Aria & Evan 2

Chapter One

Aria has been getting increasingly tired over the past six months and now was losing weight at an alarming rate. She lost five pounds last month and another five this month despite her actually eating more to gain. Aria had always been skinny so losing this much weight actually was very unhealthy. The first five were fine but now she was worried. Aria was doing her best to cook breakfast for her two daughters before they went to school but she could barely manage. She was starting to really concern them all.

Evan took over breakfast and told Aria to go lay on the couch. Aria didn’t fight, she didn’t have the energy to. She just hugged her daughters and laid down. Their oldest said “somethings bad wrong with mom”

“I know, I’m making her go to the doctor today.”

“Good, I’m really worried”

“Believe me, I know” Evan didn’t know what to expect but her fatigue getting worse and worse along with the weight lose terrified him. So many horrible scenarios ran through his head. She slept about ten hours a night now and ate plenty when she was up so none of this made any sense. The girls each kissed their mothers cheek before heading out the door to catch the bus. Evan walked over to the couch. “I’ve made you a drs appointment at eleven so we need to get ready. There is something wrong with you sweetheart and we need to see what it is”

Aria couldn’t fight him on that any longer. She was tired of being tired, six months of progressively getting more and more lethargic was horrible. she missed her old energy. They both got ready and loaded up in the car. The doctor they preferred was a long drive from their home. “stop looking like that Evan”

“I can’t help it Aria. I’m really scared for you”

“I’m sure I’ll be alright. That cave couldn’t kill us, this wont either.” The wait at the drs office was almost more than Evan could bare. When she was finally taken back Evan held her hand the entire time they ran tests on her and asked her their questions. Even was disappointed that they would be called rather than learning anything right now. It almost angered him. He just wanted to know what was wrong with Aria so his mind would stop torturing him.

The next day their doctor called Evan to have them come back. When they fianlly sat down with the doctor said “I’ve never found a good way to say this so all I can say is I’m sorry. Listen to me all the way through and don’t panic, ok?’ That only made Evan tense up more. The doctor continued “you have ovarian cancer. We want to do CT scans to see how bad it is. Now, the part thats good about this situation if anything can be good is the fact you already have two healthy girls. You can fight the cancer if you want but we can also remove your ovaries and spare you a lot of pain and time. If you two are happy with only having two children getting rid of this can be as simple as surgery to remove your ovaries. I don’t want your decision now, this is something you need to think about. I have your CTs scheduled for tomorrow. Think about it as long as you two feel you need to and then tell me what course of action you would like to take. If you choose surgery we can discuss all that entails then”

Evan just sat there in stunned, terrified silence with his heart racing. He felt sick to his stomach and Aria squeezed his hand tightly, betraying her own fear. “Thank you.” Was all she could say, afraid if she said anymore she would break down in tears. They stood and shook the doctor’s hand and left the office. Once they were in the car Aria let herself cry and Evan held her, trying to be strong, but letting a few tears escape.

“Let’s get home baby so we can talk.” He said softly and she nodded and buckled up. Aria stared out the window the whole time, watching as the world zoomed by. Her thoughts and emotions spun as she wondered how they would explain this to the girls. She knew they were already worried and didn’t want to make it worse. When they pulled into the driveway, Evan got out and went around to her side of the car and pulled her door open then helped her out. He took her straight to the couch and sat down with her in his lap. “What do you want to do?” He asked.

“Not have cancer.” She smiled and he frowned. “Sorry, I’m just trying to make light of the situation.”

“I’m terrified Aria, I mean really terrified. I can climb into the darkest parts of the earth, but hearing you have cancer makes me want to scream. I don’t want to lose you.” He choked up and started crying, his face pressed into her shoulder.

“Oh Evan I would never leave you, never in a million years.” She stroked his hair and he found it odd that he was the one being comforted when she was the one who was sick. “We have two options: I can go through chemo and be sick and weak for a really long time, become infertile with probably little to no chance of ever having another baby or I can go through surgery and get rid of the problem but never have another baby again. Which do you prefer?”

