Alvah & Daray 2

Chapter One

Daray didn’t care how childish it was, he was gliding around the castle in his socks. As he always did he had gotten over his fight with Alvah quickly and easily. His vampire got better and better every year and all he wanted from him was the slow improvement he had been making. His temper was still quick and he could be selfish but any who knew him that year Alvah met Daray’s family would be wow’d at just how much the couple thousand year old vampire had tamed. It happened so fast Daray could barely register anything bad was happening. He saw someone appear in front of him who obviously wasn’t Gaspare or Alvah. He hadn’t seen clearly but he could feel the presence came with ill intention.

Alvah was resting or he would have stopped whomever this was before they entered their home. The man said something and Daray lost consciousness. The man who had entered their home to take Daray was Gresham, Alvahs last boyfriend. He was a vampire just short of his forty eighth birthday and able to be in the light without trouble as long as he was coated in sunblock. He had come during the day to mess with Alvah, punish him for replacing him with a human. Another creature like them he could take but not a human. It was an insult.

He had found out from his friends who had come to mock him. Traded for a human, Gresham scoffed in disgust. This man wasn’t even that handsome. Gresham stood in front of the door holding Daray and yelled without worry, the spell would keep him out. “Alvah!” Alvah jerked awake, knowing instantly his ex lover was in his castle. Alvah was quick but Gresham beat him outside. Alvah stood on the porch and Gresham smiled smugly as he stood in the sun with Daray in his arms “What shall I do with this sexy toy here?”

“He is not a toy, give him to me now you filthy piece of shit” He seethed with anger as he spoke. “or what? You can’t come out, we both know that” Gresham licked Daray’s neck and Alvah saw red. Gresham had closed his eyes to enjoy the taste of human skin as he licked and before he could open them he was being attacked by Alvah. Alvah screeched even as he pummeled Greshamm the sun making skin fall off his body. It took Gresham a few moments to fight back. Alvah had come into the sun for this man, this pathetic human man. Why? The Alvah he had known had been nothing but selfish. Wouldn’t so much as give the time of day to someone if he didn’t stand to gain but now, he was actually out here in the sun to get Daray from him. It was so shocking his body just wouldn’t react.

The shrieking woke Gaspare who came out, collected Daray and yelled at Alvah he had him. Alvah retreated inside, leaving a trail of blood, skin and flesh behind, all his own. Gresham retreated, even more insulted than before. Why the fuck did he care about this damned human so much. He was even willing to get torn apart by the sun to keep him from harm. Alvah had broken up with Gresham for merely inconveniencing him and he would burn for Daray?

“You get to your room, I’ll take care of Daray then come to you.” Gaspare said.

“He should stay with me.”

“Trust me, I will explain things to him once he is awake. Go wait for me and get those clothes off if you can manage.”

Alvah just nodded and made his way slowly to his room. He was so angry at himself for letting someone touch his Daray. Gaspare came in soon after with some burn cream he had made and rubbed it over his uncle’s burns. They would heal, but it would take more time than if they were simply cuts. “Is Daray okay?”

“He’s sleeping, I will check on him after this.”

Daray slowly woke, a groan slipping past his lips as he blinked his eyes. He knew right away he wasn’t in Alvah’s room and he slowly sat up, rubbing his neck. The last thing he remembered was passing out and that man. He started to get up when the door opened and Gaspare walked in. “What happend? Where’s Alvah?”

“He was burned trying to save you, he’s in his room.”

“I need to go to him.” He shot to his feet and Gaspare headed him off.

“It’s not pretty.”

“It’s fine, I helped my dad skin animals so please let me go to him.”

“I’m serious Daray, some of his flesh fell off in the sun”

“I’ll be fine, He’s my mate. It doesn’t matter what he looks like right now” Gaspare relented, moving out of Daray’s way. Daray rushed to Alvahs room and pushed open the door. Daray frowned, his heart trembling at the state of Alvah. If he hadn’t already been over their fight he would have definitely been now. “None of that Daray, I will heal” Even though Alvah was trying to talk as he normally did he couldn’t completely keep his pain out of his voice. Daray went over to him and Alvah said “I am hideous right now…you don’t have to be in here”

“Like I care about that. I can’t believe you did this to yourself for me…” Daray was looking right into his eyes, those beautiful brown eyes brought so much comfort to Alvah. “I know I can still be a major ass Daray but you are” he had to pause talking for a moment. He could handle most pain but muscles growing back was near unbearable. He had lost so much in the sun. “You are everything to me” Alvah finished. Daray wanted to hold him but knew it would probably just make Alvah hurt worse “can I do anything?”

