Amadee & Zara

Chapter One

Prologue: Their tongues and moans mingled and their hands traveled eachother. They were finally alone, could finally act like girlfriends instead of just friends. Amadee’s parents didn’t know because they were intense Christians. The kind of Christians that condemned all gays to hell. The church they went to were borderline cultish and it wouldn’t surprise Amadee one bit if they went all the way into looneyville one day. She’d never see Zara again if they ever knew so she had to keep them a secret until she was an adult and could move out. Zara’s parents didn’t know mostly because Amadees couldn’t. She was terrified of losing her, Amadee was Zara’s first love and while her parents had never been unfair with her she didn’t quite know how they would take the fact she was a lesbian.

She knew they wouldn’t kick her out and they probably wouldn’t forbid the relationship but it still was a hard thing to admit, especially since it made it more likely Amadees parents would find out. When they stopped kissing Zara looked sad so Amadee asked “Are you okay?”

“I just love you so much. I hate we get so few chances to be alone and even when we are I’m terrified somebody is going to walk in on us and that I’ll/…that I’ll lose you”

“Never Zara, Even if my parents rip me from you, even if they take me to the other side of the world to try and keep me from you I’ll find you when we’re adults. We’ll be together, you’re my everything. No matter what if we’re separated I will find my way back to you” Zara pulled her in for another kiss then they just cuddled. It was the next week they were caught and Amadees mother reacted mostly how she expected. She was livid but not at her, she was livid at Zara “How dare you corrupt my innocent Amadee! Were you rapeing her just now!” she kept screaming at her as she held painfully tight to her daughters arm “Mom! Mom!” Amadees cries finally reached her “she wasn’t forcing me into anything. I love her mom. I’m” she didn’t get to continue her father jerked her from her mother and punched her, holding her arm with the other hand to keep her standing “don’t you say that shit you little harlot! I knew somthing was fucking wrong with your friendship”

“Don’t you dare hurt her!” Zara said angrily. They forced Amadee in their car, leaving Zara alone and crying. Amadees father had struck her a few times too as she had tried to fight to keep Amadee from them. Zara called her mother in tears. She had been at work but she told her boss her daughter was hurt and he let her go. She drove over, calling her husband on the way to get home. Her mother was barely parked when she rushed out of the car to Zara. Zara hugged her, telling her all about their relationship, how long it had been going on and then finally about Amadees parents finding out.

“Zara…why…why couldn’t you tell me baby? I’m sorry if I ever said or did anything that made you feel I wouldn;t be okay with it. I love you, I want you to be happy”

“It was mostly about Amadee, she knew her parents would react this way and I figured the less people that knew the better” Her mother held her daughter a little more tightly “well I’m pressing charges over him hitting you.”

“Mom, I dont care about that..what are we going to do. They wont ever let me see her again now…I love her so much mom” Zara was crying too hard now to talk. “shh, lets go home. Your dad is going to be there” Her father drove over to Amadees house after he knew everything to confront Amadees bastard father but they werent home. He went back every day at different times for a week and nothing. What was worse was all of Amadees social media was gone and her phone number was no longer a working number.Even the authorities couldn’t find them once they alerted them to the situation.

Her parents had gone straight to the church to deal with Amadees sins, to cleanse her. They all chipped in so the family could move to get Amadee away from the demon woman Zara, the one who had made her stray from gods path. The following years were pure misery for Amadee but no matter what they put her through she was too stubborn and loved Zara too much for them to break her of her love for Zara.

Present Day: Amadees head was spinning as she sat chained in the basement. She had tried to leave when she became an adult but their answer was to keep her locked wherever they could put her so she could be saved from her sin. Amadee hadn’t forgotten Zara, couldn’t all these years later. She was twenty four now which meant her Zara also was. Amadee knew at this point Zara was probably with someone else. She was so amazing, so beautiful, sweet and smart. For all Zara knew she was abandoned the day her parents found out. She couldn’t blame Zara if she had moved on and forgotten all about her.

