Avaset & Etta

Chapter One

“Finally here” Avaset said with a happy smile as they arrived at Gloria and Thorns home. Avaset had told Gloria they would be arriving that evening so Gloria was ready to pounce with excitement when they knocked. Avaset laughed happily as her friend lunged at her “missed you too Gloria, please meet my mate Etta” Etta offered a hand but recieved a hug instead “welcome, It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Gloria and my mate is Thorn” Thorn gave a friendly wave then said “come in” they all walked inside then Gloria said “want blood smoothies?”

“Thank you, that would be great” Everyone sat at the table while Gloria got to work. “Your home is very nice” Etta said to Thorn. “Thank you, this was just Glorias before I lived here. It’s this nice thanks to her” Avaset could tell Etta was slightly nervous so took her hand. When Gloria came back she had two blood smoothies and two regular ones for herself and Thorn. “So we leave tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I’m excited to show the world I grew up in to Etta.” Etta smiled “If you two want to come with us when I show Avaset my home world you’re welcome to”

“Oh that would be great! I like her already Ava”

The woman under Gossamer made her final whimper as both ejaculated and finally strangled her to death. Her death is what had made him cum yet again. He got up and called a servant to throw her body in the large pit they had outside the castle. He quickly obeyed then another woman was sent in “I am done for the night, why dont you two have her” he called to the vampires that had been watching the rape and torture of the woman who just died. They smiled hungrily, the taller one grabbing her by the hair to drag the vampire woman out.

He smiled at her screams, listening intently to them raping her to lul him to sleep. He had finally found his kingdom and taken over. It still pissed him off his brother wasn’t ruling this way with him but there was no fixing him after what that bitch Freya had done. He had long since given up his brother being anything less than the pathetic weakling he had become at Freyas hands. It turned his stomach every time he thought of them together and still clung to hope he could one day kill her. Atleast then there would be some hope of Edmond being what a vampire should be.

Gloria gave a happy sigh once she was sure she and Thorn had packed everything they needed. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and pressed a kiss onto her neck, making her smile. “You sound tired.” He whispered in her ear, his warm breath giving her goosebumps.

“I’m fine, would you put the bag by the door?”

“Sure.” He kissed her cheek then grabbed their bag and took it into the living room. She flopped down on the bed and laid back, her exhaustion finally grabbing a hold of her so her eyelids fell closed.

“She got everything packed fairly quick didn’t she.” Etta said when Thorn brought the bag out.

“She’s really excited about the trip.” He replied with a warm smile. “If you two need anything, don’t be afraid to ask, the guest room is all yours.”

“Thank you Thorn.” Avaset said and he went back into his and Gloria’s room. “You ready for bed?” She asked Etta.

“Yeah, I’m pretty exhausted.” Avaset kissed her cheek and they both got to their feet and went into the guest room where they stripped down and climbed into bed. “You’re friends are really nice.”

“I’m glad you think so and I’m happy you asked them to accompany us.” She wrapped her arms around Etta’s waist and pulled her back against her.

“They’re important to you so getting to know them is important to me.”

Avaset kissed the back of her neck, making goosebumps crawl over her skin. “Always so responsive even when you’re tired.” Etta blushed and Avaset hugged her tighter. “I love you more than anything you know that.”

“I love you too.”

“My world is gorgeous. You’re going to love it tomorrow night”

“I’m sorry it’s such a struggle for me to travel during the day”

“You just need practice at it. You’ve spent your whole life sleeping all day. Most vampires are like that since the sun makes us so weak. After this we’ll practice and get you more stamina during daylight hours”

“Its hard to comprehend how you act so normal during the day”

“Maybe I’m a little different because of the world I’m from. I don’t think the vampires from all the worlds have ever had a get together to chat about differences, would be interesting” Ettas smile soon became a yawn. Avaset kissed her neck again “goodnight baby”

“Goodnight my love” Morning Glorias happy humming woke Ava. She decided to let her mate sleep a little longer so just got up on her own. She didn’t even need to be careful with how hard Etta slept during the daytime. She truly wasn’t used to day life atall and it meant a lot how much Etta wanted to be a daytime person for her. Somtimes Avaset felt a little selfish for trying to get Etta to come out during the day. It had been Ettas idea and she always reminded Avaset of that but she still felt bad at times.

“Morning” Gloria said brightly when Ava came out. “Morning, I’m going to let Etta rest until breakfast is ready. Can I help you two?”

“You’re our guest, sit” Thorn said as he walked to a chair and pulled it out. She smiled and sat down “You’re such a good man Thorn” He smiled then returned to helping Gloria. It was Gloria who spoke next “I have sunblock if Etta needs it. You didn’t tell me she was that pale”

“We have plenty for this morning. You’ve never been one to stay in your house and I didn’t want her getting burnt”

“I can stay inside for her”

“She’ll insist. She really wants to become a daytime vampire. I’m just glad it wont be a problem in my world.”

“Yep, I just love your sky. I’m excited to see it again. I’m also thrilled I get to see where she’s from too.”

“Oh me too, we’ll be meeting her family aswell. She has a big one”

“All vampire?”


