Aurik & Brenda

Chapter One

Brenda shook her head when she pulled up into the libraries parking lot and already saw Auriks car waiting. She parked and made her way to the door. Auriks car door soon opened and he followed her “Go away unless you want books” he smiled “we had a nice talk yesterday. You know you like talking to me”

“You dont know what I like and dislike”

“You laughed multiple times”

“At the fact you think your persistence is getting you anywhere”

“Can i help today?”

“You see, you ask like you’re actually asking a question” He laughed “well the library takes volunteers”

“True, and I’ve asked if I can be choosy but without a prison record I cant deny you”

“what can i do today?” he asked as she sat down at the front desk. “Put the returns on the shelf please”

“right away” he answered with a grin. She smiled when he wasn’t looking, secretly glad he was here again to spend time with her. “why couldn’t I have met you with my true identity” she said sadly in her mind.
Aurik hummed as he pushed the cart around and put each book back where it went. He peeked around the bookshelf, seeing Lori sitting behind the maid desk reading. He sighed, wishing she would stop rejecting him the moment she saw him. He had grown to love her and wished she would open up to him more. He could tell she was hiding things, he wasn’t blind to the fact and he wanted her to tell him what it was she kept bottled up inside. She raised her head to look at him and he jerked his head back, his heart giving a lurch. He wished he could will her tell him what was wrong.

“Aurik, are you done with the books yet?” Brenda asked.

“Almost, do you need something?” He headed back to the front and saw the book delivery guy there.

“We just got a delivery of new books, even some encyclopedias so when your done with the returns can you do these?”

“Yes ma’am.”
“thanks” The delivery guy lingered “so, Feel like being chatty today?”


“come now, librarians are supposed to be nicer”

“I’m sorry but you’re stuck with me. I like to keep to myself”

“I’ve seen. I bet you’d make a much better FBI agent” she didn’t let her face move from an uncaring expression though it very nearly did. “why would you say that? Too much excitement for me. I enjoy the quite life”

“Oh, i don’t know. I just see you with long, luxurious hair with a nice FBI badge. Short hair looks horrible on women”

“good thing I couldn’t care less about your opinion. Leave the books and get out. I’ll be requesting a new delivery guy. I’ll make sure to tell them how rude you are which I’m sure wont go over well since you’ve just started on this job. Its ridiculous how much you talk about yourself you know” Jordan ground his teeth to hold back his angry expression. He was sent there to see if they had found her and he was pretty sure at this point this was the Brenda they were looking for. This time they had set him up with a camera in his jacket so his bosses, who had actually seen her in person could see if she was the right woman.

Tomorrow if he had the ok he was coming back to kill her. He was hired at the delivery place under a false identity they wouldnt be able to trace back to him so it didn’t matter the company ‘knew’ who he was. Plus, once he got paid for this they were sending him on a nice vacation in a place the US government wouldn’t be able to grab him from. he stormed out angrily, leaving Brendas heart pumping fearfully. That was oddly specific, too specific to who she really was. They had found her and had obviously sent an idiot since he would even let on that much he knew who she was.
“Everything okay?” Aurik asked as he came back after placing the rest of his books. He could see she looked worried.

“Yeah, everything’s fine, just get those other books put away please.” He frowned and she felt bad for getting short with him. “Sorry, just please don’t worry about it.”

“Okay.” He loaded the new books onto the cart and took them to where they needed to be. He didn’t really have any other reason to be there once he had the books put away so went and sat behind the counter with her.

“You’re not supposed to be back here.”

“It’s cool, I’m a volunteer.”

She sighed. “You know it’s probably not a good idea to get involved with me.”

“Why not?”

She spun around in her chair. “Just please listen, getting to know me isn’t worth it. You’re a nice guy, but you have to stop being so persistent.”

“You’re always like that, I take one step forward and you take a million back and even worse you won’t even tell me why so I can help you, you just keep shutting down and brushing me off.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m trying to be your friend here and you’re not letting me.”


“It’s fine Lori, I’m sorry. I’m going to go ahead and go, if you need anymore help around her call me.”

“Okay.” He left before she could say anymore, feeling hurt at her constant rejection. He was going to go out and shoot for awhile to clear his head.
Brendas heart wrenched sadly and she had to hold back tears. She wanted to tell him the truth but she couldn’t, she wasn’t allowed to. She knew after all these months of lies he would hate her anyway if she told the truth now. Truly she told him mostly the truth about her, just changed names to protect the ones she loved but there was still so many lies. Her name, her families name, the fact she had a daughter instead of never having children. Her occupation. She wished he knew how badly she wanted to tell him everything.

he had been so kind and amazing over these past months and all she ever did was hurt him. Now that her cover was most likely blown anyway she was tempted more than ever to call him, have him meet her somplace far out and secluded and just tell him everything, explain why she had to push him away. A tear slipped from her eyes, knowing she shouldn’t.
Aurik climbed up the hill where he usually practiced. He set up his rifle and got down on his stomach, looking through the scope at the target he had set up on the other bank. He fired off round after round, pouring out all his frustration and hurt on the target. He sighed and climbed back down. He could always tell how upset he was by how good or bad he did. Today he had not hit any in the center ring. They were mostly on the ten and twenty. He set up a new target and went back up to his gun. He reloaded his gun and emptied it then went back down. He repeated this until he was out of the rounds he had brought with him. He sighed as he climbed back up the hill and loaded up his rifle. He felt a little better, but not much. He popped the trunk to his car and sat his rifle inside then closed it and got behind the wheel.

