Asta & Sigge

Chapter One

Sigge sat outside with his cat Kay in his lap as he went between stroking her fur and scratching her neck. The day had been gorgeous but now he could smell it was going to rain so he stood with Kay and kissed her head “guess we better go inside little miss” he took her in then pulled out some fish to cook for her. He was just going to snack on some chips. She randomly rubbed on his legs as he cooked, causing bright smiles to light his face. “always such a sweet cat. What am I to do with you?” She purred and kept going until he chopped up her food and gave it to her. “I’m going to shower and then nap okay? I have a new student coming in a little bit”

She meowed and he walked away. Sigge hadn’t mentioned the gender yet so Asta worried it might be a woman. She felt so selfish for worrying. She could never be with him in this form so why should he have to be single forever so she wouldn’t have to be jealous. When she finished she ran into the bathroom. He had left the door slightly open for her as always. She jumped into the shower and meowed causing Sigge to laugh. He rinsed his hair then lifted her “Crazy cat” he had always found it strange she liked showers so much. He held her for a short time then set her down “let me wash my body”

Asta washed feeling that same lust for him. His body was incredibly sexy. There was so much she would do to it if she only had her body back. When he was done he rinsed out her fur then dried them both. “you going to nap with me Kay?” she purred her yes and he carried her to his room. He slipped on deep red boxers then got under the covers with Asta. “Night Kay” she frowned though she knew he couldn’t tell “I want to tell you so badly my name is Asta” she said sadly in her head.

His alarm was what woke them. He stretched “damn, time to get ready for my new student” he got up and Asta admired the view while she could. He liked his sleep so he had set the alarm so close he was barely ready when Taavi, his new student, knocked on the door. He walked over with Asta at his heels “welcome’ he said in a friendly voice as he opened the door. ‘welcome” the demon said then came in. Asta was surprised. Sigge normally only had fairy students, this was the first demon. She held hope in her heart the demon would know her for what she really was and then maybe sombody would actually work on changing her back.

A few demons had recognized her for what she was before she found Sigge but they had only laughed at her misfortune. She knew that Sigge would care enough to fix her if there was a way. She just hoped that after she was human he would understand that she hadnt been deceiving him. She had absolutely no way of telling him what she was or she would have told him sooner that she was a half demon half elf cursed by a goddess to live as a cat the rest of her days.

Taavi shook his hand with a happy smile and Asta rubbed against the demon’s leg. “Come on Kay, let him all the way in before you shower him with affection.” Sigge said as he picked her up. Taavi stared at her for a moment and she meowed.

“Cute cat.” Taavi said and reached out to scratch her head. “Where did you get her?”

“She was a stray, poor thing.”

“Hmm, it’s very nice of you to take in a creature with no home. How old is she?”

“Uh…” Sigge thought about that. “Wow, old I guess.”

“Well she’s a lucky girl. She never has to sleep in the rain or snow, she gets to cuddle up with you every night and stay warm.”

“If anyone’s lucky, it’s me. She’s been a real sweetie.” He scratched under her chin then put her down. “Well shall we get to work?”

“No!” she protested in her head. “Please recognize me for what I am! Please! I’m not cat! You have to see it!” Asta had so much hope when she saw him and though she felt discouraged she wasn’t going to give up hope he would see the elf living inside the cat. He had to because she didn’t know how much longer she could stand how much it hurt to live with a man you loved and have no way to tell him you weren’t an animal and how crazy you were about them. She knew Sigge would get annoyed with her if she interfered with lessons so for now she turned the sink on by pushing the lever up with her head and sadly caught droplets with her tongue. She would think of some way to show Taavi she wasn’t a cat.

As Sigge sat there talking to Taavi, he noticed the demon kept glancing toward the kitchen where Kay had disappeared. He finally looked over, but didn’t see her. He wondered why the demon was so curious about his cat. Kay came back into the living room and jumped up on the coffee table, her eyes staring unblinking at Taavi. “Come on girl, off the table.” He went to pick her up and she moved away from him. “Kay, down.” She sat down and he wondered why she had suddenly become so disobedient. He reached for her again and she swatted at him, not using her claws, but shocking him all the same. “Kay, bad kitty.”

