Auxesia & Gizela

Chapter One

Gizela was berating her assistant again when a woman walked into her office unannounced. The beautiful, oddly dressed woman was noticed immediately. “what the fuck are you doing here! You don’t have an appointment with me!” Gizela screamed and the assistant took the opportunity to run out. Auxesia watched her go, almost crying for the wet faced woman. She then spoke calmly”do not yell at me. I am a goddess and while I am a goddess of growth I can still smite you. I have come to help you remember who you were Gizela. This monster before me, this isn’t you. You’ve let wealth corrupt your soul”

“Fucking christ they’ve let a crazy into my office.” she pulled out her cellphone to call the police she kept on the payroll to stay in her building but when she looked up again with the phone pressed to her ear the woman was gone. The police man answered “what’s wrong” she stood there stunned. “Are you okay?” the police man urged. She just hungup and walked out of her office. She was nowhere in sight and Gizela had to ask her assitant “somebody came in there right?”

“yes mam”

“where did she go?” the assitant started to tremble since she didn’t know either. Gizela groaned and rolled her eyes before going into her office to gather her things. She was going home, she needed a stiff drink to deal with stupid personal and crazy, weirdo hag coming into her office.

Auxesia was sitting on Gizela’s couch when she walked through the door, but Gizela couldn’t see her since she had turned herself invisible. She couldn’t believe that greed had tainted such a warm and beautiful woman. She watched Gizela toss her bag and jacket on the other end of the couch and kick off her shoes before walking over to the mini bar in the corner. She got up, moving to stand next to her.

“I wonder what event changed your heart. I can sense the shadow that corrupts you. Drink and sleep, tomorrow we begin.” She reached out and gently touched the glass in Gizela’s hand, pushing magic into it to make her fall asleep fast.

Gizela couldn’t believe how exhausted she was. She hadn’t really done much that day but she obviously needed to head straight to bed. She downed the last of her drink and walked to her room, stripping down to nothing and letting the immense comfort of her luxurious blanket and pillows take her into a deep, comforting sleep. Nudity had never phased the goddess so she thought nothing of the passed out Gizela. She was just glad she her spell had worked as well as it had. She didn’t rest that night, she had too much on her mind when it came to this woman.

It was truly astounding how much money could corrupt a person, even one as sweet and caring as Gizela once was. Auxesia had learned at this point humans worry about nudity quite a bit so when morning came she waited until Gizela was dressed to make herself visable again. Gizela screamed and grabbed teh toaster since it was the nearest thing to her “how did you get in my home?!”

“do you plan to hit me with that?”


“Go ahead and try, you can’t touch me.”

Gizela raised the toaster to throw it when she found her body locked into place. She tried forcing her arms to move, but she couldn’t, she was frozen. “What did you do?”

“It’s just a spell, a small one to keep you in place until I’ve said my part.” She took the toaster from Gizela and sat it on the counter. “Now, as I said yesterday, I am a goddess and I have come to help you, Gizela.”

“I don’t need your help, get out of my house.”

“That won’t be happening. Until you have redeemed yourself, until you have bettered yourself, I will not be leaving. You spend your time making those who work for you feel small, you look down on everyone, and worst of all you abandoned your family. You think only of yourself and never of those around you.”

“Are you some sort of stalker”

“I’ve already answered who I am, I am a goddess, the goddess of growth to be precise. You humans don’t need me anymore for my original purpose so I’ve become the goddess of growth in a new way, personal growth and I’d say you need me. You need me to go back to the wonderful woman you were before you let your success and money ruin you” Gizela’s mind was going a mile a minute. She still couldn’t move and this woman, now that she really looked at her didn’t look of this world. Could she really be a goddess though? This could be some amazing, elaborate joke by one of her friends who could afford to spend an incredibly amount of money on a prank. She used the term friends loosely, she didn’t really have any any longer so it wouldn’t shock her if someone was trying to make her into the next joke.

She could hear it now, the giggling, the people talking about how she actually thought a goddess came to help her find who she used to be

“Who hired you?”

“It always comes back to money with you doesn’t it?”

“I’m serious, which asshole asked you to do this?”

