Aurel & Diana 4

Chapter One

“Konstantin, Mikhail time for dinner.” Diana called from the entrance of their cave and the twin boys came running, Konstantin smiling happily at the stones his brother had helped him retrieve. They both kissed their mother’s cheek before Konstantin sat his stones on top of a book shelf and they both went to wash their hands.

“They certainly look happy.” Aurel said as set the table.

“Did you see all the stones they got? Plus they are excited about going to Protea. Mikhail has been growing plants specifically to show at the festival and Konstantin has been making jewelry like crazy to sell at a booth this year.”

“I think they’re also happy about seeing their grandparents.” He went into the kitchen and kissed her on the cheek then down her neck to her shoulder.

“Aurel be good until later.” He chuckled and pressed another kiss onto her cheek as their sons came back and sat down at the table. Aurel carried the pot of potatoe soup to the kitchen table and sat it down. He ladeled some into each bowl then sat down.

“So are you boys ready for tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, we have everything packed.” Mikhail said.

“We triple checked to make sure his plants and my jewelry are ready for the trip.” Konstantin added.

“Good, I’m really excited for both of you.”
“I can’t wait for the festival and to see our grandparents” Mikhail said enthusiastically. Konstantin agreed then added “I’m going to stay up late tonight to finish some more jewelry to sell”

“I bet you’ll sell out quickly. The jewelry you make me is so gorgeous” Diana said with a proud, loving smile. Konstantin smiled back then both boys scarfed down their food. When they were finished they both went to their room so that they could work more on the plants and jewelry. Aurel and Diana finished their food since they were eating at a normal pace. When they were done Aurel and Diana cleaned up the kitchen then tidied the rest of the house since they would be away.

Before going to their bedroom they knocked on their sons door. “Don’t forget to pack before you go to sleep boys”

“already packed!” they called back. Aurel lifted Diana then took her to his into their bedroom “are we packed beautiful?”


“good, means I can just enjoy you tonight before I wont get any intimate time with you” Diana laughed, a small hint of a blush tinting her cheeks. Aurel kissed the pinkness, adoring her and the fact he could still cause a tint. They made love silently but passionately. Aurel missed his wifes moans but didn’t know any spells for concealing noise so she had to keep as silent as she could.
“I love you beautiful.” Aurel said softly as he moved too lay next to her, his arms wrapping tightly around her.

“I love you too.” She smiled and rested her head on his chest, feeling content. “The boys are so excited too be participating in the festival this year.”

“Maybe while we’re there we can rent a room at one of the inns and have the boys stay with my parents.”

She giggled. “Insatiable man.”

“I blame you.”

“I’m sorry, I guess I should stop being so gorgeous.”

He chuckled and kissed the top of her head. “No matter what you will always be beautiful to me. Everything about you is perfect.”

They fell asleep wrapped in complete bliss, their hearts seeming to beat in unison. The next morning Mikhail knocked on their door, rousing them from their slumber. “Just a minute.” Diana said loud enough he could hear her. Aurel pulled her tighter against him and nibbled at her neck. “Ah, bad demon, down.”

“Never, you like me when I’m bad so bad I shall stay.” She turned so she was facing him and gave him a long kiss.

“Come on my love, lets get bathed and dressed.”

“If we must.” They got up and took a quick shower then dried and pulled on clean clothes. When they opened their door, the smell of food greeted them.

“We cooked for you two.” Konstantin said and pointed at their plates.

“Thank you my sweet boys.” She kissed their cheeks and then joined Aurel at the kitchen table.
The enthusiastic boys had already eaten their own food and were ready to leave the second their parents were. Aurel and Diana ate quickly then put their shoes on before. Konstantin and Mikhail carried the bags so their father could carry their mother. Aurel thanked them and they left. Upon arriving in Protea they went straight to Liatris and Callas home. The two had been waiting for them on the porch. The second bags were out of the boys hands they all received long, happy hugs.

Konstantin showed off all the jewelry he had made to his grandparents. “Can i buy one from you?” Calla asked, eyeing a particular piece. “you are my grandmother. You may just have it” Calla took the necklace that had caught her attention then hugged her grandson “thank you so much” Call said then Mikhail spoke “when can we set up our booths?”

