibly beautiful and he constantly thought about how lucky he was. She started blushing but he kept a straight face to make sure her picture turned out how she wanted it to. When she was done he scooped her into his arms, needing to have her close.

“I still need to get these mailed in.”

“Later, I will even mail them for you. I’ve missed you.”

“I’m sorry, the cover really is the last thing. I’m done with my part for now. I’ll let my boss know I’m taking some time off, he won’t mind.” Albano pressed a kiss to her neck and then gave her a little nibble, causing her to giggle. “Albano.”

“You just taste so good, I can’t help myself.” He ran his nose up her neck to her ear, grinning at the goosebumps that rose on her skin. “I love everything about you, my love, the way you smell, the feel of you, the taste of you. You are my everything and I need you more than anything. Forgive my whining, I just feel like I’ve been neglecting you.”

“You’re being sweet, I don’t consider it whining.” He carried her into their bedroom, away from his brothers teasing so he could just enjoy Beatrice. Eventually she did have to urge him to mail the artwork, but once that was taken care of he kept her close to him, wondering how he ever let himself get too busy to hold her. They ordered take out for dinner and she called her boss once it was on the way. He was gracious about her taking time off and told her to have fun. “I’m all yours.” She said sweetly to Albano as she sat down next to him.

He kissed her head. “Good, now what exactly would you like to do?”

“I want to go somewhere we can relax, but where Biagio won’t be bored.”

“Him and his technology.”

She let out a little laugh. “You sound like such an old man.”

“At least I’m, what was it your fans said, sexy and beautiful.”

“Yes you are.” She kissed his cheek and he grabbed her chin so he could press one to her lips, causing her skin to heat. “So…um…”

“Where are we going my love?”

“How about Milan. It’s beautiful and there are a lot of things there that will keep Biagio entertained. It’s a bit of a drive so maybe we could stay there for a few days.”

“I will be happy no matter where we go, as long as I can have you and if Biagio gets too restless you can threaten him with spoilers.”

She gave a light laugh and he smiled, looking at her adoringly. “You need to let me get on the computer and set everything up.” Beatrice said and Albano sighed, “Well we aren’t in any rush are we? I want to hold you.”

“Okay, but after dinner.”

“After dinner…maybe.” Her smile at his words made his heart stutter and he wondered if she realized just how wrapped around her finger he was. Beatrice didn’t end up getting away from him a few moments until the next morning came. She found two nice rooms on the same floor then looked into some things to do until she heard Albano get out of bed.

“Sneaking off?” He asked as he scooped her up and pressed a kiss to her cheek then her neck.

“Just making sure everything’s in order. Let’s make breakfast so we can pack.”

He chuckled. “Are you worried I might distract you?”

“Yes, then we’ll never leave.”

“Alright, I’ll be good for now.”

He took her downstairs where Biagio was already waiting, fully dressed, a graphic novel in one hand and a bagel in the other. “Morning.” He said with a mouth full of food. “I thought I’d be down here longer.”

Beatrice blushed. “I wanted us to get going. I’m surprised you’re up so early.”

“Hey we’re going on a trip, I’m excited.”

It wasn’t long before they were all in the car, Beatrice driving, Albano at her side and Biagio reading in the backseat. Knowing him he’d go between that, sleeping, playing on his phone and day dreaming out the window. Beatrice inserted a thumb drive into her radio she kept in the car, going through folders until she found the one that contained violin and piano music. She liked soothing music while driving and she knew Albano enjoyed it as well. It put Biagio right to sleep before long so they managed to cover a lot of ground before the younger vampire was having them stop.

Biagio woke when they were about an hour away and looked around in confusion for a moment, looking more like a teenager than a centuries old vampire. It had Beatrice giggling and Biagio grinning. “Sorry I fell asleep, how much longer until we’re there.”

“A little less than an hour.” Beatrice answered.

“It’s that music of yours, it always knocks me out.”

“That’s because your brain can’t process good music.” Albano teased and Biagio stuck his tongue out.

“More like you’re brain is so old it can’t bear the thought of listening to something more modern. I suppose it’s fitting oh King of Darkness.” Albano glared at his brother in the mirror and Beatrice just smiled at their banter.

