Amara and Aurora

~ Originally created by Breanna Vincent ~

Chapter One

She knew she couldn’t avoid it anymore, it was time for the first day of her freshman year at high school. They say everything changes once you’re in high school, even the people. Amara crossed her fingers that this would be a move in the positive. She had already conquered what she felt to be the hardest thing she has ever done in her life, what could be worse? Since she came out to her parents everything had changed. Her mom tries too hard to be there for her but it was better than her rejection. As soon as Amara told her she started researching about support groups and calling around for places Amara could go to meet others like her. Although annoying, she was grateful her mother still loved her and didn’t look at her in shame. Her father wasn’t so cheery about the idea that his precious little angel would never marry and have children. He made less eye contact that usual and always acted a bit nervous. Amara told herself it would just take time for him to adjust. Although she didn’t admit it, it hurt her feelings to see him act that way. She was still the same little girl that she was five minutes before she told them, just more honest. All in all it went well telling her family and close friends but she was still nervous of how she was going to be treated at school. Seeing as how she had gotten the hardest part out of the way she wasn’t going to stay in the closet for school. She felt as if she might as well go all the way and just be open about the way she felt. She was gay and was proud of it even though her pride faltered every now and then when she got weird looks. Amara promised herself that no matter what she would keep her head up on her first day of high school, after all, this was a huge deal.

When the bus dropped her off she walked in with the crowd, head held high though the nerves still stirred under the surface. She reminded herself she was lucky to live in a day and age where it wasn’t quite as scary as it once was to let people know you weren’t “straight” Sure, there would still be people who wouldn’t want to be a part of her life because she was attracted to women but people now a days who rejected people like her you normally wouldn’t want to be friends with anyway.

She found a place in line for breakfast and soon had her meal and began eating. A lot of things might change once you go to High School but she quickly realized they ate the same crappy food they ate in Middle School. A small part of her was hoping the meals would be better but she didn’t really have to eat breakfast there. Mornings Amara woke up early enough her mom would cook her breakfast so if she had to eat this it was because she slept too long.

As she sat eating her breakfast she noticed to girls at a table across from her looking her way and exchanging whispers. She looked away and shook it off, it probably wasn’t about her anyways. She saw another girl sit down with them and join the conversation and, she too, looked Amara’s way.

“Well, I had to expect something.” she thought to herself.

While she was deciding whether to be upset or to hold her head higher another young girl approached her.

“Mind if I sit here?” she said

“Of course not, seat’s open.” Amara replied.

“Hi, I’m Aurora, it’s nice to meet you.”

“My name’s Amara, same here.”

She noticed that the girl was pretty, and nicely dressed. Amara wondered why she would want to sit next to her when there were a million seats open. She just assumed she hadn’t heard about her ‘coming out’ and decided to accept the new friendship while it lasted. Amara knew that once she found out she probably would assume she liked her and be creeped out and leave like all of the other girls she was once friends with. But then again, it was a new age and people were more accepting. The girls at the table across from them were now roaring in laughter, trying to make their sneer comments known as others started to look Amara’s way. Most only glanced and then continued on their way but a few joined the girls in their distaste. The girl named Aurora noticed this and I saw her stiffen. “This is it, another friend bites the dust.” Amara thought, bracing herself for the girl to move seats. At that very moment the girl named Aurora stood up and got out of her seat. “I knew it.” Amara muttered to herself under her breath. When Aurora got up and walked around the table she didn’t take her tray. This puzzled Amara and then she saw her walking right up to the girls that were laughing, obviously on Amara’s behalf. Amara figured she was asking what they were doing and when she found out would move at once. What happened next was the biggest surprise she would get all day.

Aurora sucker punched the first girl and the fight was on. It wasn’t a cat fight, there wasn’t any hair pulling or anything stupid like that. Aurora obviously had taken lessons from somebody and actually knew what she was doing. Each one of those girls ran off crying and Aurora simply came back and sat down “That takes care of that.”

“aren’t you going to get in trouble?”

“The principle will know why and I will be fine. He has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. I know all schools say that but he means it. They got what they deserved and he will feel the same. When you’re a lesbian you need to know how to shut bitches up so I learned how to hand peoples asses to them. I’m sorry, I hope they didn’t upset you”

“Um…thank you for defending me”

Amara couldn’t believe what had just happened. Not only did this girl decide to sit with me but she defended me and stood up for who she was. It was people like Aurora that made her decide to come out, people who were proud of who they were and stood up for what they believed in.