She felt bad, but she needed the demon to see her for what she was and she knew if she showed some type of human like behavior, he would have to notice. She jumped on Taavi, her paws pressing against his chest as she stared at him. Sigge reached over and grabbed her by her scruff, lifting her into the air. “No wait.” Taavi said. “Just wait. How long did you say you had her?”

“I didn’t.” Sigge said, his reprimand stopped in mid word.

“How long?”

“I don’t know, twenty-two years.”

“That cat?”


“You do realize how ridiculous that is for a cat right? They don’t live that long. Regular cats only live fiteen years and thats if they have proper care. She was a stray when you found her wasn’t she? I don’t think this is your run of the mill cat.” Taavi’s attention was now on Asta “are you really a cat? Just nod or shake” Asta shook and Sigge took a half step back in shock “what does she mean she’s not a cat?” he asked, panic in his voice. “precisely that girl, are you a shifter?” she shook and he pondered ‘did you piss off a witch?” Asta did not think the demon would guess goddess and that woman may as well be nothing but a witch so she nodded. “Oh so you’re stuck huh?”

Asta nodded again and Taavi chuckled ‘sorry, I know laughing’s mean but its funny to think old Sigge here has thought you nothing but a cat this whole time. We can’t blame him though. I’m guessing you don’t want to be a cat right?” Asta nodded and Taavi looked at Sigge “looks like we have bigger things on our hands than you giving me lessons. I mean, do you want to help her undo this spell? I personally wouldn’t feel right leaving her this way now that I’m aware she isn’t a cat”

Sigge just stared at her and she jumped down, moving toward him and making him back up. “Don’t.” He said and she felt her heart breaking at his sudden rejection. She wished she could tell him how sorry she was for staying with him while under such a spell, but once he had started to love her, it had been hard to walk away.

“Sigge?” Taavi said.

“When do you want to leave?”

“We can go tonight. I would have to go home and pack some clothes.”

“Fine, tonight then.”

Taavi got to his feet and started out then turned back around and said, “I believe she would have told you if she could.” He then turned away and left them alone. Sigge looked down at her, at his beautiful little Kay. She looked so sad, even in cat form her eyes shown with sorrow. He sighed, swallowing his anger and picking her up.

“It’s alright Kay, we’ll get you out of this body.” He said as he held her close and stroked her fur.

She started to cry and he hugged her “Oh Kay, please don’t. It’s just…a shock okay.” she meowed, frustrated within. She wanted to speak, wanted her own body, wanted Sigge to love her as a woman and not some animal. She hated that vicious goddess for doing this to her when she hadn’t even done anything to her in the first place. How was she to control the womans husband. She had done her part by rejecting his advances but no, the bitch had to punish her for her husbands indiscretions. Asta feared that Sigge might not be able to love her as a human since he had known her this long as a cat. He might always see an animal and be repulsed by romance with her.

She decided to stop inwardly panicking and atleast be grateful that the demon said what she wished she could, that she would have been honest with him if she had any means of communication. Sigge held her for awhile longer then set her gently on his bed “I’m going to pack a bag okay?” she nodded and he rested his hand on her head “I still love you Kay” he said, though it honestly did feel a little weird saying it now that he knew she wasn’t a cat.

Kay watched him pack, all the while Sigge put two and two together and realized she had her own name. Now he felt foolish calling her Kay and didn’t quite know what to call her. There were too many names in existence for them to play a guessing game until he got it right so that would have to be a mystery until they could figure out how to fix her.

