Anastasia & Bristan 2

Chapter One

“but mom, why do we lie to grandma and grandpa? I want them to see our wings. It sucks they don’t know we are faeries”

“Oh sweethearts, they just don’t believe in beings like us. I told my parents when I was a little girl and they instantly shut it out, called me crazy and had me locked up. I spent my entire childhood with psychiatrist and locked in wards because I refused so long to forget your father. They didn’t even give the thought a chance or were even nice enough to play it off as the musings of a little girl. I know they love you guys but we were never that close growing up because they were embarrassed of me and my supposed made up world. I love you and they love you but telling them will only cause trouble or worse, they might call child services and have you taken away”

Their youngest looked heartbroken “but…i just want them to see how pretty my wings are and how good I can fly”

“I know, I’m so sorry you can’t show them” she kissed both their heads “Asmund, please put yours and your sisters bags by the door so that when your dad gets back we can leave”

“Okay” they both seemed so heartbroken as they ran off. She wished they knew how deeply she wanted to show them what they all were but with how cruel they had been to her as a child, uncaring of how she pleaded to be let out of mental institutions she couldn’t tell them and risk them trying to rip her children from her and lock her up again.

Bristan was not happy about yet another visit with Anastasia’s parents, especially her mother who had no imagination or open mindedness. He hated the woman even now, hated what she had done to Anastasia. Her father was not above his scrutiny, especially when the man had stood by and let Anastasia be picked at like she was some sort of freak. He sighed, knowing he would have to swallow his irritation and play nice for Anastasia’s sake. There had been many moments he had wanted to snap at them for taking her away, but every time he had refrained, afraid of disappointing his wife and children. He was happy as he drew closer to their second home, the place where they had met and made their family. It was there little slice of heaven and he wouldn’t allow anything to disrupt that. If Anastasia’s parents even tried to hurt her again, he would ask his parents to mask their home and make it as if it never existed then he would make sure they never set their sights on their daughter or grandchildren again.

He landed and pushed the door open, immediately greeted by his beautiful Anastasia and his wonderful children. He kissed his wife, her warmth bringing him peace. “You all ready to go?” He asked.

“Of course, just waiting on you.”

“Well I’m here now, so let’s get going.”

“where’s our car rental?”

“waiting just on the rode my love” he lifted their bag and Anastasia picked up Jelenas “you sure you want to fly with yours Asmund?” Anastasia asked her son. “Mom, I’m eight”

“I know sweetie, come on guys” Bristan chuckled as they walked out. Ever since his son had turned eight he had to do everything because he thought himself a man now. Anastsia and Bristan flew slower than normal for their children’s sake, not really in a rush anyway. When they made it to the car Bristan pulled the car key out of his pocket and opened the trunk to load up their bags. “remember kids we buckle up in these things” Bristan said as Anastasia got behind the wheel. The two hastily buckled and Ana started the car. They were barely two miles down the road when Bristan noticed somthing was wrong with his daughter. Since the day she learned to speak she talked nearly non stop, especially if they were going to see one of her sets of grandparents.

“Jelena, what’s wrong?”

“I already talked to momma about it”

“well it’s obviously still wrong. What’s up?” she looked down a moment and frowned before looking back at her dad “Grandma and grandpa Blix were so proud of me when I showed them I could fly a long time now and I want to show grandma and grandpa Anderson but mommy says we can’t break our rule of pretending were humans…I just….I want them to atleast see how pretty my wings are. Their like mommies” He could tell she was near tears it upset her so much she couldn’t and he didn’t know if it pissed him off or depressed him more “baby..your mom is right. I’m sorry” Jelena nodded and looked back out her window.

Always the caring big brother Asmund said “it’s okay Jelena. I know and mom and dad know and our grandparents on his side know and we think it’s awesome enough to count for them too. When we get back home we can gather all mom and dads friends along with ours and show everybody. You and I could come up with some sort of performance. Wouldn’t that be fun”

She looked at her brother “can we do peter pan? You could be Peter and I could be Wendy”

‘sure, so look forward to that and don’t worry about moms parents”

“Okay” they could tell she was still sad but it wasn’t nearly as bad as before. Bristan was still pissed but it made him feel better to see his son being such a good big brother. It made memories fly through his head of the years of him running every time she cried and always trying to make sure she was happy. When their little Jelena was a woman the men would probably get more hell from Asmund when it came to her than he would give them.

