Argos & Aella

Chapter One

Aella’s eyes widened when she saw him, Argos, the man she had loved and who had unintentionally broke her heart. He was standing there, talking to her brother on the front porch of her parents house like he had all those years ago. She was so shocked she just stood there staring at him. He must have sensed her gaze or saw her out of the corner of his eye because he looked right at her and smiled that same boyish smile she had fallen for all those years ago. “My god, as I live and breathe, it’s Queen Aella.”

She blushed as he made his way down the steps to her. She had been just a kid when the whole queen moniker had been given to her. It was a joke between him and her brother because she always wanted them to play pretend with her. He wrapped her in a hug and her heart jumped in her chest. “Argos, what are you doing here?”

He pulled back, frowning. “No hello, how have you been?”

“Sorry, how are things?”

“Good, opened my own business, making pretty good money. How about you, last time I saw you was when we left for college.”

“Good, art school was fun, I got to go to Paris for a couple of weeks, I’m actually about to do a showing at the gallery. My first one.”

“Fantastic.” He let her go.

“How’s the girlfriend?”

He looked confused for a moment then it dawned on him. “Oh, she and I broke up two months after I left for school. I found her cheating on me in our dorm.”

“Oh, sorry.”

He shrugged. “It’s alright, it obviously wasn’t meant to be. Oh and to answer your question, your brother invited me, said I was part of the family and should be here for your first showing. Apparently they’re planning a big party.”

“well I’m glad you came. I miss when we all hungout” She was proud of herself for not turning completely cherry as she was so honest with him. Especially after hearing he was single now. It had crushed her the day he told her brother he had a girlfriend. An eighteen year old probably wouldn’t have dated a thirteen year old at the time anyway but it still hurt. Now they were older, now that five years really didn’t matter and now he was single and here in front of her. She told herself to calm. First she had to worry about her first showing and becoming reacquainted with him. Then, maybe if things went well maybe she could light a spark between them and make him see her as more than just his best friends little sister.

“So, are mom and dad here?” She asked her brother.

“Mom had to go to the store and dad’s picking Uncle Jay up from the airport.”

“That’s too bad, I guess I’ll get settled in.”

“Mom made sure your old room was ready.”

“Let me help.” Argos said.

“It’s fine.”

“Let me, then we can hang out like old times.”

“Okay.” He followed her back to her car and she popped the trunk.

“Whoa, look at all this stuff. Will you paint for me while you’re here?”

“Sure, um are you staying close?”

“Bunking with your brother actually.”

She smiled “Good, it really will be like old times” She said it in a sweet, reminiscent tone. It surprised Argos how the way her voice sounded in that moment made something stir in his heart. He didn’t know quite what it was but he didn’t think about it. He just started helping her gather her stuff to carry to her room. “what would you like me to paint for you?” Aella asked as they started setting her stuff down “Can I think about it?”

“Of course”

“Good, I’ll let you know as soon as I decide”

“Thank you, for the help.”

“No problem.” They sat her stuff down and his eyes fell on her camera bag. “Photography too?”

“Yeah, surprised Jacob didn’t tell you.”

“I think he was just excited to have us all together again.” He picked up the bag and opened it, pulling out the camera. “Wow, this looks expensive.”

“It is so if you break it you’ll be doing all sorts of manual labor to buy me a new one.”

He chuckled as he handed it to her. “Should I beg the queen for forgiveness.”

She blushed. “You better not.”

He laughed and she switched the camera on, taking a quick picture of him. “Hey now, give me some warning.”

She switched over to view the picture and showed him. “Look how happy you look.”

“Well maybe I’ll have to model for you. You can show me off as your next project. The amazing Argos.”

She switched off the camera and put it away. “I’ll have to dress you up like a Greek god.”

“Loyal servant to the queen of course.”

“Of course, who else is going to boss you and Jacob around.” They just stood there smiling at each other for a moment and the he cleared his throat and she blushed. “We should get back downstairs before Jake gets lonely.”