When he had everything they needed, even a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for Kay if and when they changed her back, he put his bag next to the door and flopped down on the couch. He still couldn’t believe Kay was a person, it was still such a shock. She meowed from the floor and he patted his lap and she jumped up. He stroked her fur and let out a little sigh. “I’m okay, just still a little surprised. I can’t wait to see your real face, it’ll make things less odd.” He let out a little chuckle. “To think you actually took showers with me, how devious.”

If she had been in human for she would have blushed, all she could do was feel embarrassed and ashamed. She looked up at him apologetically and he scratched behind her ear. “I’m not angry Kay, I promise. You got a real eyeful didn’t you.” She meowed, crawling up and rubbing her face against his cheek, making him let out a soft laugh. “You really are sweet, too sweet to be cursed like this. I wonder what happened.”

She meowed and he smiled “I bet there has been thousands of words in your meows. You’ve always been so smart. I’m not sure how it never crossed my mind you weren’t really a cat. I’m a fairy, you’d think I would consider that in the realm of possibilities. She almost went to lick his cheek but thought better of it. Licking him, showering with him, all of that had truly been wrong even though she didn’t think she’d ever be a woman again. It wasn’t right since he wasn’t aware that it was truly a half elf, half demon he had been spending his days with.

When Taavi returned Sigge got up “so where do you think we should go to figure this out?”

“I’m going to consult with a very wise friend of mine. At the very least he can give us a good starting point”

“alright, can you fly or do we have to walk?’

“I can fly” with that Sigge lifted Asta into his arms “don’t you fidgit alright?” she meowed, promising she’d lay still in his arms.They walked out with their bags and took to the sky. “Taavi, all your lessons will be free for this”

“thank you”

“No, thank you for helping me help Kay”

Chapter Two

“How far do we have to go?” Sigge asked.

“Just keep on straight ahead and stay close.” He sped up and Sigge did as well, keeping up with him easily. He hugged Kay tighter to him and Taavi suddenly waved his hand. They were transported in a flash of blinding violet light, finding themselves in a whole other world. “He’s not far from here.” Sigge followed him over a forest and they landed in front of a cottage. Taavi walked up to the door a tapped lightly.

“Coming Taavi.” A voice said from the other side of the door. They heard footsteps and the door was pulled open. “It’s so good to see you again and you brought friends.” The man’s eyes rested on Asta. “Cursed friends, come inside.”

“How did you know he was here?” Sigge asked curiously.

“We have a bit of a bond. When he was a boy, I found him in the woods, dying. In order to save him, I gave him some of my life force which caused us to become slightly connected. I can feel when he’s close and he can feel when I’m close. It’s like radar. He can also travel between worlds by opening a tear, he’s a natural at it.”

“that’s amazing, I just experienced him do that myself” Latrell moved out of the doorway and opened it wider “come on in. Let me see what I can do about this poor misses” Once inside Latrell asked “may I hold her sir?” Sigge handed Asta over and Latrell walked into his library and set her down on the table, soon followed by Sigge and Taavi. He stroked her fur as he looked at her “this is a powerful curse you have on you. I’d venture to say this was the work of a goddess” Asta nodded “answer me truthfully, did you deserve this punishment?’ Asta shook her head. “well, even the gods and goddess’s aren’t perfect so I believe you and will do my best to help you.” She meowed, hoping he knew it was a thank you.

“Taavi, There’s some fish in the fridge you can make Asta. Once you’re done with that make something for everyone else”

“Asta?’ Sigge asked. Taavi answered before his father could “He can sense names. I’d bet my life Asta is actually her name”

“Asta” he repeated almost to himself before standing “well, let me cook for Asta and you can start our meal. I’ve been making her food a long time so she’s used to how I do it”


‘you stay with me Asta” Latrell quickly said, knowing she was about to chase. She obediently sat still, glad her love at the minimum knew her real name now. Soon Sigge came back with a small bowl and set it by Asta before sitting down himself to wait. Asta ate it all greatfully, always appreciating the care he took in preparing meals for her. He made being cursed much easier.

“So how are we going to get her human form back?” Sigge asked as he stroked her head.

