Becca & Zeandre

Chapter One

Beccas smiles and laughter as Zeandre danced with her made him feel like they only two in the world that existed were them. He just couldn’t get enough of that gorgeous smile. When he had first met her a little over two years ago seeing this was rare but much to his triumph she was almost the full opposite now. His happy, gorgeous, most precious treasure. “I’m tired Zeandre”

“aw, already”

“yeah, before our date Taine kept me so busy. The terrible twos have hit him ridiculously hard. I’m shocked Alheid and Detlev even still wanted to keep him” Zeandre laughed “he makes up for all the bad with the cuteness he inherited from his mother” she nervously smiled as his words caressed her very soul. “I’m still so sorry he broke that vase”

“hey, he’s only a baby. I’m not holding it against him” He swept Becca off her feet “if you’re tired you should lay down” she had forgotten he wasn’t taking her home today. This was their first alone and overnight date in the little over two weeks they had been a couple. “Um…wh..where am I sleeping?’

“I only have my bed”

“Oh” he kissed her head “it’s very comfortable” He moved back the covers and slipped her in bed. He tucked her in then lit a few candles so it wouldn’t be so dark to her. He could see perfectly but he knew she only had human sight. He got into bed and moved to kiss her goodnight. It had truly been meant as just as kiss before he cuddled her to sleep but she tasted so good. He thought to himself “someone so beautiful shouldn’t taste this good”

Without even realizing it he got lost in the kiss and the hand that wasn’t cupping her cheek began to travel. She also got lost in how amazing this kiss felt, it was honestly the most intense kiss she had ever experienced until his hand squeezed her breast. Suddenly the memory of Taines father came into her head and somthing dawned on her. Taines father had made her feel special and loved too. Had been nothing but a great friend and gentleman until the very first time he got her alone in his home. Now it was happening all over again, she fell for the same trick. Her parents had always told her no man could ever love her, could never be interested in anything more than getting her on her back and here she was being stupid enough to believe yet again that they weren’t absolutely right. No wonder he had been so thrilled when she said she was coming alone.

A tear rushed down her cheek as she pushed him away “I need to go home” she got up and went to find her shoes ‘Becca, wait, I’m sorry. I was only kissing you goodnight” she laughed but there was no joy in it “I bet, god I’m so stupid”

“what? How are you stupid. Honey I wont do that again. I’m so sorry. My penis took over. You’re so”

“I know, so fuckable”

“No, no thats not it atall Becca. Please stop and listen”

He grabbed her arm and she spun around, her hand making contact with his cheek. The sound of the slap was loud in the silence of his home and shocked them both. He let her go and took a step back. “You really don’t trust me then?” He asked, his eyes down cast. When she didn’t say anything he looked up at her. “Well?”


He gave her a sad smile. “It’s fine, I don’t blame you.” He rubbed his cheek as he took another step back, giving her space. “I won’t stop you, I’m sorry.”

She swallowed the lump in her throat and quickly found her shoes, tugging them on, her heart feeling like it was being ripped apart. She was terrified of being thrown away again, of being deceived and used. She couldn’t go through it a second time. She glanced back at him as she grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open. He just stood there, looking heartbroken, but she couldn’t be sure it was all just some act.

She was barely out the door when he feared her walking home alone in the dark. She was a mere human among god knows what. He ran out after her “I thought you said you were letting me leave”she said in a cracking voice “I am if you wish it but I can’t have you walking in the dark alone. You’re only a human. Anything could try and hurt you. I just want to see you get home safely.” her bottom lip trembled and so did his heart “I just shoved you away and stormed out of your home and you’re worried about me getting home safe?”

“Becca, you don’t understand. I…I wanted tonight to be happy and relaxing for you. I..I know what your first did and I should have thought about that but I just lost all brain function while kissing you..I’m sorry, I want to take it back so bad but I cant..I..I just want you to get home safe if you refuse to let me hold you tonight..” she now saw he was holding back a dam of tears that might burst any moment. He was out here wanting to walk her home even though he hadn’t gotten in her pants but still he could be working her for a fuck in the future. Maybe she was being foolish but she was in love and if he would really just hold her she did want to be with him “If I don’t leave you wont fondle me again?”