“My nephew has already done what can be done. Just stay here if you can look at me…those eyes…your presense…it makes me feel better”

Daray sat down next to him, his eyes filled with tears, his hands setting in his lap. “Who was it?” He asked.

“An ex.”

“Oh.” He didn’t know what else to say. He knew how Alvah could be and he could see why one of them would be angry.

“Daray, I love you.”

“I know, I don’t doubt that, but you hurt him right?”

Alvah sighed, already hating this conversation. “He’s a vampire, he knows what we are like.” Daray glanced at him then away. “Daray, I would never leave you.”

“I know you can be harsh to others, I know how selfish you are and how easily you get jealous, even of Gaspare and Iom who would never take me from you. I can say if there was ever a day you tossed me out for doing something you hated, it would break my heart.”

Alvah couldn’t help but lean over and press a gentle kiss to Daray’s cheek. It hurt like hell, but he hated the look on his mate’s face. “You are more than just a lover or a mate Daray, you are my heart and soul, the very air I breathe, everything about you drives me absolutely insane with want. Before I did as I pleased with only thoughts of what I wanted, but what I want now is to make you happy. I need to apologize for our most recent argument.”

“It’s okay, just get better. Do you want some blood, would that help?”

“Greatly, Can I take more than normal? I stop before you really feel like you’ve lost a lot. Your blood would make my healing double in speed so I’d like to take all I can”

“I trust you Alvah, you know that, go ahead” He smiled through his pain “I’m working on the whole thoughtful thing. I should have asked before taking more blood than normal right?” Daray smiled and wiped his wet eyes “I love how hard you really are trying for me Alvah, yeah, that was nice of you to ask first. How are we going to do this though, it’s normally pretty intimate and I’m afraid to touch you.”

“Hold me, it will be welcome pain Daray”

Daray hesitated, but Alvah pulled him close, letting out a shudder of pain as he sank his fangs into Daray’s neck. The blood rushed through him, relieving some of the agonizing pain as it helped to mend muscle and skin. His body acted like it was starving and he clutched tightly to Daray. He felt him go limp and pulled away enough to heal the punctures. He could hear that his heart still beat strong and he laid him gently down. “I love you Daray, more than you will ever know.” He gave his lips a small kiss then slowly laid down, letting Daray’s blood do its work while he tried to rest. He thought of what he was going to do about Gresham. He wanted to kill him, but he knew if he did that Daray would be upset. There was a gentle tap on the door and Gaspare pushed it open, happy to see they were both okay.

“Feeling any better?”

“With Daray here, yes. His blood is strong.” He reached over and stroked Daray’s cheek. “I can’t believe I almost lost him today. It was far too close.”

“What do you want to do?”

He sighed. “I really don’t know, well that’s not true, but I don’t wish for Daray to be angry with me for lashing out. He already has to deal with my bad attitude and then this happens, I don’t want to disappoint him.”

“He may come back.”

“Just let me heal and then we will figure this out. Make sure all the doors and windows are secure and let only his family and Iom in.”

“I’m sure your window already is”

“Yeah so just go on through our home” Gaspare started to leave and paused, looking back at his Uncle “I live here and see how much you love him but I gotta tell ya. Even I’m surprised you went out into the sun for him. You knew what would happen to you, you knew you risked dieing being out there but you went to make sure Gresham didn’t hurt him.”

“I can’t take all the credit on selflessness. A lot of that fuel was my jealousy. I would have gone out anyway but…Gresham licked him and I saw red…I mean it though, I would lay out there to die if it meant protecting him. I love him so much, I’m still not used to needing someone like this. It’s scary and amazing.”

“That’s what love is, once you get full control of that temper of yours you wont feel so scared I’m sure. Regardless, Daray has been putting up with your crap a long time now. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. As long as you’re trying he’s in it until he dies”

“He wont die, I will protect this castle properly so that doesnt happen again and I already have plans to change him. I will give him eternal life”

“what are you going to do if he says no?”

He turned on his side, gritting his teeth against the pain. He reached out, brushing his fingers through Daray’s hair. “He can’t, he has to say yes. I need him forever, not just for one lifetime. You might not know this and neither may he and that is my fault for not expressing myself enough, but if he ever died, I would walk into the sun and let it turn me to ash.”

“Uncle, you truly mean it?”