The drive to her parent’s house was always nice, the scenery was beautiful and peaceful. She often wished she didn’t have to hide herself from her parents or force Bristan and their children too. Half of her wanted to rub it in their faces that they were wrong, that the boy she had met as a child had been real and not a delusion, but the other half always screamed at her to stop. She jumped back and forth, having moments when she would open her mouth to say something and quickly change her mind and say something completely different. She hated the look of sadness on her daughter’s face every time she was told to hide her wings and she didn’t want Jelena to be ashamed of being a fairy.

“You okay baby?” Bristan asked softly as he took her hand.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“I’m sure I could guess what’s on your mind.”

She smiled. “I’m sure you could.”

“I’m incredibly perceptive you know.”

“Oh I know.” They smiled lovingly at each other and he leaned over and pressed and kiss to her cheek.

“Love you beautiful.”

“Love you too.”

Accustom to not taking their bags out until they first needed them they all just got out of the car and walked up to the large white door when they arrived. It was answered by her father ‘my babies!” he said happily and hugged each of his grandchildren before moving so they could walk in. it was her mother now who came bounding in “Hey guys!” she said gleefully and hugged them each as her husband had done. “How was the drive?”

“pretty as always” Anastasia answered. “Good, I’ve made sweets for the children. Come along” the kids ran to the kitchen ahead of their grandmother which caused her to laugh. Still struggling with how sad Jelena had been in the car Bristan decided to go ahead and get the bags so he could get air so just Anastasia followed into the kitchen. Her mother, the avid baker had food everywhere. ‘this almost looks like if candy land were baked goods land” Anastasia said a bit awkwardly. She could never quite have the comfort here her kids could find since this place held few memories that were good.

“Anything for the little ones and besides you don’t visit as much as we’d like.”

Anastasia sighed. “I told you we’re not going to drive up here everyday, especially when you and dad could come and see us.”

“And stay in that cabin? You know how I feel about that place.”

“It’s a nice place and where I met Bristan.”

Her mother brushed aside her words with a wave of her hand. “Anyway, you could always move into town.”

“I prefer it out there mom and the kids have so much room to run and explore. I won’t have this discussion again, okay. We love it out there, we love our home and we’re not going to uproot the kids.”

“Fine, have it your way.” She picked up a cookie and bit into it, wishing her mom would stop with trying to guilt her into moving closer.

When Bristan came into the kitchen he could tell they had already talked about somthing uncomfortable. Anastasia was never herself around her parents but there was a definite difference when her mother picked at somthing. He grabbed her hand for comfort, wishing he could do more. Her mother cleared her throat “what mom?” Anastasia asked and she said “you know what Ana. You shouldn’t have PDA in front of your children. I don’t know why you make me tell you this almost every visit”

“we don’t mind Grandma. We like seeing mom and dad happy” Jelena said and her grandmother sighed as if she were the one putting up with things. Anastasia tried to let go but Bristan held tighter. After how his daughter was in the car on the way here he wasn’t doing it. He could hold his wifes hand if he wanted to and her mother would have to get over it. Bristan looked at Ana’s father just to see him being the mouse he always was. It was sad to him that this man never once said anything to his wife. He understood Ana more but he couldn’t understand a man who could be with such a bitch of a woman.

“Mom can we have a cookie?” Asmund asked.

“I want you guys to eat something first okay?”

“Oh let them have one.” Her mother chimed in.

“After they eat some real food, I don’t want them filling up on sweets.”

“We won’t mom, we’ll eat first.” Jelena said and Anastasia smiled down at her.

“How about some sandwiches?”

“Ham for me.” Asmund said.

“Eww, turkey’s much better.” Jelena replied.

“You wish.” Asmund tussled her hair and she giggled.

“Why don’t you two go and play with the toys grandma and grandpa keep for you and I’ll get right on it.”

“Okay.” They said in unison and hugged her before running off.