“No, never again. I’m sorry” Becca hugged him and his arms wrapped tightly around her “I would never use you Becca…that was nothing like you thought at all. I promise.”


“am I taking you home?”

“I’ll still stay with you”

“Please learn to trust me baby. You mean so much to me Becca”

She didn’t say anything so he just lifted her in his arms and carried her back inside. He laid her down on his bed and removed her shoes then climbed in after her and pulled her slowly into his arms. He ran his hand up and down her back, just wanting her to relax. “I love you Becca.”

“I know.”

“You’re so precious to me and I’ll never do anything that makes you uncomfortable again. I just want you to be happy and I’ll do anything for you.”

She buried her face in the blankets, not wanting him to see her tear up. He continued to massage her back and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep. Zeandre felt heartbroken that she didn’t believe him, not completely anyway. He loved her more than anything, wanted to make her as happy as she made him, but now he had screwed everything up. He reached up and stroked her cheek, wanting to kiss her, but holding back so as not to frighten her away. He had a hard time falling asleep that night so thought of ways he could make up his behavior until his eyelids grew to heavy and closed.

In the morning Becca woke first since she was used to getting up somewhere between seven and eight am with her son. She really hoped he wasn’t giving Alheid and Detlev any trouble. As she sat up she glanced down at Zeandres handsome face. He was by far the most gorgeous man that had ever given her the time of day. He was also the sweetest. Every memory she had of him was wonderful and inspired smiles every time she thought back on it. He meant so much to Becca and she didn’t want to give him what he wanted and then have no interest in her. Last night was so terrifying and heartbreaking. Him groping her stirred up every insecurity her parents had pounded into her mind. This man was sweet, handsome and had more money than he could probably count, what use did he really have for a nothing like her beyond sex.

He had been kind enough to let her stay after denying him sex so she decided to make him breakfast. She hadn’t cooked in his kitchen before but she was sure she could find what she needed. She was nearly to his door when she knocked over a small pile of gold “shit! Can’t you do anything right!” Her minds voice snapped at her. Zeandre shot up “whats wrong? Are you leaving again? What happened?” He sounded so panicked and she felt bad “I was just going to try and make you breakfast. I’m sorry I woke you up”

His tension seemed to instantly release and he got up “you didn’t hurt yourself did you?”


“good” he lifted her up “I really should get this place cleaned up.”

“I’m just clumsy somtimes.”

“Regardless I’m happy you woke me. I’d prefer to cook with you. You don’t know my kitchen yet anyway. I’ll show you where everything is” she laid her head on his shoulder, making both their hearts flutter. “how long until you need to go home for your son?”

“They have a delivery to make and they need to leave by two. They said I can stay here until they needed to leave.”

“I guess we’ll head that way around one if you don’t mind me coming”

“I’d like that. Taine has so much fun with you”

“good, it’s settled then.”

He explained to her where everything was as they made French toast together. He had her chop up strawberries to put on top while he cooked. He plated their food then sat it on the table and grabbed the syrup before taking his seat next to Becca. They ate in silence, neither of them really knowing what to say about the previous night. He was hurt she didn’t trust him and could tell she was having doubts. He knew it should be expected, she had been thrown away before and it had been horrible for her. He wished he could find the man who had so broken her heart and teach him a lesson, but he knew that wouldn’t make him feel any better. It would simply be a physical release for his anger, but his sadness would remain.

“Are…are you mad at me?” Becca suddenly asked, her voice soft.

“Not at all, I’m mad at the man who you’ve compared me to.” He answered and took another bite of his food, falling silent once again.