“Cool, I guess we’ll be going there at night too?”

‘Her family sleeps during the day so yes.” The emptiness of the bed in a house Etta didn’t know woke her. She sat up, sad to see Avaset got up without her. She quickly changed out of her pajamas then came out to see the table being set “morning” Ava and Gloria said at once. Etta hugged Ava “You didn’t wake me” Avaset gave her a brief kiss on the lips “I was just about to. Didn’t see a point before breakfast was ready beautiful. I’ve never been allowed to help since Thorn came into the picture anyway. They always cook together”

“Still, I’m trying to get used to being awake during the day.”

“You don’t have to push yourself so hard my love, just take it one day at a time.”

Gloria and Thorn dished out food when they were finished cooking then they all sat down at the table and ate. “This is really good.” Etta said and both Gloria and Thorn smiled.

“We’re glad you like it.” Gloria replied.

Etta yawned half way through breakfast and looked embarrassed that she was still tired. “Sorry.”

“Why don’t you go back to sleep after breakfast.” Avaset said as she stroked Etta’s cheek.

“No way, I want to stay up with you.”

“It’s okay to rest if you need it.” Etta frowned and Avaset took her hand. “Okay, you don’t have to.”

“Since we’re not leaving until tonight why don’t we go swimming in the river. It’s nice and shaded.” Thorn suggested.

“Would you like to go swimming?” Avaset asked.

“Sure, that sounds like fun.”

They chatted lightly as they finished breakfast then they cleaned up and changed into their swimwear. “Here, you can use this to keep the sun off of you.” Gloria said and handed Etta a parasol.

“Oh thank you very much.”

“I dont want you burning on the way” Calixte and her brother Cassius finally arrived in Liest for some fun. They had heard what the vampire Gossamer was doing in this world and Calixte was planning on using her age old trick for rapists. She would appear naked and unconscious somewhere he’d find her. When he jumped on her and started raping her she would attack since he would be off guard under the false pretense she couldn’t escape him. She didn’t know why but her mind trailed back to Thorn, a demon she had used that trick on long ago. She licke dhe rlips remembering him and all the horrific things she watched him do to women.

It was even appetizing thinking of him looking at her with those eyes that spelled out all the misery he wanted to put her through. She laughed when she thought of the surprised face when he realized that night it wasn’t him that would cause misery, anguish and pain but her. She just loved turning the tables, especially on men who had caused pain on such a scale as Gossamer and Thorn.

She wondered what Gossamers face might look like when she flipped the tables on him. Cassius flew away from his sister, his target was the general population. Only she had any interest in giving torturing rapists the surprise of a lifetime, a taste of their own medicine. She didn’t do it for vengeance, there were many reasons they were fun to play with. Mostly because they took so long to beg. They didn’t want to be like their own victims so somtimes would let her kill them before they would beg. The longer it took the begging to come the more she enjoyed it.

Etta and Avaset laughed as they played in the water, the coolness of it having woke Etta completely. She loved the time she got with Avaset in the day time. Avaset grabbed her as she tried to swim away and pulled her tightly against her. “You couldn’t keep me at bay forever.” She said and Etta laughed happily.

“Maybe I didn’t want to.”

“Oh I see, you splashed me so I’d come after you.” She playfully bit Etta’s ear and it made her shiver.

“Cut it out, Gloria and Thorn are here.” She whispered.

“We could always leave.” Gloria called out, making Etta blush. “We have demon ears dear, we can hear pretty much everything.”

“You don’t have to leave, Avaset just needs to be good.”

“It’s hard being good for the person you love though.” She kissed Etta’s cheek. “But I guess for you, I can do anything.”

“Don’t sound so disappointed.”

“I love getting lost in you Etta, it’s only natural so want to make love to you. You’re the most important person in my life and I love you more than anything.”

Etta blushed, it always sticking out on her white skin. Avaset smiled then began being playful again before she took her mate without caring who was watching. At lunch they returned to Gloria and Thorns home to relax and get to know eachother until it was time to leave. Gloria with her constantly curious nature had innumerable questions for Etta so Thorn and Avaset just smiled and listened to their mates talk. They would have things to throw in every now and then but the conversation was mostly dominated by those Gloria and Etta.

When night came they had a heavy dinner then Gloria grabbed bottles of water out of the fridge for each of them. They traveled non stop through the cool of night “we’ll sleep at my old home if thats ok with everybody”

“You know that good with me. It isn’t far once we enter” Gloria answered. Etta nodded “yeah baby, I’m excited to see where you came from” They all took eachothers hands then stepped through the portal into Avasets world.

Chapter Two

The air felt wrong the moment they stepped through and Thorn reflexively pushed Gloria behind him. It was a strange feeling that washed over them and sent a chill of fear up Avaset’s spine. There was something wrong, something horrible had happened. She could feel it to the very core of her being. “Why is the air so oppressive?” Thorn asked.

“I don’t know.” Avaset answered as they stepped away from the portal. It was far to quiet, like every living being knew that silence meant survival. “There is something seriously wrong here.”

