Aulay & Fillian

Chapter One

Fillian pulled his jacket tighter around him as he trekked up the snowy mountain, his eyes watching the path ahead of him. Once there had been a set of stone steps here, but now the path was worn and weathered. He had seen it in his dreams, the winding staircase that lead up to the old castle and there he was waiting. The voice had called him time and time again, had beckoned him to find this place. He didn’t understand why, but he knew this place and he didn’t remember much. His first memory was of waking up on the edge of the woods, his head aching, blood caked in his hair and drying on the side of his face. He remembered stumbling into the closest village, remembered passing out in the doorway of a bar and then waking again to a doctor examining him. There had been a gap in his memory, a painful loss of something important. It wasn’t until that voice had found him, sounding far away at first, that he had felt he was close to his past.

It was nearly dark when he finally made it to the top and he forced himself to walk up to the double doors and push them open. He managed to get them closed again then dropped to sit against them, catching his breath. He took in his surroundings, how dim and dusty everything was. It looked like it had been a hundred years since anyone had set foot in this place. He pushed himself back to his feet, his footsteps echoing in the eerie silence. “Hello?” He said, not knowing why he felt disappointed when no answer came. He decided to head upstairs and find a room, not knowing how long he would be here.

Aulay’s eyes snapped open in the darkness of the crypt and he inhaled, bringing musty air into his lungs. Someone was in his home. He sat slowly up, his muscles feeling stiff after years of sleep and hunger tore through him after not feeding. He stood, stretching for a moment to bring blood back to his fingers and toes. There was an intruder, which was surprising since no one should have been able to make it past his safe guards. He wondered how long it had been.

Once he started to get out of his bed his muscles ached from lack of use for so long but he got straight up anyway, needing to figure out who dared show their face in his castle after they dared steal Fillian from him. He would not be merciful and he may never be again. Once he took care of this he would just lay back to rest for this world wasn’t worth being awake for without him. He came up out of the crypt and into his home silently, he would take this intruder by surprise and scare the hell out of them. He listened for the heartbeat and his own stuttered, that rhythm was so like Fillian’s but he had just woken up, his aching heart might be playing tricks on him.

He slipped along the hallway and climbed up the wall as he neared the intruder’s location. He inhaled the scent and his heart began to dance in his chest. He peeked through the doorway and he nearly fell from his perch on the wall. His breath caught in his throat and he dropped silently down onto his feet, blinking in case he had finally lost his mind and was hallucinating. He watched him suddenly straighten and could hear his heart skip a beat as he realized there was someone behind him. Fillian turned slowly and stumbled back, bringing his hands up, ready to fight. “Fillian?”

“Who in the hell are you? How do you know my name?” He yelled.

“Fillian, it’s me.”

Fillian wished he had a weapon and his wish was granted in the form of a fire poker sitting next to the fireplace across the room. He moved slowly, making sure to not turn his back on this stranger. He didn’t even look down to grab the poker, but felt around until his fingers wrapped around it. “Stay away.” He said as he brought it up. “Who are you?”

Aulay felt his heart twist. Fillian really didn’t recognize him. “I am Aulay and this is my home.”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not.”

Fillian realized he had unwittingly broken into someones home because of his dreams. He lowered the fire poker but still kept a tight grip on it “I..I’m sorry…I didn’t realize…um I’ve just had dreams about this place. Theres this voice that calls me to come here. I have amnesia….I didn’t even remember my name until I started having dreams of this place…I just wanted to find it and see why my memories are so strong here that it’s in my dreams…I guess you knew me since you know my name. I should have put two and two together when you said my name I suppose…”

‘we knew eachother very well Fillian” he could see how much the man was hurting but Fillian didn’t know what to do. All of his memories were gone aside from this castle. “I’m sorry I came here…I just want to know who I am…I can’t believe I just threatened you in your own home”

“It’s alright.” Amnesia, that nearly killed him. Fillian had no memory of their time together, of how this place had also been his home, even the first time they had met. It was like he was like someone was playing a sick joke.

“It’s not, I…I should go.”

“Wait, I mean please stay as my guest.”


“Please, stay. I know if I had lost all that I was, I would answers too, so please stay. Besides, it’s too cold to make a trip back to wherever you came from.” He gave Fillian a gentle smile and Fillian’s eyes were suddenly drawn to his teeth.

“You’re a vampire.”

“Yes, does that bother you? I can keep my distance.” Even though it was the last thing he wanted to do.