His words twisted Becca’s heart and she suddenly felt like crying. She swallowed the lump in her throat and continued eating her French toast. After breakfast, they cleaned the dishes together and then Zeandre got started on straightening up his house so she wouldn’t run into things. He didn’t want her getting hurt due to his laziness. When Becca tried to help he stopped her and insisted she relax on the couch, not wanting her to have to pick up after him.

They talked as he cleaned, managing to bring the mood of the room up which was a relief to both of them. When it was time to start heading over he changed clothes then took Beccas hand and kissed it. He wanted to apologize again for ruining the night he had tried so hard to make perfect but he feared it might ruin the happier tone he had managed to make with her. “where is their delivery?”

“a few towns over”

“Oh, so this is probably one of those trips where they don’t come back until the next day or the day after”


“well then I’ll stay the night if I’m welcome. Every time you two have been left alone I’ve wanted to but I felt pushy asking to stay over. Now that we’ve had a sleepover together can I stay so I know you two are safe?” she stopped suddenly and hugged him “yeah” she sounded sad again. “honey what? What’s wrong?”

“You’re just so sweet”

“because I care about you, I love you and I’ll make you see that. I love your little one too. I’ve watched him grow up and have been there for some of his precious first moments. I love the two of you and I’m never going anywhere. I know it’s hard to believe that because you grew up constantly being told you couldn’t be loved and it’s hard not to have my feelings hurt but I understand your insecurity, I really do. after fifteen years of being told no man could ever want more than sex with you the first man you open up to ripped your heart out and then wouldn’t even man up to raise your child”

She held him tighter and he stroked her hair before kissing the top of her head “I’m not going anywhere no matter what and in time you’ll see that. We’ve only been together two weeks, as many weeks or years as it takes I’ll prove to you I love you” They stood there a few more moments before he said “let me carry you so we don’t make Detlev and Alheid late”

“Okay” he picked her up and kissed her forehead before he began walking again. When they reached her home Taine ran right for his mother and Zeandre. “Mom!” she hugged him “hey sweetie, were you a good boy?” he smiled and she laughed. She looked at Alheid “was he good?”

“Oh he was fine, went to bed and everything like a good boy. We had a moment where he wanted his mommy but we calmed him down with ice cream”

“Thank you guys so much”

“it’s no big deal. We’re trying to have one so practice is good. We’ll do that any time”

“can Zeandre stay the night here if you two aren’t planning to come back?”

“Of course, he’s your boyfriend and this is just as much your house as ours, seriously, he can stay as much as you want him to. Besides, as cute as Taine is he’s more of a two man job”

“thank you”

Chapter Two

Detlev and Alheid made sure they had everything they needed then left them. Taine grabbed Zeandre’s hand, wanting to play with him and he obliged, finding a place on the floor among the toys Taine had been playing with before their arrival. “Hey Becca, why don’t you read to us.” Zeandre said as he began building things out of blocks for the little boy.

“Okay.” She grabbed a book ad sat down on the couch, flipping it open and starting to read. She greatly enjoyed her son’s laughter as he played with Zeandre and found herself smiling and glancing over the top of the book to see what they were doing.

They played on the floor until Taine said he was hungry and Becca put the book down while Zeande lifted Taine and spun in a circle, making him laugh. He carried him to the kitchen table then joined Becca in the kitchen. “Want me to do anything?” He asked.

She grabbed some celery out of the fridge. “Want to put peanut butter on these after I chop them?”


Working together they gave Taine his food and watched him happily eat. Zeandre took Beccas hand and her attention moved to that. Another kind, loving gesture. She thought back on their memories, how kind and wonderful he had always been. It was just so hard to believe a man like him could love her. He didn’t have any reason to. Atleast not in her mind. She saw none of her good qualities since her parents had always put her down no matter what. She was never pretty enough or good enough at anything she tried to do. She leaned over and kissed Zeandres cheek and he smiled, stroking her hand with one of his fingers. Even his smile said he loved her so why couldn’t she fight back all this doubt and fear.

