Ariane & Jairo

Chapter One

Jairo had once again gotten to the point he missed his Ariane far too much to stay away a second longer. He was on his way to her, hoping she’d be happy to see him. She normally was at first but it never took him long to start getting on her nerves. He vowed to himself this time was going to be different. His son, the one most like him had changed so much for a human girl named Theia and it made Jairo see that he could change too. He needed Ariane, more than she could ever understand and he was going to try his hardest to be a man she wanted to keep around. When he arrived at her home he knocked, hoping just that would say something to her. Normally he rudely barged in like it was his home too.

One of his daughters answered the door “dad? You knocked?” Her mind seemed scrambled by the idea “Yes I did..”

“Moms knocked out pretty hard right now. She’s healing from a pretty intense fight..” he could see shame on his daughters face so he could guess whatever the problem was had been her fault “what happened?” His temper was already flareing but he reminded himself to stay calm and ask questions rather than demand answers. “Um…I….” she was scared to tell him what happened. He pushed past her to see the condition Ariane was in. Their daughter nervously followed, taking a step back when she could see him start to shake with anger at the sight of Ariane “what did you do girl” she could tell he was fighting the growl in his voice but it still came out. She swallowed “my friends and I have been messing around with this group of hunters…playing pranks on them and stealing their livestock…for parties….well…I guess they got sick of us…they ambushed us yesterday…mom of course..with the mom sense she seems to have could feel something was wrong and came to check on me…the hunters we’ve been messing with brought friends with them so it was about seven against just her because they had already managed to get us incapacitated….she won but she looked even worse than this last night…I’m sorry dad..I’m so sorry”

“are they dead?”

“only one died…you know how mom is….she’s never killed anything unless the being forced her into it or we needed food” He turned to look at his daughter, the furious look in his eyes making her want to run. He slapped her and she yelped “Your mother would challenge the ruler of hell himself to protect you brats and you go and mess with vampire hunters. You stupid….infuriating girl. You could have gotten her killed you understand that? Seven hunters against just her? You should be ashamed of yourself” he wasn’t yelling but she would almost prefer him to yell. He may be her father but that didn’t dampen what a truly terrifying vampire her father was. He could talk in such a chilling voice it shook you to your core. “I’m sorry daddy”

“I want full descriptions of these hunters and where to find them”

“yes sir” she described them and felt relief when her father left. She didn’t blame him for slapping her though, she was almost glad for some sort of punishment. She felt terrible for getting her mother this injured. When Jairo found the first hunter he waited until he was all alone in his home late at night to crawl over him in bed and pin him down. Jairo whispered menacingly in his ear “Listen you parasite because I’m only going to warn you once. Feel lucky I wasn’t around when you fought that female vampire yesterday because I would have ripped you all limb from limb. If you ever so much as think of going after that woman and her daughter again I will come back, I will get you alone and I will paralyze you. Once your paralyzed I’ll slowly peel your skin from your body and feed it to your children. When I’m done with that I’ll break each finger one by one then rip them from their sockets and shove them up your fucking ass and into your god damn eye balls. That wont even be enough, your insides will be my play things you pathetic piece of low life garbage. You and your friends will stay away from Ariane or I will show you more pain and suffering than you could ever imagine”


“Shut up and nod you pathetic worm.” The man nodded his understanding and Jairo grabbed him by his throat. “If you dare even think of gathering your friends and coming for me, I will rain Hell down upon you all, I’ll make you watch what I do to them just so you know what’s coming.” He left the man there shaking and frozen with fear. He took pleasure in knowing he probably wouldn’t move until the sun was up. He wanted to kill them now, but he needed to get back to Ariane. He didn’t even bother knocking this time, he simply walked in, startling his daughter who was sitting in the living room looking worried. “You will leave us alone for the time being and you will think on what you have done. I do not want to hear anything from you until your mother is awake and if you even think of pulling another stunt like that I will be the one to punish you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes daddy.”

