Aurel & Diana 2

Chapter One

Aurel and Diana were on their way to Barnese to get married. Even though Aurel considered them married already, he wanted to give Diana the best wedding he could. Chthon and Ruth had agreed to plan it for them since they were so far away. They had left the day after the letter had arrived, asking their friends to join them. Nali, Reece, Hyldan, Sincereity and Walker were all excited about the trip. Nali was having a little trouble with motion sickness sine she was six months pregnant, but other than that it was a happy trip across the ocean. Aurel stood at the bow of the ship, his arms wrapped around Diana’s waist as they stared out over the blue water. He could see and feel how happy she was to be visiting her family.

“I can’t believe we’re almost there.” She said softly and smiled up at him.

“Nali will soon be able to take a break from all this swaying. I feel bad for asking her to come with us.” He replied.

“She’s happy to be here and she would have come even if she had known her nausea would be this bad. She really cares about you and would want to see you getting married.”

He sighed with his happiness and kissed her. His heart stuttered at the feel of her lips against his. She always had this effect on him. No one else made him feel this amazing. He slipped his fingers in her hair and deepened the kiss, making her smile. “Sorry, I just need more of you.”

“You can have as much of me as you want, just not on the ship’s deck.” She giggled. He pressed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes, breathing her in and basking in her love.

The trip across the sea was long but uneventful. Nali seemed relieved when she was on land. If she could trust that she would actually be able to get back up she would kiss the very ground they stood on.Reece just felt sad. He hated how hard the trip was on Nali. He hated how sick the baby made her in general. He was excited about meeting their little one though and really being a family. Walker was beside himself with excitement over becoming a grandpa.

Aurel was a little nervous for after the wedding. The next big step in their life would be kids. He rarely ever made Diana cry anymore. He had gotten good at not being a stupid ass and upsetting her. He worried with all the hormones he would start making her cry again and thus hating himself again. Nothing made him feel lower than when he was the cause of Dianas tears.

Reece carried Nali all the way to Chthons front door. It was around dinner time so they figured he was sitting at the table with his family and whatever guests came to the wedding. Kandara answered since she and her mother moved into the castle since Rika felt safe there. Living in Chthons castle she no longer lived every day in fear of another male demon trapping her and having his way.

“Hello, may I help you?” Kandara asked.

“I’m Diana and this is Aurel.”

Kandara’s eyes lit up and she let them in, calling for everyone. Family and friends came running, hugging everyone and expressing how much Diana and Aurel had been missed. Everyone greeted Reece, Nali, Hylden, Sincerity, and Walker with warm smiles. They felt like family the minute they walked through the door. A couple of Diana’s friends whispered about how beautiful Aurel was and he frowned. They didn’t realize he had incredibly keen hearing.

“I’m sure you would all like to get settled in before meeting the new additions to our family.” Chthon said, pulling Ruth into his arms.

“Yes please.” Nali replied, wanting a real break after her motion sickness.

“Just pick an empty room and make yourself at home.” Ruth said happily. “We’ll be waiting down here so come join us for dinner.”

Nali, Reece, Hylden, Sincerity and Walker followed Aurel and Diana upstairs. They couldn’t believe how big Chthon’s castle was. They found their rooms and put their bags down. Diana flopped down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling, enjoying the soft mattress. “You look exhausted my love.” Aurel said as he sat down next to her.

“The ocean makes me sleepy.” She smiled up at him and he traced his fingers over her cheek.

“We can always tell them we are to tired for dinner.”

“I want to see them, especially my mom and dad.”

“then we’ll go” Aurel said then leaned down to kiss her. He would much rather stay up here and get lost in Diana but he would go to dinner if that is what she wished. They walked downstairs and noticed Reece and Nali hadn’t come. Diana figured it was due to the ship ride. Just as Diana scanned for Felcia she tackled her sister in a tight hug “Oh Diana! I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too. It’s so hard somtimes living so far apart.”

“I know” Felicia then pointed out her husband and two children “see how big my babies got?”

“wow! Those two can’t be Kika and Walice”

“They are” Diana ran over and hugged them then Felicias husband “good to see you” he said warmly “good to see you” People started one after the other introducing themselves to Hyldan, Walker and Sincerity. Only a few didn’t know Aurel so not many had to be introduced to him. Aurel just cheerfully watch his fiance talk to everyone and get reacquainted. He was enjoying it so much it was very nearly an inconvenience when people would talk to him.