He decided since Lori didn’t want to really talk about anything or allow him to get any closer to her then he would simply stop asking. He didn’t want to ruin what relationship they did have. As he switched on his car his phone vibrated and he quickly pulled it out of his pocket. It was Lori. “Hello.”

“So uh where are you?”

“Out, did you need something?”

She hated how angry and sad he sounded. “I’ve had a lot of returns today and wondered if maybe you would like to come and get a head start on them.”

“Sure, I’ll be over in a little while.”
“thanks” she hungup but his phone didn’t leave his ear with how shocked he was. She had never invited him to help her, not even once. He thought back to how upset she seemed before he left. He was actually fearful somthing was wrong. He was going to change first but ended up just heading to the library. There was a reason she pushed him away. Maybe she was hiding from someone, maybe she had been previously abused but there was a reason she was hiding things and he wondered if the delivery guy had anything to do with it. He just wanted to be there for her even if she didn’t want him to be. He was still wounded from another rejection but if somthing was wrong he needed to be there.

He came rushing in, seeing her expression was still just as conflicted as when he left.”woah, I wasn’t in that big of a need”

“You’ve never asked for me. I was scared”

“I’m fine”

“You’re not but I’ve decided to quit pushing you” she sighed “you’re a really good man Aurik”

“and you are an amazing woman who can talk to me anytime.” As he worked she tried to gather up the courage and convince herself she should tell him about her and why she was there. She thought of her father and grandfather. Neither had ever broken cover even once. No matter what happened they maintained. They were both her idols but Aurik was too good of a man to lie to and then just ditch when assignment was over. With all his effort and kindness when she had mostly shown him resistance he had a right to know. Once she had decided that she forced herself to stand, not caring if she regret this decision. They knew where she was anyway so chances were good she was going to die before she could hide again.

The man they sent as a scout was dumb but no doubt they had many men and women waiting in the wings to slaughter her when she killed that idiot off. She walked over to Aurik who looked over at her questioningly “yes?”

“I…I want to be honest with you. Well, god, I dont know what i want and me telling you these things is probably wrong but I think you’ve earned the knowledge”

“tell me, please. I dont care what it is. Just let me in”

“It has to wait until closing. I’m not allowed to close up until hours are over”

“But you run this library” she just stared for a long time then moved in closer, standing on her toes to whisper close into his ear. Her hot breath gave him goosebumps as she said ‘My bosses orders. I have to act as a real librarian. When forced to work here I was given strict orders to come in on time and leave no earlier than closing time. When it’s closing time I’ll check the library, lock up, then finally tell you all the things I’ve wanted to…I swear I never wanted to lie to such a man as you.”

“Please just wait until closing.”

She helped him put books away until someone came in to check out books. He kept glancing at her, wondering what she was hiding and trying to figure it out for himself. She had said her boss gave her orders to be there and he wondered if maybe she was in the military or something or if maybe she was a cop. He grabbed the vacuum when it was close to closing time and vacuumed the floor while Lori organized things. Once the doors were locked and the lights turned off she came and pulled him into the back office.

“So, what did you need to tell me Lori?”

She sighed and flopped down in a chair. “First of all my name is not Lori, it’s Brenda.”

“Okay, so you lied about your name, what else?” He grabbed a chair and sat down in front of her. She buried her face in her hands and swallowed. “Brenda, tell me. I need to know.”

Chapter Two

“I’m in the FBI. My father and his father were in it so its kind of a family thing so its the only job I’ve ever had. I’ve pissed some really bad people off to the point they want me dead. They’ve already killed one agent trying to get to me. For the safety of everyone my boss forced me to change my identity and go into hiding until they could arrest the men after me or kill them. Since they’ve already killed an agent all FBI personnel has been given the right to kill them if they deem it needed. All the stories I shared with you were true…I just changed names. I swear. I have a wonderful little girl named Virginia who is staying with her father while I’m hiding and no we havent been together in a long time.”

She paused and took her contacts outs “my eyes are really brown and I dont dress trashy but nowhere not this modest either. Library life isn’t for me atall. I guess my boss was being funny. Most everything I’ve told you is the truth but I’m so sorry for the lies. I understand if you hate me. Its why i tried so hard not to talk to you. I just care about you so much and I didnt want to have to lie. Even if it was just changing names or leaving out things like my little girl.”

Brenda looked away from Aurik, not wanting to see him get angry at her. It would be devastating to watch that handsome, sweet face contort into anger. She braced for impact when suddenly she felt him hugging her. “Aurik?’
“How stupid do you have to be?” He said and squeezed her a little tighter.


“I can see the look on your face Brenda, you think I’ll get angry and just toss you aside.”

“I would be pissed if I was you.”

“I was upset at being constantly rejected without explanation, but I would never get mad enough to leave you. There’s no way I could do that, especially when it’s for a reason like your life being in danger. That would be incredibly stupid of me. Now I just want to kick the shit out of your boss.”

“He’d probably kick your ass.”

“Oh ye of little faith. I’m not scared of some F.B.I. handler.”

“You shouldn’t be so mad at him, he was just doing what was best.”

He sighed. “I know, I just hate how burdened you felt.” He pulled back and kissed her forehead.

“You have to be either the sweetest or the most laid back person I know.”

He shrugged. “Can’t I be both?”

“The men coming after me could kill you.”

“They won’t get close enough.”