Zara leaned on the hood of her truck looking at the little map and timeline she had made. She ate a bagel and sipped coffee as she once more reviewed each sighting of Amadee that had been reported. Her brother had insisted on coming with her and he was now napping in the truck after driving all night, Amya had her head resting on his shoulder. Zara felt like she was getting closer. Sightings of Amadee had gone dark after awhile and she wasn’t sure what that meant. She feared that Amadee’s parents had done something terrible for her, but she told herself she would find Amadee alive or dead, she just wanted her back. She took a deep breath, wanting to stay positive. Amadee had to be alive, she felt she would know if her love passed out of this world.

Amadee heard the basement door open. She couldn’t really keep track of time but she guessed it was time for her weekly sermon. They were too embarrassed to take her into the church so the pastor was coming to her. Even if they weren’t embarrassed Amadee would scream and carry on if they forced her around the other church people. “Amadee, has satan still got his grip on you? Are you ready to repent so you can go to heaven with your parents”

“I told you, stop calling them my parents. Parents don’t beat and chain up their children. They created me but they are not a mother and father.” He sighed, looking at her with pity “You poor sweet child. It’s another attempt at exorcism for you today if you choose to keep down this path of sin Zara was working with the devil. She is vile, don’t let her poison continue to effect you. Your parents are good, god fearing people. You are only like this because of her”

“Zara is and was amazing. It’s you lot who are vile. Do whatever you want. I love her and that won’t change. I love her and I just want you to let me go. Why do you all care if I repent?”

“We can’t be happy in heaven without you Amadee” Her mother said. “I hate you, I hate you all” Amadee fought back tears. She knew massive amounts of pain were coming her way but she refused to deny her love. “You’ll thank us one day” her father said and the three began getting ready for the exorcism.

“This is the last town she was spotted in.” Zara said as she pulled over and took out her map. “They made a pretty straight line.”

“They might have kept going.” Jullien replied as he stroked the head of the turtle sitting in his lap.

“They probably hid her or something.” She got out and Jullien followed. “We’ll ask around, show Amadee’s picture, maybe someone knows where we can find her.”

“I’m right behind you.”

Even though Zara was certain she could defend herself if something happened, it was nice having her brother around. He was tall and had that air about him that he wasn’t messing around. He was the most gentle person, but none of these strangers knew that. He used it to his advantage when he had to, especially where his sister and Amya were concerned.

They went to a few neighborhoods and started asking. Some would listen to Zara’s story while others would slam the door before she could finish. They were driving to a fourth neighborhood when Jullien said “We should stop for lunch Zara.” She sighed, knowing her brother was right. She probably wouldn’t eat at all if he didn’t remind her and push the subject. He was keeping her healthy and it was another reason it was good he and his girlfriend came with her so often. He insisted on a sit down place since they had been eating only fast food for over a month now. Amya grabbed Zara’s hand as they waited for their food “I know I probably say it too much but we’ll find her one day. As determined as you are we will..I wish I was a better animal so I could be of some help”

“You’re adorable as a turtle. You just being here is help. Besides, if you refused to come I doubt my brother would and I need him for many reasons.” Jullien kissed his girlfriend “I wouldn’t have you as any other animal. You being a turtle is perfect” Amya smiled at him and Zara couldn’t wait to be able to have little moments like that with Amadee.

They ate then went on to that fourth neighborhood. Just as Zara thought this neighborhood wouldn’t yield anything either she said “so her family is in a cult right?”

“I think so”

“I know where one is. Might not be the cult you’re searching for but it is one”

“Oh thank you, please, it’s worth a try. Where do I need to go?”

“Stop!” Amadee screamed as she fought her father and the priest. They were trying to strap her down to the table again. A cross had been carved in the top as extra help to push out the demons. She kicked and bucked, tugged her arms, trying her best to get loose. They slammed her down hard, knocking the air out of her and giving them enough time to strap her down. “I hate you!” She spit at her dad and he slapped her. Tears ran into her hair as she pulled against her restraints. This had happened so many times she had scars from them on her wrists and ankles.

