Aliyah & Enora

Chapter One

Enora hummed happily as she thought of Aliyah and decorated a cake that was going to be picked up in an hour. Her gorgeous animal partner whom she called Snickers played outside since she didn’t allow animal partners in the bakery to avoid getting hair in the food. Snickers is an African Golden Cat so her being outside not only serves as protection from hairy food but also draws in costumers since her breed is a rarity in their world. There had been a massacre of the species due to a religious group deciding the breed was evil and had to be destroyed.

By the time lawmakers were made aware of this activity there weren’t very many left since they had all quit their jobs in the pursuit of riding their world of African Golden cats. Snickers loved the attention she got because of this. Almost everyone that walked by would stop to pet her and she felt accomplished when their stop attracted them into the bakery because they paused long enough to smell her partner Enora amazing desserts. Snicker was enjoying the amazing feeling of having her head scratched when she smelled Markie.

Snickers ran away from the woman and towards her best friend. The fox and wild cat nuzzled and licked eachother happily causing Aliyah to giggle “such cuties. You two have fun while I go talk to Enora” she left the two to play and walked into Enoras shop. “Eno! Hey!” Aliyah said cheerfully. Enora stopped decorating and looked up “hey, I thought you weren’t coming home until Tuesday”

“Got finished with the job early. How’s business?”

“Great as always. A woman is coming for this cake in an hour, let me finish decorating it and I’ll leave Alice in charge of the shop for the rest of the day”

“Okay, I’ll wait outside with Markie and Snickers.”

“I’ll be as quick as possible” Aliyah walked over and kissed Enoras cheek causing her to blush ‘what was that for?”

“i missed you, we’ve never been apart that long. Next time you’re coming with me. That’s not a question” Enora smiled “You cant make me do anything?”

“Fine, we’ll duel on it. If Markie and I win you’re coming with me on the next job”

“If our partners are up to it its a deal.”

They called for their partners who came running happily over. “We’re going to duel guys, are you up for it?” Aliyah asked. Both animals nodded and she smiled. “Come on then.”

Enora giggled. “You’re far too excited.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

They decided to go outside town to duel, even though they were sure everyone wouldn’t mind watching them, there were children running around and they were not very good about keeping back. They walked happily side by side, chatting about their day. Aliyah loved hearing about Enora experimenting with different types of cakes. She was trying to develop a new one by mixing different flavors together. “You’re going to have to let me come in and be your taste tester.”

“Of course, you’re the only one who I trust to give me an honest answer.”

When they decided they were far enough away from any children or buildings they began. Snickers tried to attack first, taking advantage of her speed but Markie shocked both Snickers and Enora by his heightened reflexes. He and Aliyah had obviously been working on it without letting on. Aliyah smiled at Enoras surprise then allowed her claws and sharp teeth to form as she ran at Enora. Laughs, smiles and dirt had filled the area until Aliyah had Enora pinned down, a claw to her neck “I win?”

“You win, I’ll travel with you next time” The animal calmed and began circling eachother to check for any accidental serious injuries while Aliyah calmed into normal form and helped Enora up “you okay?”

“Yeah, lets go grab some sweets and head over to your place”

Enora told everyone bye as she and Aliyah walked out of her shop. Enora carried a box with different cupcakes, some of them her own creation. Aliyah walked happily beside her, a smile on her face at her win. She loved spending time with Enora, loved the adventures they would have and the new places they would discover. She adored Enora, her smile, her laugh, everything about her. She was the epitome of perfection and she couldn’t wait to go on her next job.

“What are you thinking about?” Enora asked with a cheerful smile that put the sun to shame. Aliyah felt herself melt under the radiance of that smile and her heart did a little flip.

“Just how happy I am to be able to take you with me. I love traveling with Markie, but it’s always more fun when you and Snickers join us.”

Enora’s smile brightened even more if that were possible. “I’ll try to make more time for us to take trips together. It gets busy at the bakery.”

“I know, baking is your passion and you’re amazing at it. One of these days you’re going to make a new cake that is really going to make people rave about you. Might have to hire more people to keep up with demand or make your shop bigger.” Enora giggled “You’ve always had such faith in me.”

“sombody had to give you the confidence to open your bakery” Aliyah said with a wink. They talked about some of the combinations Enora had been trying until they entered Aliyahs home. Markie and Snickers ran straight in and Aliyah said with relief “It’s always so nice to get home”

“did you and Markie have any trouble this trip?”

