Ariane & Jairo 2

Chapter One

“Listen here you jackass!” Ariane shouted angrily, her friend had now left out of fear of Jairo “How dare you treat him like that or speak to me that way and especially how fucking dare you try to ever tell me what I can and can’t do. I go on this trip every single year and I will continue to do just that. He is my friend, nothing more and you need to grow up. I’m serious Jairo, I’m going, you’re welcome to go but only if you learn how to behave. I am so disappointed in you right now, we’ve been doing so well and now you’re letting your jealousy get the better of you”

“You’re gorgeous Ariane, there’s no way any male could be your friend”

“He’s been just my friend since before I even met you and you know that. He hasn’t made a single move on me”

“Do not go with him”

“why are you being like this? I told you you could come as soon as we started talking about it”

“He must have an angle”

‘a man can certainly be my friend without some sort of angle you idiot. I have been going on this trip for years. I will not be told what I can and can’t do Jairo, not when it’s stupid. He is my friend and I’ll be friends with who I please. If he steps out of line I wont talk to him any more but he never has so it isn’t fair of you to demand I don’t do something I do every year”

“You’re beautiful and intelligent, Ariane, there’s no way he doesn’t want you, every man would want you.”

“I’m going and you can either come with me and act like an adult or you can stay here and brood over nothing.” She started to walk away then added. “You have until morning to decide.”

He clenched his fists as she headed up to their room to pack her bag. What was he supposed to do? He decided to go on a walk before he followed her upstairs and started yelling again. He slammed the door as he left and walked angrily away from their home. The fresh air helped clear his head and he was able to think through his jealousy and anger. He had lost his temper, something he hadn’t done in awhile. She had every right to be disappointed, but he couldn’t help the feeling of jealousy that bubbled up in him when he saw her laughing and smiling with another man.

Jairo kept himself out until he knew what to say to Ariane. He knew she deserved an apology and he didn’t want to mess things up with her by going back and saying the wrong thing. She had been more than patient with him as he tried to learn to be a good husband but he knew nothing got under her skin more than someone trying to tell her what she could and couldn’t do. Ariane was a headstrong woman if there ever was one but that was part of the many reasons why he loved her. When he came back she was sitting on the couch with a pot of tea on the coffee table and one of their mugs in her hands. She never used tea cups, claiming they were much too small. Their tea cups were more for if guests wanted to have tea with them.

He could see she had calmed down some too as she patted the spot on the couch beside her. Jairo sat and she asked “do you want some tea?” she moved her mug slightly in his direction and he took it from her, drinking a little then setting it down on the coffee table. “Look Jairo” she started softly but he stopped her “I’m sorry Ariane, I was being ridiculous.”

“it is never okay to treat my friends like that Jairo. I know you were only jealous but still”

“I’m going to have to apologize to him too?”


“Okay” she hugged him and he felt relief course through his body “I hate seeing another man make you smile and laugh…I know that makes me a bit of an ass but I love you so much and loving you makes me want to keep any males who might want to take you from me away.” It had been hard to admit it was insecurity that had made him over react as badly as he did but he needed Ariane. He wasn’t loseing her this time, he wasn’t going to end up alone and depressed again. Swallowing his pride was more than worth the happy life he was living with her. “Jairo” she started as she pulled out of the hug and sat upright, the loose shirt she was wearing shifting just the right way to emphasize her chest so it caught his eye. She laughed instead of continuing “Jairo” she said again and he looked away “I’m sorry”

“You and sex”

“You’re beautiful..this is what I’m talking about. How do other men control themselves when the most stunning woman in the world is across from them” she gently took his face in her hands and gave him a slow kiss “I don’t think anybody finds me as beautiful as you think I am”

Jairo wanted to tell her how untrue that was, how he knew other men watched her, that he could tell they realized just how stunning she truly was. He hated it made him feel so uncomfortable and that she may start to realize they were much more suited to her. He knew he was a handful, that he was lacking in every way. He pressed his lips to hers, wanting to keep himself from saying anything stupid or selfish. He found himself pushing her back onto the couch, one hand slipping in her shirt, his palm sliding over her breast and squeezing gently so she moaned. “Jairo.” The way she said his name, breathy and full of desire, sent a shiver of excitement through him. He let his hand slide down, his fingers tracing her ribs so she squirmed beneath him, and hooked them in her pants and panties. He slid them off slowly and let his fingers drift slowly back up, smiling against her lips when she let out a little whine.