“No, actually, it doesn’t bother me at all. You would think I’d be running, but…how strange.”

“So you’ll stay then?”

“Yes, thank you. I can help get this place cleaned up while I’m here.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Please, I would feel lazy if I didn’t. I did a lot of hard work back home and I won’t just sit around.”

“we can do it together and talk of all that I know about you. For now, let me feed you and get you infront of a fire. I hate you traveled all this way through the snow.” Fillian couldn’t deny he was hungry and the warmth of a blazing fire would be incredibly welcome. Aulay got a fire burning in his fire place first since he’d have to leave Fillian to find him food. Aulay knew that even if he did have any food in his castle it would be rotten and disgusting by now. Once Aulay was pleased with the flames and the heat they let off he said “I will go kill something to cook. Just stay here and mind the fire”

“I’ll eat anything here. You don’t have to go through so much trouble”

“I’ve been sleeping a long time Fillian. There couldn’t possibly be any food here that would still be good”

“I break into your house, threaten you and on top of that I woke you. I am so sorry”

“You don’t have to apologize, just stay warm and I’ll be as quick as possible.”

“Be careful out there, some of the steps had ice on them.”

Aulay smiled. “Don’t worry.”

Fillian watched Aulay leave and took a deep breath. That had been one of the biggest shocks he had ever had and he was glad he had not been drained. Aulay had also said him, something that had him wracking his brain for information. He closed his eyes, repeating the words Aulay had said and it dawned on him that hi voice was familiar. It sounded a lot like the one that had filled his dreams, calling his name, beckoning him up to the castle. He shook his head. What if it was just wishful thinking on his part, that it would be this easy to get everything back. He let out a sigh, deciding to start cleaning up a little.

When Aulay returned to Fillian cleaning instead of soaking up the warmth of the fire he shook his head. Amnesia or not Fillian was still Fillian, unable to sit still for ever the briefest of times. If it were like before Aulay might have teased or reprimanded him since he had wanted Fillian to rest from his journey but Fillian didn’t know him anymore and Aulay didn’t want to scare him away before he had a chance to work his memory. Aulay hoped he could either get Fillian to remember or make him fall in love with him again. Aulay would prefer Fillian to remember but all that mattered was never losing him again so if he had to settle for starting over he’d start over. Some people might try to say you can’t actually need another person but to Aulay, Fillian was a need and nobody could tell him otherwise.

“Do you want me to help you cook?” Fillian asked.

“Please relax for a bit, the walk up here is tiring for humans.”

“I’m fine, I’ve always been a hard worker.”

“Even hard workers deserve rest.”

“Then, may I at least come and sit with you? I’d like to talk about me, if that doesn’t too selfish. You said you knew me.”

“Anything you want, just promise me you’ll actually relax.”

“I promise.”

Aulay lead the way into the kitchen that was just as dusty as the rest of the house. Fillian sat down and Aulay quickly wiped everything down before starting to cook. Aulay hummed as he chopped up meat and Fillian found himself enjoying the sound. It gave him a feeling of warmth. “So, what would you like to know?” Aulay asked as he pulled plates and silverware out.

“Well, where did I live?”

“Here in the castle.”

“Really? Did I work for you?”

“No, we were…friends.”

“How did we meet?”

Aulay gave him a sad look and he immediately regretted asking. “There was a party, you were someone else’s servant at the time. I found you in the library, reading. You were embarrassed you had been caught, but you weren’t scared or sorry. You loved to read.”

Fillian didn’t know why that story made his heart pound. “Wh…what happened?”

“Hmm? Nothing, just talked and I recommended some books.” It wasn’t a complete lie, they had talked and he had suggested a few books, but as he chatted with Fillian he had felt the stirring of something in his heart and had wound up kissing him, much to Fillian’s surprise.

It wasn’t as if Aulay hadn’t been wanting to pull Fillian into his arms and kiss the sense out of him since the moment he realized it was him inside his castle but remembering that made it harder for Aulay not to. Knowing he needed to control himself he started telling Fillian about the books they were talking about and offered to fetch them from the library so he could read them when he felt like it. It was a conversation that filled their meal so afterwards they went straight to the library. The struggle not to kiss him was worse in the library, the same type of scene he had had his first kiss with Fillian but Aulay reminded himself that he was lucky to even have him here again and that it might scare Fillian out of the castle if he repeated what he had done upon their first meeting.

“This book, I know this book.” Fillian pulled a book of poetry off one of the shelves, letting his fingers move over the cover.