“This isn’t some parlor trick, this is real. Would you like more proof?”


Gizela felt her feet lift off the ground and her heart slammed against her chest when she realized she was floating. Auxesia moved her over to the couch and then dropped her out of the air, causing her to give out a surprised yelp. “There, happy?”

“why would someone with such power waste her time like this?”

“Believe it or not I enjoy spending my time helping people. I always have, I truly was born to do what I do. I will spare you my life story as I know you don’t care, you still only care about you. Even you asking me why I would help you is about you.”

“I don’t need help, I’ve told you that”

“when you’re back to your old self you’re going to thank me. Many who swore, spat and cursed at me that they would hate me forever, in the end thanked me Gizela and you won’t be any different. I’m going to help you find your heart again”

“what can I do to make this stop?”

“If I quit containing you do you promise not to run or attempt to hurt me?”

“sure” Auxesia sighed, this wouldn’t be her hardest case but she saw her hands were going to be full with Gizela.

Gizela already hated this and she didn’t understand why it was so wrong for her to want money. She had come from nothing, had clawed her way up the ladder until she was her own boss, until she was worth something. Now she was being ordered around and talked to like she was a child. It was irritating, but if it made this goddess leave then she would go along with it. “Tell me something, Gizela, how much do you know about your assistant?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean as a person.”

“Nothing, I’m her boss, we have a business relationship, nothing more.”

“I see.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means you’re going to ask her about herself.”


“Because maybe if you knew more, you would understand more. You don’t even know her or what her life is like away from you. You yell at her all the time, yet she stays, I wonder why.”

“Her life is none of my business.”

“You need to make a connection with someone other than your own reflection.”

“fine, I’ll talk to her today but in order for me to do that you must let me get ready for work”

“alright” Gizela forcefully pushed herself up off the couch and began getting ready for her day, she would be late now thanks to this goddess.”

“You remind me of a teenager, why so much attitude with me already? I’m only having you ask your assistant about her life”

“I’m going to be late, I’m never late, for anything”

“I can get you to work on time, fret not mortal so try and breath a little. Life doesn’t have to be as serious as you make it”

“If you want to be successful it does”

“There are successful people who are kind and don’t remind me of a teenager when they aren’t getting their way”

“is insulting people a normal part of your process”

“I don’t sugar coat, sugar coating only hinders helping people who have lost their care for others. You need the hard truth about what you’ve become” Gizela sighed with frustration as she finished applying eye shadow “just get me to work please”

“Be nice to her Gizela”

“I will”

It was almost like Gizela had blinked. One moment she was standing in her living room and the next she and the goddess were standing in the lobby of her office building. “Whoa.” She said as she looked around. “Convenient. Is that how you got in my house?”


“Great so locked doors aren’t going to work.”

“Not even a little.”

Gizela sighed as she headed for her office. She dropped her keys just as she got to the door and when she stood back up she ran right into her assistant who was coming out. “Oh, god, I…I’m so sorry.” Her assistant said, frozen like a deer in the headlights.

Gizela felt her temper rising and then she remembered she was being watched. “It’s fine, good morning.”

“Good morning, ma’am.”

“How are you this morning?”

“Uh…wha…oh I’m fine, I was just leaving some paperwork in your office. I’ll get to work…ma’am.” Her assistant seemed to finally notice there was someone with her. “Oh, hello, sorry I didn’t see you there.”


“Liz, it’s nice to meet you. Would you like some tea or coffee?”

“Tea sounds lovely, thank you.”

She turned fearful eyes back to Gizela. “Coffee ma’am?”

“Yes…thank you.”


