Alvah & Daray 4

Chapter One

Alvah sat on the porch while Daray paced in the grass. Alvah wanted to tell him to not be so nervous but he could hardly contain his own nerves. They had a son and they were finally going to meet him today. They had been a little confused when the vampire and zombie they met explained everything but when they showed the two of them a picture they both just knew they were telling the truth. He certainly looked like a combination of them both. They discussed meeting their son with Fatima and Lombard and they all agreed him coming here would be best so he could see his home world. When the family came into view over the horizon Daray finally stopped pacing. Alvah stood, hoping his size wouldn’t be intimidating to their son.

They soon noticed he was holding a little girls hand. The two guessed that must be Noma. As they came closer they saw Nephi turn, looking to Lombard and Fatima for assurance “thats really them baby, those are your dads” Nephi turned his attention forward again, looking far too adorable once he was up close “Hi…um…I’m Nephi” Daray squatted down “I’m Daray and this is Alvah…may I hug you?” Nephis heart stuttered “yeah” Nephis eyes grew damp at the acceptance. Much like Noma, he feared them not loving him. He was a creation of magic, not a true child like a couple would have.

Nephi’s eyes were drawn up to Alvah’s face once Daray let him go and he couldn’t help but marvel at how tall he was. He felt so much smaller now that he was standing there in front of him. Alvah noticed his slight nervousness and squatted down, giving him a smile. “Are you scared little one?”

“No.” Nephi answered.

“Nervous?” Nephi nodded. “Me too.”

He gave his father a questioning look. “Really?”

“Very.” Alvah answered and he truly was. Nephi seemed so little. “May I have a hug too?”


Alvah wrapped his arms around his son and was relieved that the child wasn’t terrified of him. He pulled back and looked at the boy. “It is truly nice to have you, Nephi and I hope you will be happy here.”

“Um…Noma, I wanted to know if…”

“She will always be welcome here Nephi, they all will and we will take you to see them as much as you wish.”

Nephi nodded. “Okay.”

“come inside if you’re ready. We really want to show you the room we’ve prepared for you. We even made rooms for your siblings and their family members we know about so you could be assured they can come whenever you want” It was worth every bit of effort that had taken when they saw how much it comforted Nephi, their precious little boy. They all entered Alvah and Darays castle. It had been amazing from the outside but it was breath taking on the inside. Nephi had never seen anything like this “wow” he blushed as it slipped out. Daray smiled, offering his hand. Nephi took it and Dary guided Nephi to his room, eager to show it off first.

They opened the door and let Nephi walk in first. He slowly moved around the room, seeming to want to look at every inch of it. “it’s wonderful…thank you” he sounded like he was holding back tears so Daray hugged him again “we know you’ve only just met us but we love you. We’ve loved you from the second we heard about you Nephi. You’re amazing, a gift and we want you to be happy here”

“thank you so much” he managed to keep the tears at bay as they left his room to start showing everyone the other rooms that would be for them. Nomas room was the very next one. Since they were so close Alvah and Daray thought he’d be happiest that way. They had taken great care when they did each room to make it as homey and welcoming as possible.

“I liked your world so far” Nephi said as they all sat down in the main area Daray and Alvah kept company “we could explore some later today or tomorrow. We know it was quite a trip getting here”

“yeah…tomorrow would be good.” Nephi looked at Alvah, really taking him in. He looked precisely like he thought a vampire would look from old books he had read which was something that grabbed him because in Wolfric and Merles world the vampires he met all looked like regular guys. He eventually asked “why do vampires look like regular guys where I came from but you look like something out of the books I’ve read” Daray almost chuckled before Alvah answered “Most look like regular guys I just dont care to update my look”

“well…you look cool” Nephi blushed and Alvah smiled, happy to hear anything other than he was scary. He knew he now needed to control his temper more than ever. He didn’t want to screw up his relationship with this child. Alvah spoke again “Daray is a vampire now too. He was human when we met but I wanted to keep him forever”

“you can really do that?”