“I vote B. You’re already sick enough and the doctor is right, we have two amazing, very healthy little girls who need their mother and they already hate seeing you sick.”

“Then B it is.”

He pulled back to look at her. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely sure.”

Evan held her tighter “I’m glad you want that..I just can’t lose you. I’m relieved that if you have to have cancer it’s in a place they can just remove. Oh Aria, we should have gone to the doctor sooner…” Aria could tell he was fighting off tears so she kissed him. Both their lips quivered against eachothers. “I am too baby. I’m sorry I wouldn’t let you take me. I thought it was just a bug that would pass. We’ll tell the doctor first thing tomorrow that I want the surgery done. How are we going to explain all this to our girls?”

“We’ll just have to be honest and straight. They would get angry when they became women if they ever realized you had cancer and lied about it.”

“I would never lie to them. I just don’t know how to tell them”

“Just like the doctor said, there isn’t a good way. We’ll just give it to them straight. We’ll explain they are going to remove it from your body but it will mean no more siblings for them” Aria sighed “Our poor girls…” Evan slightly shook his head “You comfort me and worry about the girls when you’re the one with cancer. You are an unbelievable woman Aria. I feel guilty for not being stronger. You’re my world and my heart would shatter if I lost you”

“I’m scared too but I have you. We’ll make it through this Evan. We just need to be grateful that they can most likely just perform surgery. Lets hope the CT scans aren’t too bad” Evans heart sank. He prayed silently the cancer hadn’t spread anywhere else. He didn’t know much about cancer and right now, he wished he did.

When lunch time came around Evan made Aria stay on the couch while he made them some chicken salad. Neither of them had an appetite, but they ate anyway. When they were done he took their plates and washed them then took her upstairs. He laid her down and pulled off her shoes then his and set and alarm in case they weren’t away when the girls’ got home. He pulled her into his arms and held her tightly to him. Feeling how thin she was made him want to cry again.

“I love you so much.” He said softly.

“I love you too Evan, with all my heart.”

Aria fell asleep fairly quickly, leaving Evan alone to worry. He silently prayed and begged and hoped that she would be alright, that she would come out of this with only the scars from her surgery. He couldn’t live without her, not even for a minute and for their daughters to lose heir mother would be the cruelest thing the universe had ever done. He kissed the top of her head and finally closed his eyes. His sleep was troubled, his mind filling with nightmares where Aria was dead and he was left alone. He woke with a gasp when his alarm went off and quickly shut it off.

“Aria, it’s time to get up.” He whispered and kissed her lips. She smiled and opened her eyes slowly. She cupped his cheek and he held her hand to his face.

“I’m okay my love and I won’t give up the fight no matter what.”

“I know, you’re one tough cookie.” She smiled and he gave her one more kiss before they got up and headed into the living room. Aria sat on the couch while Evan went out to meet the girls.

The girls could tell somthing was wrong with their dad the second they saw him and they worried for their mother. “what’s wrong with mom?” Jenny asked. “we’ll both talk to you girls inside.” They ran past their father and into the house. They needed to see their mother and make sure she was ok. They tackled her with a hug “what’s wrong mom?” They both asked at once. The worry and stress they had been feeling evident in their voices. Aria hated worrying her girls. They were too young to be stressed out. “sit down” She commanded softly as Evan walked in. Evan sat by Aria with an arm around her while the girls sat on the floor. “We finally know what’s wrong with me and the doctors can fix it. Tomorrow they have to see how bad it is but they are confident with a surgery they can fix me”

Lindsey stood up excitedly “well thats wonderful news! Why so glum then?”

“sit back down sweetheart” Lindsey gave her mother a confused look but obeyed anyway. Evan took over now “Your mother has ovarian cancer girls. They are going to have to remove them. That will mean your mom can’t have kids any more but they can take out the cancer” Jenny started crying and Lindsey held her “it’s alright”

“It’s not alright, Courtney’s mom died of cancer”

“Our moms not going to die. Didn’t you just hear dad?” Jenny cried harder so Evan got up and lifted his daughter into his arms “mommy will be ok honey” Evan said not fully believing it himself. He had to act sure around his girls so they could feel more confident. Lindsey got up and hugged her mother again “when are they going to fix you mom?”