“Oh no, things were smooth. Nobody even tried to challenge me”

“good” Enora set the cupcakes down on the coffee table as Aliyah dropped down on the couch. Smiling at her again Enora asked “worn out?”

“we kind of power housed it once we were near home. I wanted to see you and Markie wanted to see Snickers”

“want me to make you a drink?”

“Just some water” Enora got back on her feet and entered the kitchen. She grabbed a glass, put some ice in then filled it up with water. After giving the glass to Aliyah she filled Markies water and food dish. “thanks” Aliyah called and Enora said “no problem”

She flopped back down next to Aliyah and relaxed. If there was one thing she loved more than working at the bakery, it was spending time unwinding with Aliyah. It was always so calming and the craziness of the day was always soon forgotten. “I love this.”

“Love what?”

“The part of the day where you and I get to hang out and get fat off my sweets.”

Aliyah laughed. “You’ll never be fat to me.”

Enora gave her a big smile. “You say that now, but just wait until I can’t see my feet then you’ll be singing a different tune.”

“I swear on my life that I’ll never think you’re fat.”

“You’re far too sweet Aliyah.”

Butterflies fluttered in Aliyah’s stomach. “It’s not hard when it’s you.”

She giggled and took a bite of cupcake. Aliyah took a bite of hers too “god I missed these”

“you ate all the sweets I packed in the first day again huh?”

“their best on the first day” Aliyah said as she wiped frosting off her face. Enora shook her head “well at least you enjoyed them. When I come with you next time I’ll bring cookies and we’ll just eat a little with each meal so they last”

“okay, make sure to bake Jam Thumbprints and Pecan Sandies”

“okay” They talked and hungout for the remainder of the day and Enora decided to sleep over as she frequently did. Markie and Snickers curled up in Markies pet bed as they always did because it was made for a much larger animal. Aliyah had wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for Markie to sleep how he wanted. Enora and Aliyah settled in bed after checking on their partners one last time. “Night Enora”

“Night Aliyah” Enora said with a huge smile on her face. Aliyah was finally back and next time she left she would be going with her.

Aliyah felt something tickling her nose and wiggled it around. It brushed her nose again and she swatted at whatever it was as she opened her eyes. Enora was smiling down at her and giggling. “Wake up sleepy head.”

“Did you let me sleep in?”

“Yeah, you needed it.”

“Thank you.” She sat up slowly and Enora moved back. She loved how unkempt Aliyah’s hair looked in the morning. It was adorable and made her all the more beautiful. “What?” Aliyah asked as she stretched.

“You look really pretty when you just wake up.”

“Liar, I look haggard.”

“Oh hush, you look perfect.” Aliyah blushed and Enora giggled. “Come on, I made breakfast and let Markie and Snickers out.”

“Okay but I need a shower right after” Enora grabbed her nose “I know” Aliyah threw a pillow at her and they both laughed. Before Aliyah went to the bathroom to shower Enora said “I need to check on the bakery. Just come by when you’re ready for the day.” They hugged eachother and went their separate ways. Aliyah took her time in the shower since it had been so long and Enora had things she needed to do for work anyway. Thinking of this when she was dressed, covered in make up and ready for the day she went to see if their were any jobs she wanted. She had only just got home but with the promise of Enora as a tag along she would love a reason to leave again.

The building where jobs were handed out was surprisingly empty, but at least it meant she would be able to browse without someone waiting impatiently behind her. The woman behind the counter looked up at her and smiled then turned away and grabbed the binder for their region. There were other binders, jobs from other regions and worlds, but most of the time people came in only for the region she was in. “Thank you.” Aliyah said with a happy smile and she flipped the book open. Each job had a description and how much you would be paid. Some had photos attached to them while others might have a sketch someone had made or nothing at all. She flipped through the pages until she came to something she thought would be low maintenance and give her the most time with Enora. “I’ll take this one.” She ripped out the piece of paper and pushed the binder back toward the woman then showed her the paper.

“Alright, good luck.”

“Thank you.”

Aliyah rushed to the bakery. Alice smiled “she’s in the back.” Aliyah thanked Alice then went to the kitchen. “I found a job”

“wow, so soon”

“I wanted to hurry up and go out of town with you. It’s not a rush job so just ask Ali when she can be the chief around here”

“If you’ll just stir this until it’s smooth for me then pour it into the molds right here I’ll go talk to her now. I really only trust Alice to make sure things run smoothly” Aliyah smiled and Enora giggled “but you know that. You know I’m a fan of saying things that don’t need to be spoken” Enora hurried off and Aliyah set to what she had been asked. Enora got one of the other workers to stand behind the counter to await orders while she took Alice into the small office “yes mam?”