He turned away from her before he lost his temper and went to his wife. He didn’t know if he would be welcome in her bed, but he needed to hold her. It terrified him thinking of losing her and it further caused him to regret his actions. He pulled off his boots and climbed in next to her, pulling her gently against him and burying his nose in her soft hair. “I love you, Ariane, I hope you know that. I’m sure you’ll be absolutely furious with me when you wake, but I would rather see you angry that never see you at all.”

Zinnia stood at the doorway listening to her father. She had been deciding if she should actually leave the house or just stay in her room in case mom kicked him out but there was something different about her father this visit. It wasn’t even that her mother was hurt, he had started out different. Her mother hated he just barged in like he owned the place but he had never much cared but this time he knocked. She decided she could leave with a clear conscious, knowing he’d take care of her. It was hard looking at her mother right now anyway. This was all her fault, she didn’t feel any better than her dad right now. She had never stopped for a a second to think how her actions might hurt her family, that if she did land herself in trouble that her mother would come rushing in. There had been seven hunters, seven hunters so skilled they had taken her and all her friends down before her mother got there. Her mom could of died and if she had Zinnia knew she would have had nobody to blame but herself.

The scariest part was the fact the hunters were trying to capture, not kill her and her friends. Zinnia had been so terrified about whatever they had in store to punish them and her mother could have very well ended up being part of that punishment. A few hours later Ariane began to stir. The feeling of her body moving against his roused Jairo from the sleep he had fallen into. He loosened his grip on her but he didn’t fully let her go.

Sleepily she said his name “Jairo?”

“I came to see you and found you like this”

“how long have you been here?” she was being docile and that made him worry even more. “a few hours I think..I fell asleep”

“is Zinnia still here?”

“I don’t think so” she sighed “was she here long enough to explain what happened?”

“Yes” in an even weaker voice she said “good because I don’t have the energy to. I think one of those hunters used a poison dagger on me. It was at least enchanted with something. Do you think you could figure out what it was? I’m not feeling any better than last night which confirms there was something different about the dagger that asshole managed to slam into me.”

“I don’t smell anything but maybe I could taste it. I can take a little of your blood if that’s okay” she smiled “did you actually just ask me if you could do something? Never in my life have I heard you ask me, or anybody else for that matter anything…I must really be pathetic right now”

“It isn’t about being pathetic, you’re my wife, you were attacked and you could have died. I think I can put aside my childishness long enough to care for you.”

“And you’re calling yourself childish?”


“Sorry, I had to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.”

“I promise this is really me.” He gently lifted her wrist and pressed a kiss to it. “May I?”

“Go ahead.”

He sank his fangs in, ignoring the sweetness of her blood as he focused on any abnormalities. It tingled across his tongue, the hint of magic and bitter poison. The spell was nothing, simply put there to hasten the spread of the toxin so he ignored it. The poison was familiar and he allowed the taste to settle on his tongue as he removed his fangs from Ariane. “Do you remember how you felt when it first hit you?”

“Dizzy, I had double vision and then my muscles just stopped listening to me.”

He nodded. “Alright, you just rest, I’m going to go confirm my suspicions then fix this. Do you need anything before I go?”


He carefully got out of bed, trying not to move her. He knew with all the wounds she had it would probably hurt if he shifted her. Jairo had been here enough to easily find a cup and fill it with water for her. He had planned to help her up when he returned but she had already pushed herself up, using the headboard to support her body. His heart gave another fearful twist. Just as she had never seen him be so considerate he had never seen her weak before. Even wounded she was normally a fiery ball of sass and confidence, ready to kick anybodies ass. If he was correct though this was a powerful poison, a weaker vampire might not have been able to sit up at all without help.

“I would have helped Ariane. I know none of this is like me but I’m here to help”

“No sense making you do things that I can manage”

“Until I cure you of this poison I need you to let me help you” she smiled, holding out her hand “please bring me that water..I feel like it’s been days since I’ve had any..how long did our daughter say I was out?”

“since last night”

“that’s truly all?”