“They have to give me scans tomorrow. I’m not sure when the surgery is. Why don’t we go get ice cream sundaes somewhere? I’d really like one and I think it’ll lift everyones spirits” Lindsey looked at her father and he said ‘of course, lets all go. Would ice cream make you smile Jenny?” He asked and she shook her head “give her to me Evan” Aria insisted then Evan sat Jenny in her lap “I’m ok honey. Our doctor is confident”

“What if he’s wrong? I’ll never get to hear you read again or sing again.”

Jenny’s tears nearly broke Aria’s heart. She didn’t know how to make this any easier for her children. “He won’t be wrong baby, I’ll be just fine.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes baby, I promise.” She couldn’t say anything else. A nine year old didn’t care about medical terms or surgeries. All she wanted was her mother to make it out alive and healthy. “Lets go get some icecream.”

“Okay.” Jenny got off of her mom’s lap and Aria got to her feet. They headed out to the car and Evan made sure the girls were buckled in before getting behind the wheel. It was a ritual he had been unable to give up even after they moved out of their booster seats. They drove to Baskin Robbins and got out, Lindsey holding Jenny’s hand as they made their way inside. They all chose their ice cream and the cone they wanted then Evan paid and they went back out to the car, deciding to take the girls to the park and let them play and eat ice cream.

They arrived and went to the picnic area to finish their ice creme before playing. They could tell both girls were bothered, despite Lindsey taking the news better than Jenny. Aria wished her family wouldn’t worry but she knew it couldn’t be helped. They all loved her and without the scans they didn’t know how bad it truly was. Aria had to stop thinking about it before she cried again herself. That needed to wait until she was alone tonight with Evan or tomorrow when the girls left for school. Aria guessed after such news Jenny would probably want to sleep with them tonight. Any time anything upsetting happened Jenny couldn’t sleep unless she crawled into bed with them. When the ice cream was gone Jenny asked can we all play tag until mommys too tired? Or are you already too tired mom?”

“or mom can be the ref. She can make sure we’re all playing fair so when sombody gets tagged they cant lie and say they weren’t.” Lindsey suggested, not believing her mother wasn’t too tired. Lindsey also didn’t want her mother pushing herself for their sake. “I think mom being ref is a great idea.” Aria smiled ‘Will you still have fun if I do that Jenny?” Jenny nodded “I think Lindsey lies alot about me tagging her so it’s a great idea” Aria and Evan laughed as Lindsey denied ever doing such a thing. She gave her sister an angry look but it quickly resolved then Evan got up with the girls to play.

A few silent tears streamed down Arias face as she watched her family. She hoped they didn’t see but after awhile of their laughter and smiles she couldn’t help it. She just wanted to know how bad it was and know what all would happen with surgery. She didn’t want to miss her girls getting older or to leave Evan. Their fourteenth anniversary was coming up in two months and she wanted to be there to celebrate another happy year with the love of her life. Aria dried it up as quickly as she could and kept watching them all play.

When the girls were tired they took them back to the car and Evan drove them home. Jenny fell asleep on the way home and Evan carried her inside the house and to the room she shared with her sister. Evan lay her down and kissed her forehead before going back down stairs. “Poor girl.” Aria said when he sat down on the couch next to her.

“She’ll be okay, she has your strength. Both of our girls do.” He replied and kissed her cheek. She rested her head on his shoulder and he rubbed his hand up and down her arm. “You have to make it because I don’t. I will never be the same if you are gone.” He whispered so Lindsey wouldn’t hear.

Chapter Two

“I promised Jenny and now I’ll promise you, I will make it. I won’t give up no matter how hard it gets. We have to stay optimistic. If we let our sorrow get to us it will just get worse.”

“May I watch TV?” Lindsey asked.

“Sure baby.” Aria switched on the TV and handed her the controller.

