Belle 18 Zane 22

Belle and Zane were preparing dinner together since Belle was staying the night with him. He received a job earlier that day and while Zane used to leave the second he got a job now he couldn’t bare to just go without any warning. He would leave when the sun rose in the morning so he could spend the evening readying himself to leave the woman that made his world turn. If he had any idea how long a job would take it wouldn’t be so hard but he always had to leave not knowing when he would get to return to her sweet smile and electrifying kisses. Belle slid the vegetables she had been chopping into Zane frying pan then Zane stirred them in with the meat. She then walked over to the cabinet to start setting the table. When it was done he carried the pan over and filled their plates before setting the dirty dishes in the sink.
As they ate Belle could see how sad Zane was again. “Zane, you said you would quit sulking every time you got a job. Remember saying last time that the next time you wouldn’t be so sad”
“It’s just never going to get any easier leaving you” he said with a heart shattering look. Belle sighed and put down her fork to go over to him. She sat down in his lap and laid her head on his shoulder. “I’ll be right in the castle waiting on you. I’ll be thinking of you every moment just as you think about me. I love you so much and I hate for you to leave sad and unfocused on your task. It makes me worried you’ll get hurt” Zane held her close “I could never allow myself to get hurt Belle. I’m still vigilant. I tried not pouting this time but it’s impossible. I just miss you too much when I go away”
“It’s your work and our kingdom needs you, my father needs you.”
“I know baby, I know. If I didn’t i may just stay home and quit working all together” Belle smiled “well you better keep working my love. You like your work and are proud of your occupation”
“I love you and like my work so you win every time.” Belle smiled “lets finish our dinner” She got off of his lap then they finished their food. Belle went to wash the dishes and Zane grabbed her arm firmly “Not tonight, can’t they wait.”
“They can wait. Is your bag packed?”
“No but I’ll take care of that before I head out in the morning”
“Lets do it now. I don’t want you to forget anything Zane”
“As long as we’re doing it together then OK” They got his bag ready for travel then Zane dropped it by the door and picked Belle up. He walked to his bed then sat down against the headboard. “sorry i got whiney over dinner”
“Never be sorry for loving me baby” Zane leaned down to kiss her soft lips. His kiss became hungry with need for her and his hand traveled up her shirt. He held her side as his tongue caressed the inside of her mouth. He moved so that she was laying on his mattress and his left hand was still moving ever so slowly up to her breasts. Belle whimpered even though she was trying with all she had not to get nervous and let him make love to her. In the three years they had been together they hadn’t made love once. The nearest they got was when Zane got lost in the passion of kissing her and lost consciousness of his traveling hands. Zane pulled back and removed his hand from her shirt “I’m so sorry Belle”
“No I’m sorry…” She said with a frown. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t just make love to him. She loved him deeply and him her but she just didn’t feel ready for it. ‘oh don’t get sad baby” Zane said as he picked her up then got under the covers so they could cuddle. “I just feel so bad”
“Don’t, please, not tonight Belle. I didn’t mean to. I just lose my mind when we kiss and my hands travel. I don’t care that you aren’t ready. I love you, not your body. Your body is gorgeous but all I need is your kisses and your arms around me. It wont matter to me if we aren’t having sex fifteen years from now as long as you’re by my side” Belles bottom lip quivered, shaking his heart along with it. He thought he felt sad earlier but that was nothing compared to right now. “You need to start tieing my hands behind my back love. I want to chop them off right now” Belle smirked, it was a sad smirk but a smirk all the same. “I like your hands and love when you touch me baby. You truly aren’t upset?”
“No honey, never think I would get upset about that. I just want you happy. I want to leave with you smiling so i can actually leave.”
“You’re fine then?”
“Good, I tell you every time it’s OK and I’m not upset. I wish you’d keep that in mind”
“all men have needs Zane”
“My needs are fulfilled with every smile you give me. I mean it, these hands just get a mind of their own because I do desire you. I would never try to lie and the truth is I do want you in that way. I just want it when you are ready. It’ll be your first time and I wont enjoy showing you physically how much I love you until you want it and are enjoying it just as much as me”
“I know, you tell me every time I get upset”
” and I’ll keep telling you every time you seemingly forget my words.” Belle moved as close as she could get to him then Zane locked his arms securely around her. “goodnight” Zane said softly “goodnight” Belle responded.

Chapter Two

The next morning Zane reluctantly but carefully took his arms from around Belle and got off the bed. He leaned over and kissed her cheek “I love you so dearly, be safe while I’m away.” He set out the note he wrote for her the day before. He had written her a note to express his feelings since he had such trouble speaking them on the spot. She had asked why he loved her and he couldn’t really explain so that night he sat down at his desk until he could explain why it was he loved her. When he arrived at the castle to give it to her he was told to see king Gabriel before he spoke to Belle where he then learned he had another job to do. Instead of giving it to her then he decided to leave it out so she could read it and know how he cherished her while he was away. He grabbed his bag and looked back towards his room. It proved to be a mistake because he walked right back to kiss her again.
This time he woke Belle without meaning to “were you trying to leave again without a goodbye?”
“It’s too hard to say goodbye..”
“I love you”
“I love you too” he got a real kiss then walked out of the room and out his front door. Belle laid there until the silence of the house got to her. She got out of bed then went to her dresser. Zane bought her one for the nights she slept over. It was much nicer than packing every time and made it easier to stay on a whim. She went to his bathroom and showered before slipping on a dress and going into his kitchen for breakfast. She noticed the note on the table as she passed and didn’t remember it from last night. She walked over, sat then opened it to see what it contained.
My dearest, treasured Belle

You asked me why I love you and I didn’t have an answer. I could tell it hurt your feelings though I’m sure you would still deny it. I couldn’t answer because it’s just so many things. My mind get overwhelmed as all my reasons try to come out at once. I love the way your green eyes are endless puddles i can lose myself in, I love the way you smile, I love how your songs touch my heart as your melodic voice brings them the true beauty they were meant to have when they were written, I love the way you walk, I love the way your lips move against mine and somehow delve deep within me to touch my heart, I love the way you can make a friend out of everyone we meet, I love you for the man you make me into when you’re around, I love how homey you make my house when you are in it, I love how you look when you’re angry, I love the way your hair moves when it blows in the wind, I love how special you make my name sound when it escapes your lips, I love the fire like warmth of your hugs, I love the way your hand fits in mine, I love your sense of humor, I love how we can talk for hours or sit in complete silence and I’ll feel insainly happy just because you are right there. I could honestly go on and on Belle but I hope this much tells you how much I adore and will forever cherish you my love. If you need more i will write a part two to this and make it three paragraphs long if need be so that your heart knows that mine beats for it.

~ Forever yours, Zane K
Belle read the letter five times before she set it down. She forgot all about being hungry and wished Zane as here to kiss and hold. This was so incredibly sweet. She wondered when he had written it since she had been with him all day yesterday. Belle decided to take it home and put it up so nothing would happen to it. She slid her shoes on then brushed her hair before making the walk back to the castle. Little Ariel was playing in front of the castle with a maid and Malachai when she approached ‘sister! hello!” Malachai said as he ran over to hug her “hey”
“Zane gone?’
“Yeah, left this morning”
“what do you have in your hand?”
“A note from Zane and no you can’t read it” Malachai smiled “Zane, the great assassin writes love notes?”
“Yes he does and he’s sweet. Murder isn’t all there is to him”
“Jeez Belle I wouldn’t call what he does murder.”
“isn’t murder taking someones life?”
“Well yeah but”
“But nothing, he murders bad men for a living”
“That just makes it sound so bad”
“I guess, I need to put this away”
“Is the love note monster going to come eat it?”
“ha ha, no. I just would rather be safe than sorry. He’s really sweet and I like to re read his notes”
“He’s written you others?”
“aww’ He said in a teasing way. “shut up”
“shut up” Ariel repeated in her innocent voice making Belle slap her hand over her mouth “don’t say that baby. Sissy said a bad word.
“bad, no no”
“That’s right. Don’t repeat bad words. I’m sorry I said it in front of you”
“It’s OK” Belle hugged her sister then said “I’ll be right back”
“Yay! OK” Belle ran in, still feeling bad for cursing around her sister. She prayed Ariel didn’t repeat that in front of their father.