Diana’s female friends seemed particularly interested in him and just stood there staring. He gave them a sideways glance and they blushed, looking away. He wasn’t sure what to think of their attention. Diana laughed and he looked back at her. She was so beautiful, her dark blue eyes lighting up with happiness. “So, how have things been?” Nero asked him.

“Because you are her father I will be honest with you. There are times I have lost my temper, but I am learning to let things go. I am sure Chthon has told you I lived alone until I met Nali, but she left after she knew how to survive on her own. My very abrasive nature probably pushed her away. Then I met Diana. I am learning patience. It’s hard, especially since she is very sensitive.”

“My little girl has always been that way, shy and sensitive. You seem like you’re doing fine though and she seems very happy so keep up the good work.”

Aurel chuckled. It was strange having a man so much younger than him as a soon to be father in law. He wondered if Nero was to scared to give him the dad talk. He would willingly hand himself over to Nero if he ever hurt Diana, he wouldn’t fight or run. He went back to watching Diana, never taking his eyes off of her even when others approached him. Chthon and Ruth smiled at how attentive he was, know he would be a forced to be reckoned with if anyone ever hurt Diana.

Everyone socialized, filling the dining hall with happy chatter and laughs until after dinner when it was time to go to bed. Aurel enjoyed everyone but looked forward to just being with Diana in their room. Sharing her so much was another social skill that was going to prove difficult to master. He rarely had to share her at home, especially not for so long. He would do his best not to make an ass of himself and be selfish though. He graciously and slowly walked Diana away from her friends and family and up to their bedroom despite the urge to pick her up and run there.

Diana started stripping the second their door was closed and grabbed somthing comfortable to sleep in. “you are sleeping in clothes?” Aurel asked. “yes, we’re in my fathers castle. Most people have manners and knock but incase anybody is just excited and come in not thinking I don’t want to be naked. You see and hold me naked all the time Aurel. I think you’ll survive a few days without it.”

“well, you are still beautiful with your clothes on. Should I wear clothes?”

“Dp what makes you comfortable. If you don’t mind someone by chance seeing you naked then sleep naked.” Aurel began to think to himself¬†“maybe if Dianas friends saw me naked they wouldn’t call me beautiful like I’m a girl” ¬†The beautiful comments still bothering him a bit. “I will sleep as I always do then” Diana smiled and walked over to kiss him “I love you”

“I love you too”

They climbed in bed and under the covers, Diana allowing him to pull her into his arms. She rested her head on his chest and smiled, feeling excited about the wedding and happy that she finally got to see her family again. “Don’t let them bother you.” She said softly and he looked down at her in confusion.


“My friends, it’s true that you’re beautiful so don’t let it upset you. I love the way you look.”

He sighed and kissed the top of her head. In truth his looks had always been his biggest insecurity, he was always seen as beautiful, gorgeous, or lovely. Some even said he was far more beautiful than his mother. “I will try for you my love.”

“Thank you.” She kissed his chest and fell quickly asleep. He honestly didn’t know what he would do without her. She was such a treasure, so innocent and shy. It made his heart go into overdrive just hearing her name. He finally allowed his eyes to drift closed, letting the exhaustion of the day carry him away. The next mornong they were woke by one of Diana’s friends, whose name he was sure began with a C, bursting excitedly into their room and startling them both awake. If Diana had not been on top of him he would have been on his feet, ready to kill someone. He wasn’t used to having so many people around and it threw him off.

“Claire, you scared the crap out of me.” Diana said and Aurel glared. Diana covered his eyes and kissed his cheek. “Stop that or you’ll give her a heart attack.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve just missed you so much Diana. I’ll see you and Aurel at breakfast” Claire said feeling guilty since Aurel seemed so angry. She had wanted to make a good impression on him since he was going to be marrying Diana. Diana could see Claire was sad as she walked out and sighed “Aurel, why on earth did you glare at her”

“she startled you”

“She startles me all the time. She’s just excitable. Please don’t be mean to her”

“I’m sorry” He sighed, hating to already disappoint her here. They got up and put clothes on. Before Diana could walk out Aurel grabbed her, kissing her apologetically “please, don’t be upset with me Diana.”