“Stop fighting us Amadee, this is what is best for you.” Her mother said and Amadee cursed at her. She hated her most of all. She was supposed to protect her child, her flesh and blood, but she was just standing there, a rosary in her hand, ready to pray while she was drenched with holy water and tortured.

“I hope you all die, I hate you, I hate you and I love Zara.” She cried harder, just wanting them to let her go.

The woman who had told them where to go refused to go with them. She said they were some of the craziest loons she had ever met and as much as she wanted to help she wasn’t brave enough to go. Zara’s hands were white she was holding the steering wheel so hard. She knew she was speeding a little but if she was finally close she wasn’t wasting any more time. She needed to save her, to be with her again. She only slowed when she saw the little town looking place surrounded by tents that the woman had told her she’d see. There were so many people outside. A bunch stood in front of her car and she got out “Amadee, I’m looking for a woman named Amadee” A man eyed her disapprovingly. Zara wasn’t anywhere near as modestly dressed as the women she saw but she didn’t give two shits if this man approved of her clothing.

Chapter Two

“Who are you?”

“Just answer my question.” She said. “I want Amadee right now.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to leave.”

She glared at him. “I’m not moving a muscle.”

He grabbed her to make her leave and Jullien grabbed his wrist, squeezing hard enough that the man screamed and released her. He twisted his wrist and the man dropped to his knees. Other people moved toward them and Jullien glared at them, making them freeze. “Let me go.” The man whined.

“Don’t touch my sister and tell us what we want to know.”

“Screw you.” Jullien twisted it harder and he screamed. “Alright, please.” If this hadn’t been an emergency situation, Zara may have laughed. If these people knew the real Jullien they wouldn’t be scared. He was simply putting on a front.

“she’s in the yellow house”

“which one!”

“4, please, stop”

“You better not be lieing. I’ll let you go but I will break you if you touch my sister again”

“I wont touch her” he sobbed and the three rushed over to the house. They stormed inside, glad the door wasn’t locked. Zara could hear a woman screaming and she just knew it was Amadee. It had been so long since she heard her voice but that was her. Everyone’s attention was on the three as they barreled into the basement. Amadees mother gasped “it’s that hussy!!”

“somehow she looks trashier than back then” her father remarked and Amadee just stared. Zara was here, she had never hallucinated from the pain before so she knew Zara was truly there for her. Jullien too, she didn’t know the other woman but that didn’t matter. Her love and her loves brother were there to save her.

“Let her go right now.” Zara demanded as she took a step toward Amadee.

“Leave harlot.” The pastor threw holy water at her and Jullien moved around her and punched him in the face, knocking him on his butt.

“Calm down Jullien.” Amya said, her fingers clutching his shirt.

“He shouldn’t throw things at people.” He glared at the pastor.

“You will leave now.” Amadee’s mother snapped as she tried to keep Zara from her daughter.

Zara slapped her, making her yelp. “Stay out of my way or I’ll stomp you into the ground.” Her father went to hit her with the wooden pole he was holding and Jullien moved between them.

“You touch my sister and I’ll kill you.” If there was one thing Jullien was good at, it was the death glare. It caused Amadee’s dad to take a step back.

“Zara, it’s you.” Amadee said, crying harder than she ever had.

“Of course it’s me, did you think I’d just give up.” She unbuckled her and helped her set up.

“I hurt too much, I can’t walk.”

Jullien snatched the pole from Amadee’s dad and handed it to Zara. “I’ll carry her, if they try anything, beat them until they can’t move.”

“Roger and we’ll be calling the cops as soon as we’re out of here.”

“It locks on the outside.” Amadee said.

“You little bitch.” Her dad spat.

They rushed out and into the car. Amya got in front with Zara while Jullien let Amadee lay down in the back seat. They drove her to the nearest hospital and Jullien carried her in. Since she wasn’t gravely injured it took a bit to get her seen but once she was Jullien spoke to his sister “I’m going to find a hotel for us to check into. Who knows how long she might end up here and you two just found each other again. Your first night shouldn’t be on the road. “Thank you Jullien, thank you for never giving up and for never trying to make me give up”

He gave her a tight hug “I know I’d be the same way if someone ever took Amya from me and I know you’d support me the same. I’ll also call our parents so they know we finally have her” Amya came closer “do you need me to stay?”