Chapter Three

Belle stuck her note in the box that held all of Zane notes. She wanted to read them over but had already told her younger sister she would be out to play. She was just down the stairs when Rapunzel yelled ‘wait for me!”
“hey sweetheart, what’s up?”
“Will you play tea party with me?”
“we have to see if Ariel wants to since i told her I’d play with her first”
“Ok, where is she?”
“Outside” Rapunzel ran out and Belle followed. Rapunzel had already asked Ariel by the time Belle reached the. Ariel seemed excited about the tea party so the maid that had been previously playing with Ariel went in to prepare snacks for the party. Belle, Ariel and Rapunzel went to Rapunzels room where they set her small table with her purple and pink tea set. It was the same set Belle used when she was a little girl. They sat down and talked while they waited patiently for their treats. Henrietta came in bearing cookies, brownies and bivnits. She set them down and went to leave with their tea pot when Rapunzel said “join us Henrietta” She smiled ‘thank you princess. I’d love to after I fill your tea pot”
“hurry please’
“I will little one, don’t you worry” when Henrietta was back she poured everyone a drink then took her place between Belle and Ariel. Their laughing caught the attention of Gabriel and he came into Rapunzels room “what’s so funny in here?”
“Daddy!” Both the little girls squealed as they jumped up to hug him. Belle got up and waited for them to be done to hug her father. “glad to see you back daughter. Did you have fun with Zane”
“as always”
“good, now what was so funny to my girls?”
“Look at the faces Ariel makes” Rapunzel said and Gabriel put his attention on his youngest daughter. She made silly face after silly faces inspiring more laughter from everyone. When Ariel was done Rapunzel said ‘there’s more cookies and tea if you want some daddy” Gabriel had to meet someone but he hadn’t played with them since the day before yesterday so he decided to stay and be late. He knew the man he was meeting would understand since he was a family man himself. Gabriel stayed and played with his girls as long as he could “please forgive me girls but I have something important to do. I promise you no matter how tired i am at the end of the day you are all getting a bedtime story. Even you Belle if you want to join us in here tonight” Belle smiled “I’d like that dad”
“good, I look forward to it” They each hugged Gabriel and he left. “I’ll be going too girls. I want to go to town.”
“can we go?” Rapunzel asked but Henrietta said ‘no girls, it’s nap time for Ariel and lessons for you Rapunzel”
“Oh great! yay! Bye sissy!”
“Bye my cuties” Belle walked back to Zane, deciding to clean his house before she went around town. She did the kitchen first then moved from room to room until all was spotless. She thought of his note again as she left the house. It warming her heart beyond words. She walked around talking to friends and shop owners. While she was out she bought more jewelry and a new shirt for Zane. On her way back to the castle Neef stopped her “hello princess, where’s Zane?”
“aw, have you two popped those cherries yet?”
“No and it’s none of your business”
“Don’t get upset. I’m only curious”
“That’s not something you should be wondering about. In fact it’s creepy” Neef chuckled, it leaving a smile on his face. “I’m Zane closest male friend. That’s not odd. I was only concerned about your relationship. It seems to be just as i feared.” Belle sighed “I have somwhere to go Neef. Get out of my way”
“Bold princess, very bold. Why do you act so annoyed”
“Our sex life is no concern of yours thats why.”
“Look, if you don’t want me watching your back fine. I’ll walk away and let Lilum take him”
“what?” Belle asked annoyed. Neef laughed “oh, suddenly interested. Well you’ve been so rude to me I wont tell you”
“No, tell me now Neef. What the hell are you talking about”
“Well she was flirting with him a few days ago. She was talking of pleasuring him in bed and I have to say he seemed a bit interested. That’s how I knew you were still holding out on him. You’ve given the man blue balls and I think he’s finally going to relieve himself in Lilums comforts’
“you’re a liar!” Belle said angrily “am I? I wont try to convince you but you have been with him three years and have just been a tease all that time. Would you blame him if he accepts Lilums offer? He kissed her on the cheek before they parted you know. are you angry Belle?” Belle shoved Neef out of her way and ran to the castle. He smiled his mischievous smile then walked off. That would teach Zane not to embarrass him in front of the other assassins. Even if she didn’t believe it now he knew it would stay on Belles mind and would eat at her without Zane here to provide comfort. He had been waiting to mess with Belles mind until a point Zane was gone so she would have to sit with whatever he put in her head until he returned. She would either be in a fit of anger or ready to leave him when he returned if he knew women as well as he thought he did.

Chapter Four

Neef was a young, cocky assassin and didn’t have the sense the creator gave a bar of soap. He felt if it came down to a fight he could defeat the great assassin and become a legend in his defeat. He felt all the stories were probably padded and he didn’t deserve one drop of his fame or a princess for a girlfriend. He would get a taste of what he deserved for soaking up the fame when he returned to see Belle. Neef was even fool enough to hope Zane fought him over it.
Belle set her things in her bedroom then sat down on the bed. Neefs words plaguing her mind but they couldn’t be true. Zane loved her, had always loved only her. It only bothered her atall because Neef and Zane had become close friends and she wasn’t sure why his friend would be lieing to her. This had been just what she worried about anyway. He had tried advancing a few times but she always made him stop. Maybe he wasn’t as OK as she thought he was. She sighed and decided not to let herself think that way of Zane. He loved her and for some reason Neef was lieing. Neef decided to cover his tracks and pay a visit to Lilum. “oh god, not you’ she said and he gave her his most charming smile “you know you like seeing me”
“What do you want Neef?”
“I want to pay you fifty gold to lie to Belle if she comes your way”
“Hmmm, what about?”
“Tell her you hit on Zane, he kissed you and he was very interested in your offer for sex”
“Good lord, why are you telling that girl something like that?”
“Do you want fifty gold or not?”
“mm, well. Gabriel isn’t a petty king so I wont get punished for my lies. My toxic word is all yours but I want one hundred and fifty gold”
“Geez woman”
“Take it or leave it”
“Fine” he paid her and she said “get going before I keep your money and change my mind”
‘yes mam beautiful’ Lilum knew Zane didn’t hit women unless they were targets so she had no fear of lieing to Belle. Especially when it brought her so much money. There wasn’t too long before dinner so Belle decided to stay in her room until it was time. She grabbed her box out of the closet and looked over her notes and letters from Zane. She smiled at one thinking to herself “there isn’t any way the man who wrote this would cheat on me. He loves me and is happy to wait until I’m ready’
Zane and his horse slowed to a walk when they got near the area the bounty hunters had lost their prisoner. He was glad to know the rapist just ran instead of killing them. He traded three years in jail for the death penalty for escaping which Zane thought was foolish but at the same time he was glad to be removing trash like him from the earth instead of letting the people pay from their taxes to feed and care for him. The man had left no trace to tell Zane where he had gone which was frustrating. Zane decided to head for the woods since it was the most likely place for him to run. They almost always went for the woods like it was some sort of magical place where they’d never be found.
When he arrived at the woods he got off his horse and offered her an apple “You just stay near and safe. I’ll call you when I need you” Zane said, knowing he could trust his horse not to run off and come back when called. The only time his horse ever strayed far was when it couldn’t find water close enough by but when she had her fill she always returned to him.
He walked along in the woods, still finding no trace of who he was hunting. He reached for his sword when he heard movement. He saw nothing around until in an instant a man with red eyes and the strangest looking ears appeared before him “what;re you doing here?” Daevas asked “Looking for a rapist. I am to kill him”
“Yes, that blade has seen a lot of blood. I can smell it”
“You can smell it?”
“Yep, want help?”
“why would you help me?”
“I don’t appreciate rapists. Demons do it a lot and it’s sickening. I’ll help you rid the earth of one if you want me to.”
“Thank you”
“Which way are we going?”
“I’m not sure where he’s gone”
“Where was the last place you saw him?”
“Quite a bit back.”
“Lets go so I can get his scent. I’ll find him in no time once I know what he smells like”
“Thank you”
“It’s no problem. I’m surprised you aren’t afraid of me”
“There’s no reason to be. If you turn on me I’ll kill you” This answer amused Daevas. “Oh, and what if I lead you into an ambush”
“I’ll kill them all” he said as planely as if he were saying “I’m walking to the neighbors house”
“what makes you think you could? i know your sword has seen more blood than most but we are demons and you are human”
“I have Belle to return home to. No creature will keep me from returning to my love”
“That is sweet. I once had love”
“What happened?”
“I started taking her for granted. By the time I realized how shitty i was being there was no making her stay. I’ve tried to get her back multiple times but she doesn’t believe I’ll be better to her. My selfishness ruined things for me”
“Maybe one day she’ll change her mind. I know I would never give up on Belle if she left me. I’d swallow my pride and beg if that’s what it took”
‘as much as i love her I cant bring myself to beg”
“Do you really love her then?”
“Of course i do.”
“You should be willing to do anything for the one you love” Daevas seemed to ponder this “what if she loses respect for me because I begged?”
“I don’t know” Daevas laughed ‘you spoke before as if you know everything”
“I wish i did but I don’t. I only know I love Belle and only Belle. She is the only person on earth that makes me feel happy. I’m a completely different person when she’s by my side. It’s hard to describe just how amazing I feel when I have her in my arms. I would be devastated if she ever wasn’t mine”