“Besides the poison you’re pretty wounded Ariane”

“Those were some smart fuckers last night. The hunters she was messing with have obviously been at this game awhile” he could tell by her facial expression being up like this was causing her severe pain so he hurried over, spilling a little water on his hands in his haste. She took it, downing the contents quickly before saying “I’m going to be fine Jairo and as much as you might gloat later for me saying so I know that because you’re here. I was tempted to send our daughter for you last night because as infuriating as you may be you’re the most intelligent man I know. While I didn’t expect you to be so caring I wouldn’t think you’d ever just let me die of something. You like sex with me too much” she grinned and he sighed “I care about more than just sex with you”

She slid down in bed “well in any case, thank you Jairo…I really need you right now…thanks for being here when it matters”

“I wont be long, I promise Ariane” she was sleeping again just like that so he hurried out. He didn’t want to leave her alone but she didn’t have what he needed here.

He felt like it took forever to get the ingredients he needed to counteract the poison. It annoyed him, but he kept himself calm, knowing that blowing up on some healer would only disappoint Ariane. He listened to the woman behind the counter telling him exactly how to make the concoction, unable to tell her he already knew as she went on. He nearly jumped for joy when she finally let him go and he managed a quick thank you as he raced out and back to Ariane’s home. He left his packages in the kitchen and quickly checked on her, relieved when he heard her steady breathing. He left her door open before heading back downstairs and got to work on the potion that would heal her. While it cooled he cooked her something to eat, deciding on soup since her stomach might not be up for much.

When everything was done he found himself frustrated again. He knew she had trays he could take the food to her on but he couldn’t find them, they weren’t where she normally kept them. Groaning he decided to check the kids rooms. Only Zinnia still lived there but they stayed with her from time to time so she left their rooms alone. Sure enough there all of them sat in Aveline’s room. He scoffed as he collected them, he felt like he needed to sit all of his ungrateful children down and have a long talk about how they should behave in their mothers house. They could accuse him of being hypocritical but he didn’t give a damn, they were all about to start showing their mother and this house more respect.

If they came to visit when they left there shouldn’t be anything that didn’t specifically belong to them in their rooms. Their mother was ill and he had wasted all that time finding trays. He set the ones he didn’t need by the sink then wiped off the one he’d use for her medicine and meal. Finally he was on his way back up to her “Ariane” he said gently but it didn’t wake her. He set the tray down then gently stroked her arm “come on, you need to take this and eat” he could tell she was awake now so he started helping her sit up and to her surprise he sat behind her, pulling her close and bringing the tray with him to set in their lap “what’re you doing?”

“Helping you, this poison is serious. I want to make sure in your weakened state you dont spill anything”

“Jairo, I can do this”

“Please, just this one time don’t be stubborn with me. Let me help you Ariane” her heart stuttered “Okay” He helped her with the medicine first then slowly helped her finish her bowl of soup. “thank you Jairo” she said when he started to get up. “rest, alright Ariane?” she just looked at him and he hated he couldn’t tell what she was feeling.

Ariane curled up on her side and asked. “Where are you going?”

“To clean the house, don’t worry about it alright.”

She almost wanted to ask him if he was sick, but instead she pulled the covers up higher and let her body relax as he left her. She stared at the open door until her eyelids grew heavy and she was asleep again. Jairo washed the dishes he had used and all of the trays then cleaned the entire kitchen. He wanted to keep himself busy so he wouldn’t worry and wind up annoying her with his fussing. The front door opened a few moments later and it was Aveline followed by Zinnia who was trying to tell her to leave that dad wasn’t in the mood and his sons, Maksym and Lakopa. All four of them froze when they saw him in the living room and his eyes immediately landed on the two girls.

“I tried to tell them daddy, but they insisted.” Zinnia said.

“If you’re not going to listen to me then you can help clean. This house will be spotless by the time your mother had regained her strength. Where is Dailen?”

“He’s not in town, he had some business to take care of, but I sent for him as soon as Aveline told me what happened.” Maksym said as he shot Zinnia and angry look.

“Then you two start in the library, dust everything and wipe down the tables.”

“Yes sir.” Both men replied and headed off.