“we can all go now if you aren’t tired from travel” Liatris said with a grin and Aurel laughed “My boys never get tired. I on the other hand am so why dont the four of you bond?” Diana smirked at her husbands impatience to get her alone. Calla smiled knowingly and said “alright, lets go boys” Mikhail and Konstantin hugged their mother then excitedly gathered their things for the festival.
The minute Aurel had Diana alone in their room he had her on the bed and was pushing her dress up. He hooked his fingers in her panties, his lips moving against hers, catching her breathy moans. His fingers rubbed against her and then pushed into her, finding her most sensitive spot and rubbing it until her back was arching off the bed and she was crying out loudly. “Aurel, hurry.” She said between moans. He pushed his pants down and slammed into her, making her insides quiver around his shaft.

“You feel so amazing.” His voiced shook a little as he drove into her again and again, his own moans mingling with hers.

She clung tightly to his back, getting swept away by his lust and love. They climaxed together and he gave her long, drugging kisses that left her feeling even warmer than before. When he pulled back she smiled up at him drowsily. “That was spectacular, I think we should definitely get a room somewhere.”

He chuckled. “I thought you’d agree.” He pulled out of her and tipped back, pulling her into his lap. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She replied and ran her fingers through his hair. “We should go see what are children are up too.”

“Okay, we should also check out the other booths, I want to get you something for being such an amazing wife and mother.”

Chapter Two

Diana smiled and they got up to dress themselves. When they were clothed and straightened up again Aurel lifted his wife and walked to the part of town the festival was being held in. They walked slowly by the stands, Aurel looking at each one with scrutiny to find somthing for Diana. Aurel hadn’t managed to find anything yet when they arrived where the boys were set up. Calla and Liatris had made sure the boys were right by one another. “hey mom and dad” the twins said in unison. “hey babies” Diana answered then asked “have you two sold anything yet?”

“Nope but things are still being set up” Mikhail answered. Aurel spoke “I want to buy somthing for your mother so we are going to look at some of the other booths that are set up.”

“alright” Konstantin answered so Aurel walked off with Diana. “they seem to be happy” Liatris pointed out. “They are always happy. Fighting between them is almost non existent at this point.” Mikhail said then Konstantin added “Yeah, the last time I remember them fighting was when we were ten. Since then pretty much nothing but small stuff here and there. Typical relationship things”
“That’s good to hear.”

Diana admired Aurel as he moved from booth to booth looking at the different items. He looked so engrossed, his face completely serious as he contemplated what he wanted too buy for her. “Aurel, anything is fine.”

“It can’t just be anything, it has too be perfect.” She giggled and he turned his golden gaze on her, his eyes softening and a smile pulling at his lips. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, making some girls standing next to them blush. “You deserve perfect things, especially after dealing with me for so long. I know I haven’t been easy to live with and I’m sorry about that.”

“Hey now, you are so much better than you were when I first moved in with you.”

“I regret every tear I made you shed.”

She pressed a finger against his lips. “That is in the past, you’ve been nothing but a good husband and father.”

He grabbed her hand and pressed a kiss onto her knuckles, making her blush at the sensual way his lips moved over her skin. She knew to everyone else the act was innocent, but she knew better. “I love you more than you will ever know Diana, you are my life.”

“You are far too good at sweet talking.”

“You are the only one I’ve ever sweet talked.” He gave her a warm smile. “Come on, lets find you that perfect gift.”

They continued searching the booths until Aurel came to a halt in front of one selling blankets. He looked through them, smiling when he found what he wanted. “I’ll take this one.” He said and lifted it up one of the blankets. It had a picture of her favorite flowers from his garden embroidered on it. He paid for the blanket then handed it too her and she hugged it tightly to her chest with one arm while she pulled him down for a kiss with her free hand.

“Thank you so much.”
“You’re welcome. I’m still going to keep my eye out for somthing else. You deserve to be showered with gifts” Diana smiled ‘the blanket is wonderful. We should spend time with your parents now.”

“after we get a room. I dont want to come later and find all the rooms are taken”

“One track mind”

“I told you, you should stop being so gorgeous and stop moaning the way you do. I love listening to your moans and I can’t at home with our boys”

“Appreciate while they are here. They are adults and could leave us at any time”

“Yeah, I try not to think about that. I’ll miss them when they go. We need practice to make more children” Aurel said with a suggestive smile and Diana laughed. Aurel reserved a room then walked with Diana to it so she could set her blanket down. Aurel tried to pull her onto the bed and strip her but Diana just laughed “baby, the day is nearly over. Lets spend a little time with family and then we have all night to make love”

“Hm, I guess. Just let me kiss you a few moments” Aurel pulled her onto him and began to sensually move his lips against hers. Diana mimicked the motions, finding herself growing warm and wet. She smiled against his lips ‘you’re trying to seduce me”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He replied then trailed his lips down her neck where he bit her, making her moan.

