Arrow & Zaylee 2

Chapter One

Zaylee and Breenas laughter filled the house as they discussed the mishaps of their friendship. They had become the best of friends over the past five years of Zaylee being with Breenas father and often spent days together when Arrow was busy with the guard and Breena had nowhere to be. It was growing late in the day now so they were just enjoying eachothers company until Arrow showed up for dinner with Emeril. Since saving him from his father Emeril came over for dinner about two to three times a week and would occasionally come hangout with Arrow, Zaylee and Breena on off days. There were also days when Arrow wanted Zaylee to himself that Emeril would hangout with Breena alone. He loved those days but hadn’t spoken a word of it yet. He’d been working up the nerve for awhile and planned to tell her at somepoint while Arrow and Zaylee were gone.

Arrow had planned a romantic getaway for them and wasn’t sure when they’d be back but was certain they’d be away for atleast a week so Emeril had at the minimum a week to tell Breena how he felt about her and hope he wasn’t laughed at or kindly brushed off. “where are those boys?” Breena asked Zaylee “I don’t know. Training too hard I guess. I’ll have to get on him about it”

“Yeah, i bet you’ll really ride him” Breena said suggestively and Zaylee laughed “Breena” she laughed in unison. “I’m going to miss you two while you’re away but have fun and don’t rush”

“You’ve actually seemed excited about our trip” Breena shrugged. “You know somthing”

“I do not”

“Mmhm, I’ll let you get away with that I guess.”

“He’s just taking you on a romantic trip as a gesture of his love for you”

“It will be nice. He does the sweetest things for me”

“You deserve it. You’ve made him so happy, truly Zaylee. I’ve always liked my father but I really like who he has become with you. Especially since he’s dropped being so serious all the time. You’ve brought out such a happy man”
Emeril groaned as he and Arrow made their way back to Breena’s home. “What are you groaning about?” Arrow asked.

“I think you broke something, I really do. In the five years I’ve been doing this with you, I have never felt pain like this. I didn’t even know these muscles existed.”

Arrow chuckled. “It’s not so bad.”

“Right, I think I’ll just curl up here and wait for Breena to come find me.”

“You know she probably wouldn’t. She’s like me in that respect. Unless you’re seriously wounded or being harmed, she’d leave you right there, but at least she’d have dinner ready by the time you decided to go see her.”

Emeril laughed. “Oh so true, such cold hearted and warm heartedness at the same time. Speaking of food, I wonder what they made for us? I hope something extremely filling.”

“You could eat a horse.”

“And then some. It’s still hard to get used to eating when I want too. Even Kindi goes through moments where he forgets he doesn’t have to hoard food. Our dad and brother were monsters. I regret not taking Kindi away from them earlier.”

Arrow slapped him on the back. “That’s in the past, try to live in the here and now where you have a new family that loves you both very much.”
“I hope” Emeril said in his head. “why does Breena seem so excited about your romantic trip for Zaylee?” Emeril decided to ask. “I have only told my daughter for a reason. I wont have anybody telling Zaylee what I have planned. I only know absolutely my daughter wouldn’t tell her and I really want Zaylee just to enjoy the sweet things I’m going to do and then be surprised at the finale. She deserves the best trip I can give her and I know it’ll be more amazing if it’s nothing but a surprise. Truly you’d rather not know because if it slipped out of your mouth you’d know what me breaking somthing felt like”

“I wouldn’t tell her but I know better than to push you.”

“Smart man”

“Not to poke the bear but you wouldn’t really leave Zaylee out if she decided not to walk all the way home, not overnight anyway”

“Zaylee is different:

“How so?”

“Zaylee is my love and I can’t risk anything happening to her. I let my wife alone one night in the human world because she didn’t feel like walking home and you know how that ended”

“Oh, sorry”

“don’t be stupid. You have a brain so use it before you try to be clever and just end up looking like an idiot” Emeril decided the best answer was no answer. Ruffling Arrow wasn’t a wise thing and he had long since learned not to. Breenas door soon came into view and they stepped in, Arrow first as always. Zaylee ran to Arrow and gave him a kiss “you two were slow today”

“lots of things to do. What did the two of you make us?”

