Anastasia & Bristan

Chapter One

Anastasia was always picked on as a little girl and was just freed from seeing her psychiatrist a week ago. When she was nine her mother took her on a camping trip. Anastasia wandered away from camp and went missing for weeks. They finally found her in a small cabin. She started telling her mother how she had been with this little fairy boy the whole time and she wanted her to meet him.

Her mother forced her to leave and she began counseling. She insisted it happened and he was real. She insisted he loved her and wanted to be with her when they were older. Seven years later she finally accepted she had just been a scared little girl who made up the magical world she had seen. She accepted she made up the little boy and his family who adored her. At this point she could barely remember his face. She couldn’t recall his families faces atall. She was happy for it to fade.

She hated people thought she was nuts. The final thing her psychiatrist wanted her to do was go to the mountains again. She wanted Anastasia to get directions to that cabin and see it now to make sure the delusion was really gone.

Her mother had told her exactly where it was, even drawn her a map and told her to be done with it. Seven years of forgetting and almost two years of convincing doctors she had not really seen anything was not enough for her mother. She packed quickly and threw her bag in the back of her jeep. It was thirty-six miles to the cabin. By the time she got there it would be dark. She had brought her sleeping bag because as far as she could remember the place had been empty and no one owned it. She looked at the small map and turned onto a dirt road. It slowly started to slant up, taking her halfway up the mountain before she turned onto another road and drove half a mile until she pulled into the driveway of the little cabin. Pretty pink foxglove grew along the side of the building, contrasting with the dark wood.

She took a deep breath and turned off her truck. She got out, grabbed her bag, and went inside. She was a little shocked when she saw a couch and bookshelf had been moved into the living room. She checked the other rooms. There was a four poster bed in the only room. She had not seen any tire tracks so she didn’t think anyone had moved in unless it had been while she was in therapy. She went back into the living room and sat on the couch. If no one showed up then she would stay for the night. She gave it a couple of hours and when no one showed up she in rolled her sleeping back and grabbed one of the pillows off the bed. She hoped whoever lived here wouldn’t mind. She lay down and fell quickly asleep.

Bristan was fighting with his mother. “Don’t go again Bristan. She’s never coming back. Why can’t you accept that?”

“What’s so wrong with me checking? She promised she’d come back and she will. I love her and I’ll never stop. I only let her go because you made me. You said she needed to stay with her mother until she was a woman because little girls need their mom.”

“The problem is you come home heartbroken. You stay in that cabin for days and come home in tears. It’s hard for me to watch. I agree, she was an amazing girl and I know why you loved her. I’m sorry but it was best for her. I wish you wouldn’t say I made you send her away with such hate. I wasn’t trying to hurt you”

“I know mom but please just let me go. I have to go and wait for her. I need her and I’ll wait for her forever. She’s my soulmate and nothing you say will change that. If she never comes back she never comes back. She’s the only one for me.”She let her son go “I love you Bristan” He hugged her. “I love you too mom.” He took off, like all the other times he did he hoped with every fiber in his being he’d find his one and only love there.

He still rememberd everything about her. That wonderful smile, Those beautiful blue eyes, her soft dirty blonde hair. He didn’t know how much more waiting his heart could take. His fathers words always burdened him too. Last year he told him that she may not know who he is any longer so even if he does see her again she may not know him or the time they spent together. The other humans would have told her she was nuts at home. He made sure to remember to first approach her without his wings just incase. It would kill him if she didn’t;t remember but he knew he could make her love him again and remember. He hoped that would not be the case though. That she would just run into his arms and kiss him.

Anastasia always dreamed the same dream. She was playing by a stream with him. She could only remember his eyes. They were the color of lavender flowers. He flew around her on translucent wings that shimmered a beautiful gold color when the sun hit them and looked silver under moonlight. She would reach for him and he would lift her into the air and take her over the tops of the trees. The wonderful dream soon turned to a nightmare as dark clouds rolled in and lightening flashed. She was suddenly all alone, being soaked by the rain. She jerked awake, feeling the tears on her face. She wiped them away and sat up. He wasn’t real. She heard footsteps coming from outside on the front porch. She stood as the front door opened and a man stepped in. His eyes like lavender flowers lit up when he saw her. She actually fainted.

Bristan stood there in stunned silence for a moment before rushing to her side. He rolled her over and brushed long dirty blonde strand out of her face. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He went a got a rag and wet it then came back and dabbed it against her face. She woke up and screamed, scrambling away from him and falling off the bed.

“Anastasia what’s wrong? Please calm down.” She was panicking. She thought she had slipped into another psychotic episode that cabin triggered. It was stupid to come here. He said her name again looking sad because he could see how upset she was. She got up and ran outside. She wasn’t getting in her car. This upset she knew she couldn’t drive. She just had to get away from those eyes. She had to get away from this before she went crazy enough for her mother to commit her.

