Ariel & Irim

Chapter One

Ariel laughed as Irim flew higher and higher. He held her safely in his clawed hands, one hand over the other and forming a sort of protective cage. He did a barrel roll as he plummeted quickly back to earth, the wind whipping her hair around her face. He flapped his wings, coming to a very sudden stop and touching down. He lowered her to the ground, placing her gently on her feet and then shifting to his human form. She jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly. “That was so much fun, thank you.” She said and she leaned back with a big smile.

“You are very welcome.” He pushed her hair out of her face and ran his fingers down to her chin. “May I have a kiss?”

She blushed, still shy even after spending so much time with him. She pushed her lips into his, making him smile. She pulled back and focused her eyes on his shirt. “Irim can I ask you something?”

“Yes, did something happen?”

“I wanted to know how old you are.”

“Very old, why?”

“No reason really, just curious.” He tipped her head back and she smiled at him.

“Never be afraid to ask me anything.”

“I’ll try not to be.”

She felt guilty for not being honest with him. It had been bothering her that one day she would grow old and die and he would still live. She loved him and it saddened her when those thoughts would come creeping in. She wanted to be with him forever. “Let’s get you home.” He said then kissed her cheek.

Irim couldn’t help but feel there was something wrong. Ariel never lied to him, never hid anything. Even when she was shy, she was always straight with him. He picked her up and started back to the castle, knowing dinner time was approaching and wanting Ariel to eat with her family. He could talk to her later about what was bothering her. He knew it could be a myriad of things. Perhaps he had overstepped his bounds or maybe it was the fact they had not had sex yet which was something he wasn’t worried about. He only wanted her happiness, had even come out of his cave to be with her. He would do anything to keep her smiling. He decided to get Rapunzel’s permission to take her away for a few days. If they were completely alone with no interference then maybe she would express her reason for lying and he could fix the problem.

They arrived back at the castle just in time for dinner and went straight to the dining hall. Ariel was excited when nobody was sitting on Erminias right side and there were two chairs in a row so she could sit by her and still have Irim on her other side. “have fun today cutie?” Erminia asked as Ariel sat down beside her “yep” Ariel then looked over at Rapunzel and Casimer “how was your day?” she was asking them both “wonderful” Rapunzel said with a gleeful grin. Her sister was rarely in a fowl mood, you knew somthing was terribly wrong if she wasn’t smiling but today she seemed exceedingly happy which made Ariel curious. Casimer looked absolutely giddy himself “you two seem awfully excited”

“Theo, Theo Jr and Laura are coming for dinner. When they are here we have news to share” Irim took Ariels hand. Not for any particular reason aside from want to hold it. She held his in return as they waited for Theo and his family. She guessed they had invited Belle, Zane and Gabriel since they rarely ate with them any longer. Belle was huge with this pregnancy and i made Zane fuss and want to keep her at home as much as he could get her to. When Theo and his family came in and sat Theo said ‘sorry we’re late” Rapunzel cleared her throat “It’s no problem. We have wonderful news that I’ve been dieing to share.” They all looked at her with anticipation as she said “I’m pregnant!” That put a smile on everyones face. Especially since they knew well how much Rapunzel had been wanting a baby. Year after year nothing happened and finally she was pregnant.

They all congratulated her warmly. Belles first question was ‘do you want to use Cantaly if it’s a girl? I got to use Gabriel so it’s only fair if you get to use Cantaly”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“No, I can name a girl somthing else if I have one.” Belle answered and Zane gave a slight frown. She was pregnant with a boy again and he somhow felt he was letting Belle down since she would like a girl. It was ridiculous since Belle told him all the time she was excited to meet her new son and while she had hoped for a girl it wasn’t like a boy was a consolation prize. She had even told him there was no guarantee if they had a girl that she would be girly with her. She might grow up wanting to be an assassin or a warrior or may even detest ribbons and bows. No matter her assurances another boy wasn’t a let down Zane still felt thats what he was doing by giving her another boy.

Belle kissed his cheek and smiled happily. “I’m very excited so you should be too.” She said softly.

“I am, I promise.”

Everyone talked excitedly about baby names as they ate dinner. Theo asked Malachai when he planned on becoming a father and both he and Erminia just laughed. They had known that was coming. “Someday.” Was all he answered and Theo just rolled his eyes. After dinner Rapunzel asked everyone to stay since it was dark. They all agreed to, especially Zane who didn’t want Belle traveling at night.

“Ariel, you go ahead and go up to your room, I need to talk to your sister.” Irim said.

“Okay.” She kissed his cheek and followed her siblings upstairs.

“What is it Irim, did something bad happen?” Rapunzel asked.

“No, I just wanted to know if it would be alright to take Ariel away on a little trip.”

Rapunzel smiled. “Irim, you are both adults.”

“Yes, but I am also your protector. If you need me here, I will stay.”