“Aurel, we should go back.”

“We should.” He slipped his hands under her dress and over her bottom, pressing her tightly against him so she could feel how hard he was. “But going out like this might get me in trouble.” He rolled her beneath him and pressed kisses onto her neck and down to her shoulder as he pulled her panties off. “I’ll be quick I promise.”

“Okay, just hurry please.” She replied breathlessly. He made love to her quickly, making good on his promise even though he wished to take take his time and drive her crazy with her pleasure. He kissed her softly when they finished and braided both of their hair so it wouldn’t look messy. “Now be good until after dinner.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She smiled and he kissed her again before taking her hand and leading her out of the inn and back into the large crowd that was still bustling around outside. They made their way back to their sons booths and were happy to see that they had sold some of their plants and jewelry. “You two having fun?” Diana asked.

“Yes, a woman told me my jewelry was the most beautiful she had ever seen.” Konstantin said with a big smile.

“And a girl said she had never smelled flowers as sweet as mine.” Mikhail blushed and Konstantin laughed and elbowed him playfully.
Diana smiled, hoping her son would see that girl again since he seemed to like her. She hadn’t seen either of her boys exhibit interest in a girl before so she found this adorable even though she’d never say she thought it was adorable to her son. Diana, Aurel, Liatris and Calla stayed near the boys booths the rest of the evening. Aurel could tell Mikhail was keeping as eye out for the woman who bought from him earlier. Aurel was disappointed for his son when she didn’t show again when it came time for dinner. Instead of going home and cooking they bought food from a man selling calzones.

As Mikhail ate he gave up his vigilance for the sweet, beautiful girl that had spoken to him earlier. Just as he had given up he saw a smile cross his mothers face and felt a light tapping at his shoulder. His heart stuttered when his eyes met hers “hey, glad to see you still out. You were so busy I didn’t want to waste your time earlier but my name is Ethel”

“You could have spoken to me for longer before. I’m Mikhail”

“Do you live around here? I’ve never seen you before”

“No, I’m visiting my grandparents” Ethel looked over and exchanged smiles with Calla and Liatris “yes, i know them. Hi”

‘Hey, nice to see you again” Calla said warmly. “Nice to see you two. How long are you visiting?” She asked, now looking at Mikhail again. “Um, I don’t know. Until the festival is over with I guess”

Chapter Three

“Oh, that’s good. Well…um…” she twirled her finger in her hair. “I guess I wanted to know if you would like to hang out with me tomorrow? I know you still have stuff to sell…”

“I’d love too.” Mikhail blurted out and Ethel smiled happily.

“Really?” Mikhail nodded. “Well then how about I come by and get you while everyone’s setting up their booths.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

“I’ll see you in the morning then.”

“Okay.” She walked away with a big smile and Mikhail blushed when he realized his family was still watching him. “Um, grandpa could you maybe set up my booth tomorrow?”


“Thank you.”

When they finished eating Aurel let his parents and the boys know he and Diana would be staying at an inn which made Liatris chuckle. “We’ll see you in the morning then?” Liatris asked.

“Maybe noon.” Aurel answered and Diana blushed. This time Konstantin laughed and hugged his parents.

“Look at you two acting like a couple of teenagers. I love you.”

“We love you too.” Diana said then they hugged Mikhail who seemed to be in his own little world. “Love you Mikhail.”

“Huh…oh love you too. See you tomorrow.”
The next morning Mikhail woke before everyone, rapturous about seeing Ethel again. He went ahead and started breakfast so they could all just eat and go. When Konstantin woke he laughed teasingly at his brother “shut up” Mikhail said which only made Konstantin laugh harder. Soon everyone was in the kitchen and had their breakfast consumed. After their things were gathered they went back to their booths, Mikhails heart soaring when Ethel was already there waiting for him. Mikhail gave a shy smile “I’m glad you’re so early.”

“me too, you ready?”

“Of course” They walked off as Konstantin, Calla and Liatris set up the two booths. “where are we going?” Mikhail asked, glancing over at her. “some of my favorite places. How often do you visit?”