“Aveline, Zinnia, we need to talk about the blatant disrespect you have shown your mother. I will be having the same conversation with Dailen when he arrives.”

“Our disrespect?” Aveline started, but the look he gave her instantly shut her up.

“I expect you all to better than me, you are not simple minded idiots, you are intelligent young women who should know better than to trash this house or nearly get your mother killed. If you two cannot grow up then I will have no choice but to punish you. Your mother is the only thing staying my hand. Do I make myself clear?”

Zinnia nodded, but Aveline said. “What about Maksym and Lakopa?”

“If I had thought I needed to tell them this then they would be standing here. Now go and clean your rooms now and bring anything out of there that doesn’t belong to you.”

Chapter Two

“Yes sir” they said at about the same time. His heart was racing with anger but he knew how furious Ariane would be if he did more. He planned on trying to talk to her too about not letting their three youngest just treat her home however they wanted. They were all adults now, there was no excuse. She had far too soft of a heart when it came to them. As the two boys cleaned the library together Maksym said “I’m surprised dad hasn’t wrung Zinnias neck or something, he’s furious”

“I can feel his anger down here but like I’ve told you before he really loves our mother. Zinnia’s going to be in the dog house a long time. I want to go up and check on her but I don’t want to be the idiot that wakes her up”

“Thankfully dad is here. I may not like him very much but if anybody can make sure mom heals it’s him”

“He’s actually gotten a bit better”


“yeah, I think you should try to forgive and forget the past and try to see him every now and then. He’s our dad and you’ve never given up on me, why him”

“I guess you’re right…I can try…I mean, he is here taking care of her now. I guess for that he deserves for me to open my heart a little.”

Ariane woke a couple of hours later needing to use the bathroom and sat up, still feeling off, but not as off as before. She slowly pulled the blankets back and swung her legs over the edge. When she stood, her vision spun and she was suddenly laying on the floor. She laid there looking across the room, surprised. She managed to get her hands under her and push herself up into a sitting position just as Jairo came rushing into the room. “What are you doing on the floor?” He asked as he lifted her up.

“I need to pee, I thought I could get there. I felt fine.”

“Ariane, you could have hurt yourself.” He reprimanded gently as he carried her to the bathroom. “Are you injured?”

“No, I fell away from the end table, thankfully.” He lowered her feet to the floor and she held onto the counter as she sat down. She looked up at him questioningly.

“I’m not leaving.”

“I’m fine.”

He turned his back. “I don’t want you falling off the toilet. There’s a lot more to hit your head on in here.”

“I promise to call for you, so please step out.”

He sighed. “Alright, but don’t get up until I’m back in here. I don’t want you further injured.

When he walked out she took care of her business then called him back. He picked her up again so lovingly, she couldn’t help but notice how tender he was being “I’m really going to be okay. I already feel a lot better. I seem to be healing at my normal pace now” she chalked this up to the fact he wasn’t used to seeing her weak. He gently stroked her hair “I just have to make sure”

“would you mind making me a real meal now. I feel starving”

“as long as you’ll take more medicine for me with it, just so we’re sure” she smiled at him “you’re adorable like this” he actually blushed and it nearly made her laugh. “are you sure you’re Jairo Konoe and not some impostor”

“Maybe I’ve grown up a little Ariane” he said softly then walked out to cook for her again.

“Is everything alright up there?” Maksym asked when his father came back down.

“Your mother fell.”

“Is she alright?”

“Yeah, luckily she fell forward.”

“That’s a first.”

“She fell once she was pregnant with you.”


Jairo nodded. “Are you two finished with the library?”

“Nearly, just putting books back.”

“Check on your sister’s for me would you?”

“Of course.”

Dailen came rushing in as Jairo turned to go into the kitchen and like his siblings, he froze when he saw his father. “Hey dad, is mom…?”

“Resting in bed. You and I need to talk then I need to cook for your mother.”

