Alvin & Westyn

Chapter One

Alvin and Westyn talked happily as they laid cuddled together in bed until Alvin started yawning. Westyn kissed his head tenderly before saying “Go to sleep handsome”

“I don’t want to”

“but you look so tired”

“hey, you always look tired and I don’t push you to sleep”

“I just like being with you until you’re down for the night”

“Maybe I want a turn going to sleep last” Westyn pressed their lips together, kissing Alvin passionately “go to sleep or I’ll make love to you until you do”

“Hey now, using how amazing you are at sex isn’t fair. Tonight I’m finally staying up longer than you” Westyn felt a little panic set in but he tried to remain calm. He was dating a wolf so Alvin would pick up on his alarm if he let himself freak out. He couldn’t go to sleep ever again, not now that he had found Alvin. For as long as he had memories every time he fell asleep he’d wake up in a completely new place. He had been a professional baseball player, he had been a peasant, he had been a prince, he had been a restaurant owner, he had been to thousands of different schools when he was growing up, he had lived in china and he had lived in worlds so different from this one they couldn’t even be compared. No, he wasn’t switching lives again, he was staying here with Alvin.

He had to find a way to make Alvin sleep because after months of being here if he didn’t take something or do something to himself to stay up he couldn’t force staying awake any longer. He could already feel it coming, sleep trying to force it’s way in. If Alvin kept insisting things to be different tonight he might have to tell him the truth and he knew how crazy he would sound, he had tried to tell someone multiple times. Reactions varied but nobody had ever actually believed him.



“Are you alright, your heart’s beating like crazy.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, just happy to be with you.” He gently stroked his fingers through Alvin’s hair. “Go to sleep baby.”

Alvin raised part way up. “Why are you in such a hurry to get me to go to sleep?”

“Alvin, why do you have to fight me on this?” He instantly regretted his tone and sat up. He had never snapped at Alvin. He ran his fingers through his hair. He was so exhausted. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap.”

“Hey, tell me what’s wrong.” Alvin said as he sat all the way up. “Did I do something?”

“No way, you’re perfect. I’m just tired.” He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Alvin’s lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He brushed Westyn’s hair away from his face. He could see how exhausted he was. It was like he never slept and it was worrying. It was why he wanted to get him to sleep first. “Westyn, you know you can talk to me about anything right? We’re mates.”

His body swayed a bit with the need to sleep and his mate obviously wasn’t going to go to bed so Westyn decided he finally had to tell him. He had to tell him, sound crazy and not be believed yet again. After trying to tell someone so many times he didn’t think anybody could possibly believe what he had been going through his entire life. It broke his heart, that everything might end tonight either by Alvin leaving him or him passing out before he could do something to force himself to stay awake. “Alvin…” he sighed, struggling to tell him “Alvin I can’t go to sleep. I can never go to sleep again if I want to stay with you” He proceeded to tell Alvin about his life, about all the lives he had lived and how he truly never woke up in the same place twice. He couldn’t look Alvin in the eye as he spoke but he felt this was going better than normal. Most people had interrupted him by now with either harsh words or laughter but Alvin was just listening.

When he was done talking Alvin said “Westyn, look at me” Westyn did, unable to deny his mate anything “how have you stayed up this long? Even the immortal need rest. You have to have been doing something to yourself” Shame washed over him “sometimes I hurt myself or I chug energy drinks and I…I’ve even taken certain drugs a few times because they could keep me awake…I’m sorry, I know how disappointed you must be but I couldn’t leave you. I’d miss you for eternity and staying awake is my only option”

“Hearing that doesn’t make me happy but thats not what disappoints me. What disappoints me is that you felt you couldn’t tell me whats going on”

“Do you believe me? I didn’t tell you because I’ve tried and nobody has ever believed me”

“Of course I believe you, your my mate. I’ll always believe you. I could have been helping you instead of you hurting yourself. Staying awake all the time isn’t healthy and pumping your body full of poisons certainly isn’t healthy either”

“How can you help me?”

“I don’t know but I’ll figure something out. We’ll figure this out together”

Westyn buried his face in his hands, tears swimming in his eyes. “I just can’t do it anymore. If I lost you, I wouldn’t want to live.”

“Westyn, hey, it’s alright.” Alvin hugged him, his heart breaking for his mate. He couldn’t begin to imagine how hard it must have been for him, how terrifying it was to constantly wake up in a new world, to a new life.

“I’m so tired.”