Chapter Five

“You humans can be so mushy.”
“If you see that as just mush I dont think you love the woman you think you love. Maybe it’s just a strong attraction. She probably isn’t the one”
“Maybe” They walked until they were back where he escaped. Zane picked up the rope that bound him and the demon took it from it. He smelled it just as a dog owned by an officer would. “ah yes, this horrible smell woke me from my nap..it was annoying. Lets get on walking. I wont help after sun down. Sleep is too important to miss any of it.”
“Alright, I guess I’ll just be grateful’ It annoyed Zane that he would have to stop when the black blanket covered their blue sky. He couldn’t say anything though, this demon was going to make his job much easier. That night Gabriel didn’t join his children at dinner but they held to hope he woudl read to them. They got into their pajamas after dinner then just played with their toys in their bedroom. As each hour passed they got more worried until finally around eleven a very tired seeming Gabriel opened the bedroom door “oh thank heavens. I was worried you’d be asleep. Everyone on the bed”
“we knew you’d come’ Rapunzel said excitedly but Ariel was barely awake. Gabriel picked her up then walked over to Rapunzels bed. Ariel and Rapunzel laid on there father while Belle grabbed a book, handed it to him then sat at the foot of the bed. It was so late the girls only made it through two pages. Belle helped her father get from under the two girls without waking them then he tucked his princess’s in. “goodnight my beautiful girls” Belle walked out with Gabriel close behind. “I’m sorry Belle, are you angry they waited up so late for me’
“No daddy, of course not. Why do you ask?”
“It seems as if something negative is on your mind. I know you too well to not know when you’re troubled”
“it’s late dad, you look so tired” Gabriel sighed “I’m taking tomorrow off. I shouldn’t but damn I need to. I came home depressed because I thought I let my girls down”
“You’re a good dad. You shouldn’t feel bad over one night of missed reading”
“It’s not one night. I’ve been so overwhelmed. When your mother was here we would take turns taking care of things so you children would have us. Rapunzel and Ariel spend more time with the servants and you guys than me and it isn’t fair. I do my best Belle, I promise but I know they aren’t getting the childhood they deserve. I just have a whole kingdom to take care of on my own now and I refuse to take another queen. I could never love anyone besides your mother and I wont marry unless it’s love. I’m failing them as a father and it weighs heavy. I worry that all you older children will lose respect for me because I fail those two so much. There was a time not that long ago they got no time with me for almost five days. I just worry about what kind of father I’m becoming Belle.”
Belle hugged her father “You do your best and thats all that counts. Being King is a huge responsibility daddy. We all understand and I see you try. Just look at you right now. you are obviously exhausted but instead of going straight to bed you checked to see if you could still read to them. They know you love them and we all still think you’re an amazing father. Your best is all you can do dad”
“something is still on your mind”
“and we aren’t discussing it right now. It’s dumb anyway. Please go to bed”
“Nothing you feel is ever dumb”
“Believe me dad, it’s dumb. Go to bed” She commanded and he smiled “I guess, goodnight Belle. Don’t hesitate to ask for my time if you need to talk”
“I know you always have an ear for me dad. Another way you’re a good father. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. It’s not like you are a regular man” Gabriel kissed his daughters cheek “Zane’s a lucky man to be with you. I’m biased but it’s still true”
“Thank you daddy, now go” They walked to their separate rooms to rest for the night. Belle felt guilty herself that Neefs words bugged her atall. Zane had been nothing but patient and loving, it felt wrong to even have the smallest doubt in her. She laid down with a heavy heart and feeling utterly disappointed in herself.
Zane woke just as Belle fell asleep. He felt in the pit of his stomach that something was wrong. He sighed and looked over at the sleeping demon who had offered his assistance. If he were alone he would just grab his horse and go on but he had to wait on this demon. It would make his job much easier and probably faster. He laid back down but found he couldn’t sleep. He was too impatient to keep moving. He looked around and noticed his horse was far off eating some grass. Zane didn’t understand why that patch was any better than what was over here but he didn’t eat grass so he had no way of knowing if grass tasted different in different places. He walked over to her “Hey, you can’t rest either?” Zane pulled out his brush and began to brush her long hair. The horse gave a satisfied nay  making Zane smile. “if nothings wrong with you I hope it’s nothing wrong with my Belle. I have that feeling in my stomach that rarely fails me.”
The horse neighed again and Zane stopped. he pulled out a carrot ‘how about this girl?” She ate it quickly then Zane returned to Daevas. He laid down and closed his eyes so that at the very least his body could rest if his mind wouldn’t. He woke as the sun was just beginning to rise and shook his new friend “I have to Get home. Get up”
“I havent gotten my twelve hours”
“You aren’t getting it. Come on!”
“I don’t HAVE to help you you know”
“fine, we part ways then” Zane said angrily and started walking to the woods again. Daevas sighed and got up. “jesus, wait, why in such a hurry?”
“I just am”
“Stop being such a dick to me.”
“You made me stop to sleep all night and now wont get up so we can get going. You aren’t going to be any help” Daevas grabbed Zane by the hair and slammed him into the ground. Zane went from annoyed to intensely pissed off. He drew his dagger and cut Daevas’s face. Daevas punched him and soon it became an all out fight and far from a friendly one.