“You’re way to confident in your ability to avoid a hitman.”

He frowned. “Well I may have omitted a small detail about myself just because I didn’t figure it was important and I wasn’t sure how you felt about guns. I am a pretty good shot with a sniper rifle so if anyone even tries to lay a hand on you I’ll shoot them without hesitation.”
She smiled “and to think I actually like you.”

“what’s that supposed to mean?”

‘Most snipers I’ve met are overly serious”

“As much as I’d like to deny it I wont. I’m just glad to finally have a reason as to why you wouldn’t let me get close. Can I know the real names now and about your daughter?”

“My daughter is wise beyond her years. Its scary somtimes. She wants to follow in the families footsteps and be an FBI agent as well. I’m proud of her and know if she still wants to when she grows up she’ll be a great agent. I want to keep talking to you and clearing up the lies I did have to tell but I need to get home. I think that delivery guy has been snooping around this town for me. He made comments that lead me to believe he knows who i really am. He was far too specific. I dont want to be here and unarmed if they are coming for me tonight.”

“come to my house. I’m not asking. You owe me for your lies even though i understand why you did lie to me. Stay where I can help you protect yourself to make things up to me” Brenda normally didn’t do anything anybody told her to do aside from her bosses just as a point but she felt lucky he wasn’t going to hold her lies against her and she had to admit, it was nice to be around him and finally get to fully be her. “Ok, I’ll need clothes from my apartment first”

“I like your eyes natural color much better by the way”

“Thanks, now lets get going.”
She climbed into the passenger seat of his car, buckling up as he pulled out of the parking lot. She stared out the passenger window and he glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. He reached over and grabbed her hand, making her jump. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m planning from the best to worst case scenario, the worst we die, the best they die and we don’t take a scratch.”

“Well we can probably scratch the not taking a scratch thing. There is no way we get out of this without at least a bruise or two.”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t let them get close enough.”

“Well what if they have a sniper or a grenade.”

“God please don’t let them have explosives, the last thing we need is some innocent getting blown up.”

“I live kind of outside of town so we won’t have to worry about that unless some stranger just happens to visit. We could go all Home Alone on them and set traps. I’m sure you have a trick or two and I actually know how to make pipe bombs.”


“you trust everything you google?”

“I’ll have you know I searched it extensively. I didn’t just listen to one post” She smiled “I’m still in shock you’re still being so nice to me”

“I understand and have the explanation I’ve been dying for. You lied as little as possible and that means a lot too. Especially since that means I still know mostly who you are. I like you a lot so knowing our talks was as few lies as possible makes me really glad. It’s sweet you’re a mom. You seemed to get sad when kids would come into the library and it broke my heart. Now instead of me thinking you just really want kids I know you miss yours back home”

“Yeah, if I couldn’t be with her I’d atleast call everynight to talk then read her a bedtime story. This is the first time in her life she’s had to go without even a call from me and I feel so bad. She begged to come too but that just wasn’t an option.”

“she doesn’t like staying with her dad?” Brenda sighed “I don’t know what happened to him. He was a hard working, amazing guy and one day he up and decides he wants to be a college student and not in the sense of returning to school. He parties, sleeps with anything that has a pulse and a vagina, god knows what else. I only let her stay with him instead of my brother because he begged and promised he wouldn’t party or bring random women around. What he does is his business but what he does in front of my daughter is my business. I will wring his neck if she tells me he didn’t keep his word and I hope he knows she wont lie to me for any amount of bribery. Shes an honest girl even when it gets her into trouble. I mean, the kid tells on herself and she’s only five.”

“she tells on herself?”

‘yes, I got home from work one day and she was crying. The babysitter that stays with her while I work had no clue what was wrong. Come to find out she had stolen candy from my secret stash about a week prior and it was eating at her. It was only candy and I didn’t even ask about it. I assumed she found it and just wanted some”

‘Thats kind of cute”

“Yeah, shes a really good girl. It kills my father. He was hoping I’d get a hellion like I was. I never partied or anything but I am most likely responsible for most the gray hairs on my fathers head. Plus, I’m aggravating. I know it’s true but my Virginia is so sweet. I truly hope when she grows up the cruelty of the world never changes that.”
“She’ll be tough, especially having you as a mom so I wouldn’t worry about the cruelty of the world corrupting her.”

Brenda thought that was one of the sweetest things he had ever said and wished she had a better way of thanking him for his kindness than just saying thank you. When they made it to her place he followed her into her apartment, not wanting her to be ambushed if someone was waiting inside. He sat in her living room and waited patiently as she packed a bag and grabbed her guns. “Alright, lets get out of here.”

Aurik got to his feet and followed her out of her apartment. She locked her door and tossed her bag into the back seat of his car. He hummed as he drove and a smile tugged at her lips. He always did this when he was focusing on something. It wasn’t really any tune she knew, in fact it sounded completely random, but it made her happy. “Something funny?” He asked, smiling.

“Not really, just thinking about how great you’ve been. You’re definitely something special.”

“So are you Brenda, especially to me.”
“when this is over you’ll have to tell me how I can thank you” His expression changed in a way she couldn’t quite read as he said “You’re already thanking me Brenda. You know how hard I’ve been trying to get you to be with me outside of that library and to have long conversation like we have been now. I hate knowing your life is in danger but I’m finally getting to really talk with you and be around you outside of the time you’re working. Truly what I hate most of all is that since they were relocating you, you must live pretty damn far from here” This expression she could read. His face looked genuinely heartbroken at the thought of her not living close to him.