“I know baby.”

“And I’m scared. I…I didn’t think of ever getting attached to someone, but I did and now…I hate this.”

“Shh, it’s okay.” He pulled Westyn’s hand away from his face and wiped at the tears marring his cheeks. “Nothing will take you from me, I swear. We can go and talk to my parents. In their line of work, I’m sure they’ve come across someone who knows all about this. There are so many magical creatures in our world, demons, fairies, witches, we’ll find someone and I will give anything to make sure you can go to sleep again without leaving me.”

“I love you so much, so, so much.”

“I love you too.” He pressed a kiss to Westyn’s lips. “Come on, let’s go.”

“But it’s late.”

“It’s never too late for my parents when it comes to one of their children.”

Alvin looked so sure his parents wouldn’t mind them coming over at this house he didn’t argue any more. Westyn followed his mate out to the car and let Alvin drive them there “I just realized how much you’ve driven us places on no sleep”

“I was always careful. I wouldn’t have driven any of those times if I thought I would hurt you”

“well, you aren’t driving any more until you’re able to sleep”

“Yes sir” When they pulled up to his parents house they quickly approached the door, Alvin knocking loudly. His father opened the door with his mother right behind “what’re you two doing here so late? Is something wrong?”

“we need to talk to you guys” They walked inside and they all stood in the living room where Alvin explained everything Westyn had told him. Noe sighed “it’s been so long since you’ve slept we’ll deal with the fact you didn’t feel comfortable talking to any of us later. We need to get on making it so your soul wont change bodies over night. To me it sounds like your soul jumps when you rest. I could be wrong but its one explanation. I have someone I think we can talk to about that”

“Who?” Alvin asked.

“Just give me a moment to get dressed.”

“Us.” Vivian said.

“You should go back to bed baby.” Noe said as he gently tucked some hair behind her ear. “You’ve had a long week.”

“I’m a mercenary, I can handle another night, especially for this.”

“Mom, if you’ve been pushing yourself then you should rest. I know you still work from time to time, so if you need to then sleep.”

Vivian smiled. “I’ll be alright, this is important and I promise to tell you if I’m tired.”

“I’ll hold you to that, Viv, no lying to me.” They headed back up to their room and came back down fully dressed.

“So who is this person?” Alvin asked again.

“A demon.”

“A demon? Is he dangerous?”

“Of course he is, just not to us. I spotted him in the park, talking to a homeless man, he had a younger man with him. When I approached them and asked what they were doing, he said they were making a deal. He’s like the demons you read about in stories, the ones who make deals with people for something in exchange. I don’t know how he’ll deal with your specific condition, but it’s worth a shot.”

“So back to the park then?” Vivian asked.

“I have a feeling he’ll be there. Call it wolf’s intuition.”

Alvin and Westyn followed his parents out and climbed into the back seat of Noe’s car. Alvin rested his head on Westyn’s shoulder and took his hand, lovingly stroking it. “What if this doesn’t work?” Westyn asked.

“Then we keep looking.” Alvin responded.

Vivian chimed in “you’re far too good of a mate to our son for us to let you vanish from this world” It meant a lot to hear Alvins mother say that. They had already expressed their approval of the relationship but he really liked them and loved their son immensely. He would do anything for Alvin. He was sure it was only love truly keeping him awake at this point. The first two weeks hadn’t been easy but every day after that had been harder and harder, especially since he had to wait for Alvin to rest to do what he needed to do to get through the night. They soon arrived at the park and followed Noes lead since he knew where they were going. To everyones relief the demons were there “excuse me”


“Your a demon that makes deals right?”

“Yes I am, what is it you need of me?”

“My sons mate has this problem where every time he sleeps his soul goes into a different body in a different world or timeline every single night. I don;t know what we’d have to offer you but this man means the world to my son and to us. Can you help him or tell me how to help him stay here?”

“Huh, interesting. Come here and let me inspect you” Westyn moved forward without hesitation. He studied the demon as he studied him. He had this air about him, one that said he was very old, powerful and intelligent. He wasn’t sure why but it also felt like he was protective of the male with him so Westyn assumed the blue haired man watching was his mate.

Chapter Two

“I’m Aeron by the way.” The blue haired man said. “That’s Marius, forgive him for being so rude, it’s just the way he is.”

“I am not rude my love, simply easily distracted when it comes to matters of importance. You know you should never use drugs, Westyn, it’s killing you.”