“After you, my lady.”

She nervously smiled at Argos then walked out of the room, willing herself to be normal around him. She was able almost instantly when they were back around Jacob. He got them all joking and insisted they go out and do a few things they did when they were children. Aella knew she probably should be getting ready for her showing but she didn’t care. This was far better than her paintings or pictures, she had missed this far more than she had even realized before coming back and seeing Argos.

“The lake hasn’t changed much.” Aella said as they walked to the end of the dock.

“You should have brought your camera, you could have taken a picture of the sunset.” Argos replied.

“It’s a lot better seeing it in person.”

“Remember when Jacob and I would compete to see who was the better swimmer.”

“You always cheated.” Jacob said as he tossed a rock.

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

Argos laughed. “We haven’t grown up much have we?”

“Thank god.”

Aella smiled. “I think I’ll have side with Jacob, you had some trick you weren’t telling us about.”

“You always beat me.”

“Because she’s a girl.” Jacob added. “Don’t lie.”

“Snot, I’ll drown you.” Argos turned and had Jacob in a headlock before he could even blink. They both went off the dock, water splashing over Aella. Both of them came up sputtering and laughing.

“The water is cold.” Jacob said as he splashed Argos. “Help me sis, I think I hurt myself when I hit bottom.” Aella didn’t even think of her brother tricking her, not until he had her wrist and was pulling her into the water.

She came up laughing as well “you ass” They began to play, just as they always had as kids. All three of them laughing and exorbitantly hungry when they came out of the water. “maybe we should eat with our parents.”

“Yeah, they are so excited to have us all here again.” Jacob agreed and they all went back to their house. Their mother, Rebecca, made them home made macaroni and chesse with mashed potatoes which they devoured. “You’re the best mom. I have really missed your food” Aella said as she straightened herself in her chair.

“You should come see me more”

“I will, it was just so hard to find time before now”

“I know baby”

“Where’s dad?”

“Running a few errands. He should be back shortly” Aella helped her mother package up the leftovers for him and get them in the fridge. “Aella, maybe you and I can go on a walk like we used to do. I loved out evening walks”

“Okay mom”

“Can we trust you boys alone?” Rebecca said teasingly as she looked at her son “what? We never did anything bad or messed up a single thing when you two would leave us alone”

“riiight” Both men chuckled and Argos said “hey, this time we’ll clean something. Dinner was amazing, Jacob and I will take care of the dishes” Jacob gave Argos a what the hell look and Rebecca laughed “well thank you” Rebecca and Aella left and Argos felt a tug of sadness at his heart that Aella was gone, even if it was only for a short time.

“So Argos has certainly grown.” Rebecca said as they walked.

“Really?” Aella tried for evasion, but her mom just nudged her with her elbow.

“Aella, sweetheart, I wasn’t born yesterday.”

“We’re not like that, mom. He’s my friend and Jacob’s friend, nothing else.”

“You could ask him to be your date for the showing.”

“Come on mom.” Aella blushed.

“He’s going anyway, ask him to escort you.”


“Honey, not just maybe, do it. He’ll say yes”

“Okay, to be honest, I’m hoping now that we’re older and the age difference doesn’t matter that something might happen between him and I before we part ways again”

“Oh you want something to happen between you two” Her mother said suggestively, turning her daughter tomato read “Mom!” Rebeccas laughter didn’t help the situation. When Rebecca could collect herself she said “baby you are a beautiful and intelligent woman. You shouldn’t be so nervous”

“He’s pretty amazing himself though”

“And obviously blind, not seeing how much you love him. That ex of his, I knew she was bad news.”

“He seems fine.”

“He’s a guy, of course he wouldn’t say anything to you. They always have to act so tough, even your dad was like that.”

“Just give me time to think.”

“Two days, so think fast.”