“yeah, I’ll teach you when you’re older if you ever fall in love with a mortal”

“was it a hard choice to be a vampire?” Nephi asked Daray who shook his head “No, I love Alvah with all of my heart. It meant the world to me when he asked me to live forever” Nephis next question was directed at Alvah again “My creator told me you were incredibly powerful, is that true?”

“Yes, I bet you can do a lot of things I can. I can help you learn and if you got nothing from me I’ll love you the same. It doesn’t matter to me, I want to make sure you know that. You can be as powerless as Daray was when I met him and I’d love you Nephi” Another weight off his shoulders. He knew Merle and Wolfric didn’t care about stuff like that with their kids but he was still nervous he might disappoint them in some way.

They stayed inside the first day, exploring the castle and getting to know one another. The next morning after breakfast they left the castle “why don’;t you lead the way son, Daray and I will let you know if you should avoid anything”


“yeah, whatever interests you, go for it. We can show you specific things that will take awhile to get too later…if you decide to stay with us”

“Alright, come on Noma.” He said and the little girl took his hand.

“I can’t believe how little he is.” Alvah said as he laced his fingers through Daray’s. “He seems so fragile.”

Daray smiled up at him. “We know he’s not though, he’s been through so much.” He looked at Lombard and Fatima. “Thank you for saving him and bringing him to us.”

“We could do nothing else.” Fatima replied.

“The woman who made him was a monster.” Lombard added. “I’m glad our grandson found Wolfric and Merle.”

“We are too.”

“I hope he grows to be as big as me, that way no one will even think of harming him again.” Alvah said and Daray chuckled.

“Trying to make another you?”

“He’ll be better than me, especially with you as a father and his cousin and uncle as well.”

“And you too.” Daray said warmly. “You’ve already made him so happy just by being you.”

How fast Noma dropped down scared Daray a little “Oh look at it Nehpi” Wolfric laughed then asked “what did you find Noma? A Caterpillar I expect?” Merle then spoke “she’s obsessed with them. Nothing else would make her drop down quite that fast” They caught up to them and it turned out to be what her fathers expected “May I touch it?” she asked as she moved to follow it since it was squirming away. “yeah, it wont hurt you” She squeaked with happiness as she lifted it up. “I havent even seen this one in my books”

“I dont think we have those where we are from” Keoki said. Noma sat with it a few moments before putting it down to resume walking with Nephi. They noticed many fascinating things as they walked. Noma sighed a few hours later and Nephi noticed how tired she looked “are you okay Noma?’


“maybe we should sit”

“we brought some snacks anyway and I’m pretty hungry” Daray said and Noma nodded “Okay then” They knew the scientific community nor doctors truly knew what was wrong with her, or better worded, what she was lacking yet though they could treat it to keep her going. They were basically slapping a band-aid on the problem and hoping it would work until they could truly fix it so they didn’t want to wear her out too much.

Chapter Two

“Is there anything we can do for her?” Daray asked.

“I don’t know,” Merle said, “we have an amazing team of doctors working on what’s going on with her, but so far, they’ve only been able to lessen the symptoms.”

“We won’t say no to any suggestions though.” Wolfric added. “We’ll do anything to make her better.”

“I bet Gaspare and Iom know people as well.” Daray said.

“Who are they?” Nephi asked.

“Your cousin and uncle.” Alvah explained. “Gaspare is my nephew and Iom and your father grew up together.”

“Oh, are they nice like you two?”

“Of course.” Daray answered with a warm smile.

“Where are they?”

“Probably on their way home. Iom loves to explore and after an incident, Gaspare goes with him when he leaves.”

“did one of them get hurt?”

“yeah, there are bad beings in every world but you’re safe with us.”

“can you tell me more about Gaspare and Iom?”