“How did you know?” Westyn felt ashamed.

“I can see everything you have going on in your head. I apologize if it seems invasive, I can’t turn it off.” He let his eyes flick to Vivian. “And how far along are you?”

“What?” She looked confused and Noe turned to her.

“Are you pregnant?” Noe asked and Vivian shrugged.

“She didn’t know, but she got sick while she was away, your kind don’t tend to catch the flu little tigress.” He lifted Westyn’s shirt and Alvin had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing at the surprised look on his face. “How strange, your spirit is out of alignment.”

“Can you fix it?” Alvin asked.

Marius’s eyes looked into Westyn’s. “What would you be willing to give to stay with him forever?”


“And you, Alvin, what would you give?”

“The same, whatever you want.”

“Oh stop reading them.” Aeron said as he nudged Marius, causing the demon to look at him.

Marius’s eyes softened. “I’m sorry my love, but you know I must.” He then turned his gaze back to Westyn and Alvin. “It’s not something I want, but something I will have to do to both of you. Souls are a tricky business. I can take and give them to people, it’s one of my gifts, but in order to stop him from leaving, I must transfer a half of each of your souls into each other.”

“What does that mean?” Noe asked.

“Will it hurt them?” Vivian added.

“Yes, but it is the only way. It would mean being bound together forever in life and death, it would mean feeling each others emotions, it would mean living for each other always. I know wolves mate for life, but what about you Westyn, would you be willing to lose half of your soul?”

“Absolutely, whatever it takes. I don’t care how high the price.”

Marius nodded. “Very well, then you must both come with me for a few days. It takes time and I refuse to make a mistake.”

Noe knew this demon to be honorable so he simply hugged his son and then Westyn. Vivian hugged them aswell “come see us the second you get back. You’ll have to tell us how it went and we’ll have figured out how far along I am by then. Marius is right, I didn’t think about it but why else would I have thrown up.”

“we will, thank you”

“we’re here anytime you need us” Alvin smiled, knowing that to be absolutely true. Marius took them to his home “My little brother lives here. I don’t want you to be surprised when you see him”

“His name is Genya” Aeron added. Marius guided the two to a room that had an overly large bed “Lay down side by side please, I’ll be right back” Marius and Aeron left so Alvin and Westyn went ahead and did what they were told “I’m sorry you have to go through pain for me to stay”

“It would hurt worse to lose you and I’m kind of excited to feel everything you feel. I wonder what sex will be like?” Westyn chuckled “I love you” he couldn’t help but say it “I love you too”

“I really am also sorry about the drugs”

“as long as you never touch them again we’re cool”

“I swear, no more. It was truly only so I wouldn’t have to leave you”

“I know, I believe that Westyn. I also want us to get on a super healthy diet for awhile too to help your body heal from all you’ve been putting it through”

“Alright, but the first thing I’m going to do after is go to sleep, I’m just so tired.”

“You will be able to sleep again, I promise.” Marius said as he re-entered the room, startling both of them. Not even Alvin, with his superior senses had noticed him come back in.

“Honestly, I think I’ll still be too scared to.” Westyn replied.

“You won’t have a choice after we are finished here. You have put your body and mind through great strain, it will sleep even if you don’t want it to.” He sat a tray on top of the chest of drawers. Aeron soon came in with cups and a mortar and pestle.

“What’s going to happen?” Alvin asked.

“Magic.” Marius answered as he rolled his sleeves up and got to work.

Aeron sat down at the foot of the bed, giving them a warm smile. “Trust him okay, he won’t fail you. He might seem a bit odd, but he always comes through no matter what. The cost for you two is high, so he might take a bit making sure everything is perfectly measured.”

“We understand.” Alvin said.

“He did say it was going to be painful.” Westyn added.

“It will be.” Marius said. “But love and pain sometimes go hand in hand and I know you two will pull through. You might be out for a couple of days and afterwards I want to keep you here for observation. I want you both to make yourself at home, all I ask is that you stay out of the portal room.”

They were more than happy to obey that. They’d do anything he said for what he was doing for them. Westyn still struggled to even believe he might actually get to stay somewhere forever and actually get to keep his mate. Meeting him had been such an intense feeling. Despite the fact he wasn’t a wolf he had known the second they locked eyes he was meant to be with Alvin. Getting to stay by his side forever was the greatest gift he could ever receive. When Marius’s work became painful the two held hands for support. Neither had ever known such pain but that was probably why the two demons helping them had mentioned it would be painful so many times before it got to this part.