“Way to pressure me mom”

“I want my little girl to end up with a good guy and he’s a really good guy. I got to watch him grow up just like you and your brother”

“Alright alright, I guess I can forgive you for being pushy”

“I think encouraging is a better adjective” Aella laughed “I love you mom” They stopped talking about Argos and started talking about Aellas showing as they enjoyed the rest of their walk. When they got back the men had done what they said they would and Aellas father was home, sitting on the couch with Jacob and Argos. “Aella” Her father said happily as he got up and went over to hug her “hey daddy” His hug was tight, making her feel how much he had missed her.

“You need to visit more.”

“I will, I promise.”

He kissed her forehead then let her go to kiss his wife who blushed. He laughed and Aella couldn’t help but smile at how sweet they still were after all these years. “You two have fun?” Argos asked as she took the spot her dad had been in.

“Of course, we always do. It felt good getting out.”

“You forgot your camera again, you’ll never be a good photographer at this point.”

She pinched him. “You better be nice or I’ll only take embarrassing photos of you and then post them all over town.”

He laughed. “Alright, alright, I apologize my queen.”

“Stop with that.” Her cheeks reddened.

“Your grace.”

“Jacob, kill him right now.”

Jacob just chuckled. “You want him dead, you kill him. I don’t do the off with their heads thing. You don’t pay me enough. Besides, I’m already dressing nice for your showing, what more do you want? Mom’s making me, says I can’t go in jeans.”

“damn right you can’t go in jeans” She sighed “I guess you get to live Argos” Argos chuckled “You’ll always be my queen Aella” her heart was in overdrive and she knew it was a bit childish but she was a bit too overwhelemed and decided to go to her room “Um, I’m really tired guys, I know it’s early but I need some rest”

“Okay, goodnight, we know you had a long trip here” her father hugged her first then everyone else followed. “I love you all” she said then hurried up to her room. When she shut her doors she finally felt like she could breath again. Argos had such an intense effect on her. It was crazy to her that even after college, after all these years no man affected her like Argos did, not even close.

Chapter Two

Argos had trouble sleeping that night, his mind too busy thinking about Aella. She was so beautiful now and he wondered if she always had been. Growing up together he hadn’t seen her as anything other than his best friends baby sister, someone to look after when she would tag along on their adventures, another friend. Now he noticed how her eyes twinkled when she smiled, how musical her laugh was. She had grown into a beautiful, strong woman, but still held onto that same fire and sense of humor. He rolled over again and Jacob smacked him with his pillow. “I swear man, if you move again, I am going to suffocate you with my pillow.”

“Don’t make me get your sister, I’ll hold you down so she can do your makeup like last time.”

“Shut up, it’s not my fault I can’t say no to her, she makes that face and then all of a sudden she’s styling my hair and painting my lips.”

Argos laughed softly. “I’ll stop moving, sorry.”

“It’s alright, night man.”

“Good night.” He settled himself down and closed his eyes, falling asleep and into memories of times he had spent with Aella.

Over breakfast the next morning he couldn’t stop glancing over at her and he knew she noticed. When she pulled him aside to talk after breakfast he had expected it to be about that but instead she asked him a question “Would you be my escort for my showing?” She was surprised she was able to sound so calm as she asked. His heart leapt for joy at the request “I’d love to queen Aella” She blushed but didn’t reprimand him again for calling her queen. “while it’s just us was it really nothing going through your break up? You know you don’t have to put up a tough front with me” He looked shocked by the question. He decided to answer more honestly “I mean, it was hard when it happened but that was years ago now. I bounced back pretty quick, I mean, we weren’t together all that long before she cheated on me. She wasn’t worth staying upset about that long, she was a pretty shitty girlfriend over all and there’s lots of women I know far more amazing than her”

He was talking about Aella but was too afraid to say it. “I’m glad you aren’t hurting or angry”

“It’s childish to stay angry about something like that. Stuff happens, if you can’t take some heart ache you have no business even getting into a relationship. You need to be mature enough to take it and move on when things don’t work out.”