They continued to talk and joke around all the way there. They easily checked in and received their room keys. “So remember, my room is still near yours.” Beatrice blushed and both men chuckled. They soon set their bags in their rooms then went out to find something good to eat near them. They were tired of the car but they couldn’t wait to try the nearby food. Biagio left them early, stating he wanted to read and listen to music in his room.

“Alright, you sure you want to walk back?”

“Yeah, I can take in some sights on the way back.”

“Okay, just text me when you get there” Biagio gave an amused smile. She was always so concerned despite the fact Biagio could think of few things that would even give them a challenge.

“I will Beatrice”

“He may look like an irresponsible teen, but he is still a monster my love, just like me. Any mugger would have immediate second thoughts about attacking him.” Albano said.

“You’re not monsters and we’re a family, we look out for each other.”

“I know, but if anything it would be him calling to let the mugger tell you how sorry he was.”

Beatrice laughed at the image of Biagio holding a mugger in a headlock and forcing him to talk on the phone. “He would, he totally would.”

“We do appreciate it though, how much you care about us. It’s sweet and we wouldn’t have you any other way.”

“Meeting you two…well…I’m happy to have both of you.”

“Both of us?”

She giggled “You more and you know it you adorable, jealous vampire.”

“I was only teasing that time.”

“Suure.” He leaned over and kissed her, pressing his lips into hers like nobody else was watching since nobody else mattered. She was completely flushed once he pulled away so he decided to be nice for the rest of their meal. He’d soon have his beloved alone in their room anyway.

Chapter Two

“Do you think we could do a little shopping?” She asked once they were outside.

“You want to walk around the Galleria.”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

He gently stroked her cheek, giving her a little grin. “What do I get for my patience?”

Her cheeks flushed, her heart tripping over itself. “Uh…whatever you want, I suppose.”

“That’s a bit dangerous my love, I want so much from you and I don’t even have to worry about you being too exhausted for work.”


He chuckled. “I love you Beatrice.”

“I love you too and I promise, just a little shopping. I want some sweets.”

“Anything for you my love.”

Albano followed Beatrice around happily, taking in everything but mostly, just taking in her happy glow. She seemed especially happy when she found the sweets she had been craving. “Alright, I’m ready”

“Are you sure my love?”

“Yeah.” She blushed, seeing in his eyes how much he wanted her in their room. He lifted up Beatrice, taking her back to their car so she could get them back to where they were staying. They checked in on Biagio when they got there, finding him browsing the internet. It was a brief check in and Albano barely waited for their door to be closed before he started letting his hands slowly move over Beatrice, caressing her and starting to gently pull at her clothing.

He lifted her, her legs going around his waist, his lips against her neck, teeth teasingly scraping against her skin as he carried her to bed. She pulled his shirt off, her fingers brushing over his skin as she undid his jeans and pushed them off. His mouth found her breast, his hand moving to rub between her legs. “Albano.” Her voice came out in a little whimper and he trailed kiss up her neck to her lips, catching her breathy moans as she orgasmed.

He lifted her into his lap as he sat back, his hands holding her hips and pulling her down onto him, a moan escaping his lips as her heat completely enveloped him. She clung to him, her nails biting into his back as she rode him and his hips rocked into her. His fingers tangled in her hair, tugging her head back so his lips could play at her neck. His bite was gentle, his teeth sinking into her flesh wrenching a loud cry of pleasure from her throat.

Her loud moan caused him to release inside of her, but he didn’t pull out until he had finished feeding. When he was done he licked across the two small holes, effectively causing them to close so he could lay down with her. “I love you Albano.” She said softly.

“I love you too Beatrice.” He stroked her hair as he just took in her scent, letting it completely relax him. He wanted to have her again, but he had been so neglectful of her he decided simply to hold his beloved close, hoping she felt how cherished she was. It was enough to ease her into a short nap.

Biagio knocked on their door as they were showering and Beatrice couldn’t help but giggle when Albano groaned and got out. She reminded him to cover himself. Biagio might be his brother, but the rest of the hotel wasn’t. “Yes little brother?” Albano said.

“I want to go here.” Biagio handed him a brochure.

