Aurel & Diana

Chapter One

Aurel didn’t know how to react to Diana’s tears. Even though they had hit it off so well at Chthon’s and had grown closer since then, he was still socially inept from his self induced seclusion. He had snapped at her after she had accidentally knocked one of his potted plants over while cleaning. He finally pulled her into his arms and she clung to his shirt, her tears soaking through the material. “I shouldn’t have snapped at you, please forgive me. I am not sure how to react to certain situations so sometimes I yell instead of using my brain.” He said softly and tipped her head back to look into her dark blue eyes. They reminded him of the sea, how the blue would fade slowly into black the deeper you went. He always felt as if he were floating in her eyes, drifting on some hidden current.

“I should have been paying attention.” She said through her tears.

“It was just a plant and it was hardly damaged. Don’t worry about it okay.”


He knew he needed to learn to keep his temper in check, especially where Diana was concerned. She was incredibly shy by nature, always averting her gaze when someone spoke directly to her as if being the center of attention were far to embarrassing and overwhelming for her to handle. He brushed his fingers over her cheek, slipping his fingers into her soft brown hair as he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. “No more tears.” He said when he finally pulled back. The sound of footsteps moving across the grass just outside his home caught his attention. “Stay here.” He went outside, stepping out into the bright sunlight and crossing his arms as he eyed the man. “What business do you have here human?”

“Please sir, you are the one they call the Golden God right?” The older man said.

“I have asked for no such title, but yes that is me. What do you need?”

“Something is happening in my village, a plague of some sort has spread through its people. I came to Shigara and was told you would be the one to ask for help. It is driving my people made with bloodlust. They do unspeakable things and then can’t remember doing them. It is getting out of hand. Will you help us? We will give you whatever you want as payment.” He pondered this for a moment. He did not mind helping these humans, but didn’t know how long it would take and didn’t want to leave Diana alone in a place she was not completely familiar with. The desert could be harsh to those who did not know its dangers.

“Go back to Shigara. I must discuss this with someone first. Go and wait for me at the Sand Sea Inn.”

Aurel walked in, his heart breaking at how sad Diana still was. He felt like such an asshole but he was trying to learn for her. He hoped she atleast knew how much he wished he was better. He pulled Diana into a hug and said “a man just came to me for help. People are dieing and they really need me but I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to leave you here since you don’t know anyone very well. You know Nali, Reece, Sincerity and Hylden but you don’t know them well so I know you wouldn’t be comfortable with them. I’m afraid to take you because I don’t want you hurt in any way. To spite the fact I’m an asshole who doesnt know how to treat people I care for you so deeply Diana. I feel lucky that you came home with me. What should I do?”

“Just take me with you. I’m three fourths demon since my dads half and my moms full. I ahve a lot of power since my grandpa is Chthon. I can’t claim to be anywhere near him but I can defend myself well. I want to come if I wont be too annoying” Aurel sighed “You’re never annoying…..I don’t want to make you feel that way….I’m so happy you’re here.” Diana just looked away deepening Aurels sadness. He wished he knew what to do. “if you want to come I’ll be very happy not to have to part from you because you light up my world” Aurel said hoping she’d smile. She gave him a small one which made him feel better. Aurel pulled her in for another kiss then said “want to come with me to tell the man I’ll help?”

“Sure” Aurel gave her his best smile then lifted her. “Please don’t think you annoy me. I just don’t know how to behave properly and to show how I feel since I’ve been alone most my life.”

“ok” Diana answered softly. He seemed to mean what he said but Diana still coudln’t help but feel like she was a burden to him. Aurel got them to Shigara as fast as he could then set Diana down, grabbing her hand to still keep contact. People bowed and praised them making Diana blush as always. Aurel smiled at her. He thought sh ewas adorable when she blushed. It was one of the nice things about her being so shy.

Diana followed him into the inn, her eyes on her feet. The entire first floor went silent, all eyes turned to them. She heard a chair sliding across the floor and looked up to see a man with dark skin crossing the room, a turban atop his head, his bright green eyes looking between her and Aurel. “I have decided to help, this woman will be accompanying me.” Aurel said.

“Is she your assistant?” The man asked.

“No, she is my mate. Please don’t stare at her.”

“Sorry, it’s just it might be dangerous with the plague going around. I wouldn’t want her to get hurt.”

“Aurel is very strong sir. He can protect me from anything.” Diana said in almost a whisper.

“Yes, of course. Will we be leaving immediately?”

“Yes, the faster we get there, the faster we can stop whatever force is at work.”

“Good, I brought a carriage in case you said yes. Thank you so much. I will drive so you and…”

“Her name is Diana.” Aurel said, feeling a bit impatient.

“Ah yes, so you and Diana can set comfortably inside.” He looked nervously between them. “My name is Neunan by the way.”

Aurel nodded and Diana said nothing. They headed out and made their way to the stables where the carriage was parked. The horses had been fed, watered and brushed. They whinnied happily and one bumped his head into Diana’s chest, almost knocking her down. “He likes you.” Aurel said and she smiled as she ran her hand over the animal’s neck. He pulled the carriage door open for her and handed her in. “If you need to rest Neunan please don’t be afraid to ask me. I am a very capable driver.”

“I’ll be fine sir, please just relax with Diana.” Aurel sighed and climbed in after her. It was sometimes tiring when people worshipped him like he was a god. He was just a demon who used his magic to help the people. He gave them water, kept them warm in the winter when the desert air felt like ice, and helped with sick animals. There were many demons who had his talents.

“Are you okay Aurel?” Diana asked and he turned to look into her eyes.

“Yes, I’m perfect my beautiful desert flower.” She giggled, that beautiful lyrical sound going straight to his heart and filling it with happiness.

“I adore your laughter. It always warms my heart Diana. I’m glad to see you happier. My soul was being ripped out by your tears. I will try to never snap again at you. You are more important than anything I own anyways. ” Diana just smiled at him making him sigh happily. He hadn’t even realized it was hard to breath while she was crying. It was nice to feel the air coming in and out easily again. The carriage ride was peacful. Diana just looked out at the land passing by as she was still trying to perk up. Aurel could see how deeply in thought she was and just admired her. She wouldn’t notice as lost as she obviously was. He loved just to gaze at her beauty but she’d run herself into a fever if he did it too long.

It wasn’t long before he was just as lost in her as she was in thought. His eyes just slowly drifted over every inch of her. His heart began to pound with the intense emotion she always aroused in him. He had been at a loss for words when he was first introduced to her which wasn’t somthing that happened often in his life. He had instantly been very drawn and quickly got attached to her. He was elated when she agreed to go home with him. She was everything he wanted and he was terrfied of loseing her because he didn’t have people skills.

Her eyes suddenly were on him and she instantly blushed. He smiled “so my gorgeous mate is back in reality. I just can’t resist looking at you.”

“You’re so sweet” she said smiling and looking away. “Not really but complimenting you isn’t a hard thing to do. Not with someone so breath taking in every way.” Her blush deepened making him smile more. He was glad he’d just get to ride with her the whole way. He still wished people wouldnt act like he was a god but her company made it far more tolerable. He got closer to Diana then pulled her into his arms. “never leave me”

“I would never do something like that. You have made me so happy. Even though I am sure my shyness drives you crazy. I can’t even sleep next to you without feeling nervous.”

