Belial & Coeus

Chapter one

She grinned when she spotted him sitting at the bar. He was good looking, tall, completely relaxed. He was talking with the bartender, smiling and laughing. She moved across the room, taking the seat to his left and ordering a sour apple martini. “Martini huh?” He said and she looked at him, smiling, turning on the charm.

“What of it?”

“I’m a whiskey man myself. The name’s Coeus.” He held out his hand and she took it.

“Belial, nice to meet you.”

“So what are you doing here Belial?”

She shrugged. “Being bored, looking for entertainment. How about you?”

“Long day at work, I’m just winding down.”

“And what do you do?”

“I own a construction company. We just got a new contract and I had to finish some paperwork. I swear I had a stack this high.” He held up his hand to indicate the height of the stack and she giggled. They continued talking, him seeming more and more interested in her by the minute.

“So, you want to get out of here?” She asked.

He nodded. “It is about that time isn’t it.” He stood up, paying for both of their drinks. “Well, it’s been fun love, but I should be getting home.” Her eyes widened in shock and he chuckled. “You got so caught up in the game that you weren’t paying attention sweetie.” He leaned in closer to whisper in her ear. “I’m an incubus, you can’t seduce one of your own.” He leaned back. “It always fascinates me when creatures like us manipulate and seduce whoever they find.”

She glared. “And you don’t?”

“Only when I need to love, I’m a bit of a freak in our world.” He chuckled again. “Better luck next time sweetheart.”
She stayed in a state of shock up until he was out of the bar. For the first night in a long time she was going home alone and utterly confused. “How did I not notice?” she asked herself. Normally she could spot one of her own kind. As she drove home in her car she decided she probably didn’t notice because he was so different from their kind. As far as she knew all Incubus and Succubus’s had tons of sex with whomever they wanted. Now she was intrigued by this strange man. She would return to the bar tomorrow night in hopes of seeing him again.

At home it was hard to sleep. She was used to getting lost in lust then falling asleep next to someone. Going to bed like this was near impossible. She considered pron for a brief time but he, that weird Incubus wouldn’t get out of her mind and she would feel weird watching porn while thinking of him.
Her alarm went off the next morning with her still awake and feeling sexually frustrated. She took a quick shower then got ready for work. She didn’t even stop for coffee she was so irritated. When she got to her office she gave her receptionist a short greeting then took the files of that days patients and hurried into the back room. She was glad to see her first patient of the day was Shaun Martell. He was a sex addict who was trying to get help for his problem and even though she did provide him with the help he needed, she also fed off the lust he projected while in her company. She hoped it would help take the edge off her frustration.

Coeus helped his men tear down what was left of the old park. He carried stacks of rusted metal and tossed it in the large garbage cans that had been donated by the sanitation department. Once all of the old equipment was out if the way they would begin construction on the new park. He himself had invested quite a bit in the project and had used his gifts to ensure it went through. The kids in the neighborhood deserved a safe place to play. “Hey boss, you know you don’t have to help us.” One of his employees said.

“I built this company doing back breaking work and I won’t stop now.” It was the same thing he always said when someone made that statement. “Besides this is the kind of stuff I did before I owned my own company so I’m used to it.”

No one said anything else and he continued to work hard until he called for everyone to take a break. As he drank some water he thought about Belial and smiled as he remembered her surprised face. She was absolutely gorgeous, but obviously a pro at playing games. He himself had manipulated her into believing she was off her game when in fact it was a charm he had put on the tattoo on his back that helped hide his true nature. He thought if she was going to play games then at least he could give her a taste of her own medicine. He chuckled, thinking her face had been so adorable once she found out she did not in fact have the upper hand.
He knew if he returned to the bar that night he would find her so he planned on going again after work no matter how tired he was. He looked forward to talking to her again and hoped this time they could just talk and she wouldn’t try to use her charms again. If she knew how good she was at conversation and how fun she was she might not use her powers so much. Thats why he hated how his kind was raised to be. So many didn’t realize the personalities they had because they were raised that sex was their skill and to use it.
Belial was still irritated by the time her patient left. She had been so focused on Coeus and being duped that she hadn’t felt a thing from Mr. Martell. She cruised through the rest of her day, listening to patient after patient and giving the best advice she could while trying to act like she wasn’t distracted. By the time the last patient walked out of her office she was exhausted. She groaned as she got up and grabbed the files then went out and handed them to her receptionist. “When is my earliest appointment tomorrow?” She asked.