She playfully punched his shoulder. “Sounds like something a knight would say, but I don’t see a horse and armor so there’s no way you’re one.”

He grinned. “Well as I recall, the queen never gave me a knighthood, so if anything I’m just the lonely wandering poet.”

“Or rogue.”


“Me? You played way more video games and had all those comic books.”

“I seem to remember you reading them when you and Jacob would come over.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh sure.” He reached up, and pinched her nose. “I have proof, pictures.”

Her cheeks reddened and his heart did a little dance at how cute she looked. “Speaking of pictures, have you thought about your painting?”

“Still thinking.”

“Hard I bet.”

“Hey you two, mom and dad want to know if you want to go to the aquarium. She said you might want to use your camera, Aella.” Jacob said as he stuck his head in. Aella’s blush got worse and Argos put some space between them.

“Sure, just need to change.”

Jacob left and Argos took Aellas hand, giving it a kiss. The contact of his lips sent an electric shock through her and she once again had trouble breathing “Go get ready my beautiful queen. I can’t wait to explore the sea with you” He said it playfully but it was to cover up how much simply kissing her hand had effected him too. They met downstairs and rode in Jacobs car while their parents took a separate car since nobodies car was big enough to fit everybody. At the aquarium Aellas parents insisted on paying for everybody. Argos put up the biggest fight but there was no beating her hard headed father once he decided on something.

Though now Jacob’s presence didn’t help at all ease the tension between them. Aella guessed it was because hers were just getting too strong, not even considering that maybe now Argos was seeing her as something more than a friend. The flirtation was so heavy Jacob, who hadn’t caught onto it before could see plainly now Argos and Aella had feelings for eachother. Instead of going into protective big brother mode it actually made him happy. Just like his mom he saw Argos was a genuinely good guy and that he would be a good choice for his sister.

They were on the glass bottom boat ride when Aella said out of seemingly nowhere “I know how I’m going to paint you now”


“as a merman”

“Does that mean you’ll be needing me to model for you?”


“So I’ll be shirtless then? All of human kind will see how incredibly awesome I look.”

She rolled her eyes and laughed. “You’re not that awesome.”

“Should I prove it?”

“Clothes on kids.” Aella’s father said, making her cover her face in embarrassment and Argos laugh.

“It’s not like they’d actually take anything off, Marty, they wouldn’t want to get kicked out.” Rebecca said.

“I know, but it’s still my job to make sure. Especially when it comes to the boys, you know how men can be when someone dares them.”

“Oh yes, I know.”

“Mom, you and dad sound like you’re being pervs.” Jacob said. “My head’ll explode.”

“Maybe if you got yourself a girlfriend or something.” Argos teased.

“You first.”

He laughed, glancing over at Aella. It wasnt’ intentional but his heart guided him to look at her, the current inspiration for all romantic feelings in him. Aella blushed as her own heart stirred again. After the aquarium Argos asked “so we should get started painting right?”

“Yeah” She hadn’t really thought it through when she said merman but inspiration had taken her and she wouldn’t pull away from it now. They decided to go to the lake to do it and he helped her with all the supplies she needed. She was both happy and nervous Jacob had decided not to go with them. He had said “I love you and your work Aella but I don’t want to watch it in progress. Seems boring” She wondered if maybe her mother had egged him on to give them some alone time.

“Your majesty? You seem so far away”

“oh sorry”

“Imagining me shirtless?” he asked playfully.

“You wish. Trying to invision the sea.”

“Ariel or sirens?”

“I don’t think male sirens exist, but it’s an interesting idea. The female sailor being led to her doom by the beautiful male siren.”

“Oh really, her doom?” He tugged his shirt off and heart stopped for a moment. “I don’t think sirens are so bad.” He folded his shirt and sat it on a picnic table. “I mean at least they give you a nice song before pulling under.” He noticed her staring and grinned. “Hello, are you there? Earth to Aella.”

She look away in embarrassment. “Sorry, just stand in front of the water.” He moved to the edge of the lake.