They sat and watched cartoons until Jenny came down and it was time for dinner. Evan insisted Aria sit with the girls while he cooked. Jenny and Lindsey sat close to their mother, the former holding tightly to her as if she might slip away. Evan felt himself choking up as he thawed fish to bake and chopped up some carrots to steam. His heart ached for his family and he had not even called their parents. He didn’t want to add to the sorrow around Aria, especially when she was trying to stay positive.

After dinner just as Aria predicted in her head Jenny asked “Could I sleep with you and dad tonight? Please mom” Aria smiled “of course you can. Lindsey frowned, she wanted to sleep with her parents too but she felt too old. She was almost a teenager and could only imagine how her friends would tease her if they found out she even wanted to sleep with her parents. When the girls were ready for bed Aria and Evan tucked Lindsey in and read the ninth chapter of Lamplighter to the girls. Aria gave Lindsey another kiss on the head before she, Evan and Jenny left the room. Lindsey wasn’t sleep though she pretended to be while her parents were in the room. She settled on her side and allowed her mind to taunt her and make her worry even more over her mother. She wanted badly to run after them and ask if she could sleep in there too but she thought of her friends again so stayed in her room.

Aria slept in the center of the bed, Jenny took the left and Evan took the right. Jenny pillowed her head on her moms chest “Night mom and dad.”

“Night baby” Evan and Aria replied. Evan slept close to Aria and Jenny. When they both were sleeping he propped his head up on his hand, just watching them. He loved his family more than he would ever be able to show them. He did little things here and there but now he wondered if he had done those things enough. Nothing he did to show his wife he loved her felt like enough right now. Not with something like cancer eating at her. He fought off negative thinking since the tests were tomorrow. He needed to be rested for whatever Aria may need so he forced himself to sleep. Lindsey paced in her room. She wanted to open her laptop to pass time since her worry was keeping her up but she knew better than to try. She wasn’t allowed online past bedtime. The punishment for playing on her laptop before homework was done or late at night was a week without it.

Lindsey decided to write some poetry which after a few hours finally got her tired enough to rest. In the morning Evan tried to make Aria stay in bed but she fought with him until he atleast let her go sit at the kitchen table with the girls. “I have to eat anyway Evan” She insisted so he carried her and sat her down. Evan made chocolate chip pancakes which the girls gobbled up. Jenny and Lindsey lingered in their hug this morning. “good luck with the tests today mom” Lindsey said and Jenny nodded “yeah, you promised you’d be ok so you cant let the tests be bad” Aria smiled “Everything will be fine, you’ll see when you get home today”

She kissed their cheeks and they headed out to the bus. Evan stood on the porch and watched them walk to the corner then get on the bus. “Lets take a shower and get ready.” He said when he went back to Aria. He lifted her into his arms and carried her up to their bathroom. He sat her on the counter and switched on the water, making sure it was the perfect temperature before putting her on her feet and undressing her. “You have lost far to much weight.” He handed her into the tub and stepped in behind her, pulling her against him and resting his forehead on her shoulder.

“I’ll gain it back, don’t worry.”

“How can I not?” He started sobbing and she turned to hug him.

“It’s going to be okay.” She ran her fingers though his hair then kissed his cheek. “We have to get clean so we’re not late.”

“Okay.” They washed and rinsed as quickly as they could then dried and dressed. They headed down to the car and he opened her door for her. She smiled warmly up at him as he closed her door then headed around to the driver side. He held tightly to her hand as they [ulled out of their driveway and onto the road. His heart thundered in his chest, getting faster and faster the closer they got to the doctor’s office.

Aria was just as scared as her husband, but she was determined not to take this lying down. She had something worth living for and she wasn’t about to let a disease take her away from it. She raised Evan’s hand to her lips and kissed his knuckles. “Remember, stay positive.” She said with a smile as they pulled into the office parking lot.

When Aria was finally called back and taken to the room where she would be recieving her scan they handed her a hospital gown and had her change into it. Aria went into the bathrom and changed then climbed up on teh table to lay down. Evan was having trouble breathing and had to sit down. The doctor called over the speaker “will you be ok sir? Do you need to leave?”