“No, go with my brother. Thank you aswell. I don’t know if Jullien ever plans to marry you Amya but you’re my sister regardless. When I hit the road for Zara and my brother decided to come you just came right along and you supported me and helped any way you could. I really do love you like a sister, for everything you’ve done”

Jullien let go and let Amya hug her “we’ll beat up Jullien together if he never marries me” Both girls laughed. He found a nice place to stay and purchased two rooms. They normally all shared one but he wanted Zara and Amadee to have some privacy. Once checked in Amya offered to take their clothes to a laundry mat since they couldn’t remember the last tiem they washed them. “don’t trust anyone here Amya” Jullien said seriously and she said “I’ll be fine, I promise” He kissed her and allowed her to leave with the laundry.

Jullien called his mother but she didn’t answer so he called his dad who picked up in just a few rings “What’s going on?”

“We found Amadee. Zara is with her at the hospital” There was a pause. He was in too much shock to answer right away. When he could talk he said “finally, are you guys coming home now? How badly hurt is she?”

“Physically nothing a night in the hospital wont fix but mentally who knows. I checked us into a hotel for tonight then I think we’ll do a straight run home. We’re a few days away driving but Amya and I can take turns.”

“Thats fine but mind your limits. If you need to sleep we don’t mind you guys checking into a hotel. I’ll transfer more money to you when I get off of work. You eat and you sleep when you need it.”

“Believe me dad Zara is the only one you need to preach to. I’m the staying healthy police around here”

“call your mother”

“I did she didn’t answer”

“She might still be in surgery then. I’ll have her call you when she’s home or when we talk again”

“We love you guys”

“we love you too. Bye son”

“Bye dad” He put his phone on the nightstand and wished he could put on pajamas but Amya had taken everything. It was definitely needed though. They had gotten used to their own smells but that didn’t change that they probably smelled awful to everyone else. When Amya came back with the clean clothes she said “lets shower then get something I’ve washed on”

Zara held tightly to Amadee after helping her bathe. She was so exhausted and achy that her legs had been shaking. Amadee lay as close as she could, her head tucked under Zara’s chin as she soaked up the love and warmth she had been missing. She felt herself tear up again and before she could stop herself, she was crying. “Shh it’s okay, no one can hurt you anymore.” Zara said softly as she stroked her hair and back.

“It’s not that, not so much.”

“Then what baby?”

“You’re hear, you’re really hear and I’m not dreaming. You came for me.”

Zara tightened her hold. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“I…I thought for sure you’d…”

Zara pulled back and tipped Amadee’s head up. “I love you, really love you, then and now. I couldn’t forget the look on your face when they ripped you away from me. We all looked for you, me, my parents and brother and Amya and we never stopped.”

“Sorry, I just…sorry.”

“Hush now, you’ve been through so much, rest okay and I’ll be right here when you wake up, I promise.”

Amadee held to Zara even when she was finally out. Zara could barely believe she had actually found Amadee, that they were out of that hospital and in a nice hotel room together. Zara was glad her brother had thought to give them their own room. He was always amazing like that. They could cuddle and just enjoy eachother. Zara didn’t rest much that night. She had so many irrational fears. Every time she heard a noise outside their room she felt like Amadees parents were coming for her. Her brother was only a scream away but still, they had stolen her once and she couldn’t bare for that to happen again.

In the morning Jullien texted his sister “Is she up?”

“Not yet”

“when she is come over. We’ll check out and head to Ihop. I’m going to come to your room and grab your bags to load them in the car. Amya washed everything last night so the clothes you wear today will actually be clean.” Zara sighed with relief. She knew their clothes had been long over due. It wasn’t long before Jullien came in. He had gotten a key to their room aswell just incase he needed it. He was nearly as paranoid as his sister was right now with them being in the same town the cult lived by. He took out two changes of clothes, one for Amadee and one for Zara before zipping up the bags to load in the car. “Thank you” she whispered to her brother and he nodded.