“I want to go with Aliyah on a job and I was hoping you were free to run things for me indefinitely.” Alice grew excited “Yes mam, only hurdle I have is my nephews birthday tomorrow. I was going to leave early if I could. Its a small thing just for family so everybody else was willing to have the party later if I needed to stay all day. Can I close early or do you want the shop open for normal hours?”

“you can close early sweetie”

“thank you for trusting me.”

“You’ve always shown yourself to be responsible. I wont have any worries with you here. you can expect a bigger paycheck too for taking the responsibility. I’m going to get back to work now, you can relieve Sarah” They left the office and Enora returned to Aliyah ‘she’ll take over for me tomorrow”

“Oh good, I’ll get us packed then. I’ll get a bag ready for you too if you don’t mind me doing it”

“That would be incredible of you” Aliyah kissed Enoras cheek “then I’ll see you later. Has Snickers been to the vet recently? You know how I like to check Markie once a month if we’re working a lot to make sure he’s up for it”

“We go see Dr Andy on Jovial Way. He has all my insurance information”

“Okay, now just to find him and Markie”

Chapter Two

“You just finish up here, I’ll find them and get packed.”

“You sure?”

“Of course, just focus on what you’re doing here.”

Enora gave her another kiss on the cheek and let Aliyah go. She left the bakery feeling overjoyed, her steps light as she made her way down the street. She touched her cheek where Enora’s lips had been twice and felt her skin warm as she blushed. She really enjoyed when Enora showed her affection and knew she must look like a pathetic, crazy mess. It didn’t matter though, not when Enora made her heart beat at a crazy speed and made her feel like she was the only woman in her world. She took a deep breath and made herself focus on the task of finding Markie and Snickers. She called out to them as she walked, knowing they probably hadn’t gone too far.

When she found them she took Snickers to his veterinarian and had him looked over. Dr Andy gave Snickers a clean bill of health which didn’t surprise Aliyah, she had just wanted to be sure. Next Aliyah went into town and bought more treats for the animals and resupplied her fist aid kit. As women with such small animals challenges weren’t issued a lot but she kept plenty of medical supplies anyway. Once she felt ready she went to Enoras place, using the key she had been given to enter. Snickers and Markie played in the living room until Aliyah was done and ready to go back to her own home.

There she added her own clothes then went back to the bakery. It was near closing anyway so she was sure Enora would just come home with her. Aliyah had to hold back a laugh at how excited Alice seemed. She really enjoyed when Enora would trust her with responsibilities and a trip with no end date was the biggest responsibility Alice had been handed to date. Alice called for Enora who came out covered in flour “what happened?” Aliyah asked and Enora smiled “Austin, the new baker I hired had another one of his clumsy moments. I’m going to go to my home and shower then how about I swing by your place and we all go to town for dinner”

“I can just wait in your living room unless you’re trying to get rid of me”

“waiting in my living room would be better to me, you know that Aliyah”

“Uh huh.”

Enora smiled. “Don’t be a butt head or I’ll get flour on you too.” She held out her arms and moved toward Aliyah as if to hug her. Aliyah practically leaped away and Enora started laughing, her eyes watering. “Come on, don’t you want a hug?”

“No way, hug yourself.”

“But hugging me is no fun.”

“I would have to disagree, hugging you is a lot of fun.”

They both just smiled at each other and how goofy they were being. They laughed and enjoyed each other’s company the whole way to Enora’s and Aliyah took her place on the couch while Enora went to get cleaned and changed. She sighed happily, excited for their trip to start.

The next day they started out, Enora having complete faith Alice could handle the bakery on her own until she returned. Now that they were going Enora asked “so where are we headed?”

“collect a few things for a spell.”

“Oh what kind”

“Nothing major, They are going to change their animals fur color”

“That’s becoming really popular huh?”

“weirdly so, you wouldn’t like that would you Markie?” Markie made a noise that was obviously a no. “what about you Snickers?” Enora asked. Snickers also wanted no part of it. Aliyah took her hand and Enora found herself wondering again if these kinds of affections were romantic or just girl things. Female relationships were hard to read since close friends just freely hugged and kissed and got close like it was nothing. Enora had real feelings for Aliyah and maybe this trip was the perfect time to sort out if they had somthing more or not.