Alvin was exhausted by the time Marius was finished, his body feeling like it had been torn apart and reassembled. Westyn was barely able to keep his eyes open, fear the only thing keeping him conscious. “You two should rest.” Marius said and Westyn shook his head. “You don’t have to be afraid.”


“I can feel and see how tired you are. Your body needs rest or you will not be able to properly heal.”

“He’s right Wes, don’t fight it. I’ll be here when you wake up, trust me okay?”

Westyn’s eyes filled with tears and Marius seeing that Alvin wanted to comfort him, helped him move closer. Alvin thanked him and both Marius and Aeron left them, knowing they needed this time together. Alvin talked softly to Westyn even though he himself was ready to pass out and was relieved when he finally fell asleep, unable to fight it any longer. Alvin lay there for a few more minutes just listening to his soft breathing, wanting to make sure he stayed asleep before finally allowing his own eyes to close.

Alvin woke to a young man entering the room with a tray of food. Genya explained “they knew Westyn wouldn’t wake yet so we just made some breakfast for you. He hasn’t had a moments rest in the months you’ve been together so his body wont be able to wake up until at least tonight. We imagine it will probably be tomorrow so don’t worry. His body truly needs this rest” Alvin understood and gratefully accepted the tray “where should I take this when I’m done?”

“I’ll come get it later”

“Your Genya right?”


“Your brother has done such an amazing thing for me. I don’t want to be a bigger burden than I have to be so I want to take this back to the kitchen myself”

“Okay, I’ll show you where it is when you’re done”

“thank you” Genya sat down in a chair Alvin hadn’t originally noticed in the room “so, how’re you feeling?”

“better than I thought I would. I was in so much pain”

“good, my brother always does things perfectly. I haven’t seen a single mistake yet so you should heal up rapidly”

“He’s pretty amazing. He even knew my mom was pregnant before she did.”

“It’s the mind reading. He can see everything in your head, past and present. It can be a little disconcerting if you didn’t grow up with him doing it, but it really helps get to the heart of things.”

“I’m grateful, truly. I’m surprised he didn’t ask for anything for himself.”

“The price for each person differs. Sometimes he takes jewelry and sometimes souls or immortality. You can always work to get it back, it’s part of his policy.”

“I don’t want what he took from me back, Westyn can keep it forever.” He took a bite of his food. “Oh this taste really good.”

“I’m glad, Marius made it. He said you wanted something healthy.”

Alvin looked at Westyn. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice he was struggling. I should have asked sooner.”

“Don’t blame yourself. Unless you’re a mind reader like my brother, you wouldn’t have known. It’s just good you caught it when you did.”

“The idiot. If he had passed out, he wouldn’t be here right now and I would have been left wondering if he left me. I should beat him up when he’s better. How could he believe I would think he was crazy? I’m a werewolf, I know that anything is possible.”

“He loves you so much he tortured himself.”

“I know, I just wish he had trusted me.” He bent down and gently kissed Westyn’s lips. “I love you, you dummy.”

Alvin went back to his food so he could finish and be shown the kitchen. “he should be resting” the sudden voice behind him was startling but Alvin didn’t jump. “he insisted” Marius nodded “I see that, stubborn, you got it from your parents. Thats also where you got your heart. I see they gave you a good life.”

“They’re the best”

“well back to bed. I will take care of the dish’s” Alvin returned to Westyn and cuddled up to him. When Westyn didn’t wake up that night Alvin felt worry creep in despite the fact Genya said it might be morning before he woke. His soul was still there, he could feel that but he had put his body through so much anything could be happening. “you better wake up in the morning Westyn” he said as he caressed his cheek. It was hard for Alvin to relax enough to pass out that night but he eventually managed after Marius came in to remind him “he’ll wake up” He had apologized and Marius told him there was no need.

In the morning Alvin woke to Westyn hugging him. Once he was fully awake he realized Westyn was also crying “baby”

“I can’t believe I’m still here with you..oh god…”

“see, things get fixed when you let your family know what’s going on with you”

“How long was I out?”

“a little over a day”

“you didn’t worry did you? Your expression while you slept looked worried”

“You’re my everything, of course I was worried”

Chapter Three

Westyn held him a little tighter. “I’m sorry, for everything, Alvin. I’m sorry for lying, for making you worry, for not trusting you enough to know you would believe me. I was stupid.”

