Alois & Frona 2

Chapter One

Even though all three of their children were teenagers Alois still peeked in on them before going to bed at night. Even if he didn’t check on the twins he rarely joined his wife in bed without checking on Ievis. He frowned upon realizing his son wasn’t in bed. He went outside to find him, finally discovering Ievis sitting in the grass alone, staring up at the moon. He could tell he was frustrated and he wondered if his son had been trying to shift into a wolf again. “are you alright son?”

“No” Alois sat next to him “were you trying to shift again”

“why is it just me? Why can my sisters shift and I can’t and worse my wings are prettier than theirs. It’s just…”

“It doesn’t matter”

“It does”

“Son you just took more after your mother than me and theres nothing in the world wrong with that. I love her and the pack loves both her and you”

“I know it doesnt matter to anybody else in the pack dad”

“You know we can just call a wolf to you. It’s kind of the same thing as when packs make humans wolves”

“dad…nothing would make me feel more pathetic, can you please just stop”

“I cant just leave you feeling like this alone son. Fairies are amazing and so are elves. You’re the smartest being in this pack too and very well respected. Are you sure theres no particular reason you not being able to shift into a wolf bothers you beyond just that you want it?” Ievis shifted uncomfortably and decided just to tell his dad why it mattered to him so much more now than ever “I just…I really liked this girl, obviously not a girl in our pack and she turned me down because I’m not a real wolf…her exact words dad”

“she wasn’t your mate right?”

‘well no, she was just really cute and I havent found mine yet but…what if I find my mate and shes a wolf and then…and then she doesnt want me either”

“That would be horrible but one, you are a real wolf, its in your DNA and two, as heartbreaking as I know that would be you probably shouldnt want to be with your mate either if they are like that. You’re amazing and you should love yourself for all that you are instead of what you don’t have. You’re my son, You’re a part of this pack and you’re a great man and anybody who cant see that is stupid”

“why couldn’t I at least be a cool looking fairy? What if shes a fairy and wont be with me because my wings are too pretty and girly. I mean maybe if shes an elf I’ll be passable”

‘son, as I said, start focusing on whats good about you and seeing the good in these flaws you’re making up. Your wings are beautiful, maybe she’ll love that. I mean maybe your mate isn’t any of the three races you are”

“sounds like a picnic for my kids”

“I wouldn’t trade your mother for any wolf in the world. I’m incredibly happy just as she is with me. Are you really so unhappy?” Ievis sighed “I’m sorry, I really am dad. I didn’t mean it like that. I…that girl just really shook me when she told me no because I wasnt a real wolf…I guess we can add I’m an ass to the reasons I’ll probably be single forever” Alois put a hand on his sons shoulder, feeling for him. Ievis had always been hooked on love stories and had always been the sweetest kid around. It wasn’t shocking that struggling to find a girl to love him would cause such a depression in him. At least he finally understood why not being able to shift had suddenly started to bother his son last year.

“You’re not an ass son. I was trying to give you a reality check when I asked that question. Come home with me” both men stood and Alois hated now noticing that his son had been crying.

“I know I’m being ridiculous.” Ievis said as they made their way back to the house. He wiped at his face, more embarrassed than anything now.

“No you’re not, you have a big heart, but everything will work out in the end, you’ll see. It’s also not pathetic to ask for a wolf of your own. Do you think every human who has ever asked for one is pathetic?”

“No, of course not.”

“So you don’t think that either and if you change your mind, let us know.”

“I will.”

He told Ievis goodnight once they got to his room and he sighed once his son had his door closed. He hated how much he was hurting and wished he would let him fix it. At least he’d be able to show up that girl. Alois headed for his and Frona’s room and she frowned when she saw the look on his face. “What happened?” She asked.

“It was Ievis.”

“Is he okay?”

“Yes and no. He’s not physically hurt, just emotionally. Apparently some girl turned him down because he wasn’t wolf enough for her. He was sitting outside, alone, and upset.”

Frona made a disgruntled noise “I cant stand elitist. He is a wolf”

“Thats exactly what I told him”

“My poor baby, at least we know why he’s been a bit off now. He’s not going to chase after someone like that is he?”

“No but I’d love for him to let us call a wolf to him and have him show up that girl. I was relieved it wasn’t anybody in my pack that made him feel this way.”

“He doesn’t want that?”

