Alvah & Daray

Chapter One

Alvah caressed his lover, randomly pressing his lips over his soft body. Daray let out content noises, getting lost in how good this felt. Daray was near sleep when Alvah chuckled before whispering in Deray’s ear “You need to go home before that family of yours thinks your vampire lover has finally drained your blood” Daray chuckled weakly. He sat up and began pulling on his clothes from the bedside. When the two were dressed Alvah walked Daray to the front door, giving him one more kiss on the lips to be sure he thought of no other than him until next Tuesday. Daray looked dreamy eyes for a moment then his demenor changed “I can’t really put off telling you anymore but I wont be back next Tuesday”

“why?” Alvah answered in an almost panicked tone, was his lover breaking up with him? He had been broken up with many times but none would hurt him like Deray. He loved this human man probably more than Deray understood. “don’t worry” Deray soothed, seeing the fear in his eyes “A family thing but I was hoping you’d go with me. We’ve been together a year now. Last time I tried you said it was too soon but a year of being together is plenty” Alvah gave a deep, almost frustrated sigh “No Deray”

“why?” it was Derays turn to ask. “Because they are humans.”

“I’m human Alvah” Daray slammed his hand into his chest, feeling hurt and upset he was getting a no again. “You are you, you’re different”

“They are good people, they are why I’m me. This is not a ridiculous request. They mean a great deal to me and so do you” They fought back and forth then Daray said in his hurt and anger “You don’t really love me do you? You don’t go anywhere with me you wont even meet my family fucking once. Even just my mom and dad without anybody else” Daray was crying and it was crushing Alvah “I’m just a fuckbuddy and you just wont own up to it because you know I don’t just sleep with people”

“Daray that couldn’t be further form the truth but” Gaspare had been listening and when he heard that but he decided to intervene. That was far from the answer he should be giving his lover right now and he knew how deeply Alvah loved Daray and he didn’t want his Uncle to lose him being an idiot. “Hey you two, stop it” Gaspare said, suddenly between them. “I’ll walk Daray home. You just go be an asshole somewhere okay, you seem good at it this evening” Alvah stormed off, not knowing how to handle this situation anyway.

Daray had no trouble leaving with Gaspare. Once they were a good amount away Gaspare said gently “You know he loves you Daray. The way he cuddles you, I’ve never seen him be so gentle.”

“He knows what my family means to me and like I said…we’re always in his home….he doesn’t want to be seen with me”

“You’re taking that wrong. He’s just being selfish with you. My brother is a jealous lover. He’ll keep you to himself as much as he can, especially with how much you mean to him Daray” Daray wiped his face, wishing he wasn’t crying. It was embarassing. Gaspare continued “and no he doesn’t understand the situation as much as you might think. You are the only human he has ever interacted with Daray. I understand what you’re feeling because I grew up around humans before I came to live with him. Vampire familes are rarely like human ones. Before I lived with him I saw him maybe seven times my whole life and he loves me, my mother and him were very close by vampire standards. To humans meeting the family is a big step. By inviting him you’re telling him how much you love him and with his rejection you feel like that reflects how he feels but it doesn’t. He really just doesn’t understand Daray, I wouldn’t bullshit you on this”

“I just….I’ll never leave my family. They will always be in my life” he started crying harder again, struggling to put this to words “How can I be with a man who wont have anything to do with them?”

“I’m sorry Daray.”

Daray took a deep breath. “Maybe I just won’t come back then. It’s not like he cares right? He sees me once a week and never even comes to get me himself. It’s always me coming here, it’s me who misses him the most. Is it so wrong to want more?”

“It’s not, but please don’t stay away. It would kill him.”

Daray sniffed. “Whatever, I’ll be back the week after next then.” He wiped at his face. “I hope he falls in a hole.”

“I’ll dig it myself.” Daray laughed without meaning too and Gaspare patted his shoulder. “That’s better.”

“Thank you, it’s just so frustrating.”

“I know. Let’s get you home.”