“Yes, I would rather be dead than be without him, that is how important he is to me. His loss would be one I could not recover from.”

Gaspare huffed out a laugh. “He’s right you know, you are a good man. Rest okay, I’ll keep watch.” He left them alone again, amazed at his uncle’s confession. Daray had truly changed him for the better, more than he truly knew. Alvah’s life had always been his, but now it belonged to Daray.

Chapter Two

Gaspare cast spells to protect their home until his Uncle was ready to put up better defenses. With the help of Darays blood what he could do would be plenty until Alvah was ready. He then went and sat in the living room. Even if he hadn’t told his Uncle he would keep watch he would not be sleeping. Gresham was hurt and admittedly a very skilled and strong vampire. If he came back he didn’t want to be sleeping again. Gaspare got back up off the couch, realizing he should put sunblock on incase the need arose to go into the sun. If Gresham was going to take his emotional pain out on Daray it was in Darays best interest at least one of them could fight in the sun.

Gresham threw a vase in his rage, glass shattering against the wall. How could Alvah love the human so much? He paced, hands clenching and unclenching. It wasn’t fair. He needed to go back, but now that they knew his plan, they would be ready. He needed to know why this human man was so special.

Daray slowly woke, feeling lethargic. He knew it was normal after losing so much blood. Alvah was asleep facing him and Daray moved closer and kissed his forehead. He was glad he was resting, he needed it to heal. He got slowly up, relieved when he didn’t wake him and headed out of the room, dizzy and hungry. Gaspare heard him coming downstairs and met him. “How is he?”

“Sleeping, I need food and water, he might need more blood later.”

“You shouldn’t push yourself so hard, let me cook something for you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to, just go and relax in the living room.”

Gaspare walked beside Daray to make sure he didn’t stumble and hurt himself. Daray gave a soft chuckle when he sat “I’m okay Gaspare”

“You aren’t used to him taking so much blood, just being precautions. I’ll get you a drink and be back” Gaspare quickly returned with a drink then left once more to cook for Daray. Daray rested his head on their couch. It was so incredibly comfortable. It made him want to fall back asleep but he kept himself awake. When Gaspare returned Daray sat up straight, taking the plate and silverware. Gaspare had his own plate so he could eat too. “Alvah wants so badly to rip Greshams head off”

“I’m going to try and keep that from happening. Gresham didn’t hurt me and is in no doubt emotional pain. Alvah thought even less about other people than he does now before I got here” Gaspare chuckled “I’m about the only person he cared about. He cared how my mom felt too but even to us he was..well, not how you’ve slowly gotten him to be. Thank you, I’m not sure I’ve ever thanked you but you’re good for Alvah. You make him want to be more thoughtful and kinder. He’d do anything to make you happy and I really like who my Uncle is becoming with you” Gaspare paused a few moments and continued “Never forget what he is though, there will always be a monster under the surface. I only want to remind you of that because of Gresham. If Gresham hurts you I don’t think any amount of reason will keep Alvah from ripping him apart”

“I know and I’m ready for the inevitability that some day he might have to kill someone, but I don’t think Gresham deserves to die. If I could just talk to him then maybe…”

“You know Alvah would never allow that, he’s far too temperamental.”

“What if you were with me.”

Gaspare sighed. “You need to talk to Alvah first. He’s still in a lot of pain and nearly losing you pushed him over the edge. If the sun had not been out, Gresham wouldn’t even exist anymore.”

“I understand, I just don’t want him getting hurt again. I want to slap him for going out into the sun, he could have died. I wouldn’t forgive him if he died.”

Gaspare chuckled. “You and my uncle. Good thing I’m immortal because I’d have aged a hundred years by now thanks to you two.”


“You are both very important to me and I want your happiness. Finish eating then go and rest. I’m sure Alvah will need you once the sun goes down.”

Daray finished his food then asked “you sure I can’t atleast wash the dishes?”

“No, rest, I know you’re tired. You did enough giving my Uncle so much of your blood. Dish’s are nothing” Daray smiled “Hey it’s only blood. I make it every day”

“You’re such an idiot. Get out of here” Daray laughed as he walked back to Alvah. Daray carefully slid into bed, hoping Alvah would see reason and let him talk to Gresham. If Gresham really wanted to hurt him he could have easily. He could have ripped his throat out in a second, Alvah and Gaspare could and he was sure Gresham was no different. There was so much he could have done but in the end Daray couldn’t find a wound on his body.