“You know I would never do anything to make you uncomfortable. I just like having you close and if all I ever get to do is kiss and hold you then that will be enough for me. You make me happy simply by existing.” She blushed and he pulled her tightly against him. “Your shyness makes you even more beautiful. It seemed like it took ages just to get you to look me in the eye. You have no idea how happy I was the first time you let me hold your hand and the first time you let me kiss you. I have never felt this way about anyone.”

Diana swallowed, her entire body growing hot. Her heart beat at an incredibly fast pace and she knew he could hear it. She tried looking away from him, but he tangled his fingers in her hair and held her still. His golden eyes burned with his love for her. She was the only one he looked at like that. He finally kissed her, as gentle as he always was. He pulled back and searched her face, looking for something important it seemed. “Are you wondering how much I love you?” She asked in a whisper.


“With all my heart, Aurel. I would not have boarded a ship and moved to the desert if I did not love you with everything I am. You are the only man who is not family that makes me feel like I can do anything.”

“And you are the only woman who makes my cave feel like a real home. I know it looks like one already, but it was nothing to me until you came here. Now every corner is filled with your smell and laughter. I can’t live without it. My plants also really like you.”

“I didn’t know plants could like people.”

“Of course they can. They have feelings too, just like you and I. It’s why I always thank them for providing food for us.”

“You are so amazing Aurel. So sweet and loving and amazing.” She rested her head on his shoulder. “How much longer until we get there?”

“A few more hours. I want you to stay close to me at all times when we get there. Don’t speak to anyone and don’t let anyone touch you. This plague sounds serious and smells of dark magic. I will put a seal on you to keep you safe when we get checked into an inn, but still never wander off and don’t trust anyone.”

“I understand.”

“good, I can’t have anything happen to you.”

“Hopefully this will be over quickly”

“I will end it as quickly as possible as long as you keep my mind at ease and stay by my side.” Diana smiled and just relaxed with her head on his shoulder. Aurel rubbed her arm gently then moved to the side of her face hoping to get her to rest on him for the remainder of the journey. A gentle sigh was the last thing he heard from Diana before her breaths told him she was sleeping soundly. He stopped rubbing her porcelain skin and wrapped his arms around her. Aurel kissed Dianas head softly. “Thank you so much for being mine.” he whispered giving her one last kiss on the head before laying his head on hers. He was on the verge of sleep but didn’t want to rest out in the open like this.

Aurel wanted to be alert and ready if anything attacked. He was not willing to let anything harm even one hair on Dianas body. The faster he could react the less likely it was for harm to come her way. Aurel wanted to do somthing special for Diana when they got back. Something sweet to show her beyond words how much she meant to him. She deserved it, especially for being so patient with his horrible social skills. Thinking on that is the only thing that kept him from falling prey to how relaxing it was to have her this close and succumbing to sleep that was trying to drag him into it’s hold.

Aurel suddenly became uncomfortable in his current postion. It would have only taken a slight movement to make him comfortable but he stayed still, afraid that if he moved he would wake her. If she woke she would start getting too nervous in his hold and he’d end up having to let her go. She lasted longer and longer as time passed but she still would end up very nervous. He never once felt frustrated though. He meant it when he told her he’d be happy if all he got the rest of her life was to cuddle and kiss her.

They hit a bump just as they were pulling into town and it woke Diana. She didn’t want to move she was so comfortable. She kissed Aurel’s neck, making him jump. “Sorry.” She said as she sat up and stretched.

“Don’t be, I want you to kiss me. I love your lips.” He released her and stuck his head out the window. “Neunan, take us to the closest inn please.”

“Yes sir.” He pulled his head back in and took Diana’s hand as Neunan took them near the town square. He pulled to a stop. Aurel got out first then handed Diana out. He retained his hold on her hand, watching the faces of all the people that passed them. He could sense the darkness clinging to everyone. Diana made a whimpering sound in her throat and buried her face in his shirt.

“Neunan please go home and be back here in the morning.”

“I have to tell the elders you are here anyway.” Aurel waved at him and he took off.

“I don’t like this place.” Diana said as they walked into the inn, her fingers gripping his shirt tightly.

“I know baby and I promise to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.” The innkeeper stared at him in wide eyed amazement. Many of he people in this village had heard of the golden eyed and haired god that lived in the desert, but none of them had ever actually seen him. He gave them their room free of charge and Aurel almost rolled his eyes. He took Diana up to their room and closed and locked the door. “I’m going to put my seal of protection on you and it’s going to make you nervous.”


“Because you’re going to have to take off your dress. I have to be able to touch you skin to skin. I’m going to put one on your chest, one on your abdomen, and one on your back.”

She blushed, looking away from him and down at her boots. She shakily raised her hands to her dress straps and pushed them off her shoulders. She couldn’t make herself push the dress down, she was to nervous. She became frustrated and felt herself tearing up. “I can’t.” She said. She felt she should be comfortable being nude around him.

He felt bad but he wanted her to be safe. “would you let me take off your dress?” he asked softly. She nodded as tears spilled out and he couldn’t so he just pulled her into a hug. “I can’t do it if you will cry honey. Please, I love you so much and I wont do anything but put seals on you. I promise” Diana wiped her eyes, determined to stop being such a baby. She took a deep breath and then said “go ahead, I wont cry” Her voice didn’t sound so sure but he decided to try. He couldn’t let her get hurt. She jerked when he touched her shoulders and he paused. “please hurry and do it” she said in a voice that sounded even less sure. He quickly pushed the straps off and had the wind knocked out of him at how amazing her body was.

He did not allow himself to admire it though. He turned her around to do her back first since he was sure that would be the easiest thing for her to handle. Her chest would be last since it would make her the most nervous. Aurel didn’t think she had a reason to be. Her form was perfect. If he didn’t love her so much he’d allow his hands to explore but was sticking to task so he wouldn’t upset her more than she was. He finished the seal on her back quickly then turned her to face him again. Diana began to shake. Her face was breaking her heart. “do you need a break my love?”

“No please hurry, i just want this to be over.” That crushed his heart even more. She seemed as though he was torturing her. A deep frown spread down his face as he did the one on her stomach. He hoped the last one didn’t result in tear shed. She whimpered when he started on her chest threatening to draw tears out of his eyes. He did this one especially fast then turned away “I’m done” His voice cracked. She pulled her dress on then hugged him from behind “thank you for protecting me”

“You mean for torturing you….you looked and sounded so upset but I want you safe…I need you….I’m sorry”

“Oh Aurel please don’t sound so sad, I am the one who should be sorry. I want you to touch, but I’m just so nervous. All I’ve ever had were men hounding me, trying desperately to make me theirs. It was annoying and upsetting. It made my shyness even worse than before. I love you so much, please believe me.” She was on the verge of tears again.

He turned and hugged her, burying his nose in her hair. “Why is this so hard? I just don’t know what to say or do. I don’t want to upset you. I just want you to be happy, I want your smile and your laugh. I want your heart and yes even your body. I crave you in ways I dare not speak of for fear of scaring you away. I dream of you every night Diana.”

“I know you’ve been holding back and I’m so sorry. I want you too, so very much. I just don’t know how to get over this feeling. Having someone who wants to touch me as much as you do is just as new to me as learning how to interact with people is to you.”

“I understand, I am sorry for getting upset. It was stupid of me.” He kissed her cheek and pulled back to smile at her. “We should go out an observe these people. I need to get a better understanding of this magic so I can find the cause.”

“It scares me seeing them. It’s like a black cloud has descended on this village.”

“Remember to stay close to me.”