Amadee woke about a half hour later “Morning beautiful” Zara said it so sweetly Amadee nearly cried again “morning”

“lets go eat with my brother and his girlfriend so we can check out and leave this awful town. We’re taking you home” Amadee hugged Zara and Zara held her until Amadee asked “Can I kiss you? I’ve missed us kissing so much” Zara turned her face upward “never ask” Zara brought their lips together happily.

Zara could have stayed like that forever, but she knew if they didn’t get up, Jullien would be back. They left each other just long enough to get dressed then Zara wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close as they left the room. She wasn’t going to let anyone take her. She had Amadee sit on the inside at Ihop and Jullien made sure he was positioned where he could see the whole room. They wanted to let Amadee enjoy her breakfast, but they knew they needed to get moving. The more distance they put between the cult, the safer it would be. The police would take care of Amadee’s parents and that pastor, but there were still the other cult members. They left a tip when they were done then paid and got on the road. Jullien insisted on driving first, wanting to give his sister more time just holding Amadee.

“How’re feeling?” Zara asked.

“Much better.” She smiled. “Seeing Jullien clock that guy was pretty amazing.”

Jullien’s cheeks reddened. “People shouldn’t mess with my family.”

“From teddy bear to grizzly bear in two seconds.” Zara teased. “He scared your dad, it was actually pretty funny.”

“I’m just glad none of you got hurt” Amadee said, snuggling up a little more to her girlfriend. They all just really wanted to get home so they took shifts driving. When Zara insisted she needed to take a turn Amya sat in the back seat with Amadee. It was about twenty minutes down the road when she looked at her “wh..what?” Amadee said nervously. “Are you sure your those humans child?” The question took Zara off guard. It would have shocked Jullien too if he wasn’t already asleep. “what do you mean?”

“I don’t think you’re a human but I can’t put my finger on what you are”

“I wish they weren’t my parents but they are the only parents I can remember”

“Hmm…It’ll come to me. Sorry if I’m upsetting you at all”

Chapter Three

“No, it’s fine, really.”

“How can you tell?” Zara asked, glancing in the mirror.

“It’s the smell and just a feeling. It’s in the air around her.”

“Is she like you?”

“No, she doesn’t smell like an animal, just something else, something not human.”

Amadee glanced at Zara. “You’ll be okay with me if I’m not right?”

“Of course, I love you silly, I mean obviously.”

“Sorry, I just don’t want to be apart from you again.”

Amya patted her hand. “Zara would never leave you, that would be kind of hypocritical since I’m dating her brother and I’m not humans and also because she and I are friends. She’d move mountains for you if you asked.”

“I know, I’m just being silly and exhausted.”

“Nap honey, we’ll be home before you know it.” Zara said gently and turned briefly to smile at her.

They had been giving their parents updates on how close they were to home so they were waiting when the four arrived. Amadee had grown so much but they still saw that same teenager that used to come over so often to see Zara. They hugged her. glad she hugged them back. Zara’s father ordered Chinese and they all socialized in the living room. Zara’s dad struggled harder not to look at Amadees scarred wrists than Zara’s mom. He just had such a hard time wrapping his head around how anybody hurt their child like that. No matter who created the world there was no way that being wanted something like that.

“Are you sure you all won’t stay the night?” Her mother asked again as they got ready to leave.

“We’re sure, home’s not too far mom.”

“Sorry to worry, it’s been stressful with you kids on the road.”

“We’ll be careful, I promise.”

Everyone hugged and Zara took Jullien and Amya home first. “Jullien and I might come over once I figure out what she is.” Amya said as they climbed out.

“What she is?” Jullien asked confused.

“I’ll explain inside, you were sleeping.” Jullien yawned and shrugged.

“Alright, thank you for coming with me, both of you. I love you guys.”

“You know I’d have just followed you.” Jullien said. “I’m annoying like that.”

She kissed her brothers cheek and took Amadee home. “do you want a tour or just to relax?”