“Well, in all honesty the power of a goddess is much stronger than mine, but since she was not treated fairly perhaps you could ask another god or goddess of the same world to set up a meeting between all of the gods and goddesses. They will force the goddess who did this to turn her back and let her explain herself.”

“Do think they would really do that?” Taavi asked.

“I am quite sure. You’ll have to take them of course.”

“Of course, my tears will get them there much faster.”

“Do you know which world she was cursed in?” Sigge asked.

“Give me a few moments.”

Taavi grabbed his shoulder. “If anyone can figure this out, it’s Latrell, he’s amazingly gifted.”

“He’s impatient to be done with this and get Asta’s body back. It must be love.” Latrell replied.

“of course I love her. She’s been my cat almost twenty two years” Latrell just smiled “‘I’m an old and wise being Sigge. I just have a feeling things might change quickly for you two once she’s a woman again. I don’t think it was mere chance it was you who took her in, no no. I think maybe the world was guiding soul mates together”

“su..soul mates?” Latrell smiled again “don’t mind me boy. Just let me try to figure out where she was cursed so you men know where to go.” Taavi patted Sigge’s shoulder ‘come on, give him some space. You can help me finish cooking” Sigge sighed and walked out. His Kay, no his Asta might be who he was destined for? Could that truly be. As he helped Taavi his mind drifted to their days together, their future and if she had ever liked the name Kay. It would be embarrassing for him if she had hated it all these years and simply couldn’t protest.

While Sigge helped with dinner, Asta sat on Latrell’s coffee table while gathered books and sat them on the other end. “What I’m going to do is go through these books with you and you can paw at the page with the name of the goddess who cursed you.” Asta meowed and he smiled. “You want to know what these books are right?” She nodded. “Names and descriptions of gods, goddesses, powerful demons and other creatures. It helps me know who to go to if I need help or who to avoid if I visit another world.”

She pawed at the first book and he flipped it open, turning each page slowly so she had time to read the names. Sigge and Taavi came into the living room after they had gone through two books, Taavi handing Latrell a plated and Sigge sitting a bowl on the floor for her. She meowed her thanks and hopped down to eat.

“she’s a big eater for a lady” Taavi teased. Asta ignored and just ate her food. She wondered if he had forgotten he had only just given her some food before he went to help finish cooking. When Latrell was full he set his plate in the sink then went back into the library with Asta. They opened their third book and got busy trying to find who had done this to her. It wasn’t until the fifth book that Asta furiously pawed at a page. “Oh my, Durga. You got into a run in with her husband didn’t you? I’ve known him to be promiscuous and her to be jealous and catty over him. It’s honestly a shame. Part of her role is to alleviate suffering and look what she’s done to you. I’m surprised she hasn’t been demoted by the other god’s and goddesses to be replaced.”

He lifted Asta and walked out “it was Durga”

“oh, the fierce, demon fighting Goddess who sits upon a lion. Her name means one who alleviates suffering.” Taavi said giving the goddess her description. Latrell smiled proudly, always happy when he saw the results of his teaching. “perfect my boy. I’m sure you’re not shocked now at whats become of Asta”

“what do you mean?” Sigge asked and Taavi turned “since becoming married to her ass of a husband she’s become a bitch and barely doing her job atall. Undoubtedly her husband made a pass at Asta and she punished her for it in this way”

“That’s insane. Why should Asta be punished for the sins of some asshole?” Sigge asked as he took her into his arms and stroked her head.

“That man has given Durga nothing but trouble, driven her to a jealous rage with his whoring around. You could feel sorry for her at first, but after awhile it’s honestly her fault for staying. She’s a beautiful woman and usually incredibly intelligent, she doesn’t need to stay with her husband. It’s not like there’s some law against divorce where she comes from.” Latrell explained then sighed.

“How are we going to get her to give Asta’s form back?”

“Do as I said and rally the other gods and goddesses, it’s really the only way.”

“Where do we have to go?” Taavi asked.