“No, please let me stay” It took them about a half hour to finish scanning Aria. The whole time Evans eyes hadn’t come off of her. The bed slowly moved out and they told her she could get off of it and put her clothes back on. Evan almost ran over and walked with her to the bathroom. When Aria came out the doctor came in “I need to review what I saw and send it to your doctor. I know you want to know now but it’s protocol that I review, send it then your personal doctor talk to you.” Aria nodded and Evan sighed. Aria squeezed his hand “when should my doctor call me?’

“He’s waiting for the results so if you just drive to his office he may be able to tell you. He told me he would be on standby.” They nodded then went out to the car. “that scan made me thirsty. Can we get a large tea from McDonalds before we head over?”

“Of course we can Aria” They drove to McDonalds, purchased a drink for both of them then headed to their doctors office. They hadn’t been there long when their doctor called them back. “so?” Evan asked. “I’ll save the long speal and tell you that while it wasn’t caught early it still wasn’t caught late enough to where just removing her ovaries wont cure her problem. Did you two decide how you want to handle this? Like I said, surgery is a viable option.”

“we decided to have the surgery” Aria said. The doctor smiled “I’m so glad, I’ve grown attached to you and your family but of course I have to respect yours and your husbands wishes. I have to call the hospital back and we will schedule you for the operation. I’m just grateful I wont have to do a full hysterectomy on you. It would cause you to go into early menopause which would be miserable. Thank goodness you came in time for atleast that. Do you want the full details of what the hospitals going to do?”

“No, It wont help me knowing. Thank you”

“You’re welcome sweetheart. May your surgery be blessed with no complications. There are some good doctors at the hospital I’m sending you to”

“How soon will he appointment be?” Evan asked.

“Let me check my schedule.” He opened the calendar on his desktop. “How does the day after tomorrow at four sound? That way the girls will be home and just come right over with you.”

“The sooner the better.” Aria answered.

“Alright then, I’ll have it put in my schedule now go home and get some rest. You two look stressed and tired.”

Evan laced his fingers through Aria’s as they left their doctor’s office. They were both nervous now that the surgery was set up. They headed home and floped down on the couch. Aria rested her head on his lap and he switched on the TV. “Are you ready for the surgery?” He asked.

“Yes, one hundred percent.”

“You are a lot braver than me my love.”

She smiled up at him. “You’re pretty brave baby. Don’t you remember keeping me calm when we were stuck in that cave? You were my hero.”

“You’re the one who saved me.”

“But you helped me climb that rock wall. You kept my spirits up.”

“I love you so much Aria, you’re so beautiful and wonderful. You stay strong on that table and don’t you dare think about leaving us.”

“I love you too.”

Just like yesterday the girls were all questions about their mom. “The surgery is the day after tomorrow so you girls will be able to come to the hospital with us and see me when I come out of surgery.” Aria said then Lindsey spoke. “Oh good” ¬†Jennys lip quivered but she didnt cry. She didn’t want people cutting her mother open but she didn’t want to lose her mom like Courtney did. Aria and Evan let the girls stay up as late as they wanted even though it was a school night. When both girls were sleeping Evan took them to their beds. He was glad he would be alone with his wife tonight. He loved his girls but he needed some alone time.

When Evan returned to the living room to carry Aria into their bedroom his heart skipped when he didn’t see her. “Aria!” He yelled “I’m in our room baby” He hurried in and Aria said “I just went ahead and came in here. Calm down Evan” Evan hugged her “I’m just so stressed. Especially because I’ll need to call our parents while your in surgery tomorrow. They’ll be pissed if I dont call even though I dont want to.”

“They do deserve to know what’s going on.”

“Yeah” Evan kissed her then took off his clothes. Aria admired hima s he undressed her. Her adoring eyes actually making him smile “I’m glad you still think I’m this handsome fourteen years later. I worry somtimes since I’m married to such a beautiful woman.”

