Andrew & Fleur

Chapter One

Andrew got off the bus and walked into the school lunch area to have his breakfast. Ashton always sent him to school with muffins and fruit since Andrew hated the taste of school breakfast. He opened his container and picked a few grapes off the stem. Just as he tossed one in his mouth George and his always following friends Rick and Jason came up behind him. Preschool, elementary and middle had been fun. He breezed through easily and had many friends but this wasn’t the case in High School. The Juniors and Seniors loathed him for being so intelligent and it only fueled some of their fires when they found out he had two dads. Andrew did have friends but they were fellow nerds so were no help when he was pushed around.

“What did your princess of  a father make you for breakfast today?” Rick snatched Andrews lunch and began eating it while George grabbed the back of Andrews chair and flipped him out. Jason then kicked Andrew in the face while he was still down. As Andrew tried to get up a lunch lady came storming out “you leave that boy alone right now!” She seethed. The ever kind Melva worked the register where kids paid for their meals at school and never tolerated them picking on Andrew when she could see it. They knew she would get them in detention so they backed off. Rick dumped Andrews breakfast on the floor as George said “Needing old ladies for your fights is pathetic you scar faced freak”

“get right now or I’ll have you in detention” George rolled his eyes and walked off with his friends. ” Andrew got up and started picking up his lunch “I’ll get it when you leave for class baby. Are you ok?”

“It’s fine Melva. I have enough time before the bell rings”

“This isn’t alright Andrew. I wish the prinicple would do anything about them.”

“I have three more years of High School and I’m done. I’ll be ok. Besides, I told you before. I don’t want to talk about it with the principle because he’ll tell my dads”

“why don’t you want them to know?”

“James is liable to break their necks or those of their fathers”

“I’m sure your dad has more control than that”

“Not if he finds out the way they talk about my dad Ashton. James isn’t known for being level headed when it comes to me or him if someone is hurting us.”

“still, I can’t take the way they treat you” The bell rang and Andrew threw his food in the trash. He hugged Melva “I’ll be ok, just three years and this one will be over before you know it.” Andrew said as he grabbed his bag and headed to his first class. Melva just watched him walk off sadly, wishing High School wasn’t being so cruel. She hadn’t said anything and wouldn’t but she was friends with his parents when the accident occurred. The first day he went through the lunch line she couldn’t even speak he looked so much like his father. The only thing that didn’t was his smile because that belonged to his mother. She started talking to him when she had chances and learned that he was put up for adoption when he was a baby because his parents were in a car accident. She didn’t have proof but she knew in her heart he was the grown up Andrew she had met as a baby.

Andrew paused in the doorway when he saw a gorgeous girl, with the deepest black hair he had ever seen standing in the front of class. She was so beautiful to him he could no longer move, hadn’t even realized he wasn’t moving. A girl class mate shoved Andrew from behind “Move freak” Andrew blsuhed and hurried into the classroom. When everyone was sitting Mrs Heut shut her door then stood by Fleur. “I’d like everyone to welcome Fleur. Her family just moved here from the Netherlands. She speaks English but has trouble with it from time to time so I expect you all to be patient with her since ours isn’t her first language.” The teacher pointed Andrew out making his heart speed up “Fleur, this is Andrew. The school has arranged for you to have all your classes with him since he speaks Dutch. He can help you if you are having trouble with any English”

Fleur smiled at him and Andrew felt all the wind leave his lungs. She walked over and sat “hello Andrew, I’m so glad anyone here speaks Dutch. You are such a blessing” Andrew smiled back as best he could in his weakened state “Don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I speak Dutch perfectly” She smiled “nou dan denk ik dat we Nederlands moeten spreken in elke klasse. We kunnen onze eigen prive-gesprekken waar nieuwsgierige mensen niet kunnen luisteren. Ik eerlijk gezegd niet zoals de meeste andere mensen tot nu toe. Ze zijn vol van zichzelf als de meeste Amerikanen, geen overtreding. Je lijkt lief, maar misschien hoe knap je bent maakt me snel om veronderstellingen over je karakter.”

Andrew laughed then cleared his throat when the teacher glanced his way. “Sorry, just explaining some American uh stuff.” He cleared his throat again and turned to Fleur. “Ik kan eerlijk zeggen dat dit niet een daad. Ik heb niet echt opschieten met veel van de kinderen hier. Ze vinden het leuk om te knoeien met mij, want ik heb twee vaders.”

She frowned and he worried the prospect of him having two fathers would make her hate him too. “Dat is volstrekt onaanvaardbaar. Geslacht maakt niet goede ouders, liefdevol een kind doet.”