They left the inn hand in hand, walking slowly down the sandy streets. He used his demon vision, his eyes shifting from bright gold to coal black, revealing a dark miasma that wrapped around the people. He studied it closely, watching the way it moved. He reached out and touched some as a woman walked past them. It felt cold and gave him a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“This is bad, it’s eating away at them slowly, breaking onto their minds and whispering sinister things. I need to ask the elders permission to examine one of the villagers that went mad.”

“do you know where they are?”

“No but Neunan will be back in the morning and he can take us to see them. We could have dinner and relax ourselves a little before the real work begins tomorrow.”

“Alright” There was a place to eat right by their Inn so they just went there. As much as Aurel tried to fight it off he kept picturing Dianas body when her dress was off. She was so gorgeous and she didn’t even know. By the time they finished their food he had managed to fight the pictures out. He paid then they walked to their inn and up to their room. When they walked in their door Aurel let her hand go. “I’m going to shower beautiful. You just relax for me please” Diana kissed his cheek. “Have a nice shower, I still am really sorry about earlier.”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry for. I love you and I always will”

“I love you too” she responded, he kissed her hand then went into the bathroom to get the water running. Diana took this as a good opportunity to change into pajamas. She slipped off her dress again then pulled on some loose fitting and very soft pants then a baggy tshirt. Diana sat on the bed and sighed. She was almost mad at herself for how she acted when he was putting those seals on. He was so sweet and loving but yet she couldn’t loosen up. She wished she knew how to just get rid of her shyness all together.

She thought maybe a good step would be sleeping without the pants. The shirt covered her enough that it would really just show her legs. She knew if she didn’t start trying somthing to work on it she’d always be this afraid. Diana took off her pajama pants then quickly got under the covers, needing to cover herself. She sighed frustratedly but she wasn’t putting them back on. She was determined no matter how nervous she got she would stay in nothing but underwear and a tshirt.

Aurel’s mind kept drifting to Diana and how beautiful she looked nude. He wanted to touch her again, to feel that incredible softness. He sighed as he washed and rinsed then stepped out and dried. He pulled on a pair of night pants and went into the room. Diana was laying with her back to him, her heart beat speeding up as he entered the room and crossed over to her. He pulled the covered up and slid in next to her, pausing for a moment when he realized she wasn’t wearing any pants. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against him, kissing the back of her neck.

“You’re shivering Diana, are you scared of me?” He whispered as he kissed the back of her neck again.

“No, just a little nervous.” She answered.

“Would it help if I wasn’t wearing any too?” She turned a bright red and covered her face. “It was a joke Diana. Please don’t be nervous, I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“I just want to get over this stupid shyness.”

“But it’s so adorable. I love your blush.” He propped his head up in his hand and she turned to face him. He was smiling, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Are you laughing at me?”

“No, just thinking about how cute you are.”

“I’m not trying to be cute, I’m trying to be brave.” She reached out and ran her hand nervously over his chest. His eyes drifted closed, her touch exciting him. She moved lower, sliding her hand over him abdomen. He grabbed her hand, his eye flying open. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked. He pulled her into his arms, kissing her softly.

“You have to be careful touching me like that. I don’t want to lose control and scare you. I don’t want to rush things. You have been very brave tonight and have done nothing wrong.”

She rested her head on his chest, sighing in irritation. “What if you get tired of me?” It was her worst fear. That he would throw her away once he got frustrated.

“I could never tire of you. I don’t care about having sex with you, all I want is to be with you. I want to always make you smile, to give you anything your heart desires. I love all of you very much.”

Chapter Two

“I’m glad, thank you for being so patient and not getting angry.”

“It’s not somthing I have to deal with Diana. Just relax and go to sleep. I’m happy with how things are right now and the fact you’re trying.” He kissed her cheek. “I love you so much Aurel” She said with her head pressed into his chest. “Goodnight beautiful, I will always love you and nothing will ever make me tire of you.” Diana had a little trouble falling asleep with how nervous not wearing pants made her but she managed to after a little while. She decided she would keep going to sleep like this until she was comfortable this way then she’d remove her shirt and get comfortable sleeping that way.

Aurel smiled when Diana finally went to sleep. He was happy she was able to without pants. When he first realized she wasn’t wearing any he figured she would end up getting up to pull some on. It warmed his heart and made him hopefully that she was taking steps to let him show her in a more intimate way how much he adored her. He enjoyed laying like this a little longer then decided to get some rest so he could handle whatever was going on here tomorrow. He wanted Diana away from all this as quickly as possible. Especially since it scared her to be out among these people.

When morning came they woke at almost the same time like always. Right before he fell asleep everynight he’d tune his hearing into her heartbeat so that when it sped up in the morning it was his alarm clock. Dianas heart was especially going faster this morning since now she had to get from under the covers without her pants. Aurel knew what was wrong without her saying “I’ll close my eyes sweetheart”

“No, Just give me a minute. I can do it Aurel”

“You don’t need to push so hard. Just get used to sleeping that way. I’m happy to shut my eyes” Diana forced herself to stand, almost falling the second her feet touched the floor. Aurel sat up with fear she’d actually fall. Diana smiled at him “I’m fine Aurel”

“Don’t hurt yourself trying to be brave Diana. I’m happy” Diana crawled back on the bed and kissed him “I know you are but I dont want to be so afraid anymore. It’s why I finally let myself part from my sister who I used to always hide behind. Just doing that brought such joy to my life. If I would have went home with her I would have never met you and we wouldn’t be here. I don’t want to miss out on life being afraid. I’m doing this for me too”

“I could always get rid of all your clothes so you have no choice but to be naked. Would that get you over your shyness?”

“I’d just wear yours.”

“Then I’ll get rid of mine as well.”

Even though she knew he was joking, she still blushed. She slid off the bed and grabbed her pants, bending over to step into them and giving him a very tantalizing view of her butt. He cleared his throat and she quickly pulled her pants up. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. That’s how I always get dressed.” She said, covering her face. He laughed and she was suddenly pulled back into his lap. He rested his forehead against her back and kept laughing.

“You get the most adorable look on your face when you’re embarrassed.” He replied and kissed her cheek. “You have a very sexy butt.”

“Thank you.” He let her get back to her feet so she could pulled her boots on. He dressed and she pulled out her brush. “Let me braid your hair Aurel to keep to out of the way.” He sat down and she quickly brushed and braided his hair. “You are such a beautiful man, do you know that?”

“I get that a lot. I look just like my mother. Someone mistook me for her once from afar until they got closer and they realized I was a man.”

“I could never mistake you for a woman, but you are very beautiful. Your mother must have been absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could meet her.”

“Maybe someday. Come, lets get to work.” He held out his hand and she took it. He smiled and they left the inn, greeted immediately by Neunan. “We must speak to your elders Neunan.” Aurel said and the older man nodded. They followed him through town, Diana clinging tightly to him as they past the cursed people. Neunan was the only one that didn’t give her the creeps. They were lead into the town hall and directed to go ahead and go into the conference room where the elders were holding a meeting.

“Sorry to interrupt, but this is Aurel and Diana. They are the ones who have come to help us.” Neunan said.

“I must ask why none of you see, to be carrying he weight of the curse. Even you Neunan seem to be immuned.”

“We had not noticed.”

Aurel pondered this for a moment. “Were all the attacks made by younger people?”

“Yes, all of them were under sixty.” Neunan answered.

“So it is only the young that the curse is affecting. Interesting. I wish to examine one of the people who went mad. I want to get a closer look at this curse.”

“It may spread to you and this beautiful young woman.” The oldest man said.