Chapter Six

Gabriel thought nothing of it when he didn’t see Belle at breakfast but when lunch rolled around and she still hadn’t come out of her room it concerned him and his mind was filled with worry about what could be troubling her. He had somewhere to be soon but he decided to find his most trusted maid. Gemma was a one hundred and eighty nine year old widow who lived for the King and his children. She had actually taken some time off when Cantaly died because she just couldn’t walk into the castle without her legs loseing strength and soaring into a fit of sobs. Gabriel and even Cantaly when she was alive urged her on multiple occasions to retire but she would always respond “I will not be paid to sit home and do nothing. I love working here, it’s hardly a job. I am one hundred and eighty nine but I feel as fit as a twenty year old. Thank you but I’d like to keep around this castle and help you where i can.” They had eventually given up trying since she seemed so intent on working here until old age took her.
He found her tending to their garden. She kept at her work and said “yes Gabriel?”
“I’m really concerned for Belle. Somethings bothering her and she hasn’t left her room yet today”
“Are you sure she just isn’t sad because her boyfriends gone?’
“It’s not that, I know it but she wont talk to me about it. She says it’s stupid. She loves you like you are truly her grandmother. Can you try to get it out of her so I may have some peace of mind.” Gemma smiled and looked at him “Such a loving father. It may not be such a big thing.”
“I need to know. It’s eating at me”
“I will try speaking with her. Maybe we can sort it out”
“Thank you, thank you so much”
“I think of Belle as a granddaughter so I’m more than happy to help her if somethings troubling her mind. What if she asks me not to share with her father?”
“Then just say yes she’s fine or no shes not”
“alright, when will you be home?”
“I just have one thing to do today and then I’m going to play outside with Ariel and Rapunzel. I will give them the rest of my day. I’ve been neglecting them a bit”
“Don’t be silly, you’re the king. Your father never even considered making time for you”
‘The point is to never be my father”
“You are far from it. Never compare yourself to him. He didn’t deserve you or his wife. You are probably the greatest king and most caring father this kingdom shall ever see. I wont hear of you worrying about being your dad” Gabriel hugged her “Come to my study after my youngest two are in bed. I’ll be waiting for you to give me the heads up. I have to get ready to go now”
“Good luck”
“Thank you!” Gemma walked inside and went to the bathroom to clean herself up before talking to Belle. She ascended the stairs then knocked when she reached Belles room. Belle didn’t wake so Gemma opened to see if she was in there. Gemma approached the bed and gently shook her. Belle opened her eyes then sat up “Hey Gemma what’re you doing in here?’
‘Wondering why you’re sleeping so late. You are a morning person”
“Just tired and there’s nothing to do”
“is that true?Your father says somthigns bothering you and i think so too. In eighteen years you’ve never slept this late. If you don’t want me to tell your father i don’t have to but please talk to me” Belle sighed “nobodies going to give me peace until i talk about it huh?”
“we love you too much” Malachia had been outside and overheard his fathers request so was now listening at the door. “well, Neef, one of Zanes friends told me he’s made plans to have sex with lilum when he gets back from his job because I haven’t given him any…apparently…” this was harder for her to say ‘apparently he kissed” putting actual words to it mad here hurt worse than when she heard it for the first time. Gemma pulled Belle into a hug “what’re you going to do sweetheart?”
“I don’t know, I don’t fully believe it’s true. Zane really loves me and has always been sweet to me. He never tries to pressure me into making love but maybe he hasn’t been as fine as he claims. I just…it’s hard to believe that of him”
“Why don’t you confront the woman? Ask her if this is true of vicious rumor.” Belle wiped away the few tears that had come down “That’s actually a good idea but I’m scared to hear the answer”
“you need to and please dont; bury your head in the sand if evidence says this is true. My daughter ignored and denied her husbands cheating for far too many years and I can’t deal with the hurt of another person i love being walked on in that matter. You don’t let him get away with it. I’m thinking of beating him myself” Gemma said in an angry tone. Belle had never heard Gemmas voice used in anger before and it surprised her. She had always been such a sweet and cheerful woman. Malachai was boiling with anger on the other side of the door. It was hard for him to believe aswell but he knew people too well to totally cast the possibility aside. He decided to get his brother Theo then go find Neef

Chapter Seven

Much to Daevas surprise Zane was winning. He needed to catch his breath so he moved the earth to create a deep hole under Zane. Just when Daevas thought he could breath easy Zane used both dagger and how fast he could move to scale up the wall and jump out. Daevas went pale and screamed ‘wait! God I’m sorry!” Zane didn’t have time to stop before his dirt covered dagger pierced Daevas shoulder. He yowled in pain ‘I quit, stop. You don’t kill unless hired to do so right” Zanes hands shook with what it took to sheath his blades ‘i don’t, I’ll be going now”
“Just wait and let me help you”
“You’ve wasted enough of my time”
“You wont find him without me, at least not soon” Zane hated this demon was right. “how much longer must i wait?”
“just let my shoulder wound close up a bit. It wont take long. I really thought i could take you easy. You are worthy of your reputation.”
“I practice a lot and have been doing this since i was a four year old”
“Why are you in such a hurry?’
“My Belle, there’s something wrong”
“How do you know?”
“My gut is telling me and I trust my instincts. They’ve never lead me wrong” Daevas stood “well lets go”
“shut already?”
“Yeah, thanks for the fight. That was fun”
“It wasn’t fun for me now lets get going” Zane was coming off as an ass to Daevas but he still found himself likeing the guy anyway. He also hoped Zane might let him go to his home and meet this Belle he spoke so fondly of. He had few friends and was deeply wanting more. When Belle spoke again she said “Please dont say a word of this to anyone. I’m about eighty percent convinced this couldn’t possibly be true. I feel even worse for doubting him atall”
“I wont tell a soul Belle. Just promise me you’ll look into this”
“I will, I trust in the end I’ll know Zane has been nothing but faithful to me. He really is a great boyfriend”
“I know, I’ve seen you two together. I pray this is nothing more than an evil rumor. People who start them should be ashamed.” Malachai pounded on his brothers door. “woah, what’s up?” Theo asked when he opened his door. He told Theo what he had heard and asked Theo to accompany him in finding and questioning Neef. Theo walked back in, hugged his wife and son then walked out angrily with Malachai. Unlike Malachai who slightly believed this might be true Theo didn’t believe it for a second. He knew Neef so was aware of how childish he could be. They went to the area the few assassins lived who stayed in their kingdom. There were multiple assassins in every kingdom but rarely were there more than ten. The ones on the straight and up always lived near the castle so they knew how many their were but there was no counting the shady ones just looking to make a scummy deal. Theo kicked in Neefs door but they found none inside.
When they couldn’t find him they knocked on a neighbors door. He opened “where’s Neef?” They demanded. Cexsler looked at the confused ‘why are you looking for that wanna be?”
“He lied to Belle and we’re going to ring his pathetic neck” Theo answered. Cexslers heart rate picked up with worry. He was close friends with both Belle and Zane. “what did he say to her?”
“well we don’t know if its a lie Theo. He told her Zane kissed another woman and is planning on having sex with her when he returns” Theo snapped back at his brother ‘it’s a dirty lie! Neef is just being an asshole!”
“No wonder the little shit left! It’s a like Malachai, don’t believe his venom. He’s mad at Zane because he challenged Zane to a duel and Zane kicked his ass badly. Zane doesn’t go easy if you challenge him and he’s upset because he got his butt handed to him.”
“how long ago did he leave?”
“Probably right after he lied to Belle”
“fuck, do you know where he was going”
“Not a damn clue. I’m going to call Errol and have her help me find Zane. We will help him with his job so he can get back here.”
“good, we’ll go ask Neefs mother if she knows where her son has gone” Theo said. Cexsler went back inside to grab his shoes and swords. When he was ready Theo and Malachai were already off so he just ran out into the nearest field and screamed for Errol. Another gift she had given him was the ability to call her. No matter how far away she was she would always hear his voice.

