Ambrose & Demeter

Chapter One

Ambrose groaned as he came back to reality, his head and body feeling like it did when he trained with Bernadette. He slowly blinked his eyes open and found himself staring up at an unfamiliar face. Blue eyes filled with relief and he felt his heart skip a beat. “Thank goodness you’re okay.” She said as he slowly sat up. “You should be still.”

“I’m fine.” He looked at the rubble that had moments before been a house. He and his fellow knights had been dispatched to check on reported suspicious behavior. He remembered knocking on the door and when no one answered he had pushed it open. Some sort of ignition system had sparked and lit a long fuse. He had barely had enough time to shift and use his body and wings to protect his brothers and sisters. “Shit that hurt.”

“We saw the explosion from a distance.”

He finally really looked at her and realized she was wearing armor. “Who are you?”

“Captain Demeter Thanatos, head of King Caern’s guard.”

“You’re part of the envoy.” She nodded and he looked around. “My companions.”

“All fine, I had them go ahead with most of my men as well as my King and Queen. I’m afraid the explosion was caused by someone from my country. Some of the people disagree with the peace treaty signing. It’s the reason I’m here.”

“Damn, my cousin is not going to be happy.” He got to his feet and she gave him a concerned look. He smiled through the pain. “I’m alright, dragons heal fast. We should get back so I can speak to Cantaly.”

They walked side by side to the castle. When they arrived and went in Demeter stopped as if she wasn’t going to see his cousin with him “You’re welcome you know”

“I just didn’t want to assume. Especially after the way some of my community have been behaving”

“Cantaly and Cladius wont hold it against you or your king and queen” With Ambrose’s blessing she followed him in to see Cantaly who ran to hug him “I’m so glad you’re okay”

“I’m indestructible, you know that” Cantaly looked him over then met his eyes as he began to speak. He explained what precisely happened and Demeter spoke as soon as he was done “it’s why I’m here mam. I’ll make sure to get them in line. We made a peace treaty with you and my king and queen want to be sure it’s honored.”

“Thank you for coming. You will be staying here in the castle” Demeter bowed “thank you so much mam”


“Thank you miss Cantaly” It was still too formal for Cantaly but she didn’t correct her again.

“I should get check on the men.” Ambrose said and hugged his cousin once more.

“Get checked out please.”

He chuckled. “Alright, if you’re going to fuss I will.”

“May I join you?” Demeter asked.

“Of course, all knights are welcome in the yard.”

Ambrose went straight to the barracks where his men were being examined by healers. Both his aunt and uncle were there and Bernadette was across the room in an instant, his face suddenly in her hands as she looked them over. “I thought the worst when they brought the others in.” She said as she let him go. “You’re lucky your scales protected you.”

He sighed. “I really am fine.”

“Zane is on his way here.” Jerry said as he rested his hands on his wife’s shoulders.

“Oh great.”

“You know how much they love you.”

“He’s going to give me an earful.” He realized he hadn’t introduced Demeter and cleared his throat in embarrassment. “Sorry, Demeter my aunt and uncle Bernadette and Jerry, aunt and uncle Captain Demeter Thanatos.” He sat down with a little groan. “Okay, maybe I am a little bruised.”

“It’s nice to meet you and thank you for looking after my nephew.” Bernadette said with a smile.

“I didn’t need looking after, I would have woken up eventually.” He winked at Demeter. “I guess it wasn’t all bad, I got a pretty girl to fuss over me.”

“Ambrose.” Bernadette reprimanded. “Be respectful.”

He saluted her. “Yes Captain, I shall revert to serious mode for the duration of the day.”

Demeter blushed and Bernadette shook her head “I’m sorry, he’s a good knight but, well, not like most other knights”

“He’s fine, it’s an honor to meet you Bernadette.”

“Same, I’ve heard about you”

“wow, really”

“Why do you look so surprised?”

“To be honest I really look up to you”

“Maybe we could teach eachother a few things while you’re here. We could even go out for a drink or somthing, do you like alcohol?”

“Yeah, thanks, that sounds amazing”

“Don’t be intimidated by her, she’s not that legendary.” Ambrose teased and his aunt gave him a look. “Easy, I was just kidding.”

“You better be, I’ll give you more bruises.”

“I’m injured be nice and besides, I’m only walking around now because of all the bruises and sore muscles you two gave me before. So be nice.” She tussled his hair and his cheeks reddened with embarrassment. “Hey cut it out.”