“You didn’t have to do that for me, but again, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. It wasn’t just for you though, it was for all of us. We shouldn’t be bullied because of who we are. We can’t control how we feel, I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide, “Hey, I’m going to be a lesbian now.”. It’s people like those girls that create a barrier between us and everyone else when we are really all the same. ”

“I’m really glad to meet you Aurora.”

“I’m glad to meet you too Amara.” Aurora smiled. She had a kind smile and bright eyes. Her cheekbones were set perfectly on her face and her golden hair framed her face just right. Amara caught herself staring and had to look away. She didn’t want to scare of her new friend on the first day.

“You want to hang out after school?” Aurora said.

“I would love to.” And with that a new friendship was made and a movement began in the school for a year of acceptance and love.

They finished eating before the bell rang so Aurora showed Amara where her classes would be “so that’s all you need to know for today. Thankfully we have the same lunch break so I’ll see you at lunch. I wish we were the same year so we’d have more classes together but have they mentioned to you this school requires students to join at least one club?”

“Yeah but they said I had until the end of my first week to choose and they’d just put me in random clubs each day until then.”

“join the Mythology club, I’m in that one. I can take you to who you need to talk to during lunch. Club is after lunch so if we get it all sorted during lunch you might be able to just go ahead and jump in today instead of poetry”

“alright” the bell rang and Amara hated she’d have to part from Aurora. When the bell rang for lunch Amara expected to have to search for Aurora but she was waiting outside her class, offering an explanation before Amara even asked “I asked my teacher if I could head this way ten minuets ago since you’re new. She let me thankfully. You don’t know where to find me at lunch yet and I didn’t want to waste time”

“That’s..that’s sweet, thank you” Aurora just smiled that gorgeous smile again before hooking her arm in hers and guiding her back to the lunch room where they had met that morning. They decided before they ate to go ahead and take care of the club situation. If they missed lunch they could just buy something from the vending machines anyway.

“You sure picked fast” the principle said as he was doing something on his computer “well, I like mythology and Aurora here is my only friend so far”

“she’s a good friend to have. I’m glad she helped you at breakfast today”

“are we really not in trouble”

“No, in fact I made sure the other girls parents knew precisely why Aurora beat them up and their parents are mad at them, not you two” there was a bit of silence before he said “all taken care of, hurry and get in that lunch line” They left his office and though they did have time to go through the line they still decided to buy something from the vending machines outside.”is the mythology teacher nice?”

“He’s sort of a hard ass but the subject is amazing and we can pass notes silently if we’re done with whatever assignment. If you have a cellphone with you though put it on silent. He doesn’t care if you check it or not, if he hears it he will take it away for the day. He used to take them away for a week but one mom raised hell and threatened to take the school to court so he stopped doing that.”

Amara couldn’t believe how well her first day of school was going. She was so nervous that it would be horrible, and here it was, one of the best days she has ever had in school. Aurora seemed to be a pretty amazing person and Amara was excited to get to know her more. When they sat down for lunch they saw the same girls at the same table, only this time, they wouldn’t even make eye contact. Amara noticed another student approaching.

“Hey, I heard what you did this morning. I just wanted to say thank you for standing up for all of us. Do you mind if I sit with you?”

“Of course!” Aurora said to the new boy. “My name is Aurora and this is Amara, nice to meet you.”

“My names Devin.” He sat down with the two girls and Amara watched as more people came up to the table and asked to sit down. Before lunch was over the table was full of students who had been too afraid before to come out. It looked like Aurora had given courage to all gay and lesbians in the school to stand confidently for who they were. A lot of students stared and whispered among themselves but no one said so much as one word to us.

Suddenly an idea appeared to Amara.

“Hey Aurora, what if we started our own club? We could start a Gay/Lesbian alliance club!”

“I don’t know if we can, we would need a teacher to head the club first. I can talk to the principle and ask him! That’s such a great idea Amara. I’m really glad we met today.” and of course she flashed that damn smile that floored Amara every time.”

“I’ll head there now before lunch is over, we only have a little bit of time. I’ll see you after school ok Amara?”

“See you then.”

Chapter Two

As Amara watched Aurora go she wished she could go ahead and start mythology club today but alas, she still had to go to poetry. Mythology would start tomorrow if their new club idea didn’t work out. The principle seemed so nice and open though that she doubted he’d turn down the idea. Devin walked with her to poetry since he was in that club too and helped her settle into that class. She truly would have never imagined she’d make so many friends her first day in High School.