It was obvious her assistant didn’t know what to think of her boss this morning but she still quickly came back with coffee, scared to make her boss wait any longer than necessary. Liz went to leave the office but Gizela stopped her “sit” Auxesia gave Gizela a look and she corrected “sit please Liz”

“Um, yes ma’am” Liz sat down, looking terrified. “How are you really doing?” Liz looked like she was weighing if this was some sort of trick question as she sat there in silence. “Liz” some of Gizelas temper stirred and Auxesia said “it’s just a question”

“I’m…I’m tired…my son goes through periods where he has trouble sleeping and it was my night last night. My..my husband and I both work so we take turns being the one who is up with him if he needs us” Gizela guessed she was meant to continue the conversation so she asked “well why doesn’t he sleep”

“HIs cancer ma’am” Liz said it like it was something that had come up before and Auxesia wasn’t surprised Gizela had forgotten. “He has cancer”

“yes..we talked about it in my interview…you asked me why the sudden change from being a stay at home mom….even with me working we can’t keep up with his bills”

Chapter Two

“I see, how is he doing?”

“He’s alright…ma’am um it…it’s hard, but he fights so.”

“So you keep working here.”

“What else am I going to do?” She looked nervously at her hands. “Is everything alright ma’am?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Do you need anything else? I can run and get bagels or something.”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

Liz got up and left the office and Gizela sat there looking at the papers on her desk. “You did well.” Auxesia said.

“Sure I did.”

“You did, believe it or not, that’s a big step for you.”

“How old is her son?”


“Seriously? Ten and cancer.”


“Liz?” She called out and Liz pushed the door open. “What’s your son’s name?”


“Which hospital handles his treatments?”

“Boston Children’s Hospital, ma’am.”


“Is that all?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“what’re you doing?” Gizela didn’t know what she was doing. She hadn’t done a nice thing for anyone in years, not even her mother whom she used to take care of but Liz just now, she struck a cord in her heart. She felt like a complete monster for screaming at her all the time. Liz worked long hours for her and then apparently had to go home and take care of a dyeing child. Not only did she work long hours but those were hours she was missing of what may be the end of her sons life. Liz was dealing with so much and it had Gizela feeling small. She had to do something for Liz and she guessed Auxesia already knew what she was going to do, she seemed to know all but she was a goddess.

It took a long time over the phone but Gizela caught them up with their debt before hanging up the line. Auxesia was in front of her, smiling approvingly “You actually even surprised me a little. I know you have a heart pushed down in there but this is your first day and you have already actually done something for someone else”

“children shouldn’t be allowed to get cancer…how is that…how can you let that happen” Auxesia sighed “we don’t have as much control over your lives as you humans seem to think”

“There has to be soemthing you can do, he’s ten, only ten”

“Sometimes, it’s just about time.”

“Time he might not have because you’re all sitting up there watching him die. And you say I’m terrible.” She picked up the papers on her desk and started reading them. “This contract is absolute garbage. I don’t know what this guy is thinking.”

“What about what you’re thinking.”

“I’m thinking I’m too pissed to talk to you.” She picked up her phone and dialed the number listed in the header of the paper.

“What are you doing now?”

“Asking this guy if he thinks I’m some type of idiot. He obviously thinks I’m too dumb to read a contract.”

“Mad at me so take it out on him.”

“Trust me, this jackass can take it.”

Auxesia smiled and moved over to sit on the sofa in her office. She listened as Gizela tore into the man who had sent her the contract. She wasn’t disgusted this time as she had been watching her with LIz yesterday, this man seemed to deserve a bit of her volcanic anger. He was also yelling back, it wasn’t as if she was tearing into someone struggling not to burst into tears. Auxesia watched her throughout the day, going invisible when clients came in so they wouldn’t feel awkward. Auxesia was proud of Gizela when she let Liz go home early “and I thought you’d give me way more trouble. That was really good of you Gizela”

“I’ll admit I’m a bitch now but I’m not heartless. Her son needs her and she needs to soak up this time with him if he doesn’t make it. I’m going to cut down her hours here”


“stop looking at me like that”

“Like what?”

“all motherly” Auxesia laughed “I’m sorry”

“are you coming home with me again? I’d like to know this time”

“Yes I am, until we’re done I am staying by your side”


“And here I thought you were starting to like me.”

Gizela rolled her eyes. “Oh yes, I love being stalked and having my home broken into.”

“Technically I didn’t break in, I just appeared there.”

“Still.” She sighed. “Come on then, take me home.”

Auxesia teleported them to her home and Gizela couldn’t help but once again voice how handy that was. “So, where do you want me?”