“Ten, are you feeling alright?”

“A little exhausted, I just wanted to see how late I could sleep in.”

“Would you like me reschedule, it’s just Mr. Martell again?”

“Uh sure.”

“He gives me the creeps anyway if I may say so. He’s always staring and it makes me uncomfortable.”

“If you don’t like it tell him to avert his gaze or throw on of the magazines at him. It’s not like he’ll do anything about it anyway, he doesn’t have any sort of backbone.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll consider it.”



Coeus talked animatedly with the bartender about the park. The man’s kids played in the old one and he was excited about them having a safer place to run around. “I was always afraid of them getting cut on the old slides. It was so hard to keep them off.”

“Well the new park is going to be wood and steel and the ground is going to be sand.”

“It does my heart good to have someone like you that actually cares about the community. We didn’t think the city would actually spend the money. How did you get them to agree?”

“I have my ways and most of the money was mine and donated from different businesses. As far as getting the project approved, I have my ways, all of them legal of course.”

“Legal or not, you’re doing a good thing and we all appreciate it.”
Coeus smiled, loving making people so happy. Making others happy was far more rewarding than using his powers for himself. He kept glancing at the door until finally she walked in. He smiled but kept it small so not to make a show of it. He could tell she was sexually frustrated but that was to be expected. She was a succubus who was used to getting laid frequently. Deciding not to play games today she just sat right by Coeus instead of pretending she wasn’t there to see him again.

He let his smile show this time “good, already making progress when it comes to the games. I know you must have been tempted to pretend you weren’t looking for me”

‘I was but as you seem to be better than games”

“I came here to see you again too” he admitted since she was big about coming back to see him. “oh, really?”

‘Yes, if you didn’t use your charm all the time you’d know how much fun you are to talk to. I barely know you and I can already see how much more you are than just that. I can’t imagine how amazing you will be once I get to know you. It’s a shame you’ve wasted your life cheating when it wasn’t needed”
She rolled her eyes. “Please, from the moment I walked in here I was getting stared at. Men don’t want personality, they want something they can screw. I need to feed so I oblige. It’s a fun game, well it was until you came along.”

He chuckled and leaned in. “I have to be honest with you, I lied about something.”


“The reason you couldn’t spot me was because of the tattoo on my back, it’s been charmed. So being on or off your game had nothing to do with it.” He winked and pulled back.

“You…you…how could you?” She snapped and he laughed.

“Don’t you dare start pointing fingers, especially when you walked over here and tried seducing me. I simply played your game beautiful and you lost.”

She glared at him. “It’s your fault I’m like this, you screwed with my head and now I’m all…all…” she couldn’t find the words.

“Flustered, angry, confused, sexually frustrated?” He replied.

“All of the above.”

“You know you’re lucky. Some demons might not take you seducing them so nicely, they’d cut you open and leave you to bleed to death or they’d lock your powers away and rape you. I don’t think for a minute you’d deserve it, but it can happen. You’re a beautiful and very charming woman and you don’t need to manipulate people to be someone.”

“What about you, you said you used your gifts sometimes.”

“To get business done, never to get into someone’s pants. I want someone to feel real passion and pleasure, not what I have tricked them into feeling.”

“What about when you first started out, when you hit puberty?”