“Just get to the table and see” Breena answered for Zaylee as she finished hugging Emeril.
Arrow and Emeril sat down at the table and Zaylee and Breena brought them the meat pies they had made. “These look and smell amazing.” Arrow said.

“We worked hard, they even have gravy inside.” Zaylee replied as she and Breena got their own then sat down at the table. “So, how was your day today, Emeril looks about ready to pass out.” Zaylee asked.

“We had a good day, lots of hard work.” Arrow answered and slapped Emeril on the back. “This one is a lot tougher than he thinks he is.”

“Except I feel like I should have crawled home.”

“Dad has always been a slave driver when it comes to working for the king. It’s a job you have to take seriously.” Breena chimed in.

“There are still some things I’m getting used too, but other than that I have to say I’m doing pretty good.”

“And I’d have to agree, he’s a hard worker.” Arrow’s praise always made Emeril’s face light up. His own father had never shown anyone affection, but his and Kindi’s older brother.

“Oh, how is Kindi?” Zaylee asked.

“He stays glued to Ealasaid’s side, he’s like her guardian. God help anyone who makes her cry, I mean if she scrapes her knee he’s right there.”
“That’s sweet” Zaylee answered then Breena spoke “will you still be coming to eat dinner with me while my father is away?”

“Of course, as long as I’m welcome”

“Maybe we should invite Ealasaid and your brother over. That way it’s still a fun group thing” Breena added causing Emeril to half smile “yeah, I’ll tell them” They finished eating then Arrow went home with Zaylee. “what did you and my daughter get up to today?”

“Just our normal stuff. We spent a long time talking and laughing about trouble we’ve gotten into. I tried to pry information about our trip but she wouldn’t tell me anything. She knows you have more planned than you’re telling me but she wont say” Arrow smiled “my daughter told you she knew somthing?”

“No, you know how good I am at reading people Arrow”

“True, my daughter only knows because I knew she wouldn’t tell you”

“Its a good surprise isn’t it?”

“of course, why wouldn’t it be?” she shrugged. “Still fishing” Arrow chuckled ‘we leave tomorrow. Calm down. Just let me make you happy for a few days”

“You make me happy without a trip” Arrow kissed her cheek “I know but if I can make you happier, why not?”

“Your daughter really broke Emerils heart inviting other people while we’re away”

“Its his fault, he needs to man up and tell her”

“so mean” she teased.
“You like how mean I can be.” He winked and she blushed, making him laugh.

“You know I should beat you up, but I’d hate to leave you all bruised up, especially since you have this amazing trip planned out for us.”

He smiled and pulled her into his arms, giving her a long slow kiss. “You have no idea how happy you make me Zaylee. You make me a better man.”

“Well, you were already pretty great.”

“I didn’t smile nearly enough.” He gave her another kiss then picked her up and took her into their room, tossing her playfully on the bed so she laughed that beautiful lyrical laugh that made his heart flutter. He pulled at her clothes until she was down to her panties and bra then tugged his own off and climbed in next to her. “I love you more than anything Zaylee, you’re such a gift.”

“I love you too, silly man.”
They slept soundly until morning, Arrow waking first as always. He gently moved off the bed then grabbed a small knife, planning to cut her panties off so he’d be less likely to wake her than if he tried to pull them off. Once broken he carefully moved her legs apart then began to slowly lick her. Zaylee sharply intook air and opened her eyes. Arrow pinned her legs down and she felt him smile as his tongue stroked her. “Arrow” she moaned with a smile of her own. It became torturous pleasure as he kept his slow pace, refuseing to go faster. “baby, please” she begged through a moan and he just smiled again. When he built her slowly like this she had a far more intense orgasm than if he went faster and this morning thats what he wanted.

When she finally reached her climax her moans were nearly screams. He let her legs go then crawled up so he was over her “good morning beautiful”

“You aren’t going to?” she couldnt even finish in her breathless voice “No, I just wanted to say good morning in a really good way” she gave the bets laugh she could manage “that was certainly amazing”

“Yet you beg me every time I do it”

“I can’t help it” he kissed her cheek “I know, we should shower before heading out” Zaylee stood on her shaking legs, making the triumphant smile a little more smug. “shut up Arrow” she said and he happily chuckled. They showered then prepared a small bag. They ate a light breakfast then went to the castle to take two horses from the kings field. Once on their way Zaylee said to her black and white horse “Thank you for carrying me. Atleast this way you get to be out” she still hated the idea of any animals being caged but she had long since stopped setting them all free. It was a pointless effort and she was obviously the only person in their world that didn’t want animals to stay in fences and barns.