After Taine ate Zeandrea played with him until he was exhausted and needed his nap. Becca wasn’t surprised when her son wouldn’t acknowledge he was tired. Zeandre ended up laying in his toddler bed with him which actually settled him down. “Go on Becca, I’ll come out when he’s sleeping”

“you sure?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind” she looked at her son who was happily sucking his thumb then nodded before walking out. Becca almost instantly started crying when she sat on the couch. His sweetness just made her mad at herself for being so scared to trust him. There he was in the other room laying with her son so he would go to sleep. He didn’t have to do that, no one lay was worth taking care of a toddler for on top of every other way he seemed to do things just because he cared.

“Sorry I took so long,” Zeandre said when he came into the living room, “he kept opening his eyes every time I started to get up so I had to tell him a story to…” he paused when he saw Becca’s eyes were damp. “Whoa, did something happen?” He sat down next to her and pulled her into his arms.


“Talk to me baby, you know you can tell me anything.”

“Just you keep doing all of these things that show me how much of an idiot I am.”

He stroked her hair and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “You are far from an idiot Becca.”

“That’s not true, I can be so stupid and clumsy and say terrible things. You love me and I don’t know why and it makes me distrustful.”

“Becca, stop putting yourself down. I love you because you’re you and no matter what you will always be the smartest most beautiful woman I have ever known. You’re perfect for me in every way.” He pulled back and grabbed her chin, tipping her head up. “You really are amazing and brave, you know that?”

“I am not.”

“That little boy sleeping in that bed says differently. You carried him and gave birth to him and care for him even though his biological father was a piece of crap, to me that is an amazingly courageous act.”

He held her as they both sat there in silence. When she pushed out of his arms she looked into his eyes, he looking back with nothing but love and adoration. Becca kissed him, soft and slow. Zeandrea smiled and rested his forehead against Beccas. “when Detlev and Alheid come back I’m going to make up for the date I ruined”

“I ruined it”

“No you didn’t my love. I never meant to touch you like that. You just taste so good” Becca stood and pulled Zeandre up from the couch “hm?’ she said but she wordlessly pulled him to her bedroom “what’re we doing?” he tried and she slid her dress straps off so it fell to her ankles. Zeandre stood there shocked, a blush creeping up his neck along with heat lifting his shaft. “Becca” he said breathlessly. “I..I want to make love to you and I’m” she paused and swallowed “you deserve for me to trust that you’ll still take me on that date when Detlev and Alheid get back…”

He rested his hands on her shoulders and let them slide down her arms to lace their fingers together. “You sure?”

“Yeah.” She whispered and he pulled her close, on arm going around her waist, while the fingers of his other hand tangled in her hair. His lips found hers, moving slowly, his tongue gently exploring the inside of her mouth. He tipped her back onto her bed, moving his hands over her, cupping the weight of her breasts and moaning at the feel of them pressing into his palms.

“I love how soft you are.” He said, punctuating every word with a kiss. He grabbed her knees, pushing her legs open as he kissed his way slowly down her, putting all his love into every press of his lips. She cried out loudly when his tongue slid over her and she quickly covered her mouth, not wanting to wake Taine. He chuckled as he pushed himself off of her and pulled his clothes off. “I guess that can wait until Detlev and Alheid can babysit again.”


“Don’t be.” He climbed back on top of her, pulling her legs around his waist and thrusting into her and kissing her to muffle her moans. She clung tightly to him, her nails raking down his back and making him push into her a little harder. “I love you Becca.” He whispered as he brought them both over the edge and her eyes filled with tears.

He rolled to her side and pulled Becca up so her head rested in the center of his chest. He gently rubbed her back “that felt amazing Becca. I can’t wait to pleasure you more intensely when I have you alone again” she blushed and wiped at her face “cant believe I moaned so loud”

“still nothing to be sorry over. I’m going to really enjoy that” She fell asleep in his arms and he just enjoyed the closeness until Taine woke her up “guess nap time is over” Zeandre chuckled “yep, take your time dressing. I’ll pull on my pants and get him a drink” He got up, pulled on pants and walked out. Becca sighed, missing being in his arms already. When she came out her son was laying on the couch with his sippy cup and Zeandre was just smiling at her, looking immensely happy.