“I used my gift one time on a woman and the next day I felt like a real bastard. I told you, I’m not normal. I’m not into the whole fuck buddy thing. I want something real. You might like it if you find someone to love.”
She shrugged but he hadn’t expected her to instantly just go “that sounds great!” He had made progress and was glad to know her. Mostly he just wanted to help the amazing woman he could see under all that lust. They talked again as last night, Belials attention not breaking for a second to find a man that would actually have sex with her tonight. They laughed a lot as they talked of their past. Belial couldn’t remember ever being this open with someone and it honestly scared her a bit. She wasn’t used to this type of relationship or seeing men as anything but sex. Tonight she ended things early, getting a bit overwhelmed by how new this was.

“wait, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, I just need rest. See you tomorrow?”

“You don’t seem fine”

“Look, this is just weird to me and I’m overwhelmed. I like talking to you and being with you even though I know we aren’t going to have sex. It’s new and honestly” she stopped, was she really about to admit somthing was scary to her? When she paused like that he finished her words “scary?’ she sighed ‘I want to go home”

“ok, I’ll see you tomorrow. I really like you Belial. You shouldn’t be afraid of a real relationship”

Chapter Two

“I’m not.”

“You are a terrible liar.” He stood up, reaching over the bar and grabbing a pen and a piece of paper. He scribbled down his number and handed it to her. “If you can’t sleep again tonight, call me.”

“How did you know I didn’t sleep?”

“I know exhaustion when I see it. You should see me after a good day of work.”


“Sweet dreams Belial.”

She hurried out of the bar, blushing at the way he said her name. She had never felt her heart beat so fast. She got in her car and drove quickly away. She had never been so nervous around a man in her life. Coeus smiled as he finished his drink and paid the bartender. He was still dirty from the day and wanted to take a shower. He knew Belial would be calling. He felt a little bad that she had not slept the night before and hoped he could help her. He knew that a real relationship would be better for her than what she was doing. Being with someone you were in love with was on a whole other level than being with partners you bounced between.
Coeus drove home then went straight to his bathroom. He quickly shed his clothing then started up the water and adjusted it as needed. He sighed with relief and was tempted to linger but he really wanted to be there for Belial when she called. He wanted her to get better and knew she might not be able to without his help. Plus, talking to her again would be a treat, even if he had to feel bad that she couldn’t sleep. After removing all the dirt and sweat from his body Coeus got out, dried then slipped some pajama pants on.

He checked his phone and hadn’t received a call yet so Coeus decided to preheat his oven for pizza. He thought on their evening together as he waited, smiling when he remembered a laugh or smile. It honestly wasn’t fair a woman like her was a succubus. Sadly most of their kind had no real personalities because they didn’t need them but she was truly a gem and he was determined to make her see it and help her grab at a better life.
Belial tossed and turned, feeling irritated and frustrated. She didn’t want to call Coeus and admit defeat, but she was going crazy. She grabbed her phone and got up, finding the jacket she had worn earlier and pulling out his number. She dialed it and stared at her phone for a minute then pushed the call button. “I knew you’d be calling.” He said.

“Oh shut up, this is your fault. I can’t think about anyone else and your laid back attitude isn’t helping.”

“I’m sorry, I wish I could help.”

“You could.”

“Nice try beautiful, but if I do that you’ll disappear from my life. Now, I would be willing to take you out on a date or two and show you how great a real relationship is, but I refuse to have sex with you just because you haven’t fed in a couple of days and you don’t know what to do with yourself.”

“It’s not fair for you to do this to me and then leave me like this.”

“I know, but you should know that our kind never play fair.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

He chuckled. “Fall for me.”

She started laughing and he smiled. “Oh my what an amazing sense of humor you have mister incubus.”

“I love that you think so, but I wasn’t joking, I was absolutely serious. If it’ll keep you out of trouble, then fall in love with me and if you decide you can’t do that then at least find one partner. Just because you can’t get sick, doesn’t make it any less, for lack of a better word, gross.”
“god you’re an asshole.”