It also made Arrow angry at her so it was s crusade that had to stop. Arrow felt a little bad hearing her talk to the horse. He normally didn’t use any type of animal to avoid her conversations with them but their date would take much more time than the guard could spare him for if they had to walk to all these places. The animals of the world just couldn’t all run free and in his opinion the royal horses were especially happy animals in their fields and barn but he knew Zaylee didn’t like it.

When she finished talking to her horse she smiled at Arrow “I love you”

“Love you too Zaylee”

“Thank you for this morning but you have to quit destroying my underwear” He chuckled “I’ll buy you more”

“I need more when we get back.”
“Well I don’t think so, but if you insist.”

“Pervert.” She shoved him and he grabbed her hand, his fingers lacing with hers as they rode side by side.

“Forgive me for wishing you’d stay naked when it’s just us at home. I like looking at you.”

“If I did that we’d never go anywhere.”

He shrugged. “That wouldn’t be too bad.”

She smiled and rolled her eyes and he brought her fingers to his lips. “To think our relationship started with you never arresting me. Although you threatened plenty. I think you liked chasing me.”

“Maybe I did, I loved you then like I love you now. You brought out something in me I thought was dead. I never thought I could love or need someone again after what happened to my wife, but I love you more than anything. You better never let anything take you from me, I don’t think I could take losing you.”
“Please, nothing can kill me. I would have managed to get the upper hand myself with those men if you hadn’t come” Arrow smiled and Zaylee asked “can i know how far we need to ride?”

“About an hour in total, twenty minuets this way then we will make a left then a right a bit further down”

“Thank you, sounds like we’re going to see the Houndkets” Arrow sighed “this is why i dont offer any information”

“Oh Arrow, you listen.”

“Of course I do. You told me a few months ago you used to play with them a lot and now you miss seeing them. I thought I’d start out by taking you to them and us playing around with them”

“it’s sweet, I’m surprised with how often I used to play with them that you did tell me how far it was” Arrow shrugged “I’m an idiot I guess”

“You’re not an idiot love. Thank you for listening”

“well, I had to throw a few things in you had talked about since you accused me of not actually listening to you”

“well i was trying to tell you somthing important and you just had one thing on your mind. When I asked you to repeat the last sentence I said you couldn’t” Arrow was nervous he was going to lead into that fight again and wanted to back out of this line of talk as fast as possible. “I’m sorry, it had been a long day of wanting to come home and get lost in you but that was no excuse. You wanted to talk and I should have really been listening”

“this is also why me being naked all the time would be a bad idea. My body is too distracting”

“that it very much is my love” They rode along talking of happier things until they arrived. Zaylle dropped down and pulled out a whistle she still carried. Soon the animals began rushing to her, one knocking Zaylee off her feet. “such pretty puppies”

“Hardly any of these are puppies” Arrow said as he slid down. “they are all puppies at heart” she said with a smile that stole Arrows breath again. Zaylee gasped as she saw one that was just a baby last time she was here. “hey there” it ran up and licked her face. It had two small, purple and white horns. Its fur was a mixture of light blue and pink with lines and spots in certain areas. Zaylee hugged the creature “you’ve become so beautiful”
It yipped at her and licked her chin, giving her a little nibble so she giggled. Arrow just watched her, only looking away when one of the large hounds bumped its head against his shoulder for attention. “Alright, alright ease up.” He scratched its head and it flopped down then rolled over so he could rub its belly.

“She likes you.” Zaylee said as she pushed one of the more excitable ones back.

“It’s probably because she smells you on me.”

“That’s not true, she just likes you. These cuties can tell when someone is good or bad, plus they can sense how at ease I am around you. They see us as mates.”

He smiled and moved closer to her. He leaned in and kissed her which was broken up by a big, slobbery tongue to both of their faces. They both laughed and played with the hounds until they were hungry and exhausted. Zaylee pulled out two of the meat pies she and Breena had made and handed one to Arrow. The hounds sat there drooling, pouting in only that way dogs can and Arrow sighed before throwing them small bits. “Now go lay down and stop begging.” They all made whining, huffing noises then went and laid down a few feet away.

