Alvah & Daray 3

Chapter One

Alvah sat in his living room feeling sorry for himself as he listened to Daray, Gaspare and Darays childhood friend Iom messing around outside. He hated he couldn’t go out to be with him. It was frustrating to the point of tears. He was glad his mate didn’t know he was awake because he didn’t want Daray to know he was crying. He had been sleeping whenever it had been that Iom made his appearance but the mens laughter had woke him so now here he sat, having to listen to them from the living room because nothing he could do could protect him from the sun. Alvah eventually got up with a groan and rushed to his library. He was going to find a way to go out into the sun. He didn’t care how long it took or how much of his funds he had to use he was going to find a way to be in the sun with his mate “there just has to be a way” he said to himself sadly as he began looking through books.

“It’s still insane how fast you can climb now.” Iom said as he followed Daray up the large tree. “I mean, I used to be able to out climb you. This whole vampire thing is entirely unfair.”

Daray chuckled. “Come on, Iom, I might be fast, but you always pick the best holds. Are you sure you’re not part leopard?”

“Pretty sure.”

“Be careful, Daray, I know you’re confident in your abilities, but you know what my uncle would do to me if you were injured.” Gaspare said as he walked out onto one of the long branches. It hung close to a balcony so they could easily jump back and forth if they wished.

“Iom and I used to do this kind of thing all the time.”

“We’re like the kings of balance.”

“Except for that one time.”

“Yeah, but I caught you.”

Gaspare spoke again only half seriously, he knew Daray would be fine “maybe we should get down” They laughed, continuing to enjoy themselves and talk until Daray said “lets go in, I need to catch a nap so I’m not exhausted when Alvahs ready to get up”

“alright man, is my normal room ready for me?” Iom asked and Gaspare answered “Yeah but I don’t need to nap so we could still hangout”

“Okay, well go nap Daray, I’ll still be here messing around with Gaspare when you’re up again”

“Have fun you two!” Daray called after he jumped down out of the tree and began walking inside the castle. Daray was glad Gaspare and Iom were so close, it made him feel better about being on a weird schedule when Iom would visit. Daray still liked the day time but he also wanted to be up with Alvah at night.

Daray could sense something in the air as he went up to the room he shared with Alvah, it was an almost brooding feeling. It wasn’t uncommon, not with Alvah at least. Daray found that sometimes he tended to slip into a melancholic state, especially when he would go out during the day. He was surprised when he didn’t find Alvah sleeping. He headed back downstairs, heading for the library, thinking maybe Alvah had woke and had become bored or impatient waiting for him. The library was dimly lit, the curtains pulled closed so no sunlight could get in and Alvah was sitting at one of the tables, a pile of books next to him. He raised his head and turned, his eyes settling on Daray. There was something off about him, something sad. He smiled, warmth seeping into his eyes as he stood and made his way across the room.

“Finished playing already my love?” He asked as he pulled Daray into his arms.

“I wanted to come nap with you so we could be up together.” He looked around Alvah at the books. “What are you doing?”

“Just some research.”

“On what?”

“I want to be able to go outside with you, during the day.” Darays eyes widened and he spoke in a much more reprimanding tone than he intended “Alvah, thats such a huge risk. If you try anything you find and you mess up..I” his tone calmed, filling with sadness “what happened to you when you had to protect me from Gresham….I don’t want to see you hurt like that again”

“But I can’t stand this. I want to be able to go out with you during the day. If I get hurt I’ll heal and I’ll stay close to the castle when I’m trying something so I can rush back into it’s shade if what I try fails. I have to at least try Daray.”

“If this were the other way around you’d refuse to let me risk my health like this. Your flesh falls off Alvah, you were in so much pain for so long” Daray sighed deeply “I stay up with you at night, why do you need this?”