“alright, I’ll start with my nephew Gaspare. He came to live with me when vampire hunters killed his mother. He was nineteen so he didn’t necessarily need to but Gaspare likes to have family around. I think thats one of the many reasons he stayed. He also helped me become a better vampire. I was a lot rougher around the edges before Gaspare and then Daray. I also wondered if he stayed to help make me better. I’m glad he did. I’m not sure I could have won Daray over without his help in making me see my childishness at times”

Alvah paused briefly to see if Nephi had any questions but he didn’t seem to so Alvah continued. He has green eyes, most women born in the family do. I’ve teased him a time or two saying maybe he was supposed to be a girl. He laughs it off because he’s a cheerful, laid back type of being.”

“I can’t wait to meet him. What about Iom?”

“Iom is a little troublemaker but he has a kind spirit. He’s just incredibly curious and doesn’t seem to have an ounce of fear in him.”

“who else will I meet?”

“Mabel, maybe sooner than later. She’s been gone a few months but if we cant find anybody locally to help Noma we’ll want to consult her too. She is the smartest being I’ve ever met” Daray now spoke “back in Alvahs gruffer days they hated eachother. They still argue a lot but it’s amusing”

“what is she?”

“we still dont know. She keeps that a secret”

“really, why?”

“we dont know, sometimes we think she’s embarrassed about whatever she is”

“and you two can’t tell?” Wolfric asked in surprise “yeah, she has to be something uncommon” Daray answered. Then Alvah continued “You’ll eventually meet Gresham aswell. He’s a good friend of mine and Darays. I dated him a very long time ago. He’s a vampire. I never dated outside my species until Daray” He then went on to talk about Adan.

“A Fossa shifter named Adan shows up from time to time too. When Iom was kidnapped a long while back we saved him as well. He’s a good friend”

“whats a Fossa?”

“a cat-like, carnivorous mammal. It is a member of the Eupleridae, a family of carnivorans closely related to the mongoose family.”


“I’m ready to go again.” Noma said.

“Are you sure baby, don’t push yourself.” Wolfric replied.

“I’m sure, I want to look around some more.”

“Will you hold my hand, Noma?” Nephi asked as they got up.

“Of course.”

Daray smiled as he and Alvah stood. Their little boy was so sweet. The children continued to walk ahead, but Nephi kept a slower pace for Noma. “He’s so gentle with her.”

“He always has been.” Keoki said. “From the first moment he saw her. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t even know if she’d be here.”

“Nephi, look.” Noma pointed off into the woods and broke away from Nephi, running into the treeline with him trailing worriedly behind her. Her parents, brother, and grandparents called for her at the same time as they took off to catch up with her. They were all surprised at how fast Alvah was. One minute he was standing next to them and the next he had disappeared into the woods. He came back out with a child on each hip and Daray couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he looked.

“What did she find?” Daray asked.

“A couple of foxes and their babies.”

“I’m sorry, they were just so cute” Wolfric walked over to Alvah, taking Noma from him. “I’m sure they will let you look at anything. Please don’t run off like that” he could see how bad she felt. ” Hey, you’re wonderful and still very little. Its not surprising you got a little over excited and ran off. I just want to make sure you won’t do it again” Noma hugged Wolfric then Merle took her for his hug, offering assurances again. “We love you so much and so does Nephi, even when you terrify him like that”

Keoki rubbed her head then said ” well let’s set her down and go back to taking this amazing place in”

Final Chapter

They found themselves in the village Daray had grown up in and the kids pulled back, Noma going to stand between Wolfric and Merle and Nephi not sure what to do now that he didn’t have Noma’s hand. “Would you like to hold mine?” Daray asked. “Or maybe you father could give you a shoulder ride? I bet you could see everything from up there.”

“A shoulder ride sounds fun.” Nephi said and Alvah scooped him up as they walked and lifted him up so he was sitting on his shoulders. Nephi’s eyes actually widened. “Wow, do you think I’ll be this tall?”