“You silly dragon, you are not my slave. Go wherever you wish and have fun.”

“thank you” he bowed and Rapunzel didn;t even bother to protest it. He would do it no matter how many times she told him he didn’t have to. Irim walked to Ariels room then entered. She was still in the bathroom getting her night clothes on so he just took off his shoes and got in bed to wait for her. When she came out she got into bed next to him. He turned to his side and wrapped an arm around her before kissing her head “what did you have to talk to my sister about?”

“Taking you on a trip. Would you like to go away with me?” Ariel smiled ‘I’d love to. This is really exciting”

“I’m glad you think so. We will leave after breakfast.” Ariel wore a happy grin until she was deep in sleep. Irim soon followed her into rest and the next thing they knew it was morning. Ariel jumped out of bed then packed ¬†amsall bag of clothes for the journey. Irim loved seeing her so thrilled about leaving with him. Her not being truthful with him yesterday was still on his mind though and he hoped she would ask what she really wanted while they were away.

When they were ready they met everyone downstairs for breakfast. They ate then exchanged goodbyes with everybody before Ariel ran upstairs to grab her bag. Rapunzel began to ready herself to make an announcement to the town today. When the King and Queen conceived a baby they were expected to call a town meeting and announce it to everyone.

“Where are you taking me?” Ariel asked as they climbed up to one of the castle towers. It was much easier to take off from there and no one got knocked over by the wind coming off his wings.

“I can’t tell you.” He answered as he pulled her through the trap door and into the cool morning air.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s a surprise so you’ll have to be patient and wait.” He shifted shape before she could ask more then lifted her gently in his clawed hand. He pushed off of the tower and sored through the air, getting lost in her delighted laughter. He had thought she would tire of constantly flying with him, but every time she enjoyed it like it was her first. It made him happy he could put that smile on her face. Ariel loved the landscape they flew over, how the trees and grass looked like one large emerald. She pointed to a bright blue lake and he flew lower, allowing her to run her hand over the surface. He pushed back up into the air, his wings kicking up water.

Irim started to descend as they came to a cozy little cottage next to another beautiful lake. He landed softly then lowered her to the ground before shifting shape. “This is amazing.” She said as she turned in a circle to take it all in. “Where are we?”

“One of my many old homes. No one knows it’s here and can only be seen from above.”

“May I go inside?”

He chuckled. “Of course, it’s your home too.”

It was beautiful on the inside albeit a little dusty from lack of anyone being there. Ariel asked “why do you have many homes?’

“we dragons are known for our hoarding.” Ariel smiled “yeah” She thought about it again, him being immortal. She was a mere stop in his life. She would die and he’d eventually move on to the next girl. It was not only that but she never wanted to be without him. She wouldn’t be aware since she would be dead but it still hurt. She felt foolish for being jealous of a possible other woman in the future and for thinking these things in general. Irim noticed her get sad and hoped she would tell him what the matter what but to his disappointment she did not.

She asked various questions about the things in his small home but what was on her mind didn’t eascape her lips. “lets go sit by the water” Ariel suggested and they went out. Irim sat down and opened his legs to Ariel could sit between them. She laid back and took a deep enhale. “this is nice. Thank you for bringing me”

“We needed some time to ourselves don’t you think?” She blushed at his words. “What, you don’t think we should have some alone time?” He chuckled when she turned an even deeper shade of red.

“I didn’t say that.” She said under her breath.

“What do you think is going to happen out here with no one else around?” She covered her face and he pulled her hands down. “Now, now, none of that. What’s going through your head?”

“Aren’t we going to…you know?”

“Not unless you want to Ariel and we could have done that at home. I just wanted to bring you some place nice to spend some real one on one time with you. Is that okay?”

“Yes, of course. I love being with you.” He kissed her cheek and held her a little tighter to him. Her stomach growled after noon rolled around and she looked embarrassed. He started laughing without meaning to and she frowned.

“I’m sorry baby, but the look on your face was so cute. I’ll stop laughing and cook for you.” He said as he stood and lifted her in his arms. He took her inside and sat her down on the couch. “What would you like my beautiful princess?”

“I don’t know, you’ve never cooked for me before, so surprise me.”

“alright beautiful’ He gave her a gentle kiss then smiled at her, his eyes twinkling with amusement and love. Ariel sat on the counter while Irim cooked. Ariel was normally too shy to stare but she somehow forgot herself and got lost in him. It was absolutely ludicrous to Ariel how he looked handsome no matter what he was doing. He could make cleaning look attractive if she had ever seen him do that in the years they had been together. Her last thought made her smile. She could barely believe she had been with Irim for seven truly amazing years. It was even more unbelievable he was still so patient with sex after all this time. Some of her friends had been dumped if they refused a man sex and Irim had never even requested it of her.