“yeah, twenty hour drive or six hour plane ride” This he couldn’t talk about right now. He needed to think about protecting the woman he loved and if he thought too much on the fact she was going to leave when this was all over he would be distracted and not be as good of a shot. He was still madly in love with the woman he had gotten to know and honestly loved her even more with who she really was. He had always thought the library didn’t suit her and now he knew why.

They pulled up to his house and he grabbed her bag. “Au” she started and he halted her “Nope, I’m carrying your stuff and thats final”

Chapter Three

“Leave it to me to find the only guy not deterred by my need to everything for myself.”

He smiled, the act lighting up his face. “No one can do everything for themselves, it’s always okay to ask for help.”

She followed him out of the car and up the front steps of his house. He unlocked the door and let her in first then came in behind her, wanting to keep himself between her and any potential threat. He dropped her back on the couch then went around the house checking that everything was locked and closing the curtains. “This place is nice.” Brenda said as she looked around.

“Thanks, it has two bedrooms, but one is the computer room so you can have my bed tonight.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I insist.” He cleared his throat. “Anyway, make yourself at home, I have to get my gun and then I’ll make dinner for you.”

He hurried back out to his car and popped the trunk, pulling out the case that held his gun. He needed to clean it so he would be sure it would fire perfectly. He took it inside, making sure the door was locked behind him then setting the case on the coffee table. “May I look at it?” Brenda asked as he headed into the kitchen.

“Of course, my guns are your guns. Just be careful with it, it was a gift.”
He said with a smile then went into the kitchen. She sat down, opened the case and pulled out his gun. She wondered who had given it to him since it was a very nice, expensive model. Instead of yelling across his home she would wait until they were sitting down to diner to discuss it with him. Her own smile stretched across her face when she heard him humming again. She put the gun away and went into the kitchen to be with him. He was far more impressive and interest than a gun could be. They could talk more aswell if they were in the same room.

“You liked it?’ he asked, instantly noticing her presence. “Yes, who gave it to you?”

“Someone who was once really close to me. She was a fellow sniper and my best friend before she decided to let a controlling fiance tell her to quit her work and that she couldn’t have male friends any longer. I mean, she didn’t want to break up with her sons father and he is one of those my way or highway guys but to me, thats no example for a little boy so she wasn’t doing him any good staying with that man. I made peace with it though”

“so you dont talk atall now?”

“Nope, I told her if she ever left him that I would gladly be her friend again. Can’t help it if she’s going to let a man tell her what she can and cant do.”

“Not somthing I’d expect from a sniper chick”

“Yeah, people like him really piss me off. Men and women can be friends without anything more. I never once thought of her as anything besides a friend. Totally platonic but he thought she must be cheating on him with me because we were close. Thats an ignorant way to think.”

“To him it might have been more about control if he told her she couldn’t work either”

“This is true, sad situation. I hope she grows a brain and doesn’t let her son be raised to think thats how men treat their wives or that men and women cant be around eachother without sexual or romantic feelings”
“So what are you making?”

“Some sort of pasta thing I found online.”

“Pasta thing?”

“Yeah it’s Mediterranean or something.”

“Well that’s encouraging.”

He smiled. “It’s good I promise. I wouldn’t feed you something dangerous. Want to get me a couple of bowls?” He pointed at the cabinet they were in and she got up and pulled two out. She sat them down next to him and he spooned some into each bowl. He pulled out forks and handed her one then they sat down across from each other and started eating.

“This is actually really good.”

“I’m glad you like it. So shouldn’t you call your boss and tell them your cover’s been blown?”

She rolled her eyes. “He’d just pull me out and move me somewhere else. I’d rather just handle the problem that be even further from my daughter and be given another job I don’t like simply because my boss was in a funny mood.”
“the back up wouldn’t be bad but I have faith in my skill. I’m also sure if theres a target on your head you’re pretty good yourself so if you dont want to call I’m more than happy for you not to. I don’t want them taking you from me” She smiled, thinking about his kisses earlier and then him holding her hand in the car. Being a person who always got right to the point she asked ‘You like me don’t you and you know what I mean when i ask that.” he smiled then reached for her hand again so he could bring it to his lips for a kiss. “I’m going to like this directness if I can keep you around or follow you home but let me be direct too, I more than like you. I’ve fallen in love over these past months and that still holds true now that I know what your name is and that you have a daughter. I hate you live so far away but I’ll be damned to hell if I let you slip through my fingers. If you wont live here I’m coming to you. I don’t have to live with you but I’d like that. I know since you have a daughter it might not be somthing you want to jump into but I love you and it’s been a long time since I loved anybody. I’m good with kids if that helps my case”

Not expecting that much of a response she was shocked for a few moments. He smiled “don’t leave me hanging after saying all that Brenda”

“You’re an amazing man Aurik. I’d love for you to be a part of mine and my daughters life but you living with us is somthing I have to talk about with my little girl before any decisions are made. Maybe after this blows over we both can spend a week with you here and I’ll ask her before we leave if she would be happy with you living with us.”

“Ok, does us dating atall weigh on that?” he asked nervously “I’ll date you regardless. I just dont want to come home from being away and say ‘well this mans living with us now’ I don’t think it would be fair to her. Especially since I have no idea if her father is even behaving with her there. She might be done with strange people for a little bit”
“Do you want to call her?”

“I should probably wait until this is all over.”