“Because I love you…because you’d be happier if you could have a more normal schedule…because I would be happier being able to share the daylight with you since you enjoy it so much. You weren’t made to be a night creature or to be with a night creature”


He pressed their foreheads together, letting out a sigh. “I need to do this, I want to give you everything. I want to stand in the warmth of the sun with you, to feel the same joy you feel.” His hands came up, framing Daray’s face and he gave him a gentle kiss. “I get so envious when I hear you out there laughing and I can’t enjoy it. Please trust me.”

Daray swallowed down the lump that had formed in his throat. He was really and truly scared for Alvah, but he knew he wouldn’t back down, he was too stubborn. “You have to be careful.”

“I will, I swear.”

“And you are not allowed to go completely into the sun until you know that you’ve one hundred percent worked it out. I hate when you’re in pain. Promise?”

“I promise, only small parts of me.” He hated that he was causing Daray distress, but he really couldn’t take another moment of being trapped.

“Th…then I guess you can.”

“trust in me, okay” Daray decided to sit with Alvah as he read, wanting to be there to talk about anything he found they could do. As the hours passed Daray saw how much this really meant to Alvah. He just kept reading with determination burning in his eyes. Daray knew Alvah wanted to be outside with him whenever he went but he hadn’t realized it meant this much to him. He wondered how Alvah would react if there really wasn’t some way, if there wasn’t some magic potion he could make or some deity he could beg. Daray had been rubbing Alvah and when he stopped to get up it immideitly pulled Alvahs attention from the book “why did you stop?”

“It occured to me we should talk to Gaspare and Iom about this too. With all of Ioms travels and Gaspare being old too they might know something or could help in some way”

“Of course, I didn’t even bother to think of that.”

“Keep reading, I’ll only be a moment.”

Alvah nodded, watching him until he left then turning back to his research. Daray found Gaspare and Iom in the living room playing chess. Iom wasn’t particularly good at it, but he looked so focused on the board, each move slow and deliberate while Gaspare simply looked amused. They both looked up at him, smiling. “What’s going on?” Iom asked.

“I need to talk to you two about something. Alvah decided he wants to find a way to be in the sun.”

“That sounds dangerous.” Gaspare replied.

“I know, but he refuses to give up so I wanted to know if maybe you two knew anyone or of some sort of artifact or spell or anything? I don’t want him in any sort of pain, so if you could come and help us, I would appreciate it.”

Iom spoke “I met this really intelligent chick just recently actually. She’s about two days from here if you travel by horse”

“Horse? I could get you to her much quicker than that” Gaspare said. Iom smiled “so you offering to take me?”

“Of course, lets go talk to her and bring her here if she can truly be of help”

“Now or?”

“Now, I’m sure Alvah is serious about this. I wouldn’t put it past him to try something stupid rushing things so I want to talk to this woman as soon as I can”

“I guess we’ll see you later Daray”

“Thank you guys”

“what are friends for?” Iom said, hugging Daray before leaving with Gaspare. Daray made himself a much needed glass of water before returning to Alvah “Iom thinks he knows someone, I’m not sure how long it’s going to take them but they are doing something to help. What do you want me to do in the meantime?”

“rub me again like you were, please” Daray sat down again, happy to do something even though he didn’t feel he was being incredibly useful. He supposed there really was no rush until Gaspare and Iom returned with news. He really hoped this mystery woman could help.

Alvah let out a sigh as yet another book yielded nothing promising. It frustrated him beyond words that he couldn’t find something permanent. There were guards against the sun that wore off, potions that were for emergencies, but had you rushing to get to your next safe haven. Temporary wouldn’t work, he needed something that would last him an eternity. “Alvah, why don’t we go take a nap or walk around inside, you’re tense.” Daray said, his tone gentle, loving.

“Not yet.”


He turned his eyes on Daray, that smile melting him on the spot. How did he do that? He remembered a time when he might have become prickly at being told what to do, but Daray had changed all that, had turned him into a big softy. He let out a little sigh, knowing he couldn’t say no. “Alright, a short nap then.”

“We’re going to fix this, I promise. Not that it needs fixing.”