“Nothing can touch her and of it attaches itself to me then I will gain an even better understanding of how it progresses.”

“Very well, it is your risk to take. Neunan, please escort them to the prison.”

He slightly bowed to his elders then asked Diana and Aurel to follow him. Diana was nervous about Aurel possibly getting infected but she trusted he knew what he was doing. Besides when he snapped because he didn’t know how to express himself when somthing upset him he was always kind and gentle. She could see plainly on his face at all times how deeply he loved her. She knew Aurel would never do a thing that would harm her in any way. When they finally arrived at the prison the black magic hung thick in the air and was absolutely nauseating. It bothered Diana more than Aurel since he was used to dealing with such evil things.

“you sure you’re ok my love? You can wait for me in our room.”

“I’m sticking by your side through this whole thing and everything else you ever help anybody with in the furute.” Diana said seriously making Aurel smile and place a loving kiss on her cheek.Nuenan spoke “The prison was empty until whatever is hapening startd. Now we barely have the space to lock the demented up to keep them away from the public. It’s why i came and asked for you so urgently. We’re near loseing our whole village over this.”

“I’d like to be one on one with one of these people” Nuenan nodded then told them to wait. He talked to the guards who got a young man out of his cell and moved him into a small one down the hall that was empty. Aurel followed then thanked the men before stepping in. He asked Diana to stay outside of the bars and she complied. She could still see and hear all that went on from where she was standing.

The man before him was mumbling to himself, his face was wet from crying and his face was contorted with the agony he felt. ¬†Aurel switched to his demon vision, watching as the black cloud snaked around him. “What is his name?” He asked Neunan who peered curiously inside.

“Sal.” Neunan answered.

“Sal, could you please look at me.” He said softly. “Sal.” He said firmer and the young man’s eyes snapped up to his face.

“How did you get here? Where am I?” He asked.

“You’re in jail, you attacked someone. Do you remember?”

“Attacked? Did I?” He clutched his head and let out a cry of dispair that gave Diana chills. “Get out, get out you stupid bitch!” He screamed and lunged at Aurel. He wrapped his hands around his throat, his strength suddenly inhuman. “Get out!” Aurel gripped the man’s wrists and pulled them easily off. He felt the miasma crawl up his arms, cold and evil. He shoved Sal back onto the cot and the man came to his senses. The dark cloud continued to wrap itself around him. He stepped out of the cell, closing the door.

“Aurel, are you alright?” Diana asked.

“Do not touch me.” He said, his tone serious, stopping her in her tracks. “Neunan I need a place away from this village, I have been tainted. It is delivered by touch the infected individual, that’s how it spread so fast.”

“There is an oasis not to far from here. No one goes there anymore since the plague started. I can take you there.”

“I’m going too.” Diana said.

“No, I don’t want to end up hurting you.”

“This is not something that I am going to argue about. I’m going with you. You don’t have to touch me and I won’t touch you, but I am going whether you like it or not.” Aurel didn’t want to fight with her. She was so stubborn, just like her father. He sighed and nodded. “Good, Neunan please take me to get food then you can take us to the oasis.” Diana said, trying her best not to worry.

Thier first stop was their room at the Inn. Aurel grabbed their bag then Neunan took them to buy some food to keep where they’d be staying. Neunan carried that even though Diana tried to. Aurel really wished Diana would just stay in the room they had in the village but he knew there was no swaying her to stay so he didn’t argue. Aurel didn’t know what he would do if he hurt the woman he loved. He would just have to make sure if he felt elevated emotions atall to get far away from her. He knew he was faster than her so if he really wanted to escape Diana to keep her from harm he could. Her anger would be much easier to bare than his own hands hurting her.

They walked instead of taking a carriage since their destination was not very far away. Diana kept glancing over at Aurel with worry in her eyes while he kept his gaze forward and serious. Touching Diana wasn’t an option so he was going to try and look at her as little as possible. Every time he ever looked at her beautiful, sweet face he wanted to touch her so he decided to keep himself from temptation. He had put powerful protection on her but the risk was not worth taking. When they arrived Neunan put their groceries away and said “I will check on you two every day at lunch while you choose to stay here. Tell me when I can do anything or if you’ve made progress Aurel. Diana, if you decide to leave Aurels side your room will be waiting. The innkeeper wont let another use the room until you two leave the village for your home”

“alright” she said softly then Neunan left them. Aurel set the bag down in the bedroom. “You will get the bed at night and I will sleep on the couch. I didn’t argue with you about coming so don’t argue with me about this.” She nodded sadly then Aurel spoke again “I’m sorry if I am cold atall towards you. I just dont want to be tempted to be near you.”

“I understand Aurel” He looked away from her and seemed to get lost in deep thought. She could see his mind was not in the room at all but in what could be done about what was going on and where this all could have started. Diana sat there silently, not sure what to do.

“I’m going to make us something to eat.” She finally said, but he just continued to stare off onto space. She sighed and went into the kitchen. She made them burritos, setting his on the kitchen table so he could eat when he felt like it. He finally came and sat down across from her, saying nothing as he ate. She finished first and just wanted to go to bed where she wouldn’t have to see him. He made her so sad. “I love you Aurel.” She said softly.

He blinked and looked at her for a moment like he had forgotten she was there. “Sorry, I love you too.”

She barely managed a smile and hurried into the bedroom, closing the door and stripping down to her bra and panties. Since they weren’t sleeping together, there was no reason to be shy. She crawled under the covers and curled up into a ball, crying silently into her pillow. All Aurel could do was sit and listen to her. His heart ached for her. He buried his face in his hands, feeling frustrated at his inability to comfort her. He seemed to be constantly hurting her. He forced himself to go to the couch and set down. He took a deep, calming breath and meditated. He studied the curse, trying to find a way to reverese it. It seemed to have been cast by someone very angry and very bitter. Even though it had spread to almost everyone in the village it seemed to be directed at one person. Perhaps the caster had infected only meant to infect that one person, but had infected the entire town instead or maybe they had wanted it to spread in hopes of it reaching that one person. Diana’s crying had finally ceased and he hated himself all over again. He would be getting no sleep tonight.

Diana woke the next morning still feeling sad. The cloud of darkness had grown thicker and she almost didn’t want to go out into the living room. She sighed and crawled out of bed, walking out into the living room. Aurel was setting cross legged on the floor, his eyes closed, his hands resting on his knees. She decided not to interrupt him, but to just start breakfast. She started chopping fruit for a fruit salad, not really feeling like cooking. She sighed again, the sound drawing Aurel to her. She heard the floor creak and jumped, her eyes flying to his face. His eyes looked almost feverish.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Making breakfast.” She answered nervously.

“I mean walking around in your underwear.”

She looked down and blushed. She had completely forgotten. “I forgot I went to sleep like this.”

“You need to get dressed. I don’t need to be tempted to touch you.” He sounded angry and he quickly snapped his mouth shut. He was starting to lose his temper over something so small. “I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to snap. Please get dressed and then we can enjoy breakfast together.”

“You look like you have a fever. I’ll get you a cool rag when I come back to press against the back of your neck.”

“Okay love. I really love you.”

“I love you too.”

Diana went to the room as quickly as she could. She sadly pulled some clothes on then walked towards the door she was having a hard time passing. She wanted to be with Aurel and didn’t at the same time. She wanted to be here for him but once again she felt like more of a problem to him rather than help. Diana sighed wondering to spite what he said if it would be better for him to be with someone who didn’t frustrate him so much. She pushed that out of her mind and decided to quit just standing there. She walked out not looking at him even though he was looking at her. Diana found a rag and ran cold water on it. She just looked at the rag as she asked him to sit somwhere.