Alvah jerked awake before the sun was fully down, his body still aching, but not as bad as it had been. He turned onto his back, groaning at the shock of pain. He woke Daray and cursed himself for not being able to keep quiet. He was sure he was exhausted. “Are you okay? Do you need anything?” Daray asked as he raised up.

“I’m fine, you should go back to sleep.” He laced his fingers through Daray’s, not caring if it hurt. He needed to touch him.

“Let me check your wounds and then you can eat something.”

“The only thing I want to eat is you.”

Daray smiled, but shook his head. “You have to behave until you’re completely healed. You can take all the blood you need, but no funny business.”

“Alright, for you I’ll try, just stay here with me. If I need food, I’ll call Gaspare.”

Daray helped him set up and examined his wounds. They looked so much better than they had and he was relieved vampires weren’t prone to infection. He used pillows to prop Alvah up and the vampire grabbed him and pulled him close. “You’ll hurt.”

“I don’t care, you make me feel better so let me.”

“You’re so stubborn, just make sure to tell me if you’re uncomfortable.” He played with the blanket, picking at a loose string. He was nervous about talking to Alvah about his ex, but they needed to do something. “Alvah, we need to talk about Gresham.”

“What about him? There was a bite to his voice that said he was still very angry.

“He’s hurting”

“You shouldn’t care” Alvah interrupted and Daray sighed “Please just let me talk” Alvah said nothing. He was in so much pain and filled with so much anger at Gresham right now he knew it was just best if he didn’t answer. Daray continued “I want to talk this out with him. You’ll be healing awhile I’m sure so i’ll have Gaspare take me. He may not be as strong as you but not much is. He’s pretty impressive aswell from what I’ve seen if anybody tries to hurt me. I don’t think Gresham wants to hurt me though Alvah. He could have, who knows how long I was alone with him. In an instant he could have done so much to me he didn’t do.” Alvah held him tighter “exactly, he could kill you’

“You don’t trust Gaspare?”

“I’d trust Gaspare with anything but you. You I need to protect myself. I can’t lose you, I wont”

“Alvah, Please, you hurt him. He deserves a conversation. He probably did what he did because I doubt an ex of yours would ever even consider the fact you’d talk to someone about somthing”

“Daray” He didn’t want Daray mad at him but he was so scared of him being around Gresham without being at his side.

“Can’t you trust me?”

“It’s not you, it’s him. Maybe he snaps and hurts you, you can’t heal like Gaspare and I, you might die. It would kill me if I lost you Daray, don’t you understand that?” He sighed, hearing his raised voice. “I need you with me always.”

Daray raised his head and Alvah met their lips. He wished he could express how much he needed Daray. He still wasn’t doing a good job conveying his feelings. Just when he thought he had made them clear, he felt like his words were still lacking in some way. “You can’t just kiss your way out of everything you know.” Daray said when Alvah pulled back.

“Oh? I wasn’t aware.”

“Please let me do this Alvah, I might be weak in all other aspects, but I’m good with people. I know you’re scared for me, even though you’d never admit it out loud, I mean you came out into the sun for me, but I can do this.”

“You aren’t going to give up are you?”


He sighed. “Then I will go too.”

“No way, you’re too injured, you need sleep and blood, not to be walking around.”

“My body may be injured, but my mind is not, I can still use most of my powers.”

“No and you don’t get to argue. I let you get away with a lot, but you’re not putting your health at risk again.”

Alvah crossed his arms, looking like an angry child and Daray had to stop himself from laughing. He was sure he was going to get payback, but he was really worried about him. “Damn it. Gaspare!” He yelled, relenting.

Gaspare hurried in “yeah?” He looked around to make sure they were alone. “Take Daray to see Gresham. He better not come back hurt”

“don’t threaten your nephew Alvah” Daray reprimanded and Alvah sighed “I really hurt right now Daray”

“Still no reason to threaten your nephew. He cares about me too and will keep me safe if anything happens. Rest, please. I promise I’ll be back”

“Just kiss me one more time” Daray kissed him, lingering. Just going off how Alvah looked he could imagine the awful pain he felt. “Just never do this to yourself again Alvah…if you would have died it would have broken my heart” They looked into eachothers eyes until Gaspare said “should I come back later?” Alvah sighed “way to ruin a moment, no, take him and keep him safe. You know how much he means to me” Daray got fully dressed and tugged on his boots before leaving with Gaspare.