“Daray, I…”

“I know and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

Alvah and Daray stood, Alvah having Daray in his arms the very next instant so he could carry him to their room. When they were comfortable under the covers Daray kissed Alvahs chest “I really hope this is only about your desire to be outside. I don’t love you any less for not being able to come out during the day and I really don’t mind my weird schedule. I mean, even when I have Iom over I don’t have to feel bad about having to take a long nap because he’s become such good friends with Gaspare.”

“I just want to be able to enjoy everything with you…it’s frustrating to be limited”

“well in any case I’m sorry we woke you”

“don’t be, it finally got me fixing the problem instead of brooding over it.”

“You’re sexy when you brood” Alvah chuckled “be careful or we wont be napping”

Chapter Two

Daray laughed as he snuggled closer. “My big sweet vampire is so terrifying.”

“Easy or I’ll show you sweet.”

“I know, I love you.”

Alvah smiled as he pressed a kiss to the top of Daray’s head. “You know, you’re the safest person in the world.”

Daray nodded. “Rest okay? I don’t know what might be done to you, so get as much sleep as you can.”

Alvah tightened his hold on Daray and allowed himself to relax fully. Daray fell asleep first, his breathing slowing, his muscles loosening. Alvah lay there listening to the sound of his heartbeat, letting it slowly lull him to sleep. He dreamed of sunlight, the thought consuming his mind. He would give anything to not have to miss those precious moments with Daray.

Jesus” Iom groaned when they arrived at Mabels home. Gaspare chuckled “baby, your stomach is fine”

“I’m just a human you know” Gaspare waited for him to get his baring before knocking on the door. This place smelled incredibly sweet, making Gaspare even more curious about the occupant. When Mabel opened the door he actually choked on the air, thoroughly embarrassing himself. He had never done anything so stupid in his life but to him, she was almost too beautiful. She was tall, the way he had always preferred women. He was guessing from where she stood to him at 6’2 that she must be around 5’8 or 5’9. Her long, gorgeous red hair fell past her hips and those golden eyes were more beautiful than any star he had ever seen in the sky or land he had ever seen.

He hated himself in this moment but he just cleared his throat “Um sorry”

“are you sick?” she asked, embarrassing him even further. “Nah he’s just an idiot” Iom interjected “says the man who couldn’t handle how fast I brought him here”

“whatever, at least I’m not hacking a lung out all over Mabel”

Gaspare shot him a glare and Iom just grinned. He cleared his throat as he turned his attention back to Mabel. “We’ve come to ask for your help with my uncle. He’s a vampire like me, but he can’t go out into the sun. He’s made the decision to find a way to do so, so he can join his mate.”

“So he’s old and stubborn.”

Iom started laughing. “Try super old and stubborn.”

“Don’t let him hear you say that.” Gaspare warned.

“Oh yes because he’s actually going to hurt me. Daray would lay into him if he did and Daray’s the sweetest guy I know.”


“Has he tried anything yet?” Mabel asked.

“No, well not that we know of. I don’t think Daray would let him.”

“Good, it’s better to start with a clean, healthy slate.”

“so you can help?”

“yes, just give me a few moments to gather things. Come inside, I’ll teleport us from my living room” They walked in and Gaspare found his attention being pulled everywhere. You could barely see her walls. It was all shelves with potions and books or odd looking objects. Iom talking startled Gaspare a bit “don’t touch without her permission or she’ll hit you. She’s a lady but it hurts like hell.”

“You really touched this stuff without asking her? No wonder she hit you”

“You have a crush don’t you” Iom whispered “shut up” Mabel came back saying “he never shuts up, do you know him well?” she set some things down “yeah, he’s around a lot since he’s such good friends with my Uncles mate” she walked away again and came back with a bag “this should be all I need but it’s easy for me to come back if I have to get anything else. Where precisely are we going?”

“You know that ridiculously big, seemingly misplaced castle?”

“Oh, Alvah”

“You know him?” she giggled “oh yes, him and I got into a few spats many many many centuries ago. She laughed a little harder “I’m looking forward to this.”