“are you ok Diana?”

“This isn’t the time for me. You’ve got important work to do and you need to sit down so I can help you. After we’ll eat breakfast and I won’t bother you. Please just sit in a chair or in front of the couch.” Aurels frown grew deeper and he sat at the table. Diana followed then spread the cool rag on his neck. She let go then went back to making breakfast. She had only looked at Aurel long enough to get the rag on him. Aurel felt even worse. Diana was always so talkative with him but right now she was silent and he could almost taste her sadness it was so predominate in her. He wanted to hold her badly but knew he shouldn’t so he just sat there enjoying the coolness of the rag and keeping how amazing she had looked when he saw her out of his head.

When the rag lost its coolness he took it off and set it by the sink then returned to his chair. Her eyes did not leave what she was chopping for a second. Diana finally finished then divived the fruit between two bowls. Without a word she gave one to Aurel then sat across the table from him. Her gaze was concentrated on her bowl. She was afraid if she spoke to him or looked at him she would do somthing wrong again and hinder his progress.

“Diana please look at me.” He said. She shook her head and a tear slid down her nose to fall in her bowl. “Diana I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

“Why don’t you just find someone else better suited to you. I am obviously far to frustrating. Just leave me alone.” She said, her voice cracking. She stood and hurried out of the kitchen and into the bedroom, slamming the door and setting against it. She buried her face in her hands and cried.

Aurel was in shock, her words had stung him. His heart nearly beat out of his chest with his fear. He ran his fingers through his hair and slowly stood. He went to the bedroom door, her cries tearing him to pieces. “Diana please let me in.”

“Just go away Aurel. Go work and break this curse.”

“I can’t work when you are like this. I want to talk to you face to face.”

He heard her stand up and the door unlocked. She opened it and flew into his arms, hugging her self to him tightly. He nearly panicked and shoved her off. She looked so hurt, tears spilling down her face as she shoved past him and ran out the front door. She didn’t want to see him anymore. He could break the curse without her help. She ran across the warm sand, leaving behind the oasis. In her sorrow she headed farther out into the desert rather than toward the village. She tripped and fell, skinning her knee on a sharp rock. “Shit.” She said angrily and pressed her hand to her knee. “I’m such a stupid, frustrating girl.”

“That’s not true Diana.” She looked up at Aurel and wanted so badly to yell at him to go away, but the words would not come out. She just looked down and he lifted her into his arms. He switched to his demon vision and watched as the black cloud moved toward her. It wrapped around her and then suddenly retreated. His seals of protection held. “I’m the one who is stupid and frustrating.” He said as he carried her back inside and sat her on the counter. “This curse has me on edge. I have never felt this way. I can already feel it slipping into my mind and whispering things to me. This curse was meant for someone. I have to figure out who. I can almost hear the name in my head, but just as I grasp at it, it slips away. Someone full of anger and hate created this thing. Let me look at your knee.”

“It’s fine Aurel”

“Please Diana, I love you so much. When I pushed you away before it was out of fear for you. You are scaring me so badly…you can’t leave me sweetheart. I need you,i really need you and I can’t finish this job without being certain we are ok. Our relationship comes before anything.” She finally looked at him, it only wounded his heart more. Her eyes were filled with such pain and sadness. It was sadness he caused and it nearly brought him to tears. “we’re ok Aurel, just check my knee and get back to work.”

“You don’t look ok.”

“These people need your help. We can talk when you’re done alright? I wont run away again. I’m just going to try to stay out of your way”

“You are never in my way Diana” His voice sounding of how heartbroken he was. He got a new rag and wiped the sand and blood off her knee. It wasn’t a serious wound so it would heal itself quickly without any help. Aurel hugged Diana. His heart still beating fearfully. Aurel worried she would be leaving him after this and he could hardly bare it. It gave him new motivation to hurry and finish this job so he could save things between them. He couldn’t lose Diana. He couldn’t lose how happy she made his life. Everything about his life was better with her in it. Now whatever he did for her when he got home to show his love had to be somthing spectacular to make her stay.

Diana pushed at his chest, breaking the hug. “Get to work sweetheart. I’m going to lay down. When I wake up from my nap this should be gone and hopefully. His lip quivered a little “I really really love you Diana. Don’t leave me” Diana kissed his cheek “don’t worry about me. I love you too. More than I’ve ever loved another person. Just finish this for the sake of these people. Maybe we’ll talk a bit after my nap.”

“ok” He answered then watched her walk to the room and shut the door. With a heavy heart he went back to meditating to figure this thing out. He hoped his new motivation would help him. He was desperate now to get this done before he lost the most important person in his life. Diana crawled into bed fully clothed then covered her head with the blanket. She was so sad it didn’t take long for her to drift to sleep.

Neunan arrived at lunch time bearing gifts. He had made the some pita wraps stuffed with lamb and spinach leaves. “Where is Diana?” He asked.

“She’s sleeping because I made her unhappy. I didn’t realize how hard I was to be around until she started living with me. I wouldn’t dream of hurting her, but my temper is so short.”

“I am sure she will be just fine. Even though she is shy, she seems very strong. So, how are you feeling today?”

“Sick. I have a headache and yesterday I had a fever. I may have a few clues as to who is causing this, but I need your help. I need to know if there were any female deaths near the start of all this.”

Neunan thought about it for a few minutes. “Yes, there were two actually. One was a fifteen year old girl who went into the desert alone. She was attacked by leopards.” Aurel waved her off. “The second was a young woman of about twenty-two named Lydia. She committed suicide after her husband threw her out. He didn’t want her anymore. People said they heard him calling her a stupid bitch before she ran out crying.”

Aurel froze mid bite into his wrap. That was what Sal had said right before attacking him. “Is her husband still around?”

“No, he left about a week after the suicide.”

“Where is Lydia buried?”

“The cemetery is behind the village. Why?”

Aurel looked at the bedroom door and then back to Neunan. “I think she is the cause of all this. This is a possession, not a curse. She’s using these people to remind him of what he did, but he left so she has been going on a rampage. Give me a moment and you can take me there.” He left the remainder of his food on the table and went into the bedroom. He shook Diana awake and she looked up at him drowsily.

“What’s wrong Aurel, did something happen?” She asked as she sat up.

“I need your help and I hate to ask, but you are the only one I trust.”

“What do you need?”

“I need you to be a vessel for a spirit so I can talk to her. I have to take the seals off of you to do it. Is it okay if I do that?”

Chapter Three

“I guess” She took off her clothes and he was amazed by how fast she did it. He looked at her confused but she just looked away without providing an answer. She didn’t much care right now because he had seen her in nothing but her underwear earlier and it had only angered him. She wasn’t worried atall about what he thought at this moment since the last thing on his mind was attraction. Diana didn’t want to say that because it would only upset him and they needed to hurry and save this village. They could deal with their own issues when the people were safe. He took them off as fast as he could while he wondered why she wasn’t looking at him or seeming to care atall. It made him worry for his realtionship even more.

When he finished she pulled all her clothes back on. “what now?” Dianas voice was flat, void of any emotion. Aurel picked her up. “we need to follow Neunan to the womans grave.” Diana waited for him to move but he didn’t “aren’t we going to go?” He frowned more then walked out of the room. “lead us Neunan” Neunan walked out of the door and started walking towards the cemetery. Aurel really wished this man was a demon so this wouldn’t be taking so long. It was incredibly frustrating since he wanted to end this and get Diana to talk things out with him.