Bristan then knew she didn’t remember. It hurt worse than all the times she never even came. He got off the bed and ran after her. It would’ve been faster to fly but he didn’t want his wings to scare her more so he kept them hidden. It began to rain and she fell to the ground and started bawling saying no over and over again. She thought she was better and it turns out she was still crazy. He caught up to her, her tears broke his heart into a million pieces. He didn’t know what to say to her. All he could come up with was “you need to get out of the rain. Please come back with me. I’m sorry I scared you.”

She looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes he loved so much. He offered his hand to help her up and she took it. A memory flashed through her head of when she was camping. She had just wandered off when she ran into a small boy. He said “hi what’s your name?”


“That sounds so pretty. Want to see where I live?” It was gone and she realized they had just been standing there. She moved and he walked with her back to the cabin. When they got back she grabbed her backpack “I’m going to change clothes. It wont take long. I’m so sorry I was in your house like this. I didn’t expect anyone to live here. When I was a little girl I got lost and my mother found me here. I made up this crazy story and I believed it. My moms had me seeing psychiatrists for years and the last test to make sure I was really better and had that fairy tail behind me was to come here. I’m obviously not better though. You remind me of the little boy. I wont go into it though. I’m so sorry”

She walked away and he realized his dads concern was right. He wanted to cry so badly. He just wanted to hold her and tell her it wasn’t made up. When she was alseep he’d go talk to his father to see what he needed to do. It didn’t matter what it took Bristan was going to make her remember. He needed her to love him again. He hoped she would stay long enough for him to succeed in that.

Anastasia pulled off her wet clothes and quickly dressed in dry ones. It was pouring rain outside and she was far too upset to drive back down the mountain. She could ask the man if she could stay until the rain stopped. She didn’t know how long she could handle being close to him with those eyes and she had forgotten her pills, but she had no choice. She took a breath and went back into the living room where he was sitting on the couch. He stood the minute she entered, his eyes full of concern and sadness. She loved those eyes and almost started crying again. “Would it be alright if I stayed until the rain clears up?” She asked, looking at her feet.

“You are welcome to stay as long as you want. I’m Bristan and this is my home for now. Whatever you need I’ll get it for you.” He said. Was it a coincidence that the boy in her dreams and this man shared the same name? It had to be.

Bristan wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to profess his love and beg her to remember. He held himself back, not wanting to scare her. “Thank you very much.” She said.

“You can have my bed and I will take the couch. No arguing please. I have some work I have to do outside. There is food in the cabinets and refrigerator. Make yourself at home.” He wanted to end it with an I love you, but he just smiled and left. When he was behind the house he took to the sky.

Anastasia sighed, she hoped none of the other people from her imgaination showed up. She layed down in the bed and wrapped herself in the blanket. The bed was soft and very comfortable. Even in her panicked state she managed to go to sleep again. As he flew threw the sky he finally allowed himself to cry. He tried to assure himself that she would remember that everything was real and that she’d love him like she did when they were little.

He reached his home and his mother ran to him “I’m so glad you’re back. Are you going to quit going to the cottage?” As much as he knew it was not his mothers fault he was angry at her. She was the reason she ever left in the first place. He didn’t want to say somthing he’d regret out of his sorrow so he just walked away to find his father. “Son what are you doing back so soon? You’re normally gone much longer waiting for Ana. Have you givin up?”

“She’s there.”

“Then why do you look like that?”

“You were right, all these years they’ve been telling her she made it up. She thinks everything was in her imagination dad. What should I do?” he hugged his son “all you can do is just try to make her say long enough to bring back all the memories. Just do things with her you guys did when she was little. I promise if you try hard enough she’ll realize it wasn’t all in her head and she’ll love you again. Lets see how tomorrow goes. If nothing helped her tomorrow I’ll come the next day. I spent a lot of time with you two and seeing me might make it come back.” He nodded, a few more tears slid down his face.

He thanked his dad and walked down the stairs. His mother looked so sad so he hugged her. “I love you mom”

“I love you too. I’m so sorry. If I would’ve known the pain it would cause you I wouldn’t have had you give her back to her mother.”

“I Know mom”

He walked out the door to fly back to Anastasia. When he was outside the cottage he went invisible. Bristan wanted to check on her without her seeing him. As much as it hurt him he knew if she looked at him again it may frighten her. He walked in without a noise and then quietly went to the room. He was glad to see her peacefully sleeping. He stood beside the bed just looking at her. She had grown even more beautiful. He had started coming back to the cottage at 14. In his world you were an adult at 14 years of age which is why he had waited so long. Fairies didn’t know that humans weren’t adults until 18. Fairies just kept to their own world and rarely showed themselves to humans.