“Did you have a copy in the village?”

“No.” He let his thumb slide over the pages and then he opened the book to a dog eared page. “It must have been here.” He looked at Aulay, smiling. “Is this the one you caught me reading?”

“It is.”

He looked back down at the book. “I must have read it a lot, the pages are well worn.”

“I gifted it to you once I realized it was your favorite. It had been a gift from my mother.” He moved closer, looking over Fillian’s shoulder. “You loved this one the most.”

“I can tell.” Fillian smiled as his eyes moved over the words, feeling warmth move through him.

Chapter Two

Fillian didn’t stop there, he continued reading, enjoying these gorgeous poems all over again. While he didn’t really remember them they had this familiar comfort. Deep somewhere he did remember them and all of this and Fillian hoped staying here would help him recover all the memories he lost. He didn’t want to spend his whole life missing years of time, having no idea what his life was before waking up in a village surrounded by strangers. That night Fillian took a number of books to bed and Aulay, for the first time since vowing to never wake again returned to the room he and Fillian once shared.

Fillian stayed up reading late into the night and only stopped when he absolutely couldn’t keep his eyes open. He had the impression that he knew all of these books, the words resonated within him, trying to bring memories with them, but not succeeding. He sighed as he moved them over to the table then climbed into bed. There were echoes there and it frustrated him that he couldn’t grasp them. He told himself he would ask Aulay more in the morning and maybe tour the castle in hopes it would bring something back. Before he knew it his eyes had closed and he fell into a nightmare. Screaming, the sound of a small war. He was running, pulling people to their feet and yelling at them to go. There was blood and bodies, eyes staring lifelessly off into space. He heard his name being called, turned at the voice and then pain lanced through his head and he was falling. Fillian shot up in bed, panting, sweat dotting his brow. He inhaled deeply, trying to calm his thundering heart. The scar on the back of his head throbbed and he reached up, rubbing it. He half expected his hand to come away with blood and was relieved when it didn’t. The sound of birds drew his attention to the window where early morning light was bathing the world in shades of blue and grey.

“Damn.” He mumbled to himself as he flopped back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. He didn’t think he could go back to sleep and he didn’t want to disturb Aulay so he grabbed one of the books and flipped it open.

When Aulay woke that morning it took him a few moments to remember why he was back in his room but when the memories of yesterday finally hit him he rushed for the shower with almost the same enthusiasm of a child running down the stairs on Christmas morning. Aulay showered, dressed then fixed his hair before hurrying to the room he had given Fillian. If he wasn’t awake yet Aulay would be disappointed but he just planned to make them breakfast if he was still sleeping. Before knocking Aulay listened at the door, delighted to hear Fillian was awake. Knocking softly Aulay said “Fillian?”

“Just a second.” Aulay thought he sounded a little off and made himself wait patiently outside the door until Fillian pulled it open, yawning. “Good morning.”

“You look exhausted.” Aulay said as he studied Fillian’s tired face.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, just a bad night.”

“Was it too cold, was the bed uncomfortable?”

Fillian cracked a smile. “The room was fine I promise.”

“Then what happened?” He reached out out of habit and took Fillian’s face in his hands. “You look about ready to pass out.” Fillian’s cheeks heated and his heart jumped, making Aulay snatch his hands away. He hadn’t meant to touch him, he had just been so concerned. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, really.”

“I guess I’m not very good at keeping my hands to myself, all that time alone.”

“No, please, it’s fine. I…I had a nightmare is all and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“Would you tell me about it over breakfast? Maybe it’s a memory I can help you with.”

“Only if you’ll let me help you cook”

“That sounds fair to me. I still dont have much food to offer but maybe after we talk I can get a better supply for us”

“I could go back to town and go shopping” Aulay felt panic set in at the thought of Fillian leaving this castle again. He wanted to yell no and keep him safely inside the castle for all eternity but he was building trust with him and screaming no while refusing to let him leave would be counter productive to gaining his trust. “I will travel with you right up until town. It’ll be faster and safer for you. I’d hate for something to happen to you in this snow storm. I’m pretty sure it’s coming down again”

“Why can’t you go into town?”

“Being a vampire unsettles people and it’s a good way to get hunters in the area.”

Fillian made a confused face. “Hunters?”

Aulay could see his mind working, the wheels turning like he was focusing on something important. “Are you alright?”

Fillian blinked. “Yeah, we should get breakfast on.”