Gaspare watched Daray until he was safely inside then went home. He went straight to Alvah to scold him ” Alvah, I know you don’t want to hear it but I’m telling you anyway. You’re being an ass and you’ll lose him if you continue like this. I can see how much you love him, hell I can feel it when hes here. He isn’t being ridiculous in his request. You are being ridiculous refusing. He offered so many alternatives. Meeting just one parent for an hour and the long ass list of scenarios he gave you and all you could do is refuse. You know how major it is for a human to want his lover to meet his family? Pretty damn major. When you lose him and you’re broken don’t you dare act like I didn’t warn you”

Gaspere stood there, ready for his Uncles rage. He didn’t care, he loved his Uncle enough to tell him what he needed to hear. Nothing came and it confused Gaspere so he started to approach his Uncle “do not come over here” his Uncles voice sounded strange and Gaspere couldn’t resist. Gaspere actually stepped back with his head tilted in confusion. “oh my god…are you…”

“Get the hell out of here!!” Gaspere was flung from the room. He laid on the floor still in shock. He wasn’t aware his Uncle could cry. Somthing that further told Gaspere how much he loved Daray. He wanted to go back but he knew he needed to let his Uncle calm down. Alvah never handled things like this well and could get quite the temper when he didn’t know what to do.

Alvah’s entire body was shaking and he clenched his fists, wanting to hit or break something. He had never know pain like Daray’s words. He had never seen him so upset and hurt. He hadn’t realized he had been hurting him so much and he hated himself. He took a couple of deep breaths, trying to tame his temper and stop the tears. He wanted Daray to know he was loved beyond measure. He wiped at his face, taking another shaky breath. He knew his nephew was right, he just hated the boy had spotted the problem before he himself had. He wanted to talk to Gaspare, but he wasn’t sure if he could yet. It was a point of pride and he needed at least the night to process everything.

Daray tried not to be upset, but he only wound up crying again, his face buried in his pillow. He cried until his head hurt and he was so exhausted he had no choice but to fall asleep. His sleep was restless. He kept dreaming of Alvah being tired of him and throwing him away. His nightmares kept telling him it was a possibility, it’s not like he had expressed wanting to be with him forever. He was only human and would age eventually and then he would be nothing to him.

The next morning as Daray sat at the breakfast table with his parents he said “I’m sorry you planned our families get together around my boyfriend but he wont be coming…you don’t have to have it at sunset”

“why baby?” HIs mothers voice filled with concern. “He wont come” She got up from her chair to hug him “It’s no trouble at all to have it at sunset. Your cousin is going to make little orbs of light and it’s going to look amazing having the get together in the dark. I’m excited and if we move it he can’t come. Maybe if we just leave it alone he’ll change his mind and show up” Daray silently held his mother. She was always so optimistic about everything but he loved that about her. It wasn’t long after she released him from the hug and sat again that his father put their breakfast on the table and they began to eat.

His father couldn’t stand how down his son looked. He was normally almost as happy go lucky as his mother. “son” He started and Daray looked at him “You know I can’t claim to know a lot about vampires but I think it’s pretty normal for them to like to be alone. Don’t be so down about it. Like your mother says, maybe he’ll change his mind” Daray nodded, deciding to try and not look so sad so his parents wouldn’t spend all their time trying to make him feel better.

When Alvah came down from his room the next morning, Gaspare was already sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and reading. There was a covered plate across from him that had been left there for Alvah. “I can get you a cup of tea if you like.” Gaspare said without looking at him.

“I’m fine.” Alvah sat down and uncovered his breakfast. He was particularly hungry and he wound up pushing the plate away.

“Don’t be wasteful.”

“There are plenty of strays that will be happy to clean it up.” Gaspare sighed and went back to eating. The silence seemed to stretch on for an eternity and Alvah finally made himself say, “What do I do?”

Gaspare was still surprised he was actually this upset. Alvah had always been so prideful so it took Gaspare a moment. “You know what you have to do.”

Alvah raked his fingers through his hair. “I’m not good with people.”

“Then break up with him. Those are your options, so decide what’s more important, your pride or Daray’s feelings.”

“why must those be my only two options?”