“No but I told him thats always an option if he changes his mind. She’s caused him to be critical when it comes to everything about himself and thats what upsets me the most.”

“what else did he say?”

“that he hated how pretty his wings are. He apparently only thinks he has any shot with his mate when he meets her if shes an elf” he crawled into bed with her but neither of them were sure they could get to sleep anytime soon. “we just need to figure out how to lift his spirits and see all the good in himself” Frona said and Alois sighed “yeah, I just dont know how to do it beyond telling him how amazing the pack thinks he is. I mean he can outwit anybody we know easily”

“What about a competition or something?” Frona suggested.

“I don’t want to announce something like that and have him think we’re pitying him.”

“We could say it’s because we want to add a third Beta. He wouldn’t think anything of it, he’d think it was just about pack safety. We could ask that everyone competes and maybe get him to participate.”

“We could try, he needs something to help him get out of his own head.”

“I bet if he saw how quickly he can outwit the others, he’d understand how amazing he is. Maybe he’d let us call his wolf after.”

He pulled her into him and pressed a kiss to her lips. “You’re such a good mom, we’ll give it a shot.”

“We have to make it a big thing.”

He chuckled. “We will.”

Now that they had a plan they were able to drift to sleep, only waking when Lillian came to wake them for breakfast “wait until you see what we made today” Frona smiled “You two have been watching cooking shows again haven’t you?”

“Yes and we were really inspired!”

“alright, tell Debbie we’re coming”

“she just left to take Jared some” Now it was Alois who grinned as Lillian ran out the room. He sleepily said to his wife “I wonder if she realizes yet he’s her mate”

“I don’t think so but its sweet the way she always takes him food. Our girls are sweethearts in general but you’d think she’d notice her increased desire to take care of him”

“It’s all for the best, she’s too young to be with him right now given his age. I’m thankful he’s respected my wish’s so far not to tell her or flirt with her until she’s eighteen…I know how hard that must be. I couldn’t imagine having to wait with you after I met you. That pull is so strong”

Debbie knocked on Jarods door “Jarod?” She was about to just leave it when he finally answered with a sleepy smile “Oh we got up too early today” Debbie said apologetically “no, you’re fine, thank you so much”

“I can just start leaving it here without knocking”

“No, No don’t do that. Something could come take it if you leave it here” she giggled “I dont think thats a big concern since the pack lives here”

“Please, continue to knock. It’s nice seeing a friend to start my day”

“Okay” she held out his food and he gently took it “what is it today? This is such a big container”

“Lillian and I went a little crazy. Just be surprised when you open it”

“I’ll be by a little later to return some dish’s”

“alright, I’ll tell my dad” Debbie had soon joined her family at the table and enjoyed breakfast with them. “This is now officially the best breakfast you two have made” Ievas said and Frona agreed “yeah, thank you so much for always cooking”

“So, your mother and I were talking last night.” Alois said as they ate and Ievis paused for a second, his heart giving a little stutter. He was sure his dad had said something to his mother.

“About what?” Debbie asked.

“About holding a competition to promote another wolf to Beta. The pack has grown a bit and we think it would be smart to have another out there helping keep things in check.”

“Do you think Jarod will compete?” Debbie asked excitedly.

“I hope everyone does, it’ll be a good bonding experience for the pack. Plus, it’s fun, maybe we’ll have a fake competition for the pups.”

“They’d love that.” Frona said. “They want to be so much like the adults, it’ll be cute.”

“That sounds like fun, doesn’t it Ievis?” Lillian said.

“Yeah, sure.”

“You have to compete too.”

“I…I don’t know about that.”

“Come on, please?”

He couldn’t say no to his sisters so he relented “Okay, I guess it could be fun”

“yay” his sisters said in unison. Both Alois and Frona were glad this was going to work. They both saw so many strengths in their son. They knew this competition would help him see what made him amazing and show him things that would make his mate admire him when he found her. After breakfast Alois left his family home to talk to his betas and arrange the competition. The sooner the better, he’d want it starting right now if that were possible but his wolves had their own lives so it would require some planning.

He didn’t even quite know yet what the competitions would be but he knew his Betas would provide help with that. Ievis began helping his mother clean up while the girls ran happily out the door. Since they always went through the work of cooking they seldom had anything to do with cleaning things up but they were respectful of the fact others would be cleaning up the mess. Debbie and Lillian were always rinsing things off and wiping spills while they cooked. It was never a massive job for Frona or whomever else took the responsibility of cleaning up after breakfast.

