Arie & Rory 2

Chapter One

“Rory, your mom sent a letter.” Arie said as he walked into their new apartment. They had moved out of the dorm so they wouldn’t disturb their fellow classmates.

“A letter?” Rory looked up from the soup he was making.

Arie walked over and waved the blue envelope in front of his face. Rory reached for it and Arie pulled it away. “Kiss first, then letter.”

Rory arched an eyebrow and leaned forward and pressed their lips together, making Arie’s heart skip a beat. Rory grabbed the envelope and pulled back, leaning against the kitchen counter. “Happy?” He asked as he opened the envelope.

“Uh huh, I want another one.”

Rory smirked as he unfolded the letter and read it. “My mom says she misses me, that there’s going to be a family reunion and she wants me there.” He shrugged and sat the letter on the counter and stirred his soup.

“You should go, it’s been awhile since you’ve seen your family.”

“What about you?”

“Afraid I’ll do something bad while you’re gone? Think I’ll find some hot guy?” Arie teased.

Rory rolled his eyes. “Or maybe I’d just like you to come with me.”

Arie started laughing. “Doesn’t your step dad not like me or something? I seem to remember him calling me an obsessive weirdo.”

Rory shrugged. “You were an obsessive weirdo.” Arie punched his chest. “What?”

“You can be a real jerk sometimes you know. I was and still am very in love with you. If you hadn’t ignored me then I wouldn’t have had to follow you around.”

Rory grabbed Arie’s wrist and pulled him closer. “Don’t be mad, I was just teasing you.”

“Oh, mister text book has a sense of humor?”

“You know, I will punish you.”

“You promise?” Rory rolled his eyes again and Arie laughed. “If you want me to go with you, I’ll go. I need to see my parents anyway and we need to tell everyone we’re together.”

“so maybe it’s you who is worried I’ll run off with some other man” Rory teased and Arie gave him a look “Don’t play like that with an obsessive weirdo. They tend to kill their love if they try to be with someone else” Rory kissed Arie “Stay in here while I finish dinner?” Arie smiled, it was still a bit hard to believe he was actually with Rory. Rory had for so long thought of him as nothing more than an annoyance and now he was his. Maybe his persistence could have been seen as a bit crazy starlkerish but he had just always loved Rory too much to walk away. If Rory ever changed his mind and didn’t want him around again it would crush Arie’s heart.

Arie was excited to go back and be able to tell everyone that Rory was his. Rory finished their soup then sat down with Arie. Afterwards they cuddled on the couch, both feeling peacful. It was a little over an hour later when Rory began to get up “No” Arie said and Rory answered “Let me clean up our mess and store the leftover soup”

“The soup wont go bad if you stay here a bit longer”

Rory sighed, but sat back down. “I think I spoil you too much.” He stroked his fingers through Arie’s hair. “What’s got you so clingy?”

Arie blushed. “It’s not important.”


“Just, having you, I mean actually having you is still so hard to believe.” He worried his lower lip with his teeth and Rory tipped his head back, gently tugging it loose so he wouldn’t make himself bleed.

“I’m not going to suddenly leave, I thought we settled that.”

“Well, I mean, you could change your mind. What if like your family doesn’t approve or something?”

Rory rolled his eyes. “Why because you’re an obsessed weirdo?”


“Don’t pout, I’m not giving you up. I love you so please calm down.” He stroked his thumb over Arie’s lips then leaned in, stopping a breath from kissing him. “Should I prove it?”

Arie was instantly half hard and Rory could see it in his eyes which made him smile. Arie slid his hands into Rorys hair and started to hungrily kiss him. Arie struggled with Rorys buttoned up shirt “damn it stop wearing these things” Arie whined and Rory laughed breathily, undoing the buttons and letting his shirt fall to the floor. Arie swore he wore those shirts just to fluster him. Impatient for Aries boxers to come off Rory fished his length out of his boxers and began to suck and lick until Arie burst in his mouth. This was the first time Rory didn’t stop, he continued to work Arie even when Arie whined that it was too much.