“why is it funny? Most people don’t laugh after fighitng with him”

“Never physical, the fights were more amusing on my end than anything else. I don’t think he thought much of them either. It’s just neither of us are the backing down type so we clash a little. Lively arguing has never bothered me any though and before we’re in earshot of him he is just the most hilarious thing once he’s flustered. I’ve never seen a grown man throw such tantrums”

“Now I’m intrigued.” Iom said.

“You would be, you’re a freak.”

“A freak who can talk to beautiful women.”

Mabel laughed. “You two ready or should I let you settle this little lover’s spat?”

Gaspare blushed, shocked and couldn’t find the words to tell her she was wrong. Iom just started laughing, his eyes filling with tears. “We’re ready, right honey?” He asked Gaspare.

“I will kill you.”

“Be nice or I’ll tell Daray.” Mabel lifted her things then grabbed both of their arms. Both of them felt and tugging feeling in their stomachs and chests and then they were standing in the living room of the castle.

Alvah’s eyes snapped open, the sudden shift in the air waking him. He heard a voice, female and he recognized it, instantly bristling. “Alvah?” Daray said sleepily. “What’s wrong?”

“Gaspare and Iom are back.” He said as they both sat up.

“Really? That was fast. Why are you making that face?”

“Which one?”

“The one that looks like you just smelled something terrible.”

“The woman Iom was speaking of, I’ve met her before”

“Is she not nice?”

“she’s a pain in the ass but if she can help me, so be it” They got up, tugging at their clothes until they looked semi presentable then went down to them. As Alvah walked in Mabel looked him dead in the eye “would you have ever believed you would need my help one day?”


“well I can, I’ve helped with a problem like this a few times before. What works isn’t the same for everyone sadly so it will take some time but before I leave I can promise you’ll be able to go outside”

“You’re really willing to help me? How can I be sure?”

“You know me Alvah, it’s been awhile but you know I’m a trustworthy person. Iom is my friend and he’s asked me to help you so I will, besides, I enjoy a good debate, I don’t hold a grudge over our past spats” He sighed “alright then, how do we start this?”

“I need to examine you. Aren’t shy are we?”

“No I’m not, examine me all you wish.”

“Here or somewhere else? I need to examine your skin just to make sure that’s clear”

“Iom and Gaspare can leave my living room if they aren’t comfortable” Alvah started to tug off his shirt but Daray stopped him “Alvah, just go to our room. They just went on a long trip for you” he sighed “fine, our room” Mabel looked confused and Gaspare said “yep, someone can actually tell my uncle what to do”


Alvah gritted his teeth and glared at her, but turned away before he lost his temper, taking Daray’s hand and pulling him along. “Alvah, please calm down.” Daray said in a gentle tone.

“I’m trying.”

Daray rubbed his arm, trying his best to soothe him. His vampire was so easily riled up. When they were in their room, Alvah let him go and pulled his shirt of. “Don’t look so angry, you’re bound to combust.” Mabel said as she moved closer. Her fingers touched him, her eyes inspecting as she moved around to his back. “You’re skin is incredibly sensitive, dangerously so.”

“He went out in the sun once before, it was terrible.” Daray said.

“Now what would possess you to do something like that?”

“Rage.” Alvah answered. “No one touches what is mine without permission.”

She chuckled. “I see, how cute.”

Alvah looked like he was about to snap at her again so he squeezed his shoulder, hoping he wouldn’t. She had come to help and more importantly she had done something like this before, Daray felt much more comfortable about allowing Alvah to try to go out in the sun now that they had someone educated on doing this here with them. He was far less worried about Alvah ending up bed ridden again. She obviously wasn’t intimidated or put off in the slightest by his attitude but Daray still wanted him to be nice. “okay, now that I’ve gotten more acquainted with your skin I need somewhere to work” Alvah grabbed his shirt, tugging it on as she snapped her fingers, instantly holding all her things “wow” Daray said and Mabel smiled “I put a spell on everything that’s mine. If it’s close enough I can summon it like that”

“You’re incredible..” Alvah felt a pang of jealousy but guided her out of their room and to a room she could use to work without saying anything about it. When they had left her alone in the room Daray asked “what is she?”