Every time Aurel looked down at Diana she was staring off into the dessert though her eyes said she wasn’t truly looking at anything. Diana was simply zoned out as her head rested on his shoulder. The wind tugged at her hair and was pushing it into her face but she baerly seemed to notice. Diana was lost in thought about many things, none of which they could talk about now. She knew Aurel would but it would be selfish of her to distract him from his work. Countless people could die in the time it took them to talk.

Aurel sat her down in the sand next to Lydia’s grave. “This may feel uncomfortable. It won’t hurt, but it will feel strange.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Diana please…” She held up her hand, interrupting him.

“Just do what you have to do.”

Aurel sat down in front of her and grabbed her head in his hands. He brushed his thumbs over her temples and closed his eyes. He started whispering and she felt a pressure on her whole body. It was an uncomfortable, squeezing sensation. She felt herself being shoved to the very back of her consciousness where she stood in darkness. There was someone else there, a woman dressed in all white, her face the picture of sorrow. “What am I doing here?” She asked.

“My…I guess boyfriend brought you here. He needs to talk to you.” Diana answered.

“No, I don’t want to talk to that man. He’s just as bad as Pylar was.”

“That’s not true, Aurel is a very good person.”

“No he’s not, you liar.” Images of Diana crying after being snapped at danced around them. “He makes you cry.”

Aurel was getting no reaction from the spirit even though he knew she was there. Diana’s eyes just stared straight ahead. “Lydia what are you doing to my wife?” He asked and the eyes that had been cold and blank were suddenly full of so much hatred.

“We are talking.” Lydia said angrily and that was the last thing he got out of her.

“Sometimes he loses his temper, but I forgive him. He doesn’t know how to act around people.” Diana said as gently as she could.

“How can you defend him when he hurts you?”

“Because I love him Lydia, I love him with everything that I am and he loves me.”

“Pylar said he loved me and then he threw me away. He made me leave and never came after me, never apologized. So I wanted him to remember, I wanted him to hear the words he said to me over and over again until he was driven to madness, but I couldn’t find him.” She said angrily.

“Maybe he loved you and didn’t know how to apologize or maybe he didn’t, but it gives you no right to hurt innocent people. You are using the young and strong because your possession won’t kill them right or may it’s because you needed someone who wasn’t fragile so you could kill Pylar. I don’t know and I don’t care to know, but you are making people hurt each other because of your selfish need for revenge. You and I both know it’s not right. You have to stop this before someone dies.”

“who cares if they all die! Let it be a testament to Pylars creutly! Let it remind him of what he made me do to myself!”

“He didn’t make you do anything. Regardless it wouldn’t show how cruel he was if these people all killed eachother it would show how cruel you are. You seem very self centered. Did you ever think back on your relationship and see how you were? Maybe he got tired of dealing with a woman thats this self absorbed.”

“I was perfect!”

“Nobodys perfect, relationships end. People who were once happy with you change their minds. You can’t hold them accountable for it.”

“You’re a stupid girl!”

“I know it hurts, you want to be with who you love forever but it doesn’t always work out. Just let it go and rest in peace. Don’t torture the villagers any longer. They didn’t do anything to you. Weren’t there people you loved in the village? You’re hurting everyone. What about your family?” Her face that had stayed angry the whole time seemed to change. “I hadn’t thought of it”

“Stop this for the people who you loved and loved you in return. Don’t hurt everybody to hurt Pylar. Let the peace of eternal rest take you. Just let go of the anger and pain.” Aurel was panicking. He worried what might be going on inside Dianas head. He cursed himself for using her to talk to the woman. He may have just unleashed ¬†somthing horrible on his mate. Yet again he was hurting her and it was crushing him. Aurel just tried to breath and trust Diana could handle this. She was an amazing woman and he knew if any girl could do this it was her. It was the whole reason he chose her to talk to Lydia.

Aurel just wished this had gone as planned and that he was talking to her and not Diana. He was already afraid they were on shaky ground and Lydia would only make things worse and try to convince her to leave. That was mainly why he was panicking. He didn’t want Diana to come out of this and want to go back to her parents in Chthons castle. He’d be thrown into absolute¬†despair since he would know it was all his fault. If he had just kept a little company he wouldn’t be such a caveman and would know how to properly behave and react to things.

“He hurt me so much. Maybe I was hard to live with, but so was he. We argued constantly and that night he said the most cruel things. They were so horrible and even when I cried, he didn’t stop.” Lydia said as she started crying. “Then he threw me out and I begged on hands and knees for him to take it back. He just closed the door in my face. I loved him so much, but he didn’t love me so I jumped off a bridge and drown.”

“I am sorry for what happened to you, my heart breaks for you, but if you let go then all this pain will cease to be. Give those people back their peace. Remember that Pylar may regret the things he said and maybe he hurts too, but if he doesn’t at least you will be in a better place where nothing can hurt you again.” Diana replied as she hugged the other woman. “Just go and let your soul rest.”

“Thank you for talking to me. I am so sorry for what I have done.”

“It’s okay.”

Diana felt warmth moving through her as Lydia’s soul burst into so many little white lights then drifted away as if carried off by the wind. She gasped and fell forward into Aurel who held her to him. She blinked, her vision clearing of the haze Lydia had out over it. She was so exhausted, her energy having been sapped after Lydia had taken possession of her body.

“Diana are you okay?” Aurel asked as he cradled her in his arms. She felt tears burning in her eyes and before she knew it she was crying. She buried her face in his shirt and he kissed the top of her head and stood. “I’m going to take her back to the oasis. She’s been through to much.”

“Did Lydia leave? Is the curse gone?” Neunan asked.

“I sense the darkness is dissipating, everything should be fine in the morning. Tomorrow I will take Diana home, tell your elders to keep whatever reward they might have. I do not do this for material things.”

“Yes sir. I’ll bring the carriage around in the morning. Thank you so much.”

“call upon me anytime.” Aurel said then began walking back with his sobbing mate. He was proud of her for getting rid of Lydia on her own. “I love you Diana” he said softly hoping it would help but he didn’t even know if she heard him. When they were almost back she was only silently crying. He walked to the room and laid her down. “could I do anything for you? Get you a drink or somthing me love? You didnt eat, I could bring you food”

“I just want a drink” She said in a very sad tone. “alright, one second sweetheart” He quickly poured Diana some water then returned to her side. She sat up and he handed her the glass. She downed it fast then took a deep breath in and out “Thank you”

“I’m proud of you for getting rif of her. I’m sorry i asked you to do that.”

“She wouldn’t have talked to you, the poor thing.”

“Can I lay with you?”

“Of course you can, why couldn’t you?”

“I’m not sure, you’ve been worrying me ever since you said I should find someone else. I don’t want anybody else Diana” His voice sounding near tears. Diana patted the bed “Can i rest before we do any talking. I love you and I know how deeply you love me.”

“Promise you know I love you”

“I know Aurel, I promise” Aurel rubbed Dianas back until she was sleeping then allowed himself to cry. He felt horrible for how he had been while he was dealing witht he curse. He still had some worry about her leaving but she seemed better now. It meant alot to him that she would allow him to hold her after everything. Aurel wanted to rest aswell but his heart was far too heavy to let him do any resting. He needed to know precisely where he stoof with her before his heart and mind would let him fully relax.