“Don’t let my nephew fool you with his charming little smile and somewhat quick wit, he’s a real brat.”

“I’m absolutely adorable, haven’t you heard?”

“Oh hush and go wait for your father.”

“Alright.” He stood, stretching. “You want to meet my dad?”

“Don’t say it like you’re dating.” Bernadette interjected.

“Well it’s better than, want to meet the legendary assassin Zane Koopman, he’s dangerous.” Bernadette punched his shoulder. “Ow, you’ve broken me.” She went for him again and he jumped back.

“Get and then rest.”

Ambrose laughed and looked at Demeter “I’m serious, come meet him and my mom” Demeter walked off with him and Jerry said “Who wants to make a bet on how fast he scares her off?” Bernadette hit her husband on the back of the head “cut that out, there will be no bets” Jerry chuckled and kissed her, loving every bit of his fireball. Ambrose was faster about introductions this time when his parents came up. “It’s nice to meet you” Belle said brightly and Zane shared the sentiment before Zane pulled his son off to the side. As they walked off Belle caught Demeters attention “Don’t worry about them. My husband is probably just giving him a lecture on being more careful.”

“I’m sorry people from my land are acting this way”

“It’s hardly your fault. Is my son behaving himself with you?”

“He seems nice so far”

“Good” the two kept talking until Zane and Ambrose came back

“You’re not telling her lies about me right mom?” Ambrose looked a little irritated and Belle hugged him.

“Never in a million years.”

He smiled and hugged her back. “That’s too bad, I was hoping you’d tell her I was an angel.”

“Don’t be cocky.” Zane said as he hugged both his wife and child. “Remember what I said.”

“I will, it just happened so fast. I didn’t really have time to think.”

He patted his son’s back. “Still and if you even think there’s a chance something might be rigged, you send someone to get me or Gabriel.”

“I will, I will, I don’t want to be blown up again. I’ve never been more thankful for dragon scales.”

“You’ll be resting right?” Belle asked in a concerned voice.

“Yes, well I’ll try.” He looked at Demeter. “Maybe you can get away and hang out with me. I’ve been conditioned to work so I’ll be bored if I have to set around alone.”

Demeter’s heart skipped a beat and he grinned at her. “Uh, well I’ll see. I am a Captain so I might not be able to just leave.”

“We wouldn’t go far, we could tour the castle.”

“Okay, I’ll let you know when I can”

“You’ll have to know where to find me then. I’ll show you where I stay” Zane gave him a look, telling his son wordlessly to behave with her and Ambrose chuckled, taking Demeters hand and guiding her away from his parents. She was surprised and unsure what to do so she just walked with him. She didn’t really know much about Ambrose but she liked him so far. It made her wonder why everyone was giving him a hard time about behaving. “so if you want to find me here’s where you do it. If I’m not here I’m probably at my parents house eating moms amazing cooking. My siblings and I eat dinner with them once a week. You could come sometime. You could probably ask anybody and they’d be able to tell you how to get there”

It was strange to her to be around a man who seemingly just said precisely what was on his mind. They had just met and he didn’t hesitate to invite her places and take her hand to guide her somewhere. It was actually comforting to Demeter. She liked knowing around him she’d know precisely what he thought and what he wanted to do.

“Alright, I’m going to get out of the armor and rest before Bernadette finds me and drags me to bed by my ear. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to bother me.”

“I should get back to my lord and lady anyway and I need to investigate the explosion.”

He tapped his chin. “Perhaps we could look into it together once I’m not limping around like an old man.”

“You really don’t have to bother, this is something my men and I should handle seeing as it was our countrymen who rigged it.”

“Even so, they nearly killed my companions, it would be irresponsible if I didn’t look into it. We can tour the castle, investigate an explosion and do our best to keep things calm. It’s the best kind of first date.”


He laughed and grabbed his side. “Kidding. This is why everyone keeps telling me to be good. I tend to run my mouth.”

“It’s fine your honesty is appreciated. Get some rest then and we’ll work out the details later.”

Demeter walked away and he watched her go, admiring how beautiful her bodies shape was. He smiled when he couldn’t see her anymore and laid down like he had been told.He thought about her until the moment sleep took him. When her king and queen didn’t need her Demeter went to see if Bernadette needed any help. They ended up talking about their knights so each woman would know the others following better. It would help make things smoother with interacting. When the women were still talking whe dinner came.

Demeter had no idea how hungry she was until the food was set out in front of her. She ate and thanked Cantaly and Cladius before being shown to her room so she could rest for tomorrow. She had a lot to do and she knew the importance of a good nights rest. In the morning she hurriedly ate her breakfast so she could get to work.