Chapter Eight

She got up from her mountain cave and took off to him. Cexsel sat in the grass to wait and pray Neef hadn’t ruined Zane and Belles relationship. Last thing anybody needed was for Zane to become enraged. A man as skilled at killing as he was never needed to lose his temper. He also knew the only other thing that would happen from Zane loseing Belle was the world loseing a great assassin. No doubt he would go into a deep depression and never leave his home. It was low for Neef to go after Zanes relationship just because he lost a battle. What little Cexsel thought of the man before was gone. He had no respect for him and would make sure to get him ruined as an assassin.
When Errol arrived she landed gracefully and looked at Cexsel “please, will you help me find Zane and help him. He needs to get back here. He could lose the woman he loves if something isn’t done”
“Yes, hop on” She said and he climbed up her back. When she was confident he was properly situated she went back up into the sky. “thank you” he yelled. She just smiled and searched the land for Zane. Belle had eaten before leaving at Gemmas insistence. She hadn’t much felt like eating but there was no fighting with Gemma when she thought you needed food in your stomach. She walked along with Sparrow as her guide. She was as friendly as she could be to people who stopped them along the way to bid them good day. When they arrived Sparrow gave Belle a hug “chin up Belle. I hope whatever you want this woman for makes you feel better. You’re worrying me you know”
“I’m sorry Sparrow. As I told my father, it’s probably nothing truly worth worrying about”
“You want me to wait for you dear?”
“No thank you, please go back to the castle”
“Best of luck”
“Thanks” Belle could barely make herself do it but she knocked at Lilums door. She answered in nothing but a skirt and bra making Belle want to avert her eyes. lilum smiled in a smug way ‘come right in. I’ll get cold in this light breeze’ Belle went in even though she felt uncomfortable doing so. lilum had a nice home. It was furnished with beautiful clocks, rugs and furniture. She quickly grew sad as she thought Zane might find this home beautiful too. Belle sat on the sofa while Lilum took the love seat. She sighed, feigning some care though her heart was as cold as an arctic breeze. “I knew this day would come. Zane and I have worried so much” It felt like an ice pick pierced Belles heart “what?’ she managed to respond. Lilums eyes burned with how much she was already enjoying this. “We’ve been seeing each other a little while now. He grew tired of you but has been keeping up appearances because he’s afraid to leave you. You’re the kings daughter and he doesn’t want to be unfairly punished. He feels he’s stuck with you forever. I’m who he really wants so he sees me when he can.”
A single tear fell down Belles cheek. her heart was trembling in her chest and she didn’t know what to do. What were the chances of both Neef and Lilum lieing to her. She wondered if maybe she was naive. She began to evaluate herself as a girlfriend in her head and she felt that she was coming up short. More tears fell as the pieces of her heart fell from her chest into her stomach. “it’s true honey, I’m sorry.”
“You’re not sorry. I’ve been lied to enough Lilum. You’ve been seeing him behind my back so you’re happy he doesn’t love me. I’ll” Her voice broke “I’ll let him go if he doesn’t want me. I’ll assure him he wont be punished” she went into full out sobs before she could get out “I’d never force him to be with me if he doesn’t love me”
Lilum who had the same amount of compassion as a serial killer had to hold down her smile as she watched Belle slowly get more and more broken and sad.  Belle wiped at her face and stood “I’m sorry, I’ll go now. I hope….” she just ran out. She wanted to be a big person and wish them well in their relationship but she couldn’t. She just ran out into the woods to be alone. She knew if she returned to the castle her father or somebody else would make her talk about it and she didn’t want to bring any more words to these heart breaking past two days. She just wanted to cry alone in the woods until she had no more tears left.

Chapter Nine

She ran until her legs hurt then sat down to cry under a great oak tree. She hugged her knees and buried her face in them as she cried uncontrollably. Iridessia was on the way to her parents house with cookies for after dinner when she heard the cries of Belle. She landed and approached her “Hey, what’s wrong?” Belle with her head still in her knees “I really don’t want to talk about it. It’s why i came out here to cry. Thank you for your concern”
“Nobody should ever be alone when they are this sad. Can I stay if we don;t talk about it? I have cookies, do you want one?” Belle looked up and became wide eyed “You’re a fairy”
“Yes, well half. The other half of me is elf.”
“wow, I’ve always wanted to see a fairy” Belle said as she wiped her face. “well good, I’m glad I can give you something. Sorry I’m not a full fairy or anything”
“You’re beautiful, may I touch your wings?”
“Yes but be gentle please” Belle wiped at her face again then slid her hand down Iridessias wings. “I used to imagine I had wings as a little girl. I can’t believe I finally meet a fairy when I’m such a wreck.”
“You are still a beautiful creature yourself. I’m Iridessia, what’s your name?”
“see, your very name means beauty”
“It was just my dad being silly. He’s the king and named all his daughters after story book princess’s” Iridessia giggled “he sounds like a whimsical man”
“He is” Iridessia grabbed  a sugar cookie and handed it to Belle “why don’t you eat that and I’ll take you for a flight. Come with me to my parents house and we can all have dinner together when it comes around. You;ll love my parents and brother.”
“would they mind?”
“Oh no, they love meeting new people.”
“Thank you so much” she said with a few fresh tears sliding down her cheek. Belle was breaking Iridessias heart. She had a lot of empathy and had a hard time watching people cry. Iridessia grabbed onto Belle then went back up in the sky “wow, you’re a light little thing”
“I’m glad I’m not a strain on you”
“Girl, you wouldn’t be a strain on a child” Belle actually gave a small smile which made Iridessia smile. They didn’t land until they saw a small cottage in the woods. The second they touched ground a young man came out ‘took you long enough sister” he blinked when he saw Belle. “woah, who’s’ this?’ Iridessia giggled ‘her names Belle. I found her crying on my way here. She doesn’t want to talk about it though. We are just going to show her a good evening to hopefully lift her spirits.”
“well hello there. My name’s Sindri.”
“Hey Sindri”
“Can i know if it’s man trouble?” He asked to see if she was taken or not. She nodded so he let go of any thoughts about wooing her. He couldn’t make himself unattracted to Belle but he would never go after a taken woman or try now regardless since she was distraught. It would be too easy for her to want him simply because she was sad. He would be her friend and comfort her without trying a thing.

Chapter Ten

Theo and Malachai arrived at Neefs parents house and knocked. His mother answered ‘yes?”
“where’s your son?” Theo asked in a more angry tone than he intended “oh dear, what did he do?”
“He told a lie that deeply hurt our sister” Malachai answered. She sighed “I swear that if I knew I’d tell you guys. When he leaves town he normally goes up to the mountains to the north of here”
“i know those well. Thank you for your help. we aren’t angry with you”
“I’m sorry, he’s always been trouble” She went back in, deeply disjointedness in her son yet again.Theo and Malachai went back to the castle to get horses and head that way. They were going to find the little punk and have a talk with him. Errol soared through the sky until she saw Zane and some man walking together. As she got closer to the ground she could see the man was a demon. They stayed above them until they were in open field and landed. Zane looked worried when he saw someone from his town. He ran to meet his friend. “what’s up? Is something wrong at home?”
“You could say that. How’s the job coming?”
“This demon is helping me find the man. His name is Daevas.” Cexsler offered “thank you. I’m going to help too. Can you still follow the scent in the air?”
“her wings may blow it away” Errol shifted into he human form “we all walk together then” Daevas mouth gaped at the sight of her and she smiled ‘don’t let that tongue fall out.” he blushed then they all began walking. “why are you helping me? Whats wrong?’ Zane urged “we aren’t talking about his until we’re done with this job. You’ll probably freak out and tarnish your reputation. Between the four of us we’ll take care of this quickly” Zane decided to just be grateful for the help and kept his mouth shut. His mind taunted him with all the horrible possibilities. When night started to come again he was beyond frustrated and upset. Cexsler noticed and sighed “calm down”
“How can I when I don’t know what’s wrong?” Cexsler debated what he should tell Zane if he should tell Zane anything atall. Daevas wished he could read minds right now so he would know but Cexslers behavior gave him the hint that it had something to do with Zanes love. “please, just tell me. My mind is conjuring so many things. I’m so worried. i can’t think” Cexsler sighed ‘do you swear to finish your job before you go running home? Swear it on your position amongst the assassins.” Zane sighed “I swear if that’s the only way you’ll tell me”
“Belle is upset with you. Malachai was listening to her speaking with a maid. Apparently Neef, that little wanna be told her you’re cheating on her. She’s pretty torn up about it Zane but I know you can go back home and you can fix this after the job.” Zanes heart plummeted. Every ounce of frustration turned into despair thinking she would leave him over this lie “I would never. you know that’s not true. She’s my world. The only woman I’ve ever loved, the only person on earth I’ve ever needed. I wouldn’t throw us away for anything” Zane said in a pleading voice as if somehow Cexsler could magically make this go away. “I know Zane, it’s not true and we can make her see that ok? I’ll even back you up that Neef is a wesal.” That didn’t do much to pull Zane out of the depths of agonizing sadness. He couldn’t lose her and wanted to go home right now to try and save his relationship but he had swore and couldn’t back out of it.
“Hey, we don’t have to stop tonight. Lets keep going” Daevas offered, knowing how much Zane must hurt right now. “thank you” he said and they kept going. This would help them catch up aswell since no doubt the pervert they were after was sleeping. Iradessia was whispering with her mother for a bit and then they finally spoke “We’re going to put on a show for you.” Belle still felt bad but the warmth and kindness of this family had brought a smile back and had even managed to make her laugh a few times. This smile actually caused her whole face to light making the family around her smile “Thank you! Oh i bet it will be amazing!”
‘well come outside so they can begin” Sindri said warmly. She followed them out and sat down with Sinri and their father. The two women flew up into the air and soon began a light show. Iridessia cast out pink butterflys while her mother sent out yellow and purple. They crashed into eachother and exploded into a mixture of color. Belle clapped happily and their father couldn’t help but let out a light chuckle “good to see you smile young one.”
“Thank you for being so kind and letting me stay”
“we never turn our backs on someone. Especially if all they need is a little kindness. It’s been fun having you here. I’m proud of my daughter and glad she brought you here instead of leaving you to cry” Belle smiled then continued to watch the beautiful performance they were putting on for her. Her happiness faded as she thought of how wonderful it woudl be to watch this with Zane. It about undid all the happiness they had put in her since she knew she’d never be doing anything with him again. She just wanted him happy though and had no use for fake love, no matter how she enjoyed it. She would set him free of his burden the second she saw him again.