‘i’m not honey”

“Thank you” Aurel hugged her then they began their way to the dining hall to eat with everyone. Aurel saw Claire talking to Noah and walked over. “I’m sorry for my behaviour when you entered our room”

“It’s ok, I’m sorry. I don’t know you and I shouldn’t have invaded you guys like that. I just used to do that to Diana all the time.”

“It wasn’t appropriate how I reacted regardless.” Claire smiled and he smiled back, knowing it was the appropriate response. Aurel joined Diana again. She had made sure to save a seat beside her for him. Her father Nero was talking happily to her as they ate. Aurel just ate and watched out of the corner of his eye. He hoped she had seen him apologize for his behavior.

“What would you two like to do while you’re here?” Nero asked his daughter.

“Anything and everything. I was hoping we could honeymoon in this land then spend more time with everyone once we got back. I mean if Aurel wants to.” Aurel looked over at her and grabbed her hand in his.

“I will do whatever makes you happy my love. We can stay here as long as you wish.” Even if he was uncomfortable he would do anything she wanted. He really wanted to do something special for her, but didn’t know the land good enough to take her anywhere.

“You need to try on your dress later sweetie.” Lisanna said with a happy smile. “I had it made in your favorite colors.”

“Thank you mom.”

After breakfast they decided they wanted to go swimming. Even Nali was up for it, feeling a lot better after her stomach had settled. Everyone headed to their rooms and changed into swim wear. Diana was happy about getting to play in the water. They had an oasis where she and Aurel lived and she had him take her to it all the time. She loved the water. They walked to the lake, running into the water and splashing and giggling. Chthon and Neme controlled the water, raising it into the air and dropping it on everyone’s heads. Chthon made it rain and Neme made the water look like bunnies, making them hop into people and splash apart. Aurel lifted Diana in the air and tossed her into deeper water, making her laugh. He loved that joyous sound and found himself becoming lost in it.

Aurel kept Diana laughing as much as he could. It was a sight that warmed Lissana and Neros heart. They loved seeing how happy their daughter ended up. Feliecia was enjoying seeing that Diana was less shy. Aurel had really gotten her to open up. She barely seemed nervous about a thing. Felicia wondered if Aurel really knew how good he had been for Diana, how much happier she was now than she ever had been. They all kept playing until lunch. Aurel was the only one not ready to stop. Playing out here was easy and unstressful. Inside he would have to be careful again to not upset anyone.

Adette and Abraxas had already gone inside and were waiting. Adette was eight months along and her feet ached often. Abraxas was always more than happy to rub them for her. Somtimes he would do it without her mentioning a thing. Reece sat next to Abraxas and set Nali down to do the same thing. Adette smiled and spoke “Good, my husband is teachong yours good habbits” Nali smiled back “Reece is full of good habits” Soon everyone was eating and chattering just as they had at the other meals.

After they were done eating Lissanna pulled Diana away from Aurel. They were followed by Felicia and Ruth. “Come on, you have to try on your dress.” Aurel frowned as they walked away, not liking being without her. She kept him in check.

“You okay, son?” Nero asked with a big grin.

“It is very strange to hear you call me that.” Aurel answered.

“It does sound weird doesn’t it? Aren’t you my dad’s age?”

“Yes, we’re a month apart. We played together as children.”

“He was always quiet and observant while I was loud and impulsive.” Chthon chimed in, making everyone laugh. “He never got in trouble unless I conned him into going out and doing something dangerous with me.”

“I fell for it every time, I was very trusting. My parents moved me away when I turned ten because some of the men who hung out with his father had taken a very unhealthy interest in me.” It had been the first time having a beautiful face had angered him. The only time it didn’t bother him was when Diana said it.

Diana stared at her reflection in wide eyed wonder. The dress fit snug, but was very comfortable. It was made of the most beautiful blue and gold silk and was strapless with a zipper in the back. She had never seen something this beautiful and hoped Aurel loved it as well. “Thank you so much for this.” She said softly. “It’s very beautiful.”

“Your cake will be made the night before the wedding and your flowers are on their way.” Lissanna replied with a smile. “You look so gorgeous. Your father and I are very happy for you.”