“Just pick a room, there should already be pillows and blankets on the bed, feel free to use the shower if you need to or eat.”

Auxesia wanted to bring up Gizela’s mother but they had made progress today and doing this as long as she had she long since learned if she pushed too much, especially when she was just starting to make progress chances were high they’d pull back and pull back hard into their old ways. Tomorrow, tomorrow she’d bring up her mother and sister. It didn’t make sense for them to live such miserable, hard lives when Gizela had more money than she could spend. Despite the fact her sister lived in a homeless shelter Auxesia felt for her mother the most. The couple she was renting a room from walked all over her and found pleasure in bullying her. Gizela owed much more to the woman who gave her life, much much more.

Gizela couldn’t help but think about little Elliot as she got ready for bed, of how he was feeling, if he was in pain. She thought about Liz, really thought about her, about all the times she had made her cry over the smallest of things. She endured for her son, never complaining, just going along with the verbal abuse and doing her job even in tears. For the first time in a long time, she felt guilt and it ate at her. she was sure Auxesia was loving this, how could she not? She was getting her way. She sighed as she climbed under her covers and pulled them up to her chin. She could only imagine what Auxesia had in store for her in the morning.

Over breakfast Auxesia said “can you miss work today, we’re seeing your mother”

“I never miss work”

“You’re missing it and we’re seeing your mother. The world will not fall apart if you don’t come in one day”

“how do you know my moms free?”

“she is and I want you to look at her, I want you to see the way you make her live. In fact I was thinking I’d cast my veil over you so you can honestly just observe what her life has become since you quit helping her”

“My mother should be able to take care of herself. She barely took care of us as children”

“She is your mother and she did everything she could for you. If you went without it was because she honestly couldn’t give it to you. Out of everything you’ve turned your back on you leaving your mother to the wolves is the worst to me. She is why you live, she created you in her stomach, raised you, loved you with all of her heart and went without far more often than you did to provide for you. Today, I just want you to face what her life is like. You’re skipping work and you’re coming to watch her with me”

“fine” Gizela called her assistant and told her to cancel any meetings and just stay home. They finished and Gizela soon found herself where her mother lived “They can’t see or hear you” Auxesia said matter of factly and Gizela asked “how do you manage that?”

“It’s something I inherited from my father. I can’t explain it really”

“what god is your father?”

“If you watch all day, if you really face your mothers life because you wont help her I’ll tell you about both my parents tonight”


Gizela couldn’t remember exactly how long it had been since she had spoken to her mother or even seen her so it came as a bit of a shock when she saw a woman she had always remembered smiling looking so depressed and gaunt. She was just sitting at a kitchen table staring at a cup of coffee that looked like it had been cold for awhile. She watched as her mother pushed it to the side, letting out a sigh. “What’s she doing?” Gizela asked.

“She’s depressed.”



The sound of the houses front door opening made her mother jump and quickly get up, taking the cup to the sink. The couple who walked into the kitchen were smiling until they saw her. “What do you think you’re doing?” The man asked.

“Just having a cup of coffee.”

“Oh? Who said you could use the machine? You didn’t even bother to ask. Look there’s even still coffee left in the pot. Do you know how much that’s going to cost you?”


“But what?” He moved threateningly toward her and her mother flinched and looked away like Liz had often done.

“No…nothing, I’ll pay.”

“Good, we’re hungry.”

“I’ll cook.”

“are they kidding! Why is she cooking for them?!”

“because this is the only place she can afford and the shelter your sister is at is full”

“But…what happened to her job?”