As promised Aurora found Amara later that day where all the kids went who rode the bus “he’s going to make it happen Amara!” Aurora exclaimed gleefully as she hugged her. When Aurora let go she said “my mom picks me up. Want to ride with us? She’s always cool if I want to give someone a lift home”

“Um, sure” they left the bus area and walked over to where parents picked up their kids. As soon as they werent walking Amara took out her cellphone and messaged her mom. “sorry, just wanted her to know the change of plans”

“is she cool?”

“Oh yeah, my mom has never been that strict. As long as she knows what I’m doing and it’s not drugs she doesn’t mind”

“That’s nice, my moms basically the same way. I still have a curfew though, do you?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been one to stay out late so it’s never come up”

Amara was glad she didn’t have to ride the bus, she absolutely despised it. Plus, the more time with Aurora the better. Amara was already feeling very attached to her and found herself wanting to spend as much time with her as she could.

“So what’s the plan? Park, mall, movies? I’m up for pretty much anything.” Amara said.

“Hmm, well the park sounds really wonderful, it’s such a beautiful day. We can run by your house to talk to your mom about hanging out and grab a blanket and some snacks and have a picnic if you want.”

“That sounds really great, we could even invite Devin if you wanted, I got his number earlier. Unless you were just thinking of keeping it small.”

“Let’s just hangout, you and me, what do you say?”

Amara’s heart fluttered, “I’d love that”.

The two headed to Amara’s house and everyone came inside to meet her mom. Turns out that their mom’s actually hit it off. “If they hang out I could get more time with Aurora” Amara thought to herself. They grabbed some sandwiches and water and headed to the park. Aurora’s mom dropped them off and they set up their picnic. Amara felt nervous that it was just the two of them, without the school chatter or their mom’s to help conversation. She didn’t know what to say or what to talk about. Lucky for her Aurora turned out to be a great talker and started most of the conversations. She seemed really comfortable in her own skin and didn’t seem nervous at all like Amara. Amara wondered how she did it and wished that she could be like her. Maybe if they hung out enough it would rub off on her and she could start to be as free and happy as Aurora. She found herself idolizing her and had to shake her head and remember what they were talking about. This was going to be a great friendship, but Amara secretly wished for more.

“So, are you into anime?” Aurora asked and Amara stopped daydreaming to answer “yeah, I don’t sit down to watch it a lot but when I do I binge like crazy”

“what’s your favorite?”

“Bungo Stray Dogs”

“I’ve never seen that one. I’ll watch it at home”

“cool, I hope you like it”

“what’s it about?”

“The main character gets kicked out of his orphanage and meets some really strange men” Aurora giggled “sounds fun”

“do you have a Facebook? Maybe we could IM about it”

“Of course, give me your phone and I’ll find myself for you” Amara handed over her phone and Aurora sent herself a friend request. “there we go, what other Anime do you like” The rest of their conversation was dominated by different Anime they had seen and before they knew it, Auroras mother was back for them.

Aurora wasted no time when she arrived home starting up Hulu to start watching anime she and Amara had talked about. On Facebook Aurora kept sending comments when she had them and they talked until they were too exhausted to binge and IM any longer. They did this every night for about two weeks, only stopping because something else consumed them. Their LGBT club was now open and they wanted to spread the word and do everything they could to make the club reach it’s full potential. They’d go to school early and stay late, discussing and making plans for events and activities for the club to do.

Amara felt stronger with Aurora around. She had become more confident and was proud of who she was. Aurora never seemed to judge her for anything she said or did, even when it was goofy or accidental. She accepted her for who she was and Amara really needed someone like that in her life.
“Ok, we need some volunteers for the LGBT bake sale this weekend. Remember, we may get some backlash but that doesn’t change who we are, loud and proud, ok?” Amara said to the group. She took down volunteer names and organized the event. She looked over at Aurora and caught her staring. “Huh, usually it’s me staring” thought Amara. She found herself smiling and tried to stay focused on the task at hand. After group the two met up to discuss the bake sale.
“So I have 6 volunteers for this weekend” Amara continued “if we join them that should be enough. There’s a lot to do so..”
Aurora cut her off. “Do you want to go to dinner with me sometime?’ She was acting different and Amara didn’t understand at first.
“Yeah of course, I can have my mom take us.” she replied. “Ok cool” Aurora said, staring at the ground. “weird” thought Amara. She wondered what could be bothering Aurora as she continued to talk about the bake sale. Amara’s mom pulled up and she hugged Aurora goodbye. As she sat thinking about her day, Aurora’s behavior weighed heavy on her mind. She wondered if she had done something to upset her, she began to worry. She decided it was best to ask her now so she could fix whatever it was that she had done immediately.