She whined again when he began to rub her. He admired her face as he did it, enjoying how much pleasure he could see in her every expression. He massaged between her legs until she orgasmd then took his pants and underwear off so he could slide himself inside her tight confines. “Ariane” he moaned her name deeply when he came. He lifted her off the couch, bringing her to their room and settling himself under the covers with her. She sighed peacefully then began speaking “Jairo, don’t worry about this evening okay? As long as you apologize to my friend everything’s okay between us. You’ve been doing so well. You truly have been a great husband to me since we decided to live together. I love you and one bad day doesn’t erase all your effort.” He kissed her forehead, lingering there then kissing her lips.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to fully control my jealousy…”

“I never asked you to be perfect” she said gently then cuddled up to him.

When morning came he got slowly up pulled on a pair of pants then quietly packed his things for their trip. He told himself he was going to be good, he was going to keep his jealousy to himself and he wasn’t going to act childish toward her friend. He put his things next to hers then went down and started breakfast. There was a light knock on the front door and he let his sense flare out, catching the familiar male scent associated with her friend. He didn’t want to answer, but he knew if he didn’t, Ariane would reprimand him. He went and pulled the door open and her friend looked a little surprised he had answered. “Good morning.” He managed to say.

“I have food on the stove, you’ll have to come in.”


Jairo turned away, not seeing if he was followed, and went back to breakfast. “Did you eat?”

“Yes, thank you.”

The silence stretched on between them and he finished cooking, plated the food, then went upstairs to wake Ariane. Every worry seemed to melt away when his eyes rested on her and he sat down next to her, just admiring her for a moment. He sighed as he gently brushed hair from her face then leaned down and kissed her. She stirred with a little moan and his heart did a flip. “Jairo? Good morning.”

He smiled. “It’s time to get up, I made breakfast.”

“Smells good.”

“Your friend is also here. Why don’t you shower and get dressed and I’ll take my turn after breakfast.”

“You’re being nice aren’t you?”

“As nice as I can be, yes.”

“He’s nice, I know you really aren’t a friend making guy in general but give him a chance. He is someone you can definitely tolerate being around if you allow yourself to like him” He kissed her again “go shower beautiful, I’ll go sit with him and try” When he returned Jairo could see Orsino flinch but why wouldn’t he after how he acted last night. This man was weak from first impressions and much smaller than him. Jairo towered over men of normal height at 6’8 and this man wasn’t even average height for a male. Jairo was guessing probably 5’5 or 5’6 since he looked about the size of their daughter Zinnia. “you don’t need to be tense around me” Jairo said as he sat to eat. “I’m fine”

He was obviously trying to be brave which earned him the smallest amount of respect from Jairo. “Afraid of me or not I wont act like that again. I am sorry, I am a selfish man, not even only when it comes to Ariane. I don’t like the idea of sharing her time with another man but I will for her. ”

“I don’t want to be with her…”

“really now?” Jairo said, portraying in his voice that he didn’t believe him. “No…I…I’m actually in love with someone else…”

“I see” Jairo saw Orsino swallow out of fear and sighed. He had to be a little nicer so when Ariane came in she didn’t think he had been trying to intimidate him. “I believe you. You look like a man in love. Just relax” He hoped he was convincing.