As she passed through the training yard, she did a double take when she saw Ambrose. He was standing in the middle of the large yard, shirtless and twirling a sword. She stopped to watch him, admiring his muscular physique and how easily he moved. He was definitely Zane’s son, having inherited a natural quickness and grace from his infamous father. He must have noticed he was being stared at because he came to a stop and his eyes moved to her, causing her to blush. He waved at her then sheathed his sword and jogged over to her, a smile on his face.

“Good morning.”

She looked him over, noticing faint bruising at his ribs. “Shouldn’t you be resting.”

He looked down at his torso then shrugged. “They were worse when I got up this morning.”

“Still, Bernadette told you to rest.”

He chuckled. “You may come to find that I do tend to disobey her at times, especially when I’m bored. I got up this morning and knew there was no way I was going to be able to sit around and do nothing all day. They conditioned me for early mornings and hard work. Besides we dragons tend to heal much faster than humans.” He looked her over. “You look good in your armor.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Like a goddess of war.”

“I’ve never been called that before. Most of the men doubted I would make it this far.”

“Here a knight, your sex is of little concern.” He huffed out another laugh. “Anyway, you look busy.”

“Yes, my men are probably waiting for me. We run drills every morning.”

“May I watch, I might pick up a thing or two.”

Chapter Two

“if you really wont rest then I don’t mind”

“well, it’s a win win. I get to be around a goddess and you can glance over at me” He winked and she blushed again, he definitely knew she was staring. He laughed again, he was surprised how happy he seemed to feel near her, how much he liked how she reacted to him. He walked at her side and decided to try and not horse around if she had trouble with men doubting her. He didn’t want to seem like he was undermining her. If Bernadette respected her she was a woman who earned her post and he was liable to give someone a black eye if they were horses ass’s here.

Ambrose sat down, eyes settled on her as she began to speak. The men quickly started doing as she said. It was actually hard for him not to only look at her but he did his best to pay attention to the knights since he said thats why he was over here. She noticed his attention going back and forth and eventually just had to block him out so she could concentrate.

“You should be resting.” Ambrose jumped and looked up to see Gabriel looking back at him.

“Don’t do that and I’m guessing mom and dad told you?”

“Nope, one of the knights saw Seth at the bar last night and got to talking about it then Seth told me so I talk to mom and dad.”

“I’m fine, just some slight bruising.”

Gabriel dropped down next to him. “You seem distracted, you usually hear me.” Ambrose glanced at Demeter and Gabriel didn’t miss it. “Oh I see.”

“Shut up, did you come here to mess with me?”

Gabriel chuckled. “Not this time little brother. I wanted to check on you and see if Cantaly needed me to stay close in case something else went wrong.”

“I’m here, you should be home with Tawny.”

He shoved his brother. “She’d come here as well, I was just checking. Dad was talking about doing the same thing.”

Ambrose huffed. “Next Irim will be showing up.”

“Showing, oh brother I bet he’s already here.” He tussled Ambrose’s hair. “Go back to watching your woman, I’ll see you later.”

Ambrose felt like hitting Gabriel but Demeter was too concentrated on drills to hear their exchange so he let it slide and kept watching. He was right though, he normally heard Gabriel coming. Had this woman really captured his attention that much? He smiled and decided he definitely had to get to know her better. When she was done he walked over to her “pretty impressive”

“Thank you”

“Could I show you around the castle now?”

“Come with me to check in with my king and queen again. If they have no use for me still I would love for you to” He walked with her to check in with them and they soon began touring the castle. Whenever they’d run in to someone he introduced her and used it as conversation since he didn’t quite know her well enough yet to know really what to talk about with her. Gabriel had been right, they ran into Irim and Ariel as they toured. “Your family really is something Ambrose. You can really be proud to be a part of it.”

“Don’t let them fool you. They can be a huge pain in the ass” Demeter smiled “All family can be.” He kept showing her the castle until it was time for lunch. He was only a little surprised to see so much of his family. After he said “so why don’t we go investigate that blast now? There isn’t much left in this castle that would be very interesting”

“Okay” She was once again walking off with him and Ediva asked her mother “who’s that woman with Ambrose?” Suddenly Zane Jr chimed in “yeah”

“Demeter, she’s a knight captain. Ambrose seems to like her”

“That’s sweet, I think he’s actually mature enough at this point to make it work with someone. Someone like her would be a good fit. He needs a tough woman.” Ediva said and Zane Jr laughed “Maybe, we’ll see. If he brings her to dinner tomorrow then we’ll know how much he likes her. I can’t remember the last time he brought a girl”

“It was before you and Arthur got together I know. I think he had given up until I guess now”

“I wonder if he’ll leave with her.”