“Where did you even get this?” Albano looked at the cover. It was for the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, something right up Biagio’s alley.

“The lobby. If you two are done doing…you know…we should go before the day’s over. It might give Beatrice ideas for her novels and I’ll get to see stuff that would blow your old man mind.”

Albano growled at him and Biagio laughed. “If it wasn’t for Beatrice, I might beat you up.”

“Come on, if you two come with me then I promise to give you a couple of days all to yourselves.”

“Then it’s a deal.” Biagio was smiling as Albano shut the door and returned to the shower. “He wants to go to the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology when we’re done with our shower.”

“That sounds fun, I can’t wait.” He kissed her forehead and they quickly finished, drying and putting on new clothes as soon as they were out. Biagio had been waiting in the hall so they were now on to the museum. Biagio and Beatrice talked excitedly all the way there and continued talking once inside, both eager to see everything. Albano was taking everything in too, it wasn’t necessarily up his alley, but he was here with Beatrice and he would make the most of the visit.

“Look at this ship.” Biagio said as he leaned over the railing.

“We have seen bigger brother.” Albano said as he examined the boat. “Amazing craftsmanship though, well preserved.”

“I’m beginning to think your brother is right, you really are Dracula.” Beatrice said with a laugh.


“Because of the whole riding in on a ship thing.”

Biagio started laughing. “Look at his face.”

“I have never drained an entire crew, merely ridden on ships.”

“Even then he acted all broody and dark, standing at the bow like some reaper or something.” Biagio teased. “I’m sure you’ve seen it in your head.”

“Some, he was standing in the rain during a storm and you were up in the crow’s nest.”

“He was up there whooping and yelling as we both watched for anything hiding in the water.”

“We could move around the ship better than the crew, not even the aggressive waves could throw us off balance. It was so exciting.”

“I bet, maybe at some point we should go sailing.”

“I’ll go anywhere you want my love.” Albano said, bringing her hand to his lips.

“How could we make that work? Do you want us to steal a ship?”

“No, of course not. I’m not sure how we’d manage it, especially being I doubt a cruise ship is Albano’s style and while he’ll follow me anywhere I’d prefer that he has fun too beyond the sweet sentiment of being around me.”

“We’ll think of something.” Biagio said with a grin.

Albano enjoyed the rest of their time at the museum and chimed in anytime she asked him anything or Biagio brought up another instance from their past. He had never stopped to think about those moments, all the things they had witnessed, the people they had met and Beatrice had practically documented it. “Did you get any ideas for your next installment?” Biagio asked when they finally left the museum.

“Maybe.” Beatrice teased. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“But that’ll be forever.”

“All I can say is you’re really going to love it.”

“You could write about butterflies and puppies and I’d read it.”

“I know you would, you’re my biggest fan.”

She turned her attention to Albano. “So dinner my sweet vampire?”

“Of course, whatever you want.”

“And then for the next couple of days I’m going to be doing some exploring.” Biagio said. “You and Batman need some alone time and I have plans.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.” Albano said as they climbed into their car. “Don’t get into any trouble.”

“I would never.” He gave his sweetest, most innocent smile. “I’m the angel.” Albano snorted and Beatrice giggled. “Now, we should have pizza and beer.”


“You agree right Beatrice, pizza is everything.”

“Alright, pizza it is.”

They found a nearby place, ordering a pizza and a few beers for each of them before eating together in Albano and Beatrice’s room. Biagio didn’t dwell with them long before going to his own room. “See you two in a few days.” Biagio said cheerfully just as he exited. They continued to eat and talk, enjoying the amazing new beer they had decided to try. When they were finished they both cleared the bed, wishing they had a bigger trash can. They knew room service would get it in the morning so they just made it as neat as possible and relaxed.

Chapter Three

“Biagio is up to something.” Albano said.

“Mmhmm.” Beatrice had just started to doze off. “He’s always up to something.”

He huffed out a laugh. “True.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Sorry, you’re trying to sleep.”

“It’s alright, I’m just happy to be here with you.”

“Me too.”

“Let Biagio have fun, you know he might be mischievous, but he wouldn’t get into any serious trouble.”