“Because his family is important to him. It really is a matter of meeting them or breaking up with him or just waiting until he finally does it because if you don’t come around on this point there will come a time he no longer comes to see you. Not even that, you should go somewhere with him. I think my feelings would be hurt too if my lover only ever wanted to be in my home with me”

“You know why I’m like that. My jealousy gets out of control and I don’t want to scare him or piss him off”

“well learn to control yourself. I’m sorry and you can do whatever you want to me in anger but you are too old to be so childish. Grow up and be the man he needs or keep playing around with men who don’t want somthing serious or don’t have a family they love”

“Don’t blame me if something goes wrong.” He stood and Gaspare rolled his eyes. His chair suddenly tipped back dumping him on the floor and he couldn’t help but laugh at his uncle’s behavior.

“You don’t blame me when he finds someone with a better attitude.”

The idea left a bad taste in Alvah’s mouth, but he knew Gaspare spoke the truth. If he didn’t at least try and relent, then Daray would move on to someone nicer. He wanted to fix things, he just didn’t want to rip someone’s throat out over him. He had so much on his mind, so many worst case scenarios and he wound up reprimanding himself over his own fear. He didn’t even know where to begin in apologizing to him for making him so upset.

Chapter Two

Monday came far too quickly. Alvah hadn’t slept since Sunday. Daray was so important to him but it was so hard to force himself to do what his mate needed. He had attempted sleep many times but his frustration and fear kept him up. It was an hour before sunset when Alvah decided his only option was swallowing his pride and ego. He had to do this because loseing Daray was not an option. This man made him weak with love and he was already irreplaceable after only a year, had been irreplaceable for most of their relationship. The family event wasn’t until Tuesday but he would see his lover tonight. He needed him to know how important he was. He didn’t want Daray going to sleep one more night not knowing how much he meant to his vampire.

Alvah poked his head into Gasperes room “I’m going”


“Daray, aside from that none of your business”

“Youre really leave here and going to him?” Alvah walked away without an answer. Gaspere smiled, proud of his Uncle. It was a little moving to Gaspere that he had finally met someone worth controlling himself for, worth not being so selfish all the time for. Alvah traveled quickly, coming to Darays town in no time atall. He found his mates house and knocked on the door “Oh um, who are you?”


“Daray’s Alvah?”

“Yes, are you his mother?”

“Yeah, um, he’s not home hun. He is by his favorite river” Alvah smiled, thinking of the time Daray had told him about it. Anything Daray said while Alvah had him in his arms sunk deep into his memory. He felt so blissful and happy when Daray would let him just hold him, his voice was so soothing, his body so warm and fit into his perfectly. He hung on Darays every syllable. Alvah took his mothers hand and kissed it “thank you…and…thank you for not opposing your son in being with me” If Gaspere could see him now. It was probably only he that would understand just how much he was doing for Daray by this pleasant interaction.

His mom didn’t know what to say but Alvah walked off anyway to find Daray.

Daray skipped rocks across the calm water, trying to get them all the way across. There was something satisfying about the rock hitting the other bank. He sighed, his thoughts drifting to Alvah as they always did. He missed him even if he was a jerk. “I’m so stupid.” He said as he drew back to toss another rock.

“You shouldn’t tell lies like that.”

The voice startled Daray and he turned, his heart stuttering in his chest when he saw Alvah. He blinked a couple of times, making sure he wasn’t dreaming. “Alvah?” He was so shocked, he couldn’t move forward or back. “What are you doing here?”

“You invited me.”

Daray felt his cheeks heat with anger. “I thought my family was too human for you.”

Alvah sighed and moved closer, reaching for him and Daray actually stepped back. If Alvah touched him, he wouldn’t be able to be angry. He sighed again and raked his fingers through his hair. “What do you want from me? I hate the way you’re looking at me.”

“An apology would be nice. You can’t just come here and…and get your way.”

“I didn’t come here for me, I came here for you. I…damn it…just let me hold you and I’ll apologize.”