Irim had been trying not to smile because he knew it would make her aware he noticed her stare but eventually he couldn’t help it. She blushed and got off the counter “I’ll go wait in there?” His smile grew larger ‘sweetheart, it’s ok for you to stare at me. Where even is there?”

“I don’t know, living room I guess. How can anyone cook when they have eyes on them?”

“When they are eyes as lovely as yours, very proficiently. Please, get back on the counter and look at me all you wish. I like it my love. That is why I couldn’t keep down my smile any longer. It makes me feel good when you look at me”

“really?” Irim gave her another kiss “really, why wouldn’t it be flattering to have a woman as¬†pulchritudinous as you staring at me. You are not only that but inside you are a sweet, fun, talented, and absolutely entrancing girl. You are all those things and I somehow captivate you. It’s a compliment that you like looking at me” Ariel blushed then hugged him. He set her back where she was “please?” He said then she nodded. He went back to cooking but she couldn’t manage to get lost in staring like she had before. When the food was done Irim set the table then served the food before he and Ariel sat down. Ariel took her first bite and smiled much to Irims relief. He wasn’t showing it but he had been slightly nervous as to if she’d like it or not.

“what is this?”

“one of the many recipes I learned from my mother. She was an amazing cook and thankfully passed everything she knew to me.”

“I’m glad she did.” He felt like kissing her again but mentally glued himself to the chair so she could eat. He was still waiting to hear what she really wanted to ask or say to him. He decided to try and prompt it “so, what’s on your mind? Anything I should worry over?” She smiled “Why would you need to worry?”

“I don’t know. Just asking. Anything on your mind?”

“Just how good your cooking is”

“It makes me very happy you like it.” His prompting had failed but he still had days alone with her and hoped she’d say somthing. When they were done Ariel said “I’ll clean up since you cooked” irim stood “we will clean together. You wash and I’ll dry”

“But” was all she got out before he said “I wish to help you Ariel. Let me”

“alright” she hugged him and he kissed her head.

“So what now?” Ariel asked when the last dish was put away.

“Don’t look so nervous. I have somewhere I want to take you.” He laced his fingers through hers and pulled her outside. He walked with her past the lake and into the woods. They didn’t go very far when they came to a large cave. She tightened her grip and moved closer to him. “It’s safe Ariel, I promise.”

“I trust you.”

Chapter Two

Ariel let Irim lead her inside. The deeper they went the darker it grew until she couldn’t see where she was going. She tripped and he caught her then lifted her into his arms. “Where are we?” She asked softly.

“It’s called the Cave of Lights.”

“Is that an ironic name?”

He chuckled and sat her on her feet. “Just watch.” She heard him crouch down next to her and swish his hand around in what she guessed was a puddle of water. A faint blue light shown at her feet, growing brighter and brighter the more he swirled his hand through the water. It turned orange and then red and purple, all the colors she could think of the water put them off and bounced of the crystals imbedded in the walls.

“How did you do that?” She asked when he stood back up.

“There are tiny eel like creatures that live in the water. When they feel threatened they glow different colors to ward off predators.”

“This is so amazing.” She excitedly kissed him and he held her tightly to him. “Thank you so much Irim, I love this.”

“And I love you.” She blushed and shyly looked away. “I love that you’re still this shy after so many years. It’s incredibly adorable and sexy.”

“You’re the sexy one and you don’t even try. Your smile is lethal.” He kissed her cheek, smiling at how hot her skin was.

“I’m glad I have such a profound effect on you.” They explored the cave for a little while, Irim enjoying every gasp of wonder and happy smile.

Ariel couldn’t believe how gorgeous this all was. She wondered how many amazing things she’d see on this trip and in her lifetime with Irim. He probably had more to show her than she could even see in the years she had as a human. She thought of her age, twenty two. Humans normally only lived in good health until they were two hundred so that meant she at most had one hundred and seventy eight years with her love. It sounded like a lot but wasn’t nearly enough to her. If only she had been born a dragon so that they would always be together. Irim once again noticed her thinking and sighed. It caught her attention “why are you sighing?”

“You keep thinking about somthing and you wont talk to me about it. You’ve always talked to me about everything but now theres somthing you don’t want to discuss with me and it’s been weighing on my mind what it could be” Ariel blushed, she had no idea he had noticed. It made her feel guilty she was upsetting him. She decided that no matter how awkward it would be for her he deserved to know what was on her mind. “if you take me back to your home I’ll talk to you about it?” A look of relief washed over Irims face and they went back to his home.

“where would you like to talk?’ he asked as they entered his doorway. “Lets sit on the couch” They walked over and sat down. Ariel felt nervous and embaressed, wishing their was some script she could read off of to tell him so she woudln’t have to figure out the words to put it in herself. Irim waited patiently, knowing rushing her might make her clam up and she may never tell him.