When Ariane came down, Orsino looked relieved and Jairo looked like he was having a hard time, but it didn’t seem like anything bad had transpired in her absence. Jairo stood and went into the kitchen, quickly washing his plate then retrieving hers and bringing it to her as she sat down. “Would you like me to get you anything to drink before I head up?”

“I’m good baby, thank you.” Jairo nodded and she grabbed his hand as he turned and tugged him down to kiss him. It seemed to calm him a little and she smiled lovingly up at him. “Thank you.” She said again.

“Of course, I’ll be quick.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She smiled at Orsino once he was out of sight. “Are you alright?”

“He’s a bit…scary.”

“He’s rough around the edges, but he’s trying. Has he apologized yet?”

“No, but it’s fine. I think he wasn’t quite sure what to say to me. It’s a bit awkward.”


“If he’s going to then just let him do it at his own pace. I want to be friends with him if he’ll let me.”

Chapter Two

“we talked last night and this morning, he definitely wants to make friends but while I’m asking him to be nice I’m also asking you to be understanding. He has never really had friends, beyond me and he wanted to be with me so give him a little time to learn how to be a friend to someone. His behavior last night is inexcusable and I told him that but he’s Jairo” She hoped her friend understood her. She wasn’t trying to make excuses for her husband, she just wanted him to understand that Jairo really would be trying this trip even if at times it wasn’t obvious to someone who didn’t know him as well as she did. “don’t worry, I mean, you dealt with Claire” she laughed “Claire was a bitch but Jairo is more of a handful than even her”

“still, you’re a good friend and you see good in him so I’m happy he’s coming and I hope we do become friends”

“This time around has been really nice. Last night was the first time he’s truly lost his temper since we decided to make this work”

“good, I’m glad to hear that. How do your kids feel?”

“they seem happy we’re working it out. It’s been healthy for my relationship with our kids too. Until he came to stay I was really letting our youngest two get out of hand…I just…I have such a hard time being hard on them when I need to be. He helps me be stronger and remember that I can’t always be their friend. Zinnia especially has really grown up. It’s been wonderful to see.”

“well, I’m glad to hear that too”

Jairo felt calmer when he got out of the shower and was able to completely compose himself by the time he was dressed and heading back down. He could do this, he was an adult and this was something that would make Ariane happy. The sound of her laughter filled him with both joy and jealousy, but he kept himself calm. She smiled at him and his heart stuttered in his chest. She was the only one who could make him feel so much at once. It was like a storm of emotion twisted through him. “So, are you two ready to go?” He managed to ask, thankful he sounded normal.

“If you are.” Ariane replied as she got to her feet, Orsino following suit.

“Of course.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “So where are we going?” He was sure he should know, especially since it was so important to her.

She chuckled. “I think we’ll keep it a surprise.”

“But…” Her amused smile brought him up short. She was teasing him because he was nervous. “Alright, a surprise.”

“You’ll love it, I promise.”

She took Jairo’s hand and they left their home with Orsino. “So Orsino, any luck with Indra?” she figured everyone may as well be teased. He chuckled anxiously “None at all, I actually invited her to this but she said she couldn’t come”

“she probably was too busy if she said so. Isn’t her little brother going through something?”

“yeah” he seemed so sad so she patted him on the back “Hey, even if things never work out with her you’ll find someone else” He blushed as he spoke tentatively “I’m pretty sure I’ll never be as in love with anybody else as I am her”

“Hm, maybe I could help you out with her. I know you hate my meddling but please let me”

“what would you do?”

“I don’t know yet but I want to help, I want you to be happy Orsino. Maybe we can drop by her house as we head out. I mean it’ll make the trip longer but lets go see her, pretend we forgot to pack salt and she was closer to us than our houses were. I’ve borrowed stuff from her before so she wont mind. I can just smoothly bring what she doing instead of coming into the conversation so you’ll know or not if she’s blowing you off or actually busy.”