“Setovia, you remember the place, I took you when you were young.”

“The place with the great apple tree right? The apples are the prettiest shade of yellow and one bite can heal any wound or disease.”

“Yes, that’s the place.”

“at least it’s a place I know. Wont be hard atall to get you two there. I’m very sorry Asta. She truly used to be an amazing goddess.” Asta meowed at him and Taavi asked “are you ready to leave now?”

“yes, if you are”

“Of course, Asta has waited long enough to be a woman again” Latrell hugged his son then followed them out to wave them all off.Sigge was pissed off for Astas sake now. This was incredibly unfair and he wasn’t leaving until Durga reversed this. She wasn’t going to spend eternity as a cat because Durgas husband liked to sleep around.

With Taavi easily taking them through tears it was an incredibly short journey to get to where they needed to be “what do we do now?’ Sigge asked the second they landed. “Just follow me. We must walk and be respectful. These are gods and goddess’s we’ll be talking to” Sigge held Asta close and followed close behind his new friend, hoping this would go over easily

They found a couple of gods practicing archery in a valley, their bows drawn as they competed to see who the better aim was. They were quite something to look at, both handsome with a powerful aura. They both turned when they heard approaching footsteps, revealing themselves to be twins, though one had long blue hair that fell past his waist and bright green eyes, while the other was blonde with deep blue eyes. “Pardon us.” Taavi said, giving them a small bow with his head. “We have come to speak to you and the other gods and goddesses of this world on a personal matter.”

The twins glanced at each other and then back, the blonde speaking, “Does it have anything to do with that cat?”

“Yes it does.” Sigge jumped in. “She was changed by a goddess named Durga.”

Both gods frowned. “Does it have anything to do with her husband?” The blue haired god asked.

“Yes, he was caught flirting with Asta so Durga cursed her. It’s completely unfair, the blame lies solely on a man who constantly disrespects his wife. Asta did nothing wrong.”

The blonde god stepped forward and looked Asta in the eye. “Is this true kitty cat?”

She stared right back, their eyes staying locked for a few moments then the god sighed and nodded to his brother who started walking and gestured for them to follow. “Does this mean you’ll help us?” Sigge asked.

“Of course, it was wrong of Durga to do such a thing.”

Chapter Three

Sigge felt excited for Asta but nervous at the same time. Everything between them was about to change and he didn’t know how Asta felt since they had never been able to speak to eachother before. What if she had always hated the name Kay? What if she went back to her home before she was turned into a cat? What if as a human she didn’t enjoy his company. It was a hurricane in his head but she deserved to be a woman and he was happy he could finally help her. They were brought to a large room and the blonde god took a chair and sat it in the center of the circle of chairs “sit there with Asta, we will gather our fellow god’s” Sigge sat down and Taavi stood behind their chair.

“you’re so close Asta” Sigge said and scratched her head. When the gods began to gather Asta’s heartbeat picked up. Though they should change her back this wasn’t guaranteed. When Durga came in with husband in toe she glared at Asta but she stood tall and proud. There wasn’t anyway she would do anything more than this with her peers watching her.

The last to enter was a man of great power. He was tall and muscular with short red hair and intense grey eyes. His very presence filled the room and all eyes turned to him as he took a seat. Asta, Sigge, and Taavi could tell that this man was undoubtedly in charge. “You three please stand and come to the center of the room, Durga you as well.” His voice was a deep rumble, reminding Asta of a great grizzly bear. “Since the cat cannot speak then you shall speak for her fairy child.”

“Yes sir.” Sigge replied and cleared his throat. “The goddess Durga transformed Asta into a cat and cursed her to stay this way after catching her husband flirting with Asta. Instead of taking out her anger on the man who would so easily throw her aside, she took it out on an innocent life.”

“That is a blatant lie, Brontes said she came onto him first.” Durga shot back angrily.

The red headed god held up his hand for her to be silent. “Who helped you to interpret the cats meaning?”