“she’s never told me and I can’t tell”

“You can’t tell?”

“she must be something uncommon. I’ve even tried figuring out what she is and I wasn’t able to”

“we can just ask her”

“I don’t know if it has something to do with what she is but she guards that secret vehemently.”

“you think she’s embarrassed?” Alvah shrugged “I’ve never cared enough. When I couldn’t figure it out I just quit thinking about it”

“I guess it really doesn’t matter, she’s still an amazing woman.”

Alvah crossed him arms, huffing. “You shouldn’t get so close to her.”

“Are you jealous of a woman?” Daray was smiling, amusement filling his eyes and voice. “She’s right, you’re so cute sometimes.”

Alvah let out a growl as he scooped Daray up, tossing him over his shoulder and carrying him back to their room. He dropped him on the bed, crawling over him and pressing their lips together. Daray’s arms wrapped around his neck, a smile pulling at his lips. Even when he was irritated, he was still so gentle. “I’m not cute.” Alvah said when he finally parted their lips.

“But you can be, especially when you’re trying to hide your jealousy.”

“I will punish you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Alvah began kissing Daray again and soon their tongues were mingling while their clothes were being tossed to the floor by one another. They might have three other people in the castle but Mabel was busy and the other two knew better than to just come in without knocking. Gaspare had known that long before Daray knew them but Iom had learned the hard way, opening the door to a scene he hadn’t wished to see a few visits back. Granted he had thought Alvah was still resting but he never so much as knocked after that. He’d just wait for Daray to come out.

Alvah nibbled Darays ear, licking and sucking at his ear lobe. Daray moaned, running his hands slowly up Alvahs back then let his nails travel down to his hips. Alvahs breathing deepend just a little as he playfully nibbled his jaw line then began running his teeth down Darays neck, enjoying the goosebumps that formed. Daray enjoyed the rake of his sharp fangs so he almost always did it during sex or just to mess with him.

Chapter Three

Alvah slid lower, his teeth nipping and lips sucking to leave little hickeys on him. Daray moaned as Alvah’s tongue slid over his length, his fingers bunching in Alvah’s hair and hips jerking forward when took him in his mouth. Daray’s back lifted off the bed and he covered his mouth to muffle his loud cry as he flowed down Alvah’s throat. Alvah kissed his way back up Daray, smiling as he pushed his hands away to kiss him. “I want to hear you my love.” He said as he lifted Daray’s hips and pushed slowly into him.

Daray clung tightly to him, his hips rocking to meet each thrust. Alvah’s lips played over his chin and back down to his neck where his teeth sank into the soft flesh. He sat back, taking Daray with him, pushing harder into him as he fed. They came together, Daray’s entire body quivering as Alvah lay him down a healed the pinprick sized wounds. “You’re going to kill me.” He said softly as Alvah pressed kisses to his face, ending with his lips.

“Perhaps I’ll keep you right on the brink of death.” Alvah had a satisfied smile on his face and Daray once again couldn’t help but find him beautiful.

“I really love you, Alvah, and no matter what happens, whether you get to go in the sun or not, I’ll still love you.”

“I love you too my sweet, Daray.”

Alvah propped himself up as he laid down to admire Daray, gently caressing his body to get him to rest again. They may aswell just be lazy in this room until Mabel came for them. As Daray said, his friend had Gaspare so Alvah was going to be shamelessly possessive of Daray to keep himself from stressing over if he could ever go into the sun or not. “You’re trying to put me to sleep” Daray said softly, a smile playing across his face. Alvah kissed him “let me be selfish baby” Daray made an adorable sound and Alvah had to lay fully down to hold him close.

Gaspare walked down the hall, holding a tray with water and a couple small snacks for Mabel. Iom had been following and teasing Gaspare until he finally shoved him down a few doors before Mabels. Iom laid there laughing, now teasing that Alvah was rubbing off on him. Gaspare knew he hadn’t hurt him so just walked on, glad he had quit following. Gaspare knocked lightly, surprised at how fast she answered “yes?”

