Arie & Rory

Chapter One

Arie laid on his bed, his head propped up in his hand as he watched Rory studying. He had never been so taken with someone and had followed Rory to the human world in hopes he could persuade him to be with him. Instead of being drawn in by his charm, Rory had simply brushed him off and called him annoying. He had said he was annoying before and he was annoying now and didn’t know why Arie had followed him. “Hey Rory, want to go for a walk?” He asked.

“Not really, I’m busy.” He didn’t even turn from his desk, his eyes focused only on his book.

“Come on, we’ve been inside all day.” He got up and draped his arms over Rory’s shoulders. “Please, I’m bored.”

“No one asked you to sit there and stare at me. Go out on your own, at least it’ll be easier to study without you boring a hole into the side of my head.”

“You’re so mean. There’s a whole world for us to explore and all you do is study and go to class.”

“And all you do is follow me around like some lost puppy. Go hang out with your friends or find a girl or boy to bother.” He shrugged Arie off.

“You know, it might be fun if you channeled that bad attitude into other things.” Rory continued to ignore him and he sighed. “You could be nicer you know, especially to the guy who likes you enough to deal with your poor temperament.”

“Says the man who shamelessly flirts with whoever he wishes in order to get his way.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll just have to go out and get into some trouble.”

“Have fun.” Rory waved him off then went silent, making Arie let out a frustrated sound. He went and pulled his shoes on then grabbed his jacket and left, Rory watching him out of the corner of his eye.

He looked back at his book, then once again at the door, sighed and stood. “Damn it.” He pulled on his shoes, grabbed his jacket and quickly followed. He knew Arie would use his magic to play pranks on people, knew this was a bid to get his attention and even though Arie was cute, his mischievous ways were not.

It was beyond frustrating to deal with this crap as he followed Arie out. He cursed himself for whatever he did to be stuck with this childish man who thought nothing of messing with people to get his way. He could never love someone who respected others so little, especially when he knew Arie would stoop to using his powers to start a relationship if he was susceptible to Aries magic. Even in doing this to get his attention he was being majorly selfish. Unlike Arie he had enrolled in school to actually learn but for a guy who claimed to love him he didn’t care much about his wants and dreams.

They took the path that led down behind the school, Arie stretching his arms above his head as they made their way down to the lake. “See, it feels good to out so stop looking so gloomy.”

“You were being childish, might as well be gloomy.”

“Oh come on, I’ve never hurt anyone and besides maybe I was going to help some guy finally get up the courage to confess to the woman he loves.”

“I doubt that.”

“At least he’d be doing better than me. I’ve already told the person I want how I feel and it’s gotten me nowhere.” Arie shrugged. “Oh well, let’s fly.”

“I really don’t feel like it.”

“Come on, let’s fly, please.”

Rory sighed. “Fine.” They made sure they were out of sight before letting their wings appear, Arie’s a bright blue and Rory’s a deep grey. “No messing with people.”

“I won’t.”

Rory didn’t quite believe that but he felt secure for the people of their school now that he was out babysitting. He hoped he would still pass his up coming tests since he wasn’t getting the study time he needed. Thankfully he had so far so maybe the luck would keep coming. They flew around in silence until Arie drew closer “come on, talk to me”

“I want to be studying. Honestly I need to be studying but instead of letting me you threatened to mess with people so I’d come out”

“I dont hurt anyone”

“doesnt matter. It isn’t right to mess with people. You have no respect for others.”

“you’re just too serious”

“No, I just care more about people that aren’t me” Arie frowned, he really had hoped Rory would lighten up and have fun once he drug him out here. ‘can’t you just enjoy this at all?” Rory sighed “it’s just hard when you force yourself on me all the time. Nobody likes anything they have to do and when you dont get your way you use your abilities or become childish. How am I supposed to love somebody back when they care so little about my wants or the wants of anybody who isn’t them?”

“I do care about others wants. I help people”

“I’ll admit somtimes I see the merit in things you do but you have to own up to your childishness and abuse of your powers at somepoint”

Arie crossed his arms and came to a stop so Rory had to spin back around. “I’m going back.”

“What, throwing a tantrum?”

“That’s right because I’m nothing but childish. All you’ve ever done is ignore me Rory, ever since we were kids. No matter what I did, I was just a pest. If anyone’s the jerk, it’s you.” He turned away and sped back to the campus, Rory just glaring after him, not willing to play his game.