Dailen looked scared and Jairo told him the same thing he told the girls.”Now go take care of your room” He ended the talk the same and went into the kitchen. His kids better know he meant it when he said he’d start handing out punishments for disrespecting their mother. He wasn’t going to let them turn out anything like him. They were all going to grow up so they wouldn’t have to lead the lonely life he had been living. Being a horses ass leads to nobody wanting to be around you, not even the woman you love. He sighed, worried about things between him and his Ariane. He wanted to be better and was willing to make an effort but he was scared of not being able to stick to this for her. He hoped that if she saw he was truly willing to try and be a better vampire that she’d be patient with him, that she’d fight things out and let him stay.

Soon Maksym stood at his side “they are still cleaning”

“I suppose their rooms were pretty horrible”

“so dad…I know I’m poking the bear when you’re already mad but does mom being wounded scare you this much? You’re like a new person” he wanted to talk to his father about the change in him. “I came here to make things work this time. I see Lakopa growing up and being the man he should be and it made me realize I could be better too. I love Ariane and I’m going to do my best to not be such a monster” Maksym smiled “good for you dad. I’m glad you’re here”

“truly? You have always seemed to detest me the most”

“well I’ve already talked to Lakopa while we’ve been cleaning. You are obviously trying and that means you deserve a chance.”

“well, go finish the library for your mother. I want this house in perfect condition by the time she can be trusted out of bed”

“yes sir” Jairo wasn’t sure how to react when Maksym gave him a side hug. Hugs weren’t something he was used to at all but he hoped Maksym knew, that even though he had tensed a little that that meant a lot. Jairo lovingly finished cooking then prepared more medicine before grabbing another tray to take up to Ariane. Her beautiful purple eyes were drawn to Jairo straight away “that smells good” he got in bed with her, wanting to help again. It was for her benefit and for the fact he just wanted to be close to her.

Chapter Three

Should I check you for a fever?” Ariane teased as she ate.

“You can if you like, but you know we can’t catch the flu.”

“I’ve never known you to be this sweet.”

“I told you, I’ve grown up and after all you’ve dealt with, the least I can do is take care of you.” He kissed her cheek and her heart skipped a beat.

“Thank you. I can hear the kids, how are they?”

“Good, they’re cleaning.” He sat her food down and wrapped his arms tightly around her, letting his chin rest on her shoulder. “We need to talk.”

“About us?”

“Once you’re better. This is about our children, our youngest three to be precise. You have to stop letting them do as they please.”

“You mean like I do you?”

“Ariane, you could have died, do you have any idea what that would have done to me?” He sighed. “They should be better than me.”


“I think I’ll stay just like this for a bit, if you don’t mind.”

“this is really nice. You haven’t held me like this since Zinnia was little and I got really overwhelmed. I guess you’ve always had small moments here and there of actually being sweet…maybe I’ll lay off the jokes”

“I’ve always loved you Ariane, from the day we’ve met I loved you. I understand that can be hard to see since I’m so selfish and so quick to anger but I hope you know you’ve always meant a great deal to me.” she relaxed into his arms a little more which caused him to hold her a little tighter. “I know Jairo, It’s different for vampires as old as you are. It’s hard to express love when you were never shown it. On top of that our kind was so loathed back then. Hate surrounded you on all sides. We’ve had a lot of good moments you and I Jairo, we really have and we’ve had such amazing kids, especially Maksym. I mean, how did he come from us?”

“You’ve always been a good mother, Ariane. He’s lucky to have you, they all are. Seeing that Lakopa has finally turned around gives me hope that the other three will see being like me isn’t worth it.”

“You’re not all bad.”

“I’m bad enough. I’m surprised you even love me anymore.”

“What can I say, you stole my heart. No matter how angry you make me, just seeing you gives me butterflies.”

“Do you think once you’re better, you would like to go out on a date with me?”

She gave a soft laugh. “A date? What’s that?”

“Come on Ariane, I mean it. I know we’ve never been on one, not a real one anyway. I want to take you out somewhere and spend time with you.”

“Alright, I’d love to go out with you.”