“Not trying to be, just speaking the truth”

“even just for telling me to fall for you. Adding the, if it’ll keep you out of trouble. Like you’re doing me favor. Makes me feel real special. Just fall for you until i find someone else?” Coeus sighed “didn’t mean it like that. I honestly really enjoy who you are and having you around all the time would be amazing. I can see myself falling in love with you so no, it wouldn’t be a favor. Fall for me because I’d like to be with you”

“Thats how you said it”

“I swear I really want to be with you. I shouldn’t have been such an asshole and said it like that. You’re frustrated and it wasn’t nice. Especially after you talked to me all night without going to someone else. That was real progress”

“I really can’t decide if I like you or not”

“You do” She decided to just talk before they fought about the subject. She hated how full of himself he was being but he was right, she did like him which was why it stung he would say he would be with her as a favor. She was glad he cleared that up and didn’t mean it that way. They had another night of talking and getting to know one another. Coeus was actually sad when she fell asleep on the other line. “being with you would be far from a favor Belial” he whispered then hungup the phone to charge his and get some sleep.
The next morning Belial woke feeling rested and was surprised to find her phone had died. She hooked it up to the charger. She couldn’t believe she had fallen asleep talking to Coeus. She checked the time and flopped back down on her bed. She wondered if he was awake or if he just went in when he was needed. She grabbed her phone and sent him a message: Are you awake yet?

Coeus was as the park helping pull supplies off trucks when his phone vibrated. He pulled it out of his pocket and smiled. He grabbed his bluetooth headset and stuck it in his ear then called her. “Well good morning beautiful.” He said when she answered. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I didn’t think you’d call me. Are you working?”

“Yeah, trying to get this park started. How about you?”

“I’m still in bed.”

“Why don’t you come see me then.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because I’m that irresistible. Come see me and let me properly apologize for making you think I was wanting to go out with you as a favor. I’ll beg if I have to.”

She sighed. “Fine.”

“Cooper Park.”

She hung up and he took his bluetooth out, hoping she would actually come. She took a shower and got dressed a lot quicker than she meant too. She called and cancelled her appointments for the day, not knowing when she would be back. She did her make up and hair then hurried out the door, shocking herself at how excited she was to see Coeus. He was waiting in the parking lot when she pulled up and gave her that heart stopping smile as he walked over to her car. She got out, her heart speeding up at how handsome he was. His hair was pulled away from his face and he had a pair of safety glasses on top of his head. “Hey gorgeous.”

“You mentioned an apology?”

“Oh right.” He grabbed her face in his hands and gave her a quick kiss. “I’m sorry for being an ass and making you think you were nothing but a job. Please forgive me and let me take you out after work.”
Now her heart was really going wild.”Um, okay” he smiled a little brighter. “good, come with me and hangout. We can talk”

“you sure love to talk”

“when it’s with you”

“Look at you, suddenly all flattery”

“Because, all you needed was a nudge in the right direction and as I said, you’ve been using your charms for no reason. It’s been nice getting to know you. I mean, look at my friend Brigid. Somehow she fell in love with a man during a time period where all he was doing was shooting up drugs, hitting prostitutes and drowning himself in porn. She loved him when he showed no signs of promise atall. I was baffled that she could find appeal in a man like that, I mean its like oh baby slap me too then shoot up and we can watch filthy porn. Maybe I could join some of your threesomes with random women.” he shrugged then continued.

“but now he’s a stand up guy. Who would have thought? I guess she saw that somhow even though it was so well hidden. I see an amazing woman in you and if Lupin can turn into somthing then theres absolutely a future for you. I mean, all you have is the sex part and you’ve already shown improvement. You havent done drugs have you?”


“see” she smiled “I just never thought it was gross i guess”

“well of course not. You were taught thats what you’re supposed to do. You should meet my friends somtime. Lupin and Brigid are amazing people. I’m glad she turned him around.”

“are they demons?”

“didn’t used to be but are now”
“Changing into a demon is a big deal. What if they decided they didn’t want forever with each other anymore?”