Calixte was disappointed she had only been able to capture a couple of Gossamer’s lackeys and they had begged far to soon for her liking. She flew around, looking for a way to get closer to the castle and catch the vampire’s attention. From her vantage point she noticed movement a little ways from the castle, four people who looked nothing like little ants. She flew closer, circling down to get a better look. She immediately recognized the single male standing with the three women and grinned. She landed in a tree close to them and said, “Well, well, well what a surprise this is.” Her voice drew their eyes upward and Thorn’s eyes widened at the sight of her.

“Who the hell are you?” Avaset asked, putting herself protectively in front of Etta.

“Why don’t you ask Thorn, he knows me very well.”

She gave Thorn a confused look and he spoke angrily “She’s how I met Gloria essentially. She beat the hell out of me. Thats why Gloria found me the way she did”

“Oh but why big boy? Did you tell Gloria that you tried to torture and rape me as you had hundreds of other women and I simply flipped the tables? If you hadnt wanted to cause another person misery you wouldn’t have been put in that spot. I’ve seen him in action Gloria, how hard he’d get when the women would cry and plead for him to stop. I saw him beat them and even kill their family members for trying to avenge their suffering. All those poor brothers and fathers. All those poor women, some he even stole their virginitys, those he seemed to love the most. Did you know that girls?”

Shame crossed Thorns face as horror filled Ettas. Gloria and Avaset knew about Thorns past but she hadn’t known. “I do know and he’s a different man now. I’ve forgiven him”

“How surprising but, not everyone can have taste I guess.” Calixte said with a shrug. “shut up!” Gloria snapped. Calixte laughed “Mind your tone girl. I bet I can change that attitude.”

“You aren’t going to touch her!” Thorn growled. “and I suppose you are going to stop me?” she began laughing like that was the most hilarious thing she had ever heard in her life.

“I’ll tear your wings off before I let you touch a single hair on her head you bitch.” He was ready to fight, especially if it was for Gloria.

Calixte got ready to pounce when her brother dropped down next to her and grabbed her wing. “Now, now sister, don’t you have better things to do? I thought you were trying for the vampire.”

“What vampire?” Avaset asked angrily.

“The one who has taken this world for his own. He’s even nastier than you were dearest Thorn.” Calixte answered. “Raping women as he murders and tortures them, giving them over to his little blood sucking friends. They’ve killed so many, especially Gossamer. I want him for myself.” Her eyes burned with a disturbing fire that sent a chill up Avaset, Etta, and Gloria’s spines. Thorn just glared at her and her brother. “But all I’ve been able to catch are his friends.”

“So just break in sister and catch him. You always draw these things out for far too long.”

“It’s no fun if it ends quickly.” They dropped down from the tree and Calixte smiled at Thorn. “I know, if you’re really a changed man then why don’t you help me catch Gossamer. He’s not falling for my little trick so I need to try something new. What do you say Thorn?”

“Why don’t you just let yourself get captured? I’m sure your brother could bail you out if you get overwhelmed, so just leave us be.”

“You will help me Thorn or I will give your precious mate to him as a gift.”

“You won’t get close enough to touch me.” Gloria snapped.

“Gloria, Thorn please lets help them. This is my home world, I can’t just leave it like this.” Avaset said pleadingly.

Thorn sighed in anger, not at Avaset, but because they really had no choice. “Fine, but whatever you do, do not turn your back on them, do not trust them, and do not go anywhere alone with them.”

Calixte laughed again while Cassius looked both amused and smug. They believed with every fiber of their being that there wasn’t a demonic creature alive they couldn’t take down. Avaset lifted Etta, not wanting to chance anything snatching her. Thorn liked that idea and grabbed Gloria. She wanted to walk herself but remembered the horrible condition she had found Thorn in. He loved her so she could understand him being afraid.

As the angels guided them Cassius spoke as if they weren’t right there “I wonder what the other angels will think of us working with this filth?” Calixte shrugged “Let them say anything to us. They’ll regret it”

“You are already at risk for loseing your wings sister”

“The creators wouldn’t dare” Cassius just smiled and dropped it. “I hope you lose your wings you horrible bitch” Thorn thought to himself. Gloria stroked his arm, hoping it helped. She was worried more about what they were coming up against rather than these angels. Gossamer had taken over a world filled with nothing but vampires so he had to be strong.

They sneaked up to the edge of the patrol, hiding in the bushes as they looked out at the castle. A slight breeze blew in their faces so they knew they were at no risk of being smelled. Avaset gripped tightly to Etta’s hand and began to shake when she saw a once beautiful place in such disarray. There were male vampires sitting in what they could see of the courtyard and vampire females with shackles around their wrists, serving them food and blood. They could hear screams on the wind and words of desperate pleading that fell on deaf ears. “How could someone do this?” Avaset said between gritted teeth.

“Someone who was obviously born with evil in their heart.” Gloria replied.

“Don’t worry, once the leader falls they’ll all come crumbling down. These pathetic underlings are so weak and without the protection of their king they are nothing.” Cassius said, sounding almost bored.

“I think I’ll give him the same treatment I gave you dearest Thorn.” Calixte added and Thorn froze, his breath catching in his lungs. Calixte smiled. “Oh so your beautiful little mate doesn’t know?”