“My father Latrell.” Taavi jumped in. “You may or may not remember him, but he brought me here when I was just a boy.”

“I know him, his heart was broken when the love of his life died. He is a good man and not prone to lies. I seem to recall him coming here with a little frightened thing who clung to his leg the whole time.”

Taavi smiled. “That would be me sir, I wasn’t used to traveling between worlds yet.”

The god gave a little chuckle then turned his eyes to Durga. “While we I know the demon Latrell is not one to lie, Brontes is the exact opposite. He flirts with anything that has breasts, even my daughters. You would think you would have learned by now not to trust a man who speaks with the tongue of a snake.” He turned his gaze on Asta. “I revoke the curse that was laid upon you Asta and return you to your human form. To repay you for your trouble, you may take whatever you like from this world and you young demon, take something to pay your father for his honesty and good intentions.”

“thank you sir” Taavi gave a bow and it seemed the very next second Asta made an uncomfortable noise. Moments later he had a very happy, extremely sexy woman in his lap hugging him. Sigge instantly went into a full bodied blush. Asta felt his heat and realized she was naked so with a blush of her own she tried to get out of his lap and stand. Being on four legs so many years had made her unable to balance on two feet so she ended up falling, ending up right back in his arms. “careful” he said as he stood her straight. “I’m just so excited. Please give me the clothes you brought” instantly clothes appeared on her “will those do?” the red headed man asked.

She looked down, marveling at what she wore ‘Oh my gosh. These…are so beautiful”

“Fit for a goddess. I truly am sorry and Durga will stop this childishness. I can promise that.”

“I’m just grateful to be back to normal”

“Just keep that man or Taavi on your arm until you regain your balance” Asta smiled shyly, embarrassed although it was understandable she was having trouble. Sigge was blown away by her beauty and by how much he adored that voice. In those clothes she looked like she belonged here. He scratched that in his head, in anything she was gorgeous and amazing enough to be a goddess. Knowing she might not want to struggle out infront of these god’s Sigge cradled Asta in his arms and walked out with Taavi.

“I can’t believe I have my body back.” Asta said excitedly and flexed her toes. “It’s so amazing.”

“Do you feel okay?”

“I’m a bit achy from not being able to use this body for so long, but I’ll be fine.”

“You’re really pretty, I mean not that you weren’t pretty before, you’re just even more beautiful.” Sigge blushed at his own words and Asta smiled lovingly at him.

“Can we go home now? I mean, I’m still welcome there right?”

“Of course, you can stay as long as you want. Besides, we need to talk anyway.”

“Oh.” She gave a little frown.

“Not a bad talk, I just want to get to know you better is all. This whole time I’m the only one who’s been doing the talking and now that I can hear your voice, I want to know everything about you.”

“Could we stop at my father’s and let him know everything went well?” Taavi asked.

“Absolutely, I need to thank him anyway.” Asta replied with a happy smile.

They decided as their gift to each take an apple from the magical tree that grew there then went straight to Latrells. It was getting late but he was still up and happy to see them back already “Asta, you’re gorgeous” he said as he hugged her “thank you, oh it feels so good to be me again” Sigge was standing closely behind, afraid of her falling and hurting herself. Both Taavi and Latrell noticed how near he stayed with a concerned look on his face. They stayed for a short time then thanked Latrell again for his help, promising to come visit every now and then. Taavi flew with them until he had them in their own world then said his own goodbyes so he could go home. When they were alone Asta asked ‘can i walk some of the way?”

‘Oh, yeah, sorry.”

“No, I’ve always loved when you carry me”

“well right now I just don’t want you falling” she smiled and kissed his cheek, casuing his face to tint red again. It made her feel much more at ease now that she was fully noticing the effect she was having on him. “hold my hand then” she suggested softly. He quickly took it and they walked side by side.