He pulled out his phone and sat it on the table. “If you want to call her, you can use my phone anytime, I’ll leave it right here.” They finished eating and Aurik washed the dishes while she sat and watched him. “I’m going to go take a shower real quick and then clean my gun.” He said and she snapped out of her daydreaming.

“Oh okay, I’ll just watch something I guess.”

He smiled. “Do whatever you want. I think I have ice cream in the freezer if you want some.”

“Thanks.” He leaned down, stopping an inch from her face, asking if he could kiss her. She met their lips and he let out a happy sigh.

“I love you.” He said when he pulled back and she felt her heart do an excited dance. She blushed at the adoration in his eyes. It was so sincere and moving, something she could get used to. “I’ll be quick.”


“In the shower.”

“Oh, okay.”
He smiled “kissing me that good?”

‘Go get in the shower” she said with an even bigger smile. He held her cheek in his hand and pressed his forehead against hers a few seconds before leaving for the shower. He left her flushed with an overly fast heartbeat. When she could think again she thought of his phone and her daughter. She wasn’t supposed to have any contact with her but the men were already on her tail anyway and she’d be using someone else phone. TV would be the option she was supposed to choose but when had she ever listened to rules. Another concern with calling her daughter would be finding out if her ex had kept his word. If he hadn’t she would be pissed, somtimes that helped her work and other times it made working harder.

She sighed, knowing this would all be over soon. These men were coming if she was correct about the idiot in the library. She hoped they were all as low on the brain cell totem pole as that one but she knew that operation enough to know they used morons like that first and if they failed they sent the real guns. Either way, she was getting home to her daughter. Having Virginia was her biggest motivation to get work done and it always brought her home safely.

In the shower Aurik stressed about meeting Virginia. He hadn’t lied about being great with kids but he was afraid his luck would be Brendas daughter would be the only kid that ever hated him. If he couldn’t get that little girl to like him he wouldn’t be able to live with them. He could buy a place near theirs but he didn’t want to have to do that. As he washed his body he decided not to let that worry him. She’d like him or she wouldn’t and all he could do was be himself. Even if she didn’t at first Virginia was important to Brenda so she was important to him. He would work as long as he had to at getting Virginia to like him.

He rinsed then pulled on pajama pants before brushing his teeth and hair. He had brought a loose fitting shirt in with him but he decided to show off his body and tattoos. He wasn’t incredibly built or anything but he felt he was attractive and loved every one of his tattoos.
“Have a good shower?” Brenda asked when Aurik entered the living room.

“Very good.” He flopped down next to her and she looked at him from the corner of her eye. She completely turned her head when she realized he was shirtless.

“Wow.” She said and he cracked a smile.

“I know, I know I’m just that good looking. Sometimes I even impress myself.”

She started laughing. “You’re very good looking, but I meant the tattoos. They’re amazing.”

He laid his head in her lap and smiled up at her. “They took hours and quite a bit of money, but I love every single one of them.”

She reached out and touched the rose on his sternum. “This one’s my favorite, very life like.”

“I got that one for my grandmother. My grandpa always called her his little desert rose. She passed away when I was eighteen.”

“It’s gorgeous.” He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his chest.

“Your gorgeous.” He reached up with his other hand and tangled his fingers in her hair then pulled her down for a kiss. He found immense pleasure in kissing her, the warmth and softness of her lips were addictive.
Out of breath Brenda pushed away “we need to be alert”

“they dont know where I live” he said and started to attempt pulling her back. “You don’t know that. I have my daughter to return home to and your kisses stupefy me. I’m out of breath but I’m sure you can tell” He smiled triumphantly “I can” She didn’t want to think that smile was sexy but she did “come on. We need to be alert” He sighed ‘i need to clean my gun anyway beautiful. I’ll bring it in here so I can sit with you” Aurik got up and grabbed what he needed then returned to Brendas side. “what does your daughter like so I can have some sort of way in when I meet her.”

“Any type of law enforcement stuff, cats, clothes, Nerf anything and music. All go to items for her”

“I’ll buy us all a ridiculous amount of Nerf stuff and we can have a Nerf war her first day here”

“She’d love it, thank you” Aurik stopped cleaning his gun to look at Brenda as he spoke “I told you, I love you Brenda. Since you have a daughter its important to me that she likes me. Shes important to me in general” Brenda kissed his cheek “You really are a sweetheart” He smiled happily then went back to cleaning his gun.

When it was ready he asked “want to head to bed. We may need our energy”

‘Probably, you can join me if you can behave. I don’t want you out here on the couch and you’re my boyfriend, an incredibly sweet one at that. Come on if you can manage not to try and have sex with me” Aurik met their lips “I can do just cuddling. I’m not controlled by my penis. My brain works just fine. More men should count on their upstairs brain instead of allowing their dick to be the dictator” She giggled “I love you so much” she blushed and he looked absolutely touched “You..you love me too?”

“Yes” His smile expressed bliss as he hugged her then planted a gentle kiss on her neck. He grabbed his gun case then said happily “lets go up”

Chapter Five

He sat his gun case on top of his chest of drawers while Brenda pulled hers out of her bag and sat them on the bedside table, safety off. She climbed in bed and Aurik slid in next to her. “Mind if I hold you?” He asked.

“I’d love for you too.” She scooted closer and he wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss onto her forehead.

“Good night my love.”

“Good night Aurik.”