Anastasia pulled out what she needed and began preparing sandwiches for her children. she was honestly glad and could breath easier when her mother left the kitchen to be with her grandchildren. “so dad, how’s retirement?” Ana asked. “Oh good I suppose. I’ve gotten myself another hobby”

“Oh, what is it?”

“I collect postcards”


“wish your mother thought that.”

“sorry” He chuckled “Oh Anastasia, has she ever liked any of my hobbies?’

“I can’t recall even one” Their was silence in the baked goods covered kitchen until Anastasia called for her children to come eat. They devoured their sandwiches then began eating some of the things their grandmother had made. “so anything exciting with the children since last you saw me” Mona asked her daughter. Anastasia couldn’t help but glance at Jelena who could now fly an impressive amount for a child her age and felt like just telling her mother and let her freak out or finally accept she hadn’t made the story up when she was a little girl.

Chapter Two

“We took them flying.” Anastasia answered.

“Flying? How dangerous.”

“The children loved it actually, especially Jelena, she loved going up really high.”

“Anything could have happened.”

Anastasia clenched her fists. “Stop trying to take the fun out of everything.”


She gave an exasperated sigh. “I am so tired of you trying to make me feel like a shitty mom because I let my kids do exciting things and because I won’t let them binge on sweets before meals. I am tired of you treating me like a child or like I’m crazy.” She turned to her father. “And I’m tired of you never defending me and just standing there like some submissive idiot.”

“Anastasia we didn’t raise you to behave like this!” Mona yelled as she stood. Anastasia scoffed ‘you barely raised me at all mother. Maybe before that camping trip but after it was all people analyzing me and telling me I made it all up. You even stooped so low as to put me in insane asylums to be treated twenty four seven because you were so embarrassed of me when the parents would find out why the other kids made fun of me. Even when I was home you’d tell me to stay in my room. God, I barely saw the outside of it. You kept me hidden away. You’re a heartless bitch and dad you are no better”

Bristan was proud of his wife for speaking up but quickly took the kids outside so they didn’t have to hear any more of the argument. “well if you would have just let it go and stopped insisting we take you back to see that fictional boy you wouldn’t have gone through all that. You did it to yourself. Do you know how appalled I was when you married a man with the same name as this made up boys? The jokes I had to endure from my friends?”

“he has the same name because he’s that little boy mom! Bristan is a fairy and the fairy queen made me a fairy. Our children are fairies too”

“Oh dear god..you aren’t any better. What have you been telling you’re children” her mother sounded mortified. Anastasia revealed her wings but she could tell her mother was too closed minded to see them. You had to have faith to see what was in front of your face and she hadn’t a shred of imagination or even a semi open mind. Tears ran down Anas face as she looked at her father who she could tell saw but would pretend he didn’t since her mother didn’t see.

“I hate you both, I should have never come back or let you see the kids. You’re both the worst parents and I never want to see you again.” She turned away and her mother grabbed her arm which she quickly slapped away.


She ignored her mother and pushed the back door open. “Come on guys, we’re going home.”

“Go tell your grandparents bye.” Bristan said and followed them back into the house. He just glared at Mona, hating the woman even more. He grabbed their bags and took them out to the car while Asmund and Jelena said goodbye to their grandparents.

“Asmund, I want you to take Jelena out to the car and wait for me with your dad.”

“Yes ma’am.” Asmund took Jelena’s hand. “Come on Jelena, lets go make plans for our Peter Pan play.”

“Okay.” Anastasia turned to her parents, her hands set on her hips in a show of defiance.

“You can’t just take our grandbabies away.” Mona said, looking hurt.

“Yes I can, until you can learn to accept us then yes I can. I won’t let you hurt them the way you hurt me. Dad knows, he’s just too much of a wuss to say anything and you’re too much of a bitch to listen. Fairies are real mother and so are so many other beautiful, fantastic things, but until you can open your heart and mind to the idea, we won’t be coming back and you’ll never find us so don’t bother looking.”

Anastasia turned and got into the car with her family, not looking back for a second. She knew her mother was probably rushing to her phone right now to call the cops but she knew Bristan could hide them . She had been scared of her parents for too long. She was done putting up with their crap and she hoped one day they might change and become better people before they left this earth. For now her children had Bristans parents and all their friends in the fairy world and truly that was all they needed. As they pulled away Jelena asked “so are we ever coming back dad?”