Chapter Two

Zaylee laughed happily “this is already nice”

“I’m glad”

“do I get any more hints?”

“Not after figuring this out”

“Are we leaving after we eat?’

“Yes, i have many things I’d like to do with you”

“alright, I want to come back here soon though”

“I hope you’ll feel that way about everywhere we go”

“With how well you know me I’m sure I will” They ate then hugged the beautiful hounds goodbye before saddling back on their horses. Zaylees favorite whimpered “I’m sorry, I’ll be back” It only continued and she looked at Arrow. “Can she come?”

“sure” Zaylee rubbed the horses neck “do you mind carrying her too?” The horses nodded its head and Zaylee lifted the dog “don’t get her with your claws now.” Arrow smiled “are you keeping her?”

“as long as she’d like to stay with me. I guess she needs a name now”

“How about Starburst?” Arrow suggested. “I like it. Can i call you Starburst?’ she asked and the Houndket licked her. Zaylee took this as a yes and let her horse walk on. They rode until the horses were tired which was near sunset anyway so it was the perfect time for rest. Starburst leapt down and ran off. “I guess she just wanted a ride” Arrow said and Zaylee shrugged “if she comes back she comes back and if she doesnt she doesnt” They ate again then settled down for the night, Starburst coming back when they were already laying down. She settled in a spot near them and went to sleep.

It was nearly three am when zaylee woke needing to use the bathroom. She noticed Arrow had rolled a bit away from her so she had no trouble getting up without disturbing him. She walked until there were thick trees so any passers wouldn’t see her with her pants down and relieved herself. It was when she was walking back that a small pitfall trap left behind by a hunter caught Zaylee in her half asleep state. She screamed and fell with a hard thud. Arrow jumped up, hearing her scream. His heart beat quickly with fear and he ran with the also awake Starburst.

Zaylee had very nearly crawled out when she felt Arrow grab her. “what’re you doing way over here?” he asked angrily in his fear for her safety. “I just had to pee and fell in this trap a hunter irresponsibly left. Don’t snap at me like that”

“why weren’t you looking where you were going?”

“because I’m tired Arrow. Simmer down and lets get some more rest before you piss me off.” Starburst rubbed itself against her “thats more like it’ she lifted her and gave her a long hug “you’re just glad I’m ok”

“I am too Zaylee.” Arrow responded and Zaylee sighed “lets just go lay back down. I know you were just scared Arrow. I just would appreciate not being scolded like i’m a child who wandered from their parent in the night. I think a woman my age can go to the bathroom without her boyfriend being an ass about it”
“I’m sorry for snapping, but what if you had been seriously injured.” He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Do you know what would happen if I lost you?”

“I know, I’ll be more careful next time.”

Arrow took a deep breath and they settled back down, his arm locking tightly around her waist. She fell quickly back to sleep and he laid there for a few minutes, allowing his fear to slip away so he was calm enough to fall asleep. The next morning Starburst licked his face and he opened his eyes, giving her a little glare that made her sit. Zaylee groaned and Arrow rolled her onto her back. “You’re hurting.”

“Yeah, my arm hurts and I think my ribs are bruised.”

“We’ll take it slow today then. There are some berry bushes not far from here. We can eat then be on our way.” He pushed himself off the ground then pulled her slowly up. He helped her onto her horse then climbed onto his own. Starburst walked this time, staying close to the horses as they made their way to the berry bushes. Once there they ate their fill then continued on. “Do you want to know where we’re going next?”

“No way, it’s supposed be a surprise. No reason to tell me just because I have a few bruises.”

“Well at least know you’re really going to be happy about it.” They rode on until they came to a game trail on their left. He turned his horse and they started up the small incline. The closer they got to the top of the hill, the warmer and foggier it became.

“This fog is kind of creepy.”

He laughed. “It’s steam, there are a bunch of hot springs up here and believe it or not they weren’t part of my original plan, but I figured you might want to soak after your fall.”
“Thank you. It wasn’t a long drop but it still hurt pretty bad.”