Diana woke feeling better physically. Emotionally she was still very exhausted. She moved and felt Aurel shift next to her. She turned over and gave him a small smile. He looked worried, scared even. She hated that look. “Please don’t make that face.” She said softly.

“I can’t help it Diana, the things you said earlier scared me. I don’t know what to say or do. I am so bad with expressing myself and no matter what I do I always seem to hurt you.” He replied and she sat up. He followed suit and ran his fingers nervously through his hair. She knew he was worried she was going to leave him.

“Aurel, I love you more than anything. You are so brave and loving. I hate that I am so shy and my greatest fear is that one day you will hate me for it, that you will get rid of me and find someone better suited to you. I feel so insecure and sad. Then you lose your temper over such small things that I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I know you have no social skills, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.” She felt like crying again, but managed to keep her tears at bay.

“Oh Diana, I love no other woman but you. You are so perfect for me in every way. You make me see the world in a different light. You make me want to be a better person and I am so sorry for hurting you and making you cry. I hate your tears, they tear holes in my heart. I need you more than anything, more than air or food. If you left me, I would die.” Tears shimmered in his gold eyes, making them look brighter. He looked deep in her eyes and a tear slid down his cheek. “Don’t leave me Diana, I’m begging you. I love you, I need you.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into her. He buried his face in her hair and cried. His arms went around her waist and he pulled her into his lap so she was straddling him. She stroked his hair and whispered loving words into his ear. He was so relieved she had not told him she hated him. “I will never leave you my beautiful god of the sands.” He pulled back and she smiled, making him feel like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

Tears kept sliding down his cheeks ¬†“I wish I deserved you” he said keeping eye contact with Diana. “Don’t say things like that. We both have our flaws”

“Yours are cute and mine make you cry”

“We can just be there for eachother and work through them. We have forever since we’re immortal” Aurel smiled even though his eyes were still sad. He put a hand on her cheek and guided Diana down for a gentle kiss. She felt his lips tremble against hers. Diana pulled back “Aurel”

“I’m sorry, I was just so terrfied. I couldn’t handle it if you left me Diana. I love you so deeply that you’ve become my heart” Diana smiled which warmed his heart and made it so he could quit crying. Diana pressed her forehead against Aurels “You are a wonderful boyfriend. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I love you very much. You’ve made me happy. The only times I’m unhappy are when you snap and I know you will try hard for me to stop. Lucky for you I’m not as scared to be naked around you.” Aurel was just staring at her. Looking a little sadder so she asked “whats wrong?”

“You’re my mate, I think of you as my wife. You don’t see me that way?”

“You’re a man, you can’t be a wife” she said teasingly and he half smiled “No jokes, you dont see me as your husband?”

“well we aren’t married. I mean you neevr even really asked me to be your girlfriend. We just sort of were together one day.”

“we are fixing this then, you are my wife and I want you to think of yourself as such. You’ll marry me when we get home?” Diana wrapped her arms tightly around him “I’d love to but I want to go back home to marry you. I want my family there.”

“anything, I’m sorry. Another part of my social issues.”

“I think it’s really sweet you’ve thought of me as your wife this whole time” Diana said so softly it was almost a whisper. “Among most demons when you call a woman your mate thats what it means. I guess around where you are from that isn’t so.” she shook her head and he kissed her. “I love you very very deeply Diana. I want you and only you to be my mate”

“I’m so happy” Diana said as she began to sob again.

“atleast I’ve done somthing right today. i wish I would have known sooner you didn’t realize thats how I felt when I introduced you as my mate.”

“This has been so incredibly exhausting.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Why don’t you go back to sleep?”

Diana shook her head. “I don’t want sleep, I want you. Kiss me.”

Aurel’s mouth founds hers in a gentle and loving kiss. She could feel his relief radiating off of him. Their tongues danced around each other and he moaned into her mouth. She felt him getting hard through his pants and her heart sped up. “Can I just touch you? I promise that’s all I’ll do.” He said then trailed kisses down her neck to her shoulder.

Diana swallowed nervously. She wanted him desperately. He licked his way up to her ear and nibbled at her earlobe, making goosebumps cover her skin. “Yes, touch me please.” She finally answered. He pushed her back onto the bed and slowly undressed her. She started shaking as he tossed her clothes aside and closed her eyes tightly.

“We can stop if this makes you uncomfortable. I won’t get frustrated.”

“No, please touch me. I’ll be fine I promise.”

“Then look at me please.” She slowly opened her eyes and stared into his. “I’ll only touch you.” He reassured her. He lay on his side next to her, his head propped up in one hand while he ran the other slowly over her. He traced the spot over her heart, drawing a symbol of protection on her before moving to brush his fingers lightly over her nipples. She gasped and he tugged them lightly into hard peaks. “Is this okay?” He asked and she nodded. He moved lower, making a circle around her belly button. He moved to her hip and down her thigh to her knee then around to the inside of her leg. He traveled slowly back up and she swallowed, her fingers bunching in the blanket. He stopped, seeing that she wasn’t ready to be touched there yet.

“I’m sorry.” She said and he kissed her softly.

“It’s okay baby, I’m not mad or frustrated. Why don’t you get dressed and we can eat something before relaxing the rest of the night?”

“Okay, I love you very much Aurel.”

“I love you too.”

Aurel enjoyed how beautiful her naked form was until it was once again covered in clothes. He stood, how hard he was showed through his pants. “I’ve never seen you this excited.”

“well I haven’t gotten to see you naked until this trip. You are stunning my love” He grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen. “I’ll make us sandwiches. You just sit there.” She smiled at him and he smiled back happily. As he made their sandwiches he became soft again. When they were prepared he sat at the table with Diana and they ate. “Thank you Aurel” Diana said when she was finished. “I just want to make you happy. Thank you for letting me touch you. Your skin is incredibly soft.” Diana blushed and Aurel picked her up “lets relax for the night”

When they got to the room he set her gently down on the bed then changed into the pants he wore to sleep. Diana changed into a long shirt then they both got in bed. Aurel pulled Diana into his arms and pressed her against him. Aurel kissed her head “You mean everything to me Diana” was the last words that filled the room before the two of them drifted to sleep. Diana jerked awake when a knock sounded at the door. Aurel groaned “why is he so early…”

“I’ll get it”

“No, let me. You just get dressed and stay here.” Diana smiled and his heart was once again putty. Aurel pulled on a shirt then answered “morning, I’m ready when you two are.”

“we’ll be a few moments.”

“I’ll be waiting with the carriage.” Aurel walked back into the room to see Diana putting their clothes in their bag. She zipped it up and asked “we ready?” He took the bag from her “yes we are.” He kissed her cheek then they walked out together. Aurel was happy to be going home with her where they could plan the wedding so she’d feel as married to him as he did to her.

Diana slept the whole way home. Aurel didn’t blame her after all the stress he had put her through. He didn’t wake her when Neunan reigned in the horses in front of his cave, but pushed open the door and carried her out. Neunan whispered another thank you and Aurel nodded before turning and heading inside. He lay her down on their bed and kissed her forehead. She mumbled his name in her sleep, warming his heart. He was going to make her something amazing to eat then pick a few of his flowers and give them to her. There was a special breed of flower that felt like velvet when you touched the petals.

He went out to his garden and squatted down before the flowers he wanted. “I am going to take a few of you for Diana, I hope that is okay.” He said softly. He waited, feeling their joyous acceptance. He gently plucked six of them and took them inside. He tied a piece of twine around them to hold them together and sat them on the table. Next, he lit a few candles, the air soon filling with the smell of honeysuckle. It was soothing and sweet. He cooked and hummed, making her favorite meal of saut√©ed mushrooms with mashed potatoes and steak. He set the table and made the plates then went into the room to wake her.