“I can visit as much as I like. Any time you want to hangout I can come”

“Glad to hear it. I’ve only just met you but I am sad to know you don’t live in this world.” Mikhail thought to himself “maybe I could” They walked up to the large flower field he had come to many times with his parents. “have you been here?” she asked and he answered “yeah, but its beautiful and I really like this place”

“we can move on if you want to see somthing new”

“No no, I’d like to relax here with you. We could ask eachother questions and get to know eachother more” Ethel smiled and walked out a little further into the flowers before sitting down. Mikhail sat just in front of her, loving the opportunity to take in Ethels beauty. “do you have any siblings?” Mikhail asked and she shook her head “Nope, just me. Is the blue haired boy your only brother?”

“Yep, who knows if I’ll end up with more siblings though since my parents are together. Are your parents together?”

“No, they can barely stand eachother”

“I’m sorry”

“Oh it’s fine. I wish they could get along but it is what it is. Since becoming an adult it truly doesnt matter any longer anyways” Mikhail rubbed the back of his neck and turned his gaze away from Ethel “do you know if there are any homes available here?” Ethel smiled “wow, i must be pretty charming huh?” Mikhail blushed “You seemed so sweet yesterday and I would be a liar if I said you weren’t beautiful”

“Don’t let my beauty deceive you into feelings of love. My mother is a succubus so men tend to think they love me when they don’t….I guess I should go ahead and tell you that we have to be friends for a minimum of a month before I’ll consider dating. I’ve had my heart broken too many times over my allure from my mother. It’s somthing I can’t help. I’m not being full of myself and thinking you already love me. I’m just being straight with you and honest about half of what I am”

“You aren’t only attractive because you’re half succubus. Don’t sell yourself so short” Mikhail said then Ethel smild “well, lets get to questions so we can get to know eachother”

“alright then, please go first” Mikhail said with a kind smile.
“What kind of magic do you have?”

“I can control the earth, it’s why all my flowers are so beautiful. I make the soil incredibly fertile and I can also use it to help my brother find stones. I only get him the best ones.”

“That’s very sweet. Anything else?”

“Uh yeah, both my brother and I have immunity to certain types of magic. There was a woman named Peony who tried to use dark magic on my dad to enslave him, but he’s immune. He passed that on to us. So, what’s it like living with a succubus?”

“Kind of annoying I guess, I mean don’t get me wrong I love my mother, but far too many men flock to her. I sometimes think that’s why my dad left, he just couldn’t handle all of the attention she got and how she never did anything about it. At least I tell men too leave me alone.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. So where do your flowers come from?”

“Some of them are descendants of my dad’s flowers, some of them are naturally from my world and some I got when I visited my great grandparents. They live across the ocean so I have too put a spell on the flowers I collect to make sure they don’t get ruined.”
“They are all so beautiful. Your magic is amazing”

“What sort of magic do you have aside from alluring men?”

“Typical things of demons. I’m fast, strong, can fly. Not so normal, I can talk to animals and actually understand them.”

“seriously? wow, that’s really cool”

“want to see?”

“please” they stood and walked until they found a few bunnies hopping about. They looked liek run of the mil rabbits to Mikhail but Ethel spoke to them by their names “Navi, leena and Kurk. This is my new friend Mikhail. Spin in circles twice to tell him hello” they did so instantly which surprised Mikhail. He didn’t think she had been lying but it was still amazing. They started making noises and moving their little noses until Ethel giggled “Navi thinks you’re handsome too. She says Rav is near so we can see him if you like. Rav is a black bear”

“Too? I’m handsome?” Ethel blushed “yes, very”

“and yet you still warn me that I could be falsely attracted to you. It shows what a good person you are”

“I’m not interested in anything that isnt real. It’s stupid to use such powers. I wish i could just shut it down.”

“Maybe you could. My gret grandfather is Chthon Aponte. He is very wise. He could help you.” Ethel actualyl looked excited. “You think he’d try to help me?”

“Of course he would. I really like you, and I mean you. You’re very nice and easy to talk to. I dont think I’m falsely attracted atall” Ethel smiled then said “come on, lets see Rav”

“Could I hold your hand along the way?”

“we’ve just met”

“Friends hold hands” It didn’t take any more coaxing for Ethel to lace her fingers in his. They both began walking, Ethel guiding him to Rev. They found the great black bear rubbing his back against a tree. It fell to it’s feet when he saw Ethel. It made grunts and Ethel spoke back ‘yes, he’s my new friend. I just met him yesterday” The bear grunted a few more time and Ethel said “Rev says its nice to meet you but he cant stay and chat”
“That’s too bad, it was nice to meet you Rev.” The bear grunted back as he walked away and Mikhail didn’t need Ethel to translate to know Rev had agreed.