He felt like he might cry he was so happy but he held it in as he held her close. With the poison out of her system Ariane was good as new by the next day. Her body had always been incredible at healing, Jairo imagined that was the only way her body had managed to keep fighting that large dose of poison rushed along by magic. She thanked her kids, hugging each of them “this place is beautiful guys”

The girls both looked at their mother sheepishly and gave her a long apology about their behavior. Zinnias was the longest for obvious reasons. She ended with “for now on mom I promise to think about how my choices might affect you before I make them and…I plan on moving out. It should have happened long ago.”

“You don’t have to baby”

“It’s time I start acting my age and I think having to live on my own will help me do that.” Ariane kissed her head. “I’m proud of that decision Zinnia”

“We’re so glad you’re okay, mom.” Dailen said. “I’m really sorry too, about being so lazy and selfish.”

“It’s alright sweetie, it’s just good you want to change now.”

“If I don’t, dad might get all scary on me again.”

Jairo looked off when Ariane turned to him and both Lakopa had to clear his voice to keep himself from laughing. “I don’t remember being scary.” Jairo said. “I remember being quite reasonable.”

“You mean in that growling beast sort of way?” Ariane teased. “You have the fangs for it.”

“At least I’m charming.”

She laughed as she wrapped her arms around him. “Yes you are.”

“We’ll leave you guys then.” Aveline said. “Zinnia can stay with me.”

“And Dailen, you’re welcome at my place.” Lakopa said.

When the children were all gone Ariane said “so what of this date and why are we having it? We obviously have a lot to talk about” she could see a small hint of nervousness in his face which was also different. Jairo was such a confident man. “Ariane, believe it or not I’m far less nervous than I would have been thanks to the conversation we had last night but since you know me so well I know you can see that I’m nervous.” he sighed, he was stalling and he knew it. “I love you immensely Ariane…I thought I couldn’t change, that I was who I was and I knew that meant we could never actually be together because while you do love me too I can’t be the selfish asshole I’ve been all my life…hell part of what made me fall in love with you is that unlike most women I’ve met before you wouldn’t take my shit. If I was a dick out the door I went. You’re amazing and not only beautiful but how tough you are is so fucking sexy it’s ridiculous.”

He tucked some of her hair behind her ears then stroked her cheeks “I love you for so many reasons. I love what a good mother you are, I love how adventurous you are, I love how nothing scares you, I love that you force me to be better. As I sat in my home before coming, thinking of who I once was I’ve come a long way and that’s all because of you. I had to be better so that you’d let me near you…I hate to think about it but I would probably be just as bad as I was back then if I didn’t have to improve my attitude to be around you. Meeting you was a complete shock to everything I understood about relationships before. I would just treat them like garbage and still get everything I wanted with them. I still remember how confused I felt the first time you put me in my place”

“Once I wasn’t mad it was the most adorable look I’ve ever seen”

“I guess what I’m saying is you make me a better person and I want to really be with you. I want to live here and be real mates. I know it’ll be hard and it’s a lot to ask but please, be patient with me. I’m really, truly going to be trying….just…lets fight this all out okay?”

“No more sending you home then?”

“Like I said, I know it’s a lot to ask.” she pulled him down, kissing him then saying “okay, I’m ready for that. You can stay here and we can work on making that functional” He kissed her again, making this one passionate so he wouldn’t cry. They ended up on the floor, tugging off each others clothes. All of his nervousness falling away with his clothes. Sex with Ariane was never something to be nervous about. Even in the beginning making love to her was something he could always get right.

Ariane lay exhausted curled up next to Jairo, her head resting on his chest. He waved his hand and the fireplace jumped to life, making her let out a happy sigh. “So, is this date night?” She teased.

“I don’t think you would be able to move if it was.” He took her hand and brought her fingers to his lips, pressing a kiss to them. “I have an idea of what I want to do. You deserve something special.”

“Do I get a hint?”

“It’s a place you know.”

She let out a little laugh. “That doesn’t help, I know a lot of places.”

“Then I guess you’ll have to wait and see.”

She turned her head and bit his chest, making him jump. “How mean.”