“Shut up you bitch, don’t you dare speak of such things.” He growled in response.

“What is she talking about Thorn?” Gloria asked.

“Should I tell her?”

He hand shot out and he grabbed her by her throat. “I’ll kill you.” Gloria grabbed him from behind and Cassius gripped his arm.

“If you would be so kind as to not lay your hands on my sister I would most appreciate it.” Thorn growled and let go, making Calixte laugh.

“It’s not as if you have any right to be mad.” Avaset and Etta didn’t like this angel continued to antagonize Thorn and if she was not essential to ending Gossamer’s reign they would have gladly helped him dispose of her and her brother.

Gloria tried not to think about what might have happened to Thorn. At that point in time he was so closed off they hadn’t talked about why she had found him like she did. As soon as this was over she would have him talk about it with her. It was obviously horrible and not somthing he should be dealing with on his own. She might kill this angel herself if she didn’t stop picking on her husband. Gloria slid her hand in his and he pulled her closer. She tuned herself into his body, hating the unease, anger and embarrassment she felt coming off him.

The previously laid back Cassius seemed closer to pissed now but nobody cared. That bitch was lucky Thorn was willing to back off in Glorias opinion. Calixte laughing had let on that they were all there, another reason to hate her. Now they had lost the upper hand of surprise. Gloria began calling on the demons she controlled to aid them. She knew herself, Avaset and Thorn were powerful but she knew nothing of Calixte, Cassius’s and Ettas skills.

Etta rushed through the group of male vampires, using her super speed to dart around them. The only thing she saw of them was the surprise on their faces as she sliced them open with the curved dagger she kept at her hip. Blood arched through the air and hit the ground, looking like red rain. She was far too fast for them to even touch, like the wind slipping through their fingers. Avaset called for the wolves, bringing them snarling and snapping from the forest. They maliciously attacked the vampires, making them scream in agony as they were overwhelmed and their throats were torn out. The wolves fur was stained a deep crimson, making them look like the monsters many feared. Avaset found herself amazed at how proficiently the two angels fought, moving in unison, perfect mirrors of each other as they used the powers bestowed upon them by the creators to vanquish the vampires.

“We should pull back.” Thorn yelled over all the noise. “We’ll never be able to get to Gossamer if we force them to strengthen their defenses. He snapped the neck of a vampire and tossed him aside.

“You’re right, fall back.” Gloria yelled.

Avaset ran to Etta and grabbed her hand the followed Gloria and Thorn back into the forest. Calixte rolled her eyes and dove down, grabbing onto a still alive vampire and flying back into the air. Once they were far enough away it started raining and washed away their scents. “You’re welcome.” Cassius said as he landed then leaned his back against a tree. Calixte landed and tossed the struggling vampire to the ground.

“Look what I caught.” She walked around the vampire in a slow circle.

“Who are you people?” The vampire hissed as he got to his feet.

“I don’t think it’s our names you should be concerned with.” Calixte said as she stopped and grabbed his chin, her face close to his. “You’ve taken many against their will haven’t you? I can see the depravity in your eyes.” She grinned. “What should I do with you?”

“You’ll do nothing.” Thorn said angrily.

“Oh really?”

He turned to Gloria. “Allow me to question him.” Avaset knew what he meant only because Gloria had explained to her what Thorn had done to his father. He was talking about torturing this man for information. “Let me do it just this once to find the castles weak spots.”

Gloria nodded then hugged him. “Okay, only this one time.”

“Just cover your ears okay.” She kissed his cheek and he turned away and grabbed the vampire by the back of his neck and forced him deeper into the woods.

“What’s he going to do?” Etta asked.

“Just cover your ears.” Avaset said softly.

Chapter Three

“Pansys” Calixte said and Cassius shrugged “some demons these are”

“shut your mouths you annoying pests!” Avaset snapped. “you lot are lucky we want your aide. Mind your tongue demoness” Gloria interrupted, this wasn’t the time to bicker “Ava, come on. We don’t have to stoop to their level” Ava kept glaring until Etta wrapped her in a hug from behind “please calm down Ava” She sighed “let me hold you then as we tune out what Thorn is going to do to that man” All sat aside from the two angels who seemed excited to hear the oncoming wails of pain. Gloria couldn’t believe how sick these two were.

She knew not all angels were good but still, to this level was disturbing. Etta hated she couldn’t just turn off her hearing all together. Muffling her ears did little good even though Thorn had obviously gone far away. Etta just tried not to let her mind picturing anything that might be happening to that vampire. She knew she was born of a violent breed so it seemed odd but torture was somthing Etta just couldn’t stomach and none of them had the time for her to get sick to her stomach.

Thorn came back half an hour later, his shirt gone. Everyone could tell he had used it to wipe the blood from his hands. “So, what did he say?” Calixte asked with a grin.

Thorn ignored her as he got into his and Gloria’s bag and pulled a clean shirt out. He tugged it over his head then hugged Gloria whose arms wrapped tightly around him. “Is he dead?” She asked.

“No, just unconscious, he’ll be fine once he heals.”