“I just want to be with you for now”

“Okay, are you hungry? I don’t have to cook. We can order take out” Amadee nodded. Zara hated to see her like this. She wasn’t necessary scared but she wasn’t fully comfortable. She had been through so much and even though she knew she was safe Zara also knew Amadee would need a lot of time to heal from the abuse. Zara called her favorite chinese delivery place and ordered what the two girls used to back in school. She thought it would be a sweet thing to reminisce on. Once it was ordered she sat with Amadee on the couch.

“You doing okay?” She asked as she gently stroked Amadee’s hair.

“Yeah, I’m alright.”

Zara leaned over and kissed her cheek then gently grabbed her chin and turned her head to get at her lips. She had missed her so much. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She scooted closer and Zara held her, giving her as much comfort as she could. She knew she could never completely understand what Amadee had been through, but she hoped she was helping. She wanted her to heal, to smile again and know that she would never have to be afraid again. Their food arrived and Zara left to get it and pay. “That smells so good.”

it’s what we used to order as teenagers. I thought it would be romantic. I hope you still like this” Amadee was either majorly touched, going to cry or both and Zara didn’t know what to do “Thank you Zara, I haven’t had it since I had it with you”

“Are you going to cry? I can’t tell” Amadee laughed “No, you are just so sweet and thoughtful” Zara set the food down “I’m going to spoil you now that I have you again. I’ll need to get a job again eventually but I’m going to take some time just to be with you. I know my parents wont mind”

“do they both still work in the medical field?”

“Yeah, they funded us looking for you. I will never be able to thank them enough for enabling me to look for you. My whole family…I’m so lucky..I wish yours could have been more like mine”

“I’ll have to thank them”

“They loved you too. My mom was so sad we hadn’t told her and apparently my dad suspected we were dating but he wanted me to come out when I was ready.”


“My dad has always been majorly observant. Not much gets past him”

“I’ll get a job too”

“You will let me spoil you. Maybe eventually but I think you need time to just heal first”

“No, really, I want to live a normal life. I want to get a job.”

“Okay, if you really want to. Do you want o do school first or on the side?”

“I don’t even know what all jobs are really out there. Maybe I could start working and figure it out along the way”

“Sounds good my love” The two kept happily talking about their future as they ate. It was almost a week later when they were hanging out at a nature park when it hit Amya “Oh my god”

“what?” Jullien said “Hanging out with you in a place ruled more by mother than mans creation I understand what you are” Jullien was confused but he couldn’t count the amount of times Amya said strange things. He guessed it had something to do with her being more animal than human. “what am I?”

“You’re a fairy”

“a what?”

“Mother says you’re a fairy Amadee” Amya approached her and held her hands “you are, I can feel it.” Amya looked around, glad she didn’t see anybody. “close your eyes Amadee” Amadee obeyed, knowing she could trust Amya. “I’m going to help you be what you really are. I know I’m not one of your parents but you’ll have to make due with me teaching you how to reveal your wings. Mother will help”


“Nature, sorry, the way she talks takes getting used to” Jullien answered. “It’s not as simple as that Jullien” Amya sounded almost offended and he held his hands up “sorry baby”

“It’s okay, I still love you very much.” He smiled and kissed her cheek before letting her continue. “Just breathe Amadee, relax, feel Mother’s magic flowing up from your feet. It’s not easy at first, but you’ll know it when you feel it, your magic will know. She’s warm and alive like a heartbeat.”

Amadee took slow, deep breathes and both Zara and Jullien watched, waited. She felt something tingle over her skin starting at her ankles and moving up. It was so warm, gentle and she let out a little gasp that was soon echoed by Zara. “Whoa.” Jullien said in surprise.

“You can look now Amadee.” Amya said and she slowly opened her eyes. “Come and look.” She pulled Amadee over to a little duck pond and her eyes widened when she saw the butterfly wings at her back. They were so beautiful, the same shade of green as her eyes.

“Oh my god.”

“They’re beautiful.” Zara said and reached out, letting her fingers gently touch them. “They’re definitely real baby.”