“With how mom and dad have kids this whole place will be nothing but Koopmans if some of us don’t leave” Their father laughed “well I’m taking your mother home for the moment. Love you two” he said, in almost an instant standing and holding Belle.

Ambrose walked around the scorched earth where the explosion had occurred. He opened up his sense of smell, looking for anything under the smell of burnt wood and oil. He kept glancing up at Demeter who seemed complete engrossed in turning over pieces of wood. “I’m amazed you weren’t more injured.” She said and he chuckled.

“Dragon scales are impervious to fire. I could walk right through it with no problem and even though I had a few bruises, if I wasn’t a dragon, I would have had it much worse.”

He lifted a large chunk of stone and grinned when he saw her staring. She blushed. “You’re strong.”

“Another dragon perk.” He tossed it aside. “Well look at this.” He lifted a scrap of cloth and sniffed it. “Human scent, male.”

“That’s amazing.”

“You should see me fly.” He sniffed the cloth again as he turned it over. “What’s this?” He showed her the partially burned emblem.

“I should have known, it’s Michaels, the idiot.”


“He was a knight and then he heard about the peace treaty and he freaked out, talked about how weak it made our country look and that he couldn’t serve under a king and queen who would betray their own countrymen.” She sighed. “If he’s here, this just got so much more dangerous.”

Ambrose shrugged. “So we find him.”

“It’s not that easy, why are you so calm?”

Ambrose tucked the piece of cloth into his back pocket. “Do you really think he’d be able to hide? I have his scent and I’ve been trained to never forget a scent.”

“Oh so does everyone have their own then?”

“Yeah, they all smell different. My dad smells like death and cold, but only when he’s hunting. His scent changes when he’s home with my mom. Zj smells like animals and Arthur. My uncle Irim smells like magic. Everyone is different, even you. I could easily find you.” He leaned in an inhaled her scent. “The smell of steel and sweat and something sweet. Feminine, but undoubtedly strong.” She blushed and he stepped back, running his fingers through his hair. “Sorry, but it’s a nice smell.”

“You’re not going alone to find him right?” Ambrose smiled, it felt good she was worried about him. “Of course not, my dad, Irim and Gabriel would beat the hell out of me. I’d look way worse than right now.”

“I want to go” Ambrose actually held his tongue for once. He wanted to tell her no because he didn’t want her to get hurt but he knew it would insult her. Demeter was something special, she had whatever he had been really wanting in a mate and he actually cared quite a bit if he chased her off too so he decided to actually take his families advice and try to be more considerate of how his words could make others feel. She was a tough woman and with the family he had backing him he knew he could make sure nothing happened to her “Okay”

“wow, you didn’t fight me…thank you”

“come on, I need to talk to my family and you’ll want to talk to your king and queen” They told everybody who it was and Demeter explained why. Claudius, Zane, Gabriel and Irim decided to follow Ambrose in hunting the man down. Demeter, the king and queen all looked shocked but in this royal family they believed a king and queen should help protect their land, not just cower behind their knights. “Demeter’s coming too. She knows what he looks like so she can confirm. I’ll carry her” Ambrose said and they all accepted it.

Demeter followed them all outside and watched wide eyed as Ambrose’s family shifted shape. Irim was the biggest, his scales like night. “Whoa.”

“Pretty neat right?” Ambrose said and shifted shape then gently lifted her onto his neck. She thought she saw a smile in his eyes as he launched himself into the sky and she gripped tightly to him. Ambrose flew ahead of his family, his nose searching for Michaels as he flew low. She was amazed that the people below them weren’t even phased by the dragons. She thought they must do this all the time if hardly anyone even looked up. She had to admit she loved being in the air, it was exhilarating despite the circumstances. Ambrose dipped even lower as he zeroed in on the scent he was looking for. He pulled back, his family doing the same as they all dropped down. He lowered her to the ground then shifted shape.

“Is he out here?” Demeter had her hand resting on her sword.

“He’s much closer to the city than I like.” Irim said. “He and his friends must have been planning something big.”

“I can smell a lot of oil and other chemicals. It reminds me of your cave.” Ambrose said. “It’s like the library when you’ve been working magic.”