Chapter Eleven

After the show Iradessia said ‘you’re welcome to sleep here if you want”
“Yeah, I’ll sleep on the couch and you can have my room” Sindri chimed in. Belle looked at their parents who gave nods of approval. She hugged each of them “Thank you, I want to come visit you guys often. I already feel so close to all of you”
“we feel the same. Maybe I can see your home too somtime: Iradessia answered. They went inside and made sure Belle knew where everything was in the house incase she woke up and needed somthing. When she was comfortable in Sindiris room they went to bed and she quickly fell asleep. The crying and depression had taken a toll on her body so finally having fun and relaxing was enough to knock her out cold. Around one am Daevas shh’d everybody “he’s close, I can smell him strongly. He’s sleeping. his heart rate is very slow.”
“You all wait here. I’ll kill him quickly.” Zane stealthily went forward until he saw his sleeping target. Without a sound he stabbed into his neck in just the right spot for him to die quickly. The man woke but was dead moments later. Finally, his job was complete and he could get home to his world. He hoped he still had her, that they hadn’t ruined things between him and Belle. Zane ran as fast as he could to the others. he hadn’t even bothered to clean his dagger before sheathing it. “He’s dead, we can go home” Errol shifted into her dragon form and they all went up into the star covered night sky. Zanes whole body was trembling with want to cry but he kept it in. He could fix this, he absolutely had to. The one thing he could never lose in this life was his Belle.
Theo and Malachai were sleeping in the grass about halfway to the mountain Neefs mother thought he might be in. They didn’t want to stop where they did but they had to consider their horses who had carried them this far. Zane, Daevas, Errol & Cexsler arrived back in the kingdom around four am. “wait here. I’ll go see if Belles awake in her room” they all nodded and he scaled the castle as fast as he could go. Daevas was once again impressed by this human friend he had made. Zane sighed sadly when he didn’t see Belle in her room. There was no telling where she was and he couldn’t bang on doors at this hour. He went back down to them sadly “she’s not in her room. Everyone go home and we’ll hunt for her tomorrow. Daevas, please come home with me. I’m sure you’re tired.”
“Thank you Zane” Cexsel put a hand on Zanes shoulder “it will be alright friend”
“You don’t know that……my world….my air could leave me and it’s over somthing I didn’t even do. I can’t live without her Cexsel..i cant”
“You’ll win her over Zane”
“Just go home for now. Thank you for everything” Cexsel nodded then offered ‘want to come home with me Errol?’
“Oh yes” they all went their separate ways. Zane only felt worse as he laid in bed. He ran his hand slowly over Belles side as his eyes grew wet again. “Belle” he said in a whimper. His silent tears soaked his pillow and he soon had to garb Belles. He switched pillows so he wouldn’t have to lay in a puddle but the pillow from her side smelled just like Belle and it only made his heart crumble more. Eventually the tears drug him into sleep. The next morning Iridessia made pancakes for everyone. When they were done Belle said ‘I have to go home now. My father will be worried if he’s noticed I’m gone. I normally tell him if I’ll be away overnight.”
“I’ll fly you home if you want me to Belle” Iridessia offered ‘thanks, I’ll give you a tour of my home”
“You ready to go now?”
“Yeah, bye everyone. I’ll come back soon” When they were in the sky Iridessia asked ‘can I know yet why you are hurting so much Belle?”
“I guess you do deserve to know at this point. Apparently my boyfriend has only been dating me because I’m the princess. He doesn’t love me and it hurts because I…I’ve always thought we’d get married and have kids someday. I want to spend my lifetime with him but it turns out I’ve just been holding him prisoner….”
“hush with that. If he doesn’t want to be with you he’s an idiot. Don’t shed tears over him. You are an amazing woman. He has to be blind and dumb” Belle smiled “No, he’s amazing, handsome, a great listener and tons of fun. He has a temper but it’s nothing I can’t settle…which maybe..now that i know what i know maybe he felt he had to simmer down since I’m a princess”
“Please don’t be sad over him. There are plenty of men out there”
‘There are..but there’s none like Zane..I’m sure of that”