Diana smiled up at him when he kissed her awake. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. He chuckled and kissed her neck before lifting her in his arms and carrying her into the dining room. The smell of food hit her nose, making her stomach growl. She blushed and he kissed her cheek before setting her down. “I made your favorite so I hope it tastes good.” He said as he took his spot next to her.

“It certainly looks amazing.” She replied and stuck her fork in one of the mushrooms. She ate it and gave a moan of pleasure that sent his heart rate up a notch. “This is so good baby. Thank you so much. Are you okay, you face is red.”

“I am more than fine, just a little excited. Sometimes the sounds you make threaten to destroy my self control.”

“Everything I do seems to do that to you. If I bend over or make certain sounds or you hear the shower running. You are a really excitable guy aren’t you?”

“Only with you. Everything about you is incredibly arousing.” She blushed a deep crimson and swallowed the food in her mouth before she choked on it. “Is it okay to say that?” He asked and she nodded.

“Just remember not to say that around anyone we know, you might get hit for it.

“By who Chthon? I am not afraid of him. We are the same age with a lot of strength. He has never intimidated me and I have never intimidated him.” He grabbed her chin and smiled at her. “I would never say something so intimate in front of others. It would be rude of me. I only want you to know my inner most thoughts. I want you to know what you do to me.”

Diana blushed even deeper making Aurel smile more. They finished eating and Aurel picked the flowers up and handed them to Diana. “Thank you Aurel”

“Thank you for remaining my beautiful flower. I will do my absolute best to tend to you as I should.” Diana hugged him then met their lips. Aurel stood with her and took her to their bedroom. He sat down on the bed with Diana straddling him as they kissed. She felt Aurel grow hard again and he set her down on the bed. “Could I touch you again please?” Diana nodded and he took off her clothes. His eyes traveled across her. The way he looked at Diana made her feel like she was the most beautiful creature in the universe. “You’re so sweet” She said softly. “How so?”

“Just the way you look at me.”

“You are absolutely gorgeous Diana and I couldnt be more in love with you.” He laid down like he had the time before and let his fingers move around her body. He played with her nipples again then ran his hand down her stomach and up her sides. Diana could see the lust building. He didn’t try anything though which meant so much to her. She almost couldn’t say it but her mouth finally ran away with her thoughts “make love to me Aurel. We love eachother so much, I know you will be gentle and slow with me.” He looked shocked and hungry for her. “are you sure?” he still asked even though she felt that he was rock hard and could see the lust overflowing in him.

Aurel slowly stripped his clothes then marveled Diana a few more moments. He then got over her and looked deeply into her eyes “We can stop at any moment. Please tell me if you want me to stop. I love you and I want you to enjoy this. I wont be happy if you aren’t enjoying it”

“I’ll tell you Aurel” Her voice weak and filled with her nervousness. Aurel licked slow and hard up her neck on each side then began to give her a hickey as one hand cupped one of her breasts. Diana moaned and grew hotter with a blush. Her heart was already pumping a million miles an hour and they had only just begun. She wanted this and knew she would love sex once she got over being shy with him. He pulled up, obviously examining her face “stop that Aurel, I’m enjoying it very much.” He kissed her lovingly “I have to be sure” He said huskily.

Aurel kissed down Dianas shoulder then rained kisses over her breasts. He slowly began sliding his hand down until it was between her legs. He felt her tense and he pulled his hand away “You aren’t ready for this.” He attempted to get up but Diana made him stay “I can’t help it baby. I’m just scared. I’ll be nervous no matter how long we wait. Please, I want this really badly.” Aurel kissed her “Is this really for you or is it for me?”

“Its for both of us”

“I love you more than I can express Diana. I’m so happy I get to be intimate with you”

“well quit stoping. I’m really enjoying it even though I’m nervous.”

“Open your legs.” He ordered softly and she grew even hotter. She swallowed and parted her thighs, clinging tightly to the blanket beneath her. He kissed her lips then over her chin and down her neck. He nibbled at her collar bone and she squirmed. He sucked and bit at her breasts, his hand sliding slowly between her legs. He slid his fingers into her, moving them slowly in and out while he rubbed her with his thumb. She moaned, her hips rocking against his hand. “Do you have any idea what you do to me Diana?” He asked and she shook her head. He grabbed her hand and guided it to his erection. “Touch me.” He whispered and she wrapped her fingers around him. She stroked him slowly, making him pant and gasp. He captured her lips with his, his teeth tugging at her bottom lip.

“Aurel, please no more teasing. I need you.” He sat back on the bed and pulled her onto his lap. Her heart thundered loudly in her chest as he held her open and impaled her, pulling her down on him hard so she screamed his name. He paused, kissing her softly as he allowed her to become used to the new sensations her body was feeling. He lifted and lowered her slowly, flexing his hips so he went deeper. He kissed her neck and shoulder, savoring her moans of pleasure. He gasped as she quivered around him, her tight sheath squeezing him.

“You feel so amazing Diana, so tight and hot.” He bit down on her shoulder which made her tighten around him again. “Diana.” He cried as he spilled himself into her and her back arched as another orgasm moved through her. He pressed his forehead against her shoulder and she wrapped her arms lovingly around him. Tears sprang into her eyes and slid down her cheeks to drip into his hair. He looked up at her, his bright eyes full of concern. “Did I do something wrong?” He asked and she shook her head. “Why are you crying? Are you hurt?”

“I’m just so happy, so overwhelmed by all the joy and love I’m feeling.” She kissed him and he tipped her back onto the bed, untangling their bodies and laying next to her. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest. He pulled the blankets over them and kissed the top of her head.

“I’m so relieved, I thought I had hurt you or something. I never want to hurt you again.” He kissed the top of her head and brushed away her tears. “I love you so much Diana, never forget what you mean to me and never think I want someone else ever again. No one else will do, no one else can make me feel this way. You are my heart and soul. I would be nothing without you.”

“You are the only one for me too. When can we go back to Barense and have a wedding.”

“Can we see when my friends can accompany us so that they can attend aswell.”

“Sure, I love your friends”

“we will go see them tomorrow then so you can know when we will be officially married”


“To me we are already married. My heart is committed to your until the day it stops beating. You are my one and only. If you ever leave I will beg for you and do whatever I must until you’re mine again. You are my wife, my mate for eternity. I’m excited you want me for your husband.” Diana smiled then just relaxed as they laid together. She could already imagine how excited everyone they knew would be. Aurel could feel how happy Diana was and it made his heart beat a blissful rythm. He was going to work on how he reacted to things and keep her from ever crying again.

He knew if he tried hard enough that one day he would start properly reacting to things instead of being an ass to the woman he adored to the very core. He rubbed her back as he imagined her in a beautiful dress and all their friends seeing them comit to eachother for the rest of their lives. He could already picture them with children and how wonderful a mom Diana would be. He felt so happy he didn’t know if his body could contain it all. He kissed Dianas head “I love you so much. Thank you for making my life perfect”

“I love you too, thank you for helping me come out of my shell”

“I’m glad you had a shell. It kept all the men away so I could have the best thing that has ever happened to my life. You truly are a blessing Diana.” They laid for a while in silence until all the noise in their home was the sound of their peaceful breathing as dreams and visions of the future took them away for the night.

~ The End ~

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