“They are working with something quite volatile.” Irim added.

“I smell more than just this Michaels.” Zane said.

“If at all possible, I would like this Michaels alive.” Claudius said. “He should answer for his crimes against this kingdom. Attempted murder of our knights, not to mention the innocent civilians who could have been killed if it had been them to open that door.”

Chapter Three

In all his years of work Zane had taken many dangerous men and women who were dangerous in alive. He felt confident he could manage it, especially with two of his sons, Claudius, Demeter and Irim here. They carefully followed the scents until they were upon them. They spread far out to circle the men in. No matter how they tried to get away they’d be going into someone. Ambrose made sure he and Demeter were coming up nearest eachother so he’d be close if she needed his help.

Ambrose signaled for the others to attack and they all ran out, surprising the men who had set up their base in the woods. Chemicals came flying at the dragons and Irim shifted, smoking curling out of his nose as he advanced on them. Ambrose actually laughed at their frightened expressions. Irim could put fear into some of the bravest men. He blocked a blade and kicked the man in the stomach as Demeter sprinted past him, going straight for a dark haired man who was going toe to toe with Gabriel. She slammed into him, knocking him back from the assassin. “He’s mine.” She said as she face her old compatriot. Gabriel didn’t argue, he simply joined the fight elsewhere.

“Demeter, how nice to see you.” Michaels said as they circled each other.

“Don’t talk to me like you know me, we are no long brother’s in arms. You’re a traitor to the crown and a terrorist.”

He grinned. “No Demeter, the only traitor I see is you.”

Ambrose kept his focus half on her and half on the fight as he made sure none of Michaels soldiers made it to her. She and the ex knight were both skilled, but he had faith in her abilities. She was quick and strong, more intelligent than some man who planted explosives around innocent people.

He found himself in awe of her as she fought him. It was easy to see how she had earned her position. She pinned him and it didn’t shake him in the least. He smiled smugly “going to finish the job?”

“No, I’m letting them take you in”


“You’re the coward Michaels. I can’t wait to hear the punishment King Claudius and Queen Cantaly bestow on you” With the leader down it shook his followers enough they became simple to overcome. When you lost faith in yourself you lost the battle. It was one of the things Zane had been taught and had taught his children. Zane was first to want to carry him in but Claudius insisted “I will take him in” Zane bowed and Ambrose went over to Demeter to walk with her back into the clearing. Once there he shifted again and flew her home.

Once he had her deposited safely on the balcony just outside her room, he shifted shape, dropping down in front of her. “I need to talk to my king and queen, they need to know everyone is safe now.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you here, I wish to speak with you alone.”


“Yeah, just go and come back here please, it’s important.”

“Okay.” Her heart was beating quickly in her chest as she hurried away. She was sure he could hear it and it had her blushing all the way to the throne room where the others had gathered.

“Where is Ambrose?” Zane asked.

Her cheeks flushed again. “Um he’s upstairs.”

“That boy,” Zane let out a small laugh, “well I guess he can have a pass this time.”

Demeter spoke briefly to her king and queen then asked to be excused for the evening. She left the moment she was given permission, feeling nervous as she climbed the stairs back up to her room. She wondered what Ambrose had to say and why they had to be alone. He had never seemed to mind others being around before. She was happy to see him still on her balcony and she stopped to watch him for a moment. He was so handsome. “I’m pretty sexy right?” He suddenly said and turned to smile at her.

“I…uh…sorry, staring was rude.”

He chuckled. “Come here please.”

She walked out onto the balcony and he took her hands and pulled her close. “What?”

“You’re really beautiful, you know that?”

“I am?”

“Gorgeous. I love your armor, the way it looks on you, the way you fight. It’s all beautiful.” He sighed. “It’s weird that I can’t just say what I want to say. Leave it to you to turn me into a coward.”

“What do you mean?”

He stroked her cheek, his heart beating so fast he was sure it would explode. She was so soft, her scent wonderful. “The truth is, I think I love you.” He shook his head. “No that’s not right, I know I love you, I’m just not very good at this sort of thing.”