“C…can I fly?”

Amya smiled. “Yes, but it takes practice. We’ll find someone to teach you. If you wish to conceal them again, just will them out of sight and no one will be able to see them.”

Amadee willed them away, scared of somebody seeing them. “I todl you girls I’d pin what she is. That leads to so many questions. You obviously aren’t those monsters kid. I just don’t know how humans ended up with a fairy child”

“Bet they stole her” Zara said bitterly and Amya shook her head “it would be pretty hard for humans so successfully steal a fairy child. I’ll try to figure it out. Faries live here but humans don’t find them because of the illusion they have up. I’ll have the best luck if their leaders will see me. I’ll go by myself first and get an audience. If they’ll see you then I’ll come back and let you girls know”

“want to go ahead Amya?” Jullien said and she nodded “It would probably be best if I didn’t bring you Jullien. I don’t know how much they like humans”

“fine by me, I’ll just hang out with these two” She gave him a long kiss “I’m sorry”

“don’t be, I get it. Just try and find out who Amadees parents are” Amya left them and Amadee seemed nervous again, nervous and a little angry. “you okay sweetie?” Zara asked and Amadee answered “what if those horrible people did steal me?”

“Then maybe your rela parents will punish her”

“what if they just gave me away?” Zara hugged her from behind “no matter what the answer is we’ll face it together baby”

It didn’t take Amya long to get to the fairy realm and it took even less time to get an audience with the king and queen. She told them of her suspicions and if she could return with Amadee and the others. They were very agreeable and asked that she return as soon as possible, that it was important to resolve the issue. Amadee was nervously pacing the living room of her and Zara’s home. She wondered if the fairies would see her, what they would think of her, if they would even accept her. She thought about her birth parents and if they had wanted her or not. It was so overwhelming.

“Baby, calm down.” Zara grabbed her hand from the couch, worried she was going to tire herself out if she kept pacing.


Zara pulled her down next to her and hugged her. “Never apologize, it’s stressful, I understand.”

“I keep trying to think of questions to ask like if they ever looked for me, if I was wanted. Why did those people lie about being my parents, why me?”

Zara tipped her head up and stroked her cheek. “We’ll get answers, I promise just try to relax or you’ll stress yourself sick.”

Chapter Four

Amya called her boyfriend and told him to meet her at Zara’s. He had been about to eat but he left his food and went straight there. He showed up before Amya and said “she’s coming. She told me to meet her here” Amadee was even more nervous “that was so quick”

“When Amya sets out to do something she never fails” He said proudly. It was sweet how much her brother adored Amya and how highly he thought of her. Amya soon arrived and he teasingly said “My turtle finally made it” she giggled “you’re so mean somtimes baby” Amya said playfully then hugged her boyfriend before asking Zara and Amadee “are you two ready to travel? They want to see you as soon as possible to sort this out”

“we’re ready, right Amadee” Zara said as she held her lovers hand. “Yeah, I’m ready” Amadee whispered. “I will stay by your side Amadee, I swear it. My brother and Amya will stay too” Amadee nodded and Amya helped them get to the fairies.

It was the queen who gave her a look of recognition and Amadee did her best not to hide behind Zara as the woman came down from her throne to get a closer look. “I know this face.” She said as she took Amadee’s face in her hands. “I know these eyes.”

“What is it my love?” The king asked as he joined his wife and she tipped Amadee’s head back.

“Edelweiss, she has his eyes and Tansy’s face.”

“My parents?” Amadee finally asked.

“We’d have to check the records and compare them to her age and the day they lost her, but I think you’re right my love.” The king said.

“How did they lose her, did they abandon her?” Zara asked.

“Zara.” Amya said, gently touching her shoulder.

“She has the right to know.”

“No child, they did not. Tansy nearly died that day and Edelweiss lost an arm. They were attacked by vampires addicted to fairy blood.”