“How disappointing.” Cassius said.

“Why don’t you shut your trap.” Avaset snapped and Etta held tighter to her. “What did he say Thorn?”

“The front and back gate are both heavily guarded, there are men in the towers, but there’s a blind spot on the east side of the castle where they haven’t cut the the trees back yet. The castle was built with secret exits and there’s a door there. You have to push a stone that looks darker than the others and it’s slide open.” He answered, his voice quieter than usual. They could all tell he was feeling guilty for what he had done and that he had only tortured someone because of what Calixte had done to him.

“You’re really still just as monstrous as ever Thorn, to be able to rip information out of a man by causing him immeasurable pain is so exciting isn’t it?”

Again he ignored her and both Avaset and Etta felt for him. “Thorn, it’s okay baby. I told you it was alright so please don’t let what you had to do depress you.” Gloria said softly. “I still love you very much, nothing is going to change that.”

He sighed. “We should get inside. The vampire says once we’re inside the wall that we’ll have to go down a long flight of stairs that leads to the dungeon. He said it’s the easiest way to get inside the castle since there are so few guards down there.”

Gloria kissed him and he frowned. How bad he felt was coming off in waves. It was crushing her heart and there wasn’t much comforting she could do right now. She hoped at the very least he knew that their relationship wasn’t hurt because he had to torture someone, especially not over a monster like that. Etta and Avaset followed Thorn quietly, hating things for their friends and outraged about what was happening in this world. Though her parents had never loved her Avaset couldn’t help but wonder if they were still alive somwhere.

Regardless of their feelings for her she had always loved them, even if just a small amount. She wouldn’t hunt for them though. They hadn’t spoken since the day she became an adult and that wouldn’t change now, especially since their last words were “finally you’re an adult and don’t need us. Leave us alone and don’t bother us again for any reason” Etta knew about this but also wondered if Avas parents were still living.

When they were at the wall of the castle, they stayed in the treeline while Thorn found the darkly colored stone and pushed it in. They heard a clicking noise and then part of the wall slid open with a scraping sound. He motioned for them to follow and stay silent. Avaset and Etta held tightly to each others hands as they followed close behind Gloria and Thorn. They could see perfectly in the darkness, but that didn’t help it from feeling like they were being crushed. Thorn’s shoulders were barely an inch from each wall the space was so tight. Etta glanced back at the two angels and a shiver rolled up her spine at the sight of them. Even in such a dark place, their eyes still glowed almost feverishly with delight. Though Cassius’ face still looked like he was bored. Calixte smiled at her and she jerked her eyes away and squeezed Avaset’s hand. She had never met two people so unsettling.

“How close are we?” Avaset asked as the stairs seemed to go on and on and the air became cooler and more stale.

“I would imagine we’re almost there.” Thorn answered, his eyes staying ahead, but his other senses flaring out.

A few moments later they came to a wooden door and Thorn released Gloria’s hand to push it slowly open. The smell of fear and blood washed over him in waves, making his stomach twist. The dungeon was dimly lit and the sound of whimpers reached his ears. He didn’t see any guards so he moved slowly out and gestured for the others to follow.

Two women were chained to the wall. Their bodies had obvious signs of long term abuse and starvation which made everyone aside from the angels feel for them. Thorn broke their chains, surprising even Gloria. They weren’t normal ones obviously but Thorn had more physical strength than most demons. “run out the way we came in. Be quiet” Gloria said softly. The girls ran without another word. “releasing toys, now thats not nice”

“then why the hell do you want to take down this vampire” Gloria snapped. “Its not for vengeance. I don’t care about anybody. I just go after men like this because they are so much more fun to torture. They truly know the thrill of listening to someone beg for you to stop so they try not to for as long as they can. If not just so they dont have to feel as pathetic as their own victims. The longer it takes to hear beginning the more my ears love it.” Gloria just shook her head, knowing if they talked much more they would end up in a fight.

They could hear the sound of voices coming from the other end of the hall. There was a big metal door that didn’t look that old and they all wondered if it had been installed recently to keep their captives from escaping. They moved quietly down the hall and Thorn held his hand up to stop them as he peeked through the small barred opening at the top. There were four men sitting around a table playing cards. Each had a weapon at their hip that none of them had seen before, but torchlight glinted off the polished metal almost menacingly. There was a woman with a metal collar around her neck with a chain connected to it sitting on the floor next to one of them. Her eyes were vacant, unseeing.

He grabbed Avaset’s hand and pulled her closer. “I need you to tell me if you know any of them.” He whispered and she nodded. She was too short to see so he lifted her and she peeked out into the room. She shook her head and he lowered her back down. He sighed and glanced back out. “They have weapons, something I’ve never seen, we must be careful.”

“Cowards.” Calixte said, her nose wrinkling. “I’ll take care it.” She shoved past them, making them all glare then stripped off her clothes. Thorn looked away and she grinned. She used her magic to unlock the door then pushed it open. The sound of the door creaking caught the attention of the males and they all stood, one of them pulling out his gun. They froze when they saw the beautiful winged woman, completely nude standing before them.