Aulay enjoyed cooking with Fillian and couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he was still an amazing cook. When Fillian ahd lived in the castle before, Aulay had often found him in the kitchen with the cooks. Even when he told Fillian he didn’t have to do that, he had insisted. “Did I cook while I was here?” Fillian asked. It was almost like he had read Aulay’s mind. Fillian had always been very intuitive.

“Yes, often. You liked being in the kitchen and the library and the garden even when it was snowing. I remember one time when you got sick and you got this really bad fever, you were delirious and you made your way to the garden in this half dazed state. No shoes or anything. It was…” He noticed Fillian was was watching him and realized he had been rambling. “Sorry.”

“No, I want to hear about my life before. Even if I never remember it, it’s important to me. So, what happened?”

“You were smelling dead roses, I had to make you come inside, you were ice cold.”

“Then I’m glad you were there.”

“I watched you like a hawk after that to make sure you didn’t go back outside and make yourself worse” Doing so hadn’t been hard for Aulay. He had simply laid with him, cuddling and soothing him through the rest of his illness. Aulay was once again hoping Fillian would fill in those blanks and remember being brought inside then held and kissed until he felt better. The two continued cooking, Fillian seeming to be deep in thought again. As they sat down with their plates Aulay prompted “so your dream, tell me about it so I can let you know if it was simply a nightmare or explain to you what happened” Fillian looked at his plate, pushing his food around with a fork as he recalled it to his memory.It was such a horrible scene he didn’t think his mind could have possibly made it up so he knew a terrible story might follow.

“There were people running, passing me, some on the ground, alive and bleeding. I helped them, but there were others.” He paused as he remembered their faces, the frozen looks of terror. “They were dead and there was so much screaming, like a battle had broken out and I was running towards it, like I was desperate to help these people. Then there was a voice, calling my name and I turned. Then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head.” He reached up, touching the scar. “Like someone hit me. I fell and that’s it.” He let his eyes meet Aulay’s. “When I woke, I had a head wound, it was terrible.”

Aulay swallowed as he remembered the most horrible day of his immortal life, of the moment he had lost Fillian and had not been able to save him. “When you lived here before, the castle was attacked by hunters. They had found out about my existence and had come for me, for everyone. To them, anyone who serves a vampire is a traitor to the human race. You were in the library when the attack came, I was just getting back from the river. I had gone fishing with some of the others. It was I who called your name, it was my fault you were taken.”

“You came for me?”

“I tried, but I couldn’t get to you to get you back. I was wounded, as were many of the others. I do not know what the hunters wanted you for, perhaps to torture information out of you, perhaps more.”

Fillian’s heart was beating so fast he was sure it would pound right out of his chest. There were so many missing pieces, even the hunters were nothing but a blur mingling with other blurs. A sense of devastation set in, of loss. He had known those people, the ones who had been needlessly slaughtered. His eyes burned with tears and reached up, wiping at his face. “So…sorry. I don’t…I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it’s okay, calm down.” Aulay wanted to pull him in and comfort him, but he settled on gently running a hand up and down his back, trying to soothe him. “Everything is going to be okay.”

“I can feel the loss even though I don’t really remember..I…those poor people”

“They meant as much to you as they did to me”

“So you lost everyone then?” Fillian asked, teary eyed and sniffling. “In my grief I chased what few loves ones I had away. Some of the people I lost..it was too much to bare. I thought I’d sleep for the rest of my life. I simply had no desire to ever be awake again when I couldn’t find..well, a few missing people in particular” To Aulays surprise Fillina hugged him “that must have been so terrible” Aulay struggled to breath, he was being held by Fillian again. When he got a better hold of himself he hugged him back, struggling to let him go once he pulled away.

“Let’s finish eating then we can go to town. The walk might help both of us.”

“Alright, thank you.”

“For what?”

“Comforting me when I should be the one comforting you.”

“We both lost something important that day, we’ll get through it together.”

Aulay gave him a small, sad smile. “I hope so.”

“We will.”

“So, do you remember anything else?”

Fillian shook his head as he took a bite. “There are vague brushes of memory and familiarity, but nothing solid. I can feel it there when I look at certain things or even you.”


“It’s your voice really, it’s like the one in my dream.”

Aulay’s heart filled with comfort and dared to think that maybe he really could bring Fillians memories back of him. He had dreamed of Fillian so often and he was glad calling Fillian in his dreams had actually reached him somehow. They ate then readied themselves to go out into the cold. It was absolutely nerve wracking having Fillian in the open. Paranoia and already knowing the devastation of losing Fillian had him on edge, ready to rip the throat out of anything that dared get close to Fillian. They made it to the village without incident but now it was time to part and Aulay had to trust that Fillian would be fine and return to him.