“Be good, Ariane.”

“I’m too happy to be good..I’m excited about us really being together” he smiled again, feeling his heart once more swell with joy “i’m just glad we have the place to ourselves right now so we can lay around like this”

“I know we haven’t planned any of the kids we have but are you going to want more kids?”

“Maybe in a few years, I want to be a better man before I actually raise another kid. You let me raise Lakopa and he was so much like me it actually broke my heart at times. I’m really glad he met this human woman.” Ariane laughed “Maksym is too but for other reasons”


“you didn’t know that Maksym is with Poppi?”

“No but you know how much he doesn’t like me, well didn’t I suppose. While you were sleeping he told me he was willing to give me another chance”

“That’s good, I’m sorry”

“I deserve it honey, he’s the oldest, he’s seen a lot”

“well thats all past stuff. I want us to just move forward, no harping on past stuff.”

“Thank you Ariane”

“I love you Jairo”

“I love you too, so much…do any of our other kids have mates?”

“Not that I’m aware of. Zinnia liked one of the boys in that group she was taunting those hunters with but I hope that’s over. It’s not that he’s a bad influence it’s just that sometimes I feel like he knows she likes him and he uses that to pressure her into doing things she might not have done otherwise and if he’d pressure her into stuff now, if they ever dated…it just makes me uncomfortable. I guess my worry is that Zinnia is a virgin and I don’t want her to lose her virginity because she was pressured, I want her to lose it because she wants to”

“Zinnia has never had sex? Are you sure”

“we talk about everything and she knows I wont judge her. She’s gotten into quite a few messes before this past one and I never judged her for them. She’s young and figureing out the world. I know I’m too soft with them somtimes but I remember what its like being a young vampire. I want them to feel like they always have someone on their side they can come to without judgement”

“You just tell me which boy this is next time he’s around and I’ll make sure he never pressures her into anything ever again, even now”

“You can’t just go killing boys.”

“Who said anything about killing. I’ll just make sure he’s even more terrified than that hunter was.”

“What hunter?”

He sighed. “I may have gone after one of the men who hurt you. I didn’t do anything to him, just threatened him a little.”

“By a little you mean you told him you would disembowel him.”

“If he came near you again, he agreed to keep his distance.”

This time she sighed. “Must you always threaten violence?”

“When it comes to you and the kids, yes. No one would be safe if anything happened to any of you. I would find the culprit and give them a slow, agonizing death. I know how evil that sounds, but you and our children are my everything and I couldn’t live with myself if you were killed. So if I have to threaten some boy then I will.”

She kissed his chest “I love you Jairo but please don’t kill anybody unless you have to. All life is precious, well, most.”

“I’ll try to be careful about killing, for you” They continued talking, Ariane catching him up on everything going on with her and the children until she was too tired to tell him more. They slept right there on the floor since Jairo didn’t want to risk waking her. It wasn’t until morning that he took her to her bedroom then began getting ready for their date. When Ariane woke she could tell her wasn’t there but still got up and searched her home for him, actually feeling sad to see he was really gone. She hoped he’d be back soon, there was nothing to do around here since he and the kids already cleaned up for her.

She decided maybe a bath was a good way to pass the time until he returned. Her muscles needed it anyways. She ran some water then filled it with scented bubbles since Jairo really enjoyed this smell. The water made her feel so good she was tempted to sleep in the tub but she knew if Jairo or the kids came home to that they’d chew her out so she didn’t allow herself to drift in it’s comforts.

He still hadn’t returned when she climbed out so she went and started going through her clothes, wandering what she should wear. She didn’t know what kind of date this was and she wanted to be prepared for anything, but she also wanted to look nice for him. She finally picked something out and dressed quickly then did her hair. “Ariane, I’m back.” Jairo’s voice said from downstairs and she actually felt nervous. This was a real date and she had no idea what to do with herself. It helped calm her when she came down and saw that he was also nervous and she smiled at the bouquet of flowers he was holding. “Wow.” He said as he held out his hand to her. “You’re always more beautiful than the last time I saw you. How is that possible?”