The next morning they decided to go out for breakfast and ran into Biagio who gave them a little wink as he headed downstairs. Biagio headed off down the street as they climbed into their car. Biagio hummed to himself as he headed for the canals. He was going to find someone with a ship or at least who knew someone with a ship. He knew they would have to go to the ocean, but he wanted to surprise his brother and Beatrice.

Beatrice didn’t ask for much, she was the type to always be content so it was hard to figure out anything to do for her, but now he had something. She had made their lives so much better and Biagio had grown to love her like a sister. Beyond that she was still his favorite author, long before she realized it she was already bringing happiness to at least his life. He knew he could pull this off and they could have another grand adventure here beyond what Beatrice already had in mind.

After breakfast, Albano let Beatrice pull him around, just enjoying her joyful exploration of the city. He adored the look of amazement on her face and could stop himself from pulling her into him and kissing her. He received a blush in response and smiled lovingly at her. He had no idea what he had done to deserve such an amazing woman, but he was thankful for meeting her. “What was that for?” She finally managed to ask.

“For being so beautiful and perfect.”


“Don’t lie.” He brought her fingers to his lips as they continued on. “I’m surprised you didn’t spend more time here with your writing.”

“Well, the only time I came here was for work, book signings, stuff like that. I didn’t really get to explore. It’s so beautiful, I think I definitely want to base one of my novels here.” She smiled. “Maybe after the one with the ship.”

“You’re going to make me look like some dark harbinger of death and Biagio like some wild madman. At least Biagio’s character will be accurate.”

She giggled even as she nudged him. “Be nice, he’s not crazy, just energetic.”

“I suppose energetic is one way to put it.” Beatrice beamed as they continued about their day, all the while Biagio was running around, talking to one person then being sent to another, finally he found someone who could help.

“How much are you willing to pay?”

“However much you need, but you’re at our disposal as long as she wants to be out.”

“That’s fine as long as you’re sure it’s however much I need.” They began to haggle price. The next morning he knocked on their door, waiting patiently since it sounded like they had been sleeping.

Albano glared at his brother when he opened the door and Biagio smiled, holding up his hands. “I know, I know, I said I’d leave you alone, but before you kill me, hear me out.”

Albano sighed. “Alright.”

“Is Beatrice awake and appropriate?”


“Oh good.” He pushed himself past his brother and grinned at Beatrice when he saw her.

“Hey Biagio, is everything alright?”

“I have a surprise for you two, well mostly for you and I had to tell you.” He cleared his throat. “I found a guy with a boat and he said he’d take us out for as long as we want. All we have to do is go to the coast.”

She gasped with excitement, quickly getting up to hug him. “Thank you Biagio, I never expected to be able to sail so soon.” They found their shoes and slipped them on before finding a good breakfast spot, eating their fill then setting off for the coast.

“So how did you pull this off?” Albano asked and Biagio answered, “Money, he wanted probably too much, but I figure he needed it and we have plenty as long as we’ve been around.”

“This is still so sweet, I’m so happy.”

“Just hurry on that next book.” Biagio winked and Beatrice lightly laughed.

The coast was gorgeous and Beatrice rolled her window down, enjoying the breeze coming in from the ocean. She couldn’t believe they were actually going sailing and her mind was already working on what she would write next. Biagio lead them to the docks when they finally parked and got out and introduced them to the man with the boat. “It’s nice to meet both of you.” He said as he shook their hands. “I’m Marco, and this is my ship the Gypsy Gem.” He gestured at the boat. It was an impressive piece of equipment and Beatrice couldn’t wait to board.

“Oh, hope this will be enough.” Biagio pulled out his wallet and handed Marco some money.

“This is more than what we settled on.”

Biagio shrugged. “A little extra for gas?” He grinned. “Permission to come aboard?”

“Of course, granted. Please be careful not to let your feet slip off the edge.”

Beatrice’s heart was beating even faster with excitement as she walked aboard, now a little in disbelief. She had trusted Biagio when he said he got a ship but it wasn’t until now it truly felt real. There was a deck beneath her feat and this ship looked amazing. She walked up to a railing, grasping it in her hand just to feel it. They both could see how happy she was, causing the two of them and even the captain to smile. “Well let’s set off.” The captain said and Albano walked over to stand beside Beatrice. He leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on her head.