Chapter Three

“Did we ever celebrate holidays together?”

Aulay nodded. “I wasn’t that into it until you came along. Even the party I met you at wasn’t nearly as fun until I happened upon you.”

“Was I mischievous?”

“I wouldn’t say that, more you were very optimistic. You smiled all the time and you made friends quickly. I don’t think there was a servant that didn’t love you. You helped when you didn’t have to, you made people laugh and you even cooked for anyone who was sick. It got a lot dimmer when you were taken. It was like the world had lost all light.”

Fillian’s heart skipped a beat. Aulay sounded so sincere, his voice seemingly softening when he talked about the past. “I was that important?”

“You were the best thing to happen to my home.”

Fillian was starting to wonder if maybe they were more than just friends or that maybe Aulay had held some feelings for him without saying anything. It was in the way he looked at him and how warmly he spoke of their past. Aulay struck him as the kind of man who wouldn’t just tell him they were together. He was patient and considerate enough to try and help him remember. He didn’t want to ask yet and sound stupid or embarrass him. Fillian would wait and hope for more cues they had had something together. He felt embarrassment at the realization he was actually hoping they had something together.

“Are you sure you can’t come into town?” Fillian asked as they drew closer.

“I don’t want to put anyone’s life in danger, not yours and not the people who were kind enough to take you in. I’ll perch here in one of the trees.”

“I’ll hurry then.”

“Please take your time.”

Fillian smiled and Aulay was once again fighting himself. The simple turn of Fillian’s lips could light up his world. “You say that, but you look worried. I’ll be as quick as possible.”

Alright then, stay safe.” Aulay climbed into one of the snow covered trees and Fillian headed into town, waving at people as he passed them. He was sure they were confused as to why he was back so soon. The only one that didn’t seemed surprised was Thomas, the man who ran the general store. He simply slipped his glasses on and gave Fillian a kind smile.

“No food?”

“How did you know?”

“Old castle on the mountain that hasn’t had a living person in it, I’d say it’s fair to assume it’s out of food.”

Fillian laughed. “Well you’re right, I just came to pick up a bit of this and that.”

“I’ve already started getting a few things together. I knew you’d be back” Fillian chuckled “why didn’t you stop me?”

“You were so ready and determined to leave and check out that castle, I didn’t have the heart. I also know you are more than capable of figuring out food if you need to” Things were fast thanks to Thomas’s foresight. Fillina paid and returned to Aulay who was obviously relieved. It made Fillian blush to see how obviously worried about him Aulay had been. It was another thing that made him think they were far more than just friends. “You had plenty of money?”

“I could have bought the whole store with what you gave me”

“I just wanted to be sure you got all you wanted”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Thomas already had most of what I needed ready to go. He probably would have given it to me for free, but he knows I wouldn’t let him.”

Aulay took some of the bags. “Thomas?”

“He’s a friend and the guy who hauled my butt to the clinic when I came into town, at least that’s what the doctor told me. He gave me my first job when I was healed enough to work.”

“Are you close?”

“He’s like an older brother.” Fillian gave a fond smile that made Aulay feel jealous, but he didn’t let it show. He didn’t have any right to tell Fillian who he could and couldn’t be close to. Being with him again after losing him had him wanting to be selfish.

“Maybe someday, I’ll get to thank him.” Aulay replied as they walked.

“Maybe once I’ve remembered more we could set somthing up for you two to hangout. I’d like to bring him to your castle but after what happened…I’m sure the less people that know where you are the better. I don’t think for a second he’d do anything to put you in harms way intentionally but you’re being nice and helping me. I dont want that to be the cause of another calamity for you. Right now, regardless, I just want to remember more”

“I’m going to start preparing some of your favorite meals. Maybe that will jog some memories out”

“I want to help”

“I know” Aulay said with a smile.

When they made it back, they decided what they would make for lunch then put everything away they didn’t need. Aulay also decided he was going to make oatmeal cookies since Fillian had been so fond of them before. “So, tell me more stories about us.” Fillian said as he pulled out a knife and started slicing up pieces of fish.

“What do you want to know?” Aulay replied as he chopped vegetables for a salad.