Daray stood there a few more moments just looking at Alvah. He actually looked a little sad so Daray gave in and went into his arms. Alvah scooped him up, cradling him in his arms and sat down. Daray smiled, his cuddly vampire. Just as he knew would happen all his anger was gone in Alvahs arms. It wasn’t fair at all. “I’m so sorry Daray…I never want to be the reason you cry ever again. I’ve never made you cry before…between that and you trying to get me to meet humans I was overwhelmed. I was a bastard like I always am when I get overwhelmed by something. All you’ve seen besides the day we met is my gentle side because you bring it out so strongly. I’ve…Daray…I…” Alvah held him tighter, seeming to struggle to keep speaking. Daray kissed his cheek and Alvah kissed his lips in return, lingering there.

He pulled back when he could continue what he was saying “I’ve never had someone who meant this much to me but…I have a lot of things I’ll need to work on for you…I’m jealous and not cute jealous. It’s rip a mans throat out for looking at you too long jealous. I’ve had that problem with people I didn’t love…I just don’t know how my jealousy is going to be with someone I care about as much as you…someone I just can’t bare to lose like you…My nephew is right though. I act like a child and I need to grow up. I’ve just, being as powerful as I am I’ve always been able to just do as I please. Tantrum like I’m three, do what I want when I want but I understand I can’t be like that anymore.

You deserve a better man than that my precious Daray. I need your patience. I’ve been around for thousands of years doing what I wanted and never doing a thing for someone else I didnt’ feel like doing. As much as I want to for you I can’t change instantly but I promise you I will try….just…don’t leave me. Please, I’ll see your family tomorrow night like you wanted and I’ll go wherever you want. I’ll tell anybody you want me to we are together so you know I’m proud of you as my mate. Anything you want tell me and I will do it. Whatever it takes to keep you mine.”

“I’m not going to leave you Alvah, it just hurts being shut down all the time. I just finally got so overwhelmed and for the first time I wanted to hit you.”

“I’ll try harder, just give me time.”

“I will, I love you.”

Alvah felt like a little bit of weight had been taken off his shoulders. He still worried for their relationship and he was sure Daray did as well. “I met your mother by the way, she seemed nice.”

“She is, we should probably go back. I’m sure she let my dad know you’re here. She was sure you would come.”

Alvah let him up and they walked hand in hand back to Daray’s home. He could hear Daray’s parents talking about him even before they went inside. Apparently his father, who had not held out hope for him showing up, was teasing Daray’s mother and saying her optimism had finally broken her. He could tell Daray’s mother knew he was just playing, but she insisted that she had met him.

When Daray pulled Alvah inside they instantly caught the attention of his parents “well I’ll be damned” His father approached and offered his hand. Alvah paused a few moments then did as he was supposed to do “Nice to meet you. I can’t believe you’re even taller than my son is.”

“He’s 6’5” Daray said and his father withdrew his hand “so are you coming tomorrow too or just meeting us and going back home?”

“I am coming tomorrow”

“Good, Daray talks about you so much. It’s nice to have a face to put with his stories”

“He’s talked about you two quite a bit aswell” They could all tell how uncomfortable Alvah was in their home but he was trying and that’s what mattered to Daray. He stayed for dinner adn tried to leave right after but Darays mother said “wait, would you like to stay here tonight? If you’re coming right back here tomorrow may aswell stay. My son is hardly a child, you can share his room” Daray looked surprised. It surprised Alvah too. “um..alright…thank you”

Daray was both excited and nervous to have Alvah with him. His room wasn’t as nice as the one he shared with the vampire, but it was comfortable. He showed him where the bathroom was on the way to his room and where he could get extra blankets if he needed them. “I hope you like it here, I’m glad they let you stay.”

Alvah huffed as he sat down to take his boots off. “They probably thought I would stay home if I left.”

“Would you have?”

He grabbed Daray’s hand and pulled him onto his lap. “No and even if I had tried Gaspare would have nagged me until I came back. That boy has quite the mouth on him, he was very unhappy with me the night you left.”

“He didn’t have to yell at you over me.”

“I respect him for speaking his mind.”

“He loves you.”

“I know, it doesn’t make him less irritating when he’s right.”

Daray smiled. “You’re a good man, you know that?”