He finally decided he should go to sleep so he walked out and made himself visable. He needed to be fully awake tomorrow. He was going to be doing a lot with her. He wouldn’t stop unless she asked or her memory was triggered. He lifted her sleeping bag off the floor and unzipped it to use as a blanket. He wrapped it around him. It smelled just like Anastasia and it helped him sleep.

She woke up felling lost. She sat up and looked around. She was still in the cabin. It had not been a nightmare and she had not had a psychotic break. She swung her legs over the edge and stood. She opened the bedroom door and snuck down the hall. She looked in the living room. He was sleeping on the couch wrapped in her sleeping bag. She moved closer, not making a sound and studied his face. She swore she knew him, but she was afraid to trust her memory. He looked like he had been crying. She hoped it was not her fault. It was still raining outside, though not as hard. He shifted and her heart slammed in her chest. He opened his eyes and she back pedaled, tripping over her shoes. He was up in the blink of an eye, his arms around her waist. She stared up into those eyes and another memory flashed in her mind.

“I feel silly dancing like this.” Bristan said. “Mom do I have too?”

“Come now dear, all boys and girls should learn to dance.” A female voice said.

“Dip me like we practiced.” She said excited and he tipped her back. They both fell in the grass and started laughing.

He lifted her back up because she looked so scared. He smiled and moved back. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you.” She blushed and clasped her hands.

“Would you like breakfast? I can make you blueberry muffins.”

“Sure, if you want too.”

“I’d love to” He walked into the kitchen and she followed sitting at the table. A few minuets passed and she already felt nervous. She decided to comfort herself by humming a song she had apparently taught herself when she was lost. She had hummed it on the way home when her mom found her. She hummed it any time she was upset. She looked out the window humming. Bristan froze for a moment. It was the lullaby his mother sang at night before they went to sleep. She rememberd it. He put the pan in the over and then sat down.

“What is that song Anastasia? Where did you hear it?”

“I have no idea. When my mom found me I was humming it. She doesn’t know where I picked it up. Was it bothering you?”

“Oh no not atall. I bet if you thought about it hard you’d remember.”

“Perhaps.” she smiled and he was able to smile back. It may not be as hard as he thought at first. If she rememberd that she could remember it all. “Why would you want a crazy person like me to stay? I promise I wont try to kill you if you amke me leave”

“you aren’t crazy Anastasia.”

“That’s nice of you to say so.” The muffins were done and he took them out placing them on a plate he sat in the middle of the table. She took one “This is so good. Thank you.”

“If you’ll stay awhile I can make you them every morning. It would be nice to have some company here for a bit. Will you stay with me a few days?”

“Sure, I don’t have much to go home to anyways. Plus it’s summer vacation so no school either.”

“I’m glad you’ll stay” he smiled.

“I don’t see why, with how I’ve acted I would think you’d want me to leave as soon as possible.”

“don’t worry about it.”

When they were done the rain had stopped. He cleared his throat “would you like to go outside with me? I want to show you somthing.”

“Ok, just let me get dressed.” She walked to her room and put on some shorts and a tank top. She came out and he said “you look so amazing” He couldn’t believe he just said that. “Thank you.” she smiled. They walked out and made their way through the woods. He was trying to think of any excuse to hold her hand but couldn’t find a good one. He took her to a field of flowers. It had a wide variety. She loved it here when his dad took them. “oh wow! This is amazing!”

“I’m glad you think so.” She ran straight for a huge grouping of blue ones just like she had the first time. He remembered how he reacted and was going to copy just that. He ran after her sliding to a stop. She sat next to the flowers and he started weaving them together to make a crown for her like he had as a little boy. He made it quickly as she sat there looking all around her. “Ana?”

“Yes?” He put it on her head “Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl.” She took a sharp breath in, another memory flashed through her head. It was the same moment but with the small boy. She was worried she was making up this man because he was so much like the small Bristan she knew. Then for a moment she looked into his eyes again letting herself believe that maybe she wasn’t crazy. he looked back hopeful. “What’s wrong?”

“Just having another fantasy. Don’t worry about it.”

“You can talk to me about it if you want. Don’t worry about bothering me or me thinking you’re crazy. I wont I promise.”

She bit her lip like she always did when she was thinking really hard. “When I was little I came to the cabin and I met this little boy. He had pretty lavender eyes. It’s the one feature I can remember the most. He had wings, the most beautiful wings. They were told in the sun and silver under the moon.” She felt like crying again. “It wasn’t real. I was a little girl and imagining things. I keep getting these flashes, but I don’t think they are real. I’m afraid I’ve lost it.”

He reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear like he had when they were children. “I don’t think you’re crazy. I think you’ve lost something you’re trying to find again.” He said and allowed his fingers to trace her cheek and down to her chin before pulling back.

“You have his eyes and his name, but you’re real and he wasn’t.”¬†Anastasia loved this place. She could stay here forever. “Is is okay if I explore. You can come with me.”

“Of course.” He stood and held out his hand and she took it. They walked together across the meadow and into the woods. She didn’t pull her hand away so he held it a little tighter.

He held her hand happily. He enjoyed hearing how much she liked his eyes and wings. She suddenly stopped, another memory was going through her head. Bristan was confused at first wondering why she stopped walking like that but then he looked around and realized where they were. He hoped she wasn’t moving because she was remembering another moment they had together.

Anastasia was with the little boy again. They were running through the woods playing tag when she saw a huge snake. She screamed and came to a halt. When Bristan came to her side the snake calmed down but still sat there staring at her. She turned to Bristan throwing her arms around him. “Don’t worry it wont hurt you with me here”

“I still dont like it make it go away please.”

“Ok, calm down.” He looked at it again and it slithered away. He hugged Anastasia saying “it wont come back again. I told him to make sure he stays away from you.”

“Thank you Bristan.”

“Anything for you Anastasia.” Bristan had just been looking at her with eyes filled with hope. She finally looked at Bristan turning him so she could hug him. He didn’t know if he should say something but at this moment he thought it better to keep his mouth shut. He wanted the embrace to last as long as possible. His Anastasia was finally in his arms. He savoured every second. “I hope it’s ok that I’m hugging you.”

“I wouldn’t have hugged back if it wasn’t ok.” He said in almost a whisper it was so soft. He was¬†overwhelmed with joy holding her making it was hard to speak. She let go and he reluctantly let go too. He didn’t know when she’d touch him atall again. “did you have another memory?” She laughed. “you’re the only one I know to call a little girls delusion memories. Yes i did, there was this snake I was scared of and you” she paused “I’m sorry I mean he made it go away.” He got excited, she referred to the little boy as him.

He smiled “do you want some lunch?”

“That sounds great” She said as she grabbed Bristans hand. He couldn’t believe it. He had to calm himself down. She enjoyed that hug so much. It felt familiar and safe. It was the best hug she ever had in her life. It was the same way she felt when she hugged that little boy. Anastasia was really glad he wasn’t getting upset with her. She liked being around someone who didn’t think she lost her mind.

Chapter Two

“How does a blt sound?” He asked as he closed the door behind them.

“Sounds amazing.” She sat down on the couch, unsure what else to say or do.

He cooked the bacon, making sure it was crispy. He threw together two sandwiches and brought her one. He sat next to her and they ate in silence. Every now and then he would catch himself staring and look away. He didn’t want to seem creepy. “So how long were you in therapy?” He asked as he finished the rest of his sandwich.

“Too long. I hated it there. Every day was another day of being called crazy.” She said.

“That’s horrible. I can only imagine how it must have felt being looked at like some sort of test subject at such a young age.”

“It was unsettling. My mother made me go even when I begged to stay home.”

He pulled her into his arms and brushed a quick kiss over her cheek. She seemed so hurt by her mother’s need to prove her insane. “Never believe that you are crazy because I do not. There are many things in this world that we cannot explain.”

“Thank you for being so kind.”

He smiled not letting her go. Bristan was glad she hadn’t immediately pulled out of his arms and allowed him to kiss her cheek. He wanted to give her a real kiss. It felt amazing even having her in his arms. Bristan could only imagine what it would feel like to kiss her. He wasn’t going to try though. Pushing too much might send her running home.

Bristan was happy she seemed to remember so much. He prepared himself for the worst when she ran away from him. He assured himself that if he just kept doing what he was doing she’d remember and be his. When she did he’d take her back to the fairy world with him. He wished he could take her now like he did when she was younger but they’d have to stay where they were. There was still plenty they did here that he could do with her to help her see it wasn’t in her imagination.

“I may fall asleep if you don’t let me go.” she said with a slight laugh. “You relax me so much. You already know I’m weird so me saying this probably wont bother you but I just feel like I belong when you hold me. I feel safe and comfortable. Normally I’m on edge.” She pushed out of his arms “Yeah, I’m sorry that was really weird. I can go home. I probably should before you tell me to leave.”

“No that wasn’t weird atall.” he said trying not to pull her back. “You sure?”