“Maybe.” Alvah said with a chuckle. “You’ll be big and scary like me.”

“You’re not scary.” Nephi replied and Daray took Alvah’s hand.

“He’s right, you’re the least scary person I know.”

“Only for you and our family maybe, but to most strangers I’m terrifying.”

“Well most don’t know how much of a teddy bear you are.”

“Let’s keep it that way, they don’t need to know.”

Daray enjoyed showing their son his favorite places and shops in his old village. He was rarely here anymore but he still knew this place inside and out. It didn’t even feel like that long ago that he still lived here, just visiting Alvah from time to time and begging him to come here to meet his family. He finally brought them to his old home “this is the home I grew up in.”

“can we go inside?”

“a new family lives here now. My parents have long since passed

“oh yeah, you used to be human”


“is it hard without them?”

“I’m happy, I know they are either living an amazing life reborn somewhere or resting peacefully” They walked down to the river “I used to come here a lot too, especially when I was upset”

“can we play here?”

“sure” Alvah set their son down and Noma ran over to him. About a week later Gaspare and Iom showed back up and as luck would have it they had Mabel with them. “Mabel, it’s been awhile” It took them a second to notice the new child she also had with her. She smiled “I’ll introduce mine if you introduce yours” They explained Noma, Nephi, Keoki and the rest of their guests then Mabel kept her word “this is Elre, my son. He’s twelve.”

“we ran into her and when we saw she had a kid we told her she had to come back”Iom explained. Mabel squatted down after a bit more conversation, looking into Nomas eyes “you poor baby, you must hurt so much” She finally spoke softly.

“mom” Elre started just as Mabel caught Noma. Wolfric began rummaging through the satchel he had and Mabel shook her head “don’t give her anything. We’re going to my old home”

“she might die without it”

“You can trust my mom” Elre said and Alvah now spoke “Mabel, you’re sure you know what you’re doing before I ask them to trust you. Nephi will hate us forever if we tell them to trust you and you let her die” Mabel walked out of the castle and they all followed “Mabel you didn’t tell us if you’re sure. Can’t you still help her even if they give her medicine”

“It’s complicated and I’m tired. Elre, you knew she was about to pass out too didn’t you”


“Good, do you know what’s wrong with her?”

“Her soul is rejecting her body. Her body is always fighting to keep it because of how Noma, Nephi and Keoki came to live. Her soul doesn’t feel like it was actually reborn into a body so it’s trying to leave”

“and you felt the struggle within her didn’t you?”


“good” she then was speaking to the group again “I’ve been away because I’ve been teaching my child. Anyway, I wont let her soul leave so theres no point in putting in her whatever you’re putting in her”

“You don’t have to sound so harsh, Mabel.” Alvah said.

She sighed. “I apologize, I am truly tired, but I promise you everything is going to be alright.”

“Could I please have my daughter?” Merle asked and she gently handed the little girl to him.

“Is she really going to be okay?” Nephi asked his father’s. “She won’t…she won’t die will she?”

“No honey, of course not.” Daray said as he bent down and lifted their son. “Mabel will make sure, we just have to trust her, okay?”

Nephi nodded, but kept his eyes on Noma, obviously terrified for her. They continued to follow Mabel, Wolfric, Merle, and Keoki tense and Nephi afraid to take his eyes off of her. Every moment they were together, he feared it would be their last. “How are you going to help her?” Keoki asked.

“When we get there, I will explain everything as I do it, I promise. I know you are all scared, but I won’t let her leave you.”

“She’s just been through so much, I just want her healthy.”

“I know.”

Her home wasn’t in the best condition “I’m sorry, we haven’t come back this way much. I like to give him hands on lessons. We have only come back as much as we have so the place doesn’t go to ruin”

“Maybe we could take a break for awhile since we’re home?” Elre asked his mother and she answered “Of course, I think I need one too anyway. I am getting a little cranky” Elre smiled then glanced over at the little girl in Merle’s arms “where should they put her mom”

“Let me check downstairs first. Stay near her. Make sure that soul doesn’t go anywhere”

“yes Ma’am” It was’t long before Mabel was calling them down and showing Merle where he could put Noma. “I see the question in your face. I’m not going to hurt her. She may get uncomfortable but I wont hurt her. After tonight she’ll feel a lot better.”