He slightly frowned “No I’m not but I’m going to try…I’m sorry. I really am Daray” Daray kissed him “You’re here, that’s all the apology I need” They stripped down to boxers then slipped under the covers together for the night. It may have been when Alvah was typically awake but he hadn’t had a moment of rest since Sunday so sleep came without him even realizing it. When the sun rose the next day Daray rubbed his eyes sleepily then carefully pulled out of Alvah’s arms. He smiled down at him, so glad he was there in his room. He had really come and would meet his family tonight.

Daray grabbed a change of clothes then went to take a shower. He lingered, just thinking of Alvah as the hot water rolled down his body. It was his mother knocking on the door telling him to come eat breakfast that made him get out and tug his clothes on. “so he’ll sleep all day?”

“I’m pretty sure”

“He’s handsome, I see why you like him” His mother said with a huge smile.

He blushed. “Come on mom.”

“Oh don’t be so shy, I’m not some mother who tries to blind myself to what my child does when he’s not home.”

“You’re liable to kill the boy with embarrassment.” His father said. “Let him be.”

“Oh alright, spoil sports.” She sat down next to her husband who kissed her cheek. “So, what kind of human food does he like?”

“He’ll eat whatever you give him, he just prefers um…” he covered his neck and felt his cheeks flush. “He likes blood. Human food fills him up, but it’s not the same as blood.”

“If he likes anything special just tell him to let us know and we’ll get it.”

“He wouldn’t let you pay for it, vampires are kind of prideful and independent. He’d insist on paying.”

“Men and their stubborn ways.” She gently nudged her husband.

“If I wasn’t so stubborn, we wouldn’t be where we are now so you should thank me for it.”Daray laughed at his parents teasing. They were really something to live up too. As far as he had seen, they had always had a good relationship.

Right after breakfast Daray started helping his mother cook. He would continue this unless his father and whomever else was helping set up by lake Argot needed his help. When things were done he’d wrap them in preparation to transport them to the event. When all the things his mother had promised to cook were done she asked her son “would you mind carrying what you can out there while I begin cleaning up.”

“Of course not mom. Just sit when you’re done. I can make a second trip”

“I’m not feeble yet Daray, you just mind those Alwalkeria as you travel. They’ve been agitated lately. You get hurt and I’ll beat you senseless for being foolish, you know how to avoid them”

“Yes mam” Daray left his home chuckling. He made the first trip there and back “see mom, safe as can be”

Chapter Three

“I’ll still worry, it’s my job.”

“And you’re the best mom for it.”

He started the second trip, a smile on his face as he thought about showing off Alvah to the rest of his family. The sun was already falling and he willed it to hurry. He dropped off the food without incident, but on the way back two of the Alwalkeria came out of the woods fighting and fell right into his path. His sudden stop in motion caught their attention and he immediately took of sprinting. He could hear them behind him and he climbed quickly up a tree and clung to a high branch.

“Go away.” He yelled as he pulled a pine cone off the branch and threw it at them.

Alvah woke earlier than he anticipated, feeling hungry. He reached for Daray and his eyes snapped open when he didn’t feel him laying there. He was usually back in bed so Alvah could wake to him. He sat up, stretching as he stood and headed to the kitchen to see if maybe he was spending time with his parents. “Oh good morning…evening.” Daray’s mother greeted him with a smile.

“Where’s Daray?”

“He went to drop some things off for me. He’s probably on the way back if you want to meet him.”

“thank you” he said then walked out. He hadn’t asked for any direction but she guessed he didn’t need any being a vampire. When Alvah was close enough to Daray to hear his heartbeat he sped off. Daray was scared and he would shred whatever was causing it. Daray sat in the tree frustrated and worried. These creatures hadn’t been a part of the villagers life very long. They had shown up about five years ago so who really knew if they could climb if they wanted it badly enough. Maybe they could spit fire or acid or any number of things Daray hoped it couldn’t. He tried to stay calm, a panicked mind wouldn’t help him but his heart beat was out of control.