They collected the first two ingredients in the first day and decided to rest once they found an inn. This wasn’t a rush job and they’d prefer not to get stuck outside. “welcome, one or two rooms? We have a special place to stay for animals that they will enjoy much more than the human rooms”

‘Just one for her and I” they both looked at their partners who agreed they wanted to be in the area that was suited to them. They walked with her so they’d know where their partners were then were escorted to their rooms ‘we have room service. Menu is by the TV”

They thanked her as they dropped their luggage in front of the closet and flopped down on one of the beds. Aliyah had to admit she was disappointed that there wasn’t just one. Enora gave a small sigh and turned on her side to face Aliyah, giving her a sweet smile. “So, what now?”

“Food and a movie?”

“Sounds good.”

Aliyah blushed and she didn’t know why. She got up, grabbed the menu and then the phone and called room service. She talked as she looked over the menu, feeling Enora watching her the whole time. It sent her heart into a frenzy and she had to force herself to ignore it before she was unable to talk to the nice woman on the other end of the line. Enora could easily reduce her to a babbling, childish mess. She hung up when she had everything she wanted then grabbed the remote and switched on the TV as she took a seat next to Enora.

“You okay?” Enora asked.

“Yeah, just a little tired I think.” Enora moved to sit behind Aliyah then grabbed her and pulled her back so Aliyah’s head rested on her lap.

“There, relax until our food gets here.”

Aliyah blushed as she looked up at Enora “okay” Enora played with Aliyahs hair until the food came then reluctantly let her get up. Their evening was fun even with the sexual tension between them that seemed to be getting increasingly strong lately. The next morning they got ready and collected their partners as soon as they woke. It was a nice hotel but they were out of town and wanted to hurry up and start enjoying it again. “Did they clean you Markie? Your fur looks amazing” Markie nodded and Aliyah scratched his head. They had to go into a swamp for the next thing they needed. It wasn’t only found there but it was the only location anywhere close to where they lived to find it.

When they were finally walking into it Snickers wouldn’t go. “Snickers come on” the cat shook its head and Enora sighed “are you going to make me carry you?” the cat looked hopeful and Enora sighed again “okay” she lifted Snickers up and they started going. “I’ll take a tunr if your arms get tired” Aliyah said and Enora answered “Oh no, she isn’t as heavy as you might think”

“You should just toss her into some of that stinky water.” Snicker’s gave Aliyah a look that had both her and Enora laughing.

“You know she doesn’t mean it.” Enora said with a big smile.

“Of course not, that would be mean.” Markie gave a little grumble that seemed to say the swamp wasn’t that bad and Snicker’s made some noise back that seemed to say she disagreed and was done talking about it. Both Aliyah and Enora kept their eyes peeled for the red moss they had been sent for. It took them about twenty minutes to spot some and Aliyah quickly gathered and bagged it. They headed back out, all of them but Snicker’s muddy. They decided to continue to the next town and as soon as they were away from the wetness of the swamp, Enora put Snicker’s down and grabbed Aliyah’s hand. Aliyah blushed, giving Enora a quick glance and seeing she wore a happy smile. She wanted very mush to pull Enora in and kiss her, but feared the consequences of such an action. She worried that if she read Enora wrong that something like that could end their friendship.

“Is there something on your mind Aliyah?” Enora asked.

“No, not really.”

“Nothing at all?”

“I might be thinking of the forest behind our destination, trekking through there isn’t always fun.”


“Why do you ask?”

Enora’s smile grew wider. “You just looked like you wanted to say something.”

Aliyah made an uncomfortable face “maybe it’s more of an action than somthing to say..” Enora stopped “hm?” Aliyah stared into Enoras brown eyes for awhile, trying to read what the other woman was thinking. She finally got brave enough to kiss her. Enora smiled again against Aliyahs lips and began to kiss back. Aliyah rested her head against Enoras after she stopped “was that okay?”

“that was amazing”

“you love me too? As more than a friend”

“very much, it’s about time one of us did somthing about that” Aliyah chuckled “I’m so glad you came with me this time”

“I’ll come with you more often if it means I get kisses” Their partners seemed happy as they sat beside them. Enora looked over “you two seem rather pleased” Markie nodded and Snickers purred. Aliyah and Enora kissed again then continued their journey. Happier than ever they speedily finished the job and returned home to really start the new relationship between them with proper dates.

~ The End ~

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