“So, what would you like to do next?” Ethel asked and Mikhail leaned in and kissed her cheek, blushing profusely. “Mikhail.”

“I’ve kissed my friends on the cheek before.”

She smiled up at him, admitting to herself that she loved how shy he was. “Okay, I’ll let you have that one kiss.”

“I don’t feel any type of magic effecting me Ethel, my dad taught me what it feels like when a spell’s been put over you and I promise I’m not being drawn in by your allure. I like you because you’re you, so trust me.”

“It’s hard, it really is.”

“I understand, really and I’ll wait as long as you need me too. A month is nothing.” He smiled brightly as he pulled her out of the woods and back onto the main road.

Aurel and Diana woke a little after noon and got out of bed, going straight into the bathroom and jumping in the shower. They got out, quickly drying and then pulling on clean clothes. Diana opted for pants and a blouse with her knee high boots and Aurel pouted. “I’m sorry did I take away you easy access?”

“Yes, completely unacceptable, maybe I want to take you out and make love to you in a field of flowers.”

She turned a deep shade of red and he started laughing. “Bad, bad, lustful demon.”

“I don’t remember you saying it was bad last time.”
“How did you behave for so long when our relationship started with this underneath” Aurel walked over to Diana and kissed her “because you werent ready for me. I could be good even now if you didn’t love making love to me as much as I love making love to you. I’m just unashamed of the lust you inspire in me” Diana blushed again so Aurel gave her another kiss. “lets go see what my parents and Konstantin are doing”

“I hope Mikhail is hitting it off with Ethel. He’s adorable when hes around her.”

“yeah” Aurel said then took his wifes hand. They left their room and began swaying through the crowd to find their sons table. With the festival in full swing Konstantin already only had about one fourth of what he came with. He was beaming with pride. They looked at Mikhails plants and saw a majority of his were gone too.
“We made out like bandits.” Konstantin said with a big smile.

“We’re very proud of you boys.” Aurel said. “Your brother still gone?”

“Yeah, he’s still out with Ethel.”

Both Aurel and Diana smiled and sat down on the bench behind Mikhail’s booth. An hour later Mikhail and Ethel arrived, the latter blushing when he saw his family grinning at him. “Did you two have fun?” Diana asked.

“Yeah, Ethel showed me she can talk too animals. It was pretty cool.”

“How interesting.” Aurel said with a warm smile.

“So uh I was wondering, if Ethel wants too, if she could come back with us when we go home. She’s half succubus and can’t turn off her powers.”

“Is that what you want Ethel?” Aurel asked.

“Yes, if you wouldn’t mind. I don’t want too intrude.”

“Nonsense, intrude all you like. Besides, Mikhail and you are both adults so if you wish to go home with him then you are welcome.”
“thank you”

“maybe I can figure out a way to turn off the side of you thats a succubus. I didn’t even notice but my family line is immune to most spells” Aurel answered then Mikhail said “see?” Diana laughed “see?” she asked questioningly. Mikhail spoke again “she thinks I only like her because shes half succubus. I keep trying to tell her thats not true”

“that is true sweetheart, is it doesn’t affect Aurel, Liatris or Konstantin then Mikhail really likes you because of yourself” Ethel looked as though she just might cry “I’m so glad to hear that because I really like him. He’s very sweet. I just didn’t want to have a relationship if he didn’t actually like me” Mikhail gave her another kiss on the cheek, him blushing worse this time since his family was around. “I’m glad you might be able to help so we don’t have to go all the way to Chthons.”

“Of course, Chthon and I are roughly the same age. He knows more on a lot of matters though since I was so anti social for so long”
“Dad was a real caveman.” Konstantin added.

“I still am, I just have you guys there now.” He turned to Liatris. “I’ll need to borrow some of the books from the library.”

“Sure, take as many as you need.”

They sat there eating Calla’s cookies and chatted, Diana and Aurel getting too know the young woman that had captured their son’s heart. At the end of the day Mikhail only had one plant left and Konstantin had a couple of bracelets which they gifted to their grandmother. Ethel stayed and had dinner with them much to Mikhail’s delight. He never wanted to part from her and it showed on his face as their evening together was nearing its end. “Hey, don’t look so sad, I’ll be back tomorrow.” Ethel said with a sweet smile.

“I know, it’s just, well…” His cheeks were bright red as he tried to figure out what to say.

“How about this, if you get too lonely you are welcome to come over. If you cross the city center and head over the bridge, my house is the one with the purple and yellow flowers out front. You can come and see me any time.”

His face brightened. “Okay, thank you.” She kissed his face grew hotter.