“I thought it might be nice to have something to drink or eat while you work”

“well aren’t you sweet, thank you. I should wash my hands before even touching the tray, would you mind bringing it in?’

“Not at all”

“You know, it’s still hard to believe Alvah has his nephew living with him.” she said as she walked into the bathroom and he set the tray down. “You would think he would hate it.”

“We actually get along really well.” He looked at all the things she had sitting out. He didn’t recognize any of the smells and thought it better not to touch.

“You have to be careful around some of that stuff, it can be dangerous if mishandled.” She came out, her smile making his heart skip a beat.

“It won’t hurt Alvah will it?”

“No, I promise. So, let’s see what you brought me.” She walked over to the tray. “Did you make these?”

“Daray did, it’s not that I can’t, it’s just that he’s really good at baking. His mother taught him.”

She lifted one of the bars and took a bite. “It’s delicious, I’m going to have to steal his recipe.” She gave him another smile as she reached out and patted his cheek. “Thank you very much.”

He had to ask, it was killing him “so, do you really think Iom is my boyfriend?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you two just have such chemistry and you’re the only person aside from Daray I heard him talk about. I guess it’s just one of those soulmate friendships. We all actually have friend soulmates, certain people we were meant to meet and stay close with”

“How can you tell we have such good chemistry…I mean…I’m not trying to be rude…it’s just curious to me since you only just met us”

“I don’t know, it’s just one of my gifts I guess. Maybe I’m just old and see things that younger beings don’t always see” He nervously shifted “well, we’re just really close friends. I’m not into men” She took another bite and nodded before asking “I have to know, how did Daray and Alvah come to be?”

“Daray used to take walks at night by himself and one such night my Uncle saw him, Daray has had Alvah wrapped around his finger since the moment my Uncle laid eyes on him which was crazy to first experience because, well, you used to know him. I don’t know if you saw him in his relationships but everything was ALWAYS about him. If a lover did a single thing that so much as slightly bothered him they’d be cast out and he’d move on. He was always demanding in relationships and just, well, an ass but with Daray he’s slowly changed. I mean even at the start he wasn’t like his normal self, he actually cared about Daray and now, Daray is his life. I truly believe that he’d just kill himself if Daray ever left. Even if he chose to keep living he’d probably be forever broken”

“I never thought I’d see the day myself. He seems so gentle with him.”

“They’ve only had one really bad fight and it was shocking seeing how in love he really is. Daray is the safest person in this place, in the world.”

She smiled. “That’s good. I have to ask, you didn’t hurt your friend did you?”

“Iom? Why would I do that?”

“It sounded like you knocked him over.”

Gaspare blushed. “Just a little rough housing, he’s fine.”

“Boys will be boys.” She finished her snacks then took a drink of water. “I should get back to work. You should probably go back to Iom, it’s rude to leave him alone.”

“alright, good luck” she smiled again and he left the room. Gaspare really didn’t feel like he was leaving a good impression on her. She opened the door and he hacked up a lung like an idiot, she briefly thought he was gay and she heard him shove Iom and he wasn’t sure if she thought less of him for it even though he had been careful not to hurt him. He sighed, deciding not to dwell on it before the stress made him behave in an even more embarrassing manner. Alvah woke before Daray but that wasn’t uncommon when Iom was there. No doubt his lover had been up most the day. He kissed him, deciding to get dressed and check on Mabels progress.

When he made it to the room he had given her to work Alvah walked right in “hello Alvah” she said, not looking away from what she was doing. “are you close?”

“Yes, in about one more hour. Sadly we wont be able to test this until morning comes but I’m guessing Daray is sleeping and I know he’d be upset anyway if I let you try this without him”

“Let?” she smiled at the irritation “come now, you know you want to wait on him”

“am I going to owe you anything for this?”

“No, it gave me something to do. It was Iom who asked the favor anyway” Alvah stood “well rest when you’re finished”

‘hm, you really are different. However I don’t need much sleep.”