“I never thought I would get married, I was always so shy. I’m glad grandpa let Aurel stay here so I could get to know him. Between my shyness and him not knowing how to interact with others I’m surprised we said two words to each other.”

“When you love someone the words just seem to force themselves out.” Ruth said.

“yeah” Diana said with a happy smile and a shy shade of pink on her cheeks. They helped Diana out of her dress and she got back into her clothes so they could return to the men. Diana was even more excited for their wedding day now. She couldn’t wait to see Aurels reaction to her in that dress. Even if he didn’t love it as much as she did, Diana knew he would still be wowed. ¬†Aurels face lit up when she entered the room and they hugged eachother. She loved how much he missed her when she walked away.

“Do you like your dress?”

“I love it”

“Good” Diana turned “grandma, its been so long sicne you read to me. Could you read a story, just a few chapters.”

“Yes please” Abraxas chimded in and Ruth smiled “of course, lets read outside where their will be plenty of room for everyone. There wasn’t a soul that heard Ruths words thats didnt go outside as she went up to grab a book. Chthon of course followed her, rarely leaving Ruths side. When she had the book she wanted he lifted her and ran outside where everyone was seated and waiting. Aurel was holding Diana in his lap while Abraxas and Reece were letting their pregnant wives lean against them.

Every pregnant woman Hyldan saw made him want to get Sincerity pregnant even more. He wanted children with her but it just didn’t seem to be happening. Hyldan felt like he was failing his wife and it was a painful feeling. His mind soon drifted into the story as Ruth began reading. She wasg lad everyone present was a demon so they ahd excellent ears. She didnt have to worry about being loud with her words.

Nali couldn’t help but notice the look on Hylden’s face and planned on having Reece talk to him while she talked to Sincerity. She put her attention back on Ruth, not wanting to be rude. Ruth had read about half the book before she realized it was nearly dinner time. She closed it, making everyone groan in disappointment. “I’ll read the rest tomorrow after the wedding rehearsal.” She said, laughing softly at the pouting faces of the women and even those of a couple of the men.

“Come on kids it’s dinner time. She said tomorrow so we’ll finish tomorrow.” Chthon added and they all obediently got up and headed inside. The cook had made some very delicious chicken soup since there were pregnant women in the house and it would be easy oth their stomachs. They ate and talked about rehearsal. Diana was nervous even though it was just practice and Aurel grabbed her hand, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles to soothe her.

After dinner Nali whispered to Reece to talk to Hylden and she quickly grabbed Sincerity’s hand, pulling her away. Hylden stood there bewildered and Reece grabbed his shoulder and asked to talk to him in the garden. He was a little worried, hoping he hadn’t done anything wrong in Reece’s eyes. They were like brothers and he wanted to keep it that way.

When they were outside Reece asked “what’s with those sad looks I’ve been seeing? They seemed to start around the time Nalis belly got big” Hyldan sighed “I’m happy for you two, I truly am. I just really wish I could get Sincerity pregnant too. She wants to be a mother and I’ve failed her. She deserves children and I feel it’s my fault she doesnt have them” Reece punched Hyldans shoulder, startling Hyldan a bit. “It’s nobodies fault and my sister is obviously not worried about it. You two are demons now, you have eternity to get her pregnant. It’s not like there’s a crunch for time.”

“I know, I just want to make her happy in every way.”

“be patient, she’ll get pregnant. Maybe she is right now and you two dont know it. I bet you anything Chthon can check somehow. I’ve heard he’s very powerful and smart. If he checks her and says yes then congratulations, if she’s not then oh well. You have forever to have a child together and Sincerity is in no hurry. She loves you and is perfectly happy” Hyldan hugged Reece “It was kind of you to bring me out here to comfort me.”

Chapter Two

“Nali noticed so thank her. We’ll always be brothers. You make my sister happy which means a great deal to me.”

“Your sister is my world, she always will be”

“Lets go speak with Chthon while Nali finishes talking to Sincerity.” Hyldan blushed and followed Reece inside. Reece tapped on Chthons shoulder and asked him to come. Aurel thought it odd that one by one people were leaving. When they were out of earshot from the rest of the house Reece asked “is there any way you can see if Sincerity is pregnant and just not showing signs yet?”