“I’m really glad you agree.” He spent the rest of class helping her understand some of the words in their text books, his heart fluttering with every smile and thank you. When the bell rang she followed him to his locker and he retrieved the book for their next class. He then walked with her to hers, barely noticing all the jealous glares being shot his direction. He was to lost in Fleur to even care. He helped her put in her locker code since she said she had had trouble with it the first time around.

“Thank you so much.” She said with her warm, electric smile.

“If you keep having trouble just tell me and you can share my locker. I don’t mind and it would probably be easier to go to classes together.”

“Je bent zo lief, hoe kan iemand die je haat?” She said then kissed his cheek. He blushed a deep crimson and she giggled at his shyness. “Come on, take me to class.”

In their next class the teacher was late so two of the other boys came up to Andrew and Fleurs desks “why are you hanging out with this loser? You’re new here so I guess you don’t know that someone like you is way better than a scar faced freak with two butt humpers as parents” Her previously cheerful face instantly turned into anger. She stood up and got in their faces “He is an amazing man and his face is handsome even though it is scarred. Scars are manly and I would say his face looks much better than yours. You have a big nose and your eyes are too close together. It sickens me you two don’t like his fathers just because they are two men in love. My sister likes girls so you’re insulting her too when you insult his fathers! You schokkens!”

The two boys were baffled and didn’t know what to say. One was about to open his mouth when the teacher came back in ‘what’s going on?”

“Nothing” The boys said and walked away. the teacher looked at Fleur “is there truly nothing?”

“Yes mam, nothing atall” Fleur sat back by the shocked Andrew. “Heeft u ooit de Neanderthalers luisteren. Ik hou echt van je Andrew en ik zal niet tolereren een persoon tegen je praat of over u als dat. Ik zal niet alleen.” she said still seeming angry. “Ik hoop dat je zijn vrienden met me geen zorgen dat je te veel moeite” Andrew said back and she looked at him seriously “Ik zei je toen we elkaar ontmoetten. Je aanwezigheid hier is een zegen. Tegen het einde van dit jaar heb ik al die dwazen daar plaats zal hebben gezet. Mijn vader heeft me vele methoden van vechten geleerd en als ik moet ezels schoppen onwetende mond zal ik dicht. U ahve een goed hart en een knap gezicht. Laat ze je vertellen dat je lelijk of niet de moeite waard befriending bent.”

Andrew smiled back, loving when she reffered to him as handsome. he hoped she truly thought so. At the end of the school day Andrew said “My dad Ashton picks me up after school. Want to come home with me so I can help you with your homework? I’m sure my dad would drive you home afterward” Fleur seemed to be pleased by his offer “I’d love it. I will call my father. He wont mind if your fathers wont mind. maybe we can make it an every night thing if your fathers wont care. Mine will be glad I’m getting help while I finish learning my English”

Andrew waited patiently while she called her father, tuning out her words so as not to seem nosy. Ashton pulled up while she was talking and he waved at him and hurried over to the car. “He buddy, ready to go?” Ashton asked.

“Can you wait just a minute dad, I have someone I want to bring home.” He stepped aside and pointed at Fleur, making Ashton smile.

“She’s cute.”

“I know.” Andrew said out loud then blushed, making his dad laugh. When Fleur finally got off the phone she hurried over to them with a big smile.

“My father said I can stay over as long as I like, but he would like to set up a dinner date with you and your family to get to know you.” She noticed Ashton in the car and smiled said hello. She quickly got in the car and Andrew hesitated, his heart beating a little quicker.

“Take your time Andrew, we’re in no rush.” Ashton said and he took a deep breath then climbed in next to Fleur. He buckled up with shaking hands, feeling like a coward in front of his beautiful new friend.

“Alles goed met je?” She asked and grabbed his hand. Mijn god, je schudden.”

“I’m fine, dad can we go please?”

“Sure, you know your father is making your favorite for dinner. I’m glad he decided to make extra. Oh and Fleur make sure you tell your father that we would love to get together and have dinner. In fact when we get home you can have Andrew put our number in your phone so your parents can call us and we can set up a good day.”

“amazing, you have a very sweet son. I have trouble with English somtimes since I am still learning so he’s been a big help all day. I hope I’ll be allowed over every evening so he can help me understand my homework”

“of course you are” Fleur was concerned for Andrew. He still seemed so nervous. She stroked his hand with her thumb, hoping those boys hadn’t made him feel bad. She truly didn’t see anything wrong with his face and really enjoyed his company. Tomorrow she would knock out anybody who made him feel bad. She wondered if his dads knew he was being bullied. Ashton tried to contain his smile as he drove but as Andrews father he could see the huge crush his son had on Fleur. He knew James would notice aswell and have the same trouble.