“They aren’t made to feel good for the animals they trap so I can imagine. When I was very young I fell in one”


“I did”

“The great captain of the guard seriously fell for one of those?”

“Yes and I was wide awake. You can ask the king yourself”

“It’s a little hard to believe but I believe you.” They went on until they had made it to the hot springs. They both stripped down to their underwear then slid in. Zaylee let out somthing that was both a moan and a sigh as the heat helped her aching body. Arrow pulled Zaylee close then turned her face for a kiss. “already feeling better?” he asked as he pulled back. “Oh yeah, amazing idea”

“we’re not in a rush on this trip so we can stay here as long as you feel like”

“why’d we have to leave the houndkets so soon then?’

“well, there i couldn’t see you naked”

“I think I’m dating the biggest pervert that ever lived. Are you always out for sex?”

“No, to be more honest I’d just rather have you comfortable for the trip and if I get to see you naked while somthings making you feel better than thats all i can ask for”

“not that I’m totally nude”

“Yes but we cant have anybody coming by and looking at you. Many people know about this place”

“so true, those poor jealous women of my body and your horse would be jealous of you” she winked and he laughed. “I love you so much Zaylee”

“I love you too. I do feel bad for scaring you last night”

“No, it was fine. I do over worry about you at times and I shouldn’t have acted the way i did about it. Don’t mention it any more. You were tired and no matter what you stumbled into I would have saved you. You know that so felt more security” Zaylee rested her head on Arrow “You’ve made these five years so happy Arrow. I want to always be with you” She said in a near whisper.
“I would be incredibly depressed if you didn’t.”

She kissed his chest. “You are the most amazing man Arrow, you’ve done so much for me, even getting the king to make a new law against animal abuse. I never thought he’d go for it, not in a million years, but you made it possible.”

“He’s a good man Zaylee, he was there for me when my wife died, he helped me keep it together for not only myself but for Breena as well. He cares about his world and his people very much.”

“How many times did he chastise you for not arresting me?”

“He didn’t really. I think he was more interested in why I hadn’t made a move than whether or not I threw you in a cell. Everyone could see how much I loved you, even Ealasaid gave me advice and she was just a little thing.”

She laughed and lifted her head to look at him. “I’m glad you finally said something, you stubborn man.”

They spent a little while longer soaking in the warm water before getting out and laying on the rocks to dry. They kept their ears open in case someone was making their way up to the hot springs. Once their skin was dry enough they pulled their clothes on and climbed onto their horses, Zaylee feeling a lot better after being in the water. She knew her ribs would still bruise, but the pain had lessened with their soak.
“How’re you feeling baby?” Arrow asked a little ways down the road. “a lot better, thanks again for the pit stop”

“anything for you.”

“we dont have to be so slow”

“I insist Zaylee. We’re not in a huge rush”

“Ok” They traveled a bit further until Arrow stopped and helped her down off her horse. “I want to carry you so you can close your eyes but I’m worried about your ribs so you can just keep them open”

“I trust you just to guide me if you want”

“Ok then” Arrow took Zaylees hand then directed her through a bunch of trees that would have been difficult and possibly frustrating for their horses to maneuver through. Eventually Arrow spoke “open your eyes beautiful” She smiled the second her eyes open “Our fourth date”

“Yes, I thought it would be romantic to come back. This is a really nice spot and the Pegasus should be here in the early morning.”

“they weren’t here last time?”

“They migrate. During this part of the year they typically come here. I hope we’re not too early”

“If we are everythings so beautiful here anyway. I really love our world.”

“me too”

“Not many creatures know the crisp, clean air we do and the comforts of a constant springtime. Do you think we should have done anything for the horses before coming this way?”

“Oh they are fine.”

“I hope the pegasus do come”

“we can always stay here until they do.”