“Very sure. If you’re interested in sleeping I could hold you longer.” She laughed “I wouldn’t do that to you.” She noticed the brief moment of disappointment in his eyes. She didn’t understand why he would want to hold her until she slept. Once again a memory flew through her head. The little boy had the same look of disappointment as his mother was speaking to him. She had taken him to the side and Anastasia couldn’t hear what she was saying.


“Oh sorry, daydreaming again.”

“About what?”

“Oh that look of disappointment. You are so similar to that little boy from my hallucination.”

“You mean memories.” He said with a smile and brushed her hair back.

“That sounds nicer I suppose.” She smiled back.

Anastasia loved being in this place. He made her feel lass nutty. The air was breathable when he was around. He didn’t judge her or look at her like she was about to snap. She really liked being in his presence. She rested her head on his shoulder, exhausted. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yes, just enjoying being close to you. I know it sounds crazy, but you make me feel at peace.”

“It doesn’t sound crazy at all. I have enjoyed our time together.” The sound of raindrops hitting the roof filled the silence. She had the sudden urge to play in the rain. She grabbed his hand and stood, pulling him outside. She let him go and raised her face to the sky, letting the cool water play over her skin.

“Come on, I want to explore the woods.” She took off and followed close behind. She laughed as she jumped over a fallen tree. She sounded so carefree. She slowed to a stop and inhaled the fresh air. “I think I’ll just live here forever.”

“My home is your home.” He held out his hand and she took it. They walked back to the cabin, soaked to the bone.

“I think I’ll take a shower, my skin is starting to get cold.”

“I have something I need to do. I’ll be back soon. You go get warm.” He wiped some of the water off her face and she went inside. He went around back and flew though the air. He needed to speak to his father, have him come and see Anastasia. She would remember him.

He flung open the door to his home. Bristans dad was sitting in the living room “Son you’re soaking wet. Why were you flying in the rain?”

“She’s so close dad I know it. I need her to remember. I can’t go much longer being so close to her and not being able to say how much I love her or kiss her. It can’t wait for tomorrow please dad.”

“It’s only been a day son.”

“So what does that matter?”

“I just dont want to rush it. She’s spent years being told what happend was made up. It will be a serious shock for her to realize it wasn’t. I wanted her to remember easily. She’s going to look at both of us and not just see one person from then but two and it’ll hit her like a ton of bricks. There’s just no telling how she’ll react. I promise I’ll come tomorrow if nothings changed but be paient for today. Just give her the rest of the day to remember on her own and I’ll come in the morning.”

Bristan stood there frustrated and sad “Son you’ve waited for her since the day she left. I honestly thought you were just a kid and didn’t really love her but you’ve shown that we were wrong.”

“It’s harder to wait when shes right infront of me and I can hear that laugh and see her smile. I just need her to know it was real. I need her to love me too.”

Back at the cabin she was standing in the shower thinking about what he said “You mean memories” He was just like him, just the same as the little boy. The whole time here she was getting these flashes. Everything she had surpressed was flooding back into her head. She turned the water off adn wraped herself in a towel. She walked into the living room and sat in front of the wall that was infront of the door. She closed her eyes seeing the little boy again “You ahve to go home. I don’t want to send you but my parents say it’s whats best for you. I’d be happier with you here but I care more about what’s best for you.”

“But I dont want to leave”

“I know” he hugged her “Promise you’ll never forget me and come back? If you do I promise to wait for you here in this cabin.”

“I promise.” She finally realized she hadn’t made it up. She’d been with that little boy the whole time except now he was a man. She started crying, laying on the floor wrapped in her towel. Bristan started to fly home. He wished his dad would just come and make her remember. He could hear her crying as he landed. He was so worried about her he forgot to hide his wings. He ran in the cabin and saw her laying on the floor.

He rushed to her side and she looked up at him. “Why are you crying?” he asked concerned. She sat up and grabbed his face kissing him. “You really did wait for me.” she said slightly pulling back. her lips still mere inches from his.

“Ana, could it really be my Ana?” He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her back. “Please tell me it’s you.”

“I remember this face, this beautiful wonderful face. Tell me I’m not dreaming, that you’re really here.” She still had tears running down her cheeks.

“I’m here baby, always and forever. You have no idea how much I have missed you.”

She clung to him, her arms around his neck. She noticed his wings shimmering a beautiful gold. She reached out and ran her fingers over them. She loved his wings. She remembered wanting a pair when she was little. She pulled back to look at him. Her hands framed his face, her fingers feeling every line. She wanted to memorize it just in case. She was so overwhelmed with emotion. “I love you so much.” She whispered. She kissed him hard, in desperation. She pulled him down on top of her, wrapping her legs around his waist to hold him close. She pulled his short up and over his head, tossing it. She let her hands slide over his wet skin. He had three small scars on his chest. They were from a cat he had pulled out of a tree. The cat had been terrified of the flying little boy. She smiled against his lips.