When they arrived home they got out, grabbing their backpacks and heading inside. Fleru offered her cellphone to Andrew ‘please put your number in” he put the housephone and his cellphone in hers. She smiled “dank u”

“Je bent van harte welkom. Laat me je voorstellen aan mijn vader James en dan gaan we huiswerk tot het avondeten.” She nodded and they walked into the kitchen. Ashton cleared his throat “Andrew brought someone home” James turned around and smiled “Hi, I’m james.”

“I’m Fleur, I am not from here and am still learning English. Your son has been helping me so much. I’ll be coming over for homework nightly if that’s ok”

“Of course it’s ok. It’s good to meet you” Andrew nervously said “we’re going to my room now to do our homework” James smiled turned to that of a knowing one, already noticing his sons crush “alright, we’ll call you when dinners ready”

“Your fathers are very sweet.” Fleur said as they headed upstairs.

“Yeah, they’re the best.” When they went into his room Sheba raised her head and her tail went crazy. The old dog had watched over him for years, following him wherever she was allowed and cleaning up any food mess he made. She was nineteen years old and still going strong.

“Hallo lieve puppy. Kan ik u pat?” She said and Sheba cocked her head to the side.

“You can pet her, she loves people.”

Fleur reached out and rubbed the old dog’s head, smiling happily at her wagging tail. “She’s a good girl.”

“She’s my best friend.” Andrew said as he pulled his homework out of his bag and sat down on the floor. Fleur followed him, but laid down on her stomach instead. He helped her with her math, which she seemed to pick up on fairly quickly and then her English. He moved so he was laying next to her and helped her pronounce the words she had the most trouble with. It was nice being so close to her, feeling her warmth against him. They smiled at each other, getting lost in each other’s eyes. Andrew started blushing and Fleur let out a soft laugh.

“Je bent zo schattig.” She said softly and he turned and even brighter shade of red.

“Ik denk het niet.” He replied.

“Why, because of those boys? They are nothing but uh jaloers dwazen. Don’t let their bullying get to you.”

Ashton heard them talking as he passed, pausing when he heard the word bullying. He hated to be eavesdropping, but it really worried him that his son might be being bullied. “No, I don’t take what they say to heart. Thank you for standing up for me though, not many people would.”

“I could do nothing else.” He smiled happily at her. “So why were you upset in the car?”

He frowned. “Oh, that had nothing to do with bullies.”

“Then what was it?”

“Um..well. I haven’t made any new friends since going to High School since as you saw today everybody hates me because of my face, my smarts and my dads. I just spend all day trying to avoid the jeers and people stealing my food at breakfast and lunch. I’m just nervous to finally have a friend. It’s weird having someone be nice to me but it’s definitely a good kind of weird.” Fleur hugged Andrew “Like I said, I will start knocking people out who are cruel to you. I wont stand for it. You are too nice of a guy. ” Andrew smiled “lets just finish our homework so we’ll be done by dinner. We only have one subject left”

“alright” Ashtons heart sunk. He had no idea he had been having such trouble in High School and debated if he should tell James or not. He knew James might over react as Ashton felt like doing. They were both very protective of their son. Standing in the hall Ashton decided to tell James tonight since he knew his husband would be mad if he kept somthing like that to himself. Ashton wondered why Andrew hadn’t said anything to them.

Ashton sighed then walked downstairs. James noticed right away his husband was upset “you ok?” James asked, concern evident in his face “yeah”

“don’t lie”

“we have to talk about it tonight”

“did I do anything wrong?” The concern now drenching his tone. Ashton smiled then kissed his husband “Just because I have to talk to you doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong handsome”

“I would just rather know so I don’t drive myself crazy until then with worry”

“Well don’t, you have done nothing to upset me” James went back to cooking with that comfort while Ashton still felt troubled about Andrews situation. When dinner was ready Ashton went to get Fleur and Andrew while James made the plates. Andrew and Fleur had been done with their homework and were just sitting on his bed talking so they could get to know eachother better.

Ashton tapped on his door. “Quit making out and come eat dinner.” He said, making Andrew blush and Fleur laugh. They came out and followed Ashton downstairs and into the dining room. They sat down next to each other, making both James and Ashton smile again. It was cute to see their little man crushing so hard on a girl.

“This smells delicious.” Fleur said.

“Well go ahead and dig in.” James replied.

“Oh would you two like anything to drink. We have lemonade, milk, water, and soda. I would offer you a beer, but you’re both still too young.” Ashton said and both of them asked for lemonade. Ashton got up and poured them each a glass then brought them back.