Once Amara got home she picked up her phone and called Aurora. “Hey, what’s up” she said.
“Hey Aurora, um, so did I do something to upset you?”
“What? No, why would you say that?”
“Well I noticed you were acting differently after group today and it didn’t occur to me at the time that I might have upset you.”
Aurora paused, and then laughed. She seemed to let out a sigh and then what she said next completely took Amara off guard. “No you didn’t offend me, I was trying to ask you out on a date you dork.”

“Oh” Amara blushed and Aurora nervously laughed “so you still want to have dinner with me some time right? Now that you understand that this time I want it to be a date?”

“Ye..yeah of course I do”

“when should we?”

“Saturday night so that we don’t have to worry about staying out too late and being tired for school”

“Let me look into some places and I’ll text you with some times incase you’re asleep before I figure this out some more”



“goodnight” Amaras heart was beating out of control. A real date, she was going on a real date with Aurora. Saturday meant she had a few days to figure out an outfit so she decided to ask her mother if she could try and find something pretty on amazon since they had prime and would get it in two days. Her mother approved it so Amara ran right back into her room and hopped on the computer. She didn’t realize how long she had spent looking until Aurora texted her and the time stamp red eleven seventeen. The time she wrote was seven pm and she let Amara know her mother was going to let them borrow her car so there was no need to trouble her mom for a lift to the date.

Now she was more nervous. Aurora picking her up just made this feel even more real. Aurora was such a beautiful, perfect girl and Amara really didn’t want to screw this up. It took her about an hour more to make a few purchases then she went to sleep, knowing she was going to be exhausted in the morning. In the morning her mother woke her saying “Oh I saw what you bought! You’re going to be so cute!”

“You really think so?”

“I know so, those shoes are perfect too”

“Thanks mom”

Chapter Three

Even though Amara couldn’t wait to see Aurora she was also secretly dreading seeing her at school today. What would she say? Things were automatically different now that she new Aurora liked her in the same way the she liked her. She decided to put in extra effort in looking pretty today so she made her best uneducated attempt at curling her hair. When she was finished she had no idea if that was what it was suppose to look like but she was out of time. She decided the best course of action was to act like nothing had changed. Why should she have to be nervous? Aside from the most beautiful girl ever asking her out who was previously just her best friend. “Crap” Amara thought to herself. When her mom pulled her up to the school Amara could see Aurora waiting for her like usual.

“Good luck sweetie” her mom chuckled. At least she was ok with her daughter being asked out by a girl. The weird thing was that her mom found it humorous that Amara was so nervous. Amara gave her mom a nervous eye roll accompanied with a sweet smile and gave her a hug. “Thanks mom.” She got out of the car and walked up to Aurora like she did yesterday and the day before. Aurora instantly grabbed her hand and started swinging it and talking about the places she wanted to go on Saturday. “Ok” thought Amara, “this is definitely not what happened yesterday”. Since things were not being left different from any of the days before Amara grew even more nervous because now she didn’t know how to act. What in the world was she going to say. She knew she would get nervous and start stammering like an idiot. This was going to be a disaster and Amara knew it. She only had one shot at her dream girl and she knew she was going to blow it.

Aurora walked her to class that day, giving her a long hug despite PDA being frowned upon in their school “I hope you have a good day….I’m really excited about our date”

“me too” Amara said nervously. They had to part ways and Amara went into class. It was impossible to pay attention to anything her teachers said today, she was far too stressed about her date coming up this weekend. She knew it would come back to bite her in the ass but she seriously couldn’t concentrate or retain anything the teachers were saying or explaining. To her horror there was a surprise test today of all days about the lecture her teacher had just given. She knew her grade in this class was good enough to take the hit but she still worried her mom might find out and get upset with her since she was obviously going to fail.

Amara pushed through the test trying to remember the bits and pieces that floated in one ear and out the other. She tried her best but pushed the test out of her mind after she left, her head hanging low. She knew that she should be elated, this is the best thing that could possibly happen! Aurora asked her out on a date! Her anxiety and belief that she would fail clouded her sunny disposition and made it impossible to look forward to Saturday. At lunch time the two met up and Aurora knew something was wrong. After some poking and prodding Amara finally fessed up.