He kissed her back. His heart was in overdrive and he felt so much love and happiness. Her hands pressing against his chest was driving him crazy with want for her. “Put your arms around my neck.” he said in a breathy voice. “well if you didn’t like me feeling you up you could just ask me to stop.” He smiled “That’s not it atall.” She wrapped her arms around him and he lifted them up off the floor. He wanted to make love to her on his bed. Their first time had to be amazing for her. He had imagined it many times and all he wanted was to make Anastasia feel how much he loved her.

He layed her down and put a hand on her cheek. He couldn’t help but get lost in those beautiful eyes that were no longer looking at him like he was a stranger. He had his Anastasia back. He had the love of his life in his bed. “Are you just going to stare at me all night?”

“I could admire you forever and I will.”

“I’m sorry i let them convince me you weren’t real.”

“All that matters is you’re mine again. I don’t care Ana. I love you so much.” He took off her towel and took off the rest of his clothes. He started to kiss her again. He kissed her slowly and passionately. Slowly sliding his tongue over her teeth and tongue. She gently rubbed his chest while they kissed. She loved the feel of it. He was slightly muscular and she couldn’t get enough of how it felt. He lifted his head up to look into her eyes again. Bristan smiled then bit her neck. She moaned as he started to lick it. Between his soft hot breaths, hard bites and gentle licks she was going crazy with pleasure.

He enjoyed each moan and savored it. He whispered in her ear “I love you.” As soon as she said I love you too he kissed her again thrusting himself inside of her. She screamed, it was a mix of pleasure and pain. It scared him a little “did I hurt you?” he asked worried.

“A little but it’s alright. Atleast you popped my cherry fast.” She smiled at him “go on keep going. I’m loving it so much. There was no avoiding hurting me since this is my first time.” He felt bad but she didn’t seem upset so he slid himself back in kissing her. He put a hand in her hair and pressed the side of his face on the side of her face. His ear was right by her mouth. He wanted to hear every bit of pleasure she got out of it. His other hand was laced in hers. He was pressing it against the bed.

“Faster, harder please.” She gasped. He picked up the pace, gripping the headboard. Her back arched as an orgasm ripped through her. He kissed her, capturing her loud cry. He found his own release and pressed his forehead against hers. She smiled and he rubbed his nose against hers. He lay next to her and pulled her into his arms. She snuggled close, throwing one leg over him and resting her hand over his heart.

“Are you alright?” He asked as he stroked her hair.

“I’m fine, don’t sound so worried.” She rested her chin on his chest and smiled.

“It’s my job to worry. I love you Anastasia, more than you could possibly imagine. You have no idea what you do to me. When we were children we were too young to understand what love meant. Here in our meeting place, with you in my arms, I know what love is. It’s every moment I spent dreaming of this day, of never letting you go. Love brought you back to me.” He gently grabbed her chin and brushed his thumb over her soft lips. She bit the tip of it, exciting and arousing him all over again.

“We couldn’t possibly.” She said softly. She could feel him growing hard against her thigh.

He rolled her beneath him, his lips right next to her ear. “Oh yes my love, we have all night and I plan to spend it making love to you.”

They spent hours making love and taking breaks inbetween to simply hold eachother. When Anastasia couldn’t take any more it was nearly morning. Bristan was tired aswell but he didn’t want to go to sleep. Having her again had to be a dream. Everything was perfect. He felt overwhelmingly happy. He held her close listening to her breath. Bristan couldn’t help but give her random kisses on her cheek.

The only thing that made him sad about that night was the fact he had to hurt her the first time. It really upset him when she screamed. He was sure he made up for it though by her moans of pleasure. All he could think about now was her being his forever. When the sun came pouring through the window Bristan gently kissed her lips then made sure she was covered up good before quietly getting up to get dressed.

He went out the door to talk to his parents. When he arrived his mother couldn’t believe how happy he was. She knew right away Anastasia rememberd because she hadn’t seen that smile since the last time she was here. “O my god! She remembers!”

“Yes she does.” Kana hugged her son. “I’m so glad.” His father came running down. He had heard his wifes cry of joy. “Dad I want to marry her if she’ll have me.”

“Of course son when?”

“If she says yes how about tonight?” His father laughed “I can arrange that for you. You better go ask her.” His parents loved how happy their son finally was. He had spent all those years just a shell. He was always sad and always thinking of Ana. His parents regretted every day sending that little girl back home. He flew back and she was still sleeping. His smile grew bigger triumphantly. He must have did a really good job last night. He was really glad. All Bristan cared about last night was making her feel good.