“Thank you.” Fleur said then they started eating. James and Ashton laughed as Fleur talked excitedly in dutch about the food. Andrew translated, making her giggle when she realized she had gone off on a tangent and no one but him had understood her. “I’m sorry for rambling.”

“Oh it’s no problem, we don’t mind relying on Andrew to translate.” Ashton replied, making her smile again. They finished dinner and Fleur insisted on helping Ashton with the dishes.

“May I ask what happened to Andrew’s face?” She said as she rinsed the plates and Ashton put them in the dishwasher.

“He was in an accident when he was really little. It killed his parents and gave him that scar. It makes it hard for him to get in cars.”

“How sad.”

“He’s doing a lot better than he was when we brought him home. Before he used to panic, but now he just gets a little scared. He’s tough as nails.”

“Yes he is” She realized he had lied about the car. Maybe it was a partial truth and not truly a lie but regardless she understood him not wanting to say to a new friend I’m afraid of cars at sixteen years old. Especially when the rest of school treated him the way they did. After the dishes were clean Fleur went to grab her things then hugged Andrew ‘tonight was so much fun. I’m glad I’m coming back tomorrow and that soon you’ll meet..ugh, I’ve lost my word um”

“parents” Andrew said. Fleur smiled “yes, my parents” She kissed his cheek making his heart flip. “Bye mijn nieuwe lieve vriend”

“Bye Ik zie je morgen” She walked out the door with Ashton. The second Fleur sat in the car she felt sad. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to spend more time with Andrew. At a stop light Ashton really wanted to ask Fleur about what was going on with Andrew at school but didn’t know if he should or not. He didn’t want to pressure her and scare her off from the friendship. At her house Ashton walked Fleur to her door, smiling at her father when he answered “thank you for letting my daughter do homework and have dinner at your home”

“It wasn’t any problem”

“I trust she behaved?”


“Good, Did she tell you i wish to have dinner with your family somtime so i may get to know you three?”

“Yes, she has our numbers when you decide on a godo day to have us over”

“wonderful, goodnight then. Safe travels home”

“Night” Ashton said then went back to his car. Fleur hugged her parents and sister then when straight to her bedroom. A short time later Noa knocked. Fleur yelled “binnenkomen” Noa walked in “je hoeft niet blij. Alles goed met je zus?”

“Ik ontmoette deze echt geweldig jongen vandaag. Zijn naam is Andrew. Ik ben verdrietig omdat ze hem pesten op school en dan vind ik dat hij was in een auto-ongeluk als baby, die hem bang voor auto’s heeft gemaakt. Hij is net zo lief en leuk en geweldig en ik haat dingen voor hem.”

“oh zus heeft een dikke vette crush. Wat deed je in zijn huis?” She began to make kissing noises and Fleur pushed her “klop het af Noa ik die jongen blozen zoveel dat ik zou waarschijnlijk een hartaanval geef hem als ik kuste hem.”

“Hij klinkt schattig”

“hij is”

“Het spijt me de andere kinderen hem pesten”

“Zij zullen niet veel langer. Ik ga ze allemaal op hun plaats te zetten.”

“Goed. Ik moeten naar bed hoor. Ik wilde alleen maar om te controleren op u”

“Ik hou van je. dank”

“Ik hou ook van jou” Fleur laid in bed looking at her ceiling. She decided to fight off her sad thoughts with ones of Andrews laugh and the cute way he blushes. She thought of their entire day until sleep claimed her. Ashton and James climbed into bed. “Now talk to me please. You say i did nothing but I’m still in knotts wondering” Ashton kissed James chest “I was walking by our sons room and overheard he’s being picked on in school”

Chapter Two

James’ eyes filled with anger, his face becoming dark as he started to get out of bed to go talk to Andrew about these bullies. Ashton grabbed his arm and forced him to stay. “Let me go, Ashton, I have to talk to him.”

“James please, this is probably why he didn’t say anything. He knows how protective we are and didn’t want us or mainly you to go and beat some teenaged boys into the ground.”

“I won’t touch them, I’ll just make them piss their pants.”


He gave him a pleading look and James sighed then relaxed back in bed. “I just want to help him Ashton. He’s aleady been through enough in his life.”

“How about we talk to him tomorrow after school while Fleur is here. He seems to draw strength from her.”

“Okay, I guess I can handle that.”

Andrew stared up at his ceiling, thinking only of Fleur and how amazing she was. It meant a lot to him to have someone who accepted the fact he had two dads. He never regretted his fathers for a second and couldn’t see himself with anyone else as his parents. He just wished people were more open hearted and open minded. He sometimes felt bad for the boys who tormented him and wondered if maybe their parents had said something to make them hate homosexuals. He turned onto his side and closed his eyes, taking Fleur with him into his dreams.