“How often do you sleep?”

“Now I can’t imagine you really care about how often I sleep”

“Daray is curious about what you are. I was hint fishing”

“Even for a sweetheart like him I don’t share what I am. I’m not sure why it should matter”

“exactly, if it shouldn’t matter what are you?” she quit responding and looked a little sad. Alvah wondered if in his selfishness the past times he met her that he just didn’t notice the question actually bothered her. “very well, I’ll leave”

“I’ll see you at sunrise in the living room”

“see you then”

Alvah could hear Iom teasing Gaspare about Mabel as he made his way to the living room. Alvah actually cracked a smile at how embarrassed he was. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you make such a face.” He said, startling Iom and making Gaspare glare at him.

“Don’t start.”

“Why not? I seem to remember you giving me a hard time over Daray frequently. It’s only fair I repay you in kind.”

“Uncle, please. I’ve already made such a fool of myself. She thought Iom and I were together.”

Iom laughed a little harder as he wrapped his arms around Gaspare’s neck and pulled him close. “Oh come on sweetie, there’s no reason to be embarrassed.”

“I really hate you.” He shoved Iom off. “You better tell her you were joking.”

“Alright, alright I will.” He tussled Gaspare’s hair. “It’s wonder you can talk to her at all with how flustered you are.”

Gaspare pushed his hand away. “I am older than you you know.”

“I know, sorry. I guess I’m just used to Daray, even though we’re the same age.” Iom turned his attention to Alvah. “So, how are things going?”

“Mabel said she’ll be done by tomorrow.”

“How’s Daray?”


“Oh…I see.” Iom’s cheeks turned red.

Alvah let his eyes slide back to Gaspare. “If you like her you should just say so, there’s no point in hiding it, she’s incredibly observant. She’ll notice sooner or later once she’s not busy.”

“You’d be fine with me dating her?”

“One, I’m your Uncle, two, you’d have a hell of a time finding anybody if I had to like them since I don’t like many people, three, Daray seems to like her anyway and finally you’re an adult aren’t you? Nobody else is to say who you can go after” Iom couldn’t resist to continue his teasing “But Gaspare, you’ll crush my heart. Don’t leave me for a woman” Gaspare sighed “well thank you Alvah, you’ve grown a lot with Daray here” Still smiling Alvah walked into the kitchen for a drink of water. He returned and sat down, wanting to talk to Gaspare and Iom about the world when the sun was up. It would kill time, at least until the two men went to bed for the night.

Daray woke before sunrise, yawning as he sat up. Alvah must have heard him because he was pushing the door open and walking over to him before Daray could even get fully awake. “Good morning.” Daray said with a sleepy smile.

“Good morning my love, how did you sleep?”

“Good, but I’m a little…you know.”

Alvah smiled. “Still so shy after all this time. I’ll run you a bath.” He pressed a kiss to his lips, lingering for a moment then going into the bathroom and switching on the water. He tested it then plugged the drain and went back to get Daray. “Mabel said today is the day.” He lifted Daray then sat with him in his lap while they waited for the water. “I’ll get to be with you in the sun.”

“I hope this works for you, Alvah, I don’t want to see you sad.”

“I wont give up hope if she can’t help. I WILL get out in the sun with you” A few hours later everyone was ready, eagerly watching as Mabel first had Alvah drink something as she chanted then rubbed something on his skin that went on as greenish gray gunk but seemingly began to sink in his skin until it was no longer visible. Daray kept trying to see if Alvah was in any kind of pain or if any of it made him nauseous but his face was the picture of seriousness. He had a goal in mind and nothing else mattered. As Mabel wiped her hands clean with a towel she said “you can try now”

“just a little bit of you Alvah” Daray quickly added, following him outside. Darays heart beat a fearful rhythm, especially when Alvah reached out to let the sun hit his skin. All Daray could remember in that moment was A;vah on the bed, bloody with bits of his skin and flesh missing. Even when nothing happened Daray still stood afraid, his fear only made worse when Alvah bolted off the porch and was suddenly fully enveloped in the suns rays. “Alvah!” Daray yelled as he ran to him.