“Do you think I should compete mom?” Ievis asked. “I mean, some of those guys and even the women are a lot stronger than I am.”

“You know what your dad would say?”


“Strength isn’t everything. A wolf needs cunning too, he needs brains.”

Ievis sighed. “Did dad tell you what happened?”

“He did, but that was then and this was now. You’re amazing, baby, and no matter what anyone says, you always will be.”

Ievis nodded. “I know it’s weird to be so upset and I guess, at least she wasn’t my mate or anything. That would have really sucked.”

“Maybe she’s just jealous you have so much more going for you, looks and brains wise.” Frona teased.

“Come on mom.” He said with a little laugh.

“That’s better, I don’t like when any of my babies are upset.”

“I just…” he sighed “I’ve always been so excited at the thought of meeting my mate and us having what you and dad have along with what the other wolves have here who have found their mate. I mean even Jarod seems so happy around Debbie and dad wont let them be more than friends yet. I mean he cant even tell her and its crazy how happy he seems when they’re together. It just terrified me when I was rejected,that maybe I wouldn’t be good enough for whomever I’m meant for. I know its rare but I know sometimes when we find our mates it doesn’t work out”

“You haven’t met her so there’s no need to worry about that now anyway son. We can deal with that when she comes into your life and who knows, maybe it’ll be easy. Maybe you’ll even end up her hero like your father was mine”

“yeah…I can’t believe that wolf was really going to force you into being with him.”

“Thankfully your father came into my life before I was twenty one. The universe has a way of bringing mates together though and it’s often good with it’s timing” The morning of the competitions came the following weekend and it wasn’t surprising most the wolves in their pack wanted to compete. Most the ones who weren’t competing were handling the kids one they were doing to make them feel included.

The pups were adorably excited and horsing around while they waited for things to start up. They were still waiting for a few wolves. Jarod was sitting with Debbie as always, talking to her while he could before this all began but the pack was so loud and excited right now Frona couldn’t hear what they were saying to one another.

Chapter Two

“Everything okay mom?” Ievis asked as he joined her.

“Just Jarod and your sister.” She nodded towards them. “What do you think they’re talking about.”

“I don’t know, but they look happy. You can tell he wants to say something, but he’s trying to respect Debbie, you, and dad.”

“He’s a good guy.”


Alois’s howl sounded over the noise and all the wolves fell silent, even the pups. “Now that we are all here, first, I would like to thank you for coming to participate. I know many of you have families, but it warms me to see the entire pack gathered. Our Beta’s have worked hard to help put this event together, so let’s thank them.” Everyone howled loudly and the Beta’s looked proud at the acknowledgement. “And remember, this is a friendly competition, and no matter who wins, we will respect each other.” The wolves whooped their approval and Alois smiled. “Alright, now, as a Beta you will have many responsibilities. You are the front line, you help keep the pack in order, you lead when I cannot, and you set an example for the younger generation. This competition is to test your physical and mental prowess. That’s why the first thing we will be doing, is wrestling.”

“Wrestling?” Ievis said and Frona reach over and rubbed his back.

“Your dad has taught you a lot. Remember, it’s not all about size and strength. Use your head, baby, and remember even though you can’t shift, you still have a wolf’s reflexes.”

Ievis nodded and took a breath, trying to pull in the confidence he had before that girl shot him down. He reminded himself of what was important. He was good enough for his family and the members of this pack. Today should be about nothing but fun and bonding with them. When it was his turn to face the current champion Ievis had already pumped himself up so the other wolf wouldn’t sense any apprehension. It certainly helped this wolf was one of his friends and they had play wrestled all the time through middle school.

“we’re just two friends playing around” he told himself a few times before they began. Ievis actually started to have fun and swelled with pride when he won. He looked over at his father and blushed for doing such a childlike thing, looking for his dad to make sure he had seen his accomplishment. Alois smiled at him and soon the next wolf was ready to face Ievis.

“I don’t think he realizes just how amazing he is.” Alois said, a big grin on his face. “Look at him. He’s playing it smart and using their eagerness against them.”

“I really hope this helps boost his confidence.”

“It will, you’ll see. I don’t even want him to say anything to that girl, I just want her to hear about it and realize how stupid she is.”

Frona giggled. “Don’t be mean, baby.”