Andrew woke feeling deeply rested. Fleurs on his mind the second he got up. Andrew quickly took his shower, pulled on his clothes for the day then went down to the kitchen. Ashton and James were having coffee and waiting on him. Andrew set his backpack on the counter and took out the Tupperware container from yesterdays breakfast. The lid had broken from hitting the ground. He sighed “damn, I didn’t even notice that. I’m sorry. I broke another lid. it’s these heavy books in here” Ashton frowned at the lie. He was now sure Andrew wasn’t the one breaking his Tupperware containers when they came home broken. “It’s ok” Just come grab your breakfast for today” Andrew hugged Ashton “I love you. I’ll be more careful”

James got up, needing to hug his son. Andrew also exchanged I love yous with James then ran out to catch his bus. James let show a little more how angry he was “he hasn’t been breaking those damn lids atall” James said through the gritted teeth it took not to go to school. Ashton grabbed his hand we could always go visit Adelyn. She’s off today and maybe her daughters mentioned somthing about what’s going on with Adrew at school since she’s a freshman. Andrew may be a Sophmore but their paths are bound to cross from time to time. She could have atleast heard talk.”

“I don’t know if I should hear anymore. I just want to teach those punks a lesson for picking on my son”

“Just try and remember they are other peoples children. Little jerks but still they are to someone else what Andrew is to us and they wouldn’t appreciate a man as strong as you beating up on their kid or even scaring them until their pants are wet.” James kissed Andrew “i guess we’ll go visit. That way we have a better grasp of what’s going on if Andrew decides not to tell us. If their daughter hasn’t mentioned anything it’ll be good to keep our minds busy so i don’t end up at school.” Andrew got off the bus then went to his normal table. Much to his delight Fleur soon joined him “hey!” I’ve been waiting for you since my mother dropped me off.

“I take the bus here, sorry”

“don’t be sorry. How was the rest of your night?”

“I pretty much went to sleep after you left”

“same as me. I got home then went to bed.”

“How much english does the rest of your family speak?”

“My father speaks it perfectly, my sister about the same as me and my mother hardly atall.” Andrew smiled. “so did you enjoy doing homework with me?”

“I loved it. My father could help me but I’d rather you did” Andrew blushed and she smiled at his adorableness. George came up behind them “i think you’re at the wrong table beautiful. You should sit with us and not some loser” Fleur angrily growled in her throat as she stood “we were having a nice conversation and I’d like to get back to it instead of beating some sense into you. Back off! I’m sitting at the table I want to be sitting at and he’s not a loser, you idiots who pick on him are.’

George blinked in shock then his face contorted with anger and he stomped away. Fleur sat back down, her smile instantly returning the minute her eyes rested on Andrew. “Thanks.” Andrew said and she grabbed his hand.

“We moeten bij elkaar blijven.” She replied softly.

“Je zult een paria zijn als je bij me blijft. Is dat goed?”

“Ik zal genieten van een paria zolang ik bij jou ben.”

He blushed again. “Would you like to share my breakfast?” He pulled out the container and popped it open. “It’s biscuits and gravy with sausage.”

“Let me get a fork.” She went up to where other kids were in line and grabbed a fork then hurried back. She sat down and they ate and talked together. Fleur made him blush whenever she could, loving the way his cheeks turned bright red and he looked away from her for a brief moment as if he was trying to gather his thoughts. When the bell rang he put the tupperware container back in his bag and Fleur dropped her fork off before joining him in the hall.

Andrew wanted very much to hold her hand, but told himself it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. She was so pretty and could have anyone. They went to his locker first where he grabbed his book then they headed to hers. “So, why didn’t you tell me about your accident?” She asked while he opened her locker.

“Because it happened so long ago, I guess I didn’t think about it.”

“Andrew, gelieve niet te verbergen dingen van mij, je vader vertelde me over je angst vour autos.”

He frowned. “Ik wilde niet dat je denkt dat ik een lafaard was. Het spijt me voor je liegt. Vergeef me.”

“Ik begrijp het, ik heb geen leugens tussen ons willen”

“Er zal nooit een ander. Ik beloof het.” They went to their classes and were mostly left alone by the other students. They sat outside for lunch today since the weather was so nice. As Andrew took a drink Fleur took his free hand to hold it nearly causing Andrew to choke on his milk. His heart beat picked up just from her soft touch. “it’s ok for me to hold your hand right?”