Aulay thought for a moment. He wanted to avoid the romantic parts of their past. “Well, there was the time you decided to climb onto the top of the tallest tower.”

“I did not.”

“You did. I remember one of the maids came running into the library where I was putting away some new books and told me what you were doing. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I don’t think I’ve ever ran so fast in my life.”

“What happened?”

“You just smiled at me when I came out the window and patted the spot next to you.”

“after we eat can you take me up there? Maybe being up there can jog my memory. You can tell me about more past stuff aswell”

“In the snow?”

“Just for a little while”

“alright but I’d like to hold you to make sure you don’t slip off.”

“Thats fine with me” Aulays heart skipped happily at the thought of holding him. It truly was for Fillians safety but all the same, he would get an opportunity to finally hold him again. Aulay just hoped with the two of them being that close he could keep enough control of himself and not end up kissing him. They finished prepping their meal, ate then bundled up again. “all ready?” Aulay asked Fillian who responded with “yeah” He seemed excited so Aulay happily lifted him into his arms and took him up to the tallest tower to sit with him on the top.

“Oh wow, I can see why I liked it up here.” Fillian said as he closed his eyes, enjoying the cold wind. “It’s almost like I could fly.”

“Please don’t”

“Oh come on old man, it’s not that scary.”

Aulay was shocked at what he had just said and Fillian must have realized what had just come out of his mouth because his eyes shot open and he looked embarrassed. “That…do you remember?”

“It just came out, like it was habit. Old man, I used to call you old man when you would reprimand me for doing something dangerous.”

“Yes and…”

“You would make this face.” Fillian could see it clear as day, the face that told him he was in trouble, that there would be payback. Fillian swallowed the sudden lump in his throat.

“Let’s get you inside, you’re cold.” Fillian nodded as he wiped at the tears forming in his eyes. Aulay took him back down to the library and put more wood on the fire. “Let me help you with your coat.”

“I’m alright now, sorry.”

“It’s okay, it can’t be easy, take your time.”

“The library, it always comes back to the library. There’s something about this room, something I’m missing.” Fillian said as Aulay unbuttoned his jacket and slipped it off.

“There’s a lot about this room. A lot of wonderful memories, moments I wish I could go back to, things I wish I had said.” He realized he was running at the mouth again and gave Fillian a warm smile. “Why don’t you sit while I make you some cocoa, your cheeks and nose are still so red.”

“Aulay” Fillian said and a long meaningful pause passed between them “Yes Fillian?”

“what am I missing about this room?” Aulay just stared at him, not sure what to say or do. He knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to walk over to Fillian and kiss him but he didn’t know if he should. “Aulay” Fillian prompted, hoping he’d speak. Aulay closed the distance between them, hoping with all that he was he wouldn’t regret this choice forever by upsetting Fillian. He closed the distance then he kissed him, lovingly taking Fillians face in his hand. Emotion overcame Aulay, causing tears to stream down his face. Aulay slowly parted their lips, afraid even though Fillian hadn’t pulled away from him.

Fillian’s heart was ready to beat out of his chest as he reached up and touched his lips. It was like he had been hit by lightning and his entire body warmed. There was a flash of memories, a surprise meeting of lips while talking about poetry, of reading in the firelight while Aulay’s head rested on his lap, of gentle hands caressing him and whispered I love yous. He felt himself tear up and Aulay’s arms wrapped around him, pulling him close. “You loved me.”

“Yes, very much.”

“This room.”

“Was our place, it’s where we met, where I first told you I loved you, where I first asked you to stay here with me.”

“I’m so sorry.”

Aulay pulled back, confused. “For what?”

“Forgetting. How could I?” He said through his tears.

“Fillian.” He pressed another kiss to his lips, feathered them over his cheeks, trying to comfort him. “I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you so much.”

“I didn’t realize it but I was missing you too..I’m so happy I finally tried coming here”

“I wont lose you ever again. I absolutely refuse to” They stood their a short time kissing, hugging and talking before they both really craved the warmth of hot chocolate. They made it together and stayed up well into the next day. Aulay was telling him about every single sweet moment, making sure he remembered absolutely everything. It seemed that kiss was enough to destroy whatever wall was keeping his memories back. The more they talked the more Fillian remembered and the more emotional he became. It was a few weeks later when Aulay transformed Fillian into a vampire. He wasn’t going to lose him to hunters and he sure as hell wasn’t going to lose him to age. Fillian was going to be by his side forever and he couldn’t believe how blessed he was Fillian found his way back.

~ The End

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