“Yes you were. How do you think I would have felt if I had woke one day to you gone?”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me.” He pulled back to look at Alvin. “Please?”

“Of course I will you idiot, but don’t ever do something stupid like that again. You’re not allowed to hurt yourself, you’re not alone in this, I’m you’re mate.” Alvin was crying now and Westyn wiped his tears away.

“I love you so much, baby, with everything that I am.”

“I know,” Alvin said as he wiped away more tears and pressed a hand to Westyn’s chest, “I can feel it. Can’t you?”

Westyn smiled, holding Alvin’s hand there over his heart. “Yes and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” He let out a little laugh. “I can also feel how mad you are.”

“Well, you better find a way to make me not mad then.”

He squeezed Alvin’s hand. “Alright, will you marry me then?”

Alvins tears started falling a little faster “Yes but that doesn’t make me unmad at you”

“are you too mad to kiss me?” Alvin pressed their lips together “never” Westyn pressed a harder kiss to the top of Alvins head “I’ll help or butt out as much as you want Alvin. I want it to be the wedding you’ve always dreamed of”

“you only dont get a say on the flowers and where” Westyn chuckled “where are we getting married then my handsome little wolf tiger”

“I want to get married where my parents did and I know its not what people normally do but I want my favorite flowers to be everywhere”

“I don’t care what people normally do. That sounds perfect to me”

The next three days were spent with Westyn recuperating and Marius keeping them under observation. They talked about their wedding, throwing out colors and who they wanted in it. Once Marius was satisfied that they were both perfect and that Westyn was in better health than when he had arrived he took them back, Aeron joining them. “I really want to thank both of you again.” Westyn said when they were standing in the park.

“It was nothing, but you are very welcome. If you should ever need anything,” he reached into his pocket and produced a blue stone, “please use this to get a hold of me.”

Alvin smiled as he took it. “Thank you. Will you two be coming to our wedding?”

“Of course.” Aeron said. “We wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


“October, that’s a good month to get married. Fall here is beautiful.”

Alvin laughed. “We’ll be seeing you then and don’t be strangers, feel free to drop in anytime.”

Marius nodded then let his gaze rest on Aeron. “Ready to go love?”

“To the lighthouse?”

Marius smiled, cocking his head to the side. “If you wish it.” Then they were gone, stepping back through to their world. Alvin pulled out his phone and called his parents, letting them know they were in the park and asking to be picked up.

His parents immediately got in their car and drove over, relieved they were finally back. Noe wouldn’t have taken his son to a demon he didn’t think was trustworthy but they had still worried. Something could have gone wrong or Westyn, out of exhaustion could have fallen asleep before the process was over. The two jumped in the car as soon as it pulled up and Vivian, unable to wait went ahead and told them “so it seems like I’m a little over two months along”

“That’s amazing mom! Congratulations to you both! Have you told Benjy?”

“He’s actually at the house waiting on you guys, Avalline and their pups are with him”

“No way!”

“Yep, they flew out the second we called them and updated them on everything. They are eager to meet you Westyn”

“I’ve been wanting to meet them too. I didn’t know if I would last long enough here to do it..I’m really happy”

“speaking of which, if you ever keep secrets again Benjy, Vivian and I will kick your tail. I just want to make sure that’s clear”

“It is”

“speaking of not keeping secrets Westyn and I want to get married in October” Alvin added.

“That’s fantastic baby.” Vivian said as she hugged her son and Westyn. “I’m so excited. Have you picked a spot? How about colors and flowers?”

“Easy mom.” Alvin chuckled. “Flowers and location are already set. We’ve discussed everything else, but haven’t settled on things yet.”

She let them go so Noe and Benjy could congratulate them and if it wasn’t for the fact that Alvin wanted to get Westyn home, they might have stood there longer discussing everything. “You two call us tomorrow, okay?” Vivian said when they dropped the two of them off. “We need to start planning.”

“We will mom, I promise.”

The next day Alvin called them like he promised, especially since his brother had flown all the way out and they hadn’t spent very long at his parents house last night. He knew they understood but it was also just the fact that he missed his brother. Between playing with Benjys children and catching up they tried to sort out more wedding details. Westyn just reveled in how amazing this was. He had a life and was going to have a life. He was going to get to marry Alvin and have a family that wouldn’t change constantly. Everything was perfect and no matter how the wedding turned out Westyn would still feel like everything was perfect as long as he had Alvin.

~ The End

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