“yeah..I mean.I like it” He went into a full bodied blush and Fleur couldn’t help but laugh. Now she really thought she might kill Andrew if she kissed him. The thought of their lips touching made her heart stammer and she smiled. She really liked Andrew and wanted him to see himself how she saw him. A few of the seniors looked at the two of them angrily. One said to the others “Who does that loser think he is holding hands with such a sexy girl. She’s more our league than his”

Ashton and James hadn’t asked Adelyn yet since they didn’t want to come over and start asking questions about their son right away. Now that they sat together eating lunch James decided to ask “So, has your daughter mentioned anything about the High School?”

“oh yeah, how’s your sons face?”

“what?” Adelyn gave them a confused look. “you don’t know? Kattie told me that she talked to Andrew a few months ago about the stuff at school and he said you guys knew but there was nothing that could be done about the bullying. I’ve honestly been surprised nobody has died from how they treat Andrew. We just didn’t talk to you guys because we didn’t want to be awkward and she said Andrew asked her not to bring it up to us” James rested his head on his hand and took a deep, long exhale. Ashton then asked ‘why are you asking about how our sons face is?”

“Well yesterday when George and his friends stole Andrews breakfast again they also apparently flipped him out of his chair and kicked him in the face. She said Andrew got right up after the lunch lady broke things up but that had to hurt.”

“what else has been going on’ James growled. Ashton started rubbing his back “maybe we don’t need to talk about this”

“I dont think so either” Adelyn agreed.

“Yes we do. I want to know everything that has been going on with Andrew. He’s been lying to us Adelyn.”

She sighed and told him about every instance of violence the bullies had dealt Andrew. James was so mad he was actually shaking. “We are talking to that principal today and making him do something. I don’t care if I have to drag him around by his tie and make him do something, this bullying is going to stop.”

“I’ll come too since Kattie was a witness. Maybe we can get Andrew to talk and press charges on the little punks.” Adelyn said.

When Andrew and Fleur got to their next class he realized he had forgot his notebook in his locker. “Hey I’ll be right back. I have to go to my locker before class starts.” He said to Fleur.

“Okay.” She replied with her warm smile and he quickly told his teacher he might be late before rushing out. He ran down the hall, sliding to a stop when he got to his locker. He unlocked it and reached in, hands grabbing him just as he had a hold of it. He was turned around and slammed into the lockers, his heart slamming in his chest when he saw his bullies looking back at him.

“Where’s your little girlfriend?” Jason asked.

“She’s not my girlfriend and she’s in class waiting for me.” Andrew answered.

“So your little guard dog isn’t here to protect you then? That’s to bad, we were hoping to have a little talk with her too. I guess we’ll just have to entertain ourselves with you.” They grabbed him, forcing him down the hall and out the back door of the school to the parking lot.

“So we heard that you don’t like cars.” George said and Andrew swallowed. They pulled him into the parking lot and George popped the trunk of his car.

“No.” Andrew screamed and started fighting. “No, please don’t.” Jason punched him in the stomach and then they tossed him in the trunk and slammed the lid. He banged against the trunk, panicking in the darkness. He could hear them talking and laughing and he started crying since they couldn’t see him.

Ashton and James waited for Adelyn to get ready to leave the house. Ashton had James hands in his own trying to calm him so he wouldn’t take any heads off at school. Ashton was angry too but had found a calm in the need to keep james calm “James” Ashton said softly. “I wish I could give those little assholes a taste of their own medicine and no they aren’t our Andrew. Andrew would never hurt anybody. He’s a sweet kid who would give away everything he owned to help someone else. For them just to berate hiom and push him around just” Ashton kissed him “calm down please. I wont let you go into school like this”

James pulled Ashton into his lap and held him close “I wish he would have told us”

“I know, me too but I can’t talk. Maybe he even got it from me. Remember when I still worked”

“This is not the time for me to remember that”

“I know, but i can understand is all I’m saying. You always think it’s your problem and you should handle it. Especially when you get so angry at people who hurt him or I” James kissed Ashton as Adelyn descended her stairs. She silently waited until they were done then said ‘I’m ready if you two are”

“we’re ready’ Ashton said. Fleur was getting pissed at her teacher since she refused to let her leave. Fleur intterupted her lesson once again “Look, sombody needs to look for Andrew. He should be back”

“One more outburst and it’s the principles office Miss Vliet. Sit down and don’t speak again” Fleur got up out of her seat ‘fleur” The teacher said angrily. “tell the principle. I’m looking for Andrew.” She stormed out of class and in a huff the teacher kept going with her lesson, planning to see the principle between this class and the next about Fleurs behaviour. Fleur ran down the halls, not finding him anywhere setting her heart went into a panicked over drive.