Alvah chuckled, suddenly lifting Daray off his feet, spinning around happily with him “Daray look, I’m fine, I’m out here” Daray had never heard him so excited in his life. It was moving now that he was finally calming down “you’re out here in the sun” Daray kissed him and soon the others joined them. “thank you so much Mabel” Alvah said, still holding Daray.

“It was nothing, I’m just glad you didn’t try anything before I got here.”

“I would have grounded him.” Daray said as he stood there in the warm sun with Alvah.

“Grounded me?”

“Yeah, no touching me until you learn to listen.”

“Oh really?”

“Be good, we have guests.” Daray pulled out of Alvah’s arms and hugged Mabel. “Truly, thank you for doing this for him. I don’t like seeing him upset or sad.” He pulled back. “I hope we can be friends, even if Alvah gets all grumbly about it.”

“Of course.”

“is there anything we should know? Will he be affected in any other way by what you did?”

“No, but it’s good you asked. He is so good at that poker face. Transforming his skin like I did should have at minimum been stomach twisting but he looked as if I was merely touching him. I’m guessing he didn’t want to concern you further”

“Probably, he’s a really good mate”

“To be safe I will stick around a few days if I’m welcome. Nothing should go wrong but I’d feel better being closer”

“Please stay then” Gaspare was happy to hear she was staying. He had three days to man up and tell her he was attracted to her. He decided he’d spend at least a day showing her he wasn’t a moron and then he’d venture confessing his attraction. Iom only stayed until lunch that day but he promised he’d be back soon “Keep taking care of him old man” Iom said, fearlessly punching Alvah in the shoulder. “Of course” His good bye to Mabel consisted of also making sure she knew he and Gaspare weren’t and never had been an item and then he went on, disappearing into the trees to enjoy the world.

Gaspare, Mabel, Alvah and Daray spent the entire day outside having fun and laughing together. Gaspare managed not to be an idiot the rest of the day so that night he decided to go ahead and tell her. Alvah and Daray went to their rooms to give them privacy since Gaspare had told him he was telling her after dinner. Gaspare was a bundle of nerves as he confessed to her but she smiled when he was done so he hoped that was as good of a sign as he thought it was.

“Do you think she’ll let Gaspare be her mate?” Daray asked as Alvah ran gentle fingers through his hair.

“I don’t know, we will see. Gaspare can be a bit of an idiot.”

Daray chuckled. “Be nice, you’ve been one before.”

“It must run in our blood. We get where we want to be eventually, even if the road we take is a stubborn one.”

Daray snuggled closer to Alvah. “Even so, I’m happy you chose me.”

It was Alvah’s turn to chuckle and he rolled Daray onto his back, coming up on hands and knees above him. “No my love, it was you who chose me. I gave you more than one reason to leave me, but you didn’t. You have no idea what that means to someone like me. I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with another person, but you captured my heart and wrapped me around your finger so easily. Thank you, Daray for daring to love me.”

They kissed passionately, getting lost in one another. Neither left their room that night to see what happened between Gaspare and Mabel but they definitely hoped she accepted him. Daray knew if she said yes it was going to change life one way or another. Gaspare would be gone a lot visiting her or she’d move in and they’d have a fourth being around here or maybe she would just be coming here a lot to visit Gaspare. Daray sort of hoped she would end up in the castle. He wanted to talk to her more, to learn more about her and her interactions with Alvah in the past. Most of all though, he wanted her to say yes so she wouldn’t break Gaspares heart. Daray was sure he had had lovers before but he had been with Alvah a long time and Gasapre hadn’t had a romantic interest once in that span so he knew Gaspare didn’t open his heart to just woman that crossed his path. He had real feelings for Mabel and would no doubt be hurt for awhile after her rejection. He’d ask later that morning if Gaspare had gotten the girl but for now, he just wanted to stay wrapped up in Alvahs arms.

~ The End

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