“I can’t help it.”

“I know, he’s our little boy.”

Ievis put down another wolf, his heart actually thumping in excitement at how well this was going. He grew a little nervous when Jarod came out next and he glanced at Debbie who was clapping and cheering both of them on. “Don’t worry about your sister.” Jarod said, pulling his attention back. “She’ll be happy either way.”

Ievis knew he was right and took a deep breath. He nodded and Jarod moved. He was taken off guard by how fast he actually was and it took him a moment to react to being grappled by the bigger wolf. He knew the other wolves had not been going easy on him, he could tell how strong they were, but Jarod was on the same level as his father. He snapped out of his surprise and managed to plant his foot in Jarod’s stomach and flip him over his head so he went rolling away. He pushed himself back to his feet as quickly as possible, knowing he had to keep his focus if he wanted to beat Jarod.

Jarod was grinning as he came back toward Ievis and soon the wolves were rolling with one another. Jarod managed to briefly pin then almost out Ievis but Ievis was so determined to prevail he eventually out maneuver Jarod though just barely. Ievis was definitely glad a man like this would be protecting his sister Debbie. Honestly, if this wasn’t a clean fight he wasn’t sure he could have beaten him. Alois could see how worn out Ievis was and called for a break. Debbie was already coming over to Jarod who smiled sweetly at her “I’m alright Debbie”

With that assurance Debbie hugged her brother “I’m so proud of you Ievis”

“Thanks, I really need something to drink though”

“I’ll get it with you” Frona said as she approached. Once he was seated and drinking Alois came over “You’re really impressing the pack today son”

“I can barely believe myself. Jarod was definitely the hardest to beat so far”

“Maybe you should try wrestling me next.” Alois said and laughed when his son looked slightly horrified.

“No way, you’d put me down instantly.”

“Well yeah, if I couldn’t put other wolves on the ground then I wouldn’t be alpha.”

“Have you wrestled Jarod?”

“Yes, it was a lot of fun.”

“He’s built like, I don’t know, a mountain or something and he’s so fast.”

“And you wonder why I approve of him being your sister’s mate.” He said, lowering his voice. “There’s not a soul that would dare lay a hand on her and if they did, they’d be dead and I’d be helping hide a body.”

Ievis smiled. “Yeah, me too.”

“No plotting boys.” Frona said in a amused tone.

“Not plotting my love, just preparing.” Alois replied as he leaned over and kissed her.

It was nice to see her son smiling and looking genuinely happy as he sat there with his father. When the wrestling resumed Ievis didn’t take down all the wolves but he got through an impressive amount of them given his young age. Jarod didn’t join in on any of the following competitions that day, preferring to follow Debbie over to where the children were competing. The next thing Alois had set up was something to test their sense of smell since there may come times he would need them to help him track someone or something.

He had his current betas bury three articles of clothing and then sent all his wolves to find them. Regardless of the fact his son couldn’t shift this too showed he had every bit of wolf in him the others did. He actually brought back two leaving only Yuna able to bring back something besides him. During the rest that followed Alois said “and you let some girl make you think you weren’t a wolf. You’re amazing, anybody would know you’re my son with how skilled you are…you know…you might become my new beta”

“I couldnt out wrestle everybody and…I’m only seventeen”

“If it had been just about wrestling I would have stopped it at that Ievis and you’re old enough being you’re proving yourself right now”

“How do you think the pack would feel?”

“Happy for you, you’re not even a year off from being a man anyway son”

“It’s just…” he sighed, not really knowing how to put his feelings into words. He never wanted the pack to be disappointed with him and what if they decided he wasn’t good enough afterwards.

“You know, it’s actually normal for children to become betas in their parents pack.”


“Yeah, of course. It’s also normal for the pack to be passed down from parent to child.”

Ievis looked at his father in surprise. “Are you say…”

Alois shrugged. “It’s just something to think about. Someday, I might decide I want to retire as alpha or I might do this forever. Who knows?”

Frona couldn’t help but smile at the look on her son’s face. She could see the wheels turning, see the determination slowly building. With everything that had happened, with not being able to shift, he hadn’t even thought of being a potential alpha. Now, he was seeing the possibilities. “Don’t let any girl tell you what you can or can’t be.” Frona said as she rubbed his back. “Look at how happy everyone is. They’re proud of you, we’re proud of you.”