“Should I pose?”

“No, but I need the right angle.” She moved up to him, her hand coming up to tip his head up a little and push his hair to the side. She turned his body a little, her fingers feeling cool on his skin so he got goosebumps. “There, perfect.”

Aella set up and began painting. Though Argos could do nothing but stand there he wasn’t bored. He used the time to study the beautiful woman before him, to think about all their time together and think about how she was making him feel, how she had always made him feel. It hit him as he stood there that the love he had for her was changing. He had of course always loved Aella but now that sibling love was changing into a deep need for her, an admiration that could only be romantic love. He had to tell her, He knew he had to risk the heartache of her turning him down and ask her out before they parted ways. If not tonight he would ask her after the showing. If she rejected him at least his heart would know he had tried. Argos just hoped she loved him back. Mostly because he already knew her rejection would sting worse than any other womans before.

“Is your favorite color still blue?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am.” He replied.

“Blue like the sea, the sky, like blue birds.” She gave a small laugh. “That’s just the artist in me talking.”

“Blue like the eyes of my queen.” She blushed and he chuckled. “What? I thought we were naming blue things. You have beautiful eyes, they’re like the perfect shade of blue.”

“They’re not that pretty, yours are way better. They’re like river rocks and sometimes you can’t tell whether they’re green or brown or amber, yours are so much more beautiful than mine.”

“I disagree.”

She glanced at his face, her heart dancing at the sincerity and adoration in his eyes. She wondered again if he still saw her as just his best friends sister. “Stay still for just a bit longer.”

“How long will it take before you finish it?”

She shrugged. “Usually two or three days if I really work, but I have the showing so it might take longer.”

“I can’t wait to see it, I bet it’ll be amazing. I’m also really excited about the showing. I remember you drawing in school, you were really talented.”

I’m nervous but I remind myself all the time that I’m my own worst critic when it comes to my art.”

“You are so talented you’ve gotten a showing. You have to know you’re amazing Aella” Aella picked up on the fact he meant she was amazing in more than just being an artist and blushed. When she needed a break they sat by the water together “thanks, I have a good start going so you don’t actually have to model again”

“I like modeling for you”


“You’re cute when you blush” She shoved him “Argos” He chuckled “what? I”m not just teasing, I really do like that I made you blush..You’re, well, you’re a beautiful woman now Aella. You were always a pretty girl but I didn’t really see it until now. I guess it was how big our age difference was when we were younger.”

“you really think I’m beautiful?” He was looking at her now and he gently rested his hand on her cheek, moving his thumb slightly back and forth to caress her “yes” Her heart was thudding now and she moved out of his touch. Worried he had upset her he quickly said “sorry Aella”

It had not been Aella’s intention to make him feel bad so she hugged him. “Don’t be, I’m fine.”

“I guess being smooth isn’t exactly my strong suit.” He hugged her back.

“I don’t know, you were pretty charming back when we were kids, with that smile and letting all the ladies play with your hair.”


“In your dreams.”

He laughed and kissed her forehead. “I’ll let you braid it for the showing, I have to look nice. I even bought a suit, got fitted and everything.”

“It’s just one night.”

“But it’s your night, my queen and as your royal escort, I have to look my best.”

“thank you Argos”

“You’re important to me and so is your happiness Aella. You’ve worked hard, you deserve this showing and you deserve for me to escort you properly.” They hung out just the two of them a little longer than went home, Aella enjoyed the one on one with Argos but she knew how much her family had missed her and didn’t want to neglect them. “How’s it go?” her mother asked as they brought her art stuff inside. “Good, I love how it looks already and thats rare.”

“Good, I’m making angel food cake so just go sit with your brother and father”

“I can’t help mom?” Rebecca whispered “play some cards with your dad or something. The games are where they were last time you were here”

“Okay” Aella kissed her mothers cheek then raced off to grab skip bo. She walked in the living room “so you two going to accept my challenge or are you too chicken?” She loved how happy her father seemed as he sat up in his chair “well set it up” She shuffled then had Argos deal and they began playing. After rebecca served them all angel food cake with whip creme and strawberries she sat and watched until next round when they dealt her in.