Chapter Twelve

They landed in front of Belles home then walked inside. The servants all gathered in awe when they saw Iridessia. She giggled and answered all their questions. When the crowd dissipated Belle apologized. “it’s fine, I’m used to it. Us fairies like to keep away from humans. I like you and all but we’ve found most humans to be vicious and cruel” Belle nodded then began to show her around. Belle was looking for her father the whole time and didn’t see him until she took Iridessia to the gardens out back. Gabriel, Rapunzel and Ariel had been out there and ran to hug Belle. Rapunzel and Ariel couldn’t believe their eyes. Rapunzel asked ‘are you a real fairy”
“Yes mam”
“Do you grant wishes?” Arial asked making Iridessia laugh “no, some can though. do you girls want to fly?” They both squealed and jumped up and down. Iridessia took Ariel first. Then took Rapunzel. It was a short flight but it made their day. Zane didn’t wake until three in the afternoon. He had slept hard and Daevas was used to getting twelve hours so he of course didn’t wake up. Zane hastily dressed himself, leaving his demon friend behind and not bothering to get breakfast. He ran to his friends house ‘lets find Belle. I may need you as back up.” He nodded then exited his house with Errol.
At this point Iridessia was just leaving. She had plans with her own boyfriend that evening and wanted to go home to get ready for him. She kissed Belles cheek “Zane truly is an idiot”
“Have fun tonight” Belle answered. Iridessia took off into the sky as Belle sat down among the flowers. She twirled one in her hand, trying her hardest not to cry again now that she was left alone. Zane, Cexsel and Errol saw Belle in the flowers and Zane halted the other two. “Let me try talking to her myself first” they both nodded and Zane walked soundlessly forward, not wanting her to dart. Belle looked up when he was almost right up to her and quickly came to her feet. “Zane stop”
‘Belle listen, please” he kept coming closer and tried to hug her but she pushed his arms away ‘o, no more of that. You’re free Zane” Her voice already starting to break. It deeply hurt Zane to be swatted away be the woman he loved “Belle, what’re you talking about?” Belle took a shakey inhale “I’ve talked to the woman you really love, Lilum….she told me everything.”
“belle it was all lies. Neef and Lilum are liars! Shes a whore and he’s a wanna be assassin. I love you and only you. If you were talking to the woman i love you’d be talking to yourself”
“Just stop it Zane! Stop lieing! She told me you’re only with me because you feel you can’t leave. That you..you’ve been trapped because I’m the kings daughter. I wont let daddy punish you Zane. You’re free of me. You don’t have to force yourself to pretend to love me when you really love Lilum….just please. if you ever cared then just stop lieing to me now and rubbing salt in my wound” They both had tears in their eyes. Zane could barely force his words out “Belle….I havent lied to you for one second…please. I love you, I promise I do. It has nothing to do with whose daughter you are.”
“why would they both lie Zane? This act needs to stop. You are only hurting me more’ Cexsel came over with Errol and said “He’s telling the truth Belle. Neef is being childish because Zane beat him in a duel. He was only trying to wreck Zanes relationship for payback. Zane has always loved you, hasn’t he shown that over these past three years” Tears started falling faster down Belles face “yeah..I thought…I thought” she began to cry too hard to be audible. The was it for Zane. His heart wrenched hard and he grabbed Belle, not letting her push him away. She struggled against him, still confused after everything. She eventually stopped as Cexsels words, her memories and Zanes own tears sank in. If Zane truly didn’t want to be with her he wouldn’t be crying now or trying to convince her. He wouldn’t be holding so tightly right now to keep her from walking away” She cried even harder and wrapped her arms around him. Zane was crying just as hard, his heart mangled in his chest. He was still terrified their relationship was over because Neef and Lilum deceived Belle.

Chapter Thirteen

Belle had about cried herself into exhaustion when she spoke again “You really are free of any punishment for leaving me Zane. I swear it on my mother. So tell me again, are you with me because you feel you have to be?’
“I have never one moment felt like I’ve had to be with you Belle. I’ve felt like the luckiest man on earth since the very moment you pulled me into our first kiss in your room. Remember that? how i took care of you when you were grieving?”
“I have loved you since we were children and will never stop adoring everything about you baby. I’ve honestly been terrified out of my mind ever since I found out what was going on here. I can’t lose you Belle. Please, I beg you not to leave me. I love you so much and I havent dont a thing wrong. I would never touch another woman. You are all I’ll ever need. Please believe me” Belle wiped her face “i believe you…I’m sorry i let them get to me. Thank you for being so persistent and forcing me into this embrace”
“I cant lose you, not ever. I would unravel if you weren’t mine. You have no idea the depths of my love. There aren’t any words for it. I came home willing and ready to do whatever it took to make you stay with me. Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t what i breath and wake for. If they tell you you aren’t my everything you know then and there they are evil liars”
“evil?” she asked as if that were an exaggeration “yes fucking evil. They tried to rip you from me. I hate them, they are evil bastards.”
“we are near the castle Zane, my younger sisters may hear those words”
“sorry, can i take you home please?”
“I have to ask. Are we fully ok? You wont leave me?”
“Yes, I know they are liars” Zane kissed her. The kiss was rough and needy. His heart needed to really feel she was there and not going anywhere. Cexsler and Errol went back to Cexslers home so Belle and Zane could be alone. He held her a little too tightly as he carried her back to his house but now that she want so upset she could see on zanes face how distraught he was over everything. She felt guilty for letting them convince her he didn’t love her.  he took her inside where Daevas was still asleep. Zane went into his bedroom and locked the door before laying Belle on her side of the bed. He took off their shoes then crawled in next to her.
Once again Zane pulled Belle tightly against him and wrapped around her in a death lock. She could now hear the fearful rhythm his heart was beating “Zane, don’t be so upset”
“don’t be so upset? You don’t know how much i treasure you do you? Have I truly done such a horrible job Belle. Please, what can I do to make you see? I almost lost the only thing that matters to me in this world. I wake up for you, I eat for you, I breath for only you Belle. I would be happy if just you and I existed in the world. I hate sharing you but I do it anyway. I’ve never mentioned that but damn it I get so jealous when other people take your time. I’m not leaving, not for a long time. I have more money than we could spend in years just between the two of us. I’m taking a long vacation and we’re going to spend the first of it in here and then we will travel anywhere you want to go. I am going to think up some grand gestures so you understand what you are to me. I body can’t live without blood and you are my blood. I will tell your father tomorrow that I’m not working indefinitly and to let everyone know that.”
Belle felt tears escape her eyes again and Zane moved her so he could kiss them off her cheeks “you need sleep Belle. Please rest”
“I cant get comfortable with how tightly you’re holding me”
“sorry” he loosened his grip and she got into a comfortable position. When she was sleeping soundly he tightened his grip all over again. Needing her pressed firmly into him so he’d know she was really there.

Chapter Four


Zane began to cry again as gently as he could manage. He didn’t want to wake Belle he had been so afraid and heartbroken. Now that he had her and knew she still wanted to be with him he was crying in mostly relief but also anger. The next time he saw Neef that little parasite was going to be taught a lesson about messing with his Belle. Theo and Malachai made it to the mountain and left the horses at the bottom. They weren’t sure if they’d stay since they took two of the younger horses but this mountain would be too much for them to go up. They began to search high and low for Neef. Finally Theo punched his brother i the arm to get his attention. They both saw smoke from a fire. If it wasn’t natural occuring or made by someone else they had found where Neef was hiding out. They approached slowly, wishing they were as stealthy as Zane. They almost laughed at the man who claimed to be an assassin because he didn’t notice them coming. They saw why Cexsel called him a wanna be. Malachai pulled out his sword while Theo just planned to use brute force. They surprised Neef and he tried to run but soon found a sword at his throat following Zane gripping his hair and pulling him closer “you little fuck! Do you know how much pain you caused my sister?”
“what..wha..what are you going to do?”
“The worst we can do. We’re taking you to Zane”
“No no no no no no no no please, god dont, please” He begged and dropped all his weight. They forced him down the mountain then hog tied him at the bottom. It was night again and safer just to stay put. Malachai and Theo ate not offering Neef anything. “please, this is inhumane. He’ll kill me! How do you know I was lieing anyway? He’s the liar” Theo got up and kicked him in the stomach “don’t you dare even try that shit with me Neef.”
“Please, don’t take me to Zane.”
“what did you think this would result in?”
“He, he made a fool of me so i was just trying to get back at him. I thought I coudl hide out here until he found another girl” Theo actually laughed but it was in a pissed off way “This is why you don’t just move in among the assassins and claim to be one of them. They were nice and accepted you but you arent one of them. You didnt even hear us coming. If you had any sort of a brain or functioning eyeballs you’d know there is no other woman for Belle. If she leaves I wont be shocked if you wind up dead somwhere.”
“its illegal”
“Who knows, maybe wild animals got a hold to you”
“Oh god, please. Theres lots of women. He shouldnt be so angry”
“do you not even care how badly you hurt my sister?”
“Girls are over sensitive” Theo kicked him in the face “I’m done talking to you. Just shut your damn mouth before I kill you myself” Neef struggled against his binds but couldn’t break free. He tried and tried but failed. When the sun was up the next morning they laid him over Theos horse and they trotted home. After breakfast Belle stood, that same panicked look went across Zanes face as it seemed to do every time she stood without wanting now. “come back to bed with me baby” Daevas had gone home that morning to give them space so it was just the two of them. Daevas really liked Belle and was glad everything turned out ok between the two of them. Zane followed Belle into their bedroom where she pulled him down for a kiss. When she pulled back Belle said “Make love to me Zane. I want it, I promise I do. After all that I need you to show me physically how much you love me.”
“You mean that? I’m still in no hurry”
“I mean it. Make love to me” Zane kissed Belle again as he pulled her pants and udnerwear to the floor. He then puled his own down and broke the kiss. Belle took off her top and bra while he took off his shirt. Belle looked up at him nervously and he looked back in awe ‘you are perfection Belle. He slid his hands down her side then knelt in front of her. He kissed all over her supple breasts then pulled her close by her but while licking and sucking at her nipples. Belle moaned and he squeezed her bottom as he feasted upon her mounds more hungrily. He began to give her light bites down her stomach then licked up and between her breasts. His tongue trailed up her neck and to her ear before he picked her up and laid her down. Zane grabbed a condom and slid it over himself before feeling how wet she was. He smiled and kissed her when she was soaked. His tongue moved in her mouth as he thrust into her. She moaned loudly as one tear slid down her left cheek. Zane started out hard but then became gentle in his movement. Belle gripped his back as he kissed her neck and whispered sweet confessions of his adoration. By the time Zane filled his condom they were both in tears. He threw it away then pulled Belle under the covers “that couldn’t have been more beautiful” Zane whispered and kissed her head “yeah, I love you so much” She weapt into his chest. It concerned him how badly she was crying so he askd “are you ok? I wasn’t too rough at first was I?”
“It was just so amazing. I’m just happy you really love me”