“That would never happen, they’re just as in love today as they were when they realized how they felt about each other. There is no way they would ever leave each other.”

“So this is where the new park is going to be huh?”

“Yeah, it’s going to be amazing. We’re actually putting a public pool in too. It’ll have a gate around it to keep the little ones from falling in.”

“Why would you do this for so many strangers?”

“I love helping people. Being selfish is not in my nature, I just can’t do it. If you could talk to my parents you would know I have always been generous. They think I’ll grow out of it sooner or later and give in to my true nature.” He chuckled. “I’m only forty so they still see me as a child. It’s hard to explain to an incubus and a succubus that you feel bad for using your powers.”

“I imagine so, I still don’t understand it. I’ve never met someone like you.”

He pulled her to a stop and she looked up at him. “This is who I am Belial. I will never lie to you or cheat on your or throw you away.” He tucked her hair behind her ears. “You’re such an amazing person Belial, so beautiful and intelligent. I love that you can’t use your powers on me because I get to see you for you.”

She blushed and looked away before she got absolutely lost in his adoring gaze. “So where are you taking me tonight?”

“Well, I want to take you somewhere where you can loosen up and be kind of out of you element.”

“Which is?”

“The roller rink. There’s actually a bowling alley attached to it so if you decide you’re tired of skating we can bowl.”

“I don’t know how to do either of those things.”

“It just means I get the pleasure of teaching you. It’ll be a lot of fun so make sure to dress comfortably.”

“What about dinner?”

“They have food there, nothing fancy or anything, but it’s food.”

Chapter Three

“sounds good, I don’t need fancy”

“I’m going to do my best to make sure you have fun tonight. Sex wont even cross your mind for a second”

“That I’ll have to see to believe” Coeus’s men kept glancing over at Belial which annoyed him. She was right when she said people would just stare and lust. He wished more men were taught better than to stare at beautiful women. Even human men were taught little, if any respect. He left early since their lack of manners annoyed him so much and he was excited to be going on a date with Belial.

They went straight to the roller rink and exchanged their shoes for skates. Belial looked nervous from the start which made Coeus smile “You are a demoness. A fall wont hurt you that badly”

“I know, this is just another new thing and I dont want to look like an idiot”
“But looking like an idiot is half the fun. Besides, I’ll be there to catch you if you fall.” He pulled her out where everyone else was skating and in her nervousness she stumbled. He laughed and pulled her in close and her cheeks burned hot at being pressed against him. She wanted to push away, but was worried about falling. “I love your embarrassed face.” He whispered as he pulled her around.

“Shut up, stop teasing me.”

He chuckled and moved so he was only holding one of her hands and she was next to him. She became less confident without all the support and grabbed onto his arm. “You’re doing just fine.”

“I don’t think so. I think I look like a newborn giraffe.”

He pressed a kiss on the top of her head. “You’re a pretty cute newborn giraffe.” As he took her around she began to loosen up and gain her balance. He spun in circles, making her laugh and it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. He pulled her to a stop and held her close to him, smiling happily down at her. “See, you did amazing.”

“Thank you.” She glanced around. “There are people staring at me.”

“I know, would you like me to make them stop?”

“You said you don’t like using your powers.”

He shrugged as he helped her out of the rink and to a bench to change back into their shoes. “If it makes you uncomfortable then I’ll do it.”

“I’m used to be stared at.”

“Okay then, lets go eat.”

They walked over to the concession stand and he ordered them chili cheese fries and sodas. Once they had their food he lead her over to a quiet corner and sat down. “These are actually pretty good.”

“I told you. I love their fries here.” He reached over and wiped some chili off of the corner of her mouth.

“Look at me eating like a pig.”

“It happens to everyone, don’t be embarrassed.”
“so, we’re going bowling next?”