Arie landed on the college roof and hid his wings before taking the stairs down. He was frustrated, wanted to punch something, preferably Rory. He always acted like he was so perfect, like he never did anything wrong, like he never hurt people. Arie was willing to admit he was childish and that he sometimes used his powers for selfish reasons, especially if it meant staying close to Rory, but Rory would never admit that he was an over serious, humorless, ass. He went to their room, changing into a pair of shorts and grabbing his iPod. He needed to blow off some steam and the track was the perfect place.

Rory went back to the dorm, a little surprised when he didn’t see Arie there. Even when they fought before, Arie was always there. He never seemed to tire of being close to him. Rory sat down at his desk and continued where he had left off, taking notes for his upcoming exams. What did he care if Arie was pissed, at least it was finally quiet. Arie ran until his body screamed at him to stop, panting hard as he walked slowly over to the grass and flopped down. He took out his headphones, switched off his iPod and laid back, staring up at the sky. Now that he wasn’t pissed off anymore, he could actually think. He decided somewhere between laps that he wasn’t going talk to Rory anymore. He didn’t want to be bothered, then he wouldn’t bother him unless it was absolutely necessary. He knew he was being a brat, but he was tired of being shunned. It would be easier if Rory admitted to hating him, at least then he’d know where he really stood.

“Hey Arie.” He sat up at his name being called and waved to the man coming his way. Liam was a year younger than him. “Arie, it took me forever to find you.”

“With those short legs I’m not surprised.”


“I’m just messing with you, what’s up?”

“Me and a couple of the guys are going out drinking this weekend and I wanted to know if you’d like to join us, unless you’ll be hanging out with Rory.”

He smiled. “I’m completely free, just come by my room and pick me up.”

“wow, alright, and we dont have to invite Rory?”

“I’m getting some space from him”

“Nice, can’t wait” Arie sighed, still feeling frustrated and hurt. He hoped distance might mend some things between them because Rory was right in that aspect. There had never been a time in their lives where he didn’t pursue him. Aries love was undying no matter what Rory did and it was honestly hard to stay away. Arie stayed out about another hour before walking back to his room. If he had anywhere else to go he probably still wouldn’t go back to Rory. Arie came in hoping for at least a hey but none came and he wouldn’t mention it. Rory was shocked yet again when Arie didn’t pester him to talk. This wasn’t like him in the slightest. Small smounts of guilt crept in, maybe he had been a jerk earlier.

“Out running?” Rory asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be in the shower.” He grabbed a pair of sweats and a towel then went into the bathroom. He switched on the water, pulling his clothes off and stepping under the warm spray. Rory sighed and closed his book. There was no way he could focus when Arie was acting so strange. He got up and cracked the door.

“I’m going for a swim.” He said.


“Would you order pizza for dinner?”

“Sure.” He shut the door and changed into his swim trunks then left, heading to the pool. Swimming would help him think. Arie got out of the shower when he was sure Rory was gone and quickly dried and dressed. He grabbed his phone and flopped down on his bed, setting an alarm to wake him up so he could order pizza. He pulled the covers over him and fell quickly asleep.

Rory swam laps at a quick pace, his body cutting through the water with ease. He had always been a strong swimmer and many people compared him to a fish, sometimes joking that he was really a merman in disguise. He took a deep breath, diving deep and letting himself just sink to the bottom. It was always so peaceful in the silence of the pool and he found himself closing his eyes. He only went up when his lungs began to burn. He did more laps, ignoring the others that came into the building and got into the water, blocking out the girls chattering about how handsome he was. He didn’t have time for them, they weren’t important. He found himself thinking of Arie of what he had said. He was right when he had said he had always treated him like a pest.

When Arie’s phone went off he jerked awake and sat up, rubbing his eyes and shutting it off. He yawned then called Domino’s, ordering something he and Rory both liked then hanging up. He wondered how Rory would react when he found out he was going out over the weekend. He just wouldn’t tell him until Liam came for him. He sighed and grabbed his iPod, putting one headphone in and leaving the other out so he could hear the delivery guy when he knocked.

It wasn’t long after the pizza arrived that Rory came back and grabbed a slice “thank you” Arie nodded, not paying much mind to Rory. “Look man, I was harsh. Seriously. I’m sorry”

“You were mean”

“I know” awkward silence stretched between them and Rory wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do aside from apologizing. He certainly didn’t want to date Arie, not with how childish he was. It may have been mean how he attacked him but Rory couldn’t date somebody who did the things Arie did.

“Just leave it.” Arie replied, his eyes staring at the far wall.

“Arie I…”

“I’m going out this weekend, I’ll probably be in late, I’ll try not to wake you.”