“I haven’t had her or Keoki long but she’s going to take a large chunk of my heart with her if I lose her. I’m willing to trust you though, I know I have to” Mabel tried to remember to talk to Nomas family as she began her spell. It made it easier she was having Elre help since it caused her to need to talk more anyway. “Okay, I’m almost done”

“whats going on now?” Nephi asked and she answered “The soul within her isn’t restless any longer but to be sure there’s no problems I’m now tieing it to the body in a sense so it can’t leave her.” If he wasn’t something unbelievable himself Nephi wouldn’t be able to believe something like that was possible. Noma, who hadn’t moved much since this started actually looked uncomfortable now. She woke up but Elre quickly began comforting her while his mother finished.

He managed to keep her calm until she could be given back to her parents. Merle took her and gently hugged her to him “I love you so much Noma”

“I love you too” Wolfric wrapped his arms around them to hug his daughter as well. “Thank you Mabel” Keoki was the first to say “she seems sweet. Her soul was just confused and that was relatively easy to fix. I really must lay down somewhere soon though”

Iom offered to carry her back to the castle and they saw how truly tired she must be because she accepted. Mabel wasn’t normally one to accept anybody carrying her. Before she and Elre went to bed Daray said “tomorrow we’ll all go help clean up your place. It’s the least we could do. I don’t know what our son would have done if she ever died”

“thank you, goodnight everyone” she smiled over at Noma who was already back asleep then went to bed.

Noma stayed in Wolfric and Merle’s room that night and Nephi was relieved it was across the hall so he could get to her if she needed him. Alvah and Daray reassured him that everything was going to be alright from now on, that she was simply exhausted and would feel much better once she had a good night’s sleep. He nodded, knowing he had to be brave for Noma. “Would you like me to read you a story?” Alvah asked. “We bought you many books.”


“Why don’t you pick something out then.”

Nephi went over to the bookshelf and grabbed one that had a gold cover and a picture of a woman and a lion on it. “The Lady and the Lion.” He said as he handed his father the book.

“Are you okay with a love story?” Daray asked. Nephi nodded as he climbed into bed and Daray tucked him in. Both he and Alvah sat down on either side of him and Alvah opened the book and started reading.

They read Nephi to sleep and the next morning he woke to knocking on his bedroom door. Excitement filled him as soon as he stood, he knew it was Noma. He jerked open the door and hugged her “I feel different today” Nephi explained what happened and she hugged him again “I’m really better?”

“yeah” They just stood there in the embrace until Wolfric said with a smile “lets go see about breakfast you two. I heard little Nomas stomach growling around the time she finally woke up” Nephi tightened the hug one more time before he took her hand and they walked toward the smell of food. “good morning” Daray greeted them brightly before asking. “Could I have another hug Nephi?” Nephi let go of Noma to hug him “you dont have to ask. I like hugs”

“How’re you feeling Noma?” Daray asked and she smiled “good, just different”

“you should explain how you feel to Mabel when she wakes up just to be sure thats normal” Elre was nearby and interjected “she’s fine but you can still ask my mom when she wakes up”

“who are you?” Noma asked and Elre came closer to introduce himself “I’m Elre, It’s nice to meet you.” he guessed she had just been that exhausted last night.

“it’s nice to meet you too”

“Come sit with me Noma.” Nephi said as he pulled out a chair for her.

“Okay, thank you Nephi.”

“You should try to eat as much as you can so you can get stronger.”

“I will, I promise.”