“I’m sorry, Aurora. I’m looking forward to this weekend with you but I know I’ll just mess something up. I always do. I really like you, you’re insanely smart and beautiful and you truly like me for me, which is why it’ll never work. I’m awkward and not nearly as attractive as you are. I never can say the right things at the right time and when I do say things they never make any sense around you. I’m like a love struck idiot.”

Aurora seemed to sadden a little and looked away for a moment. All of a sudden she looks back up and takes Amara by the face and kisses her, not taking no for an answer. She was engrossed in the kiss but she almost seemed angry at the same time.

“Listen to me Amara. You are a wonderful person who stands up for what she believes in. You are completely yourself no matter how it may look to others. You are beautiful and inspiring and I try to be more like you every day. I don’t understand the way that you look at yourself because I see a completely different person that you do. You are kind and compassionate and I want to be with you, you are my best friend Amara. Please say yes, say that you will be with me.”

Amara was shocked, an amazing woman like Aurora thought the world of her and she felt bad for hurting her by doubting things between them. “I want to be with you. I’m just scared and I’m sorry for that, I really am. I..I’ll try to stop looking down on myself so much”

“You’re perfect in your own way Amara. I enjoy all of you and I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

“I just get so embarrassing when I get nervous”

“Nervousness is sweet though, it means you really care about me. I’m nervous too believe it or not. you mean so much to me and I want this to go well” They talked through lunch about their feelings and the date. When it was time to part again Aurora hoped Amara was more excited than nervous now and knew she couldn’t possibly screw this date up.

Amara woke on Friday morning refreshed in her thoughts and feeling excited to see Aurora. She felt less self-conscious and more sure of her place in the new relationship that had formed with Aurora. She dressed, putting a little extra time into her appearance, wanting to look her best to match the way she was feeling. When she got to school Aurora was waiting for her as usual and she grabbed her hand without hesitation and they walked into the building together. They were both so engrossed in each other they never even noticed the other students staring and whispering to each other. Ever since the LGBT club was created, tolerance seemed to have risen and more and more students came out. There were smart asses here and there but nothing too significant for fear of the backlash they would receive for bullying. Even with that said though, when Amara and Aurora get to their lockers they couldn’t help but freeze.

Some of the students stood around, snickering, a few even had the audacity to hold out their phones to record their reaction to the horrors that were before them. Their lockers were vandalized with stabbing hits. “Queer” and “Die Lezbo’s” were scrawled along their lockers along with some other profanities. Aurora seemed to just get pissed at the school’s reaction to their previous kiss as lunch but Amara’s eye’s blurred as tears fell down her cheeks.

“Hey, come here. It’s ok, fuck these guys, they don’t know anything. They are just ignorant assholes. Just get your stuff and pretend you don’t even see this shit.”

Amara nodded her head but her heart was crushed that her fellow peers would stoop to this level. She opened her locker and grabbed her books and the fresh paint from “Die” rubbed off on her hand as a cruel reminder of the betrayal before her. She knew that Amara was right and felt childish for shedding tears for these bigots but couldn’t help that her feelings were hurt and she was embarrassed.

The principle took swift action but it still didn’t erase the emotional pain of what some of the students had done to their lockers. At the end of the day Aurora took Amaras hand and said “I’m still looking forward to our date. Don’t let what happened dampen the excitement. The principle has already started dealing with the students thanks to the security cameras in the halls.”

“but theres video, I know I’m going to get on Facebook and see it everywhere. Everyone…they just pulled their phones out”

“and they are just as big of assholes. We can take a break from social media. We’ll talk using our cellphones instead. This will all blow over, I promise” Amara nodded and despite the events of this morning Aurora took Amara’s face in her hands and gave her a long kiss “I’ll see you later this weekend and I’m going to call you when I’m done with my homework so get to work on yours if you have any so we’re both free” Amara nodded again, her face red as a cherry.

It was Saturday, the big day. Today was going to be Amara’s first date. She was so anxious about tonight that she kept staring at the clock pacing back and forth around her room. There was a knock at the door and Amara answered.

“Honey, I can hear you up here pacing, is everything alright?”

“Yes, it’s fine, I’m just nervous about my date with Aurora tonight. It’s my first date mom and she is so wonderful. I know it will be great but I still can’t help but feeling anxious.”

“Well to make you feel better your new clothes just arrived. Why don’t you try them on and let me see how you look. I’m sure you will be beautiful as always.”