“I don’t think so baby. We’re sorry”

“Grandmas not nice, I know.”

“I’m sorry I raised my voice in front of you guys” Anastasia quickly threw in “it’s okay mom” Asmund answered. “It’s not but thank you for forgiving me” Bristan took her hand, wishing he could drive one of these things so Ana wouldn’t have to do it upset.

Anastasia’s phone vibrated a couple of times as she drove and Bristan finally grabbed it and shut it off once he saw it was her mother trying to call. None of them had anything to say to each other. Once they got home, Bristan took their bags inside and Anastasia took the kids. “We need to return the car.” She said.

“We can do that tomorrow. Right now I want to take you to the castle where you will be safe while I put up an illusion to hide the cabin.”

“Okay, I’m sorry for putting you through all this trouble.”

He stroked her cheek then gave her a hug. “I would walk through hell for you my love, this is nothing.” He kissed her forehead. “Let’s go baby.”

They took to the sky, Anastasia holding her children’s hands as they flew. Anastasia was glad they could literally disappear from this world to a place where her mother and father could not follow. The only hurt she felt was on her children’s accord and she hoped they were truly okay with potentially never seen their grandparents again. She hoped Bristan’s parents would more than make up for it since they were so loving and understanding and accepting.

When they arrived they were quickly let in since they were such good friends with the king and queen. Bristan took right off without an explanation, leaving his wife to fill them in. He needed to protect their cabin. It was far too precious to lose to anything. Without that cabin he would have never met Anastasia. “what’s going on?” Queen Xylia asked. Anastasia explained how things finally blew up between her and her parents and was given a tight hug “I’m sorry”

“It was going to happen sooner or later.” Xylia looked at the children “why don’t you two go play with our children? They are out in back” Asmund nodded and took his sisters hand to guide her. She smiled “I can’t get enough of how Asmund is with his sister. My kids can’t even get along, let alone be protective”

“I’m a lucky mother”

“come have tea with me. My husband is working right now but I’m sure he’ll join us when he’s done” Anastasia wiped away the few tears that slipped out and followed her friend. Bristan enchanted the cabin easily. Doing this was well within his power, especially with how determined he was to keep his family safe.

He felt drained after he had masked everything. It looked like there was nothing but forest now and would fool anyone who got close to it. He was sure if her parents or the cops were to come out there, they would be confused. He took to the sky, flying as quickly as he could into the fairy realm and to the castle where the love of his life waited for him. He landed harder than he would have like in his exhaustion and stumbled before coming to a stop. He stayed stationary until he felt steady enough to walk again then he searched for Anastasia. He was happy to find her sitting in the library with Xylia and she jumped up as soon as he entered the room, running to him and flinging herself into his arms.

“Whoa, I’m a little weak.”

“You shouldn’t have pushed yourself so hard.”

“You know I don’t mind when it’s for you or the kids. Helping you makes me happy.” He squeezed her a little tighter. “Where are our little ones anyway?”

“Playing with ours.” Xylia answered. “I am so sorry for what happened to you two today. Being treated so poorly in unacceptable.”

‘I’m honestly relieved we wont be seeing those horrible people anylonger. It was starting to upset Jelena too.”

“How so?”

“she was starting to struggle and get sad about hiding so much from them”

“It’s a shame you had to make her hide herself but I’m aware you had to with how they reacted to poor Anastasia”

“To make her feel better Asmund is going to put on a Peter Pan play with Jelena. I bet they are out there convincing your children to play along”

“that would be adorable. We should make a big thing out of it. I’ll announce it to everyone. We’ll talk to my husband about it when he isn’t so buried in work” They spent the day happily talking about it and forgetting the human world where all their problems rested. Anastasia and Bristan were no longer going to let her close minded mother and doormat of a father ruin their happy lives together or their childrens. In a few weeks they put together a play with a few of the other fairy children and a large portion of the kingdoms fairies came to enjoy the show.

The purely happy look on their daughters face when the play ended and all the children bowed was one they hoped would never fade.

~ The End ~

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