Rory sighed and went to his desk, opening one of his books. Arie stuck his other headphone in and turned up the volume, bobbing his head to the music while he ate. The silence was surprisingly strange to Rory when all Arie ever seemed to want to do was talk. It was almost oppressive, but he couldn’t very well ask Arie to talk. It would just mean he wanted him too and he was sure Arie would gloat about the fact. He sighed, trying his best to focus on the words in his book. When they were finished with their pizza, Rory put the leftovers on a paper plate and stuck it in the small fridge they had while Arie took the box out to the recycle bin. When he came back Rory was brushing his teeth and Arie quickly grabbed his toothbrush and brushed his own. He went and climbed into his bed while Rory switched off the light and did the same.

Arie laid there staring at the wall, his mind on the move even though his body was exhausted. He wasn’t sure how long he laid there staring, but he finally let out a sigh and sat up, pulling his headphones out and switching off his iPod. His ears were immediately filled with the sound of Rory’s soft breathing. He looked over at him, wishing he wasn’t so in love, wishing his heart didn’t ache for Rory and his body didn’t crave his touch. It wasn’t fair. He pulled his knees up, resting his forehead on them. He never knew loving someone could hurt so much.

Chapter Two

Arie didn’t allow himself to cry, not after how Rory had been earlier. He eventually laid down and drifted to sleep. In the morning Rorys alarm woke the both of them up so Arie just messed around while Rory got ready for class. “you going to classes today?”


“Oh, okay, Have fun”

“Not too much though right?”

“You’re going to mess with people if I say that or not. Just have a good time.”Arie never looked like this and it bothered Rory so today he actually initiated a hug, holding Arie tightly against him. Arie was shocked and almost forgot how hugs worked his mind was so blown “bye” Rory said then walked out, leaving Arie alone in their dorm room.

Arie stared at the closed door for a moment, his heart beating way too fast. He was suspicious behind Rory’s reason for hugging him, had a feeling it was out of pity since he was sure he didn’t look any better than a whipped dog. He sighed as he pulled the clothes off he had been sleeping in and dressed for the day. He left the dorm with his iPod blaring music in his ears walking away from school and onto the street. He headed for Starbucks. The barista smiled at him as he looked the menu over and he gave her a polite smile back as he removed one of his ear buds. “Can you make a hot chocolate and put some cinnamon in it please?” He asked and she nodded. “So, how is your day going?” He asked as she made his drink.

“Fine I guess.” She replied.

“Just fine, not amazing or wonderful?”

She laughed. “Not that it matters, but boy trouble.”

“Ah I see, you and me both then. What’s yours all about?”

She sighed as she sat his drink on the counter. “We had an argument that I started.”

“I’m sorry, do you mind me asking what it was about?”

She made a little groaning noise and he just smiled. “Well…I mean…it’s just that my last relationship didn’t go well so I’m more than a little…”



He grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. “I think you should call him and talk it out, I bet he’s waiting.” He gave her that little psychic push then winked, paid and grabbed his drink.

Rory sat in class wondering how Arie was. Usually he didn’t care, Arie was flirtatious and friendly and went his own way no matter how much he protested, but the previous day and then that morning, he wasn’t himself at all. He seemed to keep his responses as short as possible and refused to make eye contact when they talked. For a moment he wondered if Arie was punishing him, but once he thought about it, he knew Arie was simply tired. It was true he had always been cold toward Arie, even when they were kids and grew up in the same village, he had tried his best to ignore him. Arie was not one to give up easily and from the moment he had latched onto him, until yesterday, he had been nothing but persistent and had only tried using his powers once on him. Rory sighed and before he knew it, he had made it start raining. Arie’s mood was really effecting his own.

Rory came home from his only class of the day actually hoping Arie would be waiting but he wasn’t. It was crazy to him how fast he was missing Arie. It shouldn’t be and he was kicking himself for never noticing that in all honestly he actually liked Arie, annoying as he may be somtimes. He wanted to hunt him down but decided to give him space until his plans were done. He wasn’t sure precisely when he was going or how late he’d be out but Rory planned to be right there to apologize to Arie the second he came home. He did however hope that if they got into a relationship Arie would quit being so fast to use his magic on people.

Arie spent most of his time just wandering around. He ate lunch in the park, feeding half of it to the ducks and geese. He sighed when he saw what time it was and knew he should probably head back. He stood and stretched then threw away his trash and left the park, going at a leisurely pace to delay the inevitable. The minute he pushed his room door open, Rory was on his feet, surprising him. “Well hello to you too.” He said as he closed the door.

“So uh how was your day?”

“Fine.” He sat down and pulled off his shoes.


“I suppose.”

“Uh, anything exciting happen?”

Arie shrugged. “Got some girl to call her boyfriend, that’s about it.”

“Oh, bad relationship?”

“Not really.” Arie looked at him, actually making eye contact. “Why do you care?”