He went in the kitchen to make her a nice breakfast while trying to think of what he was going to say when he asked her. Bristan needed her to say yes. There just wasn’t life without Anastasia. If they were married she could live in his world forever. She wouldn’t grow old and she could get wings from their queen if she proved herself. If Ana didn’t want wings that was fine with him though. With them being married and her in his world she’d never grow old regardless. Plus if she couldn’t fly he’d get to hold her more.

Anastasia had not dreamt that night. She woke to the sun shining through the window and warming her skin. She stretched and gave a sigh of contentment. She wanted to just lay here forever. Last night had been magical. She was a little sore, but she would live. She smiled as she got out of bed, taking the sheet with her. She walked down the small hallway, a very delicious smell hitting her nose. Bristan was in the kitchen just finishing making omelets. He turned and smiled when he saw her. “Good morning beautiful.” He said as he sat their plates on the kitchen table.

“Someone looks like they had a good night.” She smiled and winked then sat down.

“Better than you could imagine.”

“I’m sure that’s what all men say after spending all night with the hottest woman in the world.”

He laughed and sat down next to her. She had developed the most wonderful sense of humor. It was refreshing to have someone teasing him. She brought him so much joy. The years waiting seemed like nothing now, like a day had past since their last meeting. He was not willing to let her go a second time. “I have something to ask you.” He finally said and pushed his plate away.

Anastasia sat her fork down and glanced at him worriedly. For a moment she wondered if she had not lived up to his expectations. There had been many times in her life when that exact statement had been followed by not so nice questions. She wasn’t very hungry anymore. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked.

“Of course not. Why would you think such a thing?”

“I’m not that same little girl you knew. I’ve changed a lot.”

“Not because you wanted too and I love you the way you are. You know you’re making this a lot harder than it should be.” He looked so nervous. “Just come with me okay.” They both stood and he took her hand. He took her outside and they walked to the field of flowers. He plucked some of the blue ones and made them into a ring. “We don’t tend to give rings when asking, but I know in your world things are different. I can always get you a real one if you want me too, but right now this is all I have.” He dropped down on one knee and she almost started crying. “Will you marry me and stay with me forever?”

“Yes, of course.” He slipped the little ring on her finger and tugged her down next to him. He kissed her, every fiber of his beating singing. “My mother is going to have a heart attack. I haven’t even been up here a week and now I get to go back engaged.” She laughed as she imagined the stunned look on her mother’s face.

“I was thinking you could go back married.”

“Married? We haven’t done any planning.”

“My father said he would arrange it. I know this is all moving very fast, but I want you to be my wife.”

How could she deny him anything when he looked at her like that. “Okay, we’ll get married tonight and then I’ll shock my mother with it later.”

“Good” He rolled over Anastasia to look into her eyes again. “I love the way you look at me.” She said smiling. He smiled then leaned down to kiss her. The day flew by as they talked and laughed. They were both completely happy and in love with everything about eachother. “We need to go to my world now. I want you to meet my parents again and see what my dad arranged. ” He lifted her into his arms kissing her forehead. “You’re better than the little girl i remember. You turned into an amazing women.” She almost cried again.

He flew with her until they reached the biggest tree she had ever seen. He flew right through the center. It scared her a little as they moved towards it. She looked at him in disbelief they had just gone through. Everything there looked beautiful. The air even smelt better. He smiled at the look of amazement in her eyes. She had the same reaction as the first time. When they got to his home he set her down and walked in holding her hand.

HIs mother hugged Ana. “I’m so glad you’re back. Look at you. You’re so beautiful and I bet still just as sweet.” His father lifted her into a hug. ¬†“My sons been miserable without you. Please no matter what don’t leave again.”

“I plan on staying with him forever.”

“That’s what i wanted to hear. Now go upstairs with his mother.” Bristan went to follow as they went up but his father grabbed his shoulder. “No you stay. Don’t worry I’ve got the whole wedding sorted out. There’s just important stuff for Ana and your mother to discuss.” When they went into his mothers bedroom they sat down on the bed. “Anastasia, I couldn’t talk to you about this in front of my son. We didn’t know if you’d come back so we didn’t want to burden him with this sort of talk. Humans keep to themselves and we keep to ourselves. It’s rare for them to mix. If you choose to marry him he either has to never come back here or you can never live in the human world again. My husband has spoken to the queen and she will only accept you if you never go further than the forest again. You are fully human. It wont be as simple as using your fairy blood to make you really one of us. You will have to make a sacrifice to be married to him. Can you do it or will you ask him to do it?”

“There are fairies who live in the human world?”