“My grandaughter Olivia can. If you ask she will gladly check”

“Hylden worries to much. He wants to give me children, I think it’s making it harder because he stresses about it.” Sincerity said with a smile. “I’ve tried reassuring him, but he just seems to worry more and more.”

“He’s a really sweet man. These things take time. How long have you been trying?” Nali replied.

“Since a month after you found out you were pregnant.”

“Maybe you’re pregnant now.”

Sincerity’s eyes lit up with hope. She wanted Hylden to be able to relax. Reece suddenly came over and grabbed his sister’s and Nali’s hands. He took them over to Olivia where Hylden was and pulled Sincerity in front of him. “This is her, can you please check?”

“Of course.” Olivia’s eyes changed color and Sincerity actually jumped back in surprise. Olivia gave a soft laugh then they changed back.

“Well, is she?” Hylden asked.

“Oh yes, with twins. I hope you’re prepared for that. Especially if they are girls.”

“Really?” Olivia nodded and he grabbed Sencerity, hugging her tightly against him. “I’m so happy I could cry.” He said.

“I really love you Hylden.”

“I love you too.”

Aurel could hear their happy news and felt a wave of fear. His heart thundered in his chest, the sound drawing Diana’s attention. “Are you alright?” She asked and tucked a loose strand of his hair behind his ear.

“Yes love, perfectly fine. Just a little overwhelmed with all of this.” He answered. She could tell he was lying, but she didn’t want to push the issue until they were alone. It would have to be something truly terrifying to get his heart racing like that.

When dinner was over Diana was more than happy to go to bed. She really wanted to talk to Aurel about whatever was bothering him. His heart rate had barely slowed from the rapid pace it first took when she noticed it was beating at a higher rate than normal. She lovingly took his hand and told everyone goodnight before hading up the stairs and into the room they chose. Aurel closed the doors behind them and Diana embraced him. “please be honest with me. you lied when you said you were fine.” He frowned “Our wedding is coming soon. We should only talk of happy things my love. I dont wish to burden my beautiful bride when we are here to have fun and be happy”

“I’ll worry if you don’t tell me, please Aurel” Please, how could he not talk when she begged. Aurel sighed “you can’t use the word please against me” She gave him her saddest look “please” He rubbed her cheek “I heard Sincerity is pregnant and it got me thinking..we’ll have children”

“You don’t want children?” Sincerity asked sadly. Aurel pulled her close, needing Dianas comfort “I do, very much, especially with you but I know I’ll fail. I’ll make them sad and upset like I do you”

“You make me happy Aurel”

“Not always, especially at first. I don’t want to disappoint them. It’s hard enough when I upset you”

“You’ll be a great dad Aurel. You’re a wonderful husband.’ Aurel couldn’t help but smile a little. He loved hearing her call him that. “atleast they’ll have you for a mother. If I fail as a father you will more than make up for it”

“Thats ¬†not even a concern Aurel. Please stop that”

“alright” Aurel kissed her cheek “I’ll do my best not to worry” They got in bed together. Aurels heart rate was done but he couldn’t help but still feel a small pang of worry. He couldn’t disappoint Diana when it came to raising their children. Children aren’t very godo at expressing how they feel so since Aurel had troubel understanding people anyway he knew it would be a large task to be a good father and not make his children hate him.

As always Diana fell asleep almost instantly, leaving him there in the quiet darkness to contemplate his worries. He sometimes envied her easy going nature and her ability not to worry about things. His mind worked so fast, coming up with worst case scenarios before he could even block them out. He had never been afraid of anything, but with Diana he was afraid of things that didn’t make sense. He had bettered his temper, even going on walks when he found himself ready to snap at her. He was trying to get along with her family and friends even though the large group made him feel overwhelmed. She constantly praised him and told him how much she loved him, but he was still wary, picking each response carefully.

Diana shifted against him then kissed his chest. “Go to sleep and stop worrying.” She whispered before falling back asleep herself. He smiled down at her and closed his eyes, excited about the rehearsal tomorrow in spite of his worries.

Alight tapping woke them the next morning. Aurel’s eyes snapped open and he heard the bedroom door slowly opening. Claire popped her head in and smiled as Diana sat up and stretched. “Sorry to disturb you two, but breakfast is ready. Ruth thought you might want to eat.”