Aries semen gushed into Rorys mouth again. As soon as Rory had let Aries length slip out of his mouth Arie began to nibble, kiss, feel and lick all across Rorys torso. The two men worse themselves out pleasing eachother and fell asleep on the couch shortly after. When Rory woke he threw away the leftovers from last night since they were no good now and cleaned up the kitchen before starting to get ready for school.

Arie woke when the shower started and got up to join Rory. He startled him when he wrapped him in a hug from behind and started laughing when Rory glared at him through the water. “Let’s stay home today.”

“You can, I have things to do.” He handed Arie the soap. “You should go too so we can get everything done before the reunion.”

Arie rolled his eyes and Rory kissed him, making his heart dance. “Not nice.”

“Get clean okay, I’ll be bored without you there.”

Arie laughed. “Liar, you’d be happy since I wouldn’t be distracting you, it’s sweet of you to say though.”

“I mean it, it’s too quiet when you’re not around.” He pressed another kiss against Arie’s lips and smiled when he let out a little moan. “Be good Arie, I refuse to be late for class.”

Arie sighed but school was important to Rory so he wouldn’t be selfish. Now that they were dating Arie was working on not being so selfish when it came to Rory’s time. They got through their classes and the weekend was soon there. It was now time to return to their world. They packed light and excitedly went back. “Don’t be nervous Arie. If my dad is rude I’ll clock him. I love you and nothing will change that” Arie smiled, holding his lovers hand just a little tighter. They went to Rorys parents house and he quickly told them that Arie was his boyfriend now. They both looked surprised and offered nothing but congratulations for the two.

So the stalking paid off then.” Rory’s step dad teased.

“Yeah, much longer and you might have received an s.o.s.” Rory joked back and Arie elbowed him in the ribs. “Easy.” He put Arie in a headlock. “My old room then?”

“It’s all set up for.” His mother said, struggling not to giggle at the struggling Arie.

“So, whose coming this year?”

“Nearly everyone. You have new cousins, everyone’s missed you. Your great grandmother will even be here.”

“Need help with anything?”

She waved her hands. “No, just get settled in and if you plan on any…you know…make sure you lock the door.”

Rory let Arie go and he nearly fell over. “Jerk.”

Rory chuckled, smiling at Arie causing him to blush. It had never been fair how devastatingly handsome Rory was. Rory had made him his slave from day one without even trying. As embarrassing as the jokes were about his stalking Arie would do it all over again to be with his lover. “come on” Rory said, his voice the same, beautiful sound it always was. Arie followed, not looking at Rory’s parents. They settled into Rory’s old bedroom and laid down to cuddle after their journey here. Arie seemed tense so Rory kissed him “relax”

“Easy for you to say”

“everybody is going to be happy for us”

“Oh sure, they’ll probably think you have Stockholm syndrome or something.”

Rory nibbled at his ear and Arie turned more into him and pressed himself closer. “Be good, it’s still light out.”

“It’s your fault.” He rubbed his nose against Rory’s neck. “You’re being mean.”

“I’m always mean, you should know that by now.” He hugged Arie and gently stroked his hair. “You still love me though, even when I tease you or embarrass you, you still love me.”

“I could be mean too.”

Rory kissed his forehead. “You could, but I clearly have the better self control.”

Arie groaned. “I hate you.”

“I love you, never forget that. If anyone gives you any trouble, I’ll set them straight. You’re the love of my life.”

With that Arie decided to relax. He had Rory, that was all that truly mattered anyway. From experience he knew Rory was as stubborn as an ox so there really wasn’t anything anybody could say to change his mind and there was probably no other person on the planet as determined as he was that would just spend his life trying to sway his mind. There wasn’t much point in leaving the room since Rory knew his mother really wouldn’t let him help so he just stayed to lay with and comfort Arie.

They only ended up leaving the room when Rorys step father knocked “You two decent?”