“It’s just…well…” she sighed. “It’s just you are an immortal being and I am not. We have such a short time together and it’s been making me sad. I didn’t want to say anything and end up depressing you too.” Saying it out loud made her feel so much worse. Tears filled her eyes and she covered her face as she sobbed. Irim’s arms wrapped around her and she pressed her face into his shirt.

“Ariel love please calm down, everything is going to be alright.” He said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“How, when I’m going to die?”

He tipped her head back and wiped away the tears running down her cheeks. He hated when she cried. It tore at his heart. “Do you think for a moment I would let myself live without you? I love you more than life itself and refuse to let you slip away from me. You will be mine forever Ariel because I need you.”

“How, tell me how.”

“I am a High Dragon, Ariel. I can make you immortal. You’d have all of my senses and abilities, although I don’t know if you would be able to shift.”


“Yes, really.” She threw herself at him, her lips pressing into his as she laughed and cried at the same time.

“I want to be like you, I’ll do anything to stay with you.” He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back.

“You must be sure. There is no going back once the ritual is complete. You’ll never age or get sick, but your family will.”

“I’m sure about me and after we can talk to the others about doing the same.”

He smiled happily at the thought of Ariel living forever. It was a topic he had been reluctant to bring up since she could have said no to it and broken his heart. “If you want them changed too I’ll do it if they will let me Ariel. I’m absolutely jubilant that you’ll let me change you. A life without you in it wouldn’t be worth living to me at all. They took eachother in their arms and hugged tightly. “when can I change you?” He whispered in a touched voice. It made Ariels bottom lip quiver “when can you?”

“I have everything I need at my cave. I’ll take you there tomorrow, right after breakfast”

“Ok, tomorrow it is. Lets have some dinner and then cuddle the rest of our evening away. I love when you hold me”

“phenomenal because I love holding you” He kissed Ariel, lingering in the kiss long after she was blushing. They went in the kitchen and made their dinner together. After they ate they did just as they planned and retired to the bedroom to cuddle. “I can’t believe you were thinking about the same thing” Irim smiled with his face in her hair “yeah, I would have asked time and time again if you would have said no. I don’t want to ever live without yu Ariel. You are my life”

“We’re just a couple of idiots.” He laughed then pressed a soft kiss into her neck.

“You are far from an idiot my darling.” He kissed her again and goosebumps covered her skin as a blush crept up her neck and heated her face. “Your skin is hot again.” She could feel him smile against her neck and her heart slammed against her chest.

“It’s your fault.” She whispered.

“I’m sorry, I just love your reaction.” He nibbled at he ear and she moaned. She slapped her hand over her mouth in embarrassment. “That was new.” He said and she covered her face. “Look at me.” She shook her head.

“I’m too embarrassed.”

“I’ll stop so please don’t hide from me.”

She dropped her hands and he smiled lovingly down at her. “I’m sorry I’m such a wuss.”

“Hush now, I am a very patient man and when you’re ready I’ll be ready too. I want your first time to be amazing so don’t feel rushed.”

“Okay.” She replied softly and he gave her a gentle kiss before burying his nose back in her hair. “I love you Irim.”

“I love you too.” Irim fell asleep and Ariel lay there listening to his soft breathing for a time. He had been so good to her, so gentle and kind. She moved down and rested her head on his chest, allowing the soft beating of his heart to lull her to sleep.

In the morning birds chirping awoke them and they rose out of bed. Ariel and Irim changed their clothes then went into the kitchen to make their breakfast. They had honey and biscuits both excited about the ceremony, though Ariel was a little nervous. “will it hurt me?” She asked. “Your body will be changing so it will hurt. I will be right there to comfort you though so please don’t worry.”

“Any amount of pain is worth forever with you Irim. I just want to know what to expect” He smiled “You will be forever happy with me. I’ll make sure of it. I truly hope your family will change too so that you wont be sad when they pass”

“I’m sure they will. If not, I’ll be ok. I’ll miss them deeply but I’ll never have to leave you. I’m the youngest anyway. Just living a normal span of time I would have had to morn them at sompoint”

“This is true.” They finished their honey biscuits then Ariel grabbed her bag. She gave Irim her earth shattering smile and then they went outside. Irim shifted then took Ariel in his claws as he always did before soaring into the air. Her laughter fille dhis ears once more ¬†and he felt even happier.

Ariel had never been to Irim’s old home and was immediately intimmidated by the ominous looking cave. A shiver ran up her spine as he landed and shifted so she was cradled in his arms. “This is terrifying.” She said, her voice quaking.

“I’m sorry, but I promise nothing can harm you here.” He walked up to the mouth of the cave then stopped. “Barnum, it is Irim.” He called into the darkness. A few moments passed then a large blue dragon head poked out of the cave. Green eyes studied them both then the dragon shifted into human form.

“It’s good to see you again old friend. I have been watching this place as you asked. You have a lot of neat things in there.”