“You can see my ribs right now. I’m not beautiful”

“You’re always beautiful Aria. Bones and all. I do hope we can get your weight up quickly though. I don’t want you so unhealthy.”

“I’m sure I will Evan” Evan kissed across Arias shoulders then began kissing her chest. He pushed her down on the bed as their tounges danced around eachother. Evans hand began to run down to rub her when a knock sounded at their door. Evan had to surpress a groan as Aria moved from under him to dress. Evan grabbed a pair of pajama pants then she opened the door. It was Jenny “I woke up and you weren’t there” She said with teary eyes. “we’re sorry, we thought you were down for the night”

“I’m just scared.”

“Come on baby girl it’s okay.” Aria grabbed her daughter’s hand. “I’ll sing to you if you want me to.”

“Okay.” Evan got in bed as Aria walked down the hall with Jenny. He listened to her singing and thought about how quiet the house would be if that sound was gone. Aria sat n Jenny’s bed and sroked her temple as she sang Scarlet Ribbons and the Baby of Mine. Exhaustion got the best of her and she finally fell asleep as the song was ending. Aria kissed her head then snuck out, puling the door closed, but leaving the hall light on.

“She could have slept in here.” Evan said as she came in and shut their door.

“I want some time with you. You never know what could happen to me, I could have a bad reaction to the anesthesia or something worse.”

“Don’t talk like that, you’ll be just fine.”

“Evan.” He pulled her down on the bed and kissed her. He pulled her clothes back off and tossed them on the floor, his hands exploring her soft skin.

“No negativity, that’s what you said, none.” He said between kisses. He pushed his hand between her legs, moaning when he felt how wet she already was. He pulled her legs around his waist and pushed slowly into her. He muffled her cries of ecstasy with his mouth, moving in her hard, but slow. He wanted her to know exactly what she meant to him. Tears filled his eyes and dripped onto her face and she held tightly to him, whispering how much she loved him as they fell over the edge together. He held her to him as he cried into her shoulder and she ran her hands lovingly up and down his back. “I’m sorry.” He finally said.

“It’s okay.”

“No it’s not, I should be the one holding you while you cry, not the other way around.” He moved to lay next to her and she pulled him into her arms so his head rested on her chest.

“I’m terrified Evan, absolutely one hundred and ten percent terrified, but I’m even more afraid of breaking down and giving up. So I’ll keep it inside until I’m off the table and in the clear.”

“I love you Aria. I can’t say it enough or with enough emphasis.”

“I feel the same Evan.” Aria began to rub his back. She felt touched with how emotional he was being but still hated seeing him so sad. It was hard seeing the three of them so sad in general. Lindsey was acting tough but Aria could tell she was upset too. The next day was slow and miserably long. Around lunch time they went ahead and called Arias parents and then his own instead of waiting for the day of the surgery. Hearing how upset her parents were Aria couldn’t help but let a few tears fall. Saturday came and everyone was mopey and worried so Aria pulled out Apples to Apples “Come on, play with me please” She asked and they all sat down to play.

The room livened up with smiles and laughter once the game got going. This was what Aria needed before her surgery. Her families comfort with their laughter and smiles. She lived for these smiles and would pull through the surgery for them. When it was time to go they loaded into the car, Evan checked them like always and they were off. Both girls just stared blankly out their windows until they arrived and got their mother checked in. Aria gave her husband and then two girls a tight hug at her final opportuinty “You two be good for daddy alright.”

“we will, remember mom, you promised” Jenny said “I promised and I’ll keep that promise. I love all three of you so much” Jenny and Lindsey broke down in tears when they took their mother back. Evan hugged them and gave what comfort he could until they stopped “why don’t we go to the Target down the road and buy mommy somthing for when she gets out. They will have more selection than the hospital gift shop.”

“we need to be here when mommys done”

“They’ll have her for awhile. We have time to buy her a gift. You can each pick out your own. Whatever you want to get her we’ll get”

“Okay Aria, I’m going to need you to count down from ten for me.” The anesthesiologist¬†said.