“what if ti takes weeks”

“we’ll be here awhile then wont we” Arrow responded and Zaylee laughed “The guard needs you”

“I know, I have to keep the men trained if they are ever needed” They just talked, Arrow admiring Zaylees brown eyes through the whole conversation. He was tempted to pull the ring out right now but it wasn’t time for that yet. The next morning it was the sound of the beautiful creatures they had been waiting on that woke Arrow. He gently wok Zaylee and pressed a finger to her lips then pointed. Zaylee rubbed her eyes and sat up, wonderment crossing her face. Arrow sighed happily, paying far more attention to Zaylees delight than the beautiful horses. His heart was pounding happily. His hand slid into his pocket and he grasped the small ring box, seriously contemplating asking Zaylee before he had originally planned to.
“Oh look, a baby.” Zaylee said and he jerked his hand out of his pocket. She pointed at the smaller pegasus that walked close to one of the mares. “The babies are my favorite.”

He chuckled and kissed her cheek. “You can be incredibly adorable sometimes.”

“Just sometimes?”

“I didn’t mean to imply you were ever not adorable.”

She giggled. “You would think after all this time you would know when I’m just messing with you.” She leaned in and pressed her lips into his. His fingers slipped into her hair and he held her there, finding it hard to pull away from the sweetness of her mouth. She started laughing and pushed her head back. “Calm down, we don’t want to startle them, you know how a herd’s stallion can get.”

“I would hate for us to get attacked. I guess I can wait.”

“Oh don’t pout, it’s not fair.”

“I’m not pouting, I’m fake pouting.”
Zaylee smiled and gave him another brief kiss. They watched until they became hungry then walked back to where they left their horses. Arrow gave a loud whistle when he couldn’t see them but no response came. He whistled again and this time they came to him “there we go beautys” they rode along, visons of where Arrow could be leading Zaylee zoomed through her head.

The guard was breaking without their captain so Emeril took the chance to be with Breena alone this morning. he knocked nervously though he had hungout with her so many times before. “hey there Emeril. What brings you here?”

“I was wondering if just the two of us could hangout today”

“sounds wonderful, let me finish my breakfast first. Would you like anything?”

“No thank you, I’ve eaten” Breena ate quickly then slipped her shoes on “what should we do?”

“Um, can we just sit outside and talk? I’ve been meaning to ask you somthing Breena”

“ask away” she said as she stepped outside. They sat down and Emeril rubbed the back of his neck. “do you like me?”

“are we 12?’


“I dont know, thats such a kids way to ask a girl out” Emeril blushed and she laughed ‘of course you knuckle head. I thought you’d be a little smoother asking me out”

‘you are your fathers daughter”

“thank you, thats a compliment to me”

“can i ask you another question now that i’ve finally asked the big one?”

“stop asking to ask question”

“sorry, what is your dad going to do on their trip?’

“ask Zaylee to marry him. I’m so happy. Especially because I know she loves him enough to say yes”
“That’s fantastic, if anyone deserves to get married it’s them.” He rubbed his neck again and she grabbed his hand.

“Something else bothering you?”

“Someday I hope we can get married.”

“And I’m sure someday we will.”

“Is that a yes already?”

She smiled sweetly. “I guess you’ll find out when you ask me.”

The next stop on their trip was a place he knew would make Zaylee laugh. The memory associated with it had not been one he was fond of at the time and even now it worried him a little, but at least now he could smile about it. The minute the cliff came into sight Zaylee’s lips twitched into a smile and her musical laughter bubbled up, making him smile as well. “The cliff, the first time I tested how far you’d chase me.” She said, laughing harder.

“You jumped off and into the river, I followed you to make sure you hadn’t hit your head and of course once I got to the bank you were just standing there waiting for me. You had let some guys entire farm loose, it was utter chaos.”
“It was fun, especially for the animals. I’m surprised you would want to come here”

“I knew it would make you laugh. You love scaring me”

“I just truly wanted to see how far you’d chase”

“I’d chase you anywhere Zaylee, always. Just don’t jump again.”

“Oh but it’s fun”

“Zaylee” She dropped off her horse and Arrow followed, his heart pounding though he had known if he brought her here she would jump again. When he followed her here the first time she had shown him that she had obviously done this many times. Starburst stayed with the horses as they jumped off the cliff. Just as last time they were both ok and Zaylee was laughing. “scared again but wasn’t that fun?” he kissed her cheek “yeah, it was”

“I thought Starburst would follow”

“she’s not crazy’ Zaylee laughed harder and hugged Arrow. “It means a lot even now you never arrested me”

“you made peoples lives harder but it wasnt like you were doing horrible things”

“yay for everybody i’ve stopped I guess” Arrow ran his hand up her back “atleast nobody can hurt the animals any longer”

“Yeah, thank you so much” Zaylee pushed Arrow down and began kissing him. He slid a hand in her hair while letting the other rest on her back. Arrow suddenly became worried about the ring and pushed Zaylee off, quickly fishing in his pocket. “woah, whats wrong?” she asked just as he sighed in relief “nothing baby”

“Obviously somthing Arrow” Arrow wanted to ask Zaylee badly and they could still continue their trip even if he already asked. He didn’t know any way to back out of this conversation regardless. “I had a big gesture planned.”