Next they pulled out the regular deck to play a few other games they grew up playing with their parents. They played until they all were just too exhausted for even one more round. Rebecca walked with Aella to her room that night, giving her a long hug and saying “you need to start seeing us a lot more. You were always your daddies girl and though I miss you incredibly he misses you even more than I do when he doesn’t see you. Don’t break an old mans heart”

“I will, with school I just had a hard time juggling more than my work”

“we understood, we’re so proud of you and your brother.”

Chapter Three

The next day was spent having fun with her family and getting reacquainted with her home town. She was nervous when she went to sleep that night, her mind wandering between Argos and her showing. After their day at the lake, she felt a little stupid. She had had a chance to tell him how she felt and she had ruined it. The next morning and afternoon seemed to zip by in an instant. She had gone to the gallery to help with set up, wanting certain pieces front and center. She had then rushed back to her parents house and was now pulling on the dress and heels she had chosen for that night. She froze when she came out of her room and Argos was coming out of Jacob’s wearing his new suit. They just stood there staring at each other for a moment, taking each other in.

“Wow, Aella, I mean wow.” He said as he crossed over to her. “You’re gorgeous.”

She blushed. “Thank you and look at you, very James Bond.”

“That’s secret agent Argos to you.” He held up his fingers like a gun and posed. “What do you think?”

“Very nice, adorable actually.”

He smiled down at her. “So, ready to do my hair?”

“Hey Argos, can you come and help me with this stupid tie?” Jacob asked from his room.

Aella giggled. “Meet me in the bathroom.”

“Yes ma’am.” She went down the hall and he headed back to Jacob’s room, giving him a questioning look when he saw he was already wearing his tie. “Wow, looks like it magically tied itself.”

Jacob closed his bedroom door. “So are you going to ask her out or what?”


“You heard me. It’s getting painful to watch and this is coming from someone who just recently noticed what’s going on between you two.”

“You giving me your blessing then?” Argos said with a hint of sarcasm.

“No, but if my grown sister happens to say yes to dating my best friend then I wouldn’t be upset or anything. Besides, maybe she’ll move in with you and then she’ll be living closer than she is now. She could still do art and we’d be able to visit her more. So just ask her already.”

well if you’re going to twist my arm” he said, holding his hands up and to his sides. “that was so hard to convince you” Jacob said and Argos laughed “She’s amazing Jacob, she really is. I do really want to be with her”

“Then ask loser”

“alright alright, I will, before tonight is over”

“good” with that Jacob let him go to Aella. Argos sat in front of Aella and was soon completely relaxed as he enjoyed the feel of her messing with his hair. She laughed when she was done “are you okay?”

“yeah, just felt really good” she blushed and got up “well come on” she didn’t know what else to say. He smiled, following her into the living room where they waited for everyone to be ready. Once they were they drove over to where her showing was, Aella getting increasingly nervous. “Hey, you’re amazing and your work is amazing, relax Aella” Argos said, taking her hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

Aella was introduced by the gallery owner when she walked in and she greeted the small crowd that had gathered to view her art. They were all so nicely dressed and once she was let go to mingle, she became even more the center of attention. Argos stayed by her side, acting as a buffer. Women of every age group were drawn to him and she didn’t blame them, he really was quite charming. He smiled and listened to them talk, addressing them politely and nicely refusing any flirtation. The older women seemed the most interested in his hair, complimenting it and expressing how envious they would have been of it when they were younger.

“Alright, I think I deserve the story behind each of these pieces.” Argos said after a bit.

“Can we get a drink first?” She asked.

“Of course, anything you wish my queen.” He offered his arm and she giggled as she took it, letting him lead her over to the bar. He got them both a glass of wine and then took her hand and walked around the gallery. “Who is this guy?” He asked when they stopped in front of a painting of a young man with dark hair and pale eyes.