“she’s getting older Gizela and she doesn’t have anybody to turn to since you quit helping her. It’s sad how she spent eighteen years taking care of you completely but you couldn’t handle helping her with her rent from tiem to time when she couldn’t make it. Now she’s forced to live with these people and their treatment of her gets far worse than what you’re seeing right now”

“I…I didn’t know”

“You should have known”

“She didn’t tell me they treated her badly”

“Has your mother ever been one to beg or complain? No, you just turned your back on her and you never stopped to see what her life is like now that she can’t stay somewhere on her own. Your mother and sister should have never lost that apartment Gizela”

“My sister has no excuse”

“no, she doesn’t, you not helping her is one thing but to deny your mother is another”

“Mom” Gizela started and Auxesia spoke over her “Your mother used some of your help to help her yes but that still doesn’t mean you just throw your hands in the air when it comes to her. She loves you girls and even to this day, if you needed her she’d help you too”

“I don’t want to watch this”

“You agreed”

“You’re sick Auxesia”

“I’m waking you up”

Chapter Three

Gizela felt a twisting in her stomach as she watched every moment of her mother’s day which ended in her crying in the room she had been given. She also felt rage burning in her chest as she thought of all the things she wanted to do to these people. Before she could stop herself, her temper had her heading into the living room where they were laughing and smiling like they hadn’t just broken her mother down. She balled her hand into a fist and took a swing at the woman sitting there. It stopped an inch from the woman’s nose and Gizela couldn’t move. “Let me go.” She ordered. She knew it was Auxesia’s doing.

“If I let you hurt them, afterwards they are likely to take things out on your mother.”Auxesia said.

“They deserve to be punished.”

“How can you talk so easily about punishment.”

“Shut up, you’re already punishing me so let me punish them, let me scare them.”

“Gizela, that’s enough.”

Gizela wanted to kill the woman sitting on the couch, wanted to wipe that stupid grin off her face, but she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “Take me home, now. I…I have things to do.”

“What things?”

“Just things. I’ve done what you wanted.”

Gizela found herself back in her living room where she immedietly started making calls. She had her mother and sister an apartment and new jobs within hours. When she was done with her final call she said “I’m going over there to pick up my mother”

“don’t hurt anyone”

“you might have to come with me then to stop me” They used Gizelas car to go pick her mother up. They arrived and Gizela pounded on the door. “what the hell? Who are you?” Auxesia wasn’t surprised these horrible people didn’t know who Gizela was. She doubted Gizela was either, she had quit caring about her mom a long time ago and had only ever come to this place one other time and that was when her mom first moved in. “I’m Harriet’s daughter and I’m taking her away from you people. She has a new place to live and a new job”

“if she’s leaving she has to give notice. We’re going to expect rent for the next three months” Gizela laughed coldly “you aren’t getitng one more penny from my mother and lawyer up bitch because I’m taking you to court for abuse of the elderly and I’m going to make sure my mom testifies against you. Do you feel big? picking on a woman who is nearly seventy?”

“Gizela?” her moms emotional voice could be heard just outside the living room “mom, come here, you’re coming with me” she glanced fearfully at the woman she had been renting from then rushed over to her daughter who quickly got her to the car. Auxesia took teh backseat out of respect for Gizela’s mom.

Gizela, what are you doing here?”

“Dealing with a couple of bastards. I swear I’m going to ruin them, I’m going to take them for absolutely everything.” She sighed. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to bother you, sweetie, you’re so busy.”

“I…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be so busy you think you’re a bother, those assholes.”

“Gizela, language.”

“I’m pissed, more pissed than I’ve ever been.” She caught Auxesia’s eyes in the rearview mirror. “Mom, Auxesia, Auxesia my mother Harriet.”

“Nice to meet you.” Auxesia said with a warm smile.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“I’ve set you up with an apartment and job. I got my sister a job too”

“we don’t have to interview?”

“No, plenty of people owe me favors”

“Thank you sweetie”

“You shouldn’t thank me…I became such a selfish shit mom”

“I love you” They went to pick up Gizelas sister and she took them to their new place. “tomorrow I’ll be taking Shelly to her job, yours isn’t for a few days mom”

“Okay” her mother said then Shelly spoke “thanks sis”

“neither of you should thank me, you two should hate me” her mother took her hand “we could never hate you, we’re family baby”

“I wasn’t acting like it”

“If it’s behind us it’s behind us Gizela” Gizela broke down in tears and pulled her mom into a crushing hug. She didn’t know when she had lost her humanity but for all the hate they didn’t feel for her it made her feel a million times worse. She could barely stand to be in her own skin. How could she do this to them? To these two wonderful, amazing women she was blessed enough to be related to.