“Isn’t that lieing” Ariane sighed as she came to a halt “close your eyes Orsino” she commanded. “Um..okay” he nervously shut his eyes. Ariane took the salt out of her bag and handed it to Jairo. Jairo actually struggled not to laugh. He took it, running it home. When he came back Ariane instructed “Open your eyes Orsino” he did, looking unsure of the situation. They walked awhile longer before she said “you know what, we might not have salt” Jairo snickered as she dramatically looked through their things “well crap, we’ll have to go to Indras now. I mean, unless you know where mine is Orsino”

“I..I don’t”

“well then, you aren’t lieing to her now huh” Orsino smiled, he wanted to hug her but wasn’t brave enough to around Jairo “thank you Ariane”

“This sort of thing is what friends are for. We all need a wing man from time to time” Indra looked confused to see them. It looked like she was about to speak when Ariane said “It was my job to pack salt and I forgot, Jairo and his love making turn my mind to mush sometimes. Can we come in and borrow some, maybe have a drink with you since we’re here?”

“sure” Once they were in the kitchen Indra began making them drinks. Ariane watched her, studying her face. It looked like Indra may have been crying last night. Something obviously was up with her but she couldn’t feel relief. She wasn’t as close to Indra as she was to Orsino but they were still friends and she couldn’t stand the thought of her crying last night. “so Indra, you okay?”

“Hm, oh, yeah” she set a glass down in front of her then Orsino before pouring something for Jairo “you look down and you said you couldn’t come with us. It’s special to be invited you know, this is an Orsino and I thing” Orsino blushed. “I’m fine, I just really can’t. Nothing is wrong”

“You sure?”

“Yeah yeah, let me grab that salt for you guys. I wish I could go. I’m sorry, maybe next year”

Chapter Three

“See?” Orsino whispered once she was in the kitchen.

“Something’s definitely wrong.” Jairo said quietly. “You can hear it can’t you, Ariane?”

She nodded then smiled when Indra returned with the salt. “Here you go.”

“Thank you. Indra, I…”

“I’m not going.” Orsino interrupted, looking slightly embarrassed at his outburst, but he stood anyway and met Indra’s gaze.


“I won’t go this trip if something’s wrong. I won’t feel right just leaving you here alone.” He sighed. “We’re supposed to be friends, Indra, that means we talk to each other, but if you won’t talk to me…to any of us…then I can’t just leave. I’ll worry the whole time I’m away.”

Ariane was surprised at Orsino and both she and Jairo could tell that Indra was too. “Easy, Orsino.” She said gently and he blushed.

“Sorry.” He said. “I’m just worried.”

Indra felt like a deer in the headlights. She wasn’t used to Orsino being assertive at all so the fact he obviously cared so much made her heart stutter. “I…I just feel like I’ve been complaining a lot lately and..I didn’t want to add anything else..” Indra said as she fiddled with her fingers. Orsino felt like he could barely breath he was so scared to do it but he fought through and hugged her. He held tightly once he had her in his arms, half because he was too nervous to let go and see her reaction and half because he had wanted to be this close for years but he hadn’t been brave enough to get this close to her. “You could never complain to me too much, never think that Indra. Please talk to me…”

Ariane could barely believe her eyes and wished her husband understood just how amazing and crazy this was to see. She was proud of her friend and hoped Indra would talk to them now. Indra was getting over the surprise and relaxed into the hug. Though as much as she hadn’t wanted to in front of them, relaxing caused her to start crying into Orsinos shoulder. Jairo uncomfortably shifted, always feeling ill at ease when anybody but Ariane cried. He didn’t know how to respond and it made him feel weirder it was one of Arianes friends. He didn’t want to do something wrong by not saying or doing the right thing and have Ariane mad at him again. He hoped just being silent and letting Orsino handle this was fine with her.

Ariane was wrapped in what was finally happening before her but not so much so she missed her husbands discomfort so she took his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Indra calmed herself and apologized “stop that and talk to me” Orsino said gently but there was a slight firmness to it, an urging. “You know how his wife treats him, my brother I mean…I know I’ve ranted about that a few times..”