Alvah was so fast that when it happened he was already in Alvahs arms by the time it registered. He had come and literally torn the dinosaurs to shreds. Their dead bodies laid scattered across the deep brown dirt. Some of their bodies were even up hanging on tree branches. He only quit examining what his boyfriend had done when Alvah asked “are you hurt?” Daray looked into his genuinely worried face “No, I’m okay” That didn’t take an ounce of worry from the vampires eyes. Somtimes Alvah forgot that Daray was a human, how fragile his life was. This was a painful reminder that when Daray wasn’t at his side he could lose him.

“Hey, I’m really fine”

“You’re living with me”


“You’re moving in with me in my castle” Daray looked like he was about to laugh which agitated Alvah “what?” he said near snapping. Daray laughed just a bit before saying “people normally ask things like that” He sighed “sorry…will you live with me…That was too much of a reminder of your human frailty. I love you too much to lose you Daray. You are irreplaceable to me” Daray blushed at his sincere words. “If you’re sure..I’ll live with you. I guess my family can now be my Tuesday visiting place” Alvah kissed him and quickly moved out of the way of falling flesh a tree had given up holding.

Alvah took Daray home and they both took a shower. When they got out his mother slapped Daray on the back of the head “I told you to be careful son”

“I was mom”

“You’re my only child Daray”

“I know mom” he hugged his mother. He told his mother of his plans to live with Daray and he could see her hold back tears. “Mom, I will come visit you every week”



“Okay…You’re a man now..I knew leaving was soon. A mom is just never fully prepared for it you know” He hugged his mother again “I know mom, I’m not really that far if you and dad ever want to come. We can show you where he lives before I leave”

“You better”

“Do you need me to take anything else?”

“And let you get in more trouble, I’ll have your father take things if I need it. We still have half an hour, so go ahead and show Alvah around town for a bit.”

“As long as you’re sure mom.”

“I am, go, get out.”

Daray let out a soft laugh as he took Alvah’s hand and pulled him out the front door. When his mother said to go, she meant it. She’d end up hitting them with throw pillows if they didn’t go. Alvah kept him close as they walked and did his best to only focus on what Daray was saying so he wouldn’t freak out on someone. “Are any friends going to be at this get together?” He asked.

Daray nodded. “Probably, they’re like family, I grew up with them.”

“Oh.” He knew Daray had male friends, but didn’t think he’d be dealing with anyone other than family, which would be challenging enough.

“Don’t worry Alvah”

“I don’t want to upset you”

“I know I can’t expect you to change over night okay? I won’t leave you”

“I know Daray, I still don’t want you disappointed in me”

“One day at a time Alvah” Daray said warmly. When it was time for their family event Daray showed Alvah the way. Avah actually stopped walking, his heart nearly stopping when he saw all the people” Daray rubbed the back of his head “It actually isn’t normally this crowded but it kind of spread I was inviting my boyfriend. You can take a minute. I’ll wait right here with you while you prepare yourself” Alvah didn’t speak, he wanted to go back to his castle but Daray needed this from him to be happy. If he left and didn’t try for Daray he would lose him so he took a few more moments and forced himself to approach the crowd of humans.

Daray was practically smothered in hugs. Some of the family hugged Alvah too while others were nervous. Daray was the first in their family to date a non human so while they accepted Alvah and were happy for Daray it would take a bit for some to be fully comfortable. Alvah could easily tell who feared him and who didn’t and was actually more impressed by the humans who came up despite their fear. Family obviously meant a great deal to all of them. They wanted to be nice for Daray.

A young man practically tackled Daray in a hug and he laughed as he hugged back. “Easy, you’ll break something.”

“Hey, it’s been awhile.”

Daray laughed some more. “That’s what happens when you up and decide to go adventuring.” Alvah cleared his throat and Daray wiggled loose to introduce them. “Alvah this is my closest friend Iom.”

“I’ve heard good things about you, well things that Daray and his parents have told others. So I’ve just heard things today. It’s nice to meet you. I hope you’re treating Daray right, he’s like a baby brother to me.” He tussled Daray’s hair.

“I’m like two minutes younger.”

“Still younger.” He grinned. “Daray and I were born on the same day, our mothers only children, and we became friends the minute we saw each other.”