“a gesture for what?”
He sighed. “For asking you to marry me.” He pulled the box out of his pocket and opened it, her eyes widening at the sight of the ring. “Well say something.”

“Really?” She asked.

“Well yeah really, I love you Zaylee more than anything. Believe it or not it took a lot of courage to do this.” They both knew why. He had felt every bit of his first wife’s pain, had felt her slipping away and he had not been able to do anything to save her. So when he said it took a lot of courage, he meant it.

She smiled and plucked the ring out of the box then slipped it on her finger. “Of course I’ll marry you.”


“Well yeah really, silly man.” She kissed him and he held her tightly against him.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too and I’m sorry I ruined your proposal.”

“You didn’t, it just happened earlier than anticipated.”
“it means so much you want to marry me after what happened to Breenas mother” Arrow tucked some hair behind Zaylees ear “you are worth any amount of pain Zaylee. I want to always be with you”

“Breena sure held on to a big secret”

“My daughter is very loyal. If I tell her i dont want somthing said she wont say it. Even to someone who is as close to her as you”

“This ring is so beautiful, when did you get it?”

“The last time you and my daughter decided to go missing a few days”

‘we left you a note”

“I know, just stating when” Zaylee gave Arrow a long kiss. “Now that you can feel my pain I’ll be a little more careful. I dont want to give you heart attacks at work”

“Zaylee, I dont want you to ever change who you are. You scare the hell out of me but I love precisely the woman you are. I want you to be careful but not at the cost of you and Breena having fun”

“when can we have the ceremony?”

“Drake and I have set a date next month. We can work out any details you want and get them together”

“perfect, I dont have a dream wedding so I wont be picky”
“Every woman has something they want in their wedding, even if it’s something small. Breena’s mother told me the same thing, that she would be happy with whatever, then one day she saw these pretty pink and yellow flowers and she had to have them so one of her friends made her a crown out of them. So, are you sure there is nothing special you want?”

“Well, do you remember where we first met?”

“Yeah, you were chasing some guys through the woods who had been poaching wolves for their fur. You had taken their clothes and were making them go home naked, but they didn’t want too so you were just chasing them. Someone came and told me they heard yelling.”

“Well there’s a field next to it that I want to get married in.”

His lips twitched and before he could stop himself he was alternating between laughing and kissing her. He took and deep breath and wiped at the tears in his eyes. “Okay, we’ll get married there.” He started laughing again. “I didn’t know what to think that day.”
“I’m just glad you were called so we could meet”

“me too, I fell in love with you at first sight. I wasnt aware of it then but I did. It was everything about how you were that day. I loved your spirit right away and how much you truly care for animals”

“we are animals. We were never meant to dominate our brethren” Starburst began to whine so they quickly traveled back up to her and their horses. The rest of their trip was filled with smiles and laughter when Zaylee wasn’t scaring Arrow. When they arrived back home they announced their engagement to everyone and Breena expressed how glad she was to finally not have to carry around that huge and amazing of a secret.

Breena and Aideen helped Zaylee make choices for the wedding right up until the day arrived. The ceremony was simple but very beautiful and all of their friends, family and the guard attended. Just before the dagger pierced their hands Zaylee said “theres no turning back after this my love”

“I know and I wont ever want to go back on this amazing day Zaylee” The dagger came down and they both just smiled happily at eachother. Almost instantly they were filled with eachothers love which brought the two of them to tears. It was truly the best feeling to honestly know how much the person your with loves you. Drake insisted Arrow take more time off and he took it excitedly. Arrow knew he’d have to fear for Zaylee even more now that they were connected but he looked forward to the eternity they had together.

~ The End ~

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