“well he asked her to become immortal, since she’s one of those elves that have a human life span instead of being immortal…she wouldn’t do it and I know that sounds confusing right off the bat, why would I be sad about that right? Well he’s decided to figure out how to give up his immortality and die with her when she does…he says even if he cant figure it out he’ll kill himself when she dies and…I just can’t take that. She’s not even nice to him and he’s going to die with her. I know it’s mostly me being selfish but I just…I dont want my brother to die..it’ll be a long time but I hate he’s going to do that. I’m just so depressed and he’s asked me to go with him to the Nadrik mountains where this elder lives whom she thinks can take away his immortality. It’s going to torture me to go, especially if I have to witness them taking away his immortality but he’s my brother and…I just…I want to be supportive but it’s so hard, especially when it’s for someone who treats him the way she does. How can he do this? How can he leave our family for such a horrible being”

“Well, maybe you should be honest with him about it.”

“How can I? What if he hates me?”

“Indra, he’s your brother and you owe it to him to be honest. You can’t just go along with something because he’s your brother. Tell him how you really feel about all of it, about her. Even if it upsets him, at least it will get him thinking.”

She nodded. “I know you’re right.”

He pulled back and gently wiped away the tears on her cheeks. “I’ll go with you if you need me to.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to and then maybe you could come with us and get your mind off things.”

“But…Ariane and Jairo are ready now I’m sure…I….” Ariane interrupted “Indra, Jairo and I are happy to wait. We can just head back home then you two can meet us back there when you’ve settled things with your brother”

“You don’t have to go all the way home. He lives pretty close, you two can wait in my home if it wouldn’t be uncomfortable”

“we’ll hang around here then. You two go ahead and go, Jairo and I will be fine here” Indra wiped at her face then hugged Orsino “thank you, I really think I’ll need a friend with me to tell him how I feel. I don’t know what I’ll do if he hates me for this but…how can I watch him take away the part of himself that’s immortal…especially for her….”

“I’m really glad we stopped by to stop you from doing that to yourself. Lets go and take care of this so I can start making you smile again sooner”

“I really wasn’t any help there was I?” Jairo said when they had left and he allowed himself to relax.

“It’s okay, I understand.” Ariane laid her head on his shoulder. “I hope her brother listens to her.”

“Me too. I don’t think he fully understands the gravity of what he wants to do. Something could go terribly wrong so it is not something that should be taken lightly.”

Orsino walked in silence next to Indra, his fingers laced through hers under the pretense of giving her strength. He told himself that after this, once they were on the road, he would tell her how he felt. He had felt surprisingly brave getting her to talk to him. “Do you think he’ll listen to me?” She said after awhile.

“You’re his sister and he loves you so I think he will. I honestly don’t think he could ever hate you, maybe be upset, but not hate you.”

“I just don’t want him to throw away his life.”

“I think anybody would feel the way you do if their brother had immortality and wanted to just give it away.”

“I just don’t understand it, especially for her”

“Love makes people stupid and blind sometimes.” when they arrived at her brothers house he glanced at their laced hands. Normally embarrassment would make Orsino stop anything causing it but he was holding Indras hand and he wasn’t about to give that up just yet. “Cillian…I need to talk to you”

“about our trip?”

“yes” he sighed “alright, come in then” her chest felt heavy with stress and fear but she was going to tell him how she felt about all of this. Cillian sat, knowing this was going to be a big talk. He knew his sister, could see how worked up and upset she was. “Please sit as well Indra” he urged gently as he patted the cushion beside him. Indra sat, bringing Orsino down to sit beside her. “what’s up?” Cillian prompted, he couldn’t take silence when she looked like she might break down into tears any moment. “I don’t understand why you’re doing this, it’ stupid Cillian. What do you even see in her? She’s horrible to you”

“she’s not horrible”

“She is and you need to stop lieing to yourself about her”

“whats so horrible about her Indra?” she went on a long rant then punctuated it with “and what should make you see more than anything how little she cares about you in return is that she has zero hesitation to let you give up immortality for her, not a single ounce of it. She’s even the one who brought it up. I mean what the hell Cillian. If she doesn’t want to be immortal fine but why do you have to die with her and why is she so fine with that?”