“I am sure you found a few trinkets to your liking?”

“Yes, the emerald necklace was my favorite.”

“You may have it then. I have no use for it.”

Barnum’s eyes lit up. “Thank you and who is this?”

“This is Princess Ariel, the love of my life or to put it in terms that a dragon would understand she is the rarest and most precious treasure there is.”

Barnum smiled. “I am truly happy for you old friend. Allow me to retrieve the necklace then I will be on my way.” He hurried inside, grabbing only the necklace though he would have loved more, and running back out. He told them bye then shifted shape and took to the air.

“He was nice.” Ariel said as they stepped into the steamy cave.

“He always is.” He carried her into the very back of the cave where to her surprise was a bed and candles. Sitting behind and beside the bed were all of his treasures. Gold, jewelry, even paintings. It was amazing and the candle light bounced off of the many jewels leaving colorful spots on the walls. He sat her down on the bed and walked over to a chest in the corner.

“So what all am I going to have to do?”

“I’m going to mix my blood with some wine, breath some fire over it, say a few magic words and then you’re going to drink it.”

“Then what?”

“I have only seen this done once before and the person described it as fire consuming their whole being. I know the idea is scary, but I want to be honest with you. I will be here to hold you the whole time and I promise not to leave.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“I will start preparation if you’re ready”

“I’m ready” Irim found his favorite goblet then grabbed a bottle of wine. He poured as much as was needed then found a beautiful dagger among his gold. He cut his hand then let some flow into the goblet. He let a generous amount fall in, not wanting this to fail. He swirled the goblet around to mix it then to Ariels surprise he breathed a small amount of fire. Until this very moment Ariel had no idea he could breath fire in his human form. She looked at him surprised but he didn’t notice since he was so concentrated on his task.

He began speaking words she didn’t understand and grew even more nervous. Irim was about done so soon she would have to go through whatever happened during her change. Her heart pounding sending her blood racing through her body at uncomfortable speeds. Irim stopped talking and approached Ariel “you ready my love?”

“yeah” her voice not sounding sure but Irim had expected her to be scared. He gave her the goblet then crawled on the bed, wrapping his arms tightly around her. “I’ll be right here” he comforted. She nodded then quickly downed the contents. She felt herself already growing hotter as Irim took the goblet and dropped it on the floor so he could quickly have her in both arms again.

Chapter Three

She gripped his arms as the heat became unbearable. It felt like every part of her was on fire and her clothes felt uncomfortable against her skin. She pulled at her dress, wanting it off. “Whoa, easy, tell me what’s wrong.” Irim said.

“My dress, it hurts!” She screamed. “Off, I want it off!” He ripped it off and tossed it then pulled her back against him. It hurt to be pressed against him, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings and ask him to let her go. It broke his heart to see her in such agony, every scream and whimper drove the knife deeper. He would spend every day making this up to her. When she finally went limp in his arms he let himself cry. He cradled her in his arms and rained feather light kisses over her face,

“I’m sorry, so sorry my love.” He whispered. He brushed her hair away from her face and pressed his lips against hers. “I love you baby.” He laid her down and pulled his boots off then got under the covers with her. He held her close, pulling her head onto his chest and kissing her forehead. He was to wound up to sleep so he just stared at the ceiling, hoping she would be okay. When lunch time passed and dinner time came and she still wasn’t awake he began to worry. He could hear her heart beating strong in her chest and her beath was soft and even, but it did nothing to calm him.

He got up and found a rag and grabbed one of the many bowls he had collected and went to another part of the cave where there were hot springs. He filled the bowl and came back then sat it on the little table next to the bed and pulled the covers back. “I’m going to wash you love. I swear I won’t do anything.” He dipped the rag in the water and squeezed it out then wiped it over her. She was breathtakingly beautiful and what skin he could feel was soft and warm. He turned her slowly over and finished washing her then turned her back and covered her.

Irim wanted to will Ariel awake. His worry only mounted and he would give up all the treasure he collected over the years just for her eyes to open. he eventually laid back down, taking her back in his arms and tried to make himself rest. He couldn’t manage it so he laid awake, worried and guilt wracked until it was nearly morning and Ariels eyes drifted open. “are you ok?” He asked. “Yeah, but I’m realyl thirsty” Irim kissed her then quickly got up. He poured her more wine since it was nearest and handed it to her. Ariel sat up to drink then noticed she was naked. She blushed deeply then took the cup “don’t be emabressed. You’re so beautiful Ariel and I swear I haven’t done anything aside from wash you so you wouldn’t be resting in sweat”

Ariel drank “it’s ok..you’ve already seen me. How long have I been resting?”