“Okay.” She started counting and felt herself becoming drowsy. She didn’t remember passing out, but it felt like falling asleep. Her entire body relaxed and her breathing evened out. The doctors got to work as she dreamed that she was with her family, that they were smiling and happy.

“How about this monkey.” Jenny said as she picked up a little stuffed spider monkey.

“Yeah, mom likes to climb so it’ll be perfect.” Lindsey chimed in.

“That’s a very good idea. Anything else you think we should get?” Evan said.

“Can we get her flowers. They had really pretty boquets.” Lindsey replied.

“Good idea.” His mind ket drifting back to Aria and he wondered how she was doing. He kept telling himself she would be fine, that she was far stronger than anyone. She had been lost in a cave with him, injured and afraid, she had been seriously wounded while rafting. If she could come out of that alive then she could do anything. He smiled as his girls each picked out a boquet then hurried down the candy isle and grabbed a hershey’s bar. They walked gleefully to the check out area and put their things on the counter.

After everything was paid for they took their bags and headed back to the hospital to sit in the waiting room. He hated the waiting room. It felt like a cage, a quiet, sterile cage. He decided to take the girls to the cafeteria and grab something to eat before heading to the waiting room. He was sure they were hungry and thirsty.

The surgery took a little under two hours for them to complete. Aria was sewed up, cleaned up then wheeled to a room before their doctor walked to the waiting room. Jenny, Lindsey and Evan jumped up and went over to him. “Everything went perfect. She’s still sleeping right now but you three can go up to her. I’m not sure when she’ll wake up but she’ll get up in her own time. Girls, you need to be careful when you hug your mommy. Her scar is going to be sensitive for a few weeks and you don’t want to hurt her.”

“Do you know about how long?”

“The average is four weeks. I’ll talk to you about everything when Aria is awake to hear it too.” Evan nodded “could you take us to her?” They walked through the hospital until they were in Arias room. “remember, be careful with mommy” Their doctor said before leaving. Evan set Arias gifts on a small table then walked over to kiss her on the head. The girls gently gave their mother a hug. “How does he know she’s going to wake up?” Jenny asked. “He’s a doctor, he knows everything” Lindsey answered and Evan smiled. “If he says she’ll wake up, she’ll wake up” ¬†They waited an hour and twenty minuets in that room. Paceing and worrying the whole time. Aria woke and all their heads snapped her way “Mommy!” Jenny exclaimed “Hey baby” Aria said softly. “How do you feel mom?” Lindsey asked. “Just a little tired right now”

“we were worried about you waking up.”

“How long have I been sleeping?” Lindsey looked at her dad. “almost an hour and a half” His voice broke as he said the words. “come here and hug me Evan” Aria said and Evan gently hugged her. “see? I told you all mommy was going to be ok”

“we got you presents mom” Lindsey said and both girls went to grab for the gifts. They brought them to her “aw, thank you guys. This is so sweet”

“it was daddys idea” Jenny said and Aria smiled. Evan wanted so badly to break down and cry but he did his best not to. “We should call your doctor so we can see when we can take you home.” Evan suggested so Aria pushed the call button on her bed. Their doctor came “good to see you awake. You still groggy?”


“Well that’s fine, don’t worry about that.”

“How long does mom have to stay?” Lindsey asked. “Since we had no complications during surgery you can take her home tomorrow. We just need to be sure she’s fine for today so we will monitor her and if she’s still fine with no problems in the morning we’ll send her home to you girls.”

“Can we stay?” Evan asked. “Family can always stay. As long as the girls are behaved you can stay all night”

“we’ll behave” Jenny quickly said. “I know you girls will. Since I’m sure you will be in a¬†rush to leave when you get discharged I’ll go ahead and give you all the information you need to leave with. I’m going to tell you myself but everything will also be in the discharge papers if you forget anything.”