“He was sitting in front of a coffee shop in France and I asked if I could sketch him. He was blind and very sweet.”

“Did he ask you out?”

“He was married, but had the need to be as independent as possible, that’s why he got his dog so his wife wouldn’t have to follow him around. He spoke so fondly of her and I just had to capture the adoration on his face. I’ve never seen someone so in love.”

“That’s because you were viewing another person’s relationship, just wait until you have someone looking at you and talking about you like you’re the sun and moon in their life.”

“That would be nice, to have someone love me like that man loved his wife” Argos was a little nervous but not nervous enough to keep him from speaking his mind “someone does love you like that” he wasn;t sure he should be doing this during her showing but he had such a good opening for it. “hm?” Aella said, her full attention now on Argos. “I just, well, you’re the sun and moon of my life Aella. I love you..it might sound crazy since we haven’t talked a lot since I went to school but I love you and I can’t imagine life without you” She was speechless and he just waited until she could respond. When she did she said “Did I hear you correctly? You love me?”

“Yes, very much”

“I love you too” she said shyl, looking away. He gently moved her head so she was looking at him again “Please don’t look away. I want to see those gorgeous eyes”

“Argos” she was warm and he chuckled “are you mine then? I’ll behave if the answer is yes”

“Ye..yes…I’d love to your girlfriend”

“My live in girlfriend right?”


“You heard me beautiful. You’ll be closer to your family if you leave with me. Don’t answer now, answer me when your showing is over okay?”

“O..o…okay” He chuckled again, seeing they had gathered some attention.

As the end of the showing neared, Aella found herself bombarded with questions by some of the patrons like if she would be willing to sell her work, if she did commissions, if she had a studio nearby. She was even given business cards. Argos just stood next to her, his fingers laced through hers, ready to pull her away should she need it. When everyone finally left, Jacob decided to get a ride with their parents and gave Argos a look that reminded Aella of when they were younger and the two were planning something.

“Can we go to the park for a bit?” Argos asked as they left the gallery.

“Sure, can I ask why?”

“I want to be alone with you.”

She blushed. “Oh.”

He chuckled and brought her fingers to his lips, kissing them. “Are you thinking bad thoughts?”


“I just want to talk and maybe kiss on you without causing Jacob irreversible brain damage.”

Okay” Her heart was in overdrive again as they left the gallery and went to the park. They got out and were once again hand in hand. “where are we going in the park?”

“Not sure yet, just walking at this moment beautiful” She knew she needed to answer him about moving in so she started thinking about it as they walked. It was fast but she had known Argos since they were children so it wasn’t like they had just met or anything, they knew eachother incredibly well, probably better than most other people in their lives. She had so much fun with him and they clicked so well she knew she didn’t have to fear them not working out living together. She was certain it would actually be a dream to live with Argos. She was so happy around him and could only imagine the euphoric effect living with him would cause.

Plus there were all those people who would buy her art nearby. She had been a far bigger hit than she expected at her showing and that was yet another plus of accepting his offer. She finally just decided to answer, knowing she would never regret her choice “I’d like to live with you Argos” He smiled and finally sat down with her, pulling Aella into his lap so he’d have her close. “Good, a no would have deeply hurt” He pressed her into him, everything feeling so right with her in his arms. Aella, his beautiful, sweet Aella was his and moving in with him and he wanted to soak in this moment.

They talked happily of their plans as they cuddled, kissed and soaked in eachothers warmth. They stayed in that park for hours before going back to her parents so they wouldn’t worry them. They were barely in the door when in Aellas excitement she couldn’t wait to tell them the news. They were all over joyed and over the next week helped her get moved in with him. The following year was a dream, dinners with her family, art sale after art sale, she, Argos and her brother hanging out like when they were kids. Everything was perfect and she hoped it would be this perfect forever.

~ The End

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