“Iom is the trouble maker.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“Trying to catch a bear cub was plenty trouble.”

“No one died, we just got chased.”

Both men laughed but all Alvah could manage was controlling himself enough not to make Iom move away from his mate. He wanted to at least smile but it was taking too much of him to control himself. He knew it was ridiculous for it to be this hard but there had seriously never been a time in his life before this he exercised any restraint. When you didn’t even have to do anything besides what you wanted as a child it was hard for others to understand just how hard it was to learn this late in life. They all continued talking. When Iom walked away Daray said ‘I’m proud of you. Thank you so much Alvah. You don’t know what this has meant to me”

Alvah kissed Daray’s head “You’re worth anything Daray” Alvah was realized when the night was finally over and he didn’t have to be surrounded by humans any longer “I need to just take you home now Daray…”

“You handled hours of that for me. Of course, lets go tell my parents bye” Daray hugged his parents who understood. Daray promised to come back in the morning and show them where his mate boyfriend lived. “You really did well Alvah”

“you’ll reward me for it so all is well” Alvah winked and Darays cheeks lightly tinted and he laughed. Alvah looked stress, Daray didn’t know if it was because he knew him so well but it was visible on his face how hard all that had really been for Alvah to tolerate. Yet still he was being playful. When they arrived at Alvahs home Gaspere tried to greet them but Alvah rushed past as if his nephew wasn’t there.

“That’s not nice.” Daray said.

“I can say hello later.”

Alvah’s lips found Daray’s the moment the door closed, his hands ripping his mate’s shirt open. He grinned when Daray’s cheeks flushed and his breathing sped up. He pushed him onto the bed, mouth sucking on exposed flesh so he was left with hickeys. He wanted everyone to know he was taken. He moved lower as he pulled boots and pants off, his mouth finding his already erect manhood. Daray’s fingers tangled in Alvah’s hair, his back arching off the bed at the overwhelming pleasure. He came with a shaky cry and Alvah kissed and bit his way back up, their lips meeting once again. Daray tugged at Alvah’s clothes, managing to get his shirt off and he found himself just admiring his lover’s pale skin. He was beautiful, like an alabaster statue come to life.

“Oh Alvah, I really love you more than anything.”

Alvah felt his heart skip and beat and before he made a fool of himself, he stripped the rest of his clothes off and lifted Daray’s hips so he could thrust into him. Daray’s eyes filled with happy tears and Alvah laced their fingers together, opting for a slow lovemaking so he could really take in his love’s expressions. “I love you too Daray, I really do.”

Darays moans filled Alvah’s room as his lover went as slow as he could, loving the pleasure it brought Daray. Inevitably Alvah poured into Daray then pulled out, giving him another kiss before getting under his covers with him. Alvah sighed contentedly “That was well worth today”

“I can’t thank you enough for doing that for me Alvah”

“You just did my pet” Daray smiled “You truly want me living here?”

“Yes, I need to know your safe”

“will my parents be welcome?”

“Of course”

“When you go to sleep in the morning I’m going home briefly”

“Please just be very careful”

“I’ve walked that way on my own for a year now four times a month, eight if you’re counting both ways”

“alright, lets just relax. I need it Daray” Daray had no problems complying. He just snuggled into Alvahs arms. They cuddled like this into the morning. Alvah fell asleep near ten am and Daray left their room. Gaspere appeared beside him “how did he do?”

“really well”

“see how much he loves you Daray?”

“yeah, he’s asked me to live here with you two”

“thats wonderful, should I help you move?”

“tonight we will take care of that. For now I need to go home and bring my parents here so they know the way”

When Daray arrived at his parent’s home, he was happy to see Iom there talking to them about his explorations. Iom instantly got up and hugged him. “I was told you’re moving out.”

“Alvah asked me to live with him.”

Iom messed up his hair, making Daray glare at him. “I’m happy for you. I’m sorry he didn’t like me.”

“That’s not true.”

“He was jealous. I hope he knows I’m not attracted to you. We’re brothers.”