The day went on with the two of them essentially doing whatever her son wanted until bedtime. Tonight Taine was so tired from playing he offered no struggle. As they walked to the kitchen to clean up after dinner Zeandre said “today has really made me so happy and it wasn’t just the sex…I like being with the two of you and helping you with Taine. I’m always happiest when I’m with you”

“we love you being around”

“I’ll always be” she smiled, still seeming to have the smallest worry that she had just ended things by sleeping with him. He was honestly glad he could show her now that that wasn’t the end, it was only the beginning. He needed her, he wanted her to come live with him and planned on asking as much after their next date. She had been all he wanted for two years and he had waited long enough to have her as his mate.

Chapter Three

Detlev and Alheid were back late the next day, both of them looking a little tired and grateful they didn’t have to make dinner that night. They could tell that something had happened between Becca and Zeandre, something for the better, but Becca seem to still be having doubts. “So when is your next date?” Detlev asked.

“Whenever Becca would like to go out. We just asked you to watch Taine, so we might wait.”

“Nonsense, take her out tomorrow, we don’t mind watch Taine.”

“Are you sure?” Becca asked and they both nodded. She turned to Zeandre. “Would you like to stay with me tonight then?”

He smiled lovingly at her. “I’d love too.” They talked with Detlev and Alheid about their trip until they were finished eating then they all went to bed. Zeandre slowly undressed Becca when they were alone, wanting to be skin to skin with her. She blushed as he pulled his own clothes off and tugged her into bed and under the covers. “I love you.” He said sweetly.

“I love you too.”

“I’m so glad we can sleep like this now”

“ye yeah, we should do this every time you’re able to sleep over here or me there” he smiled, anticipating asking her to live with him. Just as the night before Zeandre waited until his love was limp in his arms before allowing himself rest. The next morning they woke to the smell of Detlev cooking and the sounds of Taine laughing. “those guys, It’s obvious how badly they want their own kid” Becca said with a sleepy smile. “I hope they are blessed with one soon”

“Me too, they’re going to be awesome parents”

“well lets go eat so I can start wooing you” Becca blushed again which only became deeper when Zeandre gave her a good morning kiss. They dressed and came out, Taine, as always running to his mother to hug her “morning my precious boy”

“Morning mama” he said with a smile. She kissed his head then carried him to his chair “you two don’t need to mind him so much, seriously”

“well Zeandre stayed over and we wanted you two to rest. Becca giggled, feeling incredibly blessed to have people like these in her life. They ate then Beccca and Zeandre played with Taine for awhile before leaving. Taine didn’t mind, Alheid had promised that they could make cookies as soon as his mother was gone.

“So where are you taking me?” Becca asked.

“First, we need to make a stop at my place and from there, it’s a surprise.” He winked at her and she blushed as they walked hand in hand down the road.

Zeandre even enjoyed this small contact with her and savored it until they got to his place. He had her wait on the couch while he packed some snacks in a basket for later then grabbed a blanket. He took her hand as they left, guiding her away from his home and down a small path in the back. It was such a nice day and she lost herself in all the smells and sounds of nature. He took her down to a valley full of beautiful white flowers and over the a tree where he unfolded the blanket. “This is nice.”

“It’s for later. I want to go swimming.” He pointed across the valley. There’s a lake over there and I want to take you swimming.”

“What about bathing suits?”

He shrugged. “It’s just us, no one’s going to come down here and bother us.”

They had already had sex so she figured why not. Her baby belly was still embarrassing but he had seen it now. She just hoped he didn’t decide it was gross after seeing it for awhile. They walked over then stripped just beside the water. Zeandre shamelessly admired her as her clothes came off which made her cheeks tint. He smiled at her embarrassment “you are a gorgeous woman”

“baby belly and all?”