You love me?” It was a lot to take in, especially from a man so handsome. “what’s not to love about you. I want you to be my mate. I don’t care if it’s here or if you want me to go home with you. I want to be your mate”

“Your family is so close. I can’t be the woman who takes you away from them”

“I can come back and visit. I’m sure your family is there”

“well, for this moment lets not worry how this is going to work out..I’m still taking in you loving me”

“would me kissing you help?” She blushed and he couldn’t resist. He pulled Demeter into a kiss, framing her face with his hands. The kiss had them both at a loss for words. He lifted her and carried her over to the bed where he sat her down “wha..what are you doing?” He started taking off her armor, leaving only what clothing she had on underneath “Could I make love to you Demeter?” He whispered seductively. She couldn’t tell if he had tried to say it that way or if that had just come naturally from his want for her.She felt his torso, getting excited from just that. He smiled, feeling her attraction. He slowly started to undress her and when she didn’t attempt to stop him he tore off her bra and underwear “Oh my gosh” she said and he chuckled.

“You have more don’t you?” he asked, kissing then biting her shoulder. She gasped and his hands gently rested on her hips then started moving slowly up her body, eventually cupping her breasts and feeling them “so soft” his words came out in breaths. She couldn’t believe how wet she was already becoming and they had barely done a thing. She undressed him and felt him in return. He let out a small moan, loving her hands on him. He craved her touching him and to travel her.

“Ambrose.” He smiled at the desire in her whispered words as he leaned in to taste her skin. Sweat, metal, and lust washed over his tongue as he sucked and bit her, leaving teeth marks and hickeys. His hands parted her thighs and he tasted her, causing her to moan loudly. He looked up at her, his eyes locking with hers as he slowly ate her. Watching her control slipping further and further was incredibly arousing and he was at the edge of his own when her back arched off the bed, quivering as she climaxed.

He quickly slammed himself inside of her, needing the release after watching her move and hearing those intensely sexy sounds. She began to deeply moan again. He slid his hands into her hair and began to passionately kiss her only stopping when he pulled out to flow into his shirt. When he was done he kissed her a few more times, smiling and then holding her. “You are never to leave me Demeter” he said softly and she snuggled closed to him. They stayed like this the remainder of the night. When morning came they both hated they needed to decide what they were going to do.

With their jobs they didn’t have endless time to decide how this was going to work. Ambrose eventually said “You know here would be nicer for you. In our kingdom gender has very little to do with anything.You’d have the respect you deserve while not having to worry about your men doubting you because you’re female. A mistake here and there will just mean you’re human like any man in your position. Truly, I am going to leave this up to you Demter. All I know is that I need you now so if you want to return to your castle we will and if you want to stay here we will”

“It’s so much to think about. Would your family hate me if I took you back to my kingdom? They are so close”

“Not at all and I probably couldn’t do weekly dinner with them but you and I could do every other week”

“How do you feel about me talking to my king and queen and seeing how they feel?”

“Talk to whomever and do whatever you need to figure out what you want Demter. I swear I’ll be happy regardless because I’ll get to have you”

Demeter thought about what she would say as they went down to breakfast. She was sure they would have questions and concerns. She was their best. Ambrose seemed so calm, his demeanor laid back as they sat down to eat. He took the seat next to her, his hand grabbing hers so he could brush a kiss over her fingers. She felt herself blush and could feel the others in the room watching.

“Demeter is there something you would like to tell us?” Her queen always sounded so motherly.

“Yes, there are some important matters to discuss though I’m not sure the table is appropriate.”

“She and I are mates now.” Ambrose said and she felt her heart skip.

“Ambrose.” He smiled lovingly at her and she took a calming breath. “Yes, he asked me to be his and I said yes. I know it may be asking a lot, but I would like for us to stay together. He says this kingdom may have many opportunities for me, but if I am needed…”

Her king held up his hand and she fell silent. “You truly wish this?”

“I do.”

He nodded. “Then do as you wish. Queen Canatly has told us Captain Bernadette has taken an interest in you, this young man all but seals the deal. Though we do expect you to visit and make sure your men are behaving.”

“Thank you sir” Demeter answer. Ambrose felt elated and everyone else was happy for the both of them. Demeter told her men after their training that morning and they insisted on one last mug of beer with her. They had it at lunch and the men honestly surprised Demeter. She felt at least some were actually going to miss her. That night Ambrose took Demter to dinner with his parents and siblings. It blew her mind a little just how big that portion of his family was. Belle nearly cried, she had started to worry her second born child would never find his mate. She gave Demeter a long hug, the whole family made her feel completely welcome and it made her glad she decided to stay here instead of taking Ambrose to where she was from. She saw now they would be much happier here. He had an amazing family, a firece King and Queen and she was going to get to work with her idol Bernadette.

Everything felt so perfect in this moment and she knew this was the start of the best years of her life.

~ The End

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