“No reason I guess.” Arie’s voice was far too cold and it made him feel a little sick to his stomach. He found himself unable to say anything else so he just sat down on his bed. They sat there is silence, Rory feeling more and more awkward as the seconds ticked by. He cleared his throat. “You going out tonight? You said you were going out this weekend so…”

“Saturday and Sunday are part of the weekend and I told Liam to come and pick me up when he and the guys were ready to go.”


Arie laid down on his bed. “It’ll probably be tonight though, they’ll want to cut loose after a week of staring at books and taking notes.”

“Something you never do.”

Arie gave a little smile as he stared at the ceiling. “I have all I need right here.” He said as he tapped his head. “I also steal your notes sometimes so there’s that too.”

“yeah” Rory felt better since Arie was being less cold but the chill in the room still made it impossible to say all the things he had rehearsed in his head before Arie got back. Finally he wanted this too but it might be a day late. Hopefully the ice would thaw soon so he’d be able to put a voice to the words that were dying to come out. It was mostly silent until Liam came. Just as Arie was about to leave Rory said “Arie” Arie looked at him and their eyes met “I’m sorry” Rory said, hoping Arie heard how heartfelt it was.

“We should talk when I get back.”

“Won’t you be drunk?”

“Probably,” he started to leave then turned back, “maybe you’ll finally take advantage of me.” He winked, giving Rory a smile.

He left and Rory gave a little sigh of relief. He felt a little better, but he still had so much to say. Arie and his friends took a cab to the closest bar. He listened to them complaining about their week and talk about some of their female classmates. “What about you?” Liam asked as he nudged Arie’s elbow, nearly making him spill his beer.

“What about me?”

“Well you like guys right, do you like any that aren’t Rory?”

Arie chuckled and leaned in real close. “Would you like to find out?” He teased and Liam pulled back, his face turning red. Arie laughed and pulled away, taking a swig of his beer. “I wish you could see your face. Corey, take a picture of his face.”

“Yes sir.” His friend Corey pulled out his phone and Arie pulled Liam close so he looked even more embarrassed. “He’s like a tomato.” Corey said as he showed Arie the picture.

“Now you have blackmail in case he starts being a dick.” Arie replied with a laugh.

“You’re a real jerk Arie.”

“Don’t be mad and to answer your question, the only one I love is Rory. I don’t care how pissed he gets or even if he one day comes to hate me, I’ll always love him.”

“You’re such a sap.”

“can’t help it. I dont have much control when it comes to him, I never have” They enjoyed their night, Arie getting a little more drunk than he intended to but still had his wits about him. When he came into the dorm room he was surprised to see Rory rushing over to him “you okay?”

“yeah, I didn’t know if you’d actually wait up to talk to me”

“we really do need to talk. Do you think you’re sober enough to?”

“oh yeah, I didn’t mean to drink as much as I did but I still have my wits. Though, if you push me down on the bed I’m far too gone to say no” Arie said with a smile. That was all it took for Rory to know Arie was still Arie and not too drunk to have a real conversation with. Rory made him a glass of water then they sat on Aries bed “so, what’s going on with you Rory? You’re nicer than you’ve ever been to me”

“I realized I was the jerk..I’m sorry for how I’ve always treated you”

Arie shrugged. “I must like it or else I wouldn’t stick around, I must be some kind of weird masochist or something.” He laughed. “No whips, I’ll break your neck.”

“Shut up before I drown you in your water.”

“You’re so scary.” He sat his water down and laid back on his bed. “It’s not like I’m innocent, I’ve been too attached and followed you everywhere. I’m pushy and annoying so it’s only natural you’d get tired of it.”

“Arie, the thing is, I missed you talking to me.” He didn’t know why he felt so embarrassed.

Arie chuckled. “You’re pretty cute, you’re even blushing.”

“Shut up, I am not.” He grabbed the glass of water and tipped it onto Arie’s face. He came up sputtering and laughing.

“Well now you’ve gone and soaked my mattress, looks like I’ll have to sleep with you.”


He grabbed Rory’s chin. “I really love you.” He sighed. “I’ll go take a shower then change my sheets.”

“I mean if you really want too, you can sleep in my bed.”

“Oh really, big, bad me might just take advantage. I am drunk after all, my hands could fall anywhere.” He teased.

“Just go shower and come to bed before I change my mind and beat the crap out of you and make you sleep in the hall.”