Alvah and Daray found Nephi’s protectiveness adorable. He was so gentle with Noma, but they knew if anything else ever threatened her, there would be blood. Daray couldn’t help but compare him to Alvah in that respect. He even made some of the same faces when he was worried. “So Alvah Jr. how are you liking it here so far?” Iom asked once they were all seated and had their plates.

“Alvah Jr? Do you really think so?” Nephi asked.

“I do, you sit like him, you even have the exact same serious face.”

That had Nephi smiling. “I really like it here actually and I’m glad Noma’s okay now.”

“And she’ll stay that way, I promise.” Mabel’s sleepy voice said as she entered the dining room.

“Let me get you a plate, mom.” Elre said.

“Thank you, child.” She tussled his hair as they passed each other, getting an embarrassed blush from him. “So, how are you feeling Noma?”

“I don’t know how to describe it. I just feel different”

“I think you’re just not used to your soul being at peace within you. You’ve always had to fight to keep that soul of yours. I’m impressed you’ve lived so long but I can see that even before Keoki lead Wolfric and Merle to you you were incredibly loved. Nephi and Keoki would do anything for you. I don’t think you could have come this far without their love. Most would call it mush but it’s true, there’s no more powerful force than love. Your soul may not have felt right in your body but its own turmoil was also wanting to stay by people that loved it so much”

“well thank you so much”

“Don’t mention it sweetheart. I’m glad I was here to help.” Mabel looked at the adults “what has become of their maker?”

“she’s rotting in prison and her work has been handed over to better people” Wolfric answered and Merle added “Maybe you should come back with us and talk to them about Noma and what you did. They need to know about it for future children that are made this way”

“I imagine it doesn’t have a high success rate as it stands. I will but I hope you’re staying awhile. I really need a bit of a break. I’ve been so worried about passing everything I know to Elre that I’ve really pushed myself to the limit lately”

“There’s nothing wrong with you is there?” Daray asked and she shook her head “No but things happen all the time, even to more powerful beings like myself. I’d just like my soul to be at peace if I pass and it wont be if I feel I have anything left I could have taught him. I’d like to know that he’s prepared for everything possible. As you now understand too, there’s no love quite like loving a child.” Elre was back with her food and hugged her, causing his mother to smile.

Alvah and Daray continued to show their little boy around their world for the next couple of days, happy that he seemed so at home with them. It touched them every time he called one of them dad and he seemed excited to start learning about his abilities and potential abilities. They were relieved and overjoyed when he finally made the decision to stay with them there. They would have let him go back with Noma if that is what he had truly wanted, but it would have hurt none the less. Noma looked sad and Nephi took her hands and smiled warmly at her. “I’ll see you all the time, Noma, I promise.”

“Really?” She looked ready to cry and Nephi hugged her.

“Of course, my dads said so.” He squeezed her and kissed her cheek. “It’s okay to be apart for a little bit, right?”


“We’ll be together again before you know it.”

“He’s right, anytime he wants to see you, we’ll bring him.” Daray said. “And you all have rooms here, so it’s your second home as far as we’re concerned.”

“See Noma, they wouldn’t lie.”

She gave him the best smile she could “alright, as long as we’ll see eachother a lot”

“Of course, I’d miss you too much if we didn’t see eachother a lot” Noma hugged him again. She was sad they wouldn’t always be together now but she was happy he now had his dads too. Noma ran to Keoki who picked her up and they all waved by before walking off the porch to head back to their world. Mabel and Elre were coming too to help along the scientists continuing the work that created them. When they were home Wolfric and Merle did their normal bedtime routine with Noma then checked with her “you’re really okay?”

“Yeah, I’m glad Nephis happy.” They each kissed a cheek “goodnight then” Merle said then Wolfric added “make sure to tell us when you want to go see him” It wasn’t quite bedtime yet where Nephi was. He was playing around with his new family. It didn’t hit him hard he wouldn’t be seeing Noma every day until after his dads tucked him in that night but he knew she was happy and he was excited about his new life with his new dads.

~ The End

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