“yeah” Rory called back and his step dad entered “come on, I’ve missed my boy. Lets spend some time together”

Arie wasn’t sure if he should follow, especially since he was already clingy enough and he was sure Rory wanted alone time with his father. “You coming?” Rory asked as he stood and stretched.

“Maybe I’ll just stay around here with your mom.”

Rory shrugged. “If you change your mind I’m sure mom knows where we’re going.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“Love you too.” He bent and gave a kiss, lingering just a moment.

Arie was left a little breathless and flopped back, covering his face. He couldn’t believe how easily Rory turned him on. His kiss hadn’t even been sexual. He sighed then got up, wanting to see if maybe his parents were home. He was sure Rory would want to go with him, but it had been awhile and he needed a distraction.

Arie told Rory’s mother goodbye before leaving. It wasn’t a long way to his own home so Arie just walked. He knocked, glad when he could tell someone was coming to the door “Arie!” His mother said happily and hugged her son “Hey mom” She called for his father who rushed to the door to hug Arie as well “how long are you here?’

“at least the whole weekend”

“we’ve missed you so much son” His mother said. Arie hadn’t realized how much he had been missing them. They welcomed Arie in and they started exchanging stories about how their lives had been going. Both his parents seemed relieved that he and Rory were actually together now. They had both been worried Arie would spend his life chasing after a man who barely wanted even his company since he had already done it so many years.

“So where’s Rory?” His father asked.

“With his dad, I wanted to give them some time.” He fidgeted a little and his mother smiled.

“You look like you’re about ready to chase after him.” She said.


She waved off his concern. “How about we make cookies. You used to help me bake all the time. You can take some back with you.”


Rory sped after his dad, spear in hand. They scanned the waters, watching for the shadow of the large blue scaled fish. It had been so long since he had done this, his focus had been wholly devoted to studying, but he was sure he could still kill one with little trouble. His eyes caught movement and he dove straight down, the spear held up. He felt the spearhead make contact as he went under the water, could see the fish struggling on the end of his pole. He wrestled with it until it breathes its last then took to the air, flying low until he was able to drop it on the bank.

“My boy still has it.” His step dad said as he landed next to him and slapped him on the back.

“I bet you won’t get one bigger.”

“Oh, a challenge.”

“You know I always win. You taught me too well.”

“We’ll see, either way, your mother will be happy.”

Chapter Two

Rory’s step dad ended up catching a bigger fish so Rory went after another. They kept their competition going until they reached the maximum they could carry home. Rorys mom Falina laughed “You two, it’s always the same”

“we needed plenty of food anyway” Cyril responded and the two men took the fish into the kitchen to clean them for her. Falina however didn’t let them do it on their own, she jumped right in, wanting to hear about their time out together and more about her sons life while he had been away. She was so proud of him and his life in the humans world. Arie and his parents were also in their kitchen. He and his mom were baking batch after batch of cookies while he caught them up on everything and how happy he and Rory were.

“Mom, where’s Arie?” Rory asked after he had a shower and changed into something less fish smelling.

“At his parents house.”

“I’ll be back then.”

Arie was just leaving his parents with a container full of cookies and he ran right into Rory as he turned from the closed door. He was surprised and his heart thumped quickly when their eyes met. “Hey.”

“Sneaking off without me I see.”

“What? No, I was just visiting and you and your dad needed time.”

Rory smiled. “I was teasing. We caught enough fish to feed an army today, you should have been there.” He draped his arm over Arie’s shoulders as they walked back. “You know, it’s okay for you to be clingy, it’s not annoying or anything.”

“You mean not anymore.”

Rory huffed. “I thought it was annoying before, but I got used to it. It’s too quiet when you’re not following me around and besides having you constantly mooning over me is pretty adorable. I think I’ve heard people call you my puppy.”

“I am not even close…”

“You follow me around, my attention causes you to perk up, you’re incredibly loyal and you’d rip into someone if they tried to hurt me. A puppy.”

“I hate you.”