He hugged his mother then his father, feeling blessed to have them as parents “I’ll never let anybody else make me feel like she did”

“when its the right girl I don’t want it to break your heart either if she says no. It hurt every time your mom said no but I would have never given up. You never know whats going on in their lives or what they’ve been through, like what I found out about your mother”


“and if she’s not a wolf sometimes we can come on a little too strong. If she’s not just do your best to take things slow. You can’t just spring on her right away that you just know you’re going to spend eternity together”

“I think it might have scared me if your dad would have said that right away given what I was already going through with a wolf” his mother threw in. Ievis nodded “Thanks mom and dad for the advice”

“we want you to be happy” his mom said and his father added “and it’s sweet your so caught up on finding your mate. I’m glad you’re a romantic like me. When I saw your mom…it just felt amazing” Frona smiled and soon they were ready for the final event Alois and the betas put together.

“Sometimes, as wolves, we may find ourselves at a disadvantage. Sometimes our noses are useless, sometimes our sight is taken from us. For this, we must rely on our instincts, more so, our wolf’s instincts.” Alois said and he gestured for those who were still competing to approach him. His current betas came to stand next to him. They were holding blindfolds in their hands and one handed Alois a small jar. “This final game is one of instinct and to make sure there is no cheating, myself and your current betas will be with you to observe.” His smile was mischievous. “You will be blindfolded to take away your eyes and we will rub this on your nose to take away your sense of smell. We’re going to take you out to the middle of the woods and you must find your way back on instinct alone.”

“What about our ears?” Yuna asked.

“Ears are a tricky thing when you can neither see nor smell. Every sound is louder, it puts you on edge, so that’s why you’ll be keeping it.”

Ievis actually felt excited, he was going to prove himself and be his fathers beta. He could barely wait a moment longer when they all finally stopped and his father said “Now find your way home” Frona was eagerly waiting about where they should come out of the woods with Lillian, Debbie and Jarod sitting with her. They weren’t surprised when Ievis came out first “Ievis!” The twin girls shouted happily and he ran toward them, almost knocking the girls over. He managed to steady them and Debbie took off his blindfold “You did it”He turned to see his father smiling proudly right behind him “I think the entire pack would agree you deserve to be the newest beta” The wolves around howled among many other excited noises and Ievis had to use all his willpower not to cry.

Alois allowed his son to clean off his nose then asked “does your heart still ache because you can’t shift?”

“Not like it was but…if you’d still be willing to call a wolf to me I really want that”

Alois rested his hands on his son’s shoulders. “I’m so glad you’ve finally come around and I have never been prouder.” He turned to the pack. “In two nights, under the full moon, we’re going to be calling my son’s wolf.” He announced. “I say we make it a big celebration.”

Ievis was happy that night as his family settled into bed and he laid there looking up at the ceiling, excited that he had actually been given the title of beta. He was still wrapping his head around it, that something so amazing had actually happened to him. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Alois went and talked to his father the next day, letting him know about Ievis’s accomplishment and asking him to be the one to draw the symbols on him. Fate was more than willing and when he arrived the day of the full moon, he and Ivah embraced their grandson and congratulated him on his new title. “I’ll make you all something to eat, if you want to get started on marking him.” Frona said once she had hugged her in laws.

“Thank you, Frona, I appreciate it.” Fate said warmly.

“We’ll help.” Debbie said.

“Yeah, it’ll go faster that way.” Lillian added.

“Thank you girls.”

“Let’s get started Ievis.” Fate said then kissed his wife. “And you go and relax, okay my love?”

“I’ll try.” Ivah said and Fate gave her a look, causing her to let out a little laugh . “Go, I’ll be good.”

Fate soon had all his focus on his grandson Ievis “You’re going to love being able to shift”

“I can’t wait” Ievis could see how proud his grandfather was of him and it felt amazing, the whole night did. He had such a supportive, fun pack. The wolf that came to him was a mixture of grey and white and honestly, Ievis was glad it looked so plain. He didn’t hate how beautiful his wings were any longer but it would be nice to have some part of himself that was more normal, that wouldn’t stand out quite so much. Even without his wings out his hair was such a vibrant purple and his eyes were such a light shade of purple it always caught peoples attention. He had a nice, normal wolf within him now and that, combined with the love he so obviously had from his pack and family made him feel like nothing could ever tear him down again.

~ The End

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