They may aswell have been weaponless for how little good their weapons did them.If Avaset, Gloria, and Etta didn’t loathe the woman so much they would have been impressed, especially when one tried to shoot but the bullets were obliterated before they could hit her. “Lets go” she said in a voice that sounded disappointed. It was hard for her and Cassius to find toys that could amuse them. “What about her?” Etta asked, pointing at the woman still staring off into space. “who cares? She’s not a part of our mission”

“I care” Thorn snapped. Thorn found the keys and freed the woman. She still sat there as if she didn’t even notice she was free. Avaset frowned and everyones hearts went out to her aside from Calixtes and Cassius’s. They just viewed this as a waste of their time. “what do we do Thorn?” Avaset asked since they obviously couldn’t just tell her how to get out.”I will carry her and we will help her once this is over” Thorn lifted the woman up and looked at Gloria who nodded.

“How’re you going to fight with her weighing you down?’ Calixte asked. “I can put her down”

“But she’s taking away from your stamina”

“I have more than enough”

“well I know but”

“shut up” Thorn growled and Calixte giggled again. “Put your clothes back on sister and lets go” Cassius interrupted. She grabbed her clothing and tugged it on so they could get moving again.

Avaset and Etta took up the front while Thorn moved to the center of the group since he had the woman in his arms. Avaset and Etta stayed alert as they moved up the stairs to the first floor of the castle. They came to a stop at the door at the top and listened. When they didn’t hear anything, Avaset slowly pushed the door open and stuck her head out. She didn’t see anyone so she stepped out, Etta close behind her. “The guards must be changing shifts.” Avaset said.

“Which way?” Etta asked.

“I don’t think we should split up.” Gloria said as she looked around.

Thorn sighed. “We’re going to have to so we cover more ground.”

“What do you propose love?”

“Etta, Avaset you take Cassius and go right. Gloria and I will take Calixte and go left.” They could tell this decision was hard on him, but they knew it was necessary.

“Are you sure?” Avaset asked.

“Yeah, just watch your back. I think he’d stab is mother if it suited him.” Thorn wasn’t afraid to show his disdain.

“What do you think sister, should I leave you alone with him?”

Calixte grinned. “What can he do brother dearest, I’ll be just fine.” He nodded and headed off to the right.

“You two be careful as well.” Avaset said and glared at Calixte. “If you dare hurt them I will cut your brother’s wings from his body and leave him to die in agony.”

Calixte grinned “don’t challenge my brother fool. He isn’t as quick to violence as me but he is lethal”

“You don’t know me bitch” Avaset answered with confidence. “Come on guys” Etta interrupted. They parted ways with animosity thick in the air. Etta took Avasets hand and stroked it with her thumb “I hate her too but we can’t kepe bickering. We’re supposed to be a team”

“Oh don’t worry, my sister loves it. Plus, I don’t get upset over your threats because I’m angel, superior in every way vampires. You are nothing but abominations that we can scrub off the planet as we please.” Avasets hand locked tightly in Ettas, trying not to knock his lights out. Both he and his sister were beyond infuriating, Avaset had found most angels to be since they shared his attitude.

Etta was still trying to process that Thorn had apparently used to be horrible. She had heard so many amazing things about him and he seemed so sweet when she met him in person. He still seemed like an amazing guy. She wondered how he had become such a good man if he was once really so bad.

Chapter Five


“Yes love.”

“Um, was Thorn really a monster?”

Avaset sighed. “Yeah, he was.” She whispered, her eyes searching every corner.

“What happened to make him well normal?”

“Well it sure as hell wasn’t whatever that angel bitch did to him. It was all Gloria, she’s just that amazing.”

Cassius chuckled. “Keep telling yourself that bloodsucker.”

“How would you know winged one, have you ever been in love? Have you ever given yourself completely to someone? Have you ever been willing to sacrifice your pride for someone else? No? Then shut your mouth and keep walking.” He said nothing more and she hoped she had shocked him into silence, she doubted it, but she hoped.

“So Thorn, you couldn’t get enough of me so you had me come along.” Calixte said with her same grin.

“I have been tired of you from the moment you spoke to us. I only brought you along because I do not trust you.”

“Oh so does that mean you trust Cassius?”

“More than I trust you.”

“He could slice your friends open and not give a single fuck if they died. He’d just go on with his life as if nothing had happened.”

“They can handle themselves just fine.” That was the last he said to her. He loathed speaking to her and only paid attention to her because he didn’t want her to try hurting Gloria. It would be the last thing she ever did.

The sound of footsteps caught the attention of Avaset, Etta, and Cassius. They all came to a halt as the vampire patrol came around the corner. They froze as if in shock, not expecting to find strangers inside the castle walls. “Who the fuck…” The rest of his words were lost as Cassius was suddenly in front of him, slicing his throat. Etta and Avaset reacted the next moment, dodging the bullets of the other two and quickly taking them out.

“There are more coming.” Cassius said, the sword in his hand at the ready. He had been so fast they hadn’t even seen him pull it out.