“if you want”

“I’d like to. May aswell embarrass myself some more” Coeus smiled ‘that’s the spirit” She smiled back and tried to finish eating without making more of a mess. When they were done they threw away their trash then rented a lane. Coeus explained the game to Belial then went first to give her a demonstration. When he came back he spoke “I’ll walk up with you and help with your first roll of the ball”

“ok” she said then nervously lifted her bowling ball. He smiled as he followed her over then slid his hand down her arm until it reached her hands. he felt guilty right after he did it and wanted to kick himself. She was being so good and here he was needing to touch her. She blushed as the ball flew from her hand then slid down the lane. “sorry” Coeus said softly. “Um, it’s ok. You were helping me. I’m fine after that one though”

“No, you’ve been doing so well and I’m the one to get handsy. I just like you a lot Belial. I haven’t been so tempted in my life.” Her heart rate spiked again and she didn’t know how to answer. “I like you too” she finally said. He gave her another apologetic smile “I want you but I want to keep getting to know you like this. I want to know all about the amazing woman you are before we go further”
“I really don’t mind you know, it’s actually nice knowing it’s me and not something else.” He wanted so badly to kiss her lips, but instead he pressed one onto her forehead.

“Lets keep bowling.”

Belial could tell his feelings for her didn’t stem from lust. He was attracted to her beauty and her intelligence. He wasn’t chasing her to get in her pants and that truly moved her. She never thought she would like a man so much that she would be willing to open up and be herself. It wasn’t like she had a choice since she couldn’t use her powers and she was coming to terms with the fact she would not be able to fool him. Coeus was having a hard time concentrating on the game and hated himself for it. He was too busy watching her and feeling like a love sick teen to play properly so he lost both the first and second game.

“And I thought I was bad.” Belial teased as she plopped down next to him.

“Just a bad night I guess.” He replied, giving her his sexy smile.

“How do you not have women crawling all over you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re charming, handsome, you have what we like to call a pantie dropping smile. How are you still single?”

He laughed. “If I’m not interested I brush them off. I don’t want someone I don’t feel anything for. You’re the first woman to catch my attention.”

“No girlfriends in high school?”

“There was the one I seduced and then in college I had a couple of girlfriends, but I didn’t feel for them what I feel for you. There’s something about you Belial, something special and I don’t know what it is. It’s something that’s reached inside and grabbed a hold of me.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek then rested her head on his shoulder. “You’re sweet Coeus.”
He sighed contentedly and wrapped his arms around her. “and you are astonishing” They sat there wordlessly enjoying eachother for a while then Coeus took her back to her car. He was tempted to kiss her lips but once again made himself kiss her forehead “goodnight, I’d like it if you’d call me again once you’re ready for bed”

“I will so theres no need to say goodnight just yet, Thanks for tonight. That was my first real date. I want to play again somtime”

“anytime” Belial shut her car door and drove out of the parking lot. It wasn’t until Coeus couldn’t see her any longer that he walked back over to his car and drove home. He just stripped upon arriving, planning to shower when morning came since he didn’t know how fast she had gotten home. He didn’t want to miss her call over a shower that could wait.
When Belial got home she went straight to her bed and flopped down on her back. She could feel butterflies in her stomach and smiled at the sensation. She had never felt this way before, so truly lost in another person that he was all she could think about. Coeus made her feel cherished, not even her own mother had made her fell this loved and needed and her father had not known about her. She had been raised by her mother to be a seductress and that was it. The idea that she would get nowhere if she didn’t use her wiles had been driven into her head from the time she had come of age. Now she saw what blind, stupid logic that was. Coeus had been dealt a lucky hand and had grown into an amazing man.

She grabbed her phone and called him, wanting to hear his voice. “I take it you made it home safe?” He said upon answering.

“Of course or maybe I’ve been kidnapped and this is me calling to bed you for ransom.”

He chuckled and she felt an excited thrill go through her. “Well tell your kidnappers that I will give them whatever they ask for as long as I get you back safe and unharmed.”

“It’s good to know I can count on you.”

“I wouldn’t let anything happen to you Belial. If anyone ever tries to hurt you, just call me and I’ll come running to defend you.”