Amara instantly perked up. She had been disappointed that they hadn’t arrived yet and had already started stressing about what she was going to wear instead. After she put her new outfit on she felt better. It was perfect, just as she had imagined. Her mom approved and really helped making her feel better. It was almost time and Amara had done everything she could to get ready. Her hair flowed onto her shoulders in soft curls, her makeup was perfect after taking special care. Her new outfit fit perfectly and she knew she had nothing to worry about.

When Aurora pulled up Amara practically ran to the car. She hoped in with a big smile on her face. Aurora looked stunning, her hair was pulled up into an intricate style and her lips were rosy red. She was perfect. Little did Amara know, Aurora was thinking the exact same thing while she took in the beauty that was Amara. Tonight was going to be epic.

Amara couldn’t believe how nice the restaurant was they were soon pulling into “Aurora”

“you deserve to be taken somewhere nice Amara”

“I would have been happy with just a fast food place”

“I know but I was able to get us a reservation here and I want you to order anything and everything you want” They parked and went inside. Amara felt under dressed and was glad she had at least bought new clothes for this date. “relax beautiful” Aurora said as she gently took Amara’s hand. “I can’t express how touching this is. This is our first date”

“:and your a woman worth wooing properly. I had the money and I wanted to do this so just let me see you happy, that’s all I want” They talked a little more before they were seated and given menus. Aurora insisted on appetizers which Amara ended up being happy about. They tasted absolutely incredible, so much so she was almost filled up on them by the time their actual meal came.

It didn’t matter much though because they spent so much time talking she was still able to finish her food during the span of them being there. “I’m too full for dessert but I’ll order some for you if you want it” Aurora said and Amara shook her head “No, I didn’t even think I could finish my meal but that was so good and we’ve been here awhile” she checked the time, realizing they had been here longer than she even thought. “woah”

“It’s been an amazing night Amara, truly it has. As soon as I can treat you like this again I want to”

“we can go on cheaper dates in the meantime Aurora…I…I just like being with you” Aurora took her hand, wearing the most endearing smile “I hope it’s okay to say this but…I love you, like really really love you Amara”

“I love you too..I mean”

“good, I’m so happy we ended up at the same high school so we could meet”

“yeah…I just hope the other kids will leave us alone”

“They will, the principle doesn’t tolerate that sort of thing at all. Please don’t get your mind on that though, it’s been such an amazing night” They changed the subject and soon asked for the check which Aurora paid. “Are you up for a romantic walk Amara?” Aurora asked. “That sounds fun” Amara was shocked she hadn’t completely blown this date yet. Things were just so easy with Aurora, they just seemed to fit perfectly.

They got to the park and started their walk. Amara had never understood why people said walks were romantic but now she understood. There was nothing to compare it to, walking under millions of stars with the faint light from posts illuminating the soft skin of the person that you love. There were no other sounds aside from the sounds coming from their breath and their footsteps. Aurora and Amara walked silently, hand in hand for a while, just soaking up the evening and enjoying each others presence.

Finally Aurora spoke, ” Amara, you have no idea how much it meant to me to hear you say “I love you” tonight. I’ve bee feeling it for a while now and it’s been so difficult hiding how I truly feel. I was afraid you didn’t see me any more than just a friend.”

“I do love you Aurora. I think I have always loved you, since the moment I knew you. You make me a stronger person, a better person. You have helped me love myself and I wasn’t sure that was even a possibility. There are so many emotions that I have when I am around you that I cannot even put a name to them. I never want to spend a day apart from you. ”

Aurora stopped walking and smiled at Amara.

“Is it ok if I kiss you Amara?”

“You never have to ask.” replied Amara.

With that Aurora took hold of Amara’s gentle cheeks and gave her a kiss like anything she had ever had before. It was soft, her lips were like rose petals brushing against Amara. She could smell her perfume, sweet, while she kissed her. Her hands slipped behind her hair grasping her neck as the kiss became deeper. They were completely engrossed in each other, there was nothing that could come between them. Not now nor ever. They knew that there would be turmoils ahead but together they were unstoppable and nothing could get in their way of loving each other. Most people never do find true love, they wander, lost. searching for that one person to complete them. Aurora and Amara were among some of the lucky few, especially finding each other so young. They had true love, not lust or want, but love. They trusted each other, believed in each other, they lifted each other up higher than they could ever reach on their own. They were two pieces to a puzzle that were made to fit together. They stood up for what they believed in and in doing so, found each other. They would never be lost again.

~ The End

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