“Ok” Aria said in that soft tone she had been speaking in since awakeing. “Ok, you can resume your normal diet. You may not feel like eating but you really have to force what you can. You are unhealthily skinny right now and need to pick your weight up. I don’t care if you eat a bunch of sweets with your meals as long as you gain some weight. It doesn’t have to be fast but I emphasize because a lot of patients after a hysterectomy don’t have an appetite. Your stitches are going to take about six weeks to dissolve. You may wash them in the shower so don’t worry about that. It’ll get itchy at times so you’ll want to get some lotion or anti itch creme to rub on it. We’re sending you home pain medicine. You don’t know it now because you’re already on some but you definitly need it for awhile. Don’t stop taking it until you’ve done the full course of your prescription. You can’t drive until you are off the narcotic prescription. It’ll make you groggy like you are now. You can’t lift anything over ten pounds for the next four weeks. You can’t do it and don’t try. You will only end up hurting yourself. Please tell me you understand because I know how stubborn you are”

“I understand, anything else?”

“No dancing with your husband for six weeks” The doctor emphasized dancing so they’d get he was referring to sex. He was glad that would be in their discharge papers incase they didn’t catch the hint. “you need to call me if you have bright red vaginal bleeding, a fever over 100, severe nausea or vomiting, If you have trouble urinating, or if your incision gets redder, swells more or there is any drainage. It should get better not worse.”

“Okay, I understand.” She said and her doctor gave her a smile.

“I’ll get out of here and stop talking your ear off. If you need anything makes sure to use that call button.”

“Thank you.”

They let the girls stay up and visit with Aria until she was too tired to talk anymore. Evan got them settled in the other bed then kicked off his shoes and crawled in next to Aria. He made sure he wasn’t touching her abdomen and ran his fingers through her hair. “I love you so much.” He said softly. “I’m so glad you made it.”

“I’m sorry I worried you guys, but I’m all better now.” She replied and he gave her a soft kiss. “Six weeks and then I’ll be back to normal.” Her lip quivered and she clung as tightly to him as she could. “I was so scared while I was under. I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up.”

“It’s okay baby.” He lifted her head onto his chest and ran his hand up and down her arm.

“I think these drugs are making me emotional.”

He chuckled. “It’s okay and I’m sure your hormones will be thrown for a loop after this surgery, but don’t worry if I can handle you pregnant then I can handle anything.” She actually laughed and it made him happy that he could do that for her. She fell asleep a few minutes later and he switched on the TV and turned the volume down. He was still to worried to sleep so he just stared at the TV screen.

No complications arouse through the night so Aria was released the next day around lunch. They got their prescription filled then stopped at Sonic to grab somthing to eat and slushies. Aria nearly enhaled hers she was enjoying it so much. The girls both giggled at her. Areia smiled, happy she was still hearing that wonderous sound. After they finished their food Evan drove to the nearest Red Box to purchase a few movies for them to watch. When he had his selections they started their wat home. Arias gaze held steady out the window. Evey color was more vibrant than she had ever imagined it being. The blue of the sky was so soft, the green of the grass so magnificent. The chirping of the birds and the chatter of her children as comforting as a lullby in your mothers arms.

For her no time had passed when Evan put the car in park in front of their home. They walked inside, she even admiring their house. She had known this home since she was a child here on her summers but it was like looking at it for the first time. Images of playing with Evan and now playing with her children here rushed through her mind. Her eyes became slow streams, causing her daughters to hug her “you ok mommy? Need to sit down?” Jenny asked and Aria tussled both girls hair “I’m fine babies, just emotional”

“You sure?” Lindsey asked and Aria nodded. The girls accepted this without further quizzing and they all entered their home. They got comfortable on the ever softer couch then watched the first movie. They had a lazy day in front of their TV since Evan couldn’t shake his worry. He stayed fussy the entire time she was healing. At six weeks they got the ok form her doctor after a visit and an exam to make sure she was good but Evan was afraid to make love to her. She gently coaxed him into lustful bliss as their bodies mingled. It was a welcome comfort that had them both in tears they had made it through this ordeal. The past months had been a worse hell than the devil could have made for Evan and he was glad to finally be back in heaven with his family. They laid tangled together, planning to stay that way until their girls came home from school. No place sounded better to either of them than in the loving, comforting arms of one another.

~ The End ~

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