“I’m pretty sure lying is a good way to get in trouble.”

Arie sighed and Rory chuckled “I really do love you, so much Arie” They took the cookies to Rory’s parents home and his mother put them away, planning to serve them at the reunion. They decided it was time to see some old friends now that they had spent some time with their parents. Just as their parents were all their friends were happy for them and eager to hear about their lives among humans. Rory did most of the talking, Arie just stood at his side soaking up the fact he was with Rory and everyone who had told him to get a life or tried to sway him nicely saw that his efforts had paid off.

When the day of the reunion finally came, Arie was a little overwhelmed with how much family Rory really had. He knew it was big, but he had more cousins and aunts and uncles than Arie thought. Some of the older women asked Rory about kids and if he planned on adopting any or anything and Rory laughed, explaining they were still in school and wanted to start their careers first. When Cyril pulled Rory away to help with the fish, Rory let Arie take over talking to his family. It flustered Arie, but he tried his best to answer all of their questions and get to know them. He thought he heard Rory laugh and he looked over his shoulder to see him looking back. He was enjoying sacrificing him to his large family. The younger women seemed especially keen on teasing him and embarrassing him. He was starting to see a bit of a pattern and realized some of them were exactly like Rory, able to get you blushing in an instant. He felt arms wrap around him from behind and lips brush his cheek.

“Overwhelmed yet?” Rory whispered in his ear.

“Yes,” he whispered back, “why didn’t you tell me I was going to talk to a bunch of yous.”

“I thought you found my attitude charming.”

“I think you and some of your cousins are secretly sadists. They know exactly what buttons to push and questions to ask to get me all flustered.”

Rory chuckled. “Well I’m back now, dad just wanted help getting the fish on the grill.”

“I can’t believe how big your family is.”

“we’re all rabbits, you know that well” He bit Aries ear, making Arie’s face heat worse than it had in a long time. “Rory”

“They don’t mind PDA my love” Arie’s face barely had a moment to cool as they continued to socialize. After the lunch Rory took Arie off for a bit to give him a break. He loved messing with him but he loved him enough not to torture him every second of this. They cuddled up to eachother as they laid down “I’m gad you came Arie”

“They are nice, as flustering as you but very nice” Rory laughed, staying there until he knew Arie was completely relaxed “lets go back, there are still lots of family members I havent been able to talk to” Arie got up and followed Rory. Now that he had gotten a breather he was having more fun, enjoying the stories and laughter. They really did seem to be amazing people.

At the end of the day Arie was exhausted and flopped down on Rory’s bed, too tired to even worry about his shoes. He and Rory still had to spend time with his own family, something he was very excited about. He was sure his parents had told others he and Rory were together. “You look dead.” Rory said as he poked Arie in the ribs.

“Nearly, I think my spirit is leaving my body, hurry and kiss me before it escapes.”

“Drama queen.” Arie started to open his mouth to say something snarky back when Rory kissed him. It made him feel so content, so overwhelmingly loved by his serious boyfriend. He had to admit to himself he felt a bit jealous watching Rory give everyone else affection, but he would keep it to himself. Rory deserved to spend time with his loved ones. “There, better?”

“Much, thank you.”

The rest of their time was spent between the tow families. Rory taught Arie how to spear fish, laughing when he got more soaked than he actually caught something. He reassured him and Cyril explained that Rory had been just as bad once, that it took a lot of practice. When they left, Arie felt much more secure in their relationship. Everyone had seemed very happy for them and he wouldn’t let the idea of disapproving family members plague him anymore. “I can’t wait to come back.” Rory said with a warm smile. “Just make sure you come with me, I’ll be bored otherwise.”

“Oh sure.”

“I mean it,” Rory gave him a passionate kiss, making Arie’s legs feel like jello, “I love you and I’m with you forever.”

“Stop you jerk.” Arie felt chocked up and Rory hugged him tightly.

“Say it back or I’ll keep being sappy.”

Arie laughed and kissed his cheek. “Love you too, forever.”


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