She took a deep breath and wiped her face. “I’m going to go home, if you two need anything just call.” She pulled her wallet out of her purse and took out some money. “For groceries and clothes. I’ll get you both set up with cars and we’ll get your debts paid so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“It’s good having you back.” Her sister said.

“Yeah, I love you guys, see you in the morning.”

She hugged them both and Auxesia followed her out. “You alright?”

“Do I look alright? It’s your fault.”

“Hey, it had to be done.”

“I know, but still, I hate crying.”

“Want to get ice cream?”

“What am I, five?”

“Is that a yes?”


They went to a local place and sat down. For the first time Gizela noticed how people gawked at Auxesia “It doesn’t bother you the way people stare?”

“I enjoy dressing in the old style, mortals stareing wont deter me”

“do all the gods dress like you?”

“No, many update their style. We just don’t tend to care how the others dress so this is only a problem when I’m helping someone grow”

“You told me you would tell me about your parents. Do they help people grow like you do?”

“My mother quit when the humans no longer needed us for their crops but I continued on. She has my father but me, well I need something to do. When you are going to live forever it helps to have something to occupy your time. Some immortal beings go mad left with nothing to do for too long”

“what sort of god is your father?”

“He is a wild god, never really had a certain job. Not all gods are a god of something. Some, like me, are born with our parents traits and fit into whatever job they had but then there are gods like my father who were just born to be a whirlwind of that makes any sense to you”

“He sounds cool”

“He is, I admire both my parents and their relationship.”

“Do you see them a lot?”

“when I’m inbetween helping someone I tend to go see them”

“Could I meet other gods and goddess’s some day?” Gizela blushed, there she was being conceited again. Auxesia was probably completely done with her now that she had her heart again. Why on earth would she take the time to introduce her to other beings like herself.

“I don’t see why not, it could be interesting.”

“I wasn’t serious, you don’t have to go out of your way or anything.”

“It wouldn’t be out of my way and I wouldn’t mind a traveling companion.”


“Of course, I bet the war gods would love you.”


“Hot temper.”

“I prefer passionate and besides, I’m not going to use it on anyone who doesn’t deserve it anymore. Just people like that idiot that tried to cheat me.”

“I know, I know how you used to be and I knew I could draw her back out”

“How do you seemingly know all?”

“I wouldn’t say all but a gift that has been passed through my mothers side for generations is being able to look at people and see their lives. At first it’s a hard gift to bare because its hard to control but my mother was diligent in teaching me and I was able to turn it off and on with ease. The best way I can explain it is, if I choose to, I can look at you and see a movie in my head of your life. There;s no accounting for time because it doesn’t seem like I’m watching it fast at all but I can see years in a matter of hours and not miss a thing. When we were no longer needed for crops I decided to actually put that gift to good use”

“I’m sure that has to be hard at times, to see everything”

“I don’t use it on everyone. I just seek out angry people and I view their pasts to see how they got there.”

“How do you determine if you can help them?”

“It’s hard to make a blanket statement for that. With you I knew because you were raised with so much love. It seems less and less parents do right by their kids but your mother is like mine, an absolute treasure to have” In the following weeks not only did Gizela help her mother and sister start off in their new, better lives but Auxesia and Gizel grew closer and closer. After her mothers court case with her previous landlords Gizela finally felt ready to go with Auxesia to meet her family. “I’ll miss you mom but I’ll be back. You’ve tried the credit card I gave you to access my bank accounts right? It works”

“Yes, I promise I wont use it unless we need it”

“Don’t stress about it mom, I have too much money anyway” Gizela then hugged her sister tightly “Bye”

“Bye, be safe”

“we will” They had only been outside Gizelas mother and sisters apartment a moment when Gizela found herself somewhere completely knew “welcome to my home Gizela” Auxesia said with a huge smile “woah” Gizela said breathlessly “you haven’t seen anything yet my dear” Gizela hadn’t even taken one step into this place yet and she knew her wealth where she had been was nothing compared to the wealth of memories and knowledge she was about to gain here with Auxesia. She couldn’t wait to meet everyone but most of all, she couldn’t wait to get to know Auxesia better.

~ The End

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