“Oh, and what about you? You’re incredibly handsome in that.”

He smiled as he pulled her into him and pressed a kiss to her lips. He kept it short, knowing if he let himself get lost in her, they would never leave. “These are for you. Sorry I took so long.” He handed her the flowers and she buried her nose in their sweet fragrance.

“Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like them…I just wanted to do a little something for you, for giving me this chance’

“judging by how dressed up you are I’d guess it’s time for our date?”

“yes, may I carry you”

“That’s always a yes, you don’t have to ask” Her heart stuttered at how touched his expression was. He swept her off her feet and walked out of what now was their home. It was a long trip but she soon realized why. “where Maksym was born?” He seemed embarrassed as he set her down, he couldn’t even look at her he was so bashful which was almost funny. He was such a strong, intimidating vampire and here he was, nervous as can be. “This is where we first became a family…I….” he continued to struggle to talk so she finished it for him “How cute, this is where we first became a family and now that we’re going to really be together you wanted to start that off here too”

“That’s stupid isn’t it?”

“Not at all, I like the sentiment Jairo”

“so I’m doing good?” her smile widened “This is going perfectly so far, don’t worry so much. I’m the last person you should feel anxious around. I love you Jairo and I’ve already said I’m ready for this. I wont send you away again. It’s not like I have children to think of anymore if you start throwing some sort of fit. Just relax and have fun with me”

“You know, I was actually scared the day Maksym was born.” He said as they walked hand in hand around the familiar area. Some things had changed here, new trees had grown, others had fallen, but it was still where their oldest had been brought into the world.

“Really? You seemed so calm.”

“I didn’t know what I was doing. You went into labor and I didn’t know the first thing about children. It’s not like I didn’t know how women gave birth and I had witnessed it before, but when it’s you and our baby and I had to help, I was terrified. For the first time in my life. The others were a breeze compared to Maksym.”

She laughed and moved to wrap her arms around his waist. “Leave to your pride to make you keep that from me.”

“I never planned on telling you, but I guess now it doesn’t matter.”

She sighed. “I was scared too.”

“And angry.”

“It hurt.”

“It certainly looked like it.”

thanks for being there for that too. That’s always been one time I couldn’t get rid of you, when I reached the final month you were stuck to my side like glue. I’ve always been able to count on you when it truly matters. All of our children have come into the world in your arms”

“as I said, I have always loved you. Technically you could have a baby by yourself but I felt I needed to be there incase anything went wrong, weather you wanted me there or not”

“Oh I was ready to beat the life out of you at the end of carrying Dailen but I was happy, once the hormones settled I was glad you wouldn’t let me chase you off”

“pretty much what I was thinking. In general when you have wanted me to go I left you be, I loved you enough not to force my presence but when I feel you need me I’ll always stay, even if I have to make you angry to be there I’ll be there”

When she started to feel hungry, he had her wait as he went behind one of the trees and brought out a blanket and picnic basket. “When did you have time to hide that?”

“I didn’t, I paid the baker’s son to do it for me.” He handed her the basket and laid out the blanket. “I wanted to get back to you as quickly as possible, though I guess I did wind up spending more time that necessary to get ready.” He took the basket then took her hand to help her sit.

“You’re incredibly sweet.”

He smiled as he sat with her and started pulling things out of the basket. “I want it to last. I hate your disappointment. One word from you could easily break me.”

“I doubt that, you’re pretty tough.”

“Not when it comes to you. If you ever truly left me it would devastate me. I think I would spend eternity on my knees begging you to take me back.”

“well lucky for you I don’t think I have it in me to quit you forever. You mean so much to me Jairo. It’s moving how much you’re obviously trying” she kissed his cheek, flirting with him over the rest of their picnic just to enjoy his reactions and retorts. It was a truly amazing day that both she and Jairo enjoyed. They both knew it probably wouldn’t stay as easy as today but they were both ready and willing to give this relationship everything they had. They loved eachother and neither wanted to spend a day apart again.

~ The End

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