“It seems we should have done something like this sooner.”

Biagio had already climbed up the mast before they were even out in the open ocean and clung to the very top of it, causing Marco to shoot him a concerned look. “This is amazing.” Biagio yelled and Beatrice giggled at the look of excitement on his face.

“He’s going to give someone a heart attack.” Albano said, but he found a smile tugging at his lips. It really did remind him of then. Even he felt that tingle of exhilaration as the boat cut through the water, as it hit a wave and kicked up water.

“You look happy.” Beatrice’s voice drew his attention back to her and he felt his cheeks flush in embarrassment.

“I can’t help myself.”

“It’s adorable. You pick on Biagio all the time, but he must have picked up some of his personality quirks from somewhere.”

“Not me.”

“He’s just acting like he’s never been childish.” Biagio said as he dropped down behind them, chuckling when Marco gasped. “Don’t worry, I’m light on my feet, like a cat.”

“There’s no shame in having some fun.” Beatrice stated, an amused smile adorning her face. He made a noise that was a bit of a grunt and grumble mixed into one that had both Beatrice and Biagio chuckling. The weather was even on their side to make this a perfect day. It was actually perfect outside, not too hot, not too cold. It was the kind of day you could purely enjoy and they took it for all it was worth. Their time aboard came and went too quickly and it made them want to figure out a real sea adventure with her sometime. Maybe they could hire a crew and everything, take her far and beyond anything she had ever seen.

“I need to draw.” Beatrice said, making Albano smile and Biagio chuckle. “Does that count as working?” She asked.

“No my love, draw whenever you wish, I know it makes you happy.”

“Sorry, I just really want to get my ideas on paper.”

He took her hand, bringing it to his lips. “Never apologize for pursuing your passions.”

“What he means is, he packed your sketchbook because he knew you’d need it.” Biagio said.

“Really?” Beatrice smiled lovingly at Albano, making his heart stutter.

“In the top pocket of our bag.”

“You’re so sweet my love and sneaky.”

“And you say I’m the mischievous one.” Biagio teased.

She was over flowing with ideas and set to work bringing them alive as soon as she had her sketch book. Biagio had gone off again and Albano just enjoyed sitting with her, admiring the amazing woman who had come into his life. It was adorable how concentrated she was. She drew until her arm was tired then once again wrapped herself in Albano’s waiting arms. “Thank you.”

“You should never leave your sketch book behind. An artist should always be ready to jot down her ideas in whatever form she creates.”

“We should do things like this more often.”

“We will.”

Biagio made good on his promise and left them alone for the next couple of days, exploring on his own and taking note of places they might like. Albano spent his time spoiling Beatrice, wanting her to know how loved she was. He was going to make more of an effort to spend time with her. “I’m going to have to get to work on my next novel when we get back, you know that right?” Beatrice said sleepily as Albano rubbed her back.

“I know, I’m sure my brother will be happy.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek. “We should spend more time together like this.”

She smiled. “I don’t feel neglected, Albano, what you and Biagio do is important.”

“But so are you. I never want to make you feel sad or lonely.” He pulled her into him, his nose rubbing hers, making her giggle. “Whatever I can do to make you happier, I will. Whether it be getting married or starting a family, maybe you want a different house or…”

She pressed a finger against his lips. “Do you want to have a baby with me?”

Albano grabbed her hand, pressing it against his chest. “I want whatever you want, I want forever and as many children as will make you happy. Though if they turn out like Biagio…”

“Albano.” She had to stop herself from laughing.

“I’m kidding, my love.”

If Beatrice hadn’t already been as sleepy as she was she would want to start trying right now, but given her body’s need to rest she just laid in his arms blissfully, elated they were talking about children. Names were already swirling in her head and images of taking care of her future little one. It brought her into a peaceful sleep, Albano soon fading after she was out. They told Biagio first thing in the morning and he seemed excited too at the thought he would become an uncle. He made jokes about corrupting a little boy into a life of being like him and teased about all the boys if the two of them had a little girl. Beatrice giggled as she listened to the two of them, feeling like her life couldn’t be any more perfect.

~ The End

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