Alvah laid down. He had to use all his self control not to follow and protect his mate. He groaned through his pain and decided to take something for it. For cases just such as this he had pre made pain remedies to aide him until he healed. “If you’ll let me carry you Daray we can get there faster” Gaspare said once they were outside “Okay” Gaspare lifted Daray and took off, knowing Daray could handle the speed. Now that Alvah would go out of the castle with Daray they did this a lot.

When they made it to Gresham’s house, Gaspare put Daray down, not wanting to be holding him should something happen. He banged on Gresham’s door and he could hear footsteps. The moment the door opened, Gresham’s eyes fell on Daray and he took a threatening step forward. Gaspare was between them, his hand going around the other vampire’s neck and shoving him back and against the entrance wall. “You will not be touching him again. We came to talk.”

“I don’t want to talk to that…that human. I would take Alvah’s pet and go.”

“Gresham please listen.” Daray said as he placed his hand on Gaspare’s arm. “It’s okay.”

“You are lucky Gresham.”

He let him go and Gresham rubbed his throat. “What do you want human? Come to taunt me?”

“No, I really do want to talk. May we please sit?”

Chapter Three

“fine, come in” Gaspare stayed close to Daray as they walked in. He would not give Gresham an ounce of trust. If he did and it proved to be a mistake it would weigh on him the rest of his life even if Alvah forgave him. They sat down and Daray spoke “I’m sorry Alvah hurt you”

“what have you done to him human? He went out in the sun for you. Alvah does nothing for anyone unless he stands to gain. He doesn’t care about lovers much. They are for his enjoyment and easily replaceable but he risked his life today for you”

“I really don’t know why he did it. I don’t even know if we’re going to be together forever, he’s still Alvah but he’s a much better person than he used to be. He seems to actually care about me and I haven’t enchanted him or anything like that. I swear sometimes I piss him off and he goes off on me I expect the next sentence to be get out and never come back but he never sends me away. Hell you can even ask Gaspare, sometimes he even apologizes about yelling at me.”

“He has to be enchanted. You’re just a human. He could have a vampire, he could have most anybody”

“He isn’t, why did he leave you Gresham? It might help to talk about it” Gresham was shocked at how nice Daray was being even though he was talking down to him for being a human Daray was patient and unangered. It made Gresham feel like a dick.

“I knew what I was getting into you know, it’s not like he made any promises or anything and I knew he was selfish and had an ego the size of his castle. I started nagging him about us maybe moving in together and he told me no. I got mad, we argued and I told him he was an egotistical ass and that I hated how he only thought about himself. It turned into an all out yelling match that ended with him kicking me out. I was so pissed and hurt, I really did love him, but he just tossed me aside. Now you have him and you’re living there and it’s not fair. I don’t understand.”

Daray got up and moved to sit by Gresham. He could see Gaspare’s body tense. He was ready to intervene. “I am sorry Gresham, I really am. Alvah is a selfish jerk sometimes, that’s just the way he is. I almost broke up with him because of it. He doesn’t understand sometimes how he hurts people, he doesn’t see his actions as abnormal and it’s hurtful.” He reached out and placed a hand on Gresham’s shoulder. “I wish I could fix what he’s done to you, but I can’t, I wish I could get him to apologize, but I don’t know if he would or if he would even mean it.”

“I know, I just…he really loves you. The look on his face at me touching you was murderous. He would have killed me. Seeing that was such a shock.”

“Licking him wasn’t exactly a good idea.” Gaspare said. “You are lucky you still have your tongue.”

“Gaspare.” Daray reprimanded.


“I’m sorry too Daray”

“I understand, if Alvah ever tosses me aside I know I’ll be in a lot of pain too. People somtimes do stuff they normally wouldn’t when they are hurting”

“He wont, you’re different. I don’t even live in that castle and I can see that” he looked at Gaspare who agreed “You are his first and only love Daray. I’m sorry if that hurts you to hear Gresham but it’s true. Even if Daray was to leave my Uncle still wouldn’t love you. It hurts but its what you need to hear. It’s not you, Darays just the only person thats been able to find the heart in that beast” Gresham laughed in a sullen way “I still really like that about you Gaspare. You don’t tip toe around feelings. You just say what needs to be said to who needs to hear it…I wont bother Daray again. I swear by it”

“if you ever want to be friends Gresham I’d like that”

“Maybe in time”

“want me to make Alvah say sorry?”

“He can really make him do that” Gaspare said and Gresham shook his head “I’m not one for forced apologies. I think we can be friends one day Daray but for now I wish to be left alone”

“I understand, but if you ever need to talk, you can come see me, I promise I won’t let Alvah hurt you.”