His speed was more intimidating to Etta and Avaset than they cared to admit. As more vampires attacked they all took them out but ti was Cassius that did the most damage. It was an unsettling realization how strong these angels were but it didn’t matter. If he hurt Etta he would regret it and Avaset would win at all costs. They had run into another group of lackey vampires and were disposing of them when Gossamer entered the hall. Even if Etta hadn’t see him she would have known he entered. Just his presence was unnerving. Whoever this man was he was what humans wrote horror story about.

“stop” he just watched in an amused way until they had defeated the batch of men. “what’re you doing here?”

“Gossamer, my sister will disappointed that it was us that found you first” Gossamer smiled, still just as amused but a hint of arousal filled the air “sister? Well, I hate to disappoint a lady, especially an angel. I’ll give her wings a good plucking if you show me her way”

“Don’;t think you are more than you are vile vampire. We are angels and you are trash”

‘But you seem to be working with vampires”

“I’m humoring my sister”

“You’d serve a woman?” He cackled “I guess you are an angel. Gods perfect little toys to do his bidding”

“God? Like theres one? Leave it to a vampire to be that uneducated”

“Can we measure our damn penises later!” Avaset snapped. “You will not speak to me that way” Gossamer said darkly. “fu” she started just before he slammed his fist into her face.

She tumbled across the cold stone floor and slammed into the wall with a loud thud that enraged Etta. She attacked Gossamer whose hand whipped out and wrapped around her throat, halting her immediately. It shocked her how fast he was. “I’ll deal with you and the other bitch later.” He sent her flying across the room and slamming into the same wall Avaset had hit before falling to the ground.

Cassius sighed. “So troublesome, I suppose I’ll have to fight you then. I should probably call for my sister, she’d only nag me to death if I killed you.” He whipped out his sword, holding it out in front of him as he called for Calixte to come to him.

Calixte froze as she was in the middle of strangling one of the guards they had encountered. The whip of light she had summoned was wrapped tightly around his neck and she had been pulling on it to cut off his airway. She jerked hard, severing his head then the whip vanished. “We need to head back.” She said with a wicked grin on her face.

“Why?” Thorn said as he lifted the trembling woman back into his arms.

“It appears Cassius has found our prey.”

Both Thorn and Gloria’s hearts sank into their stomachs. If they had found the vampire Gossamer, then that meant Avaset and Etta could be in danger. They knew Cassius could care less about their lives and would gladly throw them in front of the vampire if he had too. “Lets go then.” Thorn said angrily and took off running, Gloria following close behind while Calixte soared through the air.

The woman in Thorns arms clung to him as he ran. He felt bad she had to keep witnessing all this violence after all he was sure she had gone through but he had no choice. They weren’t just going to leave her alone for another male to abuse her. He would make sure to get her the help she needed. Help he was sure Chthon and his family could provide. Thorn knew Gloria would gladly welcome this woman into their home but she needed help from people who understood what she had been through and Gloria had never been tortured before. That was a fact about Gloria he would keep a fact.

It was a fact he himself had been tortured before but he had also become a bastard for a long time. Chthon and his family were nothing but warm and loving people. It was truly the best place to recover from somthing like this. Gossamer nor Cassius acknowledged Thorn, Gloria and Calixte burst in. They were too busy going at eachother like mad men. The walls and even ceiling had blood spray from the wounds that covered each of them. ‘Finally, a worthy opponent!” Calixte cried with a thrill.

Thorn set the woman he had been holding down to join his wife, Cassius and Calixte in taking this monster down. Gloria feared for the unconscious Etta and Avaset but this man exuded power so she knew her efforts were better spent fighting than tended to them.

Something soft touched her cheek, tickling it and making her face twitch. Etta scrunched her eyes then slowly opened them. Her hearing came back before her vision, the sound of clashing steel and grunts filled her ears. She blinked, her vision clearing. She could see Gloria and Thorn fighting along side the two angels as they battled Gossamer. She placed her hands flat on the floor and slowly pushed herself up, the tickling on her cheek going away as the feather fell off of her face. She glanced over, seeing Avaset was still laying there unconscious. She had to check on her. She crawled over and rolled her onto her back then checked her pulse. It was still going strong so she placed her face close to Avaset’s mouth and was relieved to feel air blowing against it. She was still alive.

She pushed herself unsteadily to her feet, her eyes back on the vampire that had dared to touch her mate. It enraged her, made her see red and made her jaw ache with hunger. She growled and rushed at Gossamer while his back was turned. He was covered in blood, the scent strong on his body. He spun toward her, his sword swinging at her head, but she easily ducked. She was in a crouching position one minute and launching herself at him the next. She was on him, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, her fingers in his hair and wrenching his head back. She sank her fangs into his throat, her other hand gripping his wrist and keeping him from using his sword.

“Bitch.” He growled and jerked her head back so blood ran down his neck and soaked into his shirt. She snarled, baring her fangs at him. He jerked his sword arm free and punched her in the face once, twice, and then a third time. He threw her off of him by her throat right into Gloria so they both hit the floor. They jumped back up, ignoring the pain and helping force Gossamer in a defensive position.