“It’s nearly morning again”

“wow” Ariel covered herself in his blankets. “Let me get you clothes. You aren’t comfortable and after all that you deserve to be as comfortable as possible. I’m so sorry sweetheart”

“I wanted to change Irim. Don’t be sorry. I’m so happy. Just tired” He came back over with pajamas “put these on and we’ll rest more” Ariel got up and irim turned away even though he had already gazed upon her splenderous body. When Ariel was dressed she got back in bed and Irim joined her. “thank you for washing me” she said softly ‘you’re welcome”

“did you sleep any while i did?”

“I couldn’t, I was too worried about you. Even if I wasn’t worried i was upset how much pain you went through. Each cry and whimper drove a dagger further into my heart. I can’t take when you’re hurting”

“I know, but I promise I’m just fine. I love you so much Irim and I don’t want you to worry. I want you to rest, you look so tired.” She moved so she could lean against the headboard and pulled his head onto her lap. She stroked his temple and sang softly to him. His eyelids grew heavy and soon he had fallen asleep. She sighed happily. She wanted to do something for him for being so patient and attentive. She leaned her head back and watched the candle light play across the ceiling. It was truly beautiful here, even though she had been terrified at first. She could see why he would choose this place as his home.

He woke around lunch time, his heart stuttering when he found himself looking up at her smiling face. He sat up and kissed her, making her blush and her heart leap in her chest. “Sorry, you’re just so beautiful.” He said and pressed his forehead against hers. “I bet you’re hungry.”

“Yes, very hungry.” She replied. “I feel like I’m starving.”

“Why don’t you go bathe in the hotspring while I get us some food.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kissed her one more time before heading out. He shifted once he was outside and took off over the forest, his eyes searching for wild game. Ariel got out of bed and stretched. She walked through the cave, easily finding the pool of warm water. It wasn’t until she was undressed and in the water that she realized she had walked through a cave that had only a day ago been pitch black to her. The change had given her very strong night vision. It made her feel better being in the cave alone.

Ariel relaxed in the water, not even fearing Irims return. He had already seen her without clothes and apparently found her to be gorgeous even without them. That had been a big part of her worry when it came to sex. She didn’t know how she’d look to him naked. She thought of him nibbling her ear, how wonderful it felt. She blushed, realizing she was actually considering making love to him. She didn’t shove it out of her mind though. He loved her, wanted forever with her and she knew he thought she was beautiful so what was truly stopping her. She thought these things until she heard his return. Ariel got out, found a towel near by to dry with then pulled on her clothes.

Irim looked up and smiled as she walked towards him. “do you feel better?”


“I’m so glad” Irim prepared and then cooked the meat. When it was ready they sat down to enjoy their meal “so you hunt all your food when you live here?”

“Yes, theres plenty to hunt”

“Would you like to move here permanently?”

“Would you like that?”

“Yes, I can see how beautiful this place is now and why you’d choose to live here.” He smiled “then we’ll go home long enough to change your family then come back here to stay. You’ll love it here. I’ll change anything you want in my cave to make you happy here”

“It’s perfect Irim” They finished eating then Irim said “you sure you’re feelking perfect?”


“Then do you want to return to your family and ask if they’d like to be changed?”

“Wont it hurt Bells and Rapunzels babies?”

“No, it wont harm them atall. It will change them aswell”

“Um…maybe we should stay here awhile longer”

“why’s that beautiful?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe..we could..you know….before we went..maybe stay the rest of the day here.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know, maybe elaborate for me a bit.” She blushed and he gave a soft laugh. He leaned in and kissed her cheek down to her neck and gave her a gentle nip so she jerked and goosebumps crawled over her skin. “Are you saying you want me to make love to you?” He whispered in her ear.

“Y…yes.” Her voice sounded high pitched and nervous.

He sat his fork down and grabbed her chin. He turned her face to him and she felt her self shaking under his gaze. “You have to be sure.”

She kissed him, her arms going around his neck as she crushed herself to him. He stood, taking her with him and carrying her to the bed. He was so excited he was shaking as he pressed her into the matress and they pulled at each other’s clothes. He wanted to take her before she changed her mind, to really become one with her. “Hurry.” She said, excited and nervous, but wanting him with the same desperation he needed her. He pulled her legs around his waist and laced his fingers through hers as he thrust into her hard and fast. She nearly screamed at the small stab of pain, but moaned as it quickly faded into pleasure. Irim’s hoarse cry filled the cave as she clenched down around him. To be connected to her both body and heart brought tears to his eyes.

“I love you so much.” He said as he slammed into her a little harder, burying himself as deep as he could in her tight confines. Her back arched off the bed and her loud cry of ecstasy kept her from answering so she just clung to him, her lips finding his as he filled her with his seed. They held tightly to each other, eyes damp from the intensity of their lovemaking. “Thank you for giving yourself to me.”

“Thank you for being so patient and loving. I love you Irim, with all my heart.” He moved to her side and pulled her into his arms, wanting to maintain their closeness while they caught their breath and their hearts slowed.