“Oh yes, the one they wanted couldn’t ¬†make the sacrifice so they did. There are others who just call it off. We’ll sit up here if you need to think. It’s a big choice.” She sat there looking down. She was so happy with Bristan. Just in the time she was back she had fallen head over heels for him. At home she was never happy. She never had the same relationship with her parents after the camping trip. Her life was miserable at home and her mother would probably just try to commit her again if she went back.

“I choose to make the sacrifice for him. He waited years for me. He deserves it. Your son makes me so happy.”

“Then lets go to the queen before the ceremony tonight.” They got up and went downstairs. Bristan jumped up as his father gazed at his mother searching for what Anas answer was. Without her saying he knew and smiled. “Sit down they’ll be back my son.”

The fly to the castle was short. Anastasia was nervous. She had never met a queen before. Kana told the two guards at the gate their purpose for being there and they allowed them to pass. She smiled at one of the men and he nodded his head. A steward greeted them and led them to the throne room. “The Queen will be out shortly.” He quickly left. She was sure he had much to do in such a large place.

“I’m a little shaky.” She said.

“Don’t be scared. The Queen is really very nice. She will test you though so be ready.”

The steward was back and announced the queen’s entrance. A beautiful woman with a shimmering tiara walked out from behind the throne and sat down. She looked so young, but her eyes danced with wisdom beyond her years. “Anastasia this is the second time I have heard of you. Do you not know that entering our world without my permission is an offense punishable by death?” She said, her voice was light and musical.

“I did not.”

“I will give you only one chance to leave with your life.”

“I refuse. If you must kill me then do so, but I made a promise. I’m not leaving.”

The Queen was suddenly in front of her. She stared Anastasia in the eye and she stared back, unflinching. She wondered what the woman was looking for. She reached out and touched her forehead. “You have been through far too much for such a young woman. You are brave and very much in love.” The Queen finally said.

“So does that mean I’m going to die or not?” She asked.

“There is no death sentence. Many humans come here. It was a test of your loyalty and resolve. You will have to die in a sense, but it is nothing gruesome or painful.”

“What do I do now?” The queen snapped her fingers and the steward retrieved a silver goblet, a vial, and a dagger. The Queen took the vial and poured its contents into the goblet. It was a strange blue liquid. She grabbed the dagger and asked for her hand. Anastasia held it out and the queen pricked her finger with the tip and held her hand over the goblet so drops of her blood mixed with the liquid. The Queen did the same to herself then handed the steward the dagger and took the goblet.

“May this usher you from one life to the next.” She held out the goblet and Anastasia took it. “Drink.”

She lifted it to her lips and gulped down the liquid. It tasted strange, but not horrible. She handed the cup to the Queen and waited to see what would happen. She felt pressure on her chest and for a moment it was hard to breathe. Kana grabbed her shoulders to keep her standing up right. It was like something was being torn away and her mind was fighting it. “You have to relax and let go.” Kana said softly. She thought of Bristan and how happy he was. She wanted to spend eternity with him. She loved him with all her heart. She let go of that part of her that was human. The Queen’s blood washed though her, making her feel warm. The pressure went away and she was able to breathe.

“How do you feel Anastasia?”

“Glad the pressures gone.” The queen let out a light laugh. The queen put a hand on her shoulder and she suddenly felt a strange sensation. “Come with me. Kana you may follow.” Ana noticed Kana was smiling brightly and looking at her as though she was different. The queen took her to a large mirror. Ana saw that she now had pink wings and light pink eyes. “Flying doesn’t come naturally. We have to learn as the birds do. I’m sure Bristan wont mind helping you.”

“Thank you”

“Do not thank me. It’s my honor to welcome you to our world. I hope the best for the two of you.” When they were almost home Kana noticed how nervous Ana was. “what’s wrong my dear?”

“My eyes are different and I have wings. What if your son doesn’t like my eyes anymore.” Kana tried hard not to laugh “Oh Ana, he’ll be excited when he sees you and I’m sure he’ll still love your eyes. He loves you, not what you look like. I haven’t seen my son happy in all the time you’ve been gone and now that you’re back he’s even happier than the first time you were here.” They arrived at the front door and Kana grabbed Anas hand as they walked inside. Bristan heard them come back and he ran. All Anastasia saw was a smile flicker across his face before he had glomped her.

Kana smiled “yes the queen has accepted her. You two ready to get married?” The moon was so beautiful as it hung over the lake. They stood infront of an elderly man. She wished she could’ve understood what he was saying but it really didn’t matter. She just looked into Bristans eyes that were looking at her with such love and devotion. The man quit talking and Bristan kissed her as he threw some sort of dust over them. “we’re married now. I’m glad we could do it so quickly so you couldn’t change your mind.” He smiled at her “There’s nothing that could change how I feel about you Bristan”

~The End~

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