When she got to her locker she immediately became scared when she found it open and his notebook on the floor. She picked it, closing his locker and headed downstairs to the first floor of the school. She peeked into the main office, but didn’t see him she then went to the nurses office, but the woman said she had not seen him. She felt sick to her stomach as she headed out the front door. He wasn’t on the front steps or out in the grass. She turned back around, spotting a familiar car coming up the street. She ran towards it, yelling for Ashton and James.

“That’s Fleur.” Ashton said and James pulled over. They all got out, seeing her panicked face. “Fleur what happened?”

“I can’t find Andrew. He went to get his notebook and vanished.”

“It’s okay sweetie we’ll find him.” Adelyn said.

“James you go to the principal’s office and tell him Andrew is missing, Fleur you come with me and Adelyn and we’ll help you look for him.”

“Okay.” Fleur said. James wanted to help with the search, but he knew Ashton was afraid of him killing someone so he headed inside while they went around to the back of the school. They checked the basketball court  and bleachers, but found nothing. Fleur spotted some people in the parking lot and headed out of the bleachers at a sprint. Ashton and Adelyn followed as quickly as they could. Fleur recognized the boys as she drew closer. They were smiling and laughing, but stopped when they saw her.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the sexy and ill tempered Fleur.” George said.

“Where is he, where is Andrew? Geef hem terug naar mij nu je varkens.” Andrew could hear who he thought was Fleur yelling in Dutch, but he wasn’t sure in his panicked state. He slammed his hands against the trunk, calling her name and crying. He just wanted out of the trunk so he could go home. They had humiliated him enough.’

When Ashton heard his sons cries coming from the trunk of a car all his patience flew out the window. “you little jerks locked my son in a car!”

“Shut up fairy! He needs to be toughened up anyway!being raised by a couple of fags!” Fleur punched the boy who said that and he actually hit her back. George lost his nerve and ran over to unlock the trunk before they got themselves in serious trouble. Andrew flew from the trunk, his face red and tear soaked. When he saw Rick on top of Fleur all his fear turned into anger and he jerked him violently from Fleur and began giving him a beating. Geroge and Jasons jaws dropped and they didn’t know what to make of timid Andrew fighting back.Adelyn and Ashton had just broken things up as James came outside with the principle.

James shook when he saw his son and Fleur. ‘what’s happened?” The principle asked. “Those three locked Andrew in the trunk of that car.” Ashton said pointing to the car his son lunged from. Adelyn then continued “These three boys along with a few of your other students have been harassing Andrew and frankly we’re disappointed none of the teachers or you have noticed or butted into the situation aside from one of your lunch ladies. The few people who work at this school who did notice just looked the other way. Is this really the kind of school you’re running?”

“I assure you nobody came to me about any of it. I do not allow this kind of behaviour and will see to it that this stops today. you understand me boys?’ They nodded ‘good, now go to my office and you better be there when i go in to call your parents” Andrew had immediately lunged at Fleur and was holding her painfully tight to him as they both cried. It was breaking Fleurs heart how broken Andrew seemed after being in the trunk.

“Are you okay?” Andrew finally asked as he pulled back to look at her face.

“Domme jongen, ik moet je vragen dat.” She answered, wiping her face.

They got to their feet and James and Ashton hugged their son. He held tightly to them for a moment then straightened up and wiped his face. He reached for Fleur and she took his hand. “We should get to the principal’s office and see about calling the cops.” James said, wanting those boys away from his son.

“Andrew, needs the nurse.” Fleur said and held up Andrew’s hand so they could see his cut and scraped knuckles.

“Why don’t you take him Fleur and we’ll head to the principal’s office.” Ashton said with a smile.

“I’ll see if we can get Kattie out of class to talk to the cops as a witness.” Adelyn said and they headed back into the school. Fleur went with Andrew to the nurses office where she cleaned up his hand and put neosporin on it. The whole time Fleur held his hand, hating not knowing what was going on in his head. The nurse asked Fleur if she wanted ice for her cheek and Fleur shook her head. They left the nurses office and headed to the principal’s office. Fleur’s parents were there and they hugged her, her mother cursing in Dutch when she saw the bruise forming on her daughter’s face. The bullies and their parents as well as Ashton, James, Adelyn and Kattie were in the back with two police officers and the principal.

“I guess we should go in there too.” Andrew said. He was sure the police would want to document their injuries and get their statements.