“Indra….I” tears lined Indras face and it was breaking his heart. He felt selfish too, he hadn’t thought of how much doing something like that would hurt them. He hugged her “she just..” he was trying to think of an excuse for his girlfriend but he couldn’t. “Cillian, please don’t do this…please” she pleaded. He held her for awhile and decided he couldn’t with his sister this upset about it. He loved his girlfriend but he loved his sister more and couldn’t die knowing how much it would crush her. “I wont do it” She cried harder so he continued to hold her while Orsino gently rubbed her back, wishing he could hold her too.

“It was stupid and selfish of me to even ask you to witness something like that anyway. Forgive me?”

“Of course.”

Cillian pulled and wiped at her face. “Gross you got me all wet.” He teased.

“Jerk, I’ll wipe my nose on you.”

He smiled then looked at Orsino. “Thanks for coming with her. I don’t like the idea of her walking over here alone while she’s upset.”

“No problem. I wouldn’t have let her come alone regardless.” Orsino said, looking embarrassed. He cleared his throat. “Well, we should probably get back.”

“Oh yes, absolutely.” Indra said.

“Where are you off too?” Cillian asked.

“A trip with Ariane and Jairo.”

“Have fun, at least I know you’ll be well protected in a group like that. I’d ask to come but I suppose I need to hash some things out with my girlfriend”

“are you staying with her?”

“I’m not really sure, it depends on how the conversation goes”

“well I love you and….” she swallowed, trying to find courage to add “you could do a lot better” Cillian gently smiled “you’re my big sister, you’ll probably always think I can do better. I was alone a long time before she came along”

“I’ve been single a long time too but you would be just as upset if I chose someone who wasn’t kind to me”

“I guess you have me there Indra, though unlike you I’d probably just rip the mans head off. There wont be any man treating my sister terribly” Cillians eyes flicked over to Orsino, an amused smile across his face. Orsino wasn’t afraid of that, he could never treat Indra poorly. She was all he thought about, her happiness was his. When they quit talking they hurried back to Ariane and Jairo who were cuddling on Indras couch together. “how did it go?” Ariane asked as she got up with Jairo. “he’s not going through with it” she informed them with a smile.

“Thank goodness.” Ariane said.

“I’m glad it went well.” Jairo added.

“Me too, I thought he’d hate me, how stupid is that?”

“You were scared.” Ariane hugged her. “You have a good brother though.”

“I do.” She took a deep breath. “Alright, if you’ll all just give me a minute I’ll pack and then we can go.”

Orsino stayed with Ariane and Jairo and blushed when he noticed them both giving him questioning looks. “What?”

“Well, did you tell her?” Ariane asked.

“Shh, not yet. I want to wait, she’s just been through something stressful, but I will I promise. I just want to get on the road.”

“Alright, alright, I won’t push you.”

“Thank you.”

When she came down they set off, it was much later in the day now but Ariane was glad Indra had gotten everything sorted with her brother and that she was tagging along with them. By the second day Jairo was even enjoying himself now that he was completely confident it wasn’t his mate Orsino wanted. He’d have to be completely blind with paranoia to worry after seeing him around Indra. It was surprising to him Indra herself didn’t know. He was shy but his constant concern for her and even the way he looked at her gave it away. At nightfall Orsino knew he couldn’t put it off any longer so he asked Indra if she wanted to go see something special with him. “Just us?” she asked and Ariane answered “I’ve already seen it and Jairo is too tired to go so we’ll just go ahead and get some rest”

“Okay, see you guys in the morning” she said cheerfully then walked off with Orsino “he’s doing it isn’t he?” Jairo asked once they were too far away to hear and Ariane answered “I hope so”

“Lets really lay down”

“Okay” Ariane put out the fire then went into the small tent they had brought along. They had to cuddle to fit inside but they would do that at home in bed anyway so there wasn’t any sense lugging around something bigger. “does where we are going still have to be a surprise?” he asked and Ariane kissed his chest “yep”


“You’re adorably curious and I want to keep it that way”

“You know, I could probably get it out of you if I wanted to.”