They spent the rest of their day happily within eachothers comforts and when morning came they ate their breakfast before starting their trip home. He had planned a longer trip but what had become of their journey already turned out immensely better than he had first imagined. In a bag he brought his goblet and dagger that he would need to change Ariels family if they were willing to do it. When they arrived home they were greeted happily by Rapunzel, Casimer, Malachai and Erminia. “How was the trip?” Rapunzel asked and Ariel answered “amazing! We have somthing to talk to you all about. We need Theo, his family, Belle and her family to come too.”

“alright, go on into the library and I’ll send people after our siblings” Irim, Ariel, Malachai and Irminia went ahead to the library while Rapunzel and Casimer talked to servants. Once the servants were moving Casimer and Rapunzel followed to the library. They all sat down, Ariels siblings eager to hear what Ariel had to say. It took awhile but eventually everyone was accounted for that was requested by Ariel and Irim. Rapunzel spoke “what do you have to say sister?”

Ariel grabbed Irims hand “Irim changed me into a dragon so that I may live forever with him. He’s willing to change all of you too. Rapunzel, Belle, the change wont hurt your babies. it will be painful for you but your babies wont be harmed. They will only be changed into dragons aswell. Irim cleared his voice and spoke “You will need comfort for the change so i wont do everyone tonight. I will do the women first and when they recover I’ll transform the men.”

Everyone agreed, even Snow who though she never got along with her siblings didn’t want to be left behind. Ariel was so excited and hugged all of them. “Thank you, I just love you all so much.” Snow left since she wasn’t needed at the moment, once again feeling jealous of one of her sisters. Those who remained asked how their trip had been, making Ariel blush.

“It was great.” Irim answered as he sat down and pulled Ariel into his lap. “We had fun didn’t we?”

“Yes, of course we did.” She replied and ducked her head. They all smiled knowingly though Malachai and Theo wanted to say something since they felt like they had to protect their younger siblings, but both Erminia and Laura covered their mouths at the same time.

“We’re very happy for both of you.” Belle said and Ariel smiled brightly. Both men huffed because they knew if they said anything it might make Ariel sad. Ariel let them know that once everyone was changed she would be moving with Irim to his home on the volcano. He assured them all it was perfectly safe and that he would have Ariel out of there long before anything bad happened. They talked until lunch time and they all went and sat in the dining hall and ate together.

“I think I’m going to stay with Snow during her change.” Ariel whispered to Irim.

“If that is what you wish to do then I will sit with you.” He whispered back.

“Thank you my love.” She was a little surprised he had not tried to warn her away. Everyone knew how Snow felt about her, but to her it didn’t matter. Snow could make her cry all she wanted, but in the end they were still sisters and Ariel still loved her.

Irim was concerned even though he didn’t try to make her not do it. He didn’t really want to change Snow atall since she was always such a bitch to everyone, mainly to Ariel and Rapunzel. She picked on them for absolutely no reason any chance she could and it would enrage him when Snow would try to make Ariel feel bad for their mother. He was glad that in his time with Ariel he had managed to get her to let go of her guilt. She didn’t cry all that often about her mothers death anymore and he didn’t want Snow around for eternity reminding Ariel that Cantaly died during her delivery. Irim did tell Ariel that he would change all of her family if they would so he was going to keep his word. He would even change John, Cinderella, and their families if they came for a visit and wished it. They rarely came around but he would make the offer if their paths crossed.

Night came and it was time to begin. He went with Belle and Zane to their room to perform the ritual. Gabriel wanted to come too but Zane and Belle agreed they didn’t want him to watch his mother due to how protective and upset he would get when anything atall would happen to her. They feared it would upset him too much. Theo Jr put a hand on his shoulder “Come on, I’ll do whatever you want with you” Gabriel smiled, loving his cousin and any time they hungout together. Belle gave her nephew a smile and he mouthed “you’re welcome.” Irim next took care of Rapunzel following Erminia and then Laura. He wanted to do Snow last since he didn’t want Ariel alone with her. It came time for Snow so Ariel entered the room too. Snow gave a glare but didn’t ask Ariel to leave. Ariel tried to grab Snows hand but she jerked it away. Irim did his bets not to let show a dissaproving look and managed. He began preparing and it made Snow get nervous.

Aiel could tell so she reached for her sisters hand, this time Snow taking it. Irim said his magic words and then gave the goblet to Snow so she could drink from it. Snow used her free hand to pour the contents down her throat. Once it started hurting intensely she found herself clinging to Ariel. It was a bone crushing grip but Ariel just held Snow back and tried to comfort her through her change. When she too passed out as the other women did Irim put Snow in her bed “come my love” He said and she shook her head. “why not?”

“she’ll be too proud to ask for anyone if she needs them so I want to stay here”

“Where will you sleep?”