Jordan was not happy Brenda wasn’t in her apartment and he knew his bosses would be even less happy than he was. He couldn’t believe she had slipped away so fast. He pulled out his phone and called one of his bosses. “She’s not here.”

“What do you mean she’s not there? Did you check the library?”

“Yeah and she’s not fucking there or in her apartment.”

“All because you fucking tipped her off. Damn it.” He didn’t like the sound of disdain in his boss’ voice. “I’m sending Raul.”

“What?” Jordan didn’t like Raul, the man was terrifying.

“When he get there I want you to brief him on the situation, make sure he knows her habits and who she hangs out with. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” His boss hung up and he resisted the urge to throw his cell phone against the wall.
The next morning it startled Brenda she was in Auriks arms so she jerked. It woke him up with a start and he sat up quickly “No, everythings fine. I’m sorry. Since I’ve had people trying to kill me for months it scared me to first wake up in someones arms since I’ve been sleeping alone for so long. Even before all this. Most I had in my bed was a frightened little girl” He smiled and laid back down “Its fine, I understand.”

“I need to get ready for work”

“I really don’t want you going there but they’ll find us regardless. Check your gun before you get ready and I want to get in a good sniping position from another building before you go in. Give me your cellphone number. We can keep our cellphones on in our pockets so I’ll know if you’re in trouble.”

“This better happen today then. My boss will know I used my cellphone. He’s watching it. He knew I’d call my daughter if he didn’t”

“I think he was being an asshole with your daughter”

‘No, these aren’t barbarian criminals. They are very organized and have connections. We’re being cautious and the worst outcome could be them kidnapping my daughter to get to me. This is the first time she’s visited her father at his new house and he rarely comes around since he left. I don’t even know why on earth he wanted her while I was away but I gave him a chance. Being that he has so little contact my boss felt it was safe to keep her with him as long as I didn’t call”

“God, I havent met him and I already hate him. Doesn’t sound like he deserved a chance” Brenda sighed “He’s her dad. As much as I hate him for turning into a teenage boy that’s still Virginias dad and if theres a chance he can be a grown man for her and have a relationship with her I want that. This was his only chance to keep her though. If he blew it I’m not doing this to her again. He can come see her but thats it until he has proven he has grown up which I doubt he’ll ever want to do.”

“I’ll kick his ass myself if he partied with a little girl in the house.” Brenda kissed him “I really hope she’s alright with you living in our home.”

“I do too.” They got ready then loaded into the car. Once on the road Brenda said “Thank you for being so understanding about my daughter”

“”Its not like she’s a teenager you’re letting run your life. She’s still really young. I told you upfront I can understand. You’re being a good mom by wanting her to approve of me living there. Hopefully a week of fun at my house will make her like me and comfortable with me”
“You’re such a good guy, I’m sure she’ll get along with you just fine.”

Aurik smiled, but still felt uncomfortable about her being in the library with those men around. He pulled to a stop a couple of blocks from the library and gave her a kiss before letting her out. “If anything happens and you can’t get to your phone pull the fire alarm and I’ll come running.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on dying today. I love you Aurik.”

“I love you too.”

He watched as she walked away, wanting to go after her and make her stay home. He had the urge to lock her in his trunk and go after the men who were threatening her life on his own, but he knew it would make her angry to be undermined by him so he forced himself to pull away and drove to the alley behind the cafe across from the library. He knew the owner always kept a ladder in the back and that the large sign would hide him while allowing him to watch the front of the library without being spotted.
Brenda called Auriks cellphone then put it on speaker before sliding it in her pocket. Aurik answered, putting his on speakerphone aswell and muting it on his end so they wouldn’t hear anything he did. Raul and Jordan were already waiting inside. When Jordan gave Raul the information last night he looked into the ever hanging around Aurik and saw he was a sniper. Since moron Jordan tipped Brenda off he was sure Aurik was hiding somwhere so they didn’t want to be walking into the library in the open while he was watching. As most libraries didn’t this one didn’t have an alarm system so they had bust through a window just big enough to them to get in near the back of the library since it was large and they knew they would be on her before she could notice.

“she’s here” Raul whispered and readied his gun to shoot. Brenda paused at the whisper “for fucks sake this is a library and I’m trained to be observant. they sent a slightly more intelligent idiot” She ran to the fire alarm so the police and fire station would already be on their way. Aurik heard it go off in both her phone and from where he was sitting. He quickly started running over. He was good close up too and those fucks weren’t hurting her.
Brenda ducked behind some bookshelves, her gun up and ready. “Come on you guys, am I so hard to find?” She rushed over to another set of bookshelves, peeking through them and seeing the two hitmen moving through the library.

“Go that way.” Raul ordered and Jordan moved to the left while Raul went right. Brenda stalked Jordan since he was the weaker of the two, keeping low and keeping quiet. She heard the library’s front door open, the sound distracting Jordan so she kicked him in the knee then punched him in the face when he dropped down. She grabbed him and hauled him up in front of her, her gun to his temple. She moved out from behind the bookshelves and Raul pointed his gun at her.

“Back off or I blow his brains out.” She said angrily.

“You think I care about that weak little shit.” He shot Jordan in the chest and the bullet tore through his body and his Brenda in the shoulder. She dropped Jordan and reflexively dropped her gun to clutch her shoulder. “Did you really think you could play on my loyalty or lack there of?” He moved closer to Brenda, his gun pointed at her head. “Stupid little bitch.”