“Beautiful in every way. You gave life, whats more beautiful than that?” she smiled, loving him even more. They played around in the water, Zeandre getting all the contact he could until they both grew hungry and carried their clothes back to their picnic. Becca was a little uncomfortable with worry someone would see them but she also didn’t want to pull on clothing while he was sopping wet.

They ate and made small talk until they were dry enough to tug their clothing back on “such a beautiful day and place. Thank you Zeandre” He scooted closer and took her hand “I have a way you can thank me if you’re interested”

“How’s that?”

“Move in with me. Your son likes me and I love you both. I’ll be a good dad to him, I know I’ve shown you that. When you’re ready I even want to give him siblings. Please, at least consider it. I promise not to be such a slob any longer and I’ll never have my sword collection out where he can get hurt. I love you and that hasn’t changed since we made love. If anything I am even more lost in you. I want you and Taine there with me always”

“You mean it?”

“yes, if you say yes we’ll go home right now and get my place ready for Taine to be there full time.” Beccca hugged him “That sounds so great. I think Detlev and Alheid will miss having a kid in their home though” Zeandre chuckled “well they are more than welcome to babysit him from time to time” Becca smiled “I was foolish to doubt you”

“I hope you’ll always have full faith in me now with all things”

“I will, I swear”

They cleaned up everything and Zeandre insisted on carrying it all so he could hold her hand. Once they were back, he sat the basket in the kitchen and the blanket on the couch then they got to cleaning everything up and childproofing. He didn’t want anything left out that Taine could possible hurt himself on. He double checked everything, making sure nothing needed to be fixed which warmed Becca’s heart. He really meant everything he said and was doing everything in his power to make sure she knew it. “Good enough I guess.” He said once everything was cleaned and put away.

“It looks perfect.” She replied and he smiled lovingly at her, making her heart dance with joy.

“You’re perfect.”


He grabbed her hips and pulled her into him, making her grow warm. “But I love when you blush, it’s so cute.”

“So, should we go get Taine and his things?”

“Are you implying you don’t want to be alone with me?” He teased and her face went red.

“No, I’d love too. I guess I’m just excited to be moving here.”

He chuckled and kissed the top of her ear before whispering seductively “are you sure I can’t interest you in some love making while you can be as loud as I want you to be” her heart stammered and she pushed her head into his shoulder. A gentle chuckle sounded in her ear and he kissed his again before taking a small nibble. “I’m dying to physically show you my affection” just the sound of his voice was exciting her “you shouldn’t talk like that, jesus how does your voice sound that sexy?” His laugh was filled with happiness and triumph “I can be very seductive when I want to be. I’ve just never wanted to scare you away, Please, let me bed you before we get your son. I want to make you see heaven”

He did just that, driving Becca wild then limp with orgasms. When they were done she quietly asked “how am I to get him now?” he smiled happily and kissed her forehead “we’ll go in about an hour beautiful”

“I can’t wait to see how excited he is” she said, her voice telling him how badly her body wanted to sleep. He kissed her again “nap precious, I’ll wake you in an hour”

“How could you do all that and not be as tired as me?”

“I’m a dragon” she smiled and sighed “must be nice” she snuggled closer to him and fell soundly asleep. He sighed aswell, a mixture of happiness and sadness. He now had the mate of his dreams, the woman he loved like he had none before and she was human. He didn’t have any friends with capabilities to make her immortal but he did have money and he hoped that maybe he could pay a High Dragon to turn her at sompoint down the road. Asking that wasn’t for today but in a few years time he hoped she would let him and that he could convince sombody to do it who could. Zeandrea had only just gotten her but loseing Becca was terrifying. For now he let that go and just enjoyed holding her close. He had a family with her now and if her human life span was all he’d ever have he would make sure to cherish every second.

~ The End

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