“I’ll go check, how old are you dear?” The king asked and Amadee answered “twenty four” He nodded and the queen said “I would call on them but I don’t want to get their hopes up without confirmation. If you are their child they have missed and mourned you so much. They haven’t had any more children because of your loss. They just couldn’t”

“so they really love me?” She asked and the queen nodded “I see so much pain in your eyes. I’m sorry if the life you’ve lead has been cruel. They tried to find you, they searched and searched. Please don’t hold it against them. They’ve tortured themselves quite a bit over loseing you” The king came back looking pleased “lets go to them. I know we have other matters to tend to but they’ve waited for their daughter long enough” Amadee was overwhelmed with emotion and she struggled to know what she felt. All she knew was she wasn’t angry. It wasn’t their fauly cruel, crazy people had found her.

They all left the castle, following the king and queen. They arrived at a gorgeous little treehouse and the queen said “You should knock Amadee. Let them see their daughter” Amadee stood there fearfully a few moments before Zara stood at her side “Knock baby” she did and gripped her lovers hand. A woman answered that Amadee found to be gorgeous. The woman froze in the doorway, staring with her mouth agape. “It really is your daughter Tansy. She’s come home” The queen said reassuringly.

Edelweiss.” Tansy called as she reached for Amadee. The man who came up behind her had the most stunning green eyes that widened when he saw Amadee.

“My god…she…is she really?” Tansy nodded and tears slid down his cheeks as he wrapped his arm around both of them.

Amadee felt herself chocking up as she shakily hugged them back. “Where did you find her?” Tansy asked after a moment.

“In the human world.” Amya answered. “She was taken in by bad people.”

“Again we failed you.” Edelweiss said and Tansy comforted him.

“No,” Amadee suddenly said, “no, it wasn’t your fault. I don’t remember anything that happened before them, but I know it wasn’t your fault.”

Edelweiss swallowed. “I tried, but we lost you in the attack.” He touched where his arm once was. “We searched everywhere, I swear.”

“Thank you for trying so hard. My name is Amadee. It’s the one I’ve grown up with anyway”

“Amadee, it suits you” Her mother said, still crying. “who are these people with you?” Edelweiss asked. “This is my girlfriend Zara” Amadee was afraid of what her parents would think but still proud. They both hugged her and her mother said with a smile “she’s very beautiful Amadee” Amadee teared up some more at their nice reaction to it. Those humans had reacted with violence and they reacted by hugging her girlfriend. “That man over there is her brother Jullien and Amya is his girlfriend. Without her I wouldn’t have known I was a fairy”

“Thank you so much.”

“It was only right I bring her home to you all. Your race does nothing but look after mine”

“You’re a turtle correct?”

“yes mam”

“well you are all welcome in” Tansy and her husband moved so they all could enter. The king and queen returned to the castle to get their work done. They were both in high spirits that Tansy and Edelweiss could finally live a happy life.”

“How’d you meet our little girl?” Well…I guess not so little…” Tansy said a little sadly.

“She and I kind of grew up together.” Zara said, her hand holding Amadee’s. “We weren’t really little when we met, but it felt like we had known each other all our lives.”

“Some souls are meant to find each other.” Tansy said with a warm smile.

“We had to keep our relationship a secret.” Amadee frowned and Zara gently stroked her hand. “The people who raised your daughter were part of this cult and they hate homosexuals, see it as an abomination.”

“They were monsters.” Amadee added. “I’m glad they’re not my real parents, I’m glad I don’t have their blood in my veins.”

“I’m so sorry baby girl.” Edelweiss said. “Where are they now?”

“Prison hopefully. I don’t want to see them again, but I’ll probably have too when it comes time for a trial.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it honey.” Zara said warmly. “I’ll be right there.”

“We’re very happy you found each other and we hope you’ll visit us often. We’ll even come to see you if that’s okay. We know we can’t go back, but we would like to know everything about you.” Tansy said.

They stayed there a couple days, learning about her parents and telling them about who they all were. Amadee could barely believe all this. She was back with Zara, she was a fairy AND her real parents were wonderful people who accepted her as a lesbian and wanted to be in her life. Her once miserable life seemed so perfect now and she knew she’d never forget how truly blessed she was to have met Zara.

~ The End

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