She giggled. “I’m pretty sure I can hold out.”


She giggled again. “Be good Jairo.”

“I’m always good.”

Orsino and Indra walked slowly, taking in the beauty of the surrounding area. “Thank you for inviting me.” She finally said.

“Of course, having you here makes me really happy. I’ve been wanting to take you.”

“Why didn’t you ask then?”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “I was nervous.”

She smiled. “Really? Why?”

He glanced at her. “We’re almost there, could you wait just a little longer?”


He reached nervously over and took her hand, his heart skipping a beat. “To make sure we don’t get separated.” He said.

She smiled, taking his hand firmly in hers. It was singing that made her realize they must be getting close. The voices she heard were gorgeous and made her eager to come closer. What came into view was a gorgeous cove with the clearest water she had ever seen. There were mermaids, coral and beautiful fish as far as her eyes could see down. The music was coming from mermaids swimming around the top and laying out on some nearby rocks. “wow” she said a bit breathlessly and he smiled “I stumbled upon this when I was still a child”

“I think this is the prettiest place I’ve ever seen”

“where we are truly going is even better”

“No way”

“mhm, thats why Ariane and I make this trip every year. I’m glad to be finally sharing this with you Indra”

“well, what did you want to talk to me about? Why did you only this year invite me?” he sighed nervously, swallowing, hoping he could swallow his nerves aswell. It all came tumbling out as soon as he opened his mouth again “because I love you and it scares me. It scares me because I know I’m not much. I’m small, I really don’t have all that much magical talent…and…well you’re related to such strong men and I felt you could never chose someone as weak as I am but I love you with all my heart Indra. You’re all I think about and I would spend my entire life making you as happy as I possibly could if you’d be with me” she smiled gently “Orsino, you’re perfect” she spoke in a touched tone before kissing him. She figured that was the clearest answer she could give him. He kissed her back, relieved that she was obviously saying yes to being with him.

“Indra.” He said as he parted their lips and pressed his forehead into hers. “I…thank you. I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same.”

She smiled. “How can I not, you do so much for me.”

“I just want to be deserving of you.”

“Silly man, you are more than deserving.”

They spent a little more time there, Orsino keeping her held in his arms as they sat in the grass and let the beauty of the area take them away. He was so happy now that he had her and couldn’t help but give her little kisses here and there. When she yawned he insisted they go back and they headed to their camp hand in hand. “If you like, you can sleep with me tonight.” Indra said and he felt his heart nearly stop.


“Yeah, I want you to hold me.”

Starting the next morning Ariane and Jairo teased him on and off for the entirety of the trip. Ariane loved the fact Jairo and Orsino seemed to be getting along pretty well too. Orsino was such a good friend of hers so she was hoping they’d get along so it wouldn’t be a fight every time she wanted to hangout with him. When they reached their destination Indra couldn’t believe this place truly was more beautiful than the place Orsino asked her to be with him at,. There were pixies everywhere and flowers scattering all around them. Everywhere she looked was some small, precious animal she wanted to run up and hug. They spent a few days just enjoying the area before finally heading home. Ariane felt like this was the best trip she had ever taken. Jairo and Orsino were now friends, Orsino now had a relationship with the love of his life, Cillian would be standing his ground and not letting his girlfriend treat him badly anymore and best of all now a trip that was always two would be four every year.

~ The End

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