She sighed her happiness and rested her head on his shoulder, making his heart beat excitedly. It was amazing how important she was to him even now and how much he loved her even though he knew very little about her. When they were a block from home, he picked her up and carried her the rest of the way. She looked tired and knew her legs must be sore. Once he had her inside, he sat her gently on the couch then took his spot next to her and pulled her feet into his lap. “You don’t have to do that.” She said.

“Yes I do, I’m sure your muscles are sore.”

“Well yeah, but…”

“Hush and let me spoil you, that’s what I’ve always done so let me keep doing it. We can talk while I rub you.”

She smiled. “Alright then.”

“First of all, I hope I never offended you with anything I did. Like naming you Kay for instance.”

“I liked it actually, it was cute.”

“Well you were cute.” He replied as his fingers worked the ache out of her feet then moved to her calves.


He blushed. “I didn’t mean to imply…”

She started laughing, her voice like music to his ears. “Silly, I was just teasing you.”

She listened to his heart, noticing now how sporadic it was. He was attracted to her as a woman, just as she had hoped he would be. “Um..did you enjoy my cooking as much as it seemed like you did?”

“Oh yes, I missed having variety but if i were stuck on an all fish diet again I would want you cooking for me”

“Do you have family?”

“No, my mother ran off with another man and my father took it out on me. Haven’t seen either of them since I was fifteen”

“Oh..I’m sorry…may I ask how old you are?”

“I’ve never paid it much mind, over two hundred”

“Are you still going to sleep with me?’ he asked hopefully “If thats still okay. I don’t know if I could sleep without you any longer” hearing that made him overly happy but he contained himself. Asta spoke again “I’m sorry i took showers with you…that was inappropriate…I took advantage”

“It’s okay”

“It’s not but thanks for saying so”

“You are gorgeous Asta. As embarrassed as I am to say so it’s honestly the most flattering thing that’s ever happened to me you would want to be in the shower with me.” He couldn’t look at her now and since she had allowed her senses to pick up on him she could tell so she leaned forward, grabbed his face and had him look at her “you’re a very attractive man Sigge and I want to be fully honest with you. You deserve honesty after you were deceived so many years” he cut her off “You couldn’t help it Asta. Please don’t kick yourself for any of that. You didn’t choose to be stuck in cat form”

“shh, you sweet sweet man and let me finish” she said and he blushed again “You are incredibly handsome and I fell in love with you a long time ago. I spent so much time pining for you and wishing I could be with you as a woman. I’m sorry if that makes things weird or you want me to leave now because you think of me as a pet but i adore you. I still want showers with you, I still want to sleep with you, I still want us to relax on the couch together and go on long walks, I still want it all Sigge. I love you and I just can’t say that enough. I’ve waited far too long to say it to hold it in a second longer”

Sigge thought he was about to burst he was so happy and wound up pulling her into his lap and locking their lips. A little shock of pleasure ran through him when she kissed back and he tangled his fingers in her hair, needing to keep her close. A moan parted her lips and he allowed his tongue to play along the inside of her mouth, becoming consumed by the sweet taste of her. “I love you Asta, more than anything.” His voice was a husky whisper and his entire being burned with his desire for her. “No matter what happens between us, I will always want you.”

She felt herself tear up and he hugged her tightly to him, his nose buried in her hair, his lips brushing lightly against her neck. He was so gentle and forgiving, his words sweet like honey. She didn’t think she deserved him and she felt incredibly lucky to be where she was right now. “Can I stay here forever then?” She asked softly and he raised his head to look into her eyes.

“Yes, I really want you to keep living here, I want to wake up to you every morning, spoil you, make love to you. I need you Asta, my heart and soul cry out for you, my body yearns for your touch so don’t leave me ever.”

her lips trembled with her smile. She pulled Sigge into another kiss, praying that this wasn’t a dream. She couldn’t wait to answer all of his questions, to spend their lives together as a couple. She had often wondered if his kiss might kill her from joy so she was pleased to find out she could handle how amazing it made her feel. When their kiss broke they both whispered almost simultaneously “I love you”

~ The End

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