“Thank you Claire.” Aurel said and gave her his best smile. She smiled back and left the room, closing the door just as quietly as she had opened it.

“You are very sweet Aurel, thank you for making friends with her.”

“Anything for you, now I just have to get over the fact that the others think I’m beautiful.”

“Why do you hate it so much? You should be proud of your looks.”

He sighed. “When Chthon and I were children some of his father’s friends wanted to do things to me. They said I was beautiful enough to be a woman and that they could overlook the fact that I was a boy. My parents took me away as soon as they started talking about it. They were not like Chthon’s father who would have given his own child to them if Chthon had looked more feminine. It just reminds me of that time and how easily I could have become a few depraved mens victim.”

Diana frowned “I wont call you beautiful any longer then. You should have told me..Other people dont think like that. It’s just breathtaking how beautiful you are. I’ll tell my friends and family to stop. I’m really sorry about how disgusting those demons were.” Aurel hugged her “it doesn’t make me unhappy when you call me beautiful Diana and I don’t want you to talk to your family. I’ll be alright. That was a very long time ago and my parents kept me from harm”

“I’m glad they weren’t like my grandfathers parents” Aurel kissed Diana “lets get dressed and go to your family. We have our rehearsal today”

“I love you so much Aurel”

“I love you more than there are stars in the sky Diana” Diana smiled then they both got up and got ready for the day. Breakfast went by quickly and now they had to go outside to go over what to do on the big day. Aurel looked over joyed the whole time and could only imagine how stunning his bride would look in her dress. She already looked beautiful without it. They rehearsed a few times and then just relaxed together until lunch. Everyone ate lunch excitedly since Ruth promised to finish the story. Chthon loved how his wife always excited everyone with her reading. There was just somthing about how she read books that hooked everyone around her.

Everyone came out aside from Neme and Reyna. Neme really needed to soak and Reyna decided to sit with him while he did it. When everyone was comfortable Ruth continued the book. Nali looked over at Hyldan and Sincerity, happy that Hyldan looked jubilous instead of forlorn. Aurel enjoyed the story because it gave hima  reason to just sit and hole Diana like he did so much at home.

She finished the other half of the book by dinner time. The story had been really good and they hoped they would be able to get to hear her read more often. Ruth couldn’t help, but think of how child like they looked sitting on the ground. They went inside where they had lemon chicken with pasta and steamed carrots. Once again the pregnant women were grateful they were recieving meals that their babies agreed with. They talked about the wedding tomorrow and couldn’t wait to see the cake the cook was tirelessly working on. There was a loud knock on the front door of the castle and Chthon told them to finish eating and he would see who it was.

He smiled when he opened the door and saw a couple of men with a cart full of flowers standing there. “You two made it just in time.”

“We’re actually late sir, had some trouble of the road.”

“Well let me help you bring them inside. I have enough friends here that we can set them up in the morning.”

“Hey daughter dearest, may I steal Aurel for a moment?” Nero asked with a smile.

“As long as you promise not to try and scare him.” Diana replied.

“I doubt he’s scared of anything. That’s not why I want him, I promise. I need to show him something.”

“Don’t worry love, I’ll be fine.” Aurel stood, leaving her there with the rest of her family and friends to follow Nero out of the dining room and into the library.

“Sorry, I just wanted you to see the ring we had Bishin make her before tomorrow and before I hand it off to Chthon since he’s the best man.”

Nero pulled it out and placed it in Aurels hands. “wow, this is so beautiful”

“I know, Bishin worked hard on it. I don’t know if you saw Olivias ring but he made that aswell. He’s a very gifted young man.”

“Obviously, I owe him great thanks. Where is he?’

“They’ve been going on evening walks, I’m sure they are gone now if not helping Chthon. Probably bets to thank him tomorrow”

“Then I will wait”

“I guess I better give you back to my daughter but first I want to thank you”

“Thank me?”

“You’ve really opened her up. She was so shy when she left. She’s still shy but better than she was and she seems to be overflowing with happiness. I really appreciate how good you are to my daughter”

“I try really hard, I’m far from the man I should be to her but I try my best. I love her more than I can explain to you”

“It’s evident Aurel, none of us are men we wish we were. I make my mistakes too with Lissana just as she makes hers. Nobody is perfect” Aurel smiled then they walked back to everyone. With all the people in teh castle the works of putting the flowers where they belonged went quickly. Aurel immidietly walked over and hugged Diana. He felt so reassured that her father saw a good husband in him. He had a little more faith in himself he could be a good father to their children and continue to make Diana happy.