Andrew and Fleur walked into the back and caught the police attention ‘you’re Andrew and Fleur?” They asked and they both nodded. The police had Andrew verify what they had been told and got what he had to add to everything before he was permitted to leave with his parents. The principle let him have the rest of the day out and it was Friday so Andrew would get to be in the security of his home for the whole weekend. Fleur didn’t want to let go of Andrew. She looked up at her father with those big puppy eyes that nearly always got her her way since she used it wisely and never abused it “Laat me naar huis gaan met hem papa” Luuk looked at his wife and she nodded before saying “Wij komen u ophalen vanavond rond acht als dat ok met Andrews vaders”

“They said i could go home with you guys and they’d pick me up at eight. Please can I come home with you?”

“You’re more than welcome Fleur” Ashton answered. Fleur gave her parents a grateful look then walked out with Andrew, Adelyn and his parents. Andrew froze when he saw the car, not sure if he could make himself walk. They all paused, knowing the trauma he must have went through in that trunk. Fleur moved in front of him “I’ll sit really close to you and we can hold eachother the whole way home Andrew. You don’t live all that far from school.” Andrew moved and they moved with him. Fleur got in first, Andrew hesitating for only moments before getting in then glueing himself to Fleur. He buried his face in her hair and held even tighter than he was when he first got out of the trunk.

His breathing was shakey “Ik wou dat je niet mij te zien op deze manier” He said and she kissed his cheek “Ik wou dat die jongens waren niet klootzakken. Ik hou van je Andrew en hoeft u zich geen zorgen te maken over het feit dat bang nu. Niets zal mijn beeld van hoe lief en geweldig je bent veranderen.” Andrew actualyl stopped shaking “Hou je van me? Maar ik ben niet goed genoeg voor je”

“Wat heb ik je gezegd over het niet luisteren naar die dwazen leugens? Je hebt alleen maar lief en leuk geweest sinds ik aankwam op school en maakt niet uit wat je denkt dat ik denk dat je bent ongelooflijk knap.” Not caring that his parents were in the car or that Adelyn sat on the other side of him Andrew pulled back enough to kiss Fleur. He blushed, it being his first kiss.

Fleur smiled and pressed her lips gently into his, her hands framing his face. She could tell he had never kissed anyone before, but she didn’t care. It was so sweet and made her heart flip in her chest. She pulled back and smiled at him, his face turning a deep red. “Ik hou van je mijn lieve verlegen jongen.” She said softly.

“Zoenen je voelde echt geweldig.” He replied shyly, resting his forehead against hers. “Ik ben blij dat ik mijn eerste zoen was met u.”

They stayed like that until James pulled into their driveway. Fleur got out and Andrew nearly bolted from the car. He took Fleur’s hand, allowing her touch to calm him again. Adelyn decided to go home and wait for Enola and tell her what all had happened. She wave goodbye before walking down the street. Andrew and Fleur followed James and Ashton inside, both feeling a lot better. “I think I’m going to go to my room and take a nap.” Andrew said.

“I’ll go with him, if that’s okay.” Fleur added.

“Are you two going to want lunch?” Ashton asked. Andrew shook his head. “Fleur?”

“Tell them, Ik kom achter je aan komen slaapt.”

“She said she’ll come down once I’m sleeping.”

“Okay, rest well.” Ashton and James gave him another hug then let him and Fleur go upstairs.

“I’m glad he beat that kid half senseless.” James said, pride evident in his voice.

“Everyone was surprised, but the moment he saw someone attack Fleur he just lost it.”

“I’m glad he’s got that lion in him to protect who he loves.” Ashton smiled then hugged his husband. Upstairs Fleur and Andrew took off their shoes and got into Andrews bed. Fleur pulled him so that his head rested on her chest. Andrew wrapped around her, legs going over her legs and arms holding her as if she would be stolen away. It was a tight grasp, but sweet and loving at the same time. Fleur ran her fingers through his hair and he sighed contentedly. “You said I was your blessing when you arrived at school but if we’re being honest you are my blessing Fleur”

“we are eachothers blessing then. I’ve never met a man as sweet and wonderful as you before Andrew. You need rest though. Please fall asleep”

“that will be easy like this” he said softly and nesteled his head into her softness. Her heart did a flip again and she smiled. He slowly fell asleep, he felt exhausted from his panic and now deep happiness at having a woman as amazing as Fleur in his life. To top it off the bullying would finally be over and it was all thanks to this beautiful, dutch rose that stumbled into his life by chance. He was grateful to whatever had brought her parents to America and took those happy thoughts into his dreams.

When he was out Fleur gentle pushed him off of her then kissed his cheek “you are heart meltingly sweet Andrew. I hope you are always this way” Fleur said softly then went to join his fathers until Andrew woke, She smiled, knowing nothing but happiness laid before them now.

~ The End ~

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