Aurik aimed his gun at Raul and fired of a round into his knee so he screamed and hit the floor. He ran over and kicked him in the head then kicked his gun out of arms reach. “Brenda, you okay?” He asked as he dropped his gun and helped her to her feet.

“Yeah, the police should be here soon.” She reached into her back pocket and pulled out her identification. “Just don’t move when they come barging in here, keep your hands where they can see them so I can show them my i.d.”

“Your shoulder.”

“It’s fine.”

“The bullet didn’t go all the way through.”

“That sucks.” He pulled his shirt off and pressed it to her shoulder.

“I can’t believe he shot his partner.”

“I can, sadistic bastard. He didn’t even blink when he did it, just put a bullet in him and went about his life as if nothing happened.”
They dealt with the oncoming chaos then Aurik rode with Brenda to the hospital. “Is this over?” he asked in the back of the ambulance as he held her hand. “Sadly no, those were goons. Not who is after me.”

“But they’ll move you now”

“and I guess you’re coming with me. I’ll demand it since you want to be with me anyway. At my next stop we can be fake husband wife since we’re in a relationship anyway”

“as long as I still get to be by your side” Her boss, Lewis arrived while she was still in surgery to have the bullet removed. From the flashed badge and what he was saying to the nurse Aurik knew this had to be her boss. Aurik had planned to talk to him anyway but was shocked when Lewis started his way. “Aurik? I woudl think you’re the only man with blue hair and tattoos”

“in this town anyway, yes I am”

“Thank you. I’ve talked to the police chief and he told me everything. She’s a really good agent and honestly is very important to me beyond that”

“You’ll be moving her?”

“well we have to”

“I’m coming too. She said I could pretend to be her husband in the next place”

‘Fine, if she wants that”

“Where’s her little girl?”

“still with her father”

“don’t you think she’d want to see her little girl after surgery?”

“What if they have someone here and they get ideas seeing her daughter? Now they may be the type with enough morals not to hurt children but do you know what it would do to Brenda if she lost her daughter? I’m sure you think I’m an ass but Brenda would not recover from that loss. You havent known her long enough to know what Virginia means to her so it’s not worth the risk to involve her atall”

“Has anybody been checking on her? Do you know if her father is actually being a father while she’s there?”

“we’ve been a little busy trying to catch the men that are actually after her”

“well damnit sombody should be checking on her. Brenda is worried and she cant even call to check on her. Knowing how much she loves Virginia don’t you think she might ask you the same question? All you’re going to have for her is no, we dont give a damn about her we’re just worried about our agent dieing.”
“That’s not what I said.”

“Screw you and your organization. Maybe you could try and be useful and get answers from that dick who shot her. Asshole, you know if it wasn’t for Brenda I’d knock you on your ass.”

“I am trained you know.”

“Like I care, I’m not scared of you.” He stood there glaring at Lewis until the doctor came in and told him Brenda was out of surgery, but sleeping and he could go back and see her if he wanted too. “Excuse me while I go check on someone more important than your little job.” He made his way angrily to Brenda’s room, his fists clenched as he mumbled to himself. He took a deep breath before pushing her room door open and stepping in, wanting to be as calm as possible around her.

She was sound asleep and he took her hand in his, hating seeing her this way. She looked so exhausted, like the time in hiding had finally taken its tole on her. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers then lovingly stroked her cheek. “I love you Brenda, I love you so much.” He sat down in the chair next to the bed, his hand holding onto hers even as he fell asleep.
Brenda woke a short time into the next morning and smiled when she felt Auriks hand in hers. “Aurik” she coaxed softly. His eyes opened and he kissed her again “morning, do you hurt?”

“No, but I’m sure they are giving me pain medicine through one of these IVs”

‘I hope they are” he lovingly brushed his fingers over her forehead and into her hair “your boss is here”

“I’d be shocked if he wasn’t. Is he pissed?” Aurik scoffed ‘don’t worry about that ass”

“what’s wrong?” He didn’t want to have to tell her but wasn’t going to avoid her question ” Last night I asked if they were checking on Virgina and he said they weren’t” The disappointment and worry on Brendas face made him want to storm out and pound the hell out of her boss but he stayed “I’m sorry they aren’t”

“Tell him i want to talk to my dad. I demand to talk to him and have him check on her. If I tell him to fuck the rules and check on her he will and he’ll tell my ex off if he hasnt been taking care of her”

“There’s a phone right here” he had only just finished saying when her father walked in “You know I checked on her baby. I wished I had sooner to be honest”

“dad, where’s my baby?”

“I honestly couldn’t decide if you’d bite my head off for bringing her or want her to come but she’s near enough to here with your Uncle that if you want to see her when you’re better she’s not far. She wants her mom so badly.”

“so he didn’t keep his word?”

“No, I’m sorry” she sighed “thank you for checking on her and bringing her. I want to go right now. Tell them to discharge me. I can’t stay here when she’s so close dad.”

“I’ll inform them of your demands.” He walked over and hugged her “Im so glad you’re ok”

“I love you too dad.”

“Thank god your dad has a brain. Fuckin pisses me off your boss didn’t know she was no longer with your ex”

“he tends to get tunnel vision. My dad probably didn’t tell so he wouldn’t get in trouble. He wasn’t allowed to keep her since he was needed too”
Lewis came in a few minutes later looking flustered. “Bren…”

“Don’t you dare Brenda me, I’m going to see my little girl. If you’re so worried then you’ll just have to come with us.”