Gossamer wanted to vanish but he had let this carry on too long for that to be an option. Even if you didn’t count the multiple holes they had created and the severe pounding he had gotten so far Gossamer had lost a ton of blood and even a vampire could only lose so much. It was just a few seconds later that it didn’t even matter. Gossamers head and right hand hit the floor as his body toppled over with a loud thud. Cassius had used the opportunity to cut off his head. Gossamer, being both quick with movement and eyesight saw the blade coming but with so many against him and how weak he was he couldn’t escape it.

Calixte looked at her brother with absolute outrage “he was supposed to be my play thing!” she yelled. “sister, he was too powerful for that. Atleast we finally fought a worthy opponent. That would have been much harder without the help of these underlings. Cassius used his blade to cut Gossamers heart out which made Etta hurl. She had already been a bit light from the beheading so the taking of Gossamers heart was too much.

“You’re supposed to be a monster damn it!” Calixte scolded. “Leave her alone” Gloria protested and the angel grinned “we don’t need you any more girl. You will end up a toy if you don’t shut your mouth” Thorn put himself infront of Gloria and glared at the angel. Cassius sighed “Calixte, lets take this heart to our trophy room. We might damage it if we don’t hurry and this is a trophy worth keeping. I want to always remember this fight”

“Can’t you go alone”

“Come sister” They had a stare down but eventually Calixte agreed “You will see me again Thorn and Gloria, I promise” The angels left and Thorn almost went after them but Gloria grabbed his arm “Not right now. We need to mend Avaset and that other vampire female.” Gloria walked over to her “what is your name so I don’t have to keep calling you that vampire female”

“Nadia” she whispered as she hugged her knees. Gloria was just glad she had finally said atleast one word.

“Well Nadia, please let us look after you.” Gloria said with a warm smile.

“Okay.” Etta lifted Avaset off the floor and Thorn picked up Nadia. They wanted to get out of the room where Gossamer’s corpse was. They found what remained of a library, happy when they didn’t run in to any opposition. Etta laid Avaset on one of the tables while Thorn put Nadia down on a chair.

“I’m going to touch you okay, I just want to assess the damage done to you.” Gloria said with a gentle tone.


While Gloria ran her fingers over Nadia looking for any bones that had not set right or any cuts that were still open, Thorn stood by the door and Etta stroked her fingers through Avaset’s hair. Her constant touch finally made Avaset stir and open her eyes. “You’re awake.” Etta said and pressed and kiss onto her forehead.

“What happened?” Avaset asked as she reached up and rubbed her head.

“That vampire hit you pretty hard.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Is he dead?”

“Yeah, that angel Cassius killed him.”

Avaset gave small, bitter laugh. “I’m sure his bitch of a sister had something to say about that.” She groaned and slowly sat up.

“Easy love.”

“Don’t worry, I’m alright and I’m glad to see everyone else is as well.”

“what should we do now Ava?”

“I don’t know, I guess its up to the people of this world. I don’t even know where to begin” Thorn now spoke “I was thinking the best place for Nadia to get over all this is with the help of the Apontes. We could take her there and then see if Chthon and his family are interested in helping this place recover. They are always helping people.”

“Then we’ll do that. I’ve always wanted to meet Chthon and Ruth anyway. I’ve heard so much” Etta answered. “Will you let us take you to our friends home? Do you know who Chthon is Nadia?”

“I don’t but I’ll go. I just…I dont want to be here anymore”

“Would you prefer my mate or myself to carry you?’

“Would you?’

“Yeah, are you two ready to leave this place?” Gloria asked Etta and she nodded ‘I’ll carry Avaset until she feels well”

“I’m just fine now Etta”

“you sure”

“Yeah, my head hurts but I’ll be okay. Thank you love” Etta hugged Avaset and Ava sighed “I’m sorry you coming here was so terrible”

“we’ll try again after this world has recovered”

“you’d really come again”

“there are dangers in every world”

“I love you so much”

“I love you too. Lets get Nadia out of here” Gloria lifted the woman then they all left as quickly as they could. In better condition they all could have arrived at Chthons much sooner but there was only so hard they could push their bodies after such a fight. Even though they were six and Gossamer was only one it had been an intense battle. Gloria hoped such a monster didn’t have siblings running a muck somewhere else.

As expected Chthon and his family were more than happy to help out and offer their home to Nadia. Ruth insisted they all stayed in the castle while the rest was handled. She didn’t want them traveling after all they had already been through. That night while wrapped around eachother in bed Etta said softly “You have amazing friends Avaset” Ava couldn’t help but laugh “I do”

“You think the people of your home world will be okay?’

“They are vampires, tough as nails, especially in that world. It’ll all be fine”

“Um..do you think your parents are alive?”

“I dont know. I thought about it”

“I’m sorry they weren’t very good parents”

“Few vampires and demons are. I have no right to throw a pity party”

“Just because a lot have gone through it doesn’t mean it hurts any less Avaset” Ava kissed her head “You are such an amazing woman Etta. Thank you”

“for what?”

“For everything” Etta smiled “all i ask is that you let me show you off to my family”

“we’ll go as soon as Ruth will let us out of this castle” Etta giggled “ok baby, night”

“Goodnight my beautiful midnight flower”

~ The End ~

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