Chapter Fifteen

“never worry about if I love you or not”
“I wont”
“where would you like to go when I take you traveling?”
“I’m not sure. There’s so many options.”
“How about I see if Daevas can take us to another world. I’ve heard demons can do that”
“wow, wouldn’t that be dangerous”
“I’ll talk to Daevas when he comes and sees us again”
“alright, I’m glad you’re taking some time off. I miss you when you go”
“I miss you too. When i can’t be in your presense I miss you every second that passes” Belle smiled, thinking about what he said when he first brought her back home “you really get jealous when I give other people my attention?”
“Ashasmedly I admit that I do. I just keep it to myself because i love you and you need to have people for when I’m away.”
“Thank you”
“I can do anything if it’s for you my love. I’m glad you aren’t upset that i get jealous.”
“It’s sweet and you arent an ass about it. Out of cosideration I may have my friends with me a little less when you arent working”
“You don’t have to”
“I want to. It’s ok. I like you better than them” Belle kissed Zane and he sighed happily. It was almost dinner when Belle said “I feel like a shower. You want to join me?” This was the first time Belle ever invited him to shower with Zane and he jumped at the offer. Belle giggled at his enthusiasm. “it truly is sweet how much you love me” Zane stroked her cheek and gave Belle and adoring smile. They went into the bathroom and began their shower. They were just rinsing when a knock sounded at their front door. “I’ll get it baby” Zane said then wrapped a towel around his waist to answer the door. He answered with an already angry look since whomever had interupted his shower time with Belle but it contorted to pure malice when he saw Malachai and Theo holding Neef “Look who we found” Neef was rattling and still trying to get away. “could you give me one minute?”
“of course” Zane returned to the shower and gave Belle a long kiss. His heart aching again under all that anger. “You’re sorry for doubting me right?”
“Make it up to me by staying right here in my house until I return. There’s somthing i need to do and I want you here relaxing while I do it.”
“Ok baby”
“Promise me you wont leave.”
“I promise” Zane kissed her again then got out to dry off. He went to his dresser and tugged on clothes before yelling “I love you Belle” she called back. “I love you too” Zane walked out “just give him to me and you two can go”
“alright: The men let go and Zane had Neef by the neck before he could go anywhere “thank you”
“No problem” malachai and Theo responded. Zane drug Neef away from his home and into the woods. They went deeper and deeper until Zane moved his hadn around, pressing Neef into the tree by his throat. “I heard you say I love you to Belle. She’s still with you. There’s no reason to kill anybody right?” Neefs strained voice forced out. Zanes eyes were cold and filled with his rage “You are such a stupid fuck. You can do a lot of things to me but anybody with a brain cell in their skull no better than to come after my Belle.” Zane took a few rageful breaths then said “I almost lost her. She wouldn’t let me touch her when I first got home you little bastard. You better be thanking whoever you pray to I fixed things and we’re still together. I would have killed you nice and slowly, made sure you felt every bit of pain my heart was feeling. I love that woman and will only ever love her. You are never to speak to her again or even come anywhere near her you understand me? Horrible demon attacks happen in these woods and you might suffer an attack if you understand me. I kind of fear you might be too dumb to get my point so I’m asking.”
“I understand, please. I’ll never speak to her again”
“You’re going to move so I dont change my mind about slaughtering you”
“Yes sir” Belle crying and her hurt words when he was begging her to believe him kept playing in Zanes head making him angrier and angrier at Neef. “now this is for daring to try and rip my goddess from me.” Zane jerked Neef from the tree and slammed him into the ground. Zane took out his dagger, leaving three deep cuts on Neefs face that would end up as scars. They were intended to be scars as a reminder for him and a warning to anybody else who decided to mess with his relationship. He then preceeded to pound out all his rage until he needed to stop. He stood up, cut Neefs binds and dug in his pocket. He knew Neef would have demon repelant so he sprinkled it around Neefs body. If a demon took advantage of his weak state Neef wouldn’t survive for others to see his scars.

Chapter Six


Zane slowly calmed on his way home, not wanting to seem agitated atall around Belle. When he walked in the smell of dinner hit his nose and made his stomach grumble. He wrapped her in a hug from behind and kissed her head. “that smells amazing”
“Thought you’d be hungry when you got back”
“can i help?”
“Theres not much you can really do to help unless you want to set the table” Zane tightened his grip one more time then let her go to grab dishes. They soon began to eat and Zane spoke “thanks for staying”
“I wasn’t planning on going anywhere anyway. I think I’ll stay another night”
“Thats another thing I wanted to talk about”
“I know you don’t want to move in here since we aren’t married but I was hoping that after everything you would stay a couple days. Please?” Belle seemed to think. When she spoke she said ‘that would be nice. I’ll stay but tomorrow we should tell my father so he knows.”
“I have to tell him I’m taking a vacation anyway” Belle smiled “what did you have to go do?’
“Your brothers brought Neef by and I had a talk with him. He’s moving and is very sorry”
“I’m glad he’s moving. I don’t want to ever see his creep face again”
“I doubt you will have to my love” he reached for her hand then brought it to his lips for a kiss. “I never want you to forget again what you mean to me. I guess i will have to think of more romantic gestures”
“You do plenty Zane. I was being foolish” They finished then cleaned up the kitchen together. Zane hated she wouldn’t move in since he didn’t know if he could marry her. An assassin dating a princess was one thing and a rarity for a king to allow anyway but marriage was different. Her father could say no and he wouldn’t be able to propose. If she wouldn’t live with him unless they were married that meant there might never be a time when he woke up to her every morning. He decided not to sulk about the issue. Belle had been firm about not living there so he would respect that. He was lucky enough to be with her and they spent most the time together anyway. When they were done Belle askd “would you play Porazzo with me?”
“I’ll grab the cards my love. Sit down” Belle sat down while Zane got his playing cards. He sat down at the table and they began their game. He enjoyed how serious she would be when they played card games. They played until they were both tired then settled into bed. Zane pulled Belle tightly against him again “Zane, too tight sweetheart. Don’t tell me you’re still in knots. It’s over and I wont let anybody make me doubt you ever again”
“I’m trying to relax baby. The thought of loseing you just terrfied me. That’s why I need you to stay a few days. I need to be with you to help me get over it. Nothing worse could ever happen to me than you leaving my side” Belle kissed Zane “then your worst nightmare will never happen. You’re an amazing boyfriend and we share the same worst fear. I could never live without you”

~ The End ~

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