“He’ll get used to you being so affectionate, it’ll just take time.” He reassured. “So are you two ready?” He asked his parents.

“Yeah, why don’t we at least take some of your clothes.” His mother suggested.

“If I can come, I’ll help carry them.” Iom said.

“You’re always welcome, Iom.” Daray said with a warm smile.

Between the four of them they were able to take all of his clothing back to teh cxastle “Holy shit, is there any way he isn’t an old timey vampire. Wow” Daray chuckled “I know right, I love him but it’s almost funny sometimes. Gaspere assures me that Alvah is among the few who fit the stereotype. He just wont update at all.”

“If he does update he should keep this castle. It’s amazing”

“wait until you see the inside. Gaspere probably just fell asleep so lets not try to be too loud. It takes him a good hour to go into deep sleep”

“why does he stay up so…well late I guess”

“He’s younger than Alvah, much younger. Apparently the newer generations can handle sunlight better. Gaspere can leave during the day as long as he has sunblock on so he isn’t strictly night like Alvah. Alvah on the other hand, theres nothing he can do. He could have gallons of sunblock and would set on fire the second the sun touched his skin”


“yeah…it’s kind of scary to think about…”

“well he’s careful I’m sure” Iom comforted.

They left the clothes in a guest room so they wouldn’t wake Alvah and Daray gave his family a tour. “This place is so gorgeous.” His mother said.

“It’s definitely sturdy.” His father added and Daray couldn’t help but smile at his need to test the structural integrity of the place. It would take quite a bit to break through the walls.

“I’m a little jealous, this place is so awesome. I’m surprised you’ve never gotten lost.” Iom said as he turned this way and that.

“When I first came here, I got a bit turned around and somehow wound up in the cellar. I didn’t even remember going that far downstairs. I wound up just waiting for Alvah to find me, it didn’t take long.” He ended the tour back at the front door. “Would you like to stay until we all head back to get my things?”

“Alvah won’t mind?”

“Not at all, he might not be very good with people, but you’re my family and he’ll make an effort for you. It’s going to take some getting used too having others here besides myself and Gaspare.”

“We understand, we’re just glad he came. You looked so heartbroken when he wouldn’t”

“I love him but you guys are my family. If he would have made me choose it would have been the end of things and I don’t think my heart would ever forget him” His mother rubbed his cheek “It’s good to know you’d never leave me behind. Hell it wouldn’t be long even if you tried. I’d come grab that ear of yours and set you straight” The three men chuckled at her then Daray hugged his mom “you, dad, Iom, everybody, you would never turn your back on me and I would never turn my back on you. That’s what family is.” They hungout in the castle until Daray said “I’m going to slip into bed with Alvah. He likes to wake up to me there and it wont be long.”

Daray ran up to Alvahs room and carefully opened the door. He slowly shut it, glad nothing in Alvahs castle creaked. Daray gently got into bed and waited for Alvah to wake. It took at maximum ten minuts and Alvahs red eyes were looking into Daray’s “morning” Alvah looked relieved “good evening, it smells like your family is here”

“Yeah, they are waiting to help us move my things here”

“Gasper and I are capable”

“They want to help, please let them” Alvah kissed Daray “Okay” Alvah changed then they went downstairs “good to see you again” he said, knowing it’s what he ought to say. He glanced at Daray who smiled at him. “Gaspare” Alvah called and no answer came “He stayed up again” Daray said and Alvah sighed “I’ll fetch him” Before Daray could reply Alvah was gone “Holy shit” Iom said and Daray said “I know, I still haven’t gotten used to that” Soon Alvah and a very sleepy looking Gaspare appeared beside them. Gaspare let his arm rest on Darays shoulder as they walkd “He’s obviously your little pet now. Make him be nicer to me when he wakes me up” Alvah glared at his nephew who chuckled. They moved Darays stuff quickly, all the while Alvah holding back his complaints of how it would have been faster if just he and Gaspare did it.

Alvah just waited patiently while Daray said a long goodbye to his parents and friend. Alvah sighed when Daray let him lift him off the ground. “my impatient vampire”

“I behaved”

“I know and it means so much”

~ The End

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