Arie laughed “Okay, I’ll brush my teeth too so you dont have to smell the alcohol” Arie said just before he shut the bathroom door. Rory felt a weight lifted off his chest. Maybe he hadn’t missed his chance as he feared earlier. When Arie came out Rory was already in his pajama pants and a t-shirt. Arie was only wearing pants, not planning at all to put a shirt on. Arie whined “come on, skin to skin is always better. Taking your shirt off will make up for being so mean to me” Rory blushed again, making Arie give a heartfelt smile. He was honestly happier than ever and hoped this wasn’t an alcohol induced, amazing dream. “fine I guess” Rory said and took off his shirt, letting it drop on the floor “Oh wow, not taking that to the hamper”

“Arie, I’m going to send you to our own bed” Arie laughed again and got in with him. Arie wrapped aroud Rory, resting his head on Rorys chest. Arie sighed “what does this mean Rory?”


“this, your apology, letting me sleep with you, what does it mean?”

“That…that I love you too” his whole body warmed and Arie smiled again, feeling his eyes go damp though he didn’t cry.

“I’m so happy right now.” He squeezed Rory.

“Don’t be embarrassing, just sleep.”

“I never thought you’d be so shy. That’s what happens when you suppress your feelings.”

“And what about you, does jabbering away make you less susceptible to embarrassment?” He let his fingers move over the back of Arie’s hand. “I bet I could make you blush.”

“You wish, I have no modesty.”

“I’ll show you later, once you’ve sobered up. Wouldn’t want you forgetting the lesson.”

“Such a tease.” He kissed Rory’s chest. “I never thought you’d be a tease.” He yawned and let his body relax completely. “Sweet dreams, Rory.”

“Sweet dreams.”

Rory smiled, enjoying this more than he thought he would. He held Arie, allowing himself to fade to sleep. Arie woke first, having a small headache from the night before. Nothing too bad and nothing worth leaving Rorys limp hold. Arie moved his fingers gently over Rorys stomach, his own heart racing faster at the contact “Arie” Rory said sleepily. Arie just kept feeling him “you want your lesson this early?” Rory asked and Arie moved and began moving his tongue inside Rorys belly button. Rory moaned “don’t you want breakfast first?”

“You are breakfast.”

“I’m glad I’m only as good as a plate of bacon and eggs.”

“Don’t say that, you know you’re better than bacon and eggs.” His lips moved lower and he gently bit Rory through his pants.

“You better watch those teeth or I’ll be sure to put mine to good use.”

“Meaning?” He hooked his fingers in Rory’s pants and pulled them down so he sprang up.

“Meaning, I’ll mark every inch of you.”

“I like the sound of that.” Arie whispered then took Rory’s length into his mouth. Rory’s moans were incredibly satisfying and the way he writhed and his hips jerked even more so. It made his own shaft grow hard and he hungrily kissed his way back up Rory to lock their lips. Rory flipped Arie beneath him, gripping his wrists and pinning him down.

“I’m supposed to be teaching you a lesson.” He nibbled at Arie’s chin and down his neck so he shivered. “Maybe I should tie you down.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I will if I have too, so don’t move.”

Those words only made Arie harder. Rory slowly moved, making sure he didn’t miss a spot as he bit Arie. Arie moaned as he said “Rory, it’s too much. Stop biting me” Rory smiled then bit him again before asking “do you have lube Arie?”Arie almost moaned again at the sound of Rorys husky voice. “No but I’ll be okay”

“you sure?”

“yeah” Rory lifted Aries hips and thrust himself in. Arie nearly yelled he moaned so loud. Rorys body covered in goosebumps at the mixed pleasure of being inside Arie and watching his facial expressions. His moans were enough to make him orgasm but he wasn’t done yet. Rory grabbed Aries shaft and began rubbing him off as he thrust. They both came at nearly the same time and Rory pulled out, going to fetch a towel so Arie could wipe off. While Arie did that Rory got the shower started, calling for Arie when it was ready. Rory turned around to say somthing and Arie hugged him “I love you Rory” Rory smiled “I love you too Arie. Lets get in”

Arie got in but was holding Rory again once they were under the water. Rory chuckled “you sore? I didn’t think of that. I should have run a bath”

‘I’m fine Rory, better than fine. Just shut up and let me hold you” Rory laughed “how romantic”

“Not used to you fussing over me atall.”

“I am sorry”

“I know, just shut up. First you talk too little and now too much. I want to enjoy what it’s like to hold you” Rory kissed Aries head and remained quiet as they held eachother. This felt so perfect, so absolutely right. Rory wished he would have given Arie a chance sooner. He just hoped Arie would quit messing with peoples lives or at least do it less. He could admit he loved Arie now but he would never like him pushing people to do what he thought they should do. Regardless it would be somthing they would work on together because now that he had this with Arie he didn’t think he could ever let it go.

~ The End

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