He rubbed the back of his neck and just leaned against the wall and loosened his tie. Brenda’s father came back in with a doctor and a nurse, the former explaining to her that she needed to take it easy until her shoulder was completely healed. He gave her a prescription for pain medication then had her sign some papers while the nurse unhooked her. “Do you have shirts she and I can have?” Aurik asked as he helped her out of bed.

“Sure.” The nurse said and ran to grab them the sweat shirts they kept on hand. She came in just as Aurik was handing Brenda her pants. He let her have her privacy and pulled the sweater on before sitting down in one of the chairs and waiting. He found himself glaring at her boss again without even realizing it.

“Christ will you tell your buddy here to stop looking at me like I’m Satan.” Lewis said loud enough for Brenda to hear.

“Well maybe you are.”

“Come on, I’m sorry Brenda.”

“Have you talked to that guy who shot me?”

“Not yet.” She pushed the door open. “Well don’t you think you should?”

Lewis sighed. “He’s still unconscious, we’ll interrogate him when he wakes up.”
“alright but I’m seeing my little girl and you cant stop me”

“I know” Once clothed and ready to head out Wallice insisted on driving, not thinking his daughter or her boyfriend were ready to drive. “so, I find you’re a sniper and a pretty damn good one too” Wallice said to Aurik “yeah”

“good, my daughter isn’t meant for any pansy” Obviously referring to her ex boyfriend. He had always hated Virginias father, since their very first date. In the end her father had been right about the man. “How’s Virgina?” Brenda asked. “she’s doing wonderful but misses you somthing fierce. You’re going to get some time with her in that hotel room even if I have to strangle the boss. He wont mess with me I promise.”

“Thank you, I’m glad shes with you now so I don’t have to worry. I’m so mad her father couldn’t even be a decent man for her sake”

“I told you he was trouble from the start. Maybe Aurik here can take him out for us”

“dad” she exclaimed though she could hardly blame him. She hated his guts even more at this point for disappointing Virginia. “I’m glad you’ll be with my daughter when she’s moved again son. Thank god this girl finally picked a decent man. I will not see her ill treated again, you understand?”

“yes sir”

“good” Brenda smiled, especially since none of this made Aurik uncomfortable in the least. They pulled up to a hotel room what felt like half a day away because Brenda was so eager to see Virginia. She may have even kicked down the door if her father hadn’t been so quick about slipping his hotel room key in. It was instant tear inducing when Virginias sweet blue eyes turned her way. “mommy!” Virginia squealed and ran to her mother. Crying happily Brenda lifted Virginia in a hug and rained kisses on her head and cheek “My sweet girl” Her shoulder hurt doing this but she couldn’t have cared less now that she had her baby.

Wallice wasn’t enough to make him nervous but being in the same room with Virginia terrified him. He was scared she wouldn’t like him and he knew how much that meant to Brenda. “grandpa says you still cant come home”

“No, I’m sorry. I’m also sorry for leaving you with your dad. I didn’t think he’d behave like that”

“I know mom. I’m just glad grandpa came and got me. He punched dad.”

“Have you thought about where you want to go on vacation when this is over?”

“Universal studious, can Grandpa come too?”

“I told you when I left. Anybody you want can come and we’ll stay as long as I can. You’ve been such a big girl about all this. I’m proud of you. Universal will be fun.”

“who’s that man?” Virginia asked, noticing Aurik. “I met him while hiding. He’s really nice and helped me so those men wouldn’t kill me. I really like him a lot. I was hoping when this is over you’d like to spend maybe a week at his house with me and get to know him.”

“so he’s your boyfriend now?”


“cool, I like his hair” Brenda and Aurik smiled as Virginia got out of Brendas arms “can i see your pictures?” she asked, referring to his tattoos. Being around a lot of children before he understood that and took his shirt off so she could see more than what was showing on his neck. “pretty”

“thank you”

“Thank you for keeping my moma safe” she said as she hugged him. He hugged back, his heart melting “you’re welcome. I’ll keep her safe until this is all over.”

“Are you coming to Universal with us?”

“is that ok with you?”

“Yeah but I get to ride beside my mom.”

“I think thats fair” She really was as sweet as Brenda had been saying. It only made him more pissed off at her father. They stayed in the room the remainder of the day playing, talking and exchanging a lot of affection since they all knew Brenda and Aurik would have to go again. Brenda almost couldn’t leave after they finished their dinner, especially since Virginia was bawling. “I’m so sorry honey. This isn’t fair”

“I know you have to go mom. I just want you to stay”

“I love you so much baby.”

“Love you mom” Auriks heart was shattered as he held Brenda in the back seat of the car. She seemed to only cry harder into him as they got further away from her daughter. He would do his best to keep her happy while they were wherever they were going. He knew she couldn’t truly be without Virginia but he was determined to do his best. He hoped at the least the FBI got answers out of the remaining goon. If not he was going to do his own interrogating next time since the FBI apparently couldn’t handle this. Before her father left he gave his daughter a long hug “I love you and my grandaughter. When we get home I’m going to take her to chuck e cheese then get her a whole tub of ice cream”

“Thank you”

“Cant stand my girls to cry” brenda wiped at her face then kissed her dads cheek “I cant wait to be home but it does make me feel worlds better you have Virginia” he smiled “dont ever trust that ass again”

“I wont” Wallice shook Auriks hand “Thats my only child you have there”

“I know sir, I’ll keep her safe” with that they parted ways and soon met with Brendas boss to see where they were headed now.

~ The End ~

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