“Alright, thank you.”

Daray stood and Gaspare with him. He still felt really bad for Gresham and he hoped they could become friends. “You alright?” Gaspare asked when the door was closed.

“Yeah, it’s just sad you know. I wish Gresham had been able to see how kind Alvah can really be, but at the same time I’m happy to be with him. I’m not happy he hurt Gresham by any means, but I think if they had not broken up…” he sighed, “I feel like a bad person.”

“You’re not a bad person, everything happens for a reason and I’m sure, with time, Gresham will see that and one day maybe Alvah will apologize.”

“I hope I’m around to see it, that would be quite the sight.”

Gaspare stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. “Listen Daray, I need to ask something of you and it’s important.”


“Consider immortality, really think about it.”

Daray looked utterly confused and as much as Gaspare wanted to clear things up he wouldn’t spoil Alvah’s question. Some things Alvah needed to ask and say, Gaspare couldn’t spend their relationship doing all of it for his Uncle.”Um, okay, I will” Gaspare was glad when Daray didn’t push for why he should be considering such a thing. They just walked home. When they got there Daray hugged Gaspare “thanks for coming”

“I’m just relieved we don’t have to worry about Gresham anylonger. He was never a bad guy so if he says you guys are cool he means it”

“I can tell, I hope he can heal soon and as much of a pain as your Uncle can be I’m happy I got the opportunity to meet you two”

“Me too Daray, I don’t want to see a day you’re not in this castle” Daray chuckled “I’m only twenty two, even only being a mortal you’l still see me around a long time though I will consider what you told me to. Can I know why?”

“No” Daray nodded “fair enough” Daray hurried up to Alvah and Gaspare went for a much needed nap. Alvah had been sleeping but upon his mate reentering the room he woke.

“I’m sorry I woke you.”

“I’m glad you did, come here.”

Daray went to him and Alvah pulled him close, his hands pulling at Daray’s clothes. “Hey, you’re still injured.”

“I’m checking for wounds.”

“Alvah, I’m fine baby.”

Alvah ignored him and continued to undress him, tossing his clothes aside as he looked him over. He even checked his neck and wrists, looking for any bite marks. When he was satisfied he pulled Daray into his arms and gave him a gentle kiss. “Good, I won’t have to kill anyone.”

“Gresham was actually very nice, he was just in pain. He really love you.” He brushed his fingers through Alvah’s hair. “You hurt him when you tossed him out.”

“I…” Daray pressed a finger against his lips, silencing him.

“I know and I think he understands now, but you need to be more gentle and understanding of others. He didn’t hurt me even though he was upset and he explained what happened between you two Please try to be nice to for me, please?”

Alvah sighed. “For you then.”

“Gaspare said something weird to me on the way back”

“what was that?”

“To consider immortality. What’s that about?” He could punch Gaspare, Alvah didn’t feel ready to ask but now he had to. “I informed him I wanted to make you into a vampire so I’d never lose you. I need you to live forever by my side in this castle” Daray blushed, feeling hoenstly touched and surprised. “say somthing please” Alvah prompted and Daray said “To think I somtimes worry you’re going to break up with me” Alvah kissed him “I need you, like really need you.. I know I don’t express what you mean to me very much but you are the world to me Daray. If I ever drove you away I’d give myself over to the sunlight.” Daray felt close to tears, both touched and wanting to hit him for even considering letting the sun kill him “I’d really like forever with you Alvah. I’ll do whatever I need to do”

“Then as soon as I’m better you’re becoming a vampire. I wont lie, this is going to hurt and once it’s over it’s going to take awhile for you to do simple things because you’ll have to get used to your increased strength.” Daray nodded his understanding. Alvah held his mate a little tighter “Thank you for putting up with me Daray”

“Thank you for trying so hard to be a better man for me” Daray stayed in bed with Alvah for most of the time he was healing and as soon as Alvah was better he had Gaspare help him cast protection spells on their home to get dangerous ex’s out. Just because Gresham came in peace didn’t mean another would never come with worse intent. When Alvah was sure his home was safe for Daray they finally got around to changing him. Both Gaspare and Alvah were impressed just how well he handled the pain of the shift. The first month and a half were a disaster with his strength but soon with them both taking turns with Daray he could control himself and was actually a pretty impressive vampire for one that had once been a human.

Daray couldn’t wait for Iom to swing back to town again, he would have so much to tell him.

~ The End

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