He probably wouldnt say it out loud but he prayed if he had sons that they woudln’t be beautiful like him. He prayed they would be manly so they wouldn’t have to feel as insecure as he did. If they did end up cursed because of him he woudl just hope they would find wonderful women like their mother to love them and fill their lives with happiness.

“You seem like you’re in a better mood.” Diana said when they finally headed up to bed.

“I am, I mean I’m still worried about some things, but I don’t feel as burdened by my thoughts as I did.”

“I’m glad, so what did my father want to show you?”

“That my love is a secret.” She put her hands on her hips and stared up at him.

“You know I could get an answer if I really wanted one?”

“I highly doubt that, I’ve been told I have a very good poker face.”

“Not where I’m concerned, I have my ways.”

He grinned at her as he picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to their room. He tossed her on the bed and crawled on top of her, pinning her wrists above her head and making her heart stutter. “Now what ways were you talking about dearest Diana?” He asked softly. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and slid the other up her dress. He rubbed his fingers against her, making her gasp then slid them slowly in. “Is this what you meant my love?”

“Aurel…not fair.” She moaned, her hips rocking against his hand.

“You weren’t planning on playing fair either. You were going to seduce me, you had that look in your eyes.” He kissed her, catching her breathy cries. He nibbled and licked her neck down to her collar bone then back up to her lips. “I love the sounds you make, they’re beautiful.”

He kept going, getting lost in her sounds and the adorable way her face looked when he did something like this. He finally stopped when he decided she needed rest for their wedding day tomorrow. Diana could barely move but it was no problem. Aurel just pulled her under the covers and surrounded her with his own body. Aurel kissed Diana “I love you my beautiful, sweet Diana”

“I love you too” she said sleepily, fading just as fast as she did all the nights before. After tomorrow she would truly be his wife. Everyone they encountered would see her ring and know they were bound together forever. He especially liked that idea for male demons that dared flirt with her. It was a rare thing but some young ones didn’t know what was good for their health. Aurel enjoyed the soothing sound of Dianas breathing for a time then faded to sleep. One of the many things that would be near impossible to live without if she was ever gone was her breathing at night. Wuthout that soothing sound he couldn’t sleep.

Aurel had become dependant on Diana in many ways and somtimes he wondered how much she felt she needed him. It was only ever on his mind when he would upset her though. In his terrfied thoughts of her leaving just about every insecurity he could possibly have appeared. In the morning they ate breakfast and went their seperate ways, neither one nervous. They both deeply loved eachother and didn’t have a single doubt they wanted forever together.

“You look so gorgeous baby.” Lissana said as she did Diana’s hair. “You have come so far from the shy little girl who was afraid to even look at us when we’d sing happy birthday.”

Diana smiled, remembering the days she had turned red at the mere thought of being the center of attention. She had been so soft spoken and unable to look anyone in the eye. Aurel’s had refused to let her hide, expressing daily how beautiful her eyes were and how much he wanted her to look at him. Even though his temper sometimes got the best of him, he was actually very sweet. Nero came in an teared up at the sight of his little girl. Diana got up and hugged then kissed his cheek.

“Please don’t cry daddy.”

“You’re just so beautiful. Aurel is very lucky.”

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too my little angel.” Nero wiped his eyes then took her hand and placed it in his elbow. “Let’s get you two married.” They walked out and stood off to the side where Aurel could not see them. Reyna played the piano and Chthon walked down the isle with Lissana followed by Nali and Reece. One they had taken their places Nero and Diana moved out into the open. Aurel’s eyes widened and a big smile spread across his face. Diana smiled back feeling her heart flutter and hearing his do the same. Nero teared up again and was having a hard time not crying when he gave her away. He sat down next to Ruth and she did her best to soothe her son.

Thier wedding played out beautifully. Their vows were even very sweet despite the fact they hadn’t written their own. It was just the way they spoke them to eachother that made them sweet. They both gazed deeply into eachothers eyes until it was time for their kiss. Aurel didn’t want to stop but knew he needed to so pulled away. The ring Bishin made fit her perfectly which he was very pleased with. Bishin had been in knots with worry he wouldn’t do Dianas ring correctly. All eyes watched as Diana and Aurel walked out to meet everyone in the dining hall. Aurel unashamed just stared with the deepest admiring eyes at Diana as she ate. Managing to make her blush as badly as she used to do when he stared.

“I havent seen you blsuh this much in a long time” Aurel said softly, his tone underlined with happiness. “well you’ve never quite looked at me this intensly before”

“I have, just not this uncontrolled. I’ve done this while you were sleeping on nights I’m restless. You are such a diamond, a absolutely gorgeous woman to gaze upon and now you are my wife. I feel so honered Diana” Chthon came to Aurels side and Aurel sat upright. Chthon whispered in Aurels ear. Aurel nodded “thank you” Chthon walked over and kissed Dianas cheek “have fun on your honeymoon”

“Is that what you were whispering about?”

“yes, he can surprise you this way.”

“Thanks grandpa” Chthon smiled again then joined his wife. Aurel grabbed Dianas hand and kissed it “Let me thank Bishin and we can go. I really want to be alone with you my love” Aurel said and left. Diana smiled at her ability not to blush at that. His tone told her precisely why he wanted her alone.

They went over to Bishin who was dancing with Olivia and making her blush. “Bishin.” Aurel said his name and he looked up, smiling nervously. “Thank you so much for making Diana’s ring.”

“Yes, it’s very beautiful.” Diana added.

“I’m glad you liked it, I stressed about it for days.”

“He’s always such a perfectionist. It took him forever to give me my ring.” Olivia said. “My dad had to tell him the one he gave me was perfect.”

“You did an amazing job, it really is beautiful. We’re going to be heading out.”

“You two have fun.” Olivia winked and Diana blushed a deep crimson. Aurel chuckled and lifted her into his arms.

“What about our things?” Diana asked. He just kept smiling as he carried her outside and headed out to the back of the castle. He kept walking until they came to a deep, dark hole.

“Hold on tight.” He whispered in her ear and jumped in. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth, afraid if she didn’t she would scream. They came to a stop and he walked into a small cave. There was an opening to another cave and he carried her through. He sat her on her feet, closing the wall behind the a s she stared open mouthed at the beautiful underground world.

“Oh my god, this is beautiful.”

“Chthon said we could use this place for as long as we wish. He thought you would love it. Only he and I know how to open the wall so no one will find us. He set up a tent for us near the water and brought our clothes down here.”

this is so beautiful” Aurel smiled “You are so beautiful. Can I admire your beauty before we enjoy this place? I am craving you so badly” Diana took her gaze off the scenary and looke da Aurels eyes that were burning with lust. He heard her heart change beat and leaned down to kiss her before setting her down to take off her dress. He deeply wanted her but was still mindful of her dress. Aurel didn’t want to ruin it. When she was naked before him he sighed wonderously “my beautiful breathtaking Diana, my mate. I am so happy you think of yourslef as my mate now. I will always protect you and love you with all that I am. I would rather die than hurt you in any way my dove”

Aurels words melted her, just his eyes could have melted her right now. He much more hastily took his own clothes off then went into the tent with Diana. His eyes stayed absolutely amourous as he went wild with her. Their passion was absolutely unbridaled and heated as their cries of ectasy filled the underground. It actually shocked Diana how wildly he took her. He became lost in his intense demon lust for her. His love and attraction for her had mixed explosivly and he took her far past her limit, not being able to stop himself until she was very nearly passed out. She had gone limp long before, he wasn’t even sure how long in his hungry state. He kissed her sweetly then laid down, pulling Diana on top of him and holding her.

“I love you baby, very much. I hope you enjoyed that. If you did I want to let loose of all control more often” He smiled as her only answer was a sigh. He wanted to do that more but he planned on letting the rest of the honeymoon just be romantic. He woudl spend the rest of the time letitng Diana know how special and loved she was, that he was grateful for her patience.He looked forward to spending a few days in this beautiful place with his sweet Diana. In the silence that was the underground he slipped into sleep aswell, he had worn himself out going that wild and also needed a nap.

~ The End ~

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