Dejen & Konstantin

Chapter One

Konstantin checked the map he had acquired upon coming to this land, wanting to make sure he was still going in the right direction. He had come here looking for new stones, stones he had never seen before. A merchant passing through Protea during one of the festivals he attended with his family had marveled at his work and had traded information for a necklace. Now he was here, far across the sea and from home. He couldn’t wait to return and show his parents and siblings. The merchant had told him the story of a tower deep in the jungles of this place, had said it was rumored to be cursed, but there was supposedly a cavern beneath it full of the most beautiful stones. He was determined to find it. read more

Addie & Magnus 2

Chapter One

“Addie, what happened?” To Magnus it looked like he had been in a fight. His cheek was bruised, his jacket was ripped, and his wrists had marks on them. He was sitting on the porch, looking embarrassed and upset.


“Addie.” He held out his hand and was glad when he took it. He pulled Addie to his feet and tipped his head back to examine the mark on his cheek. “What happened?” read more

Seker & Themis

Chapter One

“All you need to do is beat the other women for his affection and stab him with this once you’re completely alone.” Seker remembered the words of her Master as he handed her the sharp, enchanted blade. “Remember, he is a demon and can snap your neck before you can blink, you must be close, you must be fast.” read more

Peter & Adamaris

Chapter One

He was waiting for her when she exited the dance studio of the university she attended, he was always waiting for her. “Peter, on time as always.” She said with a warm smile.

“It’s my job to ensure you make it home safe.” He replied.

“I’m pretty sure it’s your job to make sure daddy is safe.” She teased. read more

Addie & Magnus

Chapter One

Addie woke to the feeling of something brushing his cheek and grabbed onto the hand, his eyes snapping open, a glare already in them. “I told you to stop waking me like that.”

“I knocked, Addie, but you didn’t answer.” Magnus’s smile was infuriating and Addie shoved his hand away then sat up. read more

Ievis & Chloe

Chapter One

Alois and Frona had arranged for the entire pack to go on a week long trip to an amusement park. It was the second day in and everybody was having an amazing time. They couldn’t all ride the same rides so they’d mix and match groups throughout the day or like Ievis now some wolves would end up alone. Ievis had only ended up alone because his wolf was being particularly annoying today. He had been having fun with one of his close friends but for whatever reason his wolf had been begging him to ride some rides by himself so he was finally indulging it. read more

Sylvie & Jarius 3

Chapter One

Sylvie, Isti and now ten year old Xeja were hanging out in the forest of seasons. Sylvie had noticed Isti seemed depressed lately so she was trying to get him our more. She still couldn’t figure out what was depressing him but she could always get him to perk up when they went somewhere together so she wasn’t too worried about it just yet. She hoped if it was something serious he’d talk to her, hadn’t they always talked about things troubling them?Xeja vanished but they could still smell her, she was under the snow somewhere. “now where did that girl go?” Sylvie asked playfully. Xeja suddenly shifted in the snow, using her dragon wings to fling snow everywhere, even pelting her mother and Uncle in it. They laughed, Isti helping his sister up “she reminds me of our father” he chuckled and Sylvie agreed. “she took on his good qualities though” read more

Alois & Frona 2

Chapter One

Even though all three of their children were teenagers Alois still peeked in on them before going to bed at night. Even if he didn’t check on the twins he rarely joined his wife in bed without checking on Ievis. He frowned upon realizing his son wasn’t in bed. He went outside to find him, finally discovering Ievis sitting in the grass alone, staring up at the moon. He could tell he was frustrated and he wondered if his son had been trying to shift into a wolf again. “are you alright son?” read more

Tarryn & Orthu

Chapter One

Tarryn was out with friends at a restaurant they all loved. They laughed and talked about their lives and eventually, as seemed to often occur, men came up in conversation. Her friend Alice was in a new relationship and it warmed Tarryn to see her so happy and gushing like she was about this guy. Alice was an amazing person and somehow she always ended up with the worst human beings. It seemed things were finally changing for the better with her. Once Alice was done talking Camilla, a friend Tarryn had had since middle school began talking. She was a wolf shifter and incredibly beautiful. Tarryn had expected to hear about another amazing lover she had hooked up with but to her surprise Camilla had apparently found her mate. read more

Elowen & Birch 2

Chapter One

It felt so good to have a normal life again with a caring, sweet, non psychotic fiance. They always went out for a date once a week, just because they both felt it was important to make sure they invested one day a week purely to eachother. The day had been perfect until dinner. Their server seemed annoyed to be there from the start and had somehow written down the wrong meal for Elowen which Birch insisted they put right. They sent her the right thing the second time but it was overcooked and gross. Over all the experience was terrible, even when Birch complained to the manager about their experience so he went online afterward to write a poor review. read more