“My knight in shining armor.”

“For as long as you’ll want me.”

She curled up on her side. “Do you have work tomorrow?”

“Yes, how about you?”

“Yeah, though now I wish I didn’t. I want to spend all day with you, but I love my job.”

“You just can’t win can you?”

“No and it sucks.”

“How about we meet after work for a drink then?”
“perfect” They stayed up yet again talking and missed eachother terribly during the day. When the end of their days came they rushed over to the bar and greeted eachother happily. They talked and laughed, still not finding a single pause or having to search for somthing to say to one another. At the end of the night Coeus walked Belial to her car and asked “can I give you a real kiss?”

“I’d really enjoy that” Coesus leaned in slowly, sliding his fingers into her beautiful red hair. Just ebfore he was too weak to keep his tongue out of her mouth he pulled back “I need to see you again tomorrow. I’m off work”

“I only have a three o clock appointment and thats it”

“Breakfast then?” she smiled “where?”

“My house”
“I’ll see you in the morning then.”

“Good night beautiful.”

“Good night.”

He groaned as he watched her drive away and ran his fingers through his hair. He felt like such an idiot for being so tempted. He drove home quickly and once he was inside he climbed in the shower and switched the water to cold in hopes of cooling himself off. That night Belial fell asleep with a smile on her face and Coeus laid there staring up at the ceiling, glad he wasn’t working tomorrow. Coeus jerked awake around six in the morning out of habit and yawned as he got out of bed and pulled on some clothes. He sat down and switched on the TV, deciding to catch some Saturday morning cartoons while he waited for her to call or text him.

Belial smiled as she threw on some clothes and then brushed her hair into a ponytail. Coeus had said she was beautiful no matter what so she didn’t bother with makeup this morning, wanting to be completely natural for him. She grabbed her phone and sent him a message saying she was on her way then walked excitedly out to her car. She smiled the whole time she was driving and practically skipped to his front door. She knocked and waited patiently, her heart beating loudly in her chest when he pulled the door open.

“Wow you look amazing.” He said as he moved to the side and let her in.

“Thank you.” She said.

“I was just finishing the eggs.”

“Let me.” She said and he smiled as she went into the kitchen. He sat down at the kitchen table and rested his chin in his hand as he watched her cooing scrambled eggs. She was incredibly beautiful and he couldn’t help but stare. He could hear his heart thumping at a fast pace in his chest and wished he could slow it down. He wanted very much to touch and kiss her and show her how much he had come to love and need her.

When she sat down with breakfast those eyes made her heart flutter again. She blushed and looked away “I can’t help it Belial”

“why don’t you try your eggs” He smiled then took a bite “thank you”

“Your welcome” They ate a bit nervously then Coeus cleaned off the table, setting the dishes in the sink to take care of later. He offered Belial his hand and she stood from her chair. She had only just stood when he pulled her into a kiss. He allowed his tongue in her mouth, almost needing to give her a passionate kiss. Belial moaned which was his undoing. Coeus had been the very core of control in his life but Belial made him wild and needy.

They made love right there on his kitchen table. It was the best he ever had and he hoped it was the same for her. They were both panting as he got from over her and she got down. His eyes widened when she actually looked as if she might cry “Belial, you ok? I’m sorry. I thought you were enjoying it. Whats wrong?’

“I was, I’ve..you were making love to me. It felt so different, so good. I just. It’s making me emotional” Coeus’s panic went away and he pulled her into him. “I will always make love to you. I want you to be forever mine Belial. I have fallen in love with your beauty, sweetness and fun nature. Just be mine and I promise to always make you feel loved and cherished”

“I always want to be with you too Coeus. Thank you so much. Thank you for giving me a real life. If I had known this was what I was missing I would have never been so foolish”

“Your past means nothing now Belial. All that matters is what we do with the future we have together”

“I love you so much”

“I love you too”

~ The End ~

~ Protagonist Belial was originally created by Zeus Asylum.

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