“In bed with Snow”

“ok, so you want me in your room then?”

“If thats where you want to sleep”

“You just yell for me. I’ll hear it” Ariel kissed Irim and he left. A servant stopped Irim on the way up “let me bandage and clean that hand sir”

“thank you” He let her do her work then went to Ariels room. He had a restless sleep, frequently waking in worry over Ariel being alone with Snow. The next morning Irim went to check on everyone room by room and found all women had awoke. He asked them all if they felt ok and they all assured him they were. He lastly went to Snows room, she was the only one moaning. “how is she”

“Horrible! Don’t you hear!” she responded. “She’s still not feeling well. Could you have a maid come in a draw her a bath so she can clean herself of sweat”

“yes my love” he waked out without her though he wanted to pull her out of that room. “why are you here?” Snow asked when Irim was gone “because you’re my sister and I love you. No matter how you treat me I’ll always love you” Snow said nothing more. She just curled up in a ball to moan more. A servant soon came and drew Snow a batg. Ariel and the servant helped Snow settle into the tub “I’ll be waiting in the room ok?”

“alright” Irim joined Ariel since he had been waiting by the door. He kissed her cheek “did she harm you?”



“How did you sleep?”

“Not good, I tossed and turned all night. You’ll be staying with me tonight right?”

She smiled up at him. “Of course. I had no idea you needed me to sleep.”

“I didn’t either, but I do. I’m too used to you being there, I need you in my arms.” He ran his fingers over her cheek, enjoying how soft she was. Snow called her name and she gave him a quick kiss before she and the maid helped her sister out. Ariel helped her stay on her feet while the maid toweled her off then helped her into her pajamas.

“Would you like something to eat or drink?” Ariel asked as they helped her into bed.

“Can I have some water?”

“Of course you can.” She turned to the maid. “Will you please get Snow some water?”

“Yes princess.” The maid returned and Ariel helped Snow drink until she wasn’t thirsty anymore.

“I’m going to go see how everyone else is doing, but if you need me just yell.” Snow didn’t say anything so Ariel just brushed a kiss onto her forehead and let Irim pull her away. She visited with each of her sisters. happy when she saw they were okay and already ready to be on their feet. Zane and Gabriel didn’t want Belle out of bed, but she reassured them she was okay and she would have to be up to take care of them when they were changed. Ariel smiled at how much they fussed over her older sister. “You’ll be just like that when we decided to have children, I can see it already.”

“I’ll be worse, I won’t let you leave the cave.” He lifted her in his arms and carried her downstairs, wanting her to eat something.

It was nearly time for the mens ceremony by the time Zane and Gabriel would let Belle get up and move around without uging her into bed. Zae worried about Belle taking care of him while she was so pregnant and had just gone through this last night but Belle asured him that Irim would help if she needed it which he confirmed. “I would never let a pregnant woman over work herself” Irim said to Zane which got him actually willing to join the other men in the ceremony. Irim once again changed everybody in their rooms so it wouldn’t be far to get them in bed. As Irim promised Zane he movd Zane and Gabriel himself which Belle didn’t protest. At seven months along she knew she shouldn’t push herself.

“you call me if you need help Belle” Irim said seriously and Belle nodded “thank you so much for this Irim”

“You are my loves family. One day I hope to be your family” Belle smiled “you are already our family Irim” he smiled and Ariel squeezed his hand. Last he took care of Casimer since he worried over him above all the men since he was the mate of his master. Casimer actually seem to take the change much better than anyone else though he still let out yowls of pain. When Irim was sure everyone was fine for the night he and Ariel retired to her room. A maid soon followed to fix his hand again. When she was done they thanked her and she left.

“I bet you’re tired.” Ariel said to irim “Oh yes, lets sleep late tomorrow”

“sounds good to me” Snow laid awake, actually feeling guilty. She hadnt felt an ounce of guilt since her mothers passing. Cantaly had a way of making her feel like a real jerk when she was cross with her siblings and now Snow thought maybe she was more of a jerk than she thought she wa due to her jealousy of them. It just wasn’t fair that all her siblings were either handsome or beautiful and there she was, plain Snow. They had even all found love while she was the oldest and alone. Myabe if she had actually listened to her mothers words and softened up she wouldn’t be alone. Snow sighed, laying down and trying to ignore her guilt so she coudl sleep.

Irim and Ariel didn’t wake until a maid got them up so they wouldn’t miss their lunch. They ate with the family who all seemed to be doing well. They decided to go back to Irims after they ate since everybody was fine. Before they left Snow did somthing that floored everyone in the castle and even caused a maid to drop the glasses she was carrying. Snow hugged Ariel “thank you so much sister” Snow kissed her cheek as she pulled back adn Ariel almost cried with happiness. “you’re welcome” she said shakily. Snow turned and went to her room, leaving a crowd of speechless people behind her.

~ The End ~

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