“Try to get some sleep tonight.” She told everyone else bye and headed out.

“So adorable.” Diana said.

“Mom.” Mikhail replied and everyone laughed.

“You two are just perfect. Alright, give me my hugs.”

Aurel headed to the library and grabbed the books he needed while Diana told everyone goodnight. He gave his sons one armed hugs and promised they would be back tomorrow. “We’ll actually spend time with you guys tomorrow.”

“We understand you wanting some time with Diana, it doesn’t hurt our feelings, especially if I get more amazing grandchildren out of it.” Call replied, making Diana blush.
Aurel laughed ‘well tonight is about helping Ethel. With how horny male demons are in general it must be aweful being a succubus on top of it all” They left and Mikhail went to his room, hoping he could fall asleep. He didn’t want to seem too clingy though he wanted her always at his side. He tossed and turned in the bed, it not feeling anywhere near as comfortable as he remembered it the previous night. Konstantin who was in a bed in the same room sat up ‘dude, just go to her house.”

“she’s probably sleeping now”

“she said you can come whenever if you missed her too much. Go, I cant sleep with all your flipping” Mikhail got up and put his shoes back on before leaving the house and fling to Ethels. He nervously knocked on the door and tuned his hearing up to see if she was sleeping or coming. He heard her footsteps and smiled. She opened the door with sleepy eyes and a smile that told him she thought him coming was adorable. “come on handsome” she beckoned. He entered her home and followed Ethel to her bedroom. Mikhails face went blood red at the thought of sharing a bed with her. “you ok?” she asked. “yeah, you want me to sleep with you?”

“why not? I trust you to behave since you have real feelings for me”

“I can hold you?”

“I’d really enjoy that” Her tone growing sleepier by the word. Mikhail removed his shoes then crawled into bed with Ethel. He pulled her into him so that her back was against his front. Mikhail buried his face in her hair, now making her blush with the warmth she felt coming from him. “goodnight” was the last thing she said before falling into a comforting sleep.
Aurel sat propped up against the headboard of their bed, reading through one of the books he had borrowed. Diana’s head rested against his chest, sleeping soundly. He poured over the information, easily memorizing spells and symbols. After he finished the first book he sat it down and grabbed another off of the table next to the bed. The small movement roused Diana and she looked sleepily up at him. “I’m sorry baby, why don’t you lay down.”

“I’m just so comfortable.” She rubbed her eyes. “Have you found anything?”

“A few things, but I want too make sure they are the perfect options.” He flipped open the book and Diana just sat there quietly as he read to himself. “You can still talk to me.”

“I don’t want too distract you.”

“You won’t, I’m very good at multitasking.” He smiled adoringly down at her then looked back at the book.

She kissed his chest. “So, more babies. You and your mother both want them.”

“I love being a father and she loves being a grandmother and you are the most amazing mother.”

“How many more do you want?”

He chuckled. “Isn’t that a question I should be asking you? We’ll have as many as you wish. Besides you know Ruth would be ecstatic too have more grandchildren.”

“Maybe we’ll have twins again, two little girls maybe.” Aurel frowned.

“How about we stick with boys so I don’t have to kill anyone.”

She laughed and scooted up to give him a kiss. When she pulled back she said, “I doubt you’ll have too kill anyone with how intimidating you can be my beautiful god of the sands.”

“I love you more and more every day, do you know that.” She kissed him once more then lay back down.

“Me too, I keep falling in love with you.”
Aurel smiled, loving the idea of having more children with Diana. He was tempted to quit reading and make love to her but helping his sons mate was more important right now. He didn’t want male demons flocking to Ethel and giving her unwanted attention. When Diana woke Aurel was still reading. She sat up, rubbing her eyes “did you sleep atall?”

“Nope, but now I dont need to read any more. We can definitely rid Ethel of her succubus magic”

“thats good. Are you going to nap now?”

“No, I said yesterday we would spend some time with my parents. First, I do want to make love to you. You do want more children right?” Diana smiled then began to remove what little clothing she had on. At Ethels house Mikhail woke but didn’t move. He could tell by Ethels breathing she was still sleeping and wanted to enjoy the opportunity to hold her. Mikhail stayed as still as stone until Ethel moved. “Morning” he said softly. “Morning, did you sleep well”

“well is an understatement.” he blushed then continued “I’ve never been so well rested despite staying up so late. You energize me” Ethel smiled “what do you want for breakfast?”

“what do you have?”

“Eggs, bread, I definitely have meat but I’m unsure of the type I have”

“Scrambled eggs and toast?”

“sure, I can make that”

“Lets cook together. I’ll handle the eggs and you make the toast”

“Toast is easy”

“so? I often help my mother with eggs so I’m really good”

“alright” They got up and walked into the kitchen. Mikhail now clearly seeing her pajamas thinking she looked cute in them. “what?” she asked noticing his stare. he blushed ‘sorry”

“I didn’t yell at you. I asked why you’re staring.”

“Your pajamas look so cute on you. You’re still gorgeous but cute at the same time.”

“My mom says that too. I’ll have to introduce you two somtime since you wont be attracted to her.”

“I’d like to meet any family you’d like to introduce me too”

“They are pretty much it. Neither of them were close to their families so I never got to know them” Mikhail slightly frowned as he pulled eggs out “I have a big, close knit family. I never want to know what having a distant family is like”

“I’m glad..I’ve always wanted to be a part of a close family” Mikhail stared intently at the eggs, his nervousness almost strangling out his voice “if you’d like to be my mate you can be a part of my family” Ethel smiled, his words warming her heart. She kissed his cheek “Now that i know you care about me because I’m me yes, I’d like to be”

“Yes really.”

He pulled her into his arms and gave her a tight hug, raining soft kisses down on her face so she was giggling. He blushed and let her go. “Sorry, I got excited.” She nudged him with her elbow, smiling happily up at him as they made breakfast.

Diana and Aurel stood under the warm shower water, Aurel running his hands loving over her. He nibbled at her ear and down her neck to her shoulder. “Aurel, be good now.”

“I can’t help myself, you taste so good.”

She smiled and turned around, kissing him softly. “I love you so much, but we need to go see your parents and help Ethel. There’s only a couple of days left in the festival.”

“I know, I’m just being greedy, enjoying all those sounds I don’t get too hear at home.” She turned red and he brushed a soft kiss onto her lips. “But I understand.” They got out and dried then dressed and left the inn. They walked with Aurel’s arm draped over her shoulders. There were some booths already set up and they browsed as they walked. Diana found a candle she liked and he instantly bought it for her.

“You and spoiling me.”

“You deserved to be spoiled.”
Candle in hand they walked to Calla and Liatris’s house since their boys werent at the booths. Everything was so beautiful here. Diana found herself admiring the houses again. No matter how many times they came the world around her never grew commonplace. Protea was especially beautiful during the festival. If the home she currently had didn’t hold so many wonderful memories she would consider living here. On top of leaving such a wonderful home she would be even further from her family if they lived in Protea.

Mikhail and Ethel had only just arrived when Aurel and Diana walked through the door. Aurel smiled at Ethel “morning, well nearly afternoon now since we stopped to look at booths. Did my son seep here or did he have to go to you?” Mikhail blushed as Ethel giggled “He came to my house and it was very sweet. We actually just arrived here only moments before you and Dania”
“Well we have some good news.” Aurel said with a smile. “I am a hundred percent sure I can get rid of your succubus magic. You’ll retain all of your other abilities, but your allure will be gone. You’ll be like a normal woman.”

“That’s amazing news.” Ethel responded excitedly and Mikhail hugged her.

“See I told you my dad could help. So what do we need too do?”

“Lets have lunch first then I’ll explain.” They joined Konstantin, Calla, and Liatris in the dining room and ate the sandwiches the cook put together. They were all excited to hear Ethel was going too be able to live a normal life. A succubi’s allure could be a dangerous thing, especially when they couldn’t turn it off. Once they were done eating, Konstantin and Liatris cleared the table then came back and sat down, listening eagerly with everyone else to see what Aurel would say.

“In one of my father’s books I found a spell that will allow me to dispel your allure. It takes some preparation, but it’ll be worth it. Mother could she borrow one of your night gowns, I have too be able to get to her heart and the clothes she is wearing are covering her chest.”

“Sure, I’ll be right back.” She got up and went to her room.

“Father, can you please get me some Sand of Julprata and bring it to the library?”

“Of course.”

Aurel stood. “Ethel when my mother comes back please change into her nightgown. Konstantin, please come help me.” He, Diana, and Konstantin went to the library. Aurel and Konstantin moved the big table in the center then Diana rolled up the large rug. Liatris came in with a sack and handed it too Aurel who gestured for everyone to move back. He opened it and stuck his hand in, pulling out some of the black sand. He used it to draw a circle and then around that circle symbols. He was just finishing when Mikhail, Ethel, and Calla came in. “Ethel I need you to stand in the circle, but don’t disturb the symbols.” Ethel stepped carefully into the circle. “Now I’m going to draw a symbol on your chest.” He ran his finger over the left side of her chest, drawing a smaller version of the circle and symbols. “Now, what’s going too happen is I’m going to chant a spell that will draw your allure out and into the sand. It’s going too feel a little strange.”
Aurel began, saying the words as if he had been chanting them his whole life. Ethel stood there nervously until she started to feel an odd tugging sensation. A lot of different feelings were rushing through her and she couldn’t quite tell what she felt like. It didn’t hurt but it wasn’t pleasant. She felt a little short of breath and almost was too weak to stand by the time the weird sensations stopped along with Aurel chanting voice. “It’s gone” he said with a smile. Mikhail ran in the circle and hugged Ethel tightly. “I want to sit down” Ethel said so Mikhail lifted her up and carried Ethel into the living room. Liatris and Calla cleaned up while everyone else followed Mikhail.

“I’m glad it wasn’t too hard you you Ethel” Diana said and she smiled “even if it had been, thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome” They rested awhile longer before Ethel took her clothes and went to shower in Callas bathroom. When she was gone Mikhail hugged his father “thank you so much dad”

“It was dangerous for her to be going around like that. I couldn’t have my sons mate in danger”

“How’d you know?”

“I guessed, you sure she wants to leave Protea now that we’ve fixed her here? Not that I’m booting you out the door, I just wanted to make sure you both had talked about it and you both actually want to come home with us”

“I guess we’ll have to talk about it. I’m happy anywhere as long as I get to be with her” Mikhail said with a blush then Konstantin spoke “If they come back I’ll need to move into a different room. I dont need to see all that” Mikhail blushed deeper while his parents laughed. “I’ll go on a walk with her when she gets out of the shower” Mikhail said. Diana answered saying “We’ll just be enjoying the festival. We’ll wait to leave though so you two can get a headstart”

“alright” When Ethel came out Mikhail asked her to go on a walk which she happily agreed to. They went out the door hand in hand. Mikhail didn’t speak until they couldn’t see the house any longer “so, my dad thinks I should talk to you about where we’re living”

“aren’t I going home with you?”

“Is that what you want? You have a beautiful house here that we’d have all to ourselves and on top of that you coming home with me would kick my brother out of the room we share.”

“so you want to live here?”

“I want to live wherever you are.” Ethel smiled at his words “My house does make more sense and I am very attached to it. You’d still be near some family since your grandparents are here and you could add your flowers to my garden” Mikhail stopped and kissed her before saying “sounds perfect, we’ll go home with my parents long enough to collect my things and then I’ll move in with you”

“Don’t be too jumpy about people coming in uninvited though. My parents either dont understand or dont use courtesy”

“I’ll probably be anyway. I don’t want anything to hurt you” They turned their direction towards the festival to join Mikhails family. He told them the news and they were all excited for them, especially Calla and Liatris. Diana and Aurel felt a pang of sadness but had only just been talking about their children being adults and moving out soon. They knew they could also come visit as much as they liked. Aurel, Konstantin, Mikhail, Ethel and Diana stayed for the duration of the festival, loving every second together. Calla and Liatris decided to come along aswell to help Mikhail carry anything he might want in Ethels house.

The moving went smoothly and they threw a party to celebrate. Konstantin wouldn’t admit it but he would really miss his brother. They hadn’t been apart for more than twenty four hours before this. After long hugs goodbye were exchanged everyone left Mikhail and Ethels house. Diana cried the second they were back in their world Aurel and Konstantin just hugged her, pouring their love into her. When she was able to stop Aurel carried his wife home, Konstantin close at their side.

Upon arriving home Aurel took his wife back in their room and laid in the bed with her. Konstantin went into his room to rearrange with all the space he now had. In the room Diana shed a few more silent tears. Aurel spoke in a comforting tone “They’re going to be so happy and we’ll go visit as often as you want.”

“I know”

“want to try and make more babies again?” He asked with a grin and she laughed “sure baby” Aurel made love to his wife slowly, wanting her to feel happy, beautiful and loved. When he was done they were both breathless and wrapped in eachother. “I love you so much Aurel”

“I love you too Diana. I hope you get pregnant soon”

“and I hope Mikhail and Ethel have a long, happy life together. If he can be as happy with her as I am with you I’m glad